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Update :

This issue should be resolved now, though we are still seeing some delays in the TERA Launcher, loading the window that allows you to enter your login information.

Give it a minute and it should eventually come up and allow you to enter your email and password.

Once the information has been entered, you may also experience another delay, where it appears the "Login" button will remain grayed-out, but if you give it another minute or two, it should allow you to either press the "Play" button, or if needed, continue patching / download if you still need to update your files.

If you continue to see the same errors after quite a few minutes have passed, you may want to try restarting the TERA Launcher a few times.

If the issue still remains, please contact Support for more assistance.
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kpop on 03/01/2014, 08:09 AM - view
I can "log in", but as soon as I press play, it gives me the json error.

This FAQ Section will provide more information about that specific error :
( http://support.enmasse.com/tera/json-parse-error-0112-0000 )

Ultimately, it should be resolved by the same steps provided in Post #80 on page 8.
nayukii on 03/01/2014, 08:25 AM - view
i can't login and when finally i'm able to login, i get 'unable to determine current version'... -.-

Can you try these steps and let me know if you still see "Unable To Determine Current Version".

( http://support.enmasse.com/tera/unable-to-determine-current-version )
Update : The errors in the TERA Launcher are still being investigated, and more information has been provided to the appropriate departments.

As far as the JSON parse errors go, I would give it a few more attempts, as in all cases we have seen this morning, everyone can eventually get back in after quite a few restart attempts.

If you have not already done so, you may want to try starting the Launcher as Admin.

Also, to add a bit more information, in the FAQ section I linked to earlier, it does mention, "This error will happen while there is heavy load on the servers", meaning that there are currently a lot of players all trying to login at the same time.

We hope to have this fully resolved as soon as possible.
Tempest Reach is currently available to be logged into, so if you are currently having an issue, please clarify what you are experiencing or make a Support Ticket so that we may assist you further.
From what I have heard, Medal of the Fray is simply an item that can be rewarded from the Bounty of the Fray eggs, yet actually does not serve a purpose.

They can be saved if you wish to collect them, but other than that, they can just be sold to a vendor for a few copper.

Here is a link to the FAQ section on it : https://tera-support.enmasse.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/487/kw/medal%20of%20the%20fray

Edit: Checking the crafting recipes for T14 PVP / PVE gear, it is not currently listed as a required item.
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