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I'll just put together a few options and put it to a vote over the weekend. I'll have a link up later.
Espei on 08/08/2013, 12:54 PM - view
I knew it!

Anyway... isn't the alliance zone OWPvP all the time? It's just that times outside of the red slots are when your base camp is safe from anyone coming in and killing you or the NPC who provides the quests.

If you are out and about in the maps, regardless of PvE server, you can be killed right?

AkizukiRyou on 08/08/2013, 02:11 PM - view
Okay well the, another question, on the PVP server can an outlaw still attack anyone outside of a safe zone? Even people in their own alliance? Or are they free to hang out there even when outlawed.

Outlaw does not work in Alliance Zones at all. You *can* outlaw against your own Alliance members in the open world.
survey posted on first post.
Well this thread is going nowhere. If we could make it a skill on the elite bar, we would, and that's our final answer.

Good news! If you go to this page: http://tera.enmasse.com/alliance and scroll all the way down, you will see a few guilds for your server.

And even better, if you go to http://tera-forums.enmasse.com/forums/general-discussion/topics/Guild-Fair-Saturday-August-10 , you will see that there is a Guild Fair coming up on Saturday!
it's still swimsuit season right?

j/k. do whatever. :)
Vitriolshark got consumed in a Sharknado.
Dailies @ 5am PDT.
Elite Bar @ 5pm PDT.
Nothing else changes except that we are removing the 5 3-day Village Atlases that we added a few months back. So we took away 15 days of VA and gave you 30 days of VA.

The two additions on the bar refresh just like the boosts. If you click on the Elite Gift Box, it will deliver into your inventory. You will not be able to get another one until the Elite Bar resets. Just like the XP boost and all other boosts, if you do not use it that day, you still only get 1 the next day.
Everything already delivered to you will stay. This change goes into effect next week and delivery won't change until that time.
You're going to want many different levels in your Alliance, not just 60s. The Velika buff applies to all levels, where the Allemantheia buff does not. Kaiator will be great for PVPers. You get a significant amount of Alliance points for leveling as well. This isn't saying what you guys have said about the Alliances is wrong, I'm just explaining this side of things :).

We're in the middle of putting together a game guide for Alliance that will explain as much as we can. If you all just wanted the names of the Alliances and where the halls were located, we could do that too, it just doesn't seem... great.

More info will come REALLY soon everyone. This time next week you won't even have to ask (knock on wood)
Runespider on 08/06/2013, 10:30 AM - view
That's kinda the point.

Info last week would of been nice, soon it won't be worth telling us anything cause it will already be in the game. Lots don't even know it's coming.

I know it's probably bhs fault but still. Don't bigup new stuff enough, this would be like them advertising the new superman film the day before it launces.

Agreed, but we don't want to put out misinformation either. Also if the new superman sequel launched a month and a half after the first one, they'd face similar problems.
Chayna on 08/06/2013, 06:37 PM - view
what if i just don't want to join an alliance? i have zero desire for any pvp. which is why i joined a pve server.

You don't have to join anything you don't want to. You can also join an Alliance and never PVP and still contribute.
Yo we looking into this
We'll be restarting in 5 minutes. Short notice due to emergencies and stuff. Just TR.
We'll have a fix out shortly!
You can either go with Kueko's way or this one:

We've updated the Game.version located in the faq here: http://support.enmasse.com/tera/unknown-file-error

Updating that is all you should need to do to fix this. Kueko and this way are both ways of obtaining the correct game.version.

And yes, we will look at fixing this problem before the next big patch :).
Patching up the last of the airship exploit in CS... hopefully
omg this thread.

we are aiming for mid august.
I know there are other threads but I'm afraid information may be buried. If you are experiencing the "Unknown File Error" problem please follow the steps below:

1) Shut down the TERA launcher

2) Right click and select "SAVE AS" for these files listed below to save them on your computer:

3) Please these files above into your TERA folder and OVERWRITE the ones that are already there with the newer versions above.

4) Start the TERA launcher and click on TOOLS at th e bottom of the launcher.

5) Select the REPAIR function

6) Do not interrupt the repair process while it's running as it can take several minutes to complete and at times appears to have no activity. The time to complete the process will bounce around from days to hours to minutes. Don't worry!

7) Once it complete, you should be able to enter the game again.
For those having the problem, please download this file here:

and replace it in your directory here:

And also update your game.version if you need it for repair here:


Additional Update

If you are continuing to experience the unknown file error after trying the solution above, please download the following file:


And in your TERA directory (right-click your TERA shortcut -> select "Open file location"), replace the newly downloaded file in \TERA\Client\S1Game\Splash\
Edited by: Minea over 1 year ago - Reason: Updated with an additional solution for those who are continuing to experience the error.
The patch this morning fixes this.
We'll have patch notes up soon'ish. There were a few other Corsairs fixes as well.
These casinos were given a short leash. While a lot of them did abide by the rules, the reports of scamming and associations with RMT were far too high. Did a few ruin it for all? Yes. But this is done.
Please check my 2nd post. :)
looking forward to this!
This has already been submitted to BHS and will get patched ASAP.
We'll be giving away some temporary versions of our latest sales, as well as permanent versions of things not currently sold in our store yet.

Is that vague and mysterious enough?
Federation/Alliance is rly coming out in August. The dungeons won't be in that patch. It will be in another one.
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Gorran on 07/16/2013, 04:37 PM - view
I guess we can't mix them to have both, giant one and big head one at the same time?

You can be giant, and have a big head, at the same time. Try it with a Baraka.
A couple of days ago, dailies were resetting at the wrong time. They should be resetting at the same time now.

And yeah, we can do more with in-game updates. Players tell me they don't read it, but they are apparently wrong!!!
Getting capes right is a lot harder than you think. Unless you guys want capes that look like stiff sheets attached to your back?

There are more backslot items in the works. If you don't count your weapons. :)

This has been resolved with 7/16 patch. Thank you.


Due to the nature of pet's being renamed to, well, various things, we have reverted all pets back to their original names and locked all pet names (to how it was before Tuesday) until this gets fixed.

I hope you all understand, that while it was fun for some users it was also causing a poor experience to a significant amount of the population. Thanks for understanding.
Edited by: Minea over 1 year ago - Reason: Yesterday's patch resolved the issue: http://tera.enmasse.com/news/patch-notes/patch-211301b
MT will restart at 9:30PM Pacific, which is in 10 minutes.
c0nfused on 07/08/2013, 09:23 PM - view
awesome! it doesnt apply to me but ch is also down. since you're rebooting anyways...

I can get into CH just fine. Are you sure?
Sorry Rakaz. It was an emergency but we tried to give as much notice as possible.
MT will be back up very shortly
It just finished. I'll be updating soon :).
Hey Everyone,

This past weekend we had our Double Drop Rate weekend, an event we love hosting and hopefully you all love participating in. However, there were lots of reported lag in instances due to the high rate of participation by everyone. We have been investigating all weekend and isolated areas in which we can make improvements in the quality of play for all of you. This will go out in tomorrow’s maintenance and we will continue to monitor how things go from there. We have also looked into the bugs that caused the server outages this past weekend and will patch them up very shortly as well.

We appreciate everyone’s patience as we strive to provide the best possible experience of TERA for all of you. In return, we will offer another double drop weekend sometime later this month after we’ve made these improvements.

zebaz1988 on 07/08/2013, 02:01 PM - view
This is what i wanted to see. Thanks Treeshark for this update. Although it makes me wonder why TR and MT wont get again x3 drop weekend. In all fairness this new drop weekend should be the same rates as the last one: x3 drop for MT and TR and x2 drop for the other servers.

But this are good news at least. Thanks.

I understand where you are coming from, but the next one will just be x2 for all servers.
Appropriate staff was scheduled. If there wasn't, AV would never have come back up. We have found the particular cause of the outage and fixed it.
we're on it
We have been trying to get the Village Atlas to be operational on the bar but it doesn't seem like this is going to happen (if I am to be honest).

What we are looking to do is to get a Village Atlas that can be redeemed off of the bar, so that it pulls into your inventory. It would be a one-day atlas (since you get the perks once a day). You would STILL be delivered your 30 day atlas once a month. At least this way if the main 30 day atlas isn't on the character you are playing, at least you have a backup ready and waiting.

I know this does not solve anything for those of you that play tons of alts a day, but hopefully this will help.
I shall inquire
The first post is updated as we go, though that doesn't always show up when I edit. Please refer back!
As an update.

We know Skyring didn't reset on Tuesday. Long story short, the season will continue on as is. This season will end on 8/20.

Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.
Some users are experiencing this. Can you contact our support so we can get full details? We are limited in what we can do here on the forums.

Xicor on 07/01/2013, 07:59 AM - view
1. find someone who has 4 rocks or find 4 ppl who have 1 rock each
2. there are no factors involved in enchanting other than the + level of the item you are enchanting, the rarity of the fodder you are using and the alkahest you are using
3. you dont invest money for either of these, you do the quests and level them up to max through the quests... then you use them to make your end game VM gear

enchant success rate (the % gained from failing) is also a factor.
Sorry for the confusion on this! This was a last minute change as we found out we were able to get the patch out to you all a day earlier than planned. We updated everything as much as we could, including the in-game update announcement that everyone sees when they log in, but we missed the date in the patch notes.

In any case, it's happening right now.
You can patch now, but the servers are not up yet.
Malrok is correct. For those of you that pre-loaded, it is just applying the patch that you preloaded.
this will be removed in the short restart we will be having at 10:45 PDT. But the restart is to fix the 15v15s.
Cross Parry had a 0.5 sec cooldown before. In the game it dispayed as "1sec" because it doesn't display half seconds. However, if you were to count it, it is a half second.

Now it is 1 second.
We are looking into the cause of this.

A few things:
Please make double sure you are on a clean client (i.e. no mods).
Please delete your EN.version and restart your launcher.
Do NOT delete your game.version unless you feel like re-downloading the entire game.
- Chat will display multiple lines of the same text for some users.
- Chat Tabs are disappearing.
For the above 2 issues, please "Reset to Default Tabs"
- EBG's are incorrectly displayed as 15-man raid, but still work.
- /r no longer works for replying to whispers (not intentional, is a bug)
- whispers dont announce anymore (not intentional, is a bug)
- hp bar image is broke
- hp bars don't show up correctly on some enemy/allies, same with debuffs
- people are gaining XP at level 60.
- Achievements and titles are missing, mostly the Candy Keeper and Bacon Lover titles.
- Dailies are not resetting at the correct time. They are currently resetting at night.
- XP leveling is off. If you were 59 and am now stuck, please contact support. - *update* we have identified who these people are and will be fixing everyone shortly.
- guild quests cannot be turned in
- quests around IoD /LT cannot be abandoned or turned in

Edited by: Treeshark over 1 year ago - Reason: update!
Receipts are going out now, over the next few hours, followed by the winners of the Unicorn.
Aside from The Candy Keeper and It's Bacon achievements, what other ones?

Also, instead of "/r" you just press "r" now. This is re-bindable in the options.
Hi Wolfy,

1. This was addressed a week or so ago on the forums by me. There was a lot of rumors circulating ever since stagger got introduced, that KTera changed stagger. BHS has said this is not true, and there are no patch notes in any language that indicate this as well. I have also verified this in KTera. I know this doesn't help you out in your plight, but I hope you can take this as my (2nd) official response on stagger for this patch :/. I still wouldn't say any berserker is "useless" in group pvp.

2. It will be the same gear with a different name. Yes I know the gear is not balanced amongst all the classes, and maybe this will change the longer all the other regions also roll with this gear. However, the 20v20 is not designed to emphasize individual or even small team play. Your impact on the outcome does not rely on your crit damage or attack speed.
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Roda on 06/28/2013, 05:18 PM - view

False. Yes you can.
1 - no bumping :)
2 - Happy cloud is designed to get you in as fast as possible, so it will get the necessary content to get you in the character creation and island of dawn to play. Not really good if you are already a high level player. It is not downloading "faster" it is just getting you in the game faster.

3- Our Tera Launcher will resume downloads.
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servers are down. we're on it!

edit: 12:34 coming back up!
Edited by: Treeshark over 1 year ago
coming back up now!
well this escalated quickly. servers are back up, so you can settle this on the battlefield. locking now :)
Receipts are being sent out now.

There will be items added into the Major Milestone shop tomorrow during maintenance, fyi.
It's a rolling delivery, not instant. I'll update when everything gets sent out, including the Unicorn mounts. :)
There were 100 mounts total.

All receipts have been delivered, as well as the winners of the mounts.
xMysterio on 06/24/2013, 01:29 PM - view
i did both challenges , and received nothing TreeShark

Spent over 20 gold on Fires and 30 on power charms =/ and got nothing.

Did you check your Item Claim? That's where they will be.
The order does not matter. The purpose of the wording is to say that you do not get credit for the bonus if you do not do the main challenge.
we won't discuss private account matters on the forums. this isn't the first time someone has tried to and it's the same answer every time.

Cool it everyone. The question has been answered, no need to prolong this.
This is a reported bug that we are pinpointing because not everyone suffers from it.

Though, I am a bit flattered that you are comparing our launcher to the most popular web browser in the world :).
We only had room for 2 Fraywinds, and given the usage rate of the raid version vs the equalized, it was a sacrifice we were willing to make.
BurstMeteorEX on 06/23/2013, 03:59 PM - view
Is there any specific reason why there can only be 2 fraywinds? Is it due to server size (or whatever its called) restriction?

I'm not sure about the reason, it is just how it is.
We'll have official July 2nd patch notes closer to the actual date of July 2nd. Expect us to follow our current schedule of when we would publish patch notes.

I will say that while our patch notes may look very similar to what K-tera has patched, it may also look different. This is because we will be taking the cumulative differences from where we are to where we are going :).
Edited by: Treeshark over 1 year ago
We will have everything (class balance wise) through the mystic thralls patch.

Like Lei said, stagger is unaffected (aside from the archers) and I have not see anything aside from hearsay to the contrary.
Edited by: Treeshark over 1 year ago
The order it is done in does not matter, just the time frame. Hopefully there will be enough campfires around the world to help you out :).

To be clear, all the campfires have to be used by one character. The charms can be burned on a different one, but they must be all burned by the same one.

Thus, if my account has a character named "Tree" and a character named "Shark", Tree can use 200 campfires, and Shark can burn 100 charms, and that will count.

There are 4 different campfires that will count (the normal one, santa candle, hasty, and charming). And any item with the word "Charm" in it, that is actually a charm, will also count for the 2nd one.

Hope this answers any question, past or future!

There are some inaccuracies in the article which we will correct with Massively. In the meantime, please refer to my letter published on Tuesday for the most up-to-date information. :)
Amerilize on 06/11/2013, 02:00 PM - view
Are crit heals going to be in this patch aswell? Also does anyone how xp is in bgs.. might level through that, or sub it in atleast.

Crit heals will be in this patch.

Leveling from 30 to 60 through Corsair's Stronghold will definitely be possible. I don't think it will be the most ideal way for min/maxers though :). The XP given will depend on your score in the match.
There isn't a lot i can answer RIGHT now. But I want to. I'm thinking about holding an AMA (on reddit) later this month to answer questions and stuff. Why I can't answer right now, is also something i can't answer right now.

It's meta.
I appreciate the (mostly) constructive feedback :).

There's a lot to consider when making a change like this and lowering the level and gold restrictions was a way to soften the blow. We've taken into consideration what you guys have said and the following change will be made effective immediately:

Current level restriction has been lowered from 40 to 30. The new June 11 restriction has been raised from 20 to 30. In other words, the level restriction is now 30 and will be so for the foreseeable future.

This has been reflected on the news post and the FAQ. As for everything else, we'll see how things play out.

AVClassic on 06/07/2013, 10:41 AM - view
Hey Tree, how high of importance was preserving the economies of new servers such as LoT and AV when the decision to open transfers was made? For example on AV, as soon as the anouncement was made, all the vitriols (about 2 pages) on the broker that were standard price were immediately bought out (likely by players wishing to transfer them back to TR or MT) or players transfering TO TR or MT. As a result average vitriol price on broker has increased by 20-25k.

just curious

news like this was going to spike prices, and across all servers not just the new ones. like spikes in any market, things go back to how they were once it dies down.
I'm not invited? Sad treeshark is sad.
Cease on 06/07/2013, 11:56 AM - view
We could make a spot for you Treeshark, but only if you are a popori that looks like ^

If we could put the Village Atlas on the Elite Bar we would. This part has nothing to do with pushing people towards buying more from the store and everything to do with a technical limitation. I know there are a lot of conspiracies over what we do, but offering the best Elite Status experience to you is in our best interest. The day that BHS says they have it figured out is the day I personally fly over to get the fix and put it on our servers.

Although our solutions are not the perfect ones, we are trying to lessen the hassle of this. Other territories are faced with the same problem as well (we've asked), so it is something they are looking to fix.
Edited by: Treeshark over 1 year ago
Transfers are free right now until Tuesday. I'm not sure if it was clear enough.
Cooldowns have been reset for everyone before the post went up, but are still active.
Qoog on 06/06/2013, 03:38 PM - view
Will you pay the emp directly on the website or will eme be selling transfer tokens?
I have one of each class leveled to at least 30, 4 of them are 60s. Same deal with most of my guildmates. If my guild decides to transfer because VoT is still too empty, it'll cost each of us at least $100. :/

How you transfer will remain the same (the button on the account AMS page), so it will not be a token. It's free until Tuesday.
I'm going to just level with everyone on this. It's your choice (obviously) to believe what I'm about to say, but I'm going to say it anyway.

There are two main reasons why server transfers now cost EMP. First, is that your decision to play on a server should be made with earnest. Your server is your home and should be treated and such. Yes, people do make mistakes. Maybe they didn't like PVP as much, or maybe they do want to PVP or RP. I believe most of those decisions can be made in a short enough time frame to just re-roll on another server. Second, free transfers were being abused, plain and simple. The 30 day cooldown was enough deterrent for players transferring because they just wanted a new home, but those that wanted mules back and forth each server were able to find their loopholes easily enough. People were hopping to other servers not just to abuse economies, but achievements and other server specific challenges as well.

So why THIS fee? Because if the fee was too low, this whole thing would be pointless. The fee needs to be factored into someones thought process when they decide whether or not they want to transfer. It has to be worth it. $25 is somewhat standard in MMO's for server transfers. And then we gave the Elite users a 40% discount. Also, we do know that there are people waiting to transfer to and from the new servers, which is why there is a 5 day grace period.

What about Lake of Tears? Sure, people will leave Lake of Tears, just like every other server, even Mount Tyrannas. Others will also go to Lake of Tears. The data I'm seeing backs this up as well.

I know this decision has angered many but I hope this helps you understand why it was made.

-Treeshark out

p.s. There have been some questions as to how it will work when it becomes paid. It will work exactly the same, you go to the same place to pick your characters and everything. There is no server transfer token.
We're going to keep it going as long as players are interested.
Our patches are nowhere near this size. Something is going awry, please contact support so we can help you figure it out. http://support.enmasse.com/tera

The raid is open forever. The page is meant to highlight the events surrounding it. Sorry for any confusion!
Hold your horses everyone, it's going to take some time to get them all out.
Twowarned on 05/10/2013, 06:43 AM - view
Also what if we do the events on 3 different chars [diff char each event] will we get to pick which char gets the weapon skin? or are we SOL

The skin would be in your item claim so just claim it on the character you want the skin on.
Delivery just started on these. It'll be there for everyone within a few hours.
the FAQ is linked on the main birthday page at the time of posting.

Anyway, all of the challenge receipts for those who completed yesterday's challenge have been sent.
We missed the count of some repeatables and are looking into it. It shall be fixed shortly.
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