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At the moment, yeah, you need to report them via a ticket. I've requested additional functionality to handle cross-server reporting.
This troubleshooting guide almost always clears up these errors. If you run through ALL of it (no skipping steps) and you're still experiencing this, I'd like to get some more details.
I'll look into this. Maybe shake some branches and see if Treeshark knows what's up.
Our support section has this guide to help you out.
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Try following the reset password link on the launcher and changing it. I sometimes have to do this after a new password, type it in one finger at a time, hunt and peck-style, just to make certain I don't fumble-finger it.

After that, you have to contact customer service to help you resolve this.

**If you don't see a "remember username" function, you're looking at an older version of the client. Might want make certain you got it from our repositories.
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*waves* Hi, Mystel!
CS does not make such decisions lightly, or without reviewing the facts. You can appeal by contacting them again, but the forums aren't the place to find resolution.
I haven't had the problem, but I'll shake some branches and see if Treeshark knows anything about this.
We are looking into this. Sadly, I don't have any answers I can share with you. :(
No. You can't transfer characters between accounts.
Nope. The action combat is integral to the TERA experience. Some skills do lock-on, but aiming is a critical skill in the game.

Also, welcome to TERA!
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I would start with re-downloading the client. I suggest the direct download or the torrent in the link I gave you. Once you're working with the current client, if you're still having login issues, customer support can help resolve those for you.
They'll need to contact customer service.
That's just live chat support. You can submit a ticket at any time.
Note, EMEGeorge really is George at EME, he's just too hipster to have an EME avatar.
For the record, blocking out names so we can't figure out who's the topic alleviates the callout thread issue.

Also, you're welcome to use the actual report button. CS does look into those, and I like the idea of adding some sort of conduct classification. I'll make that suggestion.
Let me check on this. I'm not aware of any systemic issues delaying delivery of the rewards, but we're still caffeinating.
Archaya on 03/28/2013, 09:27 AM - view
I'd say 500k+ or more.

Reason being is that you can easily spend well over 60k just on getting an item enchanted, rerolling stats, etc. Not to mention getting that item.

That's why when I shop, I use the TERA Express Card. Accepted at fine merchants around the Dream.
This is the crappiest thread today. ;)
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Sending you a PM Hakaishin.
LOL - The code hunt is over. No more Illuminati-decoding of blue posts.
Ippiki on 03/28/2013, 09:38 AM - view
If you find you can't report a player because they are not on your server you can simply make a character on that server and report them via that character.

My question to GMs is, if that character has not had discourse with the offending player, is the report still taken seriously?

Because I do this often.

We totally take them serious, but I can see where it would be hard for CS to track down the problem if Level 1 Bob.teh.Lancer complains about some guy in ToT or whatnot. I'll also suggest a comments field so players can provide some context to their report.
The game is rated Mature. The forums are rated PG. No panty shots.
This looks fantastic. Way to organize something like this!
July 13th - Barbershop Music Appreciation Day sounds like a GREAT fit for a caiman egg hunt.
A good place for a list/thread of such locations would be the Art & Media forum. I'd love to see what you guys find.
There are other threads on this, so I'm locking this one down.
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There will be more codes today. And, no, they are not just "5-10" redeems per code. Stay frosty, my friends.
Guykun on 03/27/2013, 09:35 AM - view
Please don't torment us so with 4-word combinations

I wouldn't do that.
There are other threads on this, so I'm locking this down.
While I like the idea, and think its implementation would be good both for the community and role-players in general, I'm saddened by the necromancy involved here because necro threads are bad, mmkay?

Also, people would totally get married in the Velika tavern. It'd be the Las Vegas of TERA!

This code has now been redeemed by the maximum amount of people! Best of luck finding the next one.
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Devtracker is an evil thing. Sorry, Fiiver.
As Wallypark posted earlier:

"[UPDATE] Hey folks, the level 30's and 40's should have gotten your items already. 50's and 60's will see them in the next couple of hours.

Thanks for your patience!!"
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Lagging on 03/27/2013, 10:56 AM - view
Emia on 03/27/2013, 10:40 AM
How? When? Where? are we going to know if there is a code or whatsoever? Is it only going to be in this thread?

yea only this thread..

Definitely can appear anywhere. Not just this thread. No codes in any of this post. Save you a trip.
We won't troll you by saying "there are no codes" and then dropping in a code because we're not jerkfaceish.
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Minea did let people know yesterday. And the codes are still ongoing for today.
As Knoxxer the all-powerful posted elsewhere, the publishers won't all follow the same content release schedule. We'll release stuff EU won't, and vice-versa. Doesn't mean we won't get the same content at some point, merely that we follow a different path. There won't be any substantive gaps in content. Everyone will get sparklecornies if that's their wish, but no baraka tutus for me. /sob

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Woooo, 15 minutes! That one lasted a while!
rexoe on 03/27/2013, 12:25 PM - view
can gms add what was the code so we can have an idea for the next one maybe

We make them up for each post. There's no consistent pattern or tactic.
It's only for one character.

Quoted from the original event:

"TERA’s “No Sleep ‘til 60!” challenge encourages players to level through a world of true action combat, with special prizes for those who reach level 30, 40, 50, or 60. To enter, all you have to do is log in and level up!

The event will help you and your friends get ready for TERA’s exciting endgame, and is open to anyone with an active account. The challenge runs from 12:01 a.m. PDT, March 12 to 11:59 p.m. PDT, March 25. We'll check your progress after the event.

Here’s what you’ll get for your highest-level character:"

Emphasis added. Hope that clarifies things.
Okay. I appreciate everyone's perspectives, but this is getting personal and it shouldn't.

Our support section has this guide that will can help troubleshoot issues like these.

No code, guys.
There were several.
Codes won't appear in quotes.
The rewards show up in your item claim. Make sure you log all the way out (launcher too!) if you're not seeing them in there.
Congratulations on reaching 60! Looking fly and spry!

I'm kind of jealous. My main needs the kind of dedication you've got. Must level to 60. Sleep simply must wait. My hat's off to you!

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Such a beautiful dream.
Nice video. Good job. End of thread.
[Final Update]
All items have now been delivered for all tiers for the event.

There seems to be some confusion over the details, so here they are.

1. Rewards do not stack. So if you have a level 60, a level 50, and a level 40, you will only get the Level 60 rewards. If you have 3 level 60's, you will only get 1 set of level 60 rewards.

2. Items will be redeemed in-game in Item Claim. If you have more than 1 game account associated, you may have to look in the "Unredeemed Codes" section of account.enmasse.com. This will not be most users.
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Treeshark address this in this thread.

Locking duplicate down.
There are other threads on this, so I'm locking this down.
I should really get out to one of these. Celestial Hills throws some great events, plus what happens in Castanica stays in Castanica, right?

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Another code gone! Wow!
We will give you the words in normal grammatical context. You'll put the codes together by subtracting spaces, punctuation, etc.

So, "what happens in Castanica" becomes whathappensincastanica.

Good luck with the rest of the hunt!
*sharpens stake*

Keep this calm and constructive, please.
There are already several threads explaining how this happy event came to be, so I'll lock this duplicate down.
No code for you.

We've never said HOW many people can get codes. We're doing this over a two-day period to give people from all over a shot at these codes, and we're doing this only on the forums, as opposed to through a 3rd party site because we knew players were clamoring for these.

This is just about having a bit of fun as a community.
There are already enough threads about the event. We don't need another.
Let's keep the conversation confined to extant threads, please.
A clean desk is the sign of a sick mind, or so the saying goes. Really can't argue with that, as I'm sure Minea would attest. It gets messier if I don't get my Mountain Dew. I need my caffeine. It is definitely mandatory. Minea is tougher, though. She's not an addict. I look up to her.

Here's my desktop background.

This code has now been redeemed by the maximum amount of people! Best of luck finding the next one.

Also, holy crap. That went fast.
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The necro...it burns!

Report them. If you're concerned that reports go nowhere (They do), PM me with the details. Props for not making this a callout thread, but by all means, report them and give us the details. We'll track them down and deal with them.
Let's keep the comments on-topic and constructive. Don't lash out at each other. BunnyRice sent me the details and I'm calling in a fire mission.
I appreciate the dialogue I'm seeing. Keep it up.
Our support section has this guide, which will help you troubleshoot your issue.
There are numerous threads on this. Knoxxer and I have both addressed this, so I'm locking this down.
I'm sorry, but it sounds like you need to submit a ticket with customer service so they can troubleshoot your specific situation.
Okay. There are numerous good suggestions and ideas, but there's a lot of vitriol and lashing out, so I'm going to lock this down. Please don't take this to mean the thread wasn't successful. I'm going to take some of these ideas and run with them.

Thank you.
It's a mod, so it's a no-no. Sorry.
The upload still being able to be selected is a bug. P2P is disabled. Straight from the QA Team's word delivery thing.
*logs in*
Two necro threads in one morning? Gonna need a bigger stake.

It doesn't.

I'll keep updates going in this thread.
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It's not a DDOS. The forum service is tied to another system in restart. Treeshark's on top of it.
They're bringing services back online, but give it a few minutes.
The services are still coming back online. I'm waiting for the final "everything's up" message from Ops.
Also, TERA was NOT in closed beta in 2003. Hush.
It was a crash, not a reboot. No one got a warning. The servers WERE going to be rebooted, and that's what the earlier messaging was about.

Ops informs me that all servers and services look green across the board. If anyone's still experiencing issues, please let me know and I'll stay on top of the problem.
We're not going to segregate players. We will add new servers as the need arises.
Please keep your comments constructive.
Slubber on 03/22/2013, 11:25 AM - view
What EME should do is add winners/losers boxes to arenas and give them a chance of giving the pets, now that might get people in arenas and serve as a cool little event.

Oooh, I like this idea. *types up report*

Skotao and Fox.Trot from Celestial Hills graciously volunteered to model with Eugene and Heinrich, our dracoloth friends. The result is a great image in need of some killer text. Got any suggestions?
Good news about the caps and antlers: in the next patch, those items will be tradeable again. Feedback assimilated, fought for, and desired results achieved.

I, for one, can't wait to look festive in the future.
No, we're looking into it. The servers are fine, but there's a login hiccup. Darn it, I just rebooted, too.
No, elite status doesn't affect the number of character slots you have.
Yep. This error just popped up and we're looking into it. Watch for updates here.
The popori engineers report that login services should be getting back to normal. I had to close my launcher and log back in, but it looks good now.
They couldn't be changed at the time. That has since been fixed.
Okay, that's the end of this noise.

Let's keep the comments constructive and clean.

Arwydd, I totally did that not knowing there was anyone in the tavern. My sole goal was to avoid the main squares so people didn't lag out. The dracoloth wasn't set to aggro, and after I realized the goof, I went in and warned everyone, who came out and stared at the dracoloth for several minutes before attacking.

That said, I would not do so again. I apologize. In truth, we just wanted to inject a little surprise and levity to the dracoloth invasion.
Okay, since we're not talking about the event and just jumping on a player, I'm going to lock this up.

I apologized, she's moved on, let's all do the same.
I'm afraid you'll have to open a ticket with customer service so they can restore it for you.
IntuitioN, I've asked about that and several other achievements. I haven't heard back yet though, so I'm digging deeper.
I'm in Valley of Titans at the moment. It is not down.
They should be indeed. Actual combat is actually occurring.
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We're showing combat taking place in the battlegrounds, so I've got the Operations team looking into this. The specific error message helps. Thank you, Djevik.
As there is another thread on this topic, I'm redirecting this there.
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