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TR is back up, but closed off to the public. We are running some final tests, then opening the server. ETA less than 5 minutes.
vanquishedlight on 06/01/2015, 08:41 PM - view
i know what happen, Tonka was setting at the TR server desk and seen a spider. that's how the desk got flipped.

If that happened, the desk would be on fire, not flipped :P
TR is still booting at this time. Because of the nature of the issue, it looks like it's just taking some time. I haven't received any word on problems during the booting process, so we should be good here in a few. I suppose I was a little early in my estimation :(
I've been posting in this thread: http://tera-forums.enmasse.com/forums/general-discussion/topics/UNable-to-log-into-the-system-UPDATE?page=10

The server is in the middle of a boot up now. We expect TR to be back up in the next 5-10 minutes now. This is, of course, if we don't find any issues with it and need to keep it down for a bit. I'll try to keep you guys update. Hang tight!
TR is in the process of booting back up currently. Everything seems normal so far, so if I was to guess, I'd say about 10 more minutes. Obviously, this is baring any issues we find during bootup. I'll keep you posted as much as I can :)
Dungeon & BG matching should be working once again. Thanks for sticking with us guys!
Poor TR. We are working to bring it back up now. Hang tight folks, we will get there!
I will continue to update my post at the beginning of this, so keep checking that for any new info
I have heard reports of this on TR as well. Are there any other servers / dungeons where this is an issue so far?

I've passed on what I know to our ops team, so keep me updated :)
Lol, great quote and great music :D
RastaBlabla on 05/31/2015, 08:35 AM - view
i droped quest items and now have problem with continued mission Use hagand invisibility potion
pls give me this hadan invisibility potion but it is story quest, Server Lake of Tears nickname: Magicalgirl

RastaBlabla, I mailed you the quest item in the game :)
RespectfulDad on 06/01/2015, 02:25 AM - view
I was told 9 days for my ticket and that's gotta be some kind of joke. The store spent my EMP without ever confirming anything and now I can't get what I actually wanted. Getting players into the game can be solved with a support thread and low priority ticket flags, whereas SPENDING MY MONEY WITHOUT MY CONSENT seems a little bit more urgent in my opinion.

I'll find your ticket now RespectfulDad and help you out.
ElinFan2014 on 06/01/2015, 10:46 AM - view
Would anyone know an exact Time-frame, for when these outfits will come out?

Exact? No. Bluehole is working on these, but it has to fit into their development & release schedule. As soon as we get an indication on the release of these items, we will pass it along :)
As of 6/1, we continue to experience a far higher volume of tickets than was anticipated. Our response times remain at approximately 8 days. We will also be continuing the amended chat support hours this week, with live chat available from 2:00 p.m to 6:00 p.m. PDT.

We have increased the size of our support team to better handle the amount of traffic we are seeing, but of course it will still take us some time to get caught up. We know these long delays and reduced chat support hours are frustrating and we truly appreciate everyone's patience and understanding.

Back in February, we held a contest to design a costume that will eventually be made and brought to the world of TERA. After getting tons of amazing, wonderful entries we’ve decided on a few winners!

That’s right: winners, plural. There were so many great designs that EME and Bluehole couldn’t choose just one!

Here they are!

Vellga – Tempest Reach

This design was chosen as the concept for female costumes."We think this is a simple yet feminine and fancy design. We love the focus on the exquisite lace and the upper-body part that exposes the shoulder in an elegant manner."—Bluehole

Memoca – Ascension Valley

This design was chosen as the concept for male and elin costumes.

"We loved the design of the male character’s coat. It is a storied design and never been done before in TERA, so this is a great time to introduce it. The elin dress is also cute yet fancy, focusing on the charm of the elin as a race. We’ve worked on dresses before but this dress would be one of our most glamorous ones."—Bluehole

Sainne – Tempest Reach

Violetg – Celestial Hills

These items were chosen as the concept for the accessories.

"The dressy bonnet will go well with the gothic theme of the costumes. The unbalanced mantle and feminine line of the long cape add to the attractiveness and we would like to create accessory items inspired by these designs."—Bluehole

This makes four winners overall, each of whom will receive the primary prize package, as well as the final costumes for the entire set (not just the one your design was selected for). Please keep in mind that designs may have to be adjusted to better suit the 3D modeling process, but Bluehole will adhere to the original design as much as possible.

Bluehole and En Masse Entertainment would again like to thank everyone for all the submissions. Our respective art teams were very impressed with the quality of the designs...and your enthusiasm in creating them!
I can't PM you for some reason :(

Sorry to hear you are still getting that issue. I've seen some other players state that if they create a new En Masse account, they are able to contact support with that new account. Have you given that a try? If not, would you be willing to try that?

If you are able to get through support that way, it will help us identify why you are seeing this issue.
Very interesting, thanks for letting us know. I'm glad you were able to get that support ticket opened. I've passed your information on to our web guys to see if we can figure that out :)
Greetings, I will be hosting the Stuff of the Week this weak in place of Minea!

Here are this week's topics:

Upcoming Events

Q:The T-E-R-A letter event, and the XP event are just about over. Are we going to be getting some new events to take their place in June?

We have some plans to follow up on these events. We will have more information on this very soon.

Increasing PvP Participation

Q: Will we see a return of the battleground power hour again to spark some extra competition in battlegrounds?

We are looking at various methods to stimulate PvP competition, and the power hours are just part of the picture. We do not have any plans at this time to do power hours, but there are other ideas floating around.

Bear Superboxes

Q:The new "Superbox" is more expensive than other mount loot boxes. Why is that?

We are always looking for feedback in the way we deliver items to our players, and we have tried something like this once before for other items.

The "Superbox" has an increased price, but the value of the fodder has been increased to compensate. The chance to get the bear mount has also been increased in comparisson to previous mounts.

Removed Dungeons Making a Return

Q: With the launch of Fate of Arun, some dungeons were removed from the game. Over time, some of them have been getting re-added as well. Are there any plans to return more of these dungeons?

There are! Some say Kaprima might be back in some fashion, as well as the return to Shattered Fleet.

Inactive Name Release

Q: Is the release of Inactive names just the first of more to come? Will we see an anual name release?

There are currently no plans to do another name release after this one, but that doesn't mean we will never do another. We are keeping our eye on this very closely, so we will see how this one goes first before making any decisions.


Previous weeks:

5/1/15 Treeshark AMA on Reddit
Edited by: Tonka 2 minutes ago
Hey Everyone,

Today we are going to try something a little different. I will be on patrol for players on the Tempest Reach server. If you are caught, I will ask you a question. If you get it right, you will get a special prize, and the stream will earn some giveaways!

If you get it wrong...well, nothing will happen, but you won't get anything!

As usual, we will be live starting at 3:00pm PDT, so make sure to stop by our official Twitch channel!

Well crud, sorry to hear about that.

Even with a GM online, they won't be able to assist right away in these cases. The best way to get those items back would be to send in a ticket, as it sounds like you have already done, and allow our support staff to fix that problem for you.

Did today's maintenance clear your issue? Or are you still experiencing it?
Yes, this is an old issue.

First reported to QA Jun 2012. We could only repro in our QA environment when simulating latency.

I hate how often we give this answer out, but it appears to be lag. We are working with the developer to resolve all report latency issues.
Hey now, I read your post. It was very informative. I even tested the issue while looking at your screenshots. In fact, I showed them to the QA guy next to me who also commented on your nice use of highlights.

You may not get a comment from an EME employee when posting to the BUG thread. Mostly, these posts are consolidated for review. When I have time I like to jump in and toss a comment back so that you know we are alive and working our [filtered] off to get these issues resolved.

When looking at this specific issue I was reviewing three different threads, yours included. I just rando decided to post here. So please remember, SingleBear loves you all equally.
Have you noticed any consistency with this issue? Does it tend to fail for you no matter when and where or do you notice more failure in dungeons and BGs?
Please contact one of our support agents or submit a ticket. We will need to get a debug file from you to help further the investigation into this issue.
We are aware of this issue and have already communicated it to the developer. No eta on a resolution.

Turn more than a few heads when you ride into battle on a bear!

Drop by the TERA store to pick up a brand-new bear mount: Ice, the polar bear; Grizzle, the grizzly bear, or Ni Hao, the panda bear. Get the one that suits you best—or pick up all three for a little extra variety.

Looking for a bear mount with a little extra oomph? Be sure to pick up the polar superbox, grizzly superbox, or the panda superbox. Each is guaranteed to contain an instance reset scroll, as well as a chance to win a version of the corresponding bear mount that replenishes MP, recovers HP, or rejuvenates your Stamina...or even a super-bear mount that restores all three (MP, HP, Stamina)!
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Already taken care of. Thanks for the heads up :)
Hi everyone. I just wanted to drop in to let you all know we appreciate and welcome a good debate, but also to remind you all that disagreements are fine but personal attacks are not.

As with any situation, there are infinite hypothetical scenarios, and it is simply not possible to address them all. For those with concerns about the name release, please be reminded that we sent out an email to every single account with a character at risk of having its name released, and I am pretty sure there will be another round of emails that go out as the deadline approaches.

For those players who did not see the announcement or receive the email (for any of the infinite hypothetical reasons), they will see a "_1" after their character's name when they log in. Upon selecting that character they will be prompted to select a new name. Depending on how uncommon their name was before the release, there is always the chance that they will simply be able to re-select their original name.

I would just ask everyone to keep an open mind about this. Of course we value our veteran players. We also want to create as great an experience as we can for new players joining the game, whether they be paying players or those who support the game simply by playing and purchasing items in game with gold.
Hey Everyone,

If you have signed in this morning, you have likely seen other players talking about how the T-E-R-A letters are still dropping, and they are right!

The event did not get turned off with this mornings maintenance and will be extended until Tuesday, June 2 during Maintenance. After that point, the event will be turned off. Letters will still be able to combine to create the mount, but the letters will not be dropping.

Get your mount while you still can!

We will be performing an all server maintenance starting at 7 a.m. PDT on Thursday, May 28.

All servers will be under maintenance starting at 7 a.m. PDT on Thursday, May 28.

• Mount Tyrannas - PvP
• Lake of Tears - PvP
• Valley of Titans - PvP
• Tempest Reach - PvE
• Ascension Valley - PvE
• Celestial Hills - RP PvE

The estimated downtime is 2 hours. Thank you for your patience.

(Not sure what time it is in PDT right now? It's listed on the top right corner of our server status page.)
We will be performing an all server maintenance starting at 7 a.m. PDT on Thursday, May 28.

All servers will be under maintenance starting at 7 a.m. PDT on Thursday, May 28.

• Mount Tyrannas - PvP
• Lake of Tears - PvP
• Valley of Titans - PvP
• Tempest Reach - PvE
• Ascension Valley - PvE
• Celestial Hills - RP PvE

The estimated downtime is 2 hours. Thank you for your patience.

(Not sure what time it is in PDT right now? It's listed on the top right corner of our server status page.)
Hmm, this is very odd. If the common resolutions are not working you may need to wait for the support team to look closely at your specific situation. What's going on here is either due to your computer (most likely software conflicts, administrative issues, configuration) or your home network/firewall setup or possibly the ISP.

@Zak94, are you able to bypass your router/plug in directly and not use the wifi? It honestly sounds like your issue may be caused by an inability to maintain a solid connection to the servers.
Edited by: Harmonia 1 minute ago
12:30 p.m. PDT
Name Release FAQ updated with 3 new answers!

Celestial Hills are alive with the sound of music! And Velika! And Popolion! And now you can enjoy the music of TERA on our YouTube channel playlist.This playlist includes 50 familiar works you'll remember from launch and 7 bonus tracks from TERA's latest release—Fate of Arun.

Subscribe to TERA on YouTube and be the first to know when new tracks or other goodies are released!
Morning everyone! Wanted to clear up a few things being discussed in this thread.

1) Logging into each character. This is necessary – each individual character will be checked for their activity (last log-in date) to determine whether or not to rename the character. This is how the process functions, not a decision we made. We know it can be an inconvenience for players with many alts, but there is no way around this.

2) Communication. We wanted to start communicating this as far in advance as possible, which is why we’ve posted a full month in advance. We’ve also already sent emails, and will continue to do so. We do not want anyone to be caught unaware by this change.

3) The FAQ has been updated to include:
- Will banned players be affected? Yes. If a player was banned before the cut off of June 25, 2014 their name will be changed (as they cannot log in to preserve it).
To address the question of returning players who find their name has been changed due to inactivity, upon entering the server for the first time with that player, they will be prompted to select a new name. For those that were around back when we had the server merge that resulted in name conflicts on the new servers, the process will be the same.
@Arylie, what a great guide! Have you thought about adding this to Steam as well, for the new Steam players? :)
So that we can better address any concerns we may not have thought of, could you clarify your concern over this? To clarify, it is the names of inactive characters (which largely will be on accounts no longer in use) that are being freed up.
In testing, the thralls have no issue attacking Corsairs' siege vehicles.

The thrall not doing damage to the Anchorstone is bugged.
Sounds like there may be some corrupt files, or the minimum requirements are not met. Those are the most common causes of the FFFF:FFFF error, but I recommend reviewing our full FAQ:


Due to the recent surge of new players coming into TERA via Steam, we have decided to release inactive character names, making them available to new characters.

Any characters that have not logged into the game since June 25, 2014 will have their names appended with "_1", freeing up their old names to anyone creating a new character or using the paid Character Name Change service.

If you have characters whose names you want to keep, but you haven’t logged into TERA with those characters since June 25 of last year, you should log in to TERA and enter the game with each of those characters before Thursday, June 25, 2015.

For more details, see our Name Release FAQ or discuss this post here.
Sorry for all the gunner turret OPness. The developer is working on balance and bugs. I will look into the mystic thrall issue.
The developer is only using Freeholds as an event zone. We currently have a bug in for one remaining zone quest in the area. Not sure if they ever intend to work quests beyond rootstock back into the zone.
I do not have specific documentation from the developer concerning this mechanic so I cannot offer an answer at this time.

When y'all point out text issues we can get our writers to fix them by the next maintenance. Those I will always try to respond to when I see them. I can find the issue in our files and I know exactly what the problem is.

But issues like this do not have a quick turnaround. Due to the time it takes to get this issue verified and fixed by the developer, we do not generally communicate the progress of the issue in the forums We would probably be responding to a post that is a week old or older.

I just want you to understand, we pass along all issues we find here in the forums to the developer. But we cannot guarantee a response concerning the progress of the issue.
Kill them Livindilla. Kill them all.
Sorx1003, if you have been able to play before but just today you are seeing the ffff.ffff error, then it often means something has changed on your machine that is preventing the game from running properly. Make sure to try all of the steps we have listed in the FAQ, as this covers pretty much everything we know to try for dealing with the error.


If you continue to experience the problem after trying all steps in the FAQ, we will need you to run the diagnostic tool located under the tools menu in the launcher, and send the results to us in a support ticket. This will hopefully help us to get a better sense of what is causing the problem.

Since launching on Steam, TERA has rocketed to the top of the charts!* With new classes, new continents, and 65 levels of awesome True Action Combat, there’s never been a better time to be playing TERA!

*Statement based on publicly available MCU (Maximum Concurrent User) statistics for the Steam platform via Steam Charts.
As the others have said, you should just be able to hit "A" and you will stop running. I've had that happen a few times
TR is back up, thanks for hanging on folks :)
You guys are right, we typically do maintenance on Tuesday. Today is a special Tuesday as we are not doing any maintenance. Thursday is our day this week, so keep on playing :)

TR was a different issue, and it appears to be resolved now. The store is still down on TR, but you should be able to sign into the game
It more than likely was a temporary issue on the internet between your ISP and the login server, that caused a delay long enough for it to time out before establishing the connection. If you have already been able to log in and play, then that points to this type of temporary problem. Hopefully you don't encounter it again, but if it becomes a problem, let us know!
We are doing everything that can be done to maximize efficiency, but unfortunately it just takes time to get through the thousands of tickets that have come in. To update you Veldoran, I just took care of your ticket :)

Sorry for the wait.
We really appreciate everyone's patience and understanding. To update everyone, we have seen a dramatic increase in the number of tickets following the launch of TERA on Steam and the simultaneous release of the gunner class. We expected a spike in volume right around the launch, but we did not foresee the sustained increase in tickets that we are experiencing. We are doing everything we can to answer tickets as quickly as possible, and we are also looking into other ways of tackling the challenge of answering so many tickets in a more timely manner.
I think this thread has run it's course. Glad to see you enjoyed the event!

Today on Twitch, I will be queuing for some battlegrounds on MT. Once in the match, I will be riding around on the brand new Bear Mounts that will be available soon!

It doesn't seem that we have received enough questions to do a mail bag segment this week, so if you have some questions for us, make sure to follow that link above and send in a question!

As usual, we will be live starting at 3:00pm PDT, so make sure to stop by our official Twitch channel!

Greetings, I will be hosting the Stuff of the Week this week in place of Minea!

Here are this week's topics:

Inner Armor Fusion

Q:In some other versions of TERA, there exists an “Inner Armor Fusion”. This fuses 3 blue inner armors and creates a random superior inner armors. Will we see this in our version?

We decided this wasn’t the best way given how we distributed out inner armors initially. Other regions put all the blue inner armors into one box and you would get a blue inner armor out that was random based off the stat. Because we split out all the inner armors into stat specific boxes in the store it didn’t seem like the best course of action. If you got the blue inner armor previously it would be the blue one you want.

This doesn't mean we will never introduce the inner armor fusion in some fashion. We are always looking to improve our version of TERA, and the best way we can do that is to listen to player feedback.

Freeing Up Unused Character Names

Q:Will we ever see a name wipe to free up names used by player who no longer play TERA?

Yes, there will be a name wipe. Stay tuned for details, as we are currently ironing out the process to make sure the process we want to use works.

Area Channels

Q:Some areas have many channels, while others have very few. How are the amount of channels decided?

Some Zones start with a default amount of channels. There is a system that expands the amount of channels, based on the the number of people in the channel current channels. If the system detects that more channels are required, it will automatically generate more.

EMP & Elite Purchasing Issues

Q: Over the last few days there have been some intermittent issues for players looking to purchase Elite or EMP. What happened?

There were issues between our vendor that gives you what you pay for, and the vendor that processes the payment. It had been very hard to investigate the root cause this past week but I think we have found the cause as of today. It has been frustrating to deal with and we really appreciate our communities patience while we chase down these issues.

Community Written Guides

Q: We recently saw a community guide created by Tsumori called “What To Do after Level 65”. Are there plans to have more guides written by the community?

This was definitely an experiment since we’ve never featured a player guide before, but felt this was a good time to do so. We do have a loose plan to have more guides created, but at this time, no players have been approached.


Previous weeks:

5/1/15 Treeshark AMA on Reddit
Edited by: Tonka less than a minute ago
The gunner has a very aggressive set of hard coded chains. Some skills have more than one possible chain and will operate with a priority list.

Skill A is hard coded to chain to skill B, C, and D.
If skill B is not on cooldown, skill A will chain to it.
But if skill B is on cooldown, skill A will chain to skill C.
If skill B and C are on cooldown, skill A will chain to skill D.
If skill A also allows a user defined chain, you need skill B, C, and D to be on cooldown for your chain to pop up.

I really wish we could have got you guys a nice document to explain it all but the time was just not there.

Edited by: SingleBear 2 minutes ago
I can't say I understand why there are "invisible" hardcoded chains along side a system that allows user designed skill chains.

With the reaper we noticed BHS was taking a very aggressive approach with hard coded chains. It's their design decision.

If you guys aren't happy about the design please be vocal (constructively) about it. Let us here your thoughts. We can then consolidate your concerns and ideas and present them to the developer.

BUT, don't do it here in this thread. This is a bug forum and not for design discussion. Go start a new thread in the general forums and ask for Treeshark to stop by for a discussion.
I will go run around the area and see if I can repro the missing geometry.
Shot in the dark here, but...Occasionally you can get an error about insufficient memory from having a corrupt file.

You should always first try the client repair tool at the bottom of the TERA Launcher.

Next, go into your TERA root folder and delete your EN.version and relaunch the game. More often than not, if it is a corrupt file, it is the dat. Deleting this file forces the EN dat to patch.

Please try running a repair on your client from the TERA launcher.

Tools > Repair game install
Blast from the past was removed a build or two ago. As such, those box rewards were not updated when the gunner came out. We have no plans at this time to refresh the loot rewards in those boxes to accommodate a class that never participated in that content.
Edited by: SingleBear less than a minute ago
Screenshot please. We aren't experiencing anything odd in our QA environment.
1) Those tooltips will be removed next maintenance. Thanks for bring it to our attention.

2) Not sure. I'll see if I can verify that functionality with the developer.
Here is a story about how we localized this tooltip.

The original Korean text is this:
마력 에너지를 극으로 끌어 모아 적들을 섬멸시킬 수 있는 강력한 섬광을 발사합니다. 이 섬광은 최대 약 30m까지 발사됩니다. 이 공격은 일부 특수 몬스터를 제외한 대상에게 100% 확률로 치명상을 유발합니다. 섬멸의 빛 시전 중에는 적에게 아무런 피해도 입지 않습니다.

My BFF (our main QA guy on TERA that is also bilingual) translated it to this:
"This attack has 100% chance to crit, except for some special monsters."

I then jumped in and said, "No no no. We can't say special mobs. That doesn't mean anything. It would just cause player contacts. Figure out something better"

And here is where I dropped the ball. I should have made sure we localized this skill tooltip better.

So, I just asked my favorite author, who happens to be one of our writers on TERA to give this skill tooltip some clarification.

Here is what it will look like after our next maintenance:
"Deal damage to all enemies in front of you, up to 30m, with a very high chance to crit. You are invulnerable while using this skill."
Great pic! She looks very much like my very first amani female mystic :D
I'm aware of the typo in the header post. Left it there to make fun of the person that wrote it,

One of these days I need to update it, but I would rather test all the stuff we haven't told y'all about yet.
Yeah huh!

Thanks for waiting patiently everyone! <3

Any good screenshots of your shades?
There does not appear to be a Arms of the Avatar quest for the gunner class. I will bug and send it to the developer. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.
Thanks for putting these in 1 place!

We need to reach the last 2 goals (Steam and Facebook) to unlock the third and final giveaway item from our socials contest.

Keep at it!! Here's the link for good measure :)

By Design.

Here is a history lesson in case you are interested.

Back in my day, you could not discard any quest items. The reasoning was to make sure players never found themselves experiencing your current issue. HOWEVER, players would frequently skip around while questing (never could comprehend how someone wasn't compelled to 100% their quests) and find themselves at max level with dozens of quest items from quests they never completed. Guess what happened next. Players would contact us saying they have a quest item they want removed from their inventory.

So our Customer Service team starting making a list of all the items they had to remove from players inventories each week. And they would send this list to the EME TERA producer each week and say that players needed to be able to discard them. This is often referred to as a quality of life issue.

So we talked about it. How could we make this experience better for the player? We decided it was the better of two evils to allow players to discard their quest items as long as there was a confirmation pop up telling the player it was a quest item and that discarding it would block further quest progression.

That change has drastically reduced the number of related contacts. Yes, occasionally there are players that end up in your situation. That's why I said we chose the "better of two evils."

If you're wondering what to do now that you've hit level 65, one of our players—Tsumori of Good Fight on Mount Tyrannus—has offered up this guide for TERA's end game. Tsumori is an elin lancer. You can catch him on twitch here. This guide was written for v31 content. ——EME

End Game Progression Guide—TERA

by Tsumori of Good Fight—NA/ MT

Checkout this entire post here!

They say you’re never fully dressed without a smile. But the truth is that while armor can save your life, inner armor makes it a lot more comfortable.

Starting Thursday, May 21, we're improving the contents of inner armor loot boxes on sale in the TERA store. We're removing the unmentionables from all boxes. Each will now be guaranteed to contain a semi-enigmatic scroll, and may contain a set of inner armor with even bigger bonusess.

Pumped Box of Inner Armor (inner armor boosts HP and Power)
Silk Intimates giving +2 Power
Satin Intimates giving +6 Power
Added! Elegant Silk Intimates giving +8 Power

Relentless Box of Inner Armor (inner armor boosts HP)
Silk Delicates increasing HP 1.8 percent
Satin Delicates increasing HP 5.4 percent
Added! Elegant Silk Delicates increasing HP 7.2 percent

Unyielding Box of Inner Armor (inner armor boosts HP and Crit Factor)
Silk Briefs boosting Crit Factor by +4
Satin Briefs boosting Crit Factor by +12
Added! Elegant Silk Briefs boosting Crit Factor by +16

Grounded Box of Inner Armor (inner armor boosts HP and Endurance)
Silk Bodywear increasing Endurance by 1
Satin Bodywear increasing Endurance by 3
Added! Elegant Silk Bodywear increasing Endurance by 6

Infused Box of Inner Armor (inner armor boosts HP and replenished MP)
Silk Smallclothes replenishing 36 MP every 5 seconds
Satin Smallclothes replenishing 108 MP every 5 seconds
Added! Elegant Silk Smallclothes replenishing 144 MP every 5 seconds

Inner armor is also available in-game by redeeming Goldfinger tokens obtained as random drops in Balder’s Temple (solo) and the solo Alliance Vaults.
The boxes from the store should no longer have white inner armor in it. The boxes obtained via goldfinger tokens do still have the white inner armor in it.

I have not seen any other reports of the boxes from the outfitters giving white inner armor, but we will keep an eye on it. In your friends case, he/she may want to contact our support team if they did indeed open one of the boxes from the outfitters.

Support: http://support.enmasse.com/tera/tickets/submit
Servers are up, thread is going crazy. Lock inc :)
The Goldfinger boxes have a chance at the new innerwear, but their drop table does not completely mirror the new one added to the outfitters. You still have a chance at the white innerwear from those.
Hello folks,

We are currently experiencing an issue with EMP and Elite Status purchasing. We will be putting the store under maintenance mode while we investigate the issue.

The issue appears to be similar to what happened on the 19th.

We will use this thread to keep you updated. Thank you for your patience.

(Previous thread)
We are aware of the issue and have submitted it to the developer. Thanks for posting.
explodingtofu on 05/19/2015, 03:14 AM - view
Lately a lot of people have been having an issue in which Ghillieglade incorrectly displays Banyaka's HP instead of the crystal's HP from the very start.

AH! This issue was reported to our CS team yesterday and I didn't grasp the issue. Looking into it.
Pennry on 05/14/2015, 10:08 PM - view
Side note: Why do they insist we post bugs in this forum, yet give no option for me to attach a screenshot? Every other support I've used always wants screenshots, video, and whatever else they can get their hands on. /odd

(We appreciate your help in giving us as much information as possible. Please feel free to include any images/video using bb code tags or leaving a link to an uploaded material. Thank you.)
Yes, BGs will auto pull you in. They operate on a fixed match start timer so you can't just click "Enter Later" and jump in 5 minutes into the match.

We are aware of issues concerning match making in BGs and have sent them to the developer. I will make sure your experience is added to our report.
We have been trying to track down this bug for a while now. For that I apologize. I wish I could tell you we have a resolution for it, but it looks like there are a number of causes. Please list anything you think is associated with the issue and I will add it to the list of possible causes.

The reason you see controller associated with the bug is more about drivers than the hardware. I am a Razer fanboy and I often run into issues due to the Razer synapse software adding my Orbweaver and Tartus as a HID "controller" in device manager.
Bugged. Thanks for the post.
On character names, please see Treeshark's comment from a recent AMA on Reddit. :)
Kureha on 05/20/2015, 05:17 PM - view
In short, spam pressing the SS hotkey during or immediately after GS/DS animation will somehow animation cancel the skill with itself is what I think is happening.

There are some issues related to this that we are pursuing with the developer, but it doesn't look like there is a quick fix. Your assumption could possibly be right. Can't say anymore at this time.

And I am sorry I didn't reply to your post on the 7th. Our community team summarizes issues and provides player feedback to the appropriate teams. You are being heard. I try to jump in to this bug forum when I can to directly communicate with all of you, but I don't always find the time.
IMetherlence on 05/19/2015, 09:38 PM - view
One more thing, perhaps the QA environment may not be exactly the same as the environment that players who experience this bug is in. Why not test it with a latency of above 250ms to give a more accurate result?

The reason for testing in a QA environment is for control. We have tools to help us and we can manipulate ping/packet loss/errors etc.
4 p.m. PDT update on 5/20

We have been making good progress with the EMP refunds and we are pretty confident that all refund process from this issue will be complete by the end of tomorrow (Thursday).

(Please note that refunds can take 3 to 5 business days to post, depending on the bank.)
Leaving a copy here too.

Minea on 05/20/2015, 03:00 PM
The gold/superior innerwear is being added into the undergarments box that you currently obtain with goldfinger tokens. For the inner armor boxes that you purchase, we are refreshing the contents
all fodder will be caught up to our recent offerings, and the semi-enigmatic scroll will be the guaranteed item. Also for the purchasable inner armor boxes from the store, white inner armor will be removed as a potential item, so all you can get are green/blue/gold and other fodders.

The goldfinger token undergarments box and the store-purchased innerarmor boxes will change tomorrow. So you can buy them today, but the new loot table does not go into effect until after the maintenance tomorrow. (And our Support Team will not be exchanging them if you choose to open them today. :) )

As for the bear and other cosmetic items, I don't know when.
The gold/superior innerwear is being added into the undergarments box that you currently obtain with goldfinger tokens. For the inner armor boxes that you purchase, we are refreshing the contents
all fodder will be caught up to our recent offerings, and the semi-enigmatic scroll will be the guaranteed item. Also for the purchasable inner armor boxes from the store, white inner armor will be removed as a potential item, so all you can get are green/blue/gold and other fodders.

The goldfinger token undergarments box and the store-purchased innerarmor boxes will change tomorrow. So you can buy them today, but the new loot table does not go into effect until after the maintenance tomorrow. (And our Support Team will not be exchanging them if you choose to open them today. :) )

As for the bear and other cosmetic items, I don't know when.
Hello everyone,

We will be performing an all server maintenance starting at 7 a.m. PDT on Thursday, May 21. We will be fixing a store item bug and the gold/superior innerwear will become available after the maintenance.

All servers will be under maintenance starting at 7 a.m. PDT on Thursday, May 21.

• Mount Tyrannas - PvP
• Lake of Tears - PvP
• Valley of Titans - PvP
• Tempest Reach - PvE
• Ascension Valley - PvE
• Celestial Hills - RP PvE

The approximate downtime is 2 hours. Thank you for your patience.

(Not sure what time it is in PDT right now? It's listed on the top right corner of our server status page.)
Hello everyone,

We will be performing an all server maintenance starting at 7 a.m. PDT on Thursday, May 21. We will be fixing a store item bug and the gold/superior innerwear will become available after the maintenance.

All servers will be under maintenance starting at 7 a.m. PDT on Thursday, May 21.

• Mount Tyrannas - PvP
• Lake of Tears - PvP
• Valley of Titans - PvP
• Tempest Reach - PvE
• Ascension Valley - PvE
• Celestial Hills - RP PvE

The approximate downtime is 2 hours. Thank you for your patience.

(Not sure what time it is in PDT right now? It's listed on the top right corner of our server status page.)
(You two both crossed the line and need to stop immediately. Personal attacks will not be tolerated. No further warning will be given and that is being lenient. If you come across an inappropriate/offensive post, report and move on please. Do not retaliate.)
Are you still seeing this error?
This week on Twitch, we are going to learn the all about the Archer in PvE.

Our guest this week: "Husher from Tempest Reach"

So make sure to stop by at 5:00pm Pacific, and learn how to play a Archer in PvE! We will be live at a special new Wednesday stream time at 5:00pm Pacific time on our official Twitch page.

Stream Links

Husher Glyphs: Main Glyph Set Stun Glyph Set

Crystals & Etchings:

• Standard/Enraging Boss: Focus/Savage/Carving/Bitter – Full Hardy, if you are enraging a boss 100% you can wear poised.
• Non-Enraged Duration: Pounding/Savage/Carving/Bitter (ie second SCHM) – Full Hardy
• Caveat: Low gear for heavy periodic (queen poison) or burst static damage (SCHM second boss laser) you can boost your hp with relentless x2 and 2 hardy
• Etchings: Crit Factor (Carving)

Recommended Weapon:

"I’m still an advocate for Intense for the reason of you get 6%, 6.9%, 9.3% vs 0.3 (2%), 14 (1.5%), 9.3%. It’s really a tossup though, the argument is you hoping for crits with keen or being consistent with intense."

Previous Streams:

Berserker in PvP with Painwheel
Sorcerer in PvP with Giraffee
Priest in PvE with Serena
Reaper in PvP with Towlot & Zui

For updates on the ability to purchase EMP and Elite Status, please follow this pinned thread:

5:34 p.m. PDT update:

Our service provider has not been able to resolve the issue yet. EMP and Elite Status purchases will remain unavailable until the issue is resolved to prevent multiple charges without the delivery of EMP/Elite Status or significant delay. You are still purchase the items from the store if you already have the EMP though.

We will continue to use this thread to provide updates on this issue and our next update will be sometime tomorrow unless the issue is resolved. Thank you for your patience.
Braccaus, All Elite Status purchases made during this occurrence did not process, and they have been refunded already (this may take a few days to be processed). We are adding 7 days of Elite Status time to the accounts that attempted Elite Status purchases during this occurrence and were charged for Elite Status without receiving them.
I am able to complete this achievement in our QA environment.

I will request our writers include dungeon name and location in the Achievement Text.

Please confirm that you are no longer receiving kill credit when killing the Hulking Salcata in the Control Room of Sky Cruiser Endeavor.

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