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Catalysts should be dropping still, we're looking into why it's not. :(
For more information on the forum ranks, please see this post from way back.

I see a lot of cases on both sides when they are helpful and not helpful, but it's something that we know.
There won't be a weekly server maintenance tomorrow morning since we are patching on Thursday, August 20. :)

We'll share more information on the Thursday maintenance later this week and we'll have the patch notes sometime today or tomorrow.
I'm a founder and I'm still around! :D

*hugs all in thread*
(Sharing a suggestion is fine, but spamming the forums is a huge no-no. All of your duplicate threads have been moved to Trash. Please regard this as your formal warning.)
I'm sorry this happened, you took the best course of action by submitting a ticket to our Support Team. They will respond as soon as they are able to and will take of this matter. Currently our turnaround time should be around 48 hours.
Good afternoon,

Here are this week's topics:

August 20 Patch: Storm Season

Our next content patch will arrive on Thursday, August 20. We will have the patch notes next week, but the two biggest components of the next patch are the Dream Storm and BuddyUp Program. (Check out the newspost links to the game guides!)

Kyra's Potion Shack Event

Q: It was mentioned that this event will be extended.

We are extending the event until the maintenance on August 25 (a week longer than initially announced) and we will also continue to work on resolving the technical issues.

(Please note that you will not be able to use the Catalyst after the event is over. While the rewards from the Catalysts will be different, the unused Catalysts will be usable when the Potion Shack returns. (It is not currently known what the rewards will be or when the event will return though.))

Rewards in Max Level Instance Dungeons

Last week we mentioned that this is a topic that both En Masse and Bluehole would like to improve and will work together on. As for the timeline, our goal is to make these improvements sometime in September.

Unable to View the Support/Billing Page

Q: I can't load the Support and billing pages on the TERA site. What's going on?

We've been seeing some of our community members reporting that they cannot load the Support and billing pages of our website. We have been investigating this issue working closely with multiple players, and our current conclusion is that the issue lies within the ISP or the modem/router. The only successful workarounds that we've seen are connecting from a different location (such as school instead of home, etc.) or accessing the specific pages with cellular data on a mobile device after turning off the wi-fi.


Previous weeks:

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Hi there,

I'm afraid we currently do not have a plan to change our server settings or location.

(Dank, be nice. >:/)

The second major feature of Storm Season, TERA's latest update, is the BuddyUp program. It’s a great way to play with your friends, to make new friends to play with, to introduce new players to the world of TERA—and to get awesome rewards for doing any or all three!

We've already told you about Dreamstorm, so now it’s time to unveil the BuddyUp game guide, so you can familiarize yourself with how the new system works, and exactly how it rewards you for participating. We're confident that once you read the game guide, even the most introverted player is going to want to start sending out those friend invitations!
We are extending the event until the maintenance on August 25 (a week longer than initially announced) and we will also continue to work on resolving the technical issues.

OP, did you know this type of inflammatory and derogatory comments based on anyone's ethnicity/nationality/race are against the forum rules?

People are people, there are always good and bad. We are all human beings, and it's time to start judging and treating individuals based on their behavior.

If you see inappropriate/offensive language in game or on the forums, make sure to report it so that it can be reviewed and we can take action. Thanks.
The rough translation of the Korean name would be "Timespace Crack".
Hi ItsMario,

Do you have any other computer you can try to use to access the support page or store? We've been investigating this issue with a few other players and it does not seem to be a networking issue (though we can check that for you, too) but rather an issue with your local web browser or PC security settings.

Can you try another web browser, and if that doesn't work, try another computer on the network?

If neither of these steps work, please try pinging support.enmasse.com through the command prompt, and then direct message me the results.

Rediscover riding excitement with a new beetle mount!

TERA presents three new mounts that will turn heads and make you the talk of the global channel. Starting right now, you can drop by the TERA store and choose either Buzzer, Tweedle, or Cutter (in either character-bound or account-bound versions).

But before you decide, what would you say if we told you that there are tricked-out versions of all three of the beetle mounts, that restore not just your HP, MP, Stamina, but all three?

Allow us to present the new deluxe beetles! Noble Buzzer, Noble Tweedle, and Noble Cutter recover HP, replenish MP, and rejuvenate Stamina! You can buy the regular beetles directly from the TERA store, or you can pick up one of the noble beetle boxes for a chance to win TERA's most awesome mount yet.Each of the Noble Buzzer beetle boxes, Noble Tweedle beetle boxes, and Noble Cutter beetle boxes is guaranteed to contain a semi-enigmatic scroll and has a chance to win the matching noble beetle, or other valuable consumables such as alkahests, spellbinds, enigmatic scrolls, or other great loot.

TERA's next update (Thursday, August 20 during scheduled maintenance) introduces two major new features: the Dreamstorm world event for level 65 players, and the BuddyUp program, for everyone! In fact, there’s so much new and unique content coming your way that we're splitting the Storm Season posts in two.

We'll tell you more about the BuddyUp program in the next Storm Season post—but today, we're bringing you the Dreamstorm game guide, a heads-up on the all-important who, what, when, where, and how of this exciting new world event.

Go check out the game guide for the first of Storm Season's major features, and keep an eye out for Part II: BuddyUp, and the game guide that goes with that! (Don't worry: There will be patch notes for this update, as well.)

I'm going to close this very derailed thread, but I did want to mention that we don't do the game development for TERA.)
It is currently not possible to remove the damage numbers, I'm afraid. :(
(All posts need to be constructive and free of personal attacks or inflammatory remarks. A few folks are crossing the line, so let's not have a forced forum vacation. :( )
(Make sure to follow the forum rules on avoiding personal attacks or namecalling. Keep ALL of your posts civil. If you cannot contribute to the thread without making inflammatory/offensive posts, please move on. Also please remember that you may or may not get a warning for your behavior before a forum vacation, depending on how the severe the behavior is.)
We have just deployed another fix to address the technical issues on the Welcome Window. This may cause some players to encounter a white window instead of the Welcome Window. In this case, please exit the game and launcher completely and restart.

If you continue to have Welcome Window issues (white window, can't see the Catalyst amount, etc.), please let me know what error you're experiencing during which action performed. (Screenshots are very helpful!)
OP, could you PM me with the information I requested in this thread? Thanks.
I don't see anything (note, report, history, etc.) regarding this on your account. Before I can clarify, can you PM me what happened to what characters on what server, when and include the GM name if there was any action taken?
Good morning.

As much as I like the proposed named "Valley of Tears", currently we have no plans to change our server setup. We will continue to monitor the servers and also will be sure to announce the changes if there are any.
I moved the character to Velika, which should allow you to access it now. If you still cannot, please submit a support ticket and we'll be happy to help further!
We can certainly restore items that were left in the parcel and never claimed before the expiration. Just submit a support ticket and make sure to include the character name and server.

As a note, the inbox is not intended to be used for additional storage (hence the 28 day time limit), so we generally will only do this one time per account.
I'll look into it.
I would try running the TERA launcher's repair tool. This issue sounds like you have some corrupted files.

You will need to contact Customer Support and have them relocate your character.

We have provided the developer of TERA, Bluehole Inc, with all the details we have.
Glad the issue resolved itself.

We occasionally get reports of this issue and in most cases it is due to a player being in a party that completes this quest, but their character wasn't in the instance. Since you are in the party, you are saved to the same instance ID. Meaning, you will enter the instance in a cleared state since your friends already killed everything.
Could you proved a screenshot. I am not seeing this behavior in our test environment.
We are aware of the issue and have forwarded it to the developer.

TY for the screenshot. You are now one of my favorites.
We are aware of this issue and have communicated it to the developer. They have placed it at low priority.
I will look into it. Thanks for letting us know.
Unfortunately you must contact Customer Support so that they can check the abnormalities on your character.
This is not normal behavior and is not being experienced in our test environments.
Can't fix what we don't see broken...

If you could reply with detailed steps leading up to your skill chains resetting that would be super helpful.

Happy Friday, folks!

Kyra's Potion Shack Event

All of the last boss monsters in the stated instance dungeons should be dropping the Catalyst/s whether they are premade groups or IMS groups. (Let us know if there are no Catalyst drops for anyone in the group please.)

In order to improve the distribution method, the item grade of Catalyst will become superior on Tuesday, August 11, and will be rollable (unless the loot is set to FFA).

We'd also like to extend the event longer although how much longer has not been decided yet.

(For those who received a 7-day Straw Hat from Kyra's Potion Shack reward, this was a bug that was fixed earlier this week. We have sent a permanent Straw Hat as a replacement to everyone with the bug, so please check your Item Claim.)

Rewards in Max Level Instance Dungeons

Both En Masse and Bluehole would like to improve the incentive of running the end game instance dungeons and this is something that we will work together on. While there’s no solid timeline, our goal is sometime after the August patch.

Next Patch

Q: Last week, it was mentioned that the next patch will be in mid-August.

Right now we are looking at the week of 17 - 21 and we'll start sharing more information on the next patch sometime next week.

Customer Support Status

Q: What is the current response time to the Support Tickets like?

We have been working hard to decrease the response time of our Support tickets and the current response time is around 24 hours. Thank you very much for your patience as we worked through the backlog from the new class and Steam launch!


Previous weeks:

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4:21 p.m. PDT update

- To clarify, the last boss monsters in the stated instance dungeons should drop Catalyst/s whether they are premade groups or IMS groups. (Let us know if there are no Catalyst drops for anyone in the group please.)
- We plan to change the item grade of the Catalyst to superior on Tuesday, August 11.
- We'd also like to extend the duration of the event, although how much longer has not been decided yet.
Asked our writers for a clarification. Amani is adjective. :)

They gave us an example too!

"One small step for an aman, one giant leap for the amani people."
We implemented another fix just a bit ago (30 min. - 1 hour). Could you guys let us know if there are further issues with the welcome window? (Please remember to exit completely and restart. Also try closing and opening the welcome window as well.)
Could you tell me which specific loot boxes have the regular crystalbinds in them?
The item description is incorrect, it works on gunners now.

(The restriction was put in when the class was newly introduced, but was later lifted.)
I heard that they were chopped off to make room for the saddle. <3 (Totally not an official theory)

(Then racingwind ate them. Possibly dipped in chocolate as Zok said.)

Only 4 legs! What happened to the other 2 legs?
(So we end yet another discussion because it's become an argument against other posters.

Please remember that inflammatory comments and personal attacks are against the forum rules, and warnings are not guaranteed before a forum break is applied.

It's Friday, let's take it easy and remind ourselves we are all a part of the TERA community. We're here because we play the game and we play together because it's a MMO.

much love,

I wanted to stop by to say that I'm forwarding the suggestion along with some of the explanations on why, although I am not sure if this is something that we can and/or will do.

(Thank you for messaging me about this thread too. I don't always leave a reply, but it is always read. :))

(Also, here is the obligatory reminder on inflammatory content and personal attacks. We have a good discussion thread going, so please avoid them. Thank you.)

^ Harmonia's explanation on how this works
While we currently don't have plans to change the Elite Status benefits, the feedback is noted, thank you.

Please avoid making personal attacks. Constructive criticism is good, but letting others disagree is bad. Comments such as 'you must be a troll', 'you are stupid', etc. are not okay. Consider this as a formal warning please.
What I love about TERA (or any other multiplayer games) is that we are all sharing an experience together and that for that moment we are connected by it. :)

I agree that playing games should be fun and am behind the thread's general messaging. However, let's not discuss DPS meter since it's not in TERA and client alteration is an activity that shouldn't be discussed on the Official TERA Forums.
If you are still not seeing the Catalysts, could you please include the requested information such as how many Catalysts you used in the inventory and how many Catalysts do you see in the welcome window? We appreciate your help!
This was a bug that we fixed yesterday. Today we delivered a permanent straw hat to everyone who received the temporary item before it was fixed.

Starting Friday, August 7 at 11 a.m. PDT and continuing until Monday, August 10 at 11 a.m., you will earn twice the experience points for all of your monster kills!

To double down on the double XP, we're giving double XP for double the weekends! So you'll get double XP August 14 through August 17, as well. This double XP event includes any monster you kill, including the ones you kill in dungeons! (It does not include quest XP.)

Remember, leveling up earns you catalysts for Kyra's Pop-Up Potion Shack, so log into TERA right now!
For the folks who are having technical issues with the welcome window and the Catalyst,

- If you were seeing "could not find user with ID" error, this should have been resolved
- If you were seeing a discrepancy between the Catalyst used in inventory and displayed in the welcome window, we believe this should have been resolved too. (Please make sure to close and reopen the welcome window if you had the welcome window open.)

We just implemented a fix for the above issues (approximately 30 minutes ago), so please let us know if you continue to have the issues and include the following information:

- What issue did you experience? + any additional information such as how many Catalysts you used in the inventory and how many Catalysts do you see in the welcome window
If you see such offensive language in game or on the forums, please please please make sure to report them. The moderation action may not be immediate, but we will review every report and take the appropriate action. This type of language is NOT okay. :(
Good morning,

Please check the Server Status forums for our regular maintenance schedule - which was our last maintenance. Additional maintenance announcements can be found either in the Server Status forums or General Discussions.


1. Please follow the forum rules on not YELLING.
2. The staff members you see the most on the forums are the Community Team members. Our GM's are the Support Team, and the forums are NOT the best nor recommended channel to contact them. :)
This week's been good, I'm really looking forward to going to the Renaissance Festival this weekend though! Enjoy your camping trip! TERA will be here when you come back. :)

(I love this thread, but I'm going to move this to Off-Topic.)
I am not seeing this issue in our QA environments. Please post a screenshot or video so I can submit it to the developer for resolution. Make sure to keep your UI up so we can see the NPC location on your overlay map.
If you have the Daily Quests or Zone Quests for these BGs showing in your Quest Log (L) and those quests show you will receive the box you are referring to, then you will receive them upon turning the quests in to the appropriate NPC listed in the quest. This is tested and confirmed by QA.

If you are referring to the Vanguard Request (H) daily version of the BG quests, please note they do not list a box reward in their rewards. You will only receive the appropriate rewards for completing the Vanguard Request version of these quests as shown in the reward section of the Vanguard Request UI.

If you believe the quest you are completing is indeed intended to deliver a box reward please post a screenshot of the quest you are completing with it's reward section visible so I can correctly reproduce your issue.
(Bumping is against the forum rules, please stop. :( )
We are aware of the issue and have bugged it for the developer. Thanks for the submission.
Next time someone experiences this issue please message me directly on these forums with all the text you are currently using in the text fields so I can reproduce.
Basically what Counterpoint says:

counterpoint on 08/03/2015, 09:55 PM - view
It's just how the UI works, and it is annoying. There's a sort of "distance mode" and a "close-up mode", and the transition between the two isn't seamless. So as you're approaching a target, you will often see the "distance" label, then it'll disappear, and re-appear as the "close-up" label once you're closer. There's no known fix -- even reinstalling, or drivers, or UI reset, or whatever. Everyone I've seen streaming TERA has the same issue. As far as I can tell, it's the game coding.

Bluehole has continued to work in optimizations to help players that experience lag due to other nearby objects/players. One method is to limit the amount of things loaded at one time. So the game is doing what Counterpoint refers to; when you get close to an object, the game decides if it should be loaded or not. This should be seamless and as mentioned, for some it is. But not for all.

I will grab the video submitted by Tsukasakun and send to Bluehole.
This will be fixed in the next scheduled maintenance (8/11). My bad.
So to confirm:

- You click on the Catalyst in the inventory while the launcher is still open.
- The Catalyst in the inventory is used and disappears. However, the number of Catalyst in the potion shack in the welcome window does not change.

Does this describe the issue accurately?
Could you guys tell me if the launcher is still being kept open and active throughout the process when you use the Catalyst?
As Qelris mentioned, the launcher needs to be open in order for the welcome window to work properly. Could you try making sure to keep it open while you're in game and trying to access the welcome window?
(Please keep all discussions free of insults and personal attacks. Step away if you see that you're about to make inflammatory posts. :()
For those who can't see the Welcome Window, could you try the following steps listed in our FAQ?:

The first thing to do is to completely close the game and launcher and then reopen it and log in again. Make sure to leave the launcher window open after the game starts, as closing it while the game is running will cause you to see the white welcome window upon entering the game.

If you still see the white welcome window in the game, navigate to Users folder on your hard drive, and locate the folder with the name of your Windows profile. In this folder, locate the folder named Roaming and within that folder locate the folder named Tera_Awesomium. Right click on this folder and select Delete. Finally, reopen the TERA launcher and log in. You should now see the correct Welcome Window upon entering the game.
1:50 p.m. PDT update:

The welcome window has been fixed.

We continue to work on fixing the Catalyst drops from the instance dungeons. Currently they are guaranteed drops when using the Instance Matching System and in Ghillieglade, but not others.

To redeem the Catalysts earned from the game:

1. Click on the Catalyst in inventory.
2. Catalyst goes to the welcome window. (It will disappear from the inventory.)
3. In the welcome window, you will see that the number of Catalyst has been updated.
4. To use the Catalyst, click on the "Start" button on the cauldron area in the welcome window.
5. You will see the potions in different colors, and you will get to choose 1 of the 5 potions.
6. You will receive the prize.

(Clicking on the Catalyst in your inventory will just transfer it to the welcome window, it doesn't give the prize. The "start" button has to be clicked on.)
We believe the welcome window has been fixed, so please exiting the game & launcher completely and restarting it.

How it should work is:

1. Click on the Catalyst in inventory.
2. Catalyst goes to the welcome window. (It will disappear from the inventory.)
3. In the welcome window, you will see that the number of Catalyst has been updated.
4. To use the Catalyst, click on the "Start" button on the cauldron area in the welcome window.
5. You will see the potions in different colors, and you will get to choose 1 of the 5 potions.
6. You will receive the prize.

(Clicking on the Catalyst in your inventory will just transfer it to the welcome window, it doesn't give the prize. The "start" button has to be clicked on.)
12:57 p.m. PDT update:

The web store is available again. Thank you for your patience.

Currently we are having issues with the following:

- The Welcome Window does not display in game.
- The Catalysts are not being dropped from the instance dungeons as they should.

We are working to fix these and will continue using this thread to update everyone.
Edited by: Minea 3 minutes ago
There will be previously unreleased accessories, but the dress is not included. (No release plan currently.)
Yep, the welcome window is not working correctly either.
This seems to be a bug as it should drop 1 in Ghillieglade (this is not a chance). We're looking into it.
Hello folks,

Currently we are experiencing an issue with the TERA web store and item/EMP purchase is unavailable through the web store. (In-game item purchases are working properly.)

We are working to fix the problem and will use this thread to update everyone.

2:19 p.m. PDT update: Currently the Catalysts are being dropped through the Instance Matching System, Ghillieglades and battlegrounds. Please see the forum announcement here for the latest update.

Kyra’s Pop-Up Potion Shack is open for business in the TERA welcome window—but she needs your help!

Kyra is a master potion-maker and she periodically sets up her traveling shack to make and sell potions. However, Kyra needs the help of players to make her potions. Specifically, she needs one final ingredient: catalysts. Following maintenance on Tuesday, August 4 and continuing until maintenance on Tuesday, August 18, players can collect Kyra’s Catalysts in-game via the following methods:

• Awarded upon reaching every fifth level after 20 (view our FAQ for details and restrictions).
• The final boss monster in the following dungeons will also drop catalysts:
- Shattered Fleet
- Vault of Kaprima
- Channelworks
- Ghillieglade
- Bathysmal Rise (normal and hard mode)
- Sky Cruiser Endeavor (normal and hard mode)
- Akeron's Inferno (hard mode)
- Timescape (normal and hard node)
• Victory Bonuses (awarded for winning battlegrounds) also have a chance to produce catalysts.

Catalysts found in-game will be added to your inventory. Using the catalysts (by right-clicking them) will add them to your catalyst balance in Kyra’s Pop-Up Potion Shack, which can be accessed via the TERA welcome window. You can also purchase catalysts directly from Kyra with EMP.

For every 5 catalysts the player gives to Kyra, the player will receive one of the following prizes, awarded at random:

• 10,000 and 5,000 EMP Prizes
• Premium Alkahest jackpots (500 and 250)
• Extensive Alkahest jackpots (1,000 and 500)
• Blessed Enigmatic Scroll jackpots (300 and 100)
• Master Enigmatic Scroll jackpots (500 and 200)
• Spellbind jackpots (1,000 and 500)
• Level 60 Scroll
• Elite Status Voucher (30-day)
• Costumes and accessories from the following sets: Fancy Dress, Legitimate Business, Bloodshadow Ninja, Wonderland, Pirates, Smart Uniform, and Animals (2014), plus some previously unreleased accessories
• Extensive Alkahest (50)
• Spellbind (75)
• Master Enigmatic Scroll (30)
• Goddess' Blessing (3)
• Semi-Enigmatic Scroll (75)
• Tier 7 feedstock (150)
• Noctenium infusion (200)

This is a limited-time promotion, so make sure to exchange any catalysts that you collect or purchase for a prize before maintenance on Tuesday, August 18! Any catalysts left unused after August 18 will be usable the next time Kyra’s Potion Shack pops up, but Kyra may not return for some time—and the prizes she offers will almost certainly be different!

Visit our Kyra’s Pop-Up Potion Shack FAQ for more information about this promotion.

Now get out there and find those catalysts!
Edited by: Minea 2 minutes ago
Let's stick to clearly communicating whether the runs are for gear or fodder and following the agreement. <3
From what I can see, the Elite Status began on July 4 and ended on August 3.

Regardless, could you contact our Support Team on this issue? I'm afraid the Community Team on the forums don't have access to all the tools that our Support Team does to help with billing/Elite Status issues. :(
Minea on 08/03/2015, 11:14 AM
We're having an issue with deploying it, hang in there!

Will let you know when I hear an ETA.

I'll continue using the pinned thread to update.
We're having an issue with deploying it, hang in there!

Will let you know when I hear an ETA.
If you missed Tonka's last stream, be sure to check out the recorded video here. We went over some of the stream highlights and discussed our favorite memories.
Hello everyone,

These are the topics from this week:

Next Patch

Q: When will the next patch be and what's included?

Currently our goal is to publish the next patch in mid-August, and it will include the return of Nexus (in the form of a Dreamstorm), revamped friends list, class changes, noctanium changes and slight enchantment window changes. This patch should catch us up to the May 22 KTERA patch, roughly.

Farewell to Tonka

Q: Tonka is pursuing his other passion, IT, and today was his last day.

We will all miss him dearly and wish him nothing but the best. But don't be too sad! He will still be a part of our community - be sure to check out his thread here and check out his farewell stream here.

Server Transfers

Q: When will the server transfers to Ascension Valley, Celestial Hills, and Tempest Reach open again?

Currently our plan is to open the server transfers back up at 11 a.m. PDT on Monday, August 3rd.

Customer Support Status

Q: What is the current response time to the Support Tickets like?

We have been working hard to decrease the response time of our Support tickets and the current response time is around 48 hours. Thank you very much for your patience as we worked through the backlog from the new class and Steam launch. We will continue doing our best to improve the response time.


Continuing from last week:

Trace Routes Gathered for Ping Spikes

Q: We have been gathering the trace route information for during ping spikes we've been experiencing. Is there an update?

We have been forwarding the gathered trace route information to our internal teams to investigate the issue, and we appreciate everyone's help on this. Based on the information we analyzed, it seemed that 90% of the reports were caused by the internet service provider or an intermediary partner provider of the player location before they reach our network. We leveraged our own service provider whenever possible to make them aware of such issues going on. (One example was a service provider in Miami, FL, having an area wide outage due to a fiber trunk getting cut by construction crew.) The other 10% of the reports seemed to be within the normal range based on the geographic distance from our servers. (This may be due to the trace route running outside of the ping spike.) However, our players' experiences are important to us and we will continue to monitor the issue.

Also, we are currently working to create a detailed guide that will be helpful on identifying where the latency occurs looking at the trace route results, along with some examples of expected latency based on the geographic location of the player in ideal situations. We will share the information with our community in the future.

Issues with Reaching Support or Making Purchases

Q: Some players have been having an issue reaching the Support site and purchasing EMP.

After our investigation, we were able to confirm that players from all different regions are reaching our Support and purchase sites. This issue seems to be related to a filtering or blocking issues at the Internet Service Provider level, not a country or our network. It could also be an issue with an antivirus or windows firewall or their own router/firewall they are using for connecting to the internet.

We recommend trying trying a different browser, turning off the popup blocker and/or firewall, and clean booting the computer. If these suggestions don't resolve the issue, please see if you are able to reach the sites using a VPN, or with another En Masse account.


Previous weeks:

Edited by: Minea 2 minutes ago
This is due to the recent change that the rank counts more than top 100 and assign points to them. We'd like to change it back to weighing just the top 100 next season since it doesn't seem to suit our community. :(
Please understand that if you have comments or questions on forum moderation, we ask you to directly PM me instead, as it is against the forum rules to discuss it.

We do not support the alteration of the game client, whether it is good or bad. Therefore we ask you not to discuss it on the Official TERA Forums.
Unfortunately we do not support the alteration of game files for any reason. Please don't discuss it in the Official TERA Forums as discussing activities against the Terms of Service is against the forum rules. :(
The time has come for my to say goodbye to the community.

I will be joined by Minea and Harmonia as we look at some of our favorite moments from the past few years on Twitch. It wouldn't be a Twitch stream without some giveaways, so make sure to stop by for your chance to win!

At 3:30pm Pacific, we will also be taking a very brief intermission to show off the newest game added to the EME Library: Fruit Attacks! Fruit Attacks is available now on the App Store, Google Play™, and the Amazon Appstore. To learn more about EME’s newest game, check out the Fruit Attacks website.

See you at 3:00pm on our official Twitch page!


Our future plans haven't been finalized yet, but the position wasn't something that was posted before Tonka came into the role.

Treeshark, the TERA producer, is still here. But he is not bilingual in Korean (He is not Korean... And Korean is a pretty difficult language to learn if you are a non-native Korean speaker.)

Tonka's thread (pinned above) explains the reason he's leaving and that he will still be a part of the TERA community. (You can totally follow him on Twitter and he even shared his forum name. I know I will continue to make fun of him! :) )

En Masse Entertainment is proud to announce the release of Fruit Attacks, the third title in our growing library of games. This release marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter at EME, because Fruit Attacks is our first foray into the lively world of mobile gaming. Building on our success with TERA and ZMR on PC, we are now looking at expanding into mobile in our continuing effort to bring great games to great gamers.

If you enjoy smashing fruit at the TERA summer festival, you might get a kick out of blowing up alien fruit attackers in this fun little game. But if mobile arcade games aren’t your thing, never fear — TERA will continue to be here to sate your thirst for action.

Fruit Attacks is available now on the App Store, Google Play™, and the Amazon Appstore. To learn more about EME’s newest game, check out the Fruit Attacks website.
Current ETA is around 11 a.m. PDT on Monday, August 3. I'll be sure to include it again in tomorrow's Stuff of the Week.
(spoilers below)

It's still a happy ending, they get to be together. I'll take that over Fraya and Kaidun's. ;_;
Servers are back up now, can you close your launcher and try connecting again?
Thanks for your patience everyone, TR is back up :)
Hey everyone,

AV is back up! Thanks for your patience :)
Give it a few minutes, we're currently restoring service to TR and AV and the login issues should clear up once these servers are available again!
Hang in there everyone, we're working on getting service restored ASAP!
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