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OriCross on 09/20/2013, 11:02 AM - view
I just made a name with a bunch of random words and it worked, thats really odd :/

But I take it I have to re-finish the tutorial area on this new character to get everything now?

You don't have the re-finish the island of dawn.
PorcelainGrin on 09/20/2013, 11:30 AM - view
Curious, but will leveling the character that was made in the time span prevent it from being 58 on Monday.
Cause i like to mess around with the classes before deciding which i actually like.
My Archer is lvl 3. would i have to remake her?

Nope. You can do whatever you want to the character you want leveled up. I would recommend deleting any extra ".Levelup" characters that you made and only have the one character you really want leveled up by Monday though..
Aergis on 09/20/2013, 12:05 PM - view
I have the same problem and i have tried multiple times with the same error :(

The ".Levelup" part needs to be ADDED to the end of your name. It won't accept just ".Levelup". For example, the name "Aergis.Levelup" is valid.
Aergis on 09/20/2013, 12:14 PM - view
Well i tried to create a character named "Elyrea.Levelup" but it didn't accept it :/

The name may be too long. We have restrictions on length, and the ".levelup" part doesn't help. Just choose a nice short temporary name and after the event you can use the provided name change voucher to be something more permanent. :)
[9/19 2:22pm UPDATE]
[9/20 1:29pm FAQ added at bottom]

The world of TERA is a big place — and we want you and your friends to experience as much of it as possible. That’s why we're offering a free, permanent level 58 character for all new and existing accounts. The Level Up Test Event offers a great chance to bring a new or experienced MMO friend into TERA so you can group up and start adventuring together immediately. It’s also a great opportunity to try your hand at a new class without having to start from scratch.

This event is for a limited time only. If the test is successful, we will use the feedback to further improve your TERA experience going forward.

Here are the guidelines on getting your level 58:

New characters created between Thursday, September 19 at 10 a.m. Pacific Time and Sunday, September 22 at 11:59 p.m. Pacific Time will be eligible for this event.

You must create a race and class of your choosing and assign a name ending in ".Levelup"

- Correct: Treeshark.Levelup, Tocker.Levelup, Goose.Levelup, Duck.Chicken.Levelup
- Incorrect: Levelup.hammer, Level.Up.Me, Please.Levelup.Mychar, Treeshark.Lvlup
- Characters without “.Levelup” at the end will be ignored, so please double check your spelling and don't forget the dot!

We will only allow one free level up per household for new accounts.
For accounts that existed before 9/19/2013 at 10:00 am Pacific time, we will allow one eligible ".Levelup" character per game account.

- If you try and make multiple characters on your account or on multiple accounts, only the first created will become level 58.
- For existing players, one eligible ".Levelup" character should accomodate those with existing multi-player households.

Starting Monday, September 23, we will run a script that levels up eligible characters.

- We will update here when the script starts, and when it completes.
- If you're on the character when the script starts, you will be disconnected. Things will process just fine.
- If you're on another character, you won't be affected.
- We hope to complete the script within 24 hours, but that depends greatly on the number of participants in the test.

Characters will provided with:

- Level 58
- 1 Name change voucher (non-tradable)
- 1 beginner mount.
- T11 soulbound gear for all classes (feel free to use the extra as fodder)
- All items will be sent to parcel
- All story quests (available, but incomplete)

While we are taking measures to ensure that the Level Up Test Event runs smoothly, we want to remind you that this is a test, which may result in technical issues or delays. Expect updates to this thread regarding such matters as well as announcements when we start and finish the script. If all goes as planned, all participants can look forward to a brand new level 58 character to adventure with in the world of TERA.

If you have questions, please consult our FAQ here: http://support.enmasse.com/tera/level-up-test-event
Edited by: Treeshark about 1 year ago - Reason: FAQ added
In regards to the original thread located here:

Please leave feedback in this thread :).

We have a FAQ! Please read before posting any questions, thanks!

Edited by: Treeshark about 1 year ago - Reason: added FAQ
Asunai on 09/19/2013, 10:13 AM - view
I don't think it should be based on household....because that's not really fair. There are two people in mine who play Tera & we play it together. There's no point in me getting a 58 if he doesn't get one...

I think the more reasonable way to do it is by account age...
The account has to have been created BEFORE this event for it to qualify. Or, if there are two accounts per IP (which I'm assuming is how you are doing this), then both the accounts would have had to been made before the event.

That way nobody is cheating the system.

This is a reasonable request, however we also want you to be able to get your friends in to play and they will probably need new accounts as well. The system is a bit more complicated than just IP, but you are correct that households with more than one TERA player will not get this benefit. Overall we would rather have you write to CS and ask for an exception to the rule after the fact than to open it up to people trying to cheat the system.
Asunai on 09/19/2013, 10:22 AM - view
One per account would be more fair, Treeshark...and it looks like I'm not the only one who thinks this.
Both my husband & I play as well, and we are still fairly new players, we don't even have a 60 yet...
I seriously doubt making it 1 per account is going to make people not invite their friends.

I would go ahead and make the character's you want to get leveled up. I'll see what can be done about existing accounts but no promises yet.
There is no system that will protect the name if you choose to rename your character. However, also note that this does NOT apply to characters made before 9/19/2013 at 10:00am Pacific time. even if you renamed it.
Catica on 09/19/2013, 10:30 AM - view
Yes we if we want to use a name we have all we have to do is delete that create and remake it.. Or are you saying we cant delete characters and use that slot again for the event?

Yes, just delete and re-create it with a proper ".levelup" added to it. The possibility of losing the original name is just a risk that will have to be taken.
brule on 09/19/2013, 12:39 PM - view
When would be the best time to send this request to CS. Before or after the script runs?

Wait until after the script is run to send the request to CS.
darkxchaos on 09/19/2013, 01:03 PM - view
I am wondering if you can create one char, get him to lvl 58 and try him out. Then can you delete him and make another different char who is also lvl 58?

Nope. This is a one time thing.

I'm wondering if its ok to help a friend create a char on her account for this event or if that would count as an entry on mine. Mostly asking because my friend is stuck without internet for a while but would like to participate and I'm wondering if that might affect me getting a level 58 as well.

Just a bit more details, we both have separate accounts and different locations both created a long time back.

This is a bit tricky and honestly I'm unsure. Worst case is that you do this and you send in a ticket and explain your situation if it doesn't work.

Heya, This maybe a dumb question but i am wondering if the Event started now OR its starts on Monday? Since i created a character with the correct name, BUT i have no idea what to do.

Your characters must be created between now and sunday at 11:59pm Pacific time. On Monday we will run a script to level up characters. So technically, the event has begun, but you won't see results until sometime Monday at the earliest.
NikoJimz on 09/19/2013, 01:39 PM - view
Can I get an answer to this, big TShark?

Sadly we will not be supporting this.
ATTN: For those worried about multi TERA account households, the restrictions have been updated. (see original post) If your account was created before this morning at 10am Pacific, it will be eligible for 1 ".Levelup" character per game account. This should more than suffice to those that would like to play together.

For accounts made after that date, we will still apply the previous rule. If you have an existing account, and would like have another house mate sign up another account, that is another edge case that we'll review individually. Please wait until after the script is finished on Monday to send any tickets into Customer Support about this.
Lagging on 09/19/2013, 03:39 PM - view
Im a bit confused.. I made a new mystic CHARACTER! and i just named changed it to "Guap.Levelup" will that still be able to get to 58? from 15? or you cant name change the character.. like as in do i need to make a new one? with a START off name ending in ".Levelup"?

• New characters created between Thursday, September 19 at 10 a.m. PST and Sunday, September 22 at 11:59 p.m. PST will be eligible for this event.
If players are found to be trading (and we have our ways, not just player reports), they are issued temporary bans. This punishment gets more severe after repeat offenses. Reporting definitely helps and there is no reason to stop doing that.
They come out Thursday.
Crotch monkeys aside, I don't know which chest piece you're referring to. Could help.
All our versions will have mechanical arms on it. I don't know why the K-Tera promo images do not, but they are not our images.

All of the costumes and weaponsets come out on Thursday. As you may have seen, our socials have giveaways for temporary ones.

They were made for us, but that doesn't exclude other TERA regions from selling them.
Edited by: Treeshark about 1 year ago

Account bound mounts go in the right tab in the Item Claims UI. Please see the graphic in #4 in this link:

Please let us know if this doesn't resolve the issue.

We will have a nice group shot on our store for all race/gender combinations. We try to comply as much as possible on our twitch streams as well to show them off.

Which BTW you all should check out today at 3pm Pacific! ;)
We will hand them out in a patch next week. That UI with Muhrak won't be useful until then.
It will be the Nightforge equipment. Nightforge will have a separate PvP and PvE set.
How long are you waiting at the black screen?
This is an issue for all regions and BHS is aware of it and agree at the annoyance factor. No ETA on a fix.
Try logging out and in on your launcher.
It will be BoP.
Cincierta on 09/10/2013, 03:12 PM - view
Just bought one of the mounts and still waiting on Item Claim to be sent, whereas the loot boxes I bought were sent immediately.

I'm guessing Item Claim's having a fit again, so you might want to be weary about buying a mount, especially the new ones for the next week or so since everyone's going to want one.

If you bought an account mount, you will need to log out and back into the launcher (and the game) to receive it. If you are STILL not receiving it, please contact Support and they will take care of you. There was a very small window in which it was available to purchase but we had a technical issue.
LOLduh on 09/10/2013, 03:37 PM - view
It's literally saying more than seven days to download. I went to take a nap without noticing (a good nap) And it's only on three percent downloaded.

1) Does somebody know the average size of this new patch?
2) Do you know any known issues about your ubication and stuff? (I'm from Venezuela)
3) My internet is two sad MB because this is a barbarian country where I reside. Is that why it will take more than seven days?

There must be something wrong. Not even the TERA client took so long to download (took me like three or four full nights).

Help! Thanks!

The "7 days to download" is incorrect. It just says that. I don't know why. The patch size is about 240mb.
Our streams are saved on the twitch site for replay.

The cash shop went down, and it came back up with new mounts. =)
They will be out

sometime today.
1 for normal, 2 for elites.

Instance reset scrolls won't work on Wonderholme. They will for the other 3 new dungeons.
If you read all the patch notes, then you'll know!
Codes are all gone now! Thanks for playing!

(Latza was incorrect, btw)
Attack speed influencing charge skills is not in this patch.
If you have that stat on your weapon, and you have that weapon equipped, the cooldown on all your skills will be reduced by that percentage.
Cecilla on 09/09/2013, 05:47 PM - view
Also, what about the optimizations that KTera got? Are we going to get those this patch or no?

Edit: We've known for a few minutes too at least but "I am not a Chocobo." Glad you guys have a sense of humor.

There are actually things done in every patch to try and make optimization better. Things don't always work out so well. Most of K-Tera are pc-cafes on super high speed internet, so their optimization is different. We don't put them in because we have no way of saying it will work for all our players.

There are achievements to the new dungeons but no server firsts.
Sorry, we made an error to this part. The drops are only applicable to MCHM. We've changed the patch notes to reflect this.
Skilliard on 09/09/2013, 05:57 PM - view
Will the Wonderholme drops from MC be BoP or BoE? I see there's a BoP and a BoE version, what determines if it's BoP? Is it random?

They will drop BoP versions in MCHM.

Also, we made an error in the patch notes on this part about MCNM and MCHM and have corrected it.
Only MCHM will drop 100% quills. Patch notes have been updated to reflect this. Sorry for the confusion.
It was meant as a nice side-game and easter egg for the players actively awaiting patch notes. It was not meant for the entire player base.
Correction. 28 days.
To be fair, you had 50% chance of being correct given that there are only 4 tuesdays to choose from :).
Yosha on 09/06/2013, 10:22 AM

Adonis = Steadfast
Aphrodite = Wonderholme
Ruthless Conjunct = Strikeforce
Nightforge = Luminous and/or Ruthless Visionmaker (wh-which one?)

Ancient Underground Waterway = Channelworks
Red Mist Pirate Ship = Shattered Fleet
Giant's Forest = Kezzel's Gorge
Magician's Fortress = Wonderholme

And I assume the last boss name is Bandersnatch instead of King Lazard? oK


Nightforge is the name for the top end gear crafted from VM and BR. There are 3 different recipes. 1 recipe uses VM to craft a Nightforge PvE set. The other 2 take either VM or BR to craft the Nightforge PvP set. The tooltips will all say whether it is a PvP or PvE set at the bottom. Also, the PvP set is red and black, and the PvE set is blueish green like the screenshot on our page.

For the Wonderholme sets, the "quick" weapon designates attack speed, the "damaging" weapon designates more damage, and the "keen" weapon designates more crit dmg.

Anyways, even for the crafted sets, there are more varieties. Specific armor for specific classes, which some of you may already know. If you check the part of tooltip where it usually shows something like "Visionmaker Weapon", then that will tell you which version you have. We'll show on the stream today.
I can look into adding a 7 and 30 day travel journal into the Elite Gift Box. But what to do about the beloved BAM Magic box?

We'll also look into a future sale of this. :)
omgsy on 09/06/2013, 10:48 AM - view

특정상황에서 UI 사용자 설정이 초기화되는 문제를 수정 하였습니다.
• UI가 초기화되는 현상을 한 번이라도 겪은 분들은 UI설정을 한 번 초기화 한 후 원하는 세팅으로 UI를
적용시켜주시면 이 후엔 초기화 문제가 발생하지 않을 것 입니다.
• UI 설정 초기화 방법은 [시스템 메뉴] > [시스템 설정] > [UI 설정] > [UI 위치 초기화] 메뉴를 클릭 하시면

• UI resetting problem has been fixed
• If you were one of the people that was getting the UI resetting bug, you can completely reset the UI and fix it.
• UI resetting process [System Menu] > [System Option] > [UI settings] > [UI reset]

Are we getting this fix in the September 10th patch?

Yes. Our users were actually the ones instrumental into getting this fixed :).

Tomorrow will bring about more new stuff on our site, as well as all the awesome new names to things that were originally named in another language.
It works.

It doubles your chance of success, it does not guarantee it.
Honestly, by the time this stream goes up, he won't have to hint at anything.

How's that for a hint?
What server are you having trouble with? I am able to log into all servers successfully.
Good thing that we read the posts regardless of who posted it or what the rating is :).
Biju on 09/03/2013, 05:30 PM - view
Next time they [filtered] up again probably :D


We were pretty overloaded with double drops in July. It shall be back soon!
Do I get to wear my cool stuff, Tonka?
Hi Everyone,
Unfortunately the bug with Alliance Dailies upon restart has not been fixed yet. We are expecting this to pop up again after maintenance tomorrow morning.

Please do not leave any Alliance quests pending, and drop the ones you won't be able to complete before maintenance. Do not pick up the quests again until after maintenance.

Maintenance is scheduled for Tuesday at 7 a.m. pacific time. The new Exarch is set to be crowned, and points reset for this Tuesday at 5 a.m. pacific time.

Edited by: Treeshark over 1 year ago
This could be almost anything. You'll have better luck contacting support and they can help you from there. thanks!
SummerRain on 08/30/2013, 01:59 PM - view
from the last patch notes:
"The Vault of Allies will restore its exclusivity to full alliance members during the maintenance on August 29, 2013."

so i'm assuming that's still in effect and that half the people won't be able to get in the 5-man vault during this double drop?

Since the Exarch reign got extended, so did this to next Tuesday.
September 3rd, 5 a.m. Pacific.
Clark0 on 08/29/2013, 01:26 PM - view
Guess it's my bad then. They're not in other cities as far as I could find them where they use to be such as in Habere etc.

What server are you in?
The concerns of putting something like Alliance on a PvE server was definitely brought up. Different methods of changing the Alliance system on a PvE server were discussed, but ultimately it would involve putting a version that is horribad on PvE servers, or just lessening the times on a PvE server while keeping most of the same mechanics. (Yes, I know about the tax issue on PvE servers and we have asked BHS to address this issue pronto).

This said, the Alliance content contains both PvE and PvP elements, which is why we felt it was safe going on both sets of server types. With the Alliance content in an instanced zone that is optional, we didn't feel it would "force" PvE'rs to PvP. We realize *why* people are on PvE servers, but we also realize there is significant demand by PvE'rs for organized PvP, which is reflected by their participation in the three battlegrounds we have. There are plenty of times to experience Alliance PvE content without having to PvP. Also, participation in the Vaults is PvE content, and it does not require participation in Executor Infiltration quests or any PvP.

Our designation of PvP and PvE servers is for players who don't wish to experience open world (leveling zone) PvP and those who do. All servers have access to all the PvE dungeons as well as all the PvP battlegrounds and will continue that way.
Edited by: Treeshark over 1 year ago
Yeah this is the same issue. There were no changes to daily reset times and this is under investigation. In the meantime, expect dailies to reset after midnight tonight (PDT). Some players will have a chance to reset at 5am (PDT).

Edited by: Treeshark over 1 year ago
pwnstars on 08/27/2013, 11:19 AM - view
You break the quests and we get dumped with the problems and you act like you don't really care. Great response.

We do care. A lot! My message was not meant that way and I'm sorry if it was taken that way.

Also, if anyone has screenshots of their wacky quest logs, please post them here. It will also help a lot if they line up with the character you are displaying on the forum so it's easier for us to compare.
there was a bug with ses and ccb not dropping and we fixed it.
We have pretty good resources to see if someone is telling the truth on these matters or not. That doesn't excuse the snarky response you may have received though and I apologize on that. However, as this is a personal issue about your account, it has no place here on the forums. Me, Minea, Solomon, and other GMs all peruse the forums quite regularly and you are welcome to PM us about any disgruntleness you may have. We'll take a further look into your ticket, but I am locking this thread.

Hi. I think it's best if EME stays out of how the players organize sides :). The best we can do is pin this thread, which I have done.

good luck and good fight.
Hey All,

We will be lowering the requirement to enter the Vault of Allies (5-man) to Cadets this coming Tuesday. This is only a temporary change for this current term of Exarch and will end on August 29th when the next Exarch is appointed.

For more permanent changes, we will change dailies and dungeon reset times to coincide with the points reset for Exarch (midnight pacific). Also be on the lookout for a revised PVP schedule.

As for Exarch Election schedules, please refer to the one in the game, as it is correct.
Hey Everyone,

As you have noticed, the Alliance race to Exarch was decided yesterday around midnight pacific time. This was not intended and we are looking into why this happened. Right now we either have a choice of rolling back or continuing on as is. While rolling back may seem nice, it also resets the progress everyone has made in all other aspects of Tera which rules this out as an option. It is also extremely messy. Going forward with how things currently are offers the best outcome for all even though it does interrupt the plans made by some. We will also investigate what the current state of Exarch rule is, when the next reset actually will be, and communicate that back to you.

Thanks for your understanding,
We are not rolling back.
As we mentioned in a previous post, we understand that this was a sudden change for all (including us) and we're sorry. Unfortunately this isn't something we can change back, but we hope to make it a bit easier by making the apothecary dyes more affordable. The apothecary dyes are now 165 EMP for 1 and 440 EMP for a pack of 3.
Hey Ryond,
Please submit a ticket to support and they will help you out as much as possible. There is not much we can do from here on the forums as we don't discuss personal account matters :).
We are looking for a solution for this Exarch season for the member/cadet issue, but nothing is for certain yet.
There is only one area in the US that does not deal with daylight savings and I believe it is in the arizona strip of time.

That said, I know this is many kind of confusing and we are working on a hotfix on this right now. The easiest way is just to google "time in utc" and google will tell you.
Tharian had it right, but I'll say it again.

Solo instances are available to all (Vault of Fire, winter, etc..). The 5-man Vault of Allies (see the pluralism? you need more than one) is only available to Alliance members. You will still need a ticket to get in.

And yes, ranks get calculated at the same time exarchs do, so even if you have 1000 pts you won't be a member for the first 2 weeks.
Almost there...
go go go
I'm just going to put this here. :)

Please enter any issues you find here. Consult the patch notes first! http://tera.enmasse.com/news/patch-notes/patch-211701

If you have launcher issues please put them here: http://tera-forums.enmasse.com/forums/general-discussion/topics/Launcher-Patcher-Update-Unknown-File-Error-8122013
Edited by: Treeshark over 1 year ago
* Elite Bar additions not showing up. We believe this is just a temporary issue for current players. Unsubbing and then resubbing will NOT help. The additions are there (if you create a new character, you will see them), it will just take a bit. This last happened when we changed the mount, and we ask for your patience on this.

*Raid Flash Grenades currently prevent server transfers.

*After you complete the 5-person Vault with your team, the instance will remain completed (aka no monsters) until you disband your team. If you want to run the instance again with the same group, please make sure to DISBAND and reform the group BEFORE you enter the Vault again. Entering the Vault without disbanding the group will cost a Vault ticket without resetting the instance.

* PVE times currently extend to 11pm when it should end at 10pm. This will be fixed at the next maintenance.
Edited by: Treeshark over 1 year ago
* Elite Bar additions not showing up. We believe this is just a temporary issue for current players. Unsubbing and then resubbing will NOT help. The additions are there (if you create a new character, you will see them), it will just take a bit. This last happened when we changed the mount, and we ask for your patience on this.
Edited by: Treeshark over 1 year ago
msoltyspl on 08/13/2013, 09:33 AM - view
Any interface changes (chats, colors, placement) are still not remembered (possibly only for founders). It's been few months already, since previous update. It's beyond irritating, particularly on fresh characters.

It's an ongoing investigation and we are working with BHS to see why, as it does not happen to all players.
This is fine, unless they can actually PVP you.
TwilightAngel09 on 08/13/2013, 10:39 AM - view

Also might be a bug that only effects a small amount that don't get anything new. Idk if the repair will change anything but can try that

Negative on this, don't repair if you're already in the game.
Okay... well we definitely don't need TWO threads on this. Closing this one down. If the other one keeps getting worse, it will follow suit.
This is incorrect. You can change your timezones all you want to shift around the "Vault Access Hours" page, but as we said in the patch notes, it is not functioning correctly.

Whichever Alliance is currently highlighted in the "Overview" page of Alliance Information that has Vault Access, is the one that has it.

If you feel like doing some math, the true times are in UTC. So if you want to see what the schedule is, go to whatever time it currently is in UTC. For example, as I am posting this, we are now at 2300 hours for UTC. So whoever is allowed access on your server will line up next to "23".

We are getting a fix for this so it is not as confusing. Hopefully very soon.
Sliph, how long have you let it sit on the black screen? the first time for me i had to let it sit for quite a while.
Yeah we goofed on this one. The Nexus schedule will align after today.

Sorry for the inconveniences!
We are not pre-loading the Alliance patch.
I made more ascii art and i put it in my first post of this thread.
Fr0sk on 08/12/2013, 10:31 AM - view
I approve these changes. Thanks for the update Treeshark...

One question though: Is it the final sched? I assume it is, since it's based on survey?

It's the one we'll start with tomorrow.
This schedule is not final, it's just the one that will be active the first week. While we all have seen countless videos, streams, and read guides and translations on how this stuff works, actually living it can always produce interesting results. It's not going to fit every single players schedules and desires, but after we see it in action we'll be able to refine it a lot better.
We will organize a list of guilds and members to contact on monday so that players who did not participate for whatever reason can look up any guild they want to contact.

but chaos can be fun, no?
Call outs are against the rules! But my lock button is malfunctioning right now.
We will put the changers out eventually. Unfortunately they are not functioning at all at this time.
As an update, there will probably be a hybrid of Options 1 and 5. Nexus times will probably remain the same, and schedules will be the same on both server types.
Hey everyone. Thanks for the feedback. As a general rule we do not comment on drop rates of anything. Of course there are exceptions but that is the general rule. You are free to ask but we will not answer. If drop rates get upped, we will tell you, but not the percent. We have already said in the game guide that Argon Vitriols do drop in the 5-man Vault of Allies.

There's really not much to show for the 5-man dungeon versus the 1-man dungeon. It's a bigger BAM, it's harder, and we weren't going to fight it anyway, at least not legitimately. When the 4 new dungeons come we will actually do legit runs.

And for everything else, we tried to answer as much as possible both in audio and in chat. But the chats scroll by rather fast! People are always welcome to post questions here in general.
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JTera is repurposing KTera's Summer Festival events as their 2nd Anniversary. We will be getting all 3 events as suitable for our calendar. You can probably guess it won't be called a "summer festival" or "anniversary event."
Hey all.

I know this is a bit late coming, 6 pages into a thread, but let's focus this discussion back onto JTera's Event itself, or I'm just going to lock it.

(I, for one, entered this thread expecting to read 6 pages of discussion on the event. I'm not sure why I expected that upon further thought.)
BDH on 08/08/2013, 05:52 AM - view
Don't release this on Friday please! Release it today or Tuesday.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, do NOT update anything on the weekend. There is always a problem with any update for some people. I don't usually have problems with the updates, but it always effects somebody in our guild.

I have been seeing a pattern for the past few months: patch comes out > people have problems updating > bugs start showing up / lag > server goes down > emergency patch > people have problems with updating > repeat until fixed (usually by Sunday night or Monday)

Ok we won't release it on Friday.
This will come up, so let's just consolidate the discussion here :)


EDIT2: Alliance PVP Schedule here: http://i.imgur.com/An6LOeJ.jpg

Notable Changes:
- All nexus prime times will now be at 7pm Pacific.
- Alliance PVP will last from 3pm to 11pm on Sunday, Wednesday, and Saturday. So yes, this means that on Sunday and Saturday, PVP will be active in Alliance Zones at the same time as the Nexus.
- There is no Noctenium Extractor Competition at the times of 12am to 4am Pacific.
- And yes, PVP and PVE servers will follow the same schedule.

A few things first:

1) Why do PVP servers not have 24/7 PVP?

The open world PVP on PVP servers is staying the same. Alliance PVP times just allow you to do specific Alliance PVP related tasks. We have tried to make it as open as possible without having players have to worry about PVP 24/7. We also have to work around the Nexus schedule.

2) Why do PVE servers have PVP at all?

The open world PVP on PVE servers is staying the same - non existent. Alliance PVP only applies to Alliance instanced zones at certain times. Generally having a more concentrated, organized PVP would be more accepted even on a PVE server (we hope).

3) Is this schedule set in stone?

Nope. We will start with this and see how it goes. Much like the Nexus calendar, we will keep listening to your feedback and player behavior on what the best times are or aren't. It may turn out that the whole Nexus and Alliance PVP times need a complete revamp and we will do so when we think it is necessary.

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Runespider on 08/08/2013, 10:47 AM - view
It says aug 13 on the top of the alliance website.

The whole calendar was actually designed to make the creepiest ASCII art we could.

But in all seriousness, we did try to consider east coast players in the schedule. The current thought is that they have a 7p-9p slot and night owls have the 11p-2p slot. Obviously you can do both.

You don't have to be there for the entire PVP time to do Alliance stuff. The only Alliance objective that actually requires a PVP time is the Infiltration quest. Noctenium Extractor competition is much more fun with PVP, but can be done without.

I think opinions may change once this all plays out. Maybe this schedule is perfect, or the worst ever, but it'll take at least till Tuesday to find out :).
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