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PumpedMT on 01/08/2016, 03:57 PM - view
It's just going to be the same stuff from the last one. Isn't that how it always is o_o

Yes, some of the same items will be in this week's post, since most of our team has been out for the holidays, but we'll also tackle some of the top requests and topics of the week :)
Incoming! (no really) :)

It will be up soon as it's currently being written. I'm not saying cute pics of kittens will speed up the arrival time, but anything is possible!
Hi T0da,

Good catch, we extended this contest to last through the weekend and it will expire Monday afternoon. We'll be announcing the winners shortly after!
Super positive things:

-I am really loving my Popo Warrior. Sorry everyone. :)
-The Community Team will be at full staff again soon!
-I will get to start building the new forums as soon as I'm back in the office
The event did run a bit longer than intended, but has now been deactivated.
Hey everyone,

You'll notice a number of posts have been edited or removed as they were direct insults between players that violate the forum rules and were unrelated to the topic at hand.

This thread will be locked if it devolves into insults, so please keep the discussion on topic and civil.
Edited by: Harmonia less than a minute ago - Reason: grammar fix :)
<b>Chat Support Availability</b>
Due to the amount of resources required to maintain chat and due to the low volume of use by the community this service is not currently being offered. The service may be offered again in the future, depending on new content or new En Masse products. Our support team will continue to support TERA players through the use of email support tickets in order to provide the most efficient and effective service.

<b>Current Issue Resolution Time</b>
Due to the high volume of contacts from players following December’s Knockout update the current response time is between 10 and 12 days. We are making every effort to assist players with technical issues who cannot access TERA first, but are also addressing the oldest tickets with priority. Please be patient as our team works diligently to resolve your issues as quickly as possible.

<b>Requests to Replace Equipment</b>
In the most recent content update to TERA, a change was made that impacted several armor sets within the game. Previously, gear that was intended for a specific class could still be worn by other classes that use that type of armor (Metal, Leather, or Cloth). For example, Slayers could still wear a piece of armor that was intended for Warriors and had a special stat boost that only applied to Warriors. Following the Brawler update, these armors that are intended for one specific class can now only be worn by that one class.

If a character has a piece of gear equipped that is meant for a different class, they will still be able to use it until such time as it is unequipped. Once it has been unequipped it will no longer be wearable by that character. Players should make sure to remove all slotted crystals from the armor before removing it, as they cannot be removed once the armor has been unequipped. Leaving crystals socketed in the armor will also prevent it from being dismantled for feedstock.

Initially TERA Customer Support would swap armor on request for a version wearable by the character. Support is no longer providing this service. This is for a few different reasons. First, it is time consuming as the armor must be swapped manually, and it makes it more difficult for us to answer in a timely manner other issues preventing players from being able to access the game . Second, this modification to the game functionality was intended, and thus circumventing it by swapping armors would run contrary to the intended design of the game. If a player has removed a piece of armor that they cannot re-equip without first removing the crystals, Customer Support will mail those crystals back to the player. It will not be possible, however, for Support to manually swap the item for feedstock.

We appreciate everyone’s understanding on this matter.
Your friend needs to review his account and discuss it with Support.
Greetings all,

The Community Team is following up on outstanding issues with the Production Team and we will have an update for you shortly.

Regarding Moderation, it's always good to remember that:

Sometimes threads are renamed
Sometimes they're moved to their proper sub-forum
It is not appropriate to discuss Moderator actions or Moderation on the TERA forums

As an aside, the only thread completely removed was a thread created to incite flames and trolling, with the comment "Yes, I'm fanning the flames. Yes, this is inciting."

You are welcome to be critical of changes, updates, the game, and such. You are not welcome to posts to troll or incite flaming, especially against our staff.
Hello all,

We came back to the office at full strength on Monday and we should have an update for you once we've got more information on the next update from Denomm.
Hi EVadina,

It's not possible for your account to be deactivated, if your account is not being detected when you attempt to log in you may be using the incorrect account information.

Our support team will be able to assist you with this issue if you are unable to resolve it on your own. Please be patient as they'll respond to your oldest ticket as soon as they can.
Happy new year!
vkobe on 01/01/2016, 12:45 PM - view
when? tommorow, next week, next month or in 2017 or after than tera is dead :^) ?

The new forum install starts this month, for me to start working on. At the same time, our design team will be working on the skinning and visual set up and our platform & ops team will be working on integrating accounts to the new forums.

My hope is that we'll have them all complete shortly. I'll have more of an idea of the timeline once everyone is back from the holiday break.
Veed on 12/30/2015, 02:38 AM - view
Do not lock thread. Support takes 10 days for anything. Since this is a billing issue, where YOU as En Masse would get our money, feedback THROUGH the thread would be nice.

I'm in a supported region. I have money in my bank. I've purchased EMP before. I tried the card/credit card, new card, PayPal AND Amazon options. I even had my sister who's in the US purchase it for me. Nada.

I know there were at least 2 people (who replied to my thread yesterday) who had trouble purchasing EMP.

Is anyone STILL having this issue?

We are aware of the issue. We have informed Production. We are waiting to hear back from our Amazon representative.
The staff is in the office, but they do have a large volume of tickets. It is best to not continue to create tickets over and over, but to simply update the current ticket you have.
Yes, it was reported by numerous people, and the content violates the Forum Rules. Please do not make threads discussing moderation or moderator actions.
Are you seeing them now?
Cleararrow on 12/29/2015, 11:29 AM - view
Will all the existing threads be copied over, or will it just be completely blank?

I will be copying over official threads, which are current, but we will archive these completely. We'll have lots of time for folks to move over their guides, and hopefully update them. Things like that. If the person who created the original guide no longer plays/posts, our hope is that current players will created updated versions.

RanGaming on 12/29/2015, 11:13 AM - view
And about the theme? Will it be dark?

Also give the information to whoever takes care of the website that the video css's/whatever are broken (it goes to the side unless you resize the window)

Once we're back from the holiday, we'll be sitting down with the design team to talk about it. (and fixing items)
Espei is correct. We should able to get these implemented after the holidays, as we now know they're in our build.

Also, we have no specific date for the Federation Bill update. Once everyone is back from the holiday, we'll have a better idea of the schedule set out for next year.
ZebNiko on 12/28/2015, 10:03 AM - view
I'll Believe it when I see it.

You'll see it soon. I'll throw out some teasers once I get my hands on it. :) We signed the contract and they'll be installed after the holiday. Once they're installed, I'll start populating them and creating all the sub-forums. As I'm working on that, our designers will be reskinning them and our platform folks will be connecting your accounts.

We're all very excited!
ReaperElena on 12/29/2015, 12:22 AM - view
Go make 5 accounts and refer them all.

Don't do this. It is a violation of Facebook's terms of service, and invalidates your entry. :)
evilke on 12/29/2015, 08:45 AM - view
so, no one know about it?
maybe we can ask the support to put the helmet to federation bill shop?

We can pass on the request to Production, but please, do not contact Support. They cannot assist with suggestions for TERA. Thank you.
If you're having an issue, please contact support so they can troubleshoot and resolve your issues.

Thank you.
Welcome back!
Creating a ticket with Support is the best thing to do. You can always update your ticket with more information about the issue (or check the status).

It's against the forum rules to post player call outs, so please make sure you've got all the details in your ticket.
I love threads like this. TERA is amazingly gorgeous and I loving seeing everyone's screens.
Greetings TERA Community!

You may have recently seen the teaser announcement that Bluehole Studios is teaming up with Nexon to publish TERA in Korea. We wanted to follow up with you to ensure you have the latest and most accurate information regarding this new partnership.

First, we want to assure you that TERA players in North America will be unaffected by this change. En Masse Entertainment will continue to publish TERA in North America throughout 2016 and En Masse account holders will see no impact to their existing accounts and the TERA game service as published by En Masse Entertainment.

While some players have posited that this publisher shift in Korea will impact the way the North American service is run, particularly as it pertains to the in-game store, we want to make clear that En Masse Entertainment maintains complete control over what is sold in the store, how it’s offered, and at what prices. TERA’s publishers in other regions do not have any influence on TERA’s business model in North America and this has not changed (nor will it).

Finally, some new content coming to TERA was teased in Bluehole’s announcement that we’re sure you have a ton of questions about. While we cannot comment on the full nature of this new content at this time, we can confirm that it will hit the North American version of TERA in 2016. This includes:

-New flying mounts
-A new class
-And more!

Beyond what has been revealed by Bluehole in Korea, we have our own surprises to share with you as well. This includes some community-focused initiatives such as brand new forums, as well as game content. These will be detailed in a Producer Letter kicking off the new year to be published in early January (when the TERA team is back in full force following the holidays).

2016 is gearing up to be an exciting year for TERA so stay tuned to our social channels and the forums for further updates!

Until then, the TERA team at En Masse Entertainment wishes you and yours a safe and happy new year!”
BunSugar on 12/25/2015, 02:31 PM - view
Don't worry, we get new forums Soon™

Ignore the fact that they've been saying this for 2 years and all they've managed to do is delete the archives.

But this time it is real. :) It is one of my biggest projects since coming on board.
Happy holidays from the correct sub-forum. :)
Joyous celebrations of being in the Hostile Club belong in Off-Topic.
Greetings all!

Today's the first Play with the Noob stream, and I'm pretty excited! Today, we're playing on Highwatch, and just look for Scrubbles the Noob Brawler!

Join us at 3:00 p.m. Pacific today for a quick holday play session before we break for the holiday.


See you there!
Hello all,

We have confirmation from QA regarding the issue.

This was a localization issue corrected shortly after Brawler deploy. No game mechanic has changed. The correct localization is: “Increase damage of Jackhammer by 12%.”

The writing team made a localization correction, which went live on the 15th patch.
We've mentioned on a few other threads over the last couple weeks. We have no specific date for the Federation Bill update. Once everyone is back from the holiday, we'll have a better idea of the schedule set out for next year.
Yamazuki on 12/23/2015, 05:04 AM - view
You can report people through support, I have before.

This is good info. Please submit a Support ticket if you're having issues reporting other players.
Himeneko on 12/22/2015, 10:12 PM - view
Although i am still eagerly waiting for the outfit they showed in the teaser, which is the same one Ktera had in the teaser. Just give them time it will come eventually the outfits. Probably after New years it will come.

This is good information. Denomm is on holiday break, but he did respond to the question via email. We should able to get these implemented after the holidays, as we now know they're in our build. He's aware of this thread, which folks are posting screens. We'll address which outfits are in the build when everyone back from break.

We do not have a specific date for the Federation Bill update.
Heya folks, sorry for the delay on getting this info up. We've got the details up now!



Looking for a little holiday excitement. How about a Santa hunt?

Hear those "slay" bells ringing as you hunt Fat and Tiny Santas for a chance at holiday loot—from now until Tuesday, January 5 after maintenance. Take down one of these festive interlopers and you might earn Wintera scarves, Santa candles, Rudolph hairbands, Rudolph noses, Hot Cocoa, Firesnaps, or even a Snowdrift mount!

And if that weren’t enough, we're running other great TERA events like our Santa cap giveaway, our golden gift boxes, our Brace for Impact and brawler level-up events, along with holiday items in the TERA store, andsnowball fighting in the Wintera Snowfield battleground.

So suit up, log in, and get ready for some holiday action!
Gums on 12/22/2015, 12:16 PM - view
I'd like to know what the drops are and how long this is lasting. Server has been up for a good while now yet people are still only finding out through word of mouth.

Harmonia is working on it right now. We're putting it together with all the holiday stuff, and not just today's update. We expect to have it up in around an hour.
sanj66 on 12/21/2015, 01:03 PM - view
will male characters be included in any further updates? why is it continuously only female classes and what has eme been doing about it? what questions or suggestions have they been making or asking and what is their personal opinion on it?

I answered these questions in the other post.
CCKat on 12/22/2015, 02:39 AM - view

Only thing that really interests me is do you have any kind of ETA on the new forums?

Sort of. We're working on the technical aspects, the back end stuff so we can loop in the account management system and the new forums. I will start building out my part of it in January. Creative will also be working on a new skin.

Once I know how long Platform/Ops & Creative will take, I'll be able to give you a better estimate.
LoliDolly on 12/21/2015, 06:25 PM - view

Of course it is possible the current voting system will go out the door with the new forums

The current voting system will be gone completely, but we will have a way of rewarding players in a positive manner.
Ilythien on 12/21/2015, 06:03 PM - view
About the player council, I really would like to see some or at least one "hostile" player on this, because if there weren't someone with controversial ideas or sense of humor it will be very boring.

A bit of a secret. No one at EME looks at "hostile", "Suspicious" or any of the other tags, because we know folks will spite vote, brigade, and game the system. We're good with folks with controversial ideas; it boils down to how you treat the staff and the other players. You can be extremely critical, but yet still bring value to the Council. You just can't be a jerk to staff and other players.
LancerJiva on 12/21/2015, 04:58 PM - view
Danicia, can you check your pm's pls? Its regarding 3 year elite status raffle.

On it, thanks!
Things the new forums will have:

-No downvoting
-Robust search
-Post preview
-Advanced editing of posts in several formats, including WYSIWYG, simple HTML, and BBCode
-Signatures (still setting specs)
-Custom Avatars (setting specs/rules)
-Thread merging & splitting, so we can move threads together or split off off-topic or terrible stuff

There's a lot more, too. :) Just a hint here.
A thread was created to discuss this information, so we'll close this and ask for feedback here:

KTera's New Publisher & Other Spoilers
Hello all,

We appreciate everyone's feedback; I've passed this thread over to production for review. Thank you for keeping this constructive and on-topic.
Hey folks,

This is just an incorrect subject line, the email is announcing the return of Golden Gift boxes and should say "'Tis the season for Golden Gift Boxes".

When you do receive a gift, the subject line is "A friend in the federation sent you a gift in TERA" or "YOURFRIENDHERE sent you a gift in TERA".
Thanks for all the good feedback, all. I'm heading out for the day, but will be reading tonight and will be responding again in the morning. I appreciate everyone's honest and polite feedback; we know you're frustrated and are looking for things all around to be better.
Hi Daisha,

Thanks for letting us know about this problem! It's possible that this is just a system delay (we're currently looking into a delay that is affecting the santa hats and character slot vouchers), but it's also possible there's a problem with the actual Amazon purchases.

We're looking into both, and hopefully you'll notice that EMP drop into your account balance very soon.
Zoknahal on 12/21/2015, 03:56 PM - view
An updated forum will provide a more agile and better communication in between En Masse, the publishers, and the Community of TERA, is something i think most people do not fully realize.

Getting fixes for the in game issues is not something so easy that can be fixed overnight. The issues have to be reported to the Game Developer, BlueHole Studios, and when they receive the report, they have to work on a fix for it, which takes an unknown amount of time. When the fix is complete, they have to send it over to En Masse, and have to be tested to make sure that it works without any secondary issues, and that takes another unknown amount of time. Thus, the reason why for some issues there is not a solid ETA.

You are 100% spot on for both points.
BunSugar on 12/21/2015, 03:05 PM - view
This still hasn't answered why ENTIRE threads are deleted due to a few posts bring against the rules. It can be done as Minea used to pop in to issue warning whilst also pruning the thread. You can also just edit any post that is against the rules instead of removing the thread.

This issue over the past week has that been that threads with legitimate concerns have been deleted with NO WARNING due to a few people getting out of hand with their language. It's not fitting to say constructive criticism is allowed when your team removes a thread with 60 replies because 5 posts are against the rules.

I also hope this player council will be made of players with a good post history rather than a high forum rating as this can be easily manipulated.

I truly do hope you and EME stick to this plan of your re the player spotlight and events and this isn't just another "Soon™ "

Whilst I wish I could respond to every thread, even the ones which are moved, it isn't always possible. My role is not the same as Minea (who is delightful) and I am responsible for more that forums. That said, once we have another person on the team, and now that Extra Life & Brawler are launched, I'll have more time to talk to the community as we work on getting our team up to full staff.

The Player Spotlight will be launching in January. The Player Council has a lot of work to do behind it, so it will come later as we get closer to the new forums.
CinnaMin on 12/21/2015, 02:54 PM - view

My question is this: Can I expect a bigger effort from you guys when it comes to handling writing contests in the future, or am I stuck dealing with short deadlines and submitting half-arsed work for writing contests?

Your criticisms and feedback are absolutely welcome on this. We'll be sure to wrap it up into future writing contests. I believe that the time frames on creating arts, regardless of format, should get the same time structures in regards to contests.
sanj66 on 12/21/2015, 02:49 PM - view

will male characters be included in any further updates? why is it continuously only female classes and what has eme been doing about it? what questions or suggestions have they been making or asking and what is their personal opinion on it?

I've got 43 PMs waiting and 20 community emails, with more urgent issues, so that's on me for not responding faster. I'll respond here, even though this isn't the thread for it.

will male characters be included in any further updates?
--I do not have this information. When BHS tells us, we'll know

why is it continuously only female classes and what has eme been doing about it?
--These are decisions made by the developer

what questions or suggestions have they been making or asking and what is their personal opinion on it?
--This is information which would need to come from Production.
Joff on 12/21/2015, 02:33 PM - view

A lot of this sounds really good and I do hope we can iron out our issues and move forward together making the forums and the community outside the game (and inside ofc) great, but I feel not a lot of the concerns that were raised in the last few days were addressed. It's a shame that they apparently got lost in the totally unreasonable, inappropriate and rude comments that came along with them.

I've still got those threads; they're in our "trash bin", but not deleted. I've started extracting concerns (like the Haymaker vs Jackhammer thing).

We're working to pull a lot of the outstanding issues and concerns from the last patch threads, the Brawler update threads. We're still short-handed on the team. We'll work with Production & QA to see about getting better updates for you all.
Zoknahal on 12/21/2015, 02:19 PM - view
About the player council, it does sounds pretty interesting. It says that every forum user will have a chance to apply, so my guess would be that EME will look into our forum posting history, see if we been helpful and constructive, and depending on that, will give us access to the player council. I would love to have a place where to pour all of my TERA lore knowledge into :)

A Lore expert would definitely be on the list of folks to have on a Council. :)
LoliDolly on 12/21/2015, 02:14 PM - view
Good standing most likely covers nice and not breaking rules. Nice meaning no insults or being rude to other members of the community. There is so much that can be covered under good standing but it definitely means not breaking rules. Basically what Zoknahal said

Thank you Danicia for this post. It is good to know something is being done and explains alot. I like the idea about "player council" I wouldnt apply myself but I am curious will other community members get a say in this or is the individual strictly selected by you and the rest of enmasse?

Due to the legalities of such a program, it would be chosen by EME only. That said, the community will be able to nominate other players (or themselves) for Player Spotlight. :)
Zoknahal on 12/21/2015, 02:11 PM - view

Since we are touching moderation in this one and only thread, can you give examples of what belongs in the General Discussion sub-forum? things like, what topics can go in there without being moved and how to properly word our thread title to make sure its appropriate for that specific sub-forum?


If something is specific to a specific class = Specific class forums
Debating/comparisons between classes = Class Discussion form
Discussion of a certain class in PvP = PvP

For general, it's really everything that doesn't fit into the sub-categories. All that said, I think we have too many sub-forums and do plan on restructuring them. As we get closer, we'll do some polling to see what the community likes and what makes sense for the other departments with information gathering.
PlagueFWC on 12/21/2015, 02:00 PM - view
question: by "good standing", do you mean people who are "nice" or people who didn't break rules?

Specifically, you have a clean record. You don't have warnings or suspensions in-game or on the forums. You can be cranky and blunt, a long as you are not causing harm.
Greetings, all.

Recently, there have been many threads made to dispute Moderation, whether it is about thread deletions or moving them to the sub-forums. Sadly, along with that came a lot of insults, staff call outs, and horrible insults made to not only our staff, but to other community members.

I wanted to touch a bit on concerns and questions, but also remind folks that personal attacks are not welcome. This thread will stay open to discuss forums, rules, and moderation, but it will be closed if any posts attack a person, rather than their opinions and comments.

With all that said, I'll touch on my community philosophy, and the things I'm working on in the background to foster a more positive and engaged community. First, we'll clear up a few things, give you some update, and you're welcome to ask questions.

Community Manager vs Moderator

There seems to be a bit of a confusion to these two roles, and how other EME folks fit in. There are numerous EME staff who have Moderator access, so you have a variety of people who are deleting posts, moving threads, or awarding disciplinary action on accounts. A Community Manager does a variety of things for managing the community, and not all of it has to do with forums. A Moderator only moderates forums.

What does the Community Team do?

On the Community Team, we spend a lot of time reading the forums and passing on feedback. We are also building a community influencer program. This means pouring through reddit, twitch, youtube, fansites, looking for cosplayers, and folks who are doing fanfic and fan art. You can see a lot of the results of Harmonia's work on the socials in regards to cosplay and fan art.

We do reporting, we attend meetings. We're working on community initiatives, which I'll outline below. We also have other EME games besides TERA that we support. We support our Steam Community and we're working on updating the Fansite Kit.

We're getting new forums. YES! We're very excited about it, but there has been a lot of work testing and determining which make the best fit for all EME games. We have a plan in place now, and we've taken into consideration the feedback given on the Website & Forum Suggestions sub-forum. With all the exciting new forum changes, it also means updated rules, guidelines, and general documentation to be written.

Community Initiatives

Here are a few community initiatives we have to share with you. There are more coming, but they're in the planning & development stages, plus we're still -1 one person on our Team, and we'll be able to support more once I can bring them on board.

Player Council - This is super exciting for me. I've been putting together the Player Council outline. Every player in good standing will have a chance to apply for the program. We'll be launching it with the new forums. We'll be looking for representatives from the players who specialize in different areas. PvP, crafting, RP, PvE...whatever it is that you love about TERA. We'll outline more of this program in January.

Player Spotlight - We'll be picking the best of the community and featuring one person each month. If you're in good standing, and make a lot of positive contributions to the community, you might get picked! Maybe you're that one person who answers all the technical questions. Maybe you're someone who writes amazing guides. Maybe you're the player who always welcomes the newbies. Be excellent and helpful, and we might feature you!

In-Game Events - Want to PvP with the team? Want to have a random BAM day? How about a dance party? These are all things we'd like to launch for next year. We'll be putting up suggestion thread, and scheduling them so you'll know well in advance when we're doing to be doing these events. We'll be doing them across the different servers, so no one is left out.

Moderation & You

Before we dive into this one, I want to clear up a few ideas we've seen floating around on the forums about why threads are moderated. Moderation isn't always something we do because people have been "bad" or negative, but a lot of the moderation is moving threads.

When threads are in the correct sub-forum, it helps us narrow down what folks are talking about in regards to the topic. As example, if someone from QA was reading the forums and wanted something specific about a class, they will first go look for that feedback in the specific class forum. Same with PvP, Crafting, Races, and so forth.

If Support is looking for trends in problems, they will first go to the Need Help? sub-forum. If the Community Team is looking for cool videos, streams, art, we'll first go to the Community forum. This is why threads get moved to their proper sub-forums.

Also, it is important that your thread subject reflect the content of your post. If you're talking about issues and you play a Lancer, but the question is really about PvP, your thread might end up in a sub-forum you weren't expecting. If you align your thread title, content, and correct sub-forum, your posts are way more likely be read.

And a note about EME reading your posts. Most staff do read the forums, but they don't always respond. The more considerate, clear with your content, and constructive, the easier it is for your posts to be useful to the team. If you're talking about a bug, you should check the Bug Reports sub-forum to see if is there first. If not, create a new thread, and put as much information as possible in it, so QA can try to reproduce it. "It's broken" "This sux" is not helpful. We need to know why it is broken for you and others can also add in their information. This makes for very successful bug tracking.

As an aside, the new forums will have the ability for there to automatically leave a trail for threads which have been moved. It will be much easier to find your thread when it's been put in the proper sub-forum.

For the bad stuff. Well, that one is pretty easy. If you insult another player or our staff, we'll be issuing you warnings. If you have a history of violating the Rules, it will lead to suspensions. If you take it to extremes, we will revoke your posting privileges permanently.

It is okay to dislike things about TERA or decisions made by the companies. It is not okay to insult Bluehole, EME, or any of our staff. It is okay to disagree and even debate with other players, but it is not okay to call them names or worse.

Please review:
Official TERA Forums Rules
Rules of Conduct

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to ask here and I will respond once I am out of my next meeting.

Thanks for your patience in all this and your understanding. Change is hard, but we can make this better together.
Edited by: Danicia 2 minutes ago
Howdy all,

I'm working on the Very Large Thread(tm) as promised. I appreciate the constructive feedback (disagreeing without insults = constructive) and will have the post up in a few minutes. It is super long, and I've been writing it while handing my other non-forum duties.

I also appreciate the kind words.
[quote name='Cezzare' at='12/18/2015, 08:50 PM']In the stream you asked us to look for the templates we wanted to know about, these are ones available form brawlers in Ktera so far:

There are some videos about too:



Excellent, thanks. I'll pass it to the team.
Hello all,

I've been alerted to this thread. We'll address it on Monday, when back in the office. Please do not continue to create threads which discuss moderation, have staff call outs, and certainly not for myself or other staff to be fired.

It would be great for my team to be able to enjoy their Sunday. Thank you for your understanding.
Due to the upcoming holiday break, much of our staff will be on vacation between now and the end of the year. Due to this, there will not be a "Stuff of the week" on December 25 or January 1. We wish all TERA players a very happy and safe holiday season. Be good to each other and enjoy some time with your in-game and IRL families!

TERA Holiday Support
Our support will be closed on Christmas Day, December 25 to allow the support team to spend time with their families. The team will be working hard to assist players as quickly as possible throughout the holiday season, but will be on reduced staff through the end of the year due to the holidays.

TERA Holiday Season Events
Several events and seasonal promotions are still running in game through the end of the year, so don't miss out!
- Wintera battleground has returned!
- Brace for Impact Event through January 12 (earn 500 fashion coupons and Moon, the black wolf mount)
- Level Up Event through January 5 (earn class-specific weapon skins or costumes)
- The TERA shop has been updated to include seasonal items and items for the brawler.
- Golden Gift Boxes have returned!
- Season's Greetings! Earn a Santa Cap by logging in to TERA before 11:59 p.m. PST on December 31.

Wintera Battleground Changes
We know there has been some confusion surrounding this year's Wintera Battleground changes and wanted to clarify the situation. The battleground currently in-game for levels 25+ is a newer version of the Wintera battleground that has been updated to reward Bellicarium credits and Killing spree reputation rather than Wintera tokens, and to trigger a new set of achievements.

This is an updated version of the battleground that is not as festive as the Wintera of past holiday seasons. We know this is disappointing to players, but this is the version of the battleground that has been updated to match the new level cap and newer game features. To help get everyone in a festive, holiday mood we're going to be bringing back the skinny and fat Santas after Tuesday's maintenance next week. Look for full details on this next week :)

Here's what you need to know!
- Old Wintera tokens still work. Right click them to open the shop and redeem your tokens.
- Ambrrr and Colbrrr have been removed as Wintera tokens are no longer being granted and can be redeemed by right clicking them in the inventory.
- Old Wintera achievements are visible in the Special > Events category
- New Wintera achivements are visible in the Special PvP and Duels category
- Old un-earned Wintera achievements will be hidden (not moved to legacy) to reduce confusion. Old earned Wintera achievements will remain as-is.

New Twitch Stream Begins Next Week!
Join Danicia next week on her quest to hit 65 on a brawler! The "Play with the Noob" stream series will begin next week on Wednesday at 11:00 a.m. PST.

If you missed it, you can also catch our community chat from earlier today on the official Twitch channel.

Some top questions answered from the stream:

Q: Titan's Ember and Titan's Ease supply rates are a problem. What are you going to do to address this?
A: We're aware of the supply issues with these components and are looking into some options to improve their availability in-game. We'll have updates on this after the holiday break.

Q: Will EME hosted events and tournaments be returning?
A: We'll have more information available early next year on the Community Team plans for 2016, but the short answer is "yes, we're looking into bringing these types of events back to TERA."

Check out the full broadcast for even more, including Danicia's awesome Star Wars SWAG!

Updates on the Knockout...Update!
Thank you so much to everyone who reported issues in our "Top Issues" thread. This has been unpinned, but we have not stopped working on resolving the lingering bugs and issues. Below you will find some updates on reported issues, as well as links to the patch notes and top issues thread.

Issues waiting for developer resolution:
- Player reporting function no longer available
- Steam-powered weapon skins do not show enchantment glow
- Ornamental Hauberk for gunners not displaying gloves and boots
- Missing broker categories for Arcannon and Powerfist weapons
- Class-specific armor pieces in broker display to classes that cannot equip them
- Brawler Tensus chest is not registering as part of the Tensus set
- Several NPCs are missing dialogue (and have squares instead)
- Multiple warriors in the same party are crossing the streams and causing teleportation issues with the skill Charging Slash.
- Chat occasionally reverts to "say" without the correct color changes. We're currently investigating the cause of this issue.

- Top Issues Thread
- Patch Notes (Thursday)
- Patch Notes (Tuesday)


Previous weeks:

eddure on 12/18/2015, 02:30 PM - view

Note to mod. If you're going to remove this one too, put a reason for it. That's how the old mods did it. :)

Please check your email.

It’s the holiday season, and to celebrate, TERA is giving away free, permanent Santa Caps!

All you have to do is log in anytime before Thursday, December 31 at 11:59 p.m. PST, and we’ll deliver a Santa Cap to Item Claim for you to pick up at your leisure.This offer is for one item per account, and the caps are non-tradable. So make sure you claim it with the character you want to wear it.

Remember: Don’t wait too long to log in and claim your Santa Cap. This offer expires when the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve!
PlagueFWC on 12/18/2015, 12:53 PM - view
So basically every answer was "We're not going to say no"

Really, that's all we can, based on the questions which were asked before the stream. Until the team can unpack the build which came from Blue Hole and see what's in it, we don't have more to share until they do.
Q&A from the stream!

Watch the stream recording here!

Will we ever see the return of the "how to play X class stream" from prominent community members featured on the EME stream?
--We’re current evaluating our Twitch presence and building a list of community streamers. We’re developing a plan where we’d host people on our channel once a week, too.

Will we see the return of actual EME hosted events rather than just system events?
--Yes! I am working on a Player vs Dev event after the New Year, and some in-game parties.

Bacon or Canadian bacon?
--CRISPY AMERICAN BACON, but mostly I don’t eat it except on a Peanut Butter Bacon Burger. So like once a quarter. Maybe.

Is there something about the game you would like to improve or change? Regarding features, that is.
--No, because it wouldn’t be TERA. I’m still learning the game myself, so I’m pretty happy exploring and punching things.

When are brawler costumes going to be added to the fashion coupons?
--We’re still digging into the new build, so if you have anything in particular you’re looking for, please add an image so the team can check for it.

When is the update for Forsaken Island hard mode coming out?
--We just got the next build and are beginning to poke around in it and beginning localization. We’ll provide further details in the New Year.

Is there going to be a strongbox event anytime soon?
--Not at this time.

Are there ANY plans at all to resolve the titan ember/ease shortage in this game?
--We’re looking into potential solutions to improve the availability of these items.
RanGaming on 12/18/2015, 08:48 AM - view
The question is, will those answers come to the forums by any moderator?
Because not everyone is going to see the livestream.

Yep! I will be posting them myself after the stream.
Caddywhompus on 12/18/2015, 08:19 AM - view
I would say every single one of these questions should be asked during the livestream, but EME will just dodge them anyway.

Actually, I *do* have some answers to some of these questions for the livestream.
I'll write them down later and post them here.
Lads? :D
Welcome to TERA! Happy to hear you're enjoying yourself.
Greetings all!

The Community Team will be hosting another Community Chat on Friday, December 18 at 11:00 a.m. We'll be giving you some updates, talking about the community, and discussing the holiday. Danicia will spend some time with her Brawler, to prepare for next week's launch of Play with the Noob!

We'll be taking questions from the Community to answer on the stream. Respond to this post with your questions and we'll read them on-air with a response.

Join us here: http://www.twitch.tv/enmasseentertainment
Edited by: Danicia 1 minute ago

TERA’s golden gift boxes are back, and each one could net you a holiday haul of EMP and other great loot.

From Wednesday, December 16 until Thursday, January 7 at 11 a.m. PST, visit the web version of the TERA Store to buy golden gift boxes for yourself and your friends, then head over to our Gifting Center.

Opening a box yourself gets you one of 31 fantastic prizes, such as valuable consumables, festive rare cosmetic items, inner armor, or EMP jackpots. Sending boxes to friends gives them the great prizes, but earns you special rewards like Santa suits, dragon pets, and the exclusive Noble Timber and Noble Moon wolf mounts. (Both mounts restore HP, MP, and Stamina.)

So here’s how it works:
First, buy a gift box (or several) from the web version of the TERA Store (not the in-game store)

Open it yourself and choose from four greeting cards to reveal your prize. (You’ll also get a peek at what you could have won.)

- Send a box to a friend using the Gifting Center and receive a Santa Suit smart box (permanent costume item).

- Send 5 boxes to friends and earn three dragon pets: Aurette, Crimsette, and Argette. (permanent character pets)

- Send 10 boxes to friends and earn Noble Moon, a permanent wolf mount that restores HP, MP, and Stamina.

- Send 15 boxes to friends and earn Noble Timber, a permanent wolf mount that restores HP, MP, and Stamina.

- Send 20 boxes to friends and receive one year of Elite status!

The Gifting Center will be open until Wednesday, January 13 at 11 p.m. PST. Any gifts remaining in a player’s inventory at that time will be replaced with a Santa suit (one per remaining gift), to be delivered directly to Item Claim by January 20 at 11:59 p.m. PST.
Edited by: Harmonia 12 minutes ago
Our service provider has resolved this issue. Please let us know if the issue is not resolved for you as of this thread update!
Hello all,

This afternoon as of approximately 3:00 p.m. PST and again shortly before 4:00 p.m. PST players have reported enormous spikes in ping that make the game unplayable.

We have identified that the TERA servers themselves are fine, and this is instead a larger issue with our data center and a possible DDoS attack.

Our data center is currently investigating and working on a resolution for this.
Update (copied from another thread)

We're looking into this but the game servers look great right now. It's possible it's a regional issue, so if you can provide your general location (state/province/country) that would be helpful.

We're also hearing reports that the lag has since cleared up and it was a short spike of instability.
Hey folks, we're looking into this but the game servers look great right now. It's possible it's a regional issue, so if you can provide your general location (state/province/country) that would be helpful.

We're also hearing reports that the lag has since cleared up and it was a short spike of instability.
Howdy all,

We're checking with Ops right now. We'll let you know.
Hello all,

Here's the Patch Notes issues/feedback thread:

Patch Notes: 37.07.03

Please review it to see if your issue has been fixed or if it is listed as a known issue. If it is a known issue, please reply to that thread. You can continue to use this thread for unresolved or new issues.
Greetings all,

We'll close this thread and point you to the post for today's patch notes. The notes update you with some fixes and also known issues. Please review the patch notes and post in the new thread with issues and feedback.

Patch Notes: 37.07.03
Hello all!

The patch notes are up for today; please use this thread to report any issues which are related to the update. Today's patch notes report fixes and known issues.

Patch 37.07.03.EN7
Welcome to the Knockout Update!

A note from TERA's Senior Producer
It goes with without saying that this week’s biggest item is the release of the Knockout! Update featuring the all-new Brawler class. This release represents the culmination of a ton of work on the part of the folks here at EME. Production and QA have been cranking on the build for months now, localizing new content, combing through and verifying build notes, making the necessary region-specific tweaks, and doing our best to ensure that’s all effectively communicated to the players in the patch notes. The Marketing and Platform teams worked their butts off to re-design our web presence and launcher to give TERA a fresh coat of paint in time for the launch of Knockout, in addition to lining up key promotional coverage and press demos in support of the launch. Finally, there are the unsung heroes of EME, our Operations team who rolled the build out and have been working to resolve issues (Insufficient Memory anyone?) and maintain server stability throughout the week (even in the face of unfortunate DDOS attacks on our data center), our Customer Support team for cranking through your support requests as quickly and kindly as possible, our HR team for keeping us all happy and sane with treats and morale-boosting events, and finally your very own Community team who have been tirelessly fielding questions and wrangling issues into the wee hours of the evening every night this week (and every other week for that matter)!

But our successful roll-out of Knockout is not entirely the result of EME’s efforts alone. YOU, the community, also played a part. While we try our best to test the build and understand the changes in each major update, TERA is a huge game and inevitably some things get missed. With your help though, we were able to identify some big issues fairly quickly and roll-out a quick hotfix only a couple days post-launch. This is an example of your dedication and passion for TERA directly influencing and improving the game. Thank you! There are still some nagging bugs that we’re chasing down and hoping to resolve, so please don’t let up on reporting any issues as you come across them. [note from Harmonia: for the status on the top resolved and remaining issues, please consult our official thread]

But we’re not done yet! We’ve still got a bit of work ahead of us before the majority of us here in the office check-out for the holidays. Don’t worry though, just like Santa Claus we’re always watching in some capacity. And who knows, you may get the opportunity to play Santa yourselves sometime next week…

Thanks again for your patience as we rolled out this major update and resolved some of the issues on launch day. I hope you have a knockout weekend playing TERA!


New Twitch Stream Begins Next Week!
Join Danicia next week on her quest to hit 65 on a brawler! The "Play with the Noob" stream series will begin next week on Friday, and will be earlier in the day (probably around 11 a.m. PST, but stay tuned for final details).

If you missed it, you can also catch our Brawler launch day stream on the official Twitch channel.

This Weekend in TERA
Several events and seasonal promotions are running in game this weekend, so don't miss out!
- Wintera battleground has returned!
- The TERA shop has been updated to include seasonal items and items for the brawler.
- Brace for Impact Event through January 12 (earn 500 fashion coupons and Moon, the black wolf mount)
- Level Up Event through January 5 (earn class-specific weapon skins or costumes)

Wintera Battleground Changes
We know there has been some confusion surrounding this year's Wintera Battleground changes and wanted to clarify the situation. On Tuesday, the Wintera battleground returned to TERA, complete with familiar NPCs Ambrrr and Colbrrr. However, when some players entered the battleground they found they were receiving Bellicarium credits rather than Wintera tokens, and a great deal of confusion ensued.

This is because the battleground currently in-game for levels 25+ is a newer version of the Wintera battleground that has been updated to reward Bellicarium credits and Killing spree reputation rather than Wintera tokens, and to trigger a new set of achievements. This was very confusing to players who have partially completed Wintera achievements from previous seasons, or remaining Wintera tokens.

Here's what you need to know!
- Old Wintera tokens still work. Right click them to open the shop and redeem your tokens.
- Ambrrr and Colbrrr have been removed as Wintera tokens are no longer being granted and can be redeemed by right clicking them in the inventory.
- Old Wintera achievements are visible in the Special > Events category
- New Wintera achivements are visible in the Special PvP and Duels category
- Old un-earned Wintera achievements will be hidden (not moved to legacy) to reduce confusion. Old earned Wintera achievements will remain as-is.

Brawler Trailer: Extended Cut!
We're excited to welcome the brawler to TERA. So excited, in fact, that we put together an extra extended cut version of the trailer! Check it out below.

TERA Weekend Streams
Are you going to be streaming TERA this weekend? Link your stream in the comments below!


Previous weeks:

Hey there,

Sorry to hear this! I recommend contacting our support team for help with tech issues, but this error also has a comprehensive FAQ to help people troubleshoot, so please take a look at that too!

@Pages, thanks for this catch! Our QA team verified that the correct item (Scoundrel's Scythes) is being delivered and it was an error with the post. This has been corrected!
Hey everyone, the server is now available. Thanks for your patience!
Hello all,

Highwatch server is currently unavailable and our team is working on restoring access.

Please follow this thread for updates.
Thanks for the update, SumoPower :) I'm working on an updated list of remaining issues right now!
We are aware of issues; please see this thread.
We are aware of issues; please see this thread.
We are aware of issues; please see this thread.
Our Operations Team has reviewed our servers and network internally, and all appears well. However, the Chicago area is currently undergoing a significant number of network attacks, and one of our providers, where we host our servers, has been under a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack since around 5am CST this morning.

We're awaiting a status update from Operations with further details.

We're tracking things on this post and giving updates there when we have them.
Hello there,

I will follow up via email. It appears yours went into the junk email folder, along with numerous other folks. I checked the information and it looks like you may have missed our cut off for receiving rewards. We cannot give access to the test server as the event is over, but I can email you reward codes for your donation.

Give me a moment to get the code generated and I'll email you back.

sandraudiga on 12/10/2015, 09:22 AM - view
It could be that they're just swamped because of brawler, patches, bugs, things like that, so some tickets take a lower priority. I also put in a ticket but I don't expect it to get answered until current events are sorted out.
Maybe try sending another one to get they're attention ?

This is pretty great advice, but I encourage folks to NOT submit more tickets. It bogs down the process. It's best to stick with your original ticket and wait for Support to respond to that one.
Hey everyone,

I just want to clarify here so no one is confused. With this patch 100% of the elite status vouchers were broken and could not be used. This issue affected many, many TERA players and helping each affected player individually would not have been possible. This is why we asked individual players not to contact support while we worked on a solution for all players.

Our support team is working very hard every day to assist players with their technical issues, billing issues, and GM assistance -- things that require a GM's help. Our GMs are also awesome human beings, and will always try to help when they can. So yes -- this time when we asked you not to contact support for assistance it was not because support could not assist you, but rather because support could not assist everyone with this problem. Instead, we asked for patience while patching a resolution.

For anyone still holding onto their elite status voucher, this (along with many other items) will be resolved during tomorrow morning's maintenance :)

Full patch notes are available here!
All servers will undergo maintenance Thursday morning starting at 7:00 AM Pacific Time. This scheduled downtime will last two hours (7 - 9 AM).

All servers will be unavailable from 7:00 AM to 9:00 AM Pacific Time.

For real-time server status, please refer to the Server Status page. Thanks for your patience!

You can view the full patch notes here.
This has been added to the top issues thread as an item under investigation. Please follow that thread for updates!

These NPCs have been temporarily removed, you can follow the main patch thread for updates!

You can contact Tera Online dev tracker at contact@teradevtracker.com - Privacy policy - Tera Online dev tracker is not affiliated with Tera Online or En Masse entertainment.