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zebaz1988 on 02/19/2014, 06:44 PM - view
I love this patch notes, but please EME, regulate the things that you can write on the signs. Like Catonic said, players will abuse them to write offensive comments and all forms of profanity. Limiting the things you can write on them, like you did with the pet names, will be a better solution than just removing them right after their implementation. Don't repeat your mistake (remember the Dragon Fireworks)

The signs cost 50g, you can only put down 5 at a time, and they use the same filter as player names. But, we shall see how it goes.
We treat these chats very seriously regardless of the intention. If you see or hear anyone saying anything regarding suicide or depression, please notify a GM as soon as possible.
What I can say is:
1) this was not a rogue GM.
2) appropriate individuals related to this have been dealt with.


By "appropriate" individuals we mean anyone that either caused or participated in this.
Edited by: Treeshark 10 months ago - Reason: update: 5/18 1:40pm
I was sad that i wasn't able to convince them to let those items stay in the game as they were. We would like to find other ways for players to obtain but without feeling like it's trivializing the work people put in to get them in the first place.
We are indeed experiencing issues with our payment provider currently. I will update soon.
Valkyon Outfitters is experiencing problems with its register and is closed for the time being. If you are not seeing the correct amount of EMP on your account, this is why.

We will notify when Valkyon Outfitters comes back online. Thank you for your patience as we deal with this matter :).
Myth3816 on 02/05/2014, 10:22 PM - view
I am trying to buy an extra char slot. How long we talking here? no rush just wondering

I don't know yet. Hopefully soon :)
Keeev on 02/05/2014, 10:35 PM - view
Will my items be refunded?

You will be taken care of one way or the other (refund or delivery of actual items). In any case, you will have to contact Support, so your submitted ticket was not for naught.
The issue is now resolved and Valkyon Outfitters is back online.
Myth3816 on 02/05/2014, 10:40 PM - view
i have a question i seen that the website outfitters is back up. so if i buy the extra char slot on the website do i recieve the item in mail or will it become soulbound? or account bound rather

You will receive the item in Item-Claim. You can access Item Claim on any character or server, but please access it on the character/server you wish to use it on.

Please see http://support.enmasse.com/tera/how-do-i-claim-my-premium-services-and-purchased-promotional-items#How
It'll be delivered by Friday. :)
Our outages over the past weekend and leading up to it are frustrating us all here at En Masse, and be assured that resolving this issue is our number one priority. We have several teams dedicated to making this happen and won’t rest until it does. Until then we will always strive to restore services as quickly as possible and provide as much communication to you during that process.

Many of you have asked for compensation, and while it’s not our process to provide such for every outage that occurs, we feel that in light of recent events something should be done. A lot of you have asked our Support for individual compensation, but since what has happened affects all our users we are going to proceed in a manner that benefits everyone. So starting this Thursday, February 6th at 11am, we will turn on the double drop rate event on all our dungeons, lasting until February 11th, at 11am.

Thank you all for your patience as we deal with this matter.

ToshiYamioka on 02/04/2014, 04:59 PM - view
I didn't see this in the FAQ, so I'm asking here.

1) Do we have to gift to 5/10/20 different people to get the rewards, or can we just gift someone 5/10/20 times?

2) Can we gift ourselves given that we can shoot the gifts at a certain character?

1) You can gift the same person 5/10/20 times to get the tiers. Or spread the love, your choice.
2) You cannot gift your own account.

And yes, the dyeable maid uniform is Elin only.
There will be a maintenance tomorrow.
We are definitely not taking the recent outages lightly or ignoring them. Even when they go down we always strive to have the servers back up as soon as possible. What happened yesterday was worse and we are looking into how we manage a better response time as well as keeping our servers up.

We appreciate your patience in this matter. Outages frustrate us just as much as they do you.
Servers aren't down but there are login issues. Will update later.
I was incorrect. AV was down. It's now back up. All other servers are also up.
We are delivering the items right now to the people that belong at the very bottom of this post: http://tera.enmasse.com/news/posts/kumasylum-opens-and-elite-changes

This should all be done within an hour, and I'll post something when this is done.
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Klarity on 01/09/2014, 10:15 AM - view
Not sure if I understand correctly? If I sign up for elite status now, I wont get the steampunk outfit? (its past 7am Jan 9th)

A new outfit will be given out on the 29th. Should I just wait till the 29th then to get more bang for my buck?

You will. And when you renew next time, you will get the next item. The item (currently dyeable steampunk) has been added the monthly deliverables that everyone gets when they renew or sign up. On the 29th, that item will change.
Buffs will be distributed at the reset time of 4pm PST.

All deliveries are now done.
Urvinespiegel on 01/09/2014, 01:58 PM - view
I don't get it. why that date range? why not all active elite accounts?

I get the feeling I'm going to get screwed.


Because we are replacing the item on January 29th for the next cycle. How it works is that players get these items when they renew or sign up, so naturally everyone will get it over the course of 30 days. However, since this item will change on January 29th, players that signed up within the last few days will not get this month's item. The delivery is only to compensate for that.

AND if it turns out that you are a special case and you didn't get the items in the script delivery this morning, or when you renew later this month, you can contact CS and they'll verify and fix you right up.
Ok let's answer some questions.

The Jeweled Lion will go on sale by the end of the month. Elite's will get a pretty steep discount on it.

Yes, the new mount is side saddle (the picture shows a castanic female side saddle).

If you signed up or renewed Elite between December 30th and Jan 9th 7am, you will receive the new deliverables (30day Travel Journal and dyeable Steampunk Costume). Everyone else receive the new deliverables as normal when they renew or sign up after that date.

Key sales? We'll see. Tradable Elite scrolls? We shall also see.
There will be one this month. Details to follow.

BUT it'll be a weekend (well, the normal thurs-tuesday). =)
Village Atlas's teleport you to pre-defined locations all over the world. A daily one was added to the 30-day one to help solve a problem where players with alts couldn't use the original 30-day atlas. A Travel Journal teleports you to 5 locations custom defined by YOU. So it has its own benefits itself, especially while leveling.

The Jeweled Lion mount will be on sale in both account and character versions. Sadly the side saddle cannot be changed on Razormane.

The free permanent item we are sending out is tradable. This is to allow you the freedom to sell it or keep it like the keys and spellbinds did. We will not always send out a cosmetic item, but that is just what we are starting with.

There seems to be some confusion about why we are sending out the dyeable Steampunk costume to only players that signed up or renewed within the time period stated. This is because on January 29th, a new item will replace the dyeable Steampunk costume for the monthly delivery, and those players will never be able to get the dyeable Steampunk costume unless we do this. Everyone else that signs up and renews will get their monthly deliverables (the Travel Journal and dyeable Steampunk costume) when they sign up or renew after January 9th. This decision was made so that we cover the entire Elite playerbase, and not neglect 1/3 of it.
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One time on the EME twitch stream, i did very very badly.
Edited by: Treeshark 11 months ago - Reason: Edit: I died.
CitrusBunny on 01/07/2014, 04:30 PM - view
First of all, I must compliment the use of that dapper popori fella v

The item will be the same one as you would get from the store, so the attributes will not be changed. In the case of the dyeable steampunk outfit, it will come out of a smartbox.
To quote from a locked thread (http://tera-forums.enmasse.com/forums/general-discussion/topics/Changes-to-Elite-Status-What-do-you-think-of-it):
4. I love the fact that TERA will increase the hours of the boost, but how TERA will staggered it? " six total hours each day" will it build up in a day if I don't use them? I work 8-12 hours shift per day, I don't want to waste my boost, I hope I can activate all 6 boost in one sitting. And please clearly state when the boost will reset PST

Right now you have 1 boost of each type. That number changes from 1 to 6 after this change. You will even see that number say "6" instead of 1. You can activate them all at once (over the course of an hour due to the 10 minute cooldown), or whenever you wish. The boosts reset, along with everything else on the bar, at 4pm PST.
Asunai on 01/07/2014, 04:55 PM - view
Are we still keeping our atlases?

Yes. Anything not mentioned is not changed!
Zairel on 01/07/2014, 05:27 PM - view
that sucks i renewed on the 17th of dec i really wanted the costum only one i dont have. should be if people renewed after the 9th of dec.

You will eventually get it on your next renewal date. Since the item is changing at the end of this month, there will be players who do not get it at all. We wanted to take care of those players.

Question: Will every monthly costume be the **Dyeable** version?

Not always. It is not always going to be a costume either. We are going to pick an item worth around $10 or more.
I'm sorry you've had a bad experience. While we strive for 100% satisfaction, the unfortunate reality is that it doesn't always happen.

Please have some (more) patience while CS responds to your ticket in a satisfactory manner.

However, as you've admitted yourself, this thread has become a feeding ground for the trolls, so I'm going to lock it.
It will be back up soon.

Edit: It's up.
Edited by: Treeshark 11 months ago
yes we know and we are working on a fix.

Ok the losses in Fraywind and Skyring were off so we are fixing it.

However, Mayfair's score is still correct.

Previously the contribution was capped at 120 and win was 85. So that gets you 205. We doubled everything, so now the contribution is at 240, and the win is at 170. Since Mayfair got 15300, it was 153 pts added to get 323.

HOWEVER, after maintenance is over, we are going to double the rate you get points as well. So Mayfair would have gotten the 240 pts with 15300 score (306 capped at 240).

We will not be retroactively handing back points.
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MitaraiKeiko on 12/26/2013, 10:44 AM - view
What maintenance? Another one?

We will be doing a short one in 8 minutes to fix the problems raised in this thread.
There are a lot of gray areas in this matter, but for the most part we have not found anyone to really violate the spirit of the rules. Putting up your videos of TERA gameplay is fine. Having ads on the video is fine. Putting up our gameplay and calling it "Budaki4 Online made by me!" may not be so fine.

Anyway, we do peruse youtube from time to time, but it is see what the community has made and enjoy it and not with intentions of taking anything down. I came here because I think you wanted an official response, so here it is! Youtube away.
Reflect charms were taken out of Corsairs b/c it was broken and abused by tanks. This last patch fixed how reflect is supposed to work so we put it back in. If reflect is still broken, then we will look into this again.
We get all the optimizations put in that Korea gets. What we said was that we did not expect them to do much for our market, along the lines of what TwilightAngel09 said.

As far as lag goes, we have been working on it every week for the past month or so, which is part of the reason we have taken longer maintenances than usual on Tuesdays for a while. Some say it's getting better but we know it's not perfect so we'll keep working on it.

Edited by: Treeshark 12 months ago - Reason: grammar
We will get them this week.
They are up here: http://tera.enmasse.com/news/patch-notes

Twas a little late today. =*(
They last until you turn it off or enter combat. However, you can't use any skills either, and you will only bob around. Because snowmen have no legs.
You can purchase Wintera Boxes from the store.

Then you can choose to GIVE that box to another player, or keep it and open it.
If you RECEIVE a gift, then you can ONLY open it.

The rewards we have that get you the Santa Suit, the Account Peep and Account Totes, are based on what you GIVE to other players.

So if you GIVE one gift, then you will receive a Santa Suit. GIVE up to 5, and you will get Account Peep. GIVE up to 10, and you will get Account Totes. So if you GIVE 10 boxes in total, you will get all 3 rewards.

And Wintera Boxes opened by you do not count towards what you GIVE, no matter how you receive it.

I hope that clarifies things :).
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You don't have to be in the game to buy from our web store (store.enmasse.com).
There will be a major patch in December. We'll release more details in December!
It was a great finals match, but I think enough has been said in this thread.

To clarify what I said on stream...

I do realize the problems that jumping causes in 3v3 matches, and I do agree that eliminating jumping is the easy option, but I am not yet convinced yet that it is the correct option in the long-run. This post is also really helpful.

Yes, we are broaching this issue with BHS, as well as our network operations team. Maybe we can fix de-syncing overall and people can jump and 3v3 at the same time with no problems. You're probably skeptical of that statement, just realize i'm being really optimistic when I say that.

In the end, maybe we do end up removing jumping from 3's. I assure you that if this was just some toggle I could enable while we fix the bigger problem, it would already have been done.

This extended maintenance is not due to a game update. We've been doing a lot of work in making our servers better. Today's maintenance is just one step in that process. Unfortunately, it's taking a bit longer than expected today.
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Catatonic on 11/05/2013, 10:43 AM - view
You're a funny guy.

I'm here all week!
Kanai on 10/31/2013, 12:52 PM - view

He is referring to this thread I believe.

This cosmetic set is exclusive to the Japan market, as it requires a license.
It will be fixed tomorrow.
Shameless plug for players in CH to register in the tournament to represent!

Naim on 10/21/2013, 02:23 PM - view

15 extra credits... Still wont pop.

Patch notes are wrong and will be adjusted shortly.

We are adding 70 contribution credits you can earn. You will still get 55 standard for winning. And now 10 for losing.

So the max you can earn in a round without being captain is 125. 175 if you are team captain.
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sciocco on 10/21/2013, 03:28 PM - view
So with max contri you can get 125 win, 60 loss?

Yes and no. 125 (55+70) win. 80 (10+70) loss.
Patch notes are wrong and will be adjusted.

It meant to say that you now get up to 70 contribution points.

So if you get max contribution points, its 125 points for winning (55+70). 175 if you are captain. 80 points for losing (10+70).
Sorry I was MIA on forums when this was published. See my 2nd post in this thread for clarification.
poopiehead on 10/21/2013, 03:35 PM - view
oh my god.


Hopefully it makes sense why we lowered the losing points to 10 now!
Naim on 10/17/2013, 01:01 PM - view
I was mocking EME. Last change they did to FW destroyed it and 3s didnt change much at all. Now with next weeks patch, they will either fix FW, or finish burying it.

Loser buff now activates at 100 points.

(i am joking)
VoidWizard on 10/16/2013, 01:58 PM - view
Tera still keeps popping up my ping in the tooltip whenever i go over items it is driving me crazy!

We see that from time to time but haven't been able to pinpoint the cause yet. Moving around the Clock seems to help stop that from happening.
It's back up.
Voleno on 10/15/2013, 09:22 AM - view
Very minor, but there are areas in which certain parts of the UI cannot be dragged to and for a while, I was having a great deal of difficulty with getting my extra skill bar to go vertically on the right side because of this. (1920 x 1080 resolution)

I just tried this at 1920x1080 in Windowed, Full Screen (Windowed), and Full Screen, and I could get both skill bars to go to the edges. Can you screenshot your error?
The Banquet of Blood starts on Thursday, October 17th.
We have no intention of leaving FW the way it is, other stuff has just come up in front of it. :)
Deathlyz on 10/15/2013, 10:49 AM - view
Question though.. when you say "rare" fashion do you mean the new fashion in the stores? or fashion that we have not seen yet?

Where was that said?
It's a bug listed in the known issues pinned at the top.
+1 MS Paint.
Major Milestone NPC will be gone *after* maintenance concludes. Thus, if you have tokens, please use them before 7am Pacific time (that is when maintenance begins).

Don't fret, the Halloween NPC store will have the sliders as well.
We *might* do something in the future to help players get rid of them. I wouldn't get rid of them for now, but you won't really be able to use them for anything in the future. If at a point there is a decision that they are just plain worthless, we will let you know. The better decision is to use them up now.
Edited by: Treeshark about 1 year ago
Paysafecard's don't allow recurring transactions, which is why you cannot purchase Elite with them. That part is out of our hands. You can purchase EMP with them though.
Ragnazo on 10/14/2013, 10:50 AM - view
Treeshark, when will this Halloween store npc be put in? Right after maint?

Yes. But it takes Halloween Candy that you get by playing the dungeon. It won't accept Challenge Receipts.
Ragnazo on 10/14/2013, 11:23 AM - view
Will I have to wait until the update to get more info on the dungeon? (I'm mostly trying to figure out if I should sell my sliders now or later)

You will probably want to sell your sliders now.
rezaiga on 10/14/2013, 03:54 PM - view
Any idea if Boneshaker mount (account wide) will be available in Valkyon Outfitters while the Halloween event is going on?

Yes, it will.
It's only partially fixed in tomorrow's build, which is why we left it out of patch notes for now. Zerkers and Slayer weapons still need to get fixed.
The login event is rewarded to everyone who logged in.

If you're talking about the twitch stream, today's code was on the back wall for the entire time and anyone could enter it in at any time.
Permanent height sliders were never promised and will not be in the game. They do not affect hit boxes, but we don't want people to think that they do either.
Height sliders won't make it, nor did we ever say they would. They don't affect hit boxes, but we don't want anyone to think that they do either.

As for the chest and thigh sliders, this won't be the only time you'll be able to get them, and no I don't mean in the shop.
TaddTaddTadd on 10/08/2013, 12:31 PM - view
Treeshark, what was the small download I just got today when I opened my patcher?

We literally fixed some punctuation in the text for quests and items.

If I'm wrong, I'm wrong, and I can admit it. They won't be able to make the Major Milestone Store but we'll figure out a way to get the height slider out in the next two weeks (not counting this one).
In all seriousness, would everyone prefer forced times for 3v3 Arenas?
iLucky on 09/30/2013, 03:50 PM - view
I think this thread's main purpose was to get people queue-ing again since currently no team of 3v3 seem to queue at the same time. I know I have tried three man queues and go even longer queues than my screenshot from solo queue.

I know that I originally mentioned to you that it might be a good idea to have specific times for threes but after thinking about it in more detail, having forced times will only end up becoming the same scenario we are in currently. As others have mentioned, there is no incentive to do 3v3s when FC/CS give more credits, are more mindless, and the obvious of actual queues. Having the forced queues might give us pops for a day or two, but I know that I have two jobs while going to school and I can play a few hours a night if I have no work to do which would suck if that time I couldn't do the one thing I enjoy the most in this game.

I think there does seem to be a need for modification to the number of credits received from those battlegrounds because currently 3v3 is completely lack luster for most looking to progress. If you are still reading this thread I recommend looking at this thread :


Although I don't agree with all of the suggestions, there are many good ideas that are getting a lot of support. Granted I know a lot of our updates are based on K-Tera so I don't know how much is actually possibly; but if anything can be done from your end, I believe it would help our situation tremendously.

Turns out I can't do a lot of things that that post suggests. I can do some, and work on getting others. You'll see this effective tomorrow, and in patch notes shortly.
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If you are experiencing a high ping issue please contact Support and they will walk you through what information they need to collect from you.
To those of you that didnt get their items and gear we are supplying that now.
Trujllo20 on 09/23/2013, 09:27 PM - view
Is it true that they ended the event? i mean like they cancelled it?

Uhh. The forums would be quite the uproar if we did!

It's just not instant. The 58's are rolling out as we speak.
Lisyushka on 09/23/2013, 09:57 PM - view
In game chat I received a message stating that my character was level 58, but my character has remained level 5!

You will not receive any in-game chat notifications for this event.
Edited by: Treeshark about 1 year ago
Hey everyone.

We're still chugging away at it here, but in an effort to get everyone up at the level faster, this is what we're going to do. We are going to prioritize the following so that everyone gets these first
* Level 58
* Placed in Velika
* 1000 gold for skills
* Glyph points

Your gear, name change voucher, and mount will arrive later, most likely tomorrow or the next day. At least this way you can go ahead and get skilled up, glyphed up, and those of you who are just doing this with an alt can go ahead and start doing what you want. You will still end up receiving the items in parcel eventually no matter what.
We know that some people may have got only bits and parts of stuff. We have multiple scripts going at once so you may get some stuff before others. At the end we'll run through and make sure everyone has what they need. Please wait till then to contact Support :).
We've been investigating but haven't found a root cause yet.
Edited by: Treeshark about 1 year ago
CannonF0dder on 09/24/2013, 04:10 PM - view
I see, that's reassuring for sure, nothing to do but wait lol, and gratz to you. Wouldn't be surprised if I didn't get any of my chars leveled though, especially at this rate. Have they even given an estimated time when they'll stop running the scripts?

CannonF0dder I see your .levelup character at 58.
Everyone should have their levels and glyphs by now. Gear and items have been distributed to most everyone, but still not complete yet. We aren't done with a double check yet, we know that there have been people that got missed so don't send tickets yet until we give the all clear. Thanks!
Sorry I haven't responded to this thread sooner :). We've been looking into this ever since the thread started with our Network Ops team as well as Support. The tracert's do help in providing information.

The url "diag.enmasse.com" can be used to troubleshoot latency.
GucciSouljah on 09/24/2013, 04:27 PM - view
I figured it out, i had a character on lake of tears named Defcon, but his name did not end with levelup, and i have a character on Mount tyrannas named Defcon.levelup and you guys leveled the wrong character up.

Well, we did say to only have one .Levelup character, and if you have more than one, we are going to pick one, so it is best that you only have one.
BigNigDamien on 09/24/2013, 05:08 PM - view
Wait, was is still per household? If it was, whose ever bright idea that was should be flayed -_-(google it).
I have 3 people(I'm one of them) in my house who play. BOTH of them got their 58's, I never received mine. We each did the event at the same time. Explain how that's fair.

Please see the "exceptions" sticky we have up there too.
banessa on 09/24/2013, 05:15 PM - view
wow that sucks. and really... it makes sence. who would believe theres an free lvl 58 char event? and the community of tera is really trolling i remember that when i played before. wow...eme u guys really have to do something. This is funny even players that were in game didnt get the event

This was a test event that spread itself. If it was a real event you would have seen news posts, and much more advertising instead of a single forum post.
Monkjoey on 09/24/2013, 08:08 PM - view
People are to stupid that it's a feedback thread even though it's in the title, they've been babied their whole life and this is the result. You say your opinion and state facts with it they bash you, but if you go with what the crowd thinks they love you. No one has a mind of their own no more and those who have one gets shunned, it's ridiculous. It's like me, people are voting be down because I stated they didn't post that past accounts have to delete their character to participate; which they didn't.

Don't worry, we read all feedback both positive and negative. Don't be afraid to be negative :).

(by negative, i mean constructive posts that give reasons to why something is bad). Treatment and others that have managed to offer such posts in this really ridiculously long thread have done just fine.
Just FYI. We will start running the script sometime on Monday, and the cut off is still tonight, in about 50 minutes.

There will be another sticky to update on when we start and the estimated time it will take. I will also update when we finish.
Hey Everyone!

The number of applicants to our test event FAR exceeded even our best expectations (almost 5 times more!). Because of this, preparation is taking a bit longer than we thought. As of right now, our goal is to get everyone leveled up by the end of this week. I'll update this post as much as possible to keep you all informed.

Thanks for your patience!

9/26 9:30am PDT - All scripts are done as of the end of maintenance this morning. Thank you everyone for your patience and enjoy the 58's!
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ChineseDevil on 09/23/2013, 06:48 PM - view
put 5k on my .Levelup character. Get turned to level 58, gold becomes 1k. Good deal, lost 4k to become level 58 wtf man.

When you turn 58 doesn't mean the script is done. Contact CS and they'll fix you up. It's done when you get the gold.

XValkyrie on 09/20/2013, 09:53 AM - view
I just hope EME is prepare for the Nonstop, Gold Selling Advertisement, this event will bring, so far EME has done an excellent job on this issue the plagues F2P game, heck I'll say even better than some P2P games. this event will bring hundredths/maybe thousands of gold seller ads. that easy bypass the level 19 restriction.

We are definitely on watch for this and will ban all sellers as we see and hear them.
pandapples on 09/20/2013, 10:28 AM - view
I'm trying to get friends who live in college dorms to play; will they have any trouble given that they're roommates?

They should have no trouble.
Vinterchaos on 09/20/2013, 10:42 AM - view
So I'm new, I wanna play.. my wife would be new, she wants to play. We can't both get a 58 ?

Also, I tried making a character.Levelup and it wouldn't let me press OK for the name selection.

It also made me choose between TERA and TERA 2 when I first logged in ? (I was in beta)

If you were in beta, use your beta account and let your wife use your new account (TERA 2).

I don't know why it wouldn't let you press OK, The ".Levelup" portion does take up character space in the name, so the name you are choosing may be too long overall initially. I wouldn't be too concerned about a name right now since you will be renaming it after the event anyway. Well, you don't HAVE to rename your character, but you have a free name change voucher so we figure you will :).
Swiftwinter on 09/20/2013, 10:52 AM - view
I made my .Levelup character then decided I didn't like how she looked so I deleted it and remade it. It's still going to work, right?

Yes. You can change your mind as many times as you want before Sunday at 11:59pm Pacific time. Make sure to delete all the other .Levelup characters you may have made so we don't choose the wrong one by accident.
Vinterchaos on 09/20/2013, 10:53 AM - view
Are you saying I'd have to share my login with her for her to play ?

I logged in my account info from beta and a box came up that made me select between the two.

Select your beta account and you should be fine.
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