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Okay. Just checked with CS. They said to check your inventory. Claiming an item from Item Claim does not actually "USE" the item. So, check your item and see if it's waiting for you there.

Hint: That's where mine was.
Hey, folks! To help us track this down, please include what server you're trying to redeem these on. Thank you.
Kpurc wrote: »
Halrath wrote: »
You must log into a character, open your item claim, and then redeem your free character slot.

Then you can go nuts valkyrieing everything.

Already did that but ill try again

You'll probably also need to log all the way out and relaunch TERA.
You must log into a character, open your item claim, and then redeem your free character slot.

Then you can go nuts valkyrieing everything.
Halrath wrote: »
Maintenance continues! Please keep all rioting to a minimum. We'll open the gates as soon as we can. In the meantime, enjoy the cameraderie in this thread.

Thanks for the heads up, Halrath! We don't need a precise ETA but a rough, raw time when you guys expect to make the robohamsters run again would be appreciated! 30m - 1hr? 1hr - 2hr?


Maintenance continues! Please keep all rioting to a minimum. We'll open the gates as soon as we can. In the meantime, enjoy the cameraderie in this thread.
clfarron4 wrote: »
@Spacecats, I was watching the Skill Description video and from Valkyrie release on TERA EU, unless Gameforge got the skill names wrong, I think that the descriptions in the follow parts are incorrect:

1:31 to 1:32: In TERA EU, this is Ground Bash
1:32 to 1:34: In TERA EU, this is Glaive Strike
1:35 to 1:37: In TERA EU, this is Ground Bash
1:40 to 1:42: In TERA EU, this is Glaive Strike.

Could you check these please?

clfarron4 wrote: »
@Spacecats, I was watching the Skill Description video and from Valkyrie release on TERA EU, unless Gameforge got the skill names wrong, I think that the descriptions in the follow parts are incorrect:

1:31 to 1:32: In TERA EU, this is Ground Bash
1:32 to 1:34: In TERA EU, this is Glaive Strike
1:35 to 1:37: In TERA EU, this is Ground Bash
1:40 to 1:42: In TERA EU, this is Glaive Strike.

Could you check these please?

Sharp eyes! You are correct. We'll fix that video and get it out there. Thank you.
B. Spamming and Post Content
- Petitions are explicitly forbidden. Please note, calling a petition a request will not disguise its true nature.

QFT. Thread closed.
Tiana wrote: »
Come on guys! You got this!


Winner, winner, valkyrie dinner.
No. My birthday was yesterday. No sale.

It's certainly POSSIBLE there will be some sales during the valkyrie release, and similarly during May, our anniversary month.

Stay tuned.
Will the name be changed? Because backstep is no longer fixed to backstepping, so..
Will they call it 'evasive' step? Or 'don't hit me plox' step?

No. If you don't aim in a specific direction, the skill still backsteps by default.
I like the change but I have become so accustomed to the way it is now that this will be an adjustment for sure.

It's really not. I found it to be a very natural transition on my priest. You'll love it.
This means, you will only get the box if you hit lvl 2 by April 30th. Then the system does not send out boxes anymore. Once you have the box, you can level as slow as possible.

I even have one of the old leveling boxes on one of my characters.

This is correct.
We appreciate all the kind words. We care about TERA and want to give everyone a great experience. See y'all in the dream!
LancerJiva wrote: »
@Spacecats, @Noesis, @Halrath

So it was mentioned in the EU patch notes as a "Known issue" that you could not use Volcanic, Obsidian, or Glacial weapon skins on the Valkyrie just yet. Since we have to wait longer then EU for the class to come out, will we get to use the weapon skins on our Valkyrie when it does come out next week? I know many people have these skins saved including myself, and it would be quite disappointing to not level a Valkyrie while not being able to wear the weapon skin.

So will these skins be usable on release date or not?

They should be usable on the release date. Go decorate your pretty little valkyrie.
Ops reports that instance matching should be working now. One of the servers just wouldn't talk to the others, but it went to couples counseling and is communicating in a meaningful fashion now.

Because of the headache this caused, we'll extend tonight's power hours by 2 hours (4pm-12am PDT).
This happens sometimes. X-IM / X-BG bugs out for some reason and either fixes itself, by requeueing or Dev Ops working their magic.
* X is because it's cross-server.

You are correct. Ops is completing the ritual right now...

This is a duplicate issue that already has at least two other threads. We are working on the issue right now. Sorry about the headache.
I'm checking on this right now. We'll try to get the hamsters shaken out shortly.
Angeline wrote: »
So... it's Monday...

Things have been a little hairy today.

Today's power hours are Gridiron. Tomorrow's are FWC.
I'll see if Spacecats can pied piper the creatures back to the dream....
True bovine combat.
Haloist wrote: »
Keep the responses coming in guys. It's entertaining to see what you guys have been through XD. As a bonus, I have a video to share with you guys, which I had recorded probably a month ago. I call it "Bullying Chupathingies".

You brute. Traumatizing my beloved chupathingies.
Whenever the date of release would be, whatever the event its gonna be..
The only thing that I wish for during the new class launch is..

The cows doesn't walk into the server room.


Fear not. We shall lure all cows to the barbeque grills on launch day.
Stricera wrote: »
So ghillie is now double drop?

Yes. Noesis made it so.
Noesis wrote: »
Ghillieglade is a very sneaky instance that is listed separately from the normal dungeon list. Under normal circumstances, I'd probably leave solo instances out of the event, but this is an event aimed at thanking folks for helping us with Wonderholme, so I have turned it on for the Glade!
And this excludes Ace Dungeons i presume?

Correct. Ace dungeons are not part of this event.
StarSprite wrote: »
I'm just wondering what this exclusive elite dungeon is. A typo or something coming soon?

Sorry. That was my mistake (was talking about Ghillieglade).
Pamcake wrote: »
@Spacecats and EME I'm still not sacrificed. You change only mount? What about Gold Boost that is the most useless thing? What about everything that we made post about? Yeah, cool, we have flying mount, but too late for many of us who have lamas, pigs and myself a account bound dragon.

There is another change...
We live to serve.
MARVOA wrote: »
This is a good one. I hope an admin sees this. Although i don't think admins read these.

We don't.
Ketoth wrote: »
Halrath wrote: »
Ketoth wrote: »
Can you give us the crit chance equation? otherwise i wont be your friend

That's classfied.

which level of classified document? and when will be declassified?

That's classified.
natia wrote: »
Welcome back to Tera!

I'm not sure if this is part of the original writing team's lore but what was the original purpose of areas like Baldera and Velika Wilds? ;)

Those records are lost to time, I'm afraid.
Ketoth wrote: »
Can you give us the crit chance equation? otherwise i wont be your friend

That's classfied.
Baldurdash wrote: »
Halrath wrote: »
I’m currently doing extra chores at home to reduce wife aggro

Dang you're old school not many people use that phrase anymore :^)

Careful, or I'll beat you with my cane.
Vysse wrote: »
Cat pics or you're not accepted.

[Cat] [Cat] [Cat]

I don't have an actual cat.
Pages wrote: »
Alleged Chef Fieri is your doing?

Hi! I’m Robin. You might remember me as Halrath, scourge of the TERA Forums back in the day. I’m the new Associate Product Manager for TERA, where I work closely with Noesis.

I’ve been gaming since I was just a little amazing, having picked up the Dungeons and Dragons Basic Set in primary school. I fell in love with that sort of interactive storytelling and never looked back. Love RPGs and MMORPGs and have tried (and loved) a LOT of them. As far as TERA goes, I was part of the original writing team WAAAAaaaaaay back when, where I shepherded the mystics and castanics. If you ran into any “alleged chefs,” that was also my doing.

I’m excited to play TERA again because I’ve spent the past few years in Asia and haven’t had many opportunities to do so. Plus, we can FLY now, which will support my favorite in-game activity: Exploring. Eager to give the valkyrie a spin, too.

I’m to attest to some facts to prove that I’m not a part of the Borg…

Love writing (obviously) and am writing science fiction in my not-so-copious spare time.
I love to travel. Lived in seven countries and visited a whole bunch more.
I gave a tour of the USS Enterprise when I was 9 years old. Got a commendation from the captain and everything.
I speak English, bad English, and a teensy bit of Chinese. My in-laws would like me to speak more.
I’m currently doing extra chores at home to reduce wife aggro when Mass Effect: Andromeda releases.
Resistance is only futile if <1 Ohm.
I heart Castanica.
That’s it! Looking forward to helping TERA and serving the finest players in the world – YOU!

Can someone help me with this ?
I get this more and more recent with this game when i push play.

i tried redownloading it, i have not messed with the S1engine file, run the repair tool, exclusion on the anti virus programs, deleting game.version file, Windows 10, drivers etc. are all up to date.
Anyone gots tips or tricks before i send a support ticket, because i would like to play tbh.

Our very awesome support section has this guide. Give it a shot.
Pamcake wrote: »
Baraka only class, yes and please.

I would LOVE to see a baraka-only dancer class... /dreams
Super late? You necromancers are such kidders.
A dead horse AND a necro thread? Awesome.

There are no plans for the Jeweled Lion at this time. It's the current elite mount. When that will change and what happens to it afterwards is lost in the fog of war.
The graphics were prettified, but that doesn't preclude insanity on your part.
kogonotory on 04/10/2013, 09:06 PM - view
Monokrome on 04/09/2013, 11:00 AM
It's because female Amani are a rare sight. Here's my slayer. People stop, stare, then tell me how frightening I look. Hope this image comes out right...

She looks pretty to me ;3;

Indeed. She may be a hipster murder machine, but definitely a pretty one.
I'll check with WallyPark on this. I know he was working on clearing those up.
Could you please all the way out of the game (and the launcher), log back in, and then try the purchase again? That would help us verify the problem.
Okay. Thanks. I'll push back on this!
This is a dead horse, in a duplicate topic, that has been covered, and discussed to death.

TERA doesn't have damage meters. We have no plans for meters. If your focus is getting to the top of a chart, you're DPSing wrong.

The candyspinner is available through the Pet Food Box. It's not available for direct sale.
I've pinged Treeshark about this.
I've pinged Treeshark about this.
Thank you, Kultra.
Please keep your comments constructive. If you don't have anything substantive to add, move along to another thread.
While the situation doesn't sound exactly like yours, you might try this. CS uses this solution for other black screen issues, and it might help here.
Customer support can help with most any issue, but particularly in the case of account security, they're going to be thorough. File a ticket and reclaim your account.
Yeah, you shouldn't report non-English speakers. That's not against the rules and just clogs things up for the legitimate reports you do make.
Let's not create more duplicate threads, please. Redirecting to where your idea popped up.
I'll check on this.
Solomon suggested a couple of things, namely try clearing your browser cache and trying a different browser. See if you get the same result.

If neither of those get you where you need to go, I suggest you file a ticket so customer service can troubleshoot the matter with you.
You'll need to contact customer support, PZN. The forums can't help you resolve this.
And then we moved on with our lives and anime viewing.

Okay. Name calling and capslock? Totally time for a stake...

Bump posts are against the TERA Forum Rules.
Bump posts are against the TERA Forum Rules. The next one gets a lock.

If your updates aren't meaningful, they aren't necessary.
I asked our QA team to investigate this. It's not an issue we've been able to reproduce, but we'll look into it.
This sounds client-side to me. I suggest this diagnostic tool to get a handle on where the problems are coming from.
Okay. With the duplicate links of our duplicate links, I think the thread has run its course.

Good effort and concern for the community. Glad this problem had so many solutions.
Unfortunately, at the moment there's not much. I have requested additional report functionality to cover cross-server reporting and such, and I think that'll go a long way towards fixing this inactivity.
Ouch. The necro. It buuuurns.

This guide should answer your questions.
- view
ch' at='04/08/2013, 08:23 AM'] Minazuki on 04/08/2013, 07:02 AM
If you need gold for buying off gear/mats on broker...I would suggest not to farm at the beginning
As Pocke[filtered]ch said....it all about time.

LOL, WTF? The part of my name is filtered? /Facepalm

Because you're naughty. Or something. *rages at filter algorithm*
I'm sorry about the delay and hassle. We're aware that some transactions are held up and WallyPark will save the day. He'll be all over this issue today.
Sorry about this interruption, folks. It's not intentional and the good news is that WallyPark is tackling this issue today.
No. It's always been bound to the UUID. That's by design. The name is just for your convenience.
Weekends are commonly busy time from brokers in any MMO, just like weekends are the high volume shopping days in the real world. People get a large chunk of time, they get serious about purchases, enchants, etc. and go wild at the brokerage.
Kindness on 04/08/2013, 08:51 AM - view
Adaryn on 04/08/2013, 03:59 AM
You do realize this thread is a year old right? :P

No, I'm fairly certain most of them don't.

This has probably got to be one of the most sucessful necro's I've ever seen.

Threadhotep has risen...
I'm sure it is. The refund would be processed by customer service, so you just need to open a ticket.
Oh, well, since Naoto completed the ritual...

Naw. This discussion went on long enough to make me believe in life after death. THIS TIME.
Edited by: Halrath over 1 year ago
All right, let's not do this. Question asked and answered both succinctly and in greater detail. Let's move on.
This is a good time to remind everyone to keep the comments clean, classy, and constructive. Trolls and flamebaiters, reply at your peril.
Discussing modifying the client is against the TERA Forum Rules. It is not overlooked.

Bumps are against the TERA Forum Rules.

Yes, if you contact our support team, and file a ticket, they'll process a refund and get you sorted out.
Meanwhile, on our support site...
KittenStar on 04/08/2013, 05:26 PM - view
1. Sheep. Because sheep.
2. I found him on the ground, thus he became mine. Because sheep.

Epic. This is like Hemingway's shortest story epic. Because sheep.
Edited by: Halrath over 1 year ago - Reason: Typo.
Darlingchan on 04/08/2013, 12:08 PM - view
@Halrath- If the forums aren't rated M then why do they require you to enter your birth date before going on the site?

I opened up google chrome, entered a birthdate that would make me less then 18 years of age, and it said: "This content is not available to you at this time"

Why are mods so misinformed?

We're not misinformed. We're the arbiters and our decisions aren't up for debate.
Segar on 04/06/2013, 08:14 PM - view

Hi Welcome to Tera,

Heres a few things you should know about Who does what here.

K-Tera = Main dev team. (This is where all the content and stuff comes from.)
They make it in korea, Test it, Translate it for every other version of Tera.
Such as NA, EU, Jap etc.

After they're done, the will ship it out to the other locals that I listed above this.

EME = Localzation for Tera online.
These fine folks depend on if and when BHS (k-tera devs) will finish working on the
build for the NA version of Tera. When it gets here they get started on doing a final check
on it all before bringing it to testing, then Quailty control, then to you and me.

I'm sorry you dont like how NA is abit behind on patches, but like I said. BHS is the one
who makes it decides WHEN to ship it out. So sit down, Login, and enjoy tera.
Because when it comes. baby it comes in jo face. ;3

P.S yes, they read the forums just like very one else.

Segar did an EXCELLENT job of nutshelling the process of how a bill becomes a law in TERA's NA market. I'll elaborate a bit further...

First, we have to actually get the build from Korea. Then the Ops team gets it onto a server so we can actually see it. At that point, we can take a look at the files and see that what we got equals what we expected to see. This part alone takes time.

Then the writing team goes to work. They've got to look at every single item, creature, NPC, quest, dialog, and cutscene. They'll have to rename new creatures and items, verify that changed creatures and items work as intended, and that the quests and events flow the way we want. This takes more time. All of THAT work then gets edited, may get revised, rechecked, etc. More time.

THEN our hard-working QA team gets it all. They go through everything to verify that it works, that there are no bugs, that killing a level 3 terron doesn't accidentally drop T14 gear, etc. Any bugs found get kicked back for fixing, editing, and reintegration and testing. MOAR TIME.

After all of that, it goes back to Ops who verify the final build, pray nothing new comes in at the last minute, and deploy it.

And that's just work on new builds. Each of those teams works with the live builds and services, too.

In short, it's not a question of "Get files from BHS, drop into server, reboot." There's a lot of things that have to line up and any number of factors can halt or reset that process. It takes time, and we appreciate that waiting isn't fun, but I hope understanding more of the process explains why.
The question was asked, and answered, and the topic has since devolved.

This guide from our support section should help you out.
Tempest Reach...aw, darn.

I don't get to be a hero.
Sounds like a good adjustment. I'll move this to the Suggestions forum.
No, if you're trying to transfer from CH and having issues, it's more likely a specific condition, such as not meeting the level requirements, having an item on the broker, mail, etc.

This guide from our support section goes into more detail.
Edited by: Halrath over 1 year ago - Reason: Fixed link.
Before I lock this down, I will simply state that neither EME nor TERA have anything against homosexuals. There are gay characters in the game. You can tell from their stories, not from their appearance.

Okay. This is done.

Try this, Miranda.
Sucrilhus on 04/06/2013, 10:02 AM - view
Objective rules:

In game - You can speak whatever language you want

In forum - You can only speak english (Unless you're posting in the "Languages" section)

^ These are the rules. In-game languages are flexible, though it's understandable that people get frustrated with communications issues. The forum rules really aren't. It's English, unless you're in the Languages forum.
Those are new servers, and we wanted to give the players time to get leveled, gear up a bit before dumping them in the deep end of the pvp pool. Knoxxer has said their time of isolation is drawing to a close, so their status may change from [Single] to [Mangled and It's Complicated] soon.
Okay. This thread isn't about "Maids, Everywhere!" anymore and is about pricing and content, for which there is already a thread, so I'm going to lock this down and redirect the conversation there.
Roda on 04/05/2013, 08:01 AM - view

I don't see the Amani wearing it as a gesture of subservience, but think about the circumstances that would lead to her wearing one. Maybe a femani got injured in battle and can no longer fight or forge weapons. She would stick around the barracks and tidy things up while the capable soldiers do their jobs. This way she would be keeping the risk of infection at bay, and allowing the fighters more time to fight. So she wouldn't bow, like the Elin servants, but would give off a meaningful nod acknowledging her duty. (And she could still wear it as cutely as the Elin!! DX)
(As well as the castanic wearing it cutely. Castanics don't wear things to activate sex mode. They wear things because they like it.)


A well thought-out lore explanation? Outstanding!
Please keep the comments on topic and constructive.
There was a good discussion about this yesterday.
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