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Server maintenance will begin tomorrow (03/17/16) at 9:00 AM PDT. Estimated downtime is two hours. Just long enough to brush your teeth and drive your popo to the doggywash.

The patch notes are UP! Short list today.

Yeah, it's weird that this still pops up. Thanks for mentioning it, PaulisAwesome. We'll see if it can be removed soon.
I've prepared a slight increase to the drop rates of the permanent versions in the helm, mount, and inner armor boxes to be released following a maintenance to occur tomorrow morning.

Despite this increase, it is possible that not everyone who participates in the event will walk away with a permanent version of the items on offer.
Hi mickael57. Sorry to hear you're having trouble playing. The best thing to do is file a support ticket and explain the problem to our customer service team. Please do this in English in order to speed up the process.
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PumpedMT on 03/16/2016, 08:28 AM - view
Had to take this on 0 graphics but hope i win

So YOU'RE the Lancer we've been getting reports about!
CorviRei on 03/16/2016, 01:00 AM - view

I have this idea for this contest see? If you can post a screenshot here of the longest ever buff bar, I give you 100,000 gold see? Any server can participate. Any buff or debuff works. Basically, if it is a square on your screen it counts, the greatest number of squares wins!

This means glyphs, powerlinks, stances, guild buffs, dropout, kelsaik's whatever, gathering buffs, Cassian essence (ayyy lmao), I don't care, if it is a square it counts. Get creative.

But wait, some classes have skills and stances that give them an advantage! Awesome, find a friend, work it out, figure out which class may be the best suited for this. Figure out which boss fight might give you the most debuffs It's part of the puzzle, part of the game see?

This will start now and end exactly 1 week after, so on March 23rd at 11:59PM EST. You're allowed to post more than once.

Feel free to post questions on here at first, but I hope after any issues are cleared up, try to post only screenshots. (Full screenshots please, don't even try to photoshop).


Interesting idea for a contest! :D

CorviRei, can you please message me when you've found a final winner?

Good luck stacking buffs, everyone!
Sounds like you should open a support ticket for this. In any case, moving this thread to the bug forums.
Jixxur on 03/15/2016, 04:31 PM - view
Can't remember the last time I played this game but I want to get back into it and find someone to level up with me.

I am planning on making a Lancer, I want to play on MT server since I love PvP so if that is fine then add me! :3

I am not joining any big groups or communities/guild so please don't ask me, I just want to play with 1 or 2 people.

Thanks! ^^

Welcome back! Once you find a buddy to level up with, please message me both of your character names :)

Also, maybe you should seek out a guild while you're at it? We have a guild finder that could help. I'm sure there's a group on MT that will take in a returning player.
This Friday, I'll be providing an in-depth, on-air tutorial experience on Twitch titled "How to Die in FIHM." I'll cover every possible aspect of dying in FIHM, from burning to stabbing to freezing (my favorite) to just plain old bludgeoning. Gil Grissom would have a hard time diagnosing the multitude of fatal infliction I'm about to receive.

I won't be dying alone, however. Members of the TERA community will be by my side. But who?! Details TBA.

This will be a learning experience, but that won't stop me from also giving away sweet swag to those who hang out in the chat and join in on the fun. Watch this Friday starting at 3:00 PM PDT on the En Masse Entertainment Twitch channel!


A big thanks to Episky, Coco.Nut, Hyzenthlay, and Vi.Vice of Ascension Valley for their help last week clearing Dreadspire lower floors! We beat Kelsaik's butt good, and got ourselves some top floor tickets in the process!

En Masse Entertainment's new Producer Lawllipops joined me last week for an introduction. He answered a few questions about himself while providing top tier tactical information on Dreadspire consisting of "stop dying" and "do better." Without his expertise and morale boost, Montori would have crushed us all into cloud dust and scattered our remains off the side of the spire.

Here are some screenshots taken during the stream :)

Pre-Dreadspire sendoff party. Many players gathered to see us alive one last time!

A fierce team, ready for pain.

Another hero pic, this time with that dumb CM out of the shot.

Another crowd shot. Porkchan is angry. Someone told her Tempest Reach was pleasantly warm this time of year.

kirsch on 03/15/2016, 08:24 AM - view
"man the new guy hasn't posted since Favorable I hope we didn't scare him away" *new guy responds to every relevant post*

well played, well played

although I don't expect you to affect any significant changes in this regard, I STRONGLY suggest playing mystic instead of priest. priest outclasses mystic rather thoroughly in most aspects of the game, and if you want to understand the class balance problems in TERA, mystic vs priest healing is one that has existed since the start of the game and is still going on today. specifically recommending the underpowered class is weird maybe, but for someone who works on the game to only play the OP tank and the OP healer... I think you should try to get more perspective on the struggles of the weaker classes.

good point. I was thinking of playing the priest after what Akuarine initially said, but I am now leaning towards the mystic. I do like a challenge. AND its no fun to heal without some work.

I mean if i decided to let my party die, I can't blame other people if I am a priest, since I should be an automatic heal. :P
Derpty on 03/15/2016, 05:57 AM - view
I bet your brawler is an elin.

it's a human
Akuarine on 03/15/2016, 08:36 AM - view
Ido know that EME stated when NEXON took over the Koreans that they told us it wouldn't affect us in any way and they would keep publishing Tera same goes with Gameforge. So Until they actually do a Final announcement I do DOUGHT it :)

kirsch on 03/15/2016, 08:38 AM
short answer: no

long answer: nope

Not sure where this rumor sprouted from, but it's an odd one. EME will continue to publish TERA in NA, just as always.
Fixed it ;)
DBij on 03/14/2016, 05:37 PM - view
Are you going to be looking at the endgame of Tera? Currently there is actually no incentive to do anything in this game.

Endgame PvP battlegrounds are pointless because the BC and KS shops do not sell anything useful and being top ranked on the ladder doesn't mean anything or yield any rewards.

Endgame PvE is also equally unrewarding. Clearing FIHM is pretty pointless since Heartbeats can be obtained via Dreadspire lower floors which anyone in Schisma can clear due to it not being scaled for new gear levels. Clearing Dreadspire upper floors takes around two hours on average and after double digit runs it actually doesn't drop anything but Desolarus Tokens and the occasional diamond which is split between five people. It would be more profitable it to just do Ghillieglades and Island of Dawn quests which begs the question of why even play this game? Just farm dailies and keep farming gear that is not needed for anything?

i am interested in all aspects of TERA, but thats good insight. What would you say would be something worthwhile?
Akuarine on 03/14/2016, 05:15 PM - view
Hello well there is alot of diferences on priest and mystic but it depends do u want more survavility and more healing power? Or you want a class that can support wih less healinv power but wih powerful auras and buffs? It all depends i love both classes priest is easy to play hard to lvl up but its worth it in the end in my opinion is the best class for me i do main mystic as well but i dont love my mystic as much as i love my priest.

thats good to know...i may start a priest afterwards then and see how it goes. thanks for the feedback.
Aetona on 03/14/2016, 03:54 PM - view
Don't listen to him. You can main whatever you want. Brawler is a class in the game afterall.

with that being said how do you like the Priest class? How would you say it compares to the Mystic?
Patch notes are available!


These couple changes will be applied during tomorrow's server maintenance, which begins at 7 AM PDT. Estimated maintenance time is two hours.
AugustoC on 03/13/2016, 02:28 PM - view
"We want staff members who actually play the game and know our struggles!"

~Tera NA playerbase

"We introduce to you our new staff member, he mains a level 65 brawler"

...the cringe is real

i guess playing a class in the game doesn't count as someone who actually plays the game. And I can understand the "struggle" with the new class it does not mean I am not going to be only playing that class.

i mean i got to start from somewhere don't I?
Derpty on 03/13/2016, 11:08 AM - view
So, EME now officially supports pedophilia.

I don't know how you put two and two together? do only kids like candy?
Kensama on 03/12/2016, 08:06 PM - view
How do you work for the "Community" and not know how the forums work ?
Why are we stuck with people that don't know anything about the game making all the decisions. It's so frustrating.

I actually work WITH the Community team, but I did get my start IN Community. While I would love to know everything in the world, it has been my experience that a lot of games and companies setup their forums, and website according to their own personal style.

And you are right that currently I do not know a lot about the game, and willing and eager to learn, but if it helps set your mind at rest, I don't make all the decisions. ;)
Lawllipops on 03/14/2016, 03:33 PM - view
He is still around, actually hovering over my shoulder as i write this making sure I write only "good" things.

Honestly, what else could you write.
Kirine on 03/12/2016, 11:00 AM - view
Hi! And welcome in the team.

And please try to play some other class to max level too.
Enough of the brawlers, all in EME are playing Brawlers (even if they have other classes too, all they play are Brawlers)... little more diversity please, we have 11 classes.

You are right, but currently since it is my highest level, I am playing it so i can get to know the game content first hand. of course I will go and play the other classes when I can. Probably the Gunner, but I am open to any suggestions.
counterpoint on 03/12/2016, 09:35 AM - view
He mentioned before that he is now working on another project inside EME, and still was helping with TERA. I assume the arrival of Lawllipops means the transition is completing.

He is still around, actually hovering over my shoulder as i write this making sure I write only "good" things.
Lyem on 03/12/2016, 07:13 AM - view

Hey don't be transparent, let me call your attention to this topic.

There are a few missing things, like pictures of you, your desk, cats and dogs (but cats > dogs) and alot of other things!

Don't be shy, show yourself.

I am not shy, and of course I want to be transparent. unfortunately my desk is still bare since I am still moving (not a Seattle native), and I beg to differ dogs > cats. I have an all white dog and her name is Mollah (means "I don't know" in Korean) and my fiance also has an all black cat name "Justin" (its actually name means "Just" in Korean) I will get some pictures of them up when I can.
msoltyspl on 03/12/2016, 06:06 AM - view
Welcome to the "production" of semi dead game with a bunch of cancers eating it alive (particularly those post-2013 ones). Guess enjoy your stay.

What happened to Treeshark out of curiosity ?

thanks, but TERA is FAR from dead. As long as there are still people who love playing it, then I will be there to still provide more stuff to do!
OrionLoic on 03/11/2016, 06:42 PM - view
Are you lawllipops from lake of tears? I had a friend with that name when I played in LoT like 2 years ago o.o

Sadly I am not. And now I need to hunt down, i mean look, LOOK for this person with my name
kirsch on 03/11/2016, 05:54 PM - view
you are myyy herooo

I wish you much honour and glory in all of your future battles

are you ever going to level a good class, like lancer or mystic?

I have thought about a lancer, but I feel I already have a tanky character. I am thinking of doing a Priest, I do usually play a tank or a healer.
DaniMoore on 03/11/2016, 04:09 PM - view
Welcome! So you have a brawler, is that your main or do you have others? But nonetheless, I hope to see you in game some time soon!

right now I have a brawler, but I also made a gunner and a reaper. Im trying to get my brawler geared up and running the higher level dungeons right now, my gear level is only 368 so trying to level it up.
TWMagimay on 03/14/2016, 12:56 PM - view
How about we are standing at a waterfall and Jennifer falls over. Would you jump after her and try to save her? I mean, if we are gonna change the situation to not be related to the topic just to make somebody look like a butthole, we might as well go all the way, right?

Eh... I might jump. Depends on whether I was wearing dreadnaught or not.
TWMagimay on 03/12/2016, 08:52 PM - view
@Ilythien: So, let's assume you are single, 25 year old guy with no kids and parents happily retired in Florida. Tomorrow, your boss hires a single mother of 7 and tells you "So, I'm gonna cut your paycheck by 50% and give that money to her because she has greater needs than you". You are telling me, you'll be totally OK to still do the same job but for half the pay because somebody else needs the money more than you do?

How about the same scenario, only instead of a pay change your boss tells you "hey could you take a little time out of your day to bring Jennifer up to speed? She's new and could use a little assistance."
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I know I welcomed you on the stream last Friday, Lawlipops, but I just wanted to pop in here and say hi and please don't listen to anything Favorable says. The same goes for Trusted and Friendly. They think they're fooling people, but they're not. -_-
That I will Favorable!~
Greetings Community!

My name is Lawllipops and I am a new Producer here at En Masse. I am excited to be working on TERA and getting to know the community, and working to keep making TERA great and strive to make it even better! I got my start actually working for Community but eventually transitioned to Production.

I try to be as transparent as I can, and strive to work on the games I am on not just from a publishing point of view, but a gamer as well.

I have a level 65 Brawler, but still slowly learning the game and the classes, and look forward to hearing your ideas and suggestions.

I will see you in the World of TERA!
3/13/16 Maintenance

There will be a brief server maintenance at 1:55 AM PST. This maintenance will last about 30 minutes. There won't be any game changes so don't worry 'bout it. Go grab a coffee or something.
mayfl0werr on 03/11/2016, 03:04 AM - view
why is tera sending INFO to AMAZON, most important WHAT KIND OF INFO ?

It's a secure storage bin for small connection log files. Amazon runs high-speed data storage. Nothing is actually being given to Amazon the company.
Aulon on 03/10/2016, 04:17 PM - view
What about rewards such as the Master Alk, we have yet to receive them for Desire on CH.

The rewards were re-distributed today around 4 p.m. PST. Please have your guild master check their Item Claim.
Olvi on 03/10/2016, 06:48 PM - view
Very inventive way to introduce an item as volatile as a +15 scroll, and make it palatable to the community, all the while giving us a cool event. Mad props to EME and whoever designed it.

Thanks! We worked our butts off on the event. The design especially took a lot of careful consideration.
I increased the drop rates from IoD BAMs.
Episkey on 03/10/2016, 04:13 PM - view
What. I'm actually stunned right now.

This is totally cool, I'm so excited. I'll make sure to be online and watch the livestream, but is there anything I should do in advance?

I'll ping you about that now. :)
Aetona on 03/10/2016, 03:01 PM - view
As sad as I am to see that you've picked another group, one of our members wouldn't be able to go, so hopefully you have fun with Episkey's group.

Looks like you've got a great team, Aetona. Hopefully we can get killed together in the future. ;D
KokoNo on 03/09/2016, 12:07 PM - view
"Mind your manners. On other side of monitor is a living person".

Speak for yourself.

It was brought to our attention by players that Bezoar was not dropping from bosses on Dreadspire floors 16 and above. Our testing today revealed this to be true. We're investigating a solution to this, but in the meantime we have moved the guaranteed drop for completing the 22nd floor to "Montori's Haul: 22nd Challenge" box. We have also temporarily added a chance for Bezoar to drop from Kelsaik on the 15th floor.

For now, the bosses on floors 16 through 21 will not drop Bezoar. We have added an edit to the news post to reflect this.
Obscumbra on 03/09/2016, 02:01 PM - view

I stream HM dungeons (streamed my first DS2 clear) and some other content. I do interact with chat if I'm not busy fighting a boss.... and sometimes during bosses too c:

I don't really stick to a schedule, I normally just stream whenever I'm going to be doing something for several hours at a time (leveling new classes, attempting new dungeons) so I don't end up boring people.

Excellent. I'd love to check out your channel sometime.
Thank you for linking Denommenator's response, Ginjitsu. Locking this thread since the question has been answered.
Episkey on 03/10/2016, 11:17 AM - view
To begin with, let me introduce the stars of the show!

...Hyzenthlay (Gunner) and Vi.Vice (Brawler) will be our DPS in this encounter.

...*Cue dramatic music and lightning effect*

...Their synergy in combat rivals that of the gods.
Their tactics are unknown to us … mere mortals?

...the elusive big-headed lamb of AV. Give it up for Coco.Nut (Mystic), our secondary healer for this encounter!

...Alas, don’t let her fluffy and dreamy exterior fool you. This co-guild master of “Restless” will have you doing anything but counting sheep!

...Her Mystic “Aura of the Merciless” doubles your base Crit Factor! Her presence alone in the party augments your potential DPS by double – no … triple*!

...Our penultimate member of the party, is well … me! Episkey (Priest), at your service. I will act as the primary healer in this encounter.

...I’ll be having my cursor on you all night bby ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Last, but certainly, not least ...
...We need you, to be our tank! :D

You're hired.
Geletron on 03/10/2016, 02:32 PM - view
We worked with Bluehole and they were able to provide us with a hotfix that reduces the amount of info they collect when the game lags a bit. We deployed the hotfix during today's maintenance. You will still notice traffic to the Amazon IP address, but now there is significantly less connectivity information being transmitted. We hope that helps clears up some of the lag issues you have been experiencing.

Thank you GELETRON.
This is going to be a harder choice than I thought...
They're a bonus for elite players as part of a promotion we're running. The news post will go up momentarily.
They're still on the way. :) Ops & Platform are still working on the backend so your EME account will allow you to log into the new forums. We'll have more updates as the team gets closer to all the engineering/programming and all.
While everything involved in this event is tradable, I just got word that some materials & rewards (like the enchanting scrolls) won't show up in trade broker searches until early next week. Until then you might want to skip the broker and just sell & trade these event items the old fashioned way.
eddure on 03/10/2016, 09:36 AM - view
Ascension Valley

I can confirm they are dropping on AV from IoD BAMs.
Feenox on 03/10/2016, 09:31 AM - view
really? eme, its not april 1st yet...
is this a joke? +12 scroll is fine who cares. but +15? are you kidding me? i hope EME realizes they dont have to and in fact should not follow in EU teras footsteps because they are suuuper p2w and ended up losing a huge portion of their players a while back for poor decision making skills.
not to mention there was countless threads when EU's +15 scroll came out on NA forums and it seemed the general consensus was that we did NOT want +15 scrolls.

You have to play, not pay, as part of this event to earn the scroll.
eddure on 03/10/2016, 09:30 AM - view
I don't think it drops from IoD BAMS. killed about 30 iron giants and hydraths, not one drop. It's definitely bugged, or EME's brain is malfunctioning. If this is the intended rate of dropping, do you honestly expect us to farm 250 of these.

May I ask what server you're on?
Nightx on 03/10/2016, 09:30 AM - view
So we have +15 scrolls ?

Are these tradable by any chance ?

They are!

Velik has announced the Grand Hunt, a new in-game event to collect and combine special materials around TERA for various rewards. The event will run between NOW (March 10) and April 5 (following server maintenance).


Good hunting!
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We worked with Bluehole and they were able to provide us with a hotfix that reduces the amount of info they collect when the game lags a bit. We deployed the hotfix during today's maintenance. You will still notice traffic to the Amazon IP address, but now there is significantly less connectivity information being transmitted. We hope that helps clears up some of the lag issues you have been experiencing.
Tiny update here but the team is still investigating. The Amazon IP is used to log game connection activity (like lag spikes for instance). That's why people are seeing that address in use. I hope to have a little more info tomorrow.
CSalv on 03/09/2016, 06:22 PM - view
Did the technical team get back to you on the issue regarding large amounts of data being pumped to, supposedly, Amazon's servers?

A small update, yes. I'll respond in that thread.
Small list of changes tomorrow. The notes can be found here:


Servers will come down at 7:00 AM PST to apply the changes. Estimated downtime is 2 hours.
Liloca on 03/09/2016, 02:35 PM - view
So if we run you through lowers we get to drag you into uppers time permitting?

Time permitting :)

Thank you for your application! Your team looks both fierce and freezing cold.
voidy on 03/09/2016, 10:44 AM - view
If another contest is held, please consider letting the community vote on the winning entries. We're the ones who get stuck looking at the winners, after all.

That's one of the things I'm looking into. Ideally, it would be a combo of the community and EME.

But yes, we've got a contest coming down the road. We'll be announcing it a bit later, once all the legal stuff is worked out. :)
Aetona on 03/09/2016, 01:26 PM - view
Characters as in their gear or just the characters themselves?

You don't have to list your gear or anything like that unless you want to. Individual character names ARE appreciated. That way I can give you proper introductions on the stream (and so I can find you to group up, of course).

Convince me you are a dangerous bunch of BAM killers. Tell me a story. Show me your fashion. Do you have a team name? Could I trust you to pull of a heist, Ocean's Eleven style? Do you hang out on really tall rocks? Do you EAT rocks for dinner? All of these details will help me decide.
StarSprite on 03/09/2016, 01:04 PM - view
Do we have to be from a specific server to apply or is this open to applicants from all servers?

Good question. Any server works! I'll come to you.
This Friday, I'll be tackling a dungeon that the toughest, most rugged TERA players have been running for the past week (introduced in the Dawnfall update.) A place where nightmares come to life while tiny space kittens cry for their mommies and daddies.

Spacecats is going to DREADSPIRE!

... now I just have to find a group of heroes that can hard carry me to the top. I'll be playing a Brawler and would prefer to maintank. ( ▀ ͜͞ʖ▀)

If you and your friends are experienced and up for the challenge of battling to floor 15 (and beyond?!) this Friday between 3:00 and 4:00 PM PST, post your application and credentials in this thread. I will not just choose anyone! You must be capable as well as flavorful and delicious! Screenshots of your characters are appreciated but not necessary. Tell me about your crew and their determination to drag TERA's new CM kicking and screaming to the top of the spire. The team I select will have my eternal favor... if we happen to survive.

Watch the massacre live this Friday, March 11 on the En Masse Entertainment Twitch channel, starting at 3:00 PM PST!

Joining me on the air this week - Eric Han, En Masse Entertainment's newest game Producer! He just started last week, meaning I am no longer the new guy (right guys?). I'll update this thread with some additional info soon, but mainly he'll be operating our on-air swag cannon.

I want our list of streamers to grow! If you're still streaming and already posted, or you're brand new to it, please give any fun info you'd like people to know about your channel.

Schedules are very useful too (if you have one).
StarSprite on 03/09/2016, 11:42 AM - view

Check to see if the gear up for grabs is for your class before rolling on it.

This is a tricky one I'd love to get in the game, but it depends so much on party loot settings and player preferences. A lot of players assume feedstock is the #1 priority. I was thinking of something like:

"Looking for a specific piece of gear? Tell your party members before the fight starts to avoid accidental loot rolls."

StarSprite on 03/09/2016, 11:42 AM - view
Not a mystic main but I leveled one to 65 and occasionally pvp/pve on it. Only red motes cleanse and heal. Blue just give mana back!

Good enough, thanks. I edited the top post to reflect this.
Obscumbra on 03/09/2016, 10:57 AM
I thought it was only HP motes.

I think you're right. Can a Mystic main confirm this please?
Sorry for the moderation, GunnerPve, but your comment was completely off-topic to this thread. Please wait for your ticket to be handled by the TERA customer support team.

Awesome suggestions so far, by the way. It looks like Crystalbinds in particular could use a loadscreen message (or even two).
Hey TERA players, did you know that the sap of Tiaran the Sorrow Tree induces a dreamlike state?!

... yeah you did. But what other cool things do you know that AREN'T currently a loadscreen message? If you could put a useful tip, piece of cool game lore, or encouraging message in the game, what would it be? What do you find promotes great in-game behavior and good partying practices?

Keep it as newbie friendly as possible, but also think about the kinds of questions you constantly see in public chat. What's the one piece of info you often wish your party members knew going into a typical level 60+ fight. Tips for specific bosses are less useful here (most players will never fight Nightmare Desolarus, so save those tips for when you're in FIHM.) This is about general TERA advice, not anything dungeon-specific.

If you have a text suggestion, remember that shorter is better. Keep it shorter than a tweet and imagine how it would look on an actual load screen with only three seconds to read. For tips that require a picture to illustrate, give a little description of what that would show. This is a challenge to communicate a really sweet game tip as succinctly as possible. Lore & jokes are good too :)

Here are some examples to get your mind grapes turning:
- Dyads are high level crystals that never break! You can create them with Dyad Niveot Structures found in high level dungeons.
- In dungeons, wait for everyone to arrive before starting. You are a team!
- You can turn chat channels off by right-clicking a chat tab and choosing tab options.
- If you need charms, it's likely the rest of the party does as well. Throw down a campfire & buff up!
- Attacks from behind have a much larger chance to crit your opponent for massive damage.
- Did you know that picking up a Mystic's mana mote purges poison?
Hmm, we are due for another fan art contest...
That's an odd one. Thanks for the info and screenshots! I've moved this thread to the bug forum.
Ginjitsu on 03/08/2016, 02:16 PM - view
I think people should stop posting about other games in the official forums of Tera ¬.¬

This is more of an off-topic post since the focus is on general MMO gaming. I've moved it to the off-topic forum where the conversation can continue.
Alright, guild emblems, skills, and mounts should all be correct now with one exception: a few guilds in the Challenger league are still missing their Brave and Loyal Black Lions. We ran into some issues when attempting to re-assign these. We'll continue to work on it and I'll report back once they're properly assigned.

We will continue to investigate the possibility of completely resetting the current season-in-progress as well.
Elucifer on 03/08/2016, 04:08 PM - view
This is some baby back bull[filtered] right here.

We are expected to believe that you guys unintentionally left out the crucial detail that the increase is only going to affect two VG that is out there?

At least have the balls to be honest that you intentionally decided to mislead the entire community and get their hopes up over your disgusting lie.

Seriously, cut the crap.

Misleading or intentionally deceiving the community really serves us no benefit. That wasn't my intention. I was just trying to clarify what changed in the patch specifically in reaction to player's feedback in this thread. What I thought we deployed were adjustments to all the 65 dailies but upon review, I confirmed this was not the case. I can understand how this came off though.

We're reviewing the full line-up of Level 65 dailies and will make some additional changes in the very near future.
The investigation continues! For those experiencing this issue, could you please specify whether you're running TERA from Stream, a website download, or other source?
We're in the process of re-assigning the skills/laurels. The guild bank issue though will require some support from the developers.

We'll also see what can be done about resetting the ranks for the current season.
PresidentJesus on 03/08/2016, 10:06 AM - view
pre·ex·ist - "exist at or from an earlier time.
"a preexisting contractual obligation""

So do all of the dungeon dailies prior to FIHM and DS2 that were already dailies not count as "pre-existing"? The battleground ones also were before this patch, and yet those remain unchanged as well. So what is your definition of "pre-existing"?

We'll give this another pass and make it right. It's unfortunate we did not hit all the quests today as we suggested in the patch notes. We did not intend to deceive and we appreciate your patience while we sort this out.
Thomastic on 03/08/2016, 10:49 AM - view
Battleground scores didn't reset either.

For the current season, you mean?
Asumiyan on 03/08/2016, 10:38 AM - view
Right now we're being forced to choose either to get double the credits, or, do 3 IoD for half but get a bonus with the new tokens and such things. Was that the intended outcome of doubling those quests (including TAR) everybody was looking forward to not having to do anymore?

The change was intended to apply to all quests but it looks like we did not correctly apply them. We're looking into why some were left out. It was not intentional.
We'll look into adjusting/re-balancing the remaining quests relative to those that were already changed.
I adjusted these. I'll get a hard fix in for our next maintenance.
Pantsu on 03/08/2016, 10:03 AM - view
After the maintenance, my Guild's rank was moved from 9th to 1st, where it should be. However we're still missing some stuff:

Gold Laurel around guild emblem(The previous #1 guild, which is #2 now, still has the gold laurel.)
Dark Wings skill(We still have Dark Hearts)
Guild Mount(Loyal Black Lion?)(Guild Master is also missing the GM Mount for 1st place.)

And Crusade rewards, but we already received word that they would be redistributed within 1-2 days.

Server: Lake of Tears
Guild: Revolt
Guild Master: Senpai

We'll look into having these restored as well and provide an update ASAP.
Loyal on 03/08/2016, 10:08 AM - view
having the same problem here, not only this but we got our castle back but it won't let me add stuff to the skycastle unless I have 100g in guild bank. I put in gold in guild bank but it still has the same problem.

Not only does it not recognize the gold in the guild bank, the gold in the guild bank is slowly depleting 200g every few seconds. Anyone else having this problem?

That is truly strange. We'll investigate and I'll report back.
Edited by: Denommenator 1 minute ago
We applied the increase to those Level 65 dailies that were pre-existing, not the new ones. This should have been clarified in the patch notes; apologies for the confusion.

We may re-visit the new quests and make adjustments based on our data and player feedback.
Since there's already a thread about this (linked in OP), I'm going to lock this duplicate.
The team is pretty focused on the morning patch right now, but I'll bring this to their attention.
Bringing this to the team's attention to see if we can get an answer. Thanks for posting this info & the screenshots, everyone.
Nebula3 on 03/08/2016, 08:53 AM - view
Its a very hard, grindy game. The end game dungeons are literally overkill when it comes to how hard it is to beat them. I cant literally do any dungeon in that game outside of Channel Works and KDNM. I constantly die when i do KDHM, FINM, Dreadspire, SCHM, etc

I am literally becoming frustrated with this game cause everything is so hard and grindy!!!
And i simply just want the game to be more and more casual friendly.

While I'm sorry you're feeling frustrated, you must realize that the dungeons you're constantly dying in are designed to be high-risk, high-reward. The greatest challenges should yield the highest reward in any video game.

It's fine to be a casual player, but please realize that Forsaken Island Hard Mode (for example) is specifically designed to be a challenge for hardcore players. There's nothing wrong with fighting in Channelworks and easier to manage dungeons as a casual player. If you're not in a guild, maybe joining one would help you progress to the point where top-level dungeons are more doable. There's a lot of advice out there for players looking to become more powerful in the game.
Ultemecia on 03/07/2016, 05:58 PM - view
No, he will be known as Spacekitten. Saw it in another thread and that is what he shall be referred to as until he's here for awhile and earns spacecats. :D

Spacecats is not even my final form!
We believe we have pinpointed what is causing the problem. We are contacting Bluehole now to see what we can do to resolve the issue. I will post an update to this thread when I have more information.
Hi everyone,

The technology team at En Masse is looking into this problem. We are not hosting servers on Amazon so we cannot pinpoint an immediate cause of this problem.

It would help us narrow down the problem if you could provide us with a little more information:

1. How did you download the game (through Steam, Happy Cloud, TERA web site, BitTorrent, etc)?
2. What are you doing in game when you experience the lag spikes (waiting in town, running a dungeon, browsing the in-game store, etc)?
3. How often are you experiencing the problem?
Danicia on 03/07/2016, 04:26 PM - view
I just sent a note to Denom & Spacecats to verify.

Looks like Quacklemore also got fixed.
Leluvely on 02/25/2016, 09:29 AM - view
Welcome to the community, Spacey! (Is it ok to call you that, because I'm totally gonna call you that if so)

Really loving how frequently you've been posting on forums and actually taking the time to talk to and get to know the players, your sense of humour is spot on as well. You seem to have a lot of motivation and drive towards keeping the community involved and updated, and a lot of great plans for future it seems. Really excited to have you here, man!

Also what a cute cat omg

If I tell her you said so she'll get a big head and start demanding more food.

(Also thank you for the kind words)
Edited by: Spacecats 1 minute ago - Reason: Just cause.
Jettie on 03/07/2016, 03:57 PM - view
Fixed an issue with recently-released account-bound mounts (Socko, Saltyko, Crimsonmare, and Shadowmare).

Did you fix quacklemore too?

I just sent a note to Denom & Spacecats to verify.
We'll verify that's on the list, too.
The patch notes for tomorrow's update are live:


This patch will be applied during maintenance tomorrow, which will begin at 7:00 a.m. PST and is expected to last 2 hours.
Edited by: Spacecats 2 minutes ago - Reason: Reasons
Tyler13 on 03/05/2016, 11:54 PM - view
youre links didnt work. i couldnt click on anytihng. im a founder and dont want to lose my perks by using steam

Your account & login will remain the same even when using the Steam version.
Persephae on 03/06/2016, 11:48 AM - view
Apparently too many people are leaving. There is talk about closing the servers down. I wouldnt think otherwise considering the population.

Banim on 03/06/2016, 11:50 AM
This is really vague. Where are the talks of closing the servers coming from? Sounds like peolpe overreacting.

If you're worried about servers closing down, stop worrying.
Nebula3 on 03/06/2016, 11:32 PM - view
thanks, i guess their probably contacting BHS about this whole issue.

Ashno on 03/04/2016, 05:53 PM - view
So groups that already cleared have to re-clear for chance at title again? Even if no one else on server has cleared?

Edit: Is there a way to check for those who cleared?

There's a 1/2 achievement that shows that you cleared visible only to the player.

Groups that cleared it legitimately will retain the achievement.
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