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Ultemecia on 04/04/2016, 05:23 PM - view
I'd like to know more about the dungeon. It's really really old content but is it the same as the original crucible?

It's been re-worked for inclusion in TERA Rewards. It's a solo dungeon and functions a bit differently now.
Viru on 04/04/2016, 05:36 PM - view
I read through the FAQ, but I have one question. Does the 1 year of elite status granted from purchasing about 6 trillion USD of Golden Gift Boxes count towards this loyalty system?

The elite status does not but the EMP spent towards winning it will.
Edited by: Denommenator 2 minutes ago
I edited my original response. It's really not clear if the enchant bonus affects 13 to 15 enchanting. I'll hopefully have clarification tomorrow once the new reward system is live.
Ultemecia on 04/04/2016, 05:02 PM - view
Any word on +15 enchant bonus or just +12? I understand if you're still getting clarification.

I'm still getting clarification, but it looks like it's just to +12. Awakened enchanting from 13 to 15 is different and doesn't use the bonus.
JasonLucas on 04/04/2016, 04:57 PM - view
65 deleted characters count also?

It's the number of 65 characters as of March 31, 2016. So if you deleted them before that date, they won't count.
There have been reports of DDOS incidents on the East coast. We suspect this might be affecting connections as our platform team's been unable to detect anything with our servers. Can those experiencing disconnects confirm whether you're on the East coast or neighboring states?
There have been reports of DDOS incidents on the East coast. We suspect this might be affecting connections as our platform team's been unable to detect anything with our servers. Can those experiencing disconnects confirm whether you're on the East coast or neighboring states?
Thanks for the bump. I'm going to look into this. Out of curiosity what EU TERA costume are you talking about?
Thanks for the information, everybody. The platform and production teams are trying to get to the bottom of this now.
Asumiyan on 04/04/2016, 02:16 PM - view
I crashed like 5minutes ago, logged back in and now im stuck like this:

Have you restarted the game and gotten stuck at the same point, or is this a single occurrence?
Can you guys describe what you were doing and where you were when you crashed? A couple people already mentioned FIHM. Were you in the middle of a fight? What areas are other people in when you crash?
Looking into this.
I removed a couple posts in this thread because people were throwing out insults to one another.

I'll be summarizing the feedback people are giving here for the production team to see (with a link to the actual posts). I don't want you guys to feel like you're yelling into the void just because I don't have an official answer for you right now. We are listening and working to improve a number of things mentioned here.
Unlocked for now since kamizuma wants to respond to a couple things here.
cocoisnab on 04/01/2016, 10:37 PM - view
very fun stream XD i'm sure lots of ppl liked it!

but but wheres my prize for winning trivia >///

You'll get it Monday or Tuesday! Also congrats again :)
Legerrarwen on 04/01/2016, 11:48 PM - view
So i cant help but feel they didn't buff DS upper loot just so he could spawn as many chests as he wanted without a problem cause well nothing came out of them. Kinda sad when you can spawn 3 chests of the "best loot" even to people doing floor like 3-5 and not have an issue with it cause you probably get more loot at floor 11/14.

Hope that means they actually noticed that drops from uppers are the biggest April fools joke of them all, just you know like a month long joke that they ignored and wasn't actually a joke..

Spawning chests was sort of a celebration of yesterday's weird event, and multiple pieces of starfall dropped for people during the stream.
Hey kamizuma (and everyone else) since I'm like 99.9% sure this is an April Fools prank I'm going to lock it in case people confuse it for a real event. Please PM me if you've got a decent argument to keep it going :p
Lunchable on 04/01/2016, 05:40 PM - view
Thanks for the traumatic memories Spacecats, I watched the cats you spawned eat donuts and make the saddest noises ;_;

I had a lot of fun though, I don't regret getting drunk at all for this event. It was fantastic, my friends and I had a good laugh.

That's awesome. And ah... sorry for the trauma? I know you'll power through it.
CaittlynnJr on 04/01/2016, 05:15 PM - view
Best stream this year IMO.
GJ Spacecats

Thanks a bunch! I'm glad you liked it :)
The Dreadspire achievement is still going to be given to those who properly earned it. Some things are just taking longer than we thought it would. Sorry for the wait.
Vizzles on 03/31/2016, 07:46 PM - view
Heya Spacecats, Criosa is offline at the moment, I am online on Noodles and am able to speak with you if you'd like. I can communicate anything to the rest of the group :)

Oh, sure. I'll PM you a copy of what I sent Criosa.
I'm moving this touching and thought-provoking event to the Events forum! Good luck to all!
Criosa on 03/31/2016, 12:40 PM - view
Hey Spacecats.

We're a group of friends who have cleared all the challenges in dreadspire and would love to take you along with us, we're located on the tempest reach server and are ready to lay down our lives to carry (fight alongside) you to the Queen.

Excellent! Looks like you're the crew!

I'll message you now.
This is amazing. Anyone know the Korean translation?
Sawao on 03/30/2016, 09:53 PM - view

In previous tournaments, a separate server was introduced, copying player data and providing everything necessary to form a build, including etchings, dyad structures, gear, alk, spellbind, race changes, etc.

That server still exists ;)
Mystletainn on 03/30/2016, 07:17 PM - view
The PvP tourneys were Tonka's idea in the first place and wouldn't have happened without him. I sincerely doubt they will happen again in any sort of fun way. No Tomka, no tourney I think. Can you imagine the current staff trying to shoutcast it, I mean Tonka wasn't the best pvper but he put in tremendous effort to learn and try and do a good job. Like Lailynn I think, many of us are just starting to come to grips with the death of what was a great game.

Another tourney is something we've been considering, so I kind of want to pick your brain here. What would be a fun way to bring them back? Do you just want another Skyring Slam or are there ways you think it could be improved?
Also a quick shoutout to anyone who participated in a PvP match during last week's Twtich stream and might be in this thread. Check your parcels. There's a chance I missed one or two of your in-game names. If I did, please PM me.
Legerrarwen on 03/30/2016, 07:30 PM - view
Would it be possible to get events for everyone playing the game and not just one group? or is it to hard to think of new events or even old ones that don't involve sitting in highwatch afk for 5 hours every weekend?

Like seriously throw us a gathering event or maybe one of those Easter type events that you guys didn't feel like giving us, like anything that everyone can enjoy if they want not just the one "lucky" group that gets to run with you.

It is possible to get events like that going, yeah. The login rewards were an idea to get people to log in and enjoy the game while getting an extra prize, so it's unfortunate that some people just sat afk. It's worth mentioning that these rewards were part of a larger event, Velik's Grand Hunt, which involves quite a bit of gameplay in different parts of TERA to complete and is a gathering event. You'll see more events akin to Velik's Grant Hunt in the future, but they'll likely be more elaborate and featuring different systems/rewards. This was just a first run.

If you have ideas for how to make it better, the production team and I want to hear them. Or even if you have specific ideas for how an event could play out in the game. Not in this thread though, please.

Last time I went to Dreadspire, I brought friends. We fought bravely and killed many of Montori's minions. We even defeated Kelsaik, and were awarded top floor tickets!

Now I'm going back and I need YOUR HELP.

If you have a crew capable of taking on Shandra Manaya, and you'd like to be on the stream, tell me about yourselves in this thread! I'll make my decision after 24 hours (6:30 PM PDT) and post shortly thereafter. I want all the juicy details, not just character names and servers. Do you have a group name? Are you all in the same guild? What's your favorite ice cream flavor?

The stream begins Friday at 3:00 PM PDT on the En Masse Entertainment Twitch channel. See you there!
I made an update about the forums in this thread.
Alas, with Harmonia leaving, and Spacecats and I taking on her responsibilities, we haven't put this back in place. We're definitely doing it this week, now that the GDC is over and we're caught up. You'll start seeing these updates from Spacecats, and if he's out, you'll see them from me.
hellno on 03/29/2016, 05:23 PM - view
Where is our VIP loyalty system?

This is still in the works. Unfortunately, the system was delayed, but we're very nearly complete on it. You can expect further information very SOON.

hellno on 03/29/2016, 05:23 PM - view
Where is our dungeon drop improvement? lasted I checked the hardest dungeon in game, DS uppers, is the least profitable dungeon. You can make more money doing IoD dailies....

We made some improvements to dungeon drops in the lead-up to Dawnfall and we have added drops to end-game dungeons as part of events we've run. I am exploring some potential solutions around Dreadspire.
frostious on 03/29/2016, 11:18 AM - view
Please tell him to visit CH and drop some cats. I need them. I need all the cats.

(BAMs are nice too, but mostly cats.)

I am sure this can be arranged. :)
Terraforming on 03/29/2016, 05:12 AM - view
Challenger League has Corsairs Stronghold, SCHM (High Score), and BRNM (Accumulated)

What happened to FIHM and DS?

Also the rewards are messed up. My guild got 2nd place in Challenger League and we only got 24 semis and 190k noc. Zero MWA. Why did you guys remove the MWA from the rewards? Why did you lower the amount of Noc?

I just verified that the rewards for 2nd place in Challenger League are indeed incorrect. All other rewards appear to be right. We should be able to get the correct rewards sent out to the affected guilds pretty quickly. I'll report back with an update shortly.
Edited by: Denommenator 1 minute ago
Hi all!

I've talked to Denom about this thread.

First, he's checking out the rewards and will get back to y'all with an update.

Second, he confirmed that yes, the content switches each season. The content was determined in the build sent to us, but we can look into changing that up in the future.

What dungeons would you prefer to see grouped together or featured?
MarkDRx on 03/29/2016, 05:44 AM - view
A GM dropped them, most likely spacecats.... he likes cats

That is indeed, Spacecats doing. He was all over MT yesterday, dropping cats. And BAMs.
DIONI on 03/28/2016, 04:01 PM - view
3s queue is broken
Bg merchants need changes, eme knows that but keep hiding themselves about this
Pvp Vg was not buffed

This is some kind of message for pvp players? Like "We dont want you?"

We're currently investigating the issues with 3's identified by players.

I'm putting together a plan to update the PvP merchants. This will hopefully hit in the next 1-2 weeks.

Crusades will reset tomorrow, at which time hopefully they will track properly. Unfortunately, we were unable to identify the source of the current issue. We're also working with Bluehole on a fix to re-assign the permanent mounts that some guilds lost as part of the issues with the previous season.
Edited by: Denommenator less than a minute ago
Hi and welcome to the patch note thread. Tomorrow's maintenance is typical server upkeep with only a couple small game changes. You can see the patch notes here.

Downtime will begin at 7:00 AM PDT and will last approximately two hours. Just enough time to finish off the final deformed chunk of last year's solid chocolate Easter bunny and remove the aluminum foil from this year's solid chocolate Easter bunny.
This has been passed on to the production team to investigate. Sorry for the delay over the weekend. I'll post here if there are any updates.
Hey Guys!

I just got back from Korea last night. I'm still here, I am just a little bit jetlagged though.

I went to go visit my fiance's family in Korea. You know, say hi, tell them I'm marrying their daughter, you know.

And yes I do play a brawler, but I actually just started a mystic. I am only level 62 though, and probably the worse mystic ever.

if you are ever in a party with a mystic that is terrible and dropping bubbles...my bad.
Nullucent on 03/28/2016, 10:44 AM - view
Spawn a dozen of these in velika (ง ͠ ͠° ل͜ °)ง

I've been experimenting in my BAM spawning laboratory and it's funny what works and what doesn't work for different reasons. It would be fun to fill the world with Bandersnatches. I'll see if I can add him to my list :)
sugarplump on 03/28/2016, 11:35 AM - view
He mentioned he was going to Korea but I'm not sure if he's still there

He just got back! I'll go poke him if you guys want ;D
Edited by: Spacecats less than a minute ago
The idea for a vanilla server is an interesting suggestion. I remember EverQuest doing this a long time ago and a lot of players seemed interested in starting fresh characters and reliving the early days.

I've moved this thread to the suggestions forum and will make sure the rest of the EME crew sees it. Thank you!
Edited by: Spacecats 2 minutes ago
The forums are not the place to discuss hacking, cheating, or exploiting. If you see this behavior in-game, you should submit a support ticket with all the pertinent information, so the Support/GM teams can review and take action.

It is against the forum rules to call out players for these actions, or call out players in-general. It is also against the Forum Rules to discuss Moderation. If you have questions about the Forum Rules or Moderation policies, you can email community@enmasse.com.
I got so busy last week I missed this thread completely! I might start spawning meaner creatures when I visit servers...

... but the cat armada will sail on.

Looks good for me on Highwatch. You might try and exit to character select and re-enter the server.
Blueflam3s on 03/24/2016, 11:16 PM - view
Bumping since you forgot to pin the thread! :o

I appreciate that ;D
I was able to get them in the dressing room this morning with BH's help. They should be there now.

Tomorrow (3/25) I'll be paying Valley of Titans a visit, streaming from 3:00PM to 4:00PM PDT on the En Masse Entertainment Twitch channel. This week's theme is... mysterious PvP shenanigans. I don't want to spoil the surprise, but several players will be scooped up and plopped into a special arena of my choosing. Chaos will ensue and goodies will be awarded!

We'll also get to show off TERA's new weapon skins in the process. What's better than a battlefield lit up with the bright glow of plasma?

Edited by: Spacecats 2 minutes ago - Reason: Because reasons
The unsubscribe link was unintentionally left off of this specific email. This has now been fixed and will appear in the footer of all future email communications.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention.
Yeah that's a mistake, there should definitely be an unsubscribe option included. Thanks for bringing this to our attention!
This is a known in-game bug that will be corrected, but is taking a bit longer than anticipated.

Moving to bug forums.
Edited by: Spacecats 1 minute ago
Just FYI, we're aware that the new plasma weapons aren't currently showing in the in-game Dressing Room. We hope to have a video up today that displays the new weapon skins in all their glory.
We're not going to have an Easter Egg hunt in-game this weekend. We are, however, working on a few more Community-driven in-game events, including the plotting and planning for the Anniversary in May. Spacecats and I have some BAM events, social parties, an art contest, and more.

As we get the details nailed down, we'll announce them. This is on top of Denom's weekly in-game events.
Have you heard the rumor? It's true! Maintenance will happen tomorrow beginning at 7:00 AM PDT!

It will last about two hours. Just long enough to put your Collector's Edition TERA 2012 Popori boxer shorts through the wash.

Have you tried opening a support ticket? This sounds like something customer service could help troubleshoot. Odds are they're run into something similar in the past.
Right here:

G. Discussion of Moderator Action
- Excessive or direct reference to past, present, or future moderator action on the official TERA forums.
- Excessive discussion or debate of the official TERA forums rules.

If you wish to discuss this topic, please do so via PM or via Community@enmasse.com. Continued violations of the Forum Rules can lead to the team revoking your forum posting privileges permanently.
It is against the Forum Rules to create posts and threads about moderation. If you have a question, concern, or need explanation of the rules, you can PM Spacecats or I directly, or email us at community@enmasse.com

Oshima on 03/23/2016, 12:10 PM - view
Spacecat you should also tell your community team to lay off on the delete/ edit button. There are good things that were said, serious advices that EME needs to listen to, but got deleted only because they came off strong. You shouldn't cover your ears and your eyes just because you don't like the tone. Moreover, that will only make people more upset, and they will come back with even stronger words, even insults. Then you would just ban them. That is a vicious cycle. What kind of company actively pushes players away?

The only items which are being deleted are actual insults against our staff or posts which continue to discuss moderation and post deletions.

You can say strong things, and difficult things. You can express frustration and, well, anything you wish in the context of TERA. You just need to follow the rules when you do. We haven't modified this thread other than the inappropriate comments, insults, or moderation discussion.

We want to keep this thread open and constructive; discussing moderation does not do that. If you wish to discuss Moderation and the Rules, you are welcome to email community@enmasse.com

If we can keep the thread on-topic, respectful, and constructive, we have no reason to delete posts and remove inappropriate things.

You should definitely [url=http://support.enmasse.com/tera/tickets/submit]report the player[/url doing it (select TERA >> "I have an issue in game." >> "I need to report another player.")

Chances are if this player is doing it to you, they're spamming other people as well. By reporting them you will put an end to their future crimes and be the hero Gotham needs.

Moving to the suggestions forum.

Sorry to hear you're leaving, andersonepk. Though I appreciate you taking the time to leave your feedback. There's still plenty of content in store for TERA. In the future if you decide to come back and play more, you'll definitely be welcome!
Hey all, I apologize for not posting in this thread before. This is an instance where I passed feedback to the rest of the EME crew, but didn't say anything to you guys to let you know I did, so some people assume it was totally ignored. The in-depth notes concerning the K-TERA update should prove useful to our production team when it comes to localizing these changes for NA. Until then, I'll keep this thread highlighted for them to look over.
Jerichow on 03/22/2016, 12:10 PM - view
Well it'd be nice if EME was a little more open to player feedback. I know they say they're doing more, but when I see something like this:


84 Posts | 7,622 Views
Voted +60, clearly something important to people on this forum

ZERO EME posts, none, zilch, nada, a ghost-town as far as Publisher responses goes.

It's honestly depressing, because that is THE THREAD to be posting on and letting the community know they're listening, even something like, "Hey guys, we're reading up on this. BHS doesn't always listen to us but we're going to send this to them anyway since they're asking for player feedback. We aren't sure what's going to come of this, but we'll try anyway."

But we don't even get that. Denom, Danicia, Spacecats, nobody even acknowledges the damn post, and that just tells the community that their real focus is on other useless crap like cloud heads...

That was a miss on my part, tbh. I highlighted that post to the production team here at EME, but I didn't post in the thread to let you guys know I did. I'll keep these class changes on their radar until it's time to dig into them and localize for NA.
Manifeed on 03/22/2016, 09:57 AM - view
So people like myself who have banned forum accounts will be able to start afresh? Doesn't seem like a good idea.

Nope. Banned accounts will still be banned.
CosmicCricket on 03/21/2016, 04:14 PM - view
Before the forum explodes about "muh free speech," I actually went ahead and compared the original OP and this one, and the original message is mostly intact. The only part of the post that was deleted was stuff any business on any forum they operate would delete.

By the way, OP, if you wish to preserve sites for your personal use, I suggest using a service like archive.is.

There's a lot of good feedback in this thread, especially the top post. I've highlighted it to the rest of the EME team. Unfortunately big threads like this tend to spiral out of control, and people start talking more about moderation and how the thread will get deleted then the actual topic covered by the thread.
Thanks for posting. It makes sense that a skill that used to be useful in dungeons should continue to work in newer content. This is something only Bluehole can change, but I've forwarded this feedback to them for consideration.
Catorii on 03/22/2016, 09:35 AM - view
That option better be ready by the time you actually launch them. The main site is unusable for me and a lot of other people that are prone to headaches or migraines. Literally can't look at the patch note page for more then 2 minutes without getting a pre-cursor to a migraine. It's an eyesore.

And if the "dark theme" is pitch black with white text, that's going to be just as bad as the terrible design you guys have done for the main site. Please make it close to our current theme - the colors are all very neutral and easy to see (text isn't quite white, but close, the background is dark grey rather than black, and the blue is very unoffensive).

I'm doing my best to pitch for it, but it really will depend on the resources from our web dev/platform/creative services teams.
ZebNiko on 03/22/2016, 09:09 AM - view
Incoming forum wipe!

No wipe. This forum will be archived and locked. More like we're starting over fresh. :)
Just finished handling some bugs with the forum software company. We believe we have them 100% stable, and will be testing them out with the launch of Battleplans. The back end stuff is mostly complete.

Spacecats and I will be mapping out the new TERA forums, bringing over some content, guides, and such, so we'll be asking for your feedback for what we bring over.

As an aside, the new forums will pretty much match the newer website look & feel, but we do plan on offering an option for a dark theme for those of you who prefer that.
March 22 server maintenance will begin at 7:00 AM PDT and will last approximately two hours. Just long enough to put a fresh coat of wax on your Baraka.

See the patch notes right here.
They are live right now. Higher chance to drop from both normal and hard mode Level 65 dungeons.
I posted in the other thread as well, but I buffed the rates on these a bit just now. They should drop more readily from max-level dungeons (both normal and hard mode).
Edited by: Denommenator 2 minutes ago
I buffed the Terebin drop rates for max-level dungeons today (for both normal and hard). It's true they were made more rare from Ghillieglade. They were being farmed at an unintended rate upon initial release of the event. The primary means of obtaining them should be from max-level dungeons.
Edited by: Denommenator 1 minute ago
Given the positive response to these we are exploring their inclusion in elite status as a permanent addition. At this time, it's uncertain how these will be delivered (eg. on the elite bar or not), but you can expect that they'll be included as part of the elite package again in the future.
Moving to off-topic forum.
kedros on 03/21/2016, 10:01 AM - view
When the community council is made? you mean "IF", right? just like most of EME's plans and promises, it just gets postphoned, delegated, or "overlooked". In my oppinion it was mostly a nice idea, but not quite practical anyway.

But you're half right. In general, half the complaints here are from people running with their face into the RNG-wall and then claiming it too hard/unfair/whatnot.
But a good part of them also have a valid point. Its not because only a handful of people have come to the forum to actually comment on it, it is any less true. A lot of people just notice it is already on the forum and dont upvote it or, like you said, dont bother coming to the forums for it at all.

Player council is still coming, but when it gets here the idea isn't that the council will replace player feedback. The goal is to increase the amount of player input we're able to process, not decrease it.

It's true forums don't represent the whole TERA playerbase. That's one thing every gaming company needs to keep in mind when it comes to their forums. Same thing can be said about Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, and all the other places we communicate with TERA players. But you guys DO take the time to post here and be part of the TERA community, and that means your feedback deserves to be heard. It does no good to deemphasize feedback solely due to the platform it's posted on.
Labello on 03/21/2016, 09:29 AM - view
Well, sure you defend the "improvment", but all i see is price skyrocketing on everything, but no way to make money or farm MWA, worse, absolutly no response from EME, 0, never.

The lack of transparency on the small patches regarding vanguards was crazy :
- oh [filtered], it's not good, but it's ok.
- in fact, we'll buff;
- no, we buffed only gathering quests, it's intended.
- in fact, no, we'll buff other

andddddd we see they didnt just buff, they nerfed some others quests too, in the ? no what we asked or wanted, or even needed.

Anyway, feel free to think they care about player, most of us don't, and the lack of response is sick...

What quest nerfs are you referring to?
Based on the feedback I've received here and elsewhere, I have increased the quantity of Bezoar drops from Dreadspire floor 22:

1) The Montori's Haul 22nd Challenge Box is now guaranteed to drop five stacks of three Bezoars that must be rolled on individually.

I updated the OP to reflect this.
You could always try the guild finder as well. In any case good luck landing yourself a guild!
Kirine on 03/18/2016, 05:20 AM - view
HAHAHA I can't even...

With all the flaws we have in our version of the game...
And you give us an event to keep us happy...
But it is soooo badly designed and implemented...
That you had to change it 3 times so far... and it is still bad...I won't list the problems here, because it would take too much of my time/I would state the obvious/noone bothers to care about it ;)
And I bet you spent a lot of time to think it through... the names, the drops, the rewards...

But at least you can learn from it :)

I didn't even bother to participate in this event after I read the announcement (which was so badly designed I just checked and you had to clean it up too? lol).

It was so obvious that it will be badly implemented (imbalanced drops, or no drops at all, lack of recettes, lack of imformation about the whereabouts of stuff), immense amount of RNG, which of course will be badly implemented and after all of that noone gets **** from these boxes.
I don't understand why would anyone open these boxes/use their catalysts until the very last moment, you guys always change it during the event....

Have you not had enough experiment with the designing of events???
In the past few years only Kyra's shack is the recurring event, everything else is different every single time! And the quality fluctuates sooo much. The amount of RNG we face now... hahaha so horrible. Not even the TERA letter even was this bad.

No conclusion, just bitterness.

(Lets not mix Festival of the Sun, Halloween event, Wintera and Rootstock here, they have designated areas and quests, not just a drop/kill based event)

Not to get all defensive, but isn't our adjusting the event according to live data and player feedback preferable to the alternative (doing nothing)? Sure, it'd be great to get everything right the first time, and you're right we are learning as we go, but that can sometimes be difficult when designing an event that touches so many different areas of the game. The event is 1/3 of the way complete, with plenty left to go. I'd rather make changes now to improve it then let it linger for another two-plus weeks.

Regarding the complicated nature of this event, we've added some visuals to the original news post (which will soon be updated with our latest changes) to help make it more easily understood: http://tera.enmasse.com/news/posts/announcing-veliks-grand-hunt
Edited by: Denommenator 1 minute ago
Sawao on 03/17/2016, 04:33 PM - view
Dressing Room ONLY displays cloud items now. On MT, facing the literal exact opposite problem of op.

Appears to be fixed now.
Cocudo on 03/17/2016, 04:56 PM - view
this changes are running now? if not when?

These changes are active now.
In my previous thread (http://tera-forums.enmasse.com/forums/general-discussion/topics/Bezoar-Drops-in-Dreadspire), I explained that Bezoar drops were not working for floors 16-21 in Dreadspire and our concessions around that issue while we explored a solution. As it turns out, we unfortunately will not be able to have Bezoars drop from the bosses on those floors after all.

However, after one week of the event being live, we have analyzed our data for the drop of this item and decided to open up it's distribution some. Bezoar will now drop according to the following rules:

1) The Montori's Haul 22nd Challenge Box is now guaranteed to drop five Bezoars that must be rolled on individually.

2) Kelsaik in the 15th floor of Dreadspire is now guaranteed to drop three Bezoars that must be rolled on individually.

3) Nightmare Desolarus in Forsaken Island (Hard) is now guaranteed to drop three Bezoards that must be rolled on individually.

4) Bezoars now have a chance to drop from all Level 65 max-level dungeons with the exception of Ghillieglade. Hard mode dungeons grant a higher chance.

The event news post will updated to reflect these changes.
PlagueFWC on 03/17/2016, 04:29 PM - view
pretty sure a joke isn't an answer...

No offense intended. I was actually in the middle of typing a longer response that warranted its own reply.

As a fan of PvP, I agree there should be more support for it. Velik's Grand Hunt has some rewards for PvP, but this is only a tiny step towards encouraging more Battlegrounds activity. I'm not the only one at EME that feels this way. In reality, a lot of the big things that would improve PvP are development additions/changes that would come from Bluehole, but I think there also many smaller ways we can help spark a resurgence in PvP. Things like community tournaments and inclusion of the Bellicarium and Killing Spree vendors in events.

Not tomorrow, but next Friday, I'm planning a PvP-focused Twitch stream. It will be a regularly occurring theme on our Twitch channel. I want to showcase PvP players who have mastered their class in the arena while also introducing TERA players to PvP who haven't tried it out before.

If you guys have specific things you'd like to see happen in TERA to improve the game for PvPers, this would be a great place to post them. You can post class change suggestions if you want, but again that's the realm of Bluehole and will take more time to be put in place.
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Squishies on 03/17/2016, 01:19 PM - view
On hindsight, putting some of the Velik Hunt materials as rewards for completing BGs wouldn't have been a bad idea.

You can spend Bellicarium to get three different materials in Velik's Grand Hunt. Rochens, and the Velik’s Fortune & Velik’s Gratitude receptacles.
Cutechan on 03/17/2016, 12:48 PM - view
I bet my monthly salary that no GM will ever answer in this thread.

Please send cashiers check or money order to:

En Masse Entertainment
1301 2nd Ave
Seattle, WA 98101
Heeeeeeyyyyyy.... moving to off-topic thx.
Just checked on CH and everything displayed. Is that the server you captured this on?
Should be there now, thanks for the heads up.
We identified an issue with the Happy Star Cloud and Angry Little Cloud that was preventing delivery to players upon release. This has now been fixed.

We have also identified the players that were affected and delivered their purchase directly to Item Claim.

Please check your Item Claim and the cloud you purchased should be there now.
Server maintenance will begin tomorrow (03/17/16) at 9:00 AM PDT. Estimated downtime is two hours. Just long enough to brush your teeth and drive your popo to the doggywash.

The patch notes are UP! Short list today.

Yeah, it's weird that this still pops up. Thanks for mentioning it, PaulisAwesome. We'll see if it can be removed soon.
I've prepared a slight increase to the drop rates of the permanent versions in the helm, mount, and inner armor boxes to be released following a maintenance to occur tomorrow morning.

Despite this increase, it is possible that not everyone who participates in the event will walk away with a permanent version of the items on offer.
Hi mickael57. Sorry to hear you're having trouble playing. The best thing to do is file a support ticket and explain the problem to our customer service team. Please do this in English in order to speed up the process.
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PumpedMT on 03/16/2016, 08:28 AM - view
Had to take this on 0 graphics but hope i win

So YOU'RE the Lancer we've been getting reports about!
CorviRei on 03/16/2016, 01:00 AM - view

I have this idea for this contest see? If you can post a screenshot here of the longest ever buff bar, I give you 100,000 gold see? Any server can participate. Any buff or debuff works. Basically, if it is a square on your screen it counts, the greatest number of squares wins!

This means glyphs, powerlinks, stances, guild buffs, dropout, kelsaik's whatever, gathering buffs, Cassian essence (ayyy lmao), I don't care, if it is a square it counts. Get creative.

But wait, some classes have skills and stances that give them an advantage! Awesome, find a friend, work it out, figure out which class may be the best suited for this. Figure out which boss fight might give you the most debuffs It's part of the puzzle, part of the game see?

This will start now and end exactly 1 week after, so on March 23rd at 11:59PM EST. You're allowed to post more than once.

Feel free to post questions on here at first, but I hope after any issues are cleared up, try to post only screenshots. (Full screenshots please, don't even try to photoshop).


Interesting idea for a contest! :D

CorviRei, can you please message me when you've found a final winner?

Good luck stacking buffs, everyone!
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