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I could remove the chance of diamond drop for a chance of ticket drop?
Grave mistakes were made in my previous post. Let me correct them. I am human, after all :).

I realize that it has been difficult for everybody to do the hardest dungeon and get little reward for your effort. Seeing as how time consuming and difficult dreadspire truly is, i think that these additions to the loot table will help alleviate some of the concerns that you all have with the dungeon. This is what I have to change/add for Montori's Haul Challenge 22:

- increasing current t9 feedstock drops to 5 stacks of 300 (was 5 stacks of 100)
- Adding 5 stacks of 500 mwalk
- Adding 5 stacks of 2 normal dyad structures
- Adding 5 stacks of 10 goldfinger tokens
- Adding 5 stacks of 3 goddess's blessings
- Adding 5 stacks of 10 noctenium boxes.

I feel with this players who can clear this exhaustingly difficult dungeon will truly feel as if their time and effort have been rewarded.

Feedback is appreciated.
i'm back to the drawing board on this.
I took a long hard look at the feedback we've been getting, the difficulty of the dungeon, and the current loot that Montori's Haul Challenge 22 drops. It's not particularly simple because it's not the hardest dungeon in the game, where i would have an easier time justifying adding a lot of stuff. But i don't want this dungeon to be a waste of time either. Here's what I have to put in:

- t9 Feedstock - I already see 5 stacks of 100 feedstock drop. I tested it and it does for me, but i'm wondering if this is somehow bugged?
- Removing a few drops of Desolarus Tokens. I don't think anyone is going to miss a few single stacks of Des tokens if we add other things right?
- Adding 5 stacks of Noctenium boxes (x5). That's 25 total boxes. These boxes yield random amounts of Noctenium Infusions.
- Adding 5 stacks of Goldfinger Tokens (x10). For 50 total tokens.
- 5 individual drops of Goddess' Blessings.

I think feedback has been good enough for this to go in next week. We'll take this week by week and see how it goes.
The assumption is of a 50% win rate, not that you win every time.

I think the same rewards are fine after thinking about it some more, but change the contributions for FWC KS to 1400, KS win credit to 1200, and KS lose credit to 500.

Based on my recalculations, the time value for FWC is way too high. I think i'd rather normalize how many credits FWC hands out than make it that much worse for all the other BG's. Still thinking though.
PlagueFWC on 04/14/2016, 12:31 PM - view
Great picks on the choices for items, but i do think the prices for the KS items are a bit low.
A Fraywind win will get you at least 5k KS creds, and 2 starfall mats per match seems a tiny bit much to me.

well crap, i forgot about the contribution credits.

Here are some changes in test right now to these stores. There will also be changes to PVE (dreadspire, as well as an abscess hm event dungeon), but those will be in a separate thread.


Bonanza Box price increased to 12k.
Patration Mark decreased to 10k.

Killing Spree

Niveot price reduced to 10k.
Dyad Niveot Structure reduced to 25k
Noct Battle Chest reduced to 5k


Dread Ore at 825
Ghostly Seal at 5k

Killing Spree

Des Heart at 10k
Dread Spar at 2.5k
Sea Ash at 2.5k
Inferno Ore at 650
Starfall Belt at 50k
Smart Dyad Structure at 100k

Given these numbers, the requirements for starfall, average times for BG's, and the point caps, i think these are reasonable prices, but feedback pls! I think this will give a very viable way for players to get Starfall via PVP.
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I think there are a couple ways we could balance things out gear-wise. This looks like it could be really fun, and I wouldn't mind throwing in a little prize support to keep things interesting. Thank you for posting this Sinacee, let's see how many fighters we can get!
Transfers are now open. Locking this thread since it's a duplicate.
Server transfers are open.
The price increase on Belli would only be up to 12k. Since the reward rate for Belli is higher overall than KS it's not right that they are the same price.

That said, i or spacecats will be making a post on further KS/Belli additions/changes coming next week (pending testing). The improvements will be greatly weighted towards KS so it should help those queues pop more instead of driving everyone towards CS.
5 stacks of 100 T9 Feedstock should drop no matter what on Montori's Haul Challenge 22. That hasn't really been mentioned in this thread so it's either bugged and not dropping (which would be opposite of what i just tested) or more needs to be dropped. Both are valid but i'd like to know which one it is.

As for improvements, i think we can definitley remove some of the des tokens dropping and replace them with other things.
13lackBlood on 04/12/2016, 04:32 PM - view
They should add a second tail to the fox elin variant to make it more appeasing, but then again it's not like the ears and tails have animations to them..... :c

It would be cool to have a 9-tail option.
CaittlynnJr on 04/13/2016, 07:33 AM - view
I like his cat Mingty

We're glad you like it! Full disclosure the credit cost might be adjusted in the next update or two, but the point was to get Battlegrounds kicking again with useful rewards, so it's good to see them firing more frequently. Enjoy!

Join me for ROUND 2 of Hello Kitty activities!

Last week, Lawllipops and I ventured deep into desire. Celestial Hills and Tempest Reach showed up in full force dressed to the nines in Sanrio character inspired costumes. The crowd was so big that we decided to take the on-air contest to our forums... and here it is, with over 110 submissions to consider! Who will walk away with the win?!

[url=https://www.twitch.tv/enmasseentertainment]Find out 4/15/16 starting at 3:00 PM PDT on the En Masse Entertainment Twitch channel![/url

Once we've shown our favorite costume entries and judgment has been passed, we'll move on to secret activities less tame in nature. I've got a special surprise battle planned for heroes on one of the servers we haven't visited in the last few shows. ;D
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vkobe on 04/13/2016, 01:55 AM - view
i thought than tera is already dead, so how many time tera can die ?


Splitbone123 on 04/13/2016, 12:35 AM - view
its already bad enough that they are slowly pushing towards a pay to win aspect

This is something En Masse is super aware of when making decisions to ensure TERA is NOT pay-to-win ("pay to cute," maybe). For instance, the only unique items in the TERA Rewards system are cosmetic. The rewards can be earned by all players given enough time (granted there's some adjusting to do, which we've acknowledged), but again these costumes and mounts don't help you "win" TERA, they just make you look really cool. I'm curious how you think we're slowly pushing towards something we're so against?
Hi everyone!

First off... I've done community management and social media work for other games in the past. I worked hard and did my very best, and while I believe those communities benefited from my efforts, I've never had a thread like this dedicated to thanking me and displaying extremely adorable artwork :D

And I think that fact says a lot about the TERA community. I've gotten multiple private messages since I started at En Masse (my eyes just went wide because I didn't get to check them yesterday and now I have like 20 unread, sorry!!) both with suggestions and notes of appreciation or concern from players who care about TERA and want to see it thrive. You guys are awesome and passionate, and you're not afraid to show your love of the game and fellow community members. I'm very proud to be a TERA player!

Secondly, I want to point out that I wouldn't be able to engage with you guys so frequently if En Masse wasn't the company that it is. Doing goofy weekly streams and improvised in-game events? A lot of companies just don't care about that kind of stuff, but EME does. There are less than 40 people currently in the company, and looking around the office I realize everyone here has had a meaningful impact on how I've done my job (and I still haven't been here that long!) I'm extremely fortunate to get to work with such skilled and dedicated people. As the TERA Community Manager I get to be the person at EME that you see on the most regular basis, but my hope is that by continuing to do my best I'm able to properly represent all the hard work that goes on here.

It's also my hope that many of the names and personalities at En Masse won't remain a mystery forever! Starting next Monday, I'll be facilitating regular Q&A threads in the forums that will feature a different En Masse staff member each week. These will be sort of Reddit AMA-style, but a little more conversational. These threads will let players ask different kinds of questions related to different staff positions at En Masse. We'll start with Lawllipops on 4/18 because I already made him agree to it heh heh there are a lot of production-related questions currently floating around, but I want to get a good mix on here so players can better know our writing team, graphic artists, quality assurance, platform, customer support, and more.

This has turned into a giant response and now I'm not sure how to end it. I'll just say THANK YOU VERY MUCH! When I'm not on the forums or in-game, it usually means I'm planning for fun stuff you haven't seen yet ;D. I'll do my best to continue improving!
AmatsuMortem on 04/12/2016, 11:55 AM - view
Do you have an approximate ETA on the class release? Even month would be nice!

I May have an ETA for you, yes.

Introducing the Secrets & Shadows update!

Secrets & Shadows will bring a new class to TERA: The Ninja. A hit and run fighter that deals massive DPS with her oversized shuriken!

The Secrets & Shadows update will also feature new dungeons for high level players, flying mounts, and more! The update is slated for release at the end of May. Look for more info as it's revealed [url=http://tera.enmasse.com/secrets-and-shadowson the official Secrets & Shadows page.[/url]

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YEah i think the belli boxes need to be more. oversight on our part.
More tickets equals more chances to win.
Try clicking the "Reset UI" button in Options>>UI Settings. You'll have to reposition everything, but it might give you a clean slate as far as UI elements not staying where you want them to. If that doesn't work, make a support ticket and they can help you troubleshoot.

In any case I'm going to move this to the bug forums.
Ah! You caught it before it was fully public (was techincally "unlisted")! We thought we had a little more time to make it pretty for you ;D

In any case, the real description is now on there. Thanks for flagging it.
Thanks for pointing this out. I'll get it fixed up right away!
Completing the 22nd floor in Dreadspire will now drop ten Level 65 Shadow Letter Boxes per party member. I updated the event news post as well.
Thanks for pointing this out. Denommenator will post in here shortly.
New patch notes are up. TERA servers will come down tomorrow morning (April 12) at 7:00 AM PDT for an estimated two hour maintenance. That's barely enough time to pour yourself a fresh nostrum and read the paper, but there you have it.

Tomorrow's addition will be a start and see what (if any) impact it makes. What will help the most is feedback that lets me know if it helped with q's, and how the reward to price ratio feels.

And uh, what else of our conversation did you screencap? :o
I'm really glad you guys had fun! As you can see from this and the on-air stuff I've been doing lately, I've got a few tools in my bag that I didn't have initially. I look forward to doing even more!
Madoif on 04/11/2016, 01:43 PM - view
What, finally we get a visit from a GM and I missed it? qq

Can you put a cat here spacekitten? This marks a great day.

I put a cat there <3
jeleos on 04/10/2016, 09:15 PM - view
This explanation really makes zero sense. The title explicitly states that it is for the first group that clears DS2. You guys have the logs that clearly show the first group that cleared it without exploiting, yet you decide that it isn't fair because other groups may have given up due to the exploits? This reasoning completely fails for two reasons (at least on VoT, but it looks like it applies to at least a few other servers):

1. No one else on VoT even cleared the dungeon for a good week or two. The type of players that go for server first would still want to clear the dungeon, especially since they have been preparing for this for months. I mean what would you do if you spend 2 months gearing up and reading/watching videos about a dungeon? You would clear the dungeon at least once if you could, regardless of titles so that all that work was at least for something. So this explanation is basically saying that there were other groups on our server contending for the title that gave up...but that brings up another point. The only groups that were seriously contending for the title were in our guild. It didn't even look like anyone else entered DS2 uppers on our server. No one else was on the leaderboard for the lower floors, showing that no one else cleared kelsaik for the ticket until many hours later.

2. If they wanted to "reset" it, they should have done it within the next day or two. Doing it a month later makes no sense at all since it means people had time to learn the dungeon and get it on farm. Server first achievements are supposed to be for the people who can adapt and learn the fights the fastest, not who can find the cheese comp that can clear it the fastest after learning

Honestly, the way this whole thing has been handled is terrible. I can't even fathom this sort of thing happening in the other MMORPGs where server firsts mean something like FFXIV or WoW. Can you imagine? A MONTH after the first clear, Blizzard resets it due to whatever "exploit" and has all guilds rerun the dungeon for the first clear? Completely unimaginable. especially since people/sponsors have money riding on it.

I've officially lost all hope in this game. I've been playing this game on and off since the days of MCHM, coming back for each patch hoping that they fixed all the issues I had with this game. But sadly, I can't support or recommend this game to anyone anymore. Peace out.

I'm really sorry you feel this way. This is an unfortunate situation for everyone that happened because of a handful of individuals (who have been identified) who exploited the game. When it came to solving the problem, it took collaboration with Bluehole to execute, and this added time to the clock. If it were possible to implement a fix in the first two days, believe me we would have done it.
nranola on 04/08/2016, 11:24 PM - view
Can we get some clarification from EME if it's possible to sift back through the clear logs...

From what I understand, this is possible.

...and award the title to the groups who should have gotten First Responder in the first place?

That's the tricky part. The fact that another person stole the title changes this. If you were in the middle of a DS run, racing alongside others to the top, and you start hearing people talk in Global about someone else getting there first, would you continue to race or figure you lost your chance and take a needed break? There are other factors that complicate the matter, but that's a big one. It's impossible to predict.

Knowing the process of addressing the server-first titles was taking longer than expected, and that the available solutions (no matter which one they picked) weren't going to make 100% of players feel satisfied, the team had to make a judgment call that made the playing field as even as possible so we could move on and work on other things.
Congratulations Terraforming!! That's an awesome achievement! I bet you worked your butt off.

(also moving to off-topic forums... but mostly....)

Thread update! See the first post for some clarification around multiple submissions and screenshots. I've extended the contest 24 hours so people can make adjustments if they want.
The Golden Gift box purchases will reward reward points and credits. If we missed rewarding points and credits for past Golden Gift box purchases we definitely want to know about it so we can send out those rewards. Please have your friend put in a support ticket about this issue so we can make sure he or she gets credit for purchases.
It was an oversight. The server transfers exist in system independent of our in-game and web stores so we didn't catch it when we updated those other purchase systems. The team is looking into server transfers now and they will grant reward points and reward credits in a future update. I don't have an exact date when the work will be completed, but we will post a notice to the forums when it is live.
CottonCandy88 on 04/08/2016, 04:44 PM - view

Hello Kitty :3

That's actually a gorgeous shot, but can you get one a little closer? I want to take in the full glory of your ensemble.

I've also edited the original post to call out "up-close" screenshots so that the background/setting is less of a factor.
Because today's costume contest had SO MANY PEOPLE, I'm turning this into a screenshot based contest. I'll add more details as needed, but basically in order to enter:

- Choose a Sanrio character that is your favorite
- Dress up in-game on theme with your character
- Post a clean screenshot, unmodified, of ONLY your character (no other people or NPCs)
- Include the name of the Sanrio character that inspired your sweet look

You'll be judged based on creativity/uniqueness, adherence to your character theme, and overall cuteness.

I will select the best costume(s) with the help of fellow En Massians and distribute cool prizes to the ones we like the best. HAVE FUN!
Blueflam3s on 04/08/2016, 01:07 PM - view
Try to be patient. I was one of the trivia winners during Harmonia's farewell stream and it was a couple of weeks before my prize was sent out. I had actually forgotten about it when Spacecats messaged me about it. XD I'm sure he will get around to you eventually.

Yeah a couple weeks is too long to wait, though. I appreciate your patience and I'll try to get much faster.
Amianne on 04/08/2016, 10:18 AM - view
Hey, Spacecats~

I'm glad that you're bringing the weekly streams back. Last one was a lot of fun and this one is promising as well, keep it up!

One question though... What's up with last week's trivia winners? Have you contacted anyone?
I'm asking, because I haven't gotten any messages from you or eme, even though I saw you telling someone here on the forum that the prizes, whatever they are, will be given out around Monday/Tuesday, but no word from you guys since then.
I was just wondering if you're delayed because of the drama over the reward system, or maybe forgotten about us. :3

There are some that I'm still waiting to distribute from the April 1st stream. I'm very sorry for the wait!
Darryen on 04/08/2016, 11:17 AM - view
So there was an announcement in game saying one hour (an hour ago) and then something about a goof? Is it now or in 4 hours still? Everyone is waiting on the stream and on CH thinking it's right now.

Sorry for the confusion. The announcement I set went out sooner than I wanted it to. Still getting the hang of those things. The stream is still at 3:00 PM PDT! So an hour and a half after I post this.
Zoknahal on 04/07/2016, 04:51 PM - view

Castanica Casino: Located at the heart of Castanica Desire Street, you cannot go wrong with this one.

I'm going to take your advice on this one! Desire Street is a little moody and dramatic lighting-wise, but A) Pink is a strong color there, and B) It has a sweet checkered runway that will be great for fashion walks.

Thanks for the suggestion! :D
Update: The vote is in, and tomorrow's costume contest will be on Celestial Hills and Tempest Reach. Time to put your kitties on display!
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[quote name='Fuzzy69' at='04/07/2016, 10:10 PM']Spacecats we're waiting for you baby


Wow, a diamond! Excellent shot. Who's the popo to your right that didn't get the memo?
Aishy on 04/07/2016, 06:11 AM - view
Spacecats dude, I'll carry you through FIHM if you tell us any news about those Talisman Trio and Everful Nostrum pls :3

Well with an offer like that...

Talisman Trio and Everful Nostrum will be added to the Elite bar following Tuesday's (4/12) maintenance.

(and no, you don't really have to carry me through FIHM. I just thought this was one of many good places to post about this. Please help spread the word!)
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Zoknahal on 04/07/2016, 02:03 PM - view
I have the perfect costume mix for this! I knew gathering so many costumes would pay off someday. Too bad my aman is not cute enough for this :( so ill have to go with elin. Ill try hard for my aman to look cute tho.

EDIT: I forgot to ask: Since the thread name says Popori, do we have to be poporis to participate? or any race will do?

You don't have to be a popo! We just figured that was a fun name for the stream. All races are allowed as always (even Aman, and now I'm super curious to see a Sanrio themed Aman costume :D)
Kensama on 04/07/2016, 01:32 PM - view

So we can buy this today ? is it Elin only ?

No they're not out yet, but they're almost here. The winners of the costume contest will get Hello Kitty prizes once they're available.
Yamazuki on 04/07/2016, 01:23 PM - view
Would you be able to let us know if we'll be getting the military outfits? It seems Russia got them, and a Community Manager to Eu confirmed they are getting them and provided screen shots.

Yeah screenshots have been going around and the costumes look pretty sharp. Initially we weren't sure if we were going to get them, but it looks like they're in the works now! The timeline hasn't been solidified because we're just starting the localization process, but it will be sometime after Hello Kitty costumes drop.
Edited by: Spacecats 1 minute ago
If anyone has any opinions for good in-game contest locations, I'm still debating where the best spot will be. I think we want nice bright lighting and open areas without monsters. Velika might be too crowded. Thoughts?
Calla on 04/07/2016, 01:04 PM - view
I love community events, but I think it's a little unfair to only allow 2 servers to participate.. Really disappointed, I'm sure I won't be able to participate.

I've loved Hello Kitty since I was in 3rd grade, sucks to miss out on an opportunity like this.

I'm sorry to hear that Calla. I hope you still enjoy seeing other costumes during the show. With only an hour or so in the Twitch stream, I'm hoping to give each server equal time for their contestants, but it will already be pretty tight.

If it's any consolation, I'm planning to do more with the Hello Kitty costumes once they're live in the store, and that includes visits to the other servers when I'm not streaming.

Hello Kitty items are coming to TERA! To celebrate, we’re holding a Hello Kitty themed costume contest on two TERA servers. Come dressed in the theme of your favorite Sanrio character (whether it's Hello Kitty, Keroppi, My Melody, Chococat, Badtz-Maru, or anyone else) for a chance to win a new Hello Kitty costume when they launch!

Contestants must show up to the specified location (TBD) tomorrow during the stream with your character theme in mind. You'll be asked to line up in costume, name your Sanrio character, and strike a pose (and possibly be asked to do a number of other ridiculous things). Twitch chat will help me decide finalists. Contestants will be judged on a number of categories including adherence to your character theme, creativity, flavor, plating, and uniqueness.

How will we determine the two servers to participate in the costume contest? WITH THIS VOTE: http://strawpoll.me/7305468

I'll stop counting votes tonight at 10:00 PM PDT, and the winning servers will be posted here.

The stream begins tomorrow at 3:00 PM PDT on the En Masse Entertainment Twitch channel.
Hi all,

There are a lot of questions on the minds of TERA players. In order to answer some of these and address concerns over both the game and En Masse Entertainment, our interim CEO Sam Kim is holding an AMA.

The thread is now open to post questions. Sam will start answering around 11:00 AM PDT.


Hi all,

There are a lot of questions on the minds of TERA players. In order to answer some of these and address concerns over both the game and En Masse Entertainment, our interim CEO Sam Kim is holding an AMA.

The thread is now open to post questions. Sam will start answering around 11:00 AM PDT.

Bridee on 04/07/2016, 09:18 AM - view
Thanks for the update, Spacecats. Any chance DS2 drops will also be addressed?

I corrected my first post. There aren't any big game changes today, but there will be some answers to questions players have been bringing up over the last few days (and in some cases, much longer).

Yesterday was a busy one for Denommenator, Lawllipops, and myself and I apologize for the lack of forum response. EME is going to address some player concerns today and there will be an announcement for that shortly. Stay tuned!
We are going to have new forums. We signed a deal with a forums developer in January and have completed the first phase of integration with our existing account system. Right now we are testing the forums with a different title we publish before opening them up to the TERA community.

I don't have an exact date on when we will roll them out for everyone, but I would like to get everyone on the new system before this summer.
These items will hit the elite hotbar next Tuesday, April 12.
New patch notes! There is only one fix for tomorrow, but it's an important one.


You don't need to click that link. I just put it there for kicks. Here's the note:

"Fixed the issue with the TERA Rewards “Summon Party” skill being usable in battlegrounds and dungeons."

TWMagimay on 04/06/2016, 09:25 AM - view
Queue CS. Then come back here and tell me more about how this system has no bearing on the actual game.

The CS bug is obviously not intended. We're looking into it now so it can be fixed asap.
Thanks for posting this. We'll look into getting this fixed ASAP. Sorry to all those who had to sit through CS matches where this happened.
Ginjitsu on 04/05/2016, 08:58 PM - view
Should add this to FAQ.

Good call. I'll see if we can get that detail included.
What if Elins DO have male voices, but they sound exactly the same?!

No but honestly, Elins are female. They're shaped the way they're shaped because that's how Elins are shaped. You might as well ask why lizards look like lizards and not like female humans. Elins aren't human. :p
I appreciate you guys tracking all this down and posting screenshots. Some of these weapon skins look really sweet. We're going to check with Bluehole and see what the deal is with some of these. With any luck we'll be able to get them in our version, but it depends on their response.
The reward system has been in the works for a while now. Bluehole wanted a way to reward those who actively play and spend money on the game, and we are the first region to implement it. You might even see differences in how it rolls out for other regions because the TERA Rewards that launched yesterday was refined by En Masse.

As for your publisher questions - En Masse is the sole publisher for TERA in NA, and that's the plan for the foreseeable future. We're dedicated to making the game the best it can possibly be. Any rumors of other publishers are just that.

Also you know we're not about to give player counts and log time. That's not info that's publicly available and you'll be hard pressed to find an MMO where it is. Throwing out numbers and percentages like 90% just give people false impressions.
Delivery of Reward Points has completed. We will start sending Reward Credits tomorrow.
Confirmed the limit is per character, not per account.
It's likely that your Reward points just haven't been added yet. They're being distributed to players as we speak and will be done by the end of the day (with Reward credits being rolled out over the next 10 days). You may need to log out and back in to see the changes to your account.
If you're in this thread because you're wondering about TERA Rewards points, please see this thread by Deonmmenator: http://tera-forums.enmasse.com/forums/general-discussion/topics/Status-of-TERA-Rewards-Points-and-Credits-Delivery?page=1
It may be hidden under your HP bar. If not, you might try resetting your UI.
An81angel on 04/05/2016, 12:46 PM - view
how are you T10 already? I am only T2 and I am a beta, founder, elite sub since beta, with 18 lvl 65's, and lots of emp purchases.

Reward points for past EMP purchases have not yet been delivered. We'll post back when all rewards are delivered.
kawaiiloli on 04/05/2016, 12:35 PM - view

I meant this. It says that when you achieve each tier you get a box of credits, but I never got that. Will I get all the tiers in my mail soon? Or did that bug out since I just skipped ahead to tier 10?

Ah, I understand now.

Yes, you didn't receive the credits because you jumped straight to level 10. You will receive credits according to the other qualifications once they're delivered, however.
Evell on 04/05/2016, 12:45 PM - view
Hopefully someone can help me here, maybe im just missing the obvious or something, but i've asked a few friends and no one seems to be having this issue. Instead of having the 'Tera Rewards' mine says, 'Benefactor Club' , and instead of having a Tier , I have a Club Status. Not really sure why this is the case, but here is a screenshot ; http://puu.sh/o7ldK/add0637c93.jpg Sorry if this is a dumb question lol i'm just unsure

It looks like your localization did not update correctly. You may need to close the game and re-login to the launcher for the localization to be applied correctly.
An81angel on 04/05/2016, 12:20 PM - view
Beta player, founder, elite sub, 18 lvl 65's, and spent lots of emp over the years = ZERO credits in game.

Really frustrating. why add this to game if it is incomplete?

It's complete, it's just taking longer to roll out the rewards than we expected. One alternative was to keep the servers down while rewards delivered to people. We figured that was NOT a fun way to do it.
kawaiiloli on 04/05/2016, 12:35 PM - view

I meant this. It says that when you achieve each tier you get a box of credits, but I never got that. Will I get all the tiers in my mail soon? Or did that bug out since I just skipped ahead to tier 10?

When your points are awarded, you will gain the benefits from each tier. You were simply previewing the unlocks at each level, they have not yet been applied.

You'll be able to tell when they're applied because the bar at the top will fill up.
HalasterBlackcloak on 04/05/2016, 12:31 PM - view
One of my accounts received only 1500 points and it's T0, in the other one (founder) it's T2 already. Seems like the current elite and founder were identified and added first.

Let's hope that the rest will be added instead of overwrite what is already there...

They will be added to your existing amount.
Labello on 04/05/2016, 12:31 PM - view
What about island of dawn vanguards quests, they don't award any credits, others quests do, is that what you wanted or is it a miss ?

Only 7 Vanguard Requests grant Reward Points currently but this may be expanded on in the future.
kawaiiloli on 04/05/2016, 12:24 PM - view
When will we get the reward parcels in parcel post for achieving the tiers? Will it be when you calculate the amount for emp and all that?

Reward points will be applied directly to your progression scale (the bar at the top of the TERA Rewards interface).

Reward Credits will be delivered to Item Claim in multiple groups (for each level 65 character, for your prior EMP purchasing history, for each month of elite, and for your founder account status).
kirsch on 04/05/2016, 12:22 PM - view
lol? I could argue semantics with you all day but I guess it will not do me any good

if I am halfway through the first rank is that really where I am at or should I assume most of my credit is still coming?

The Reward Points progress your tier. We expected delivery of the Reward Points be done before maintenance was complete but it is taking longer than we expected. They should be complete by the end of the day today.

The Reward Credits will take much longer to deliver and should arrive before the previously-announced April 15 date.

Regarding your delivery, I just checked and it appears to still be in progress.
Sawao on 04/05/2016, 12:19 PM - view
Guys, chill. They clearly stated that we'd be receiving our points over time. Stop being a bunch of entitled babies.

One more (actual) concern, though;

No points for Skyring - is this intentional?

This is as-designed but additional vanguard requests may receive Reward Points in the future.
kirsch on 04/05/2016, 12:14 PM - view
you say that like it is obvious...

why the **** did you not anticipate this, then? lol..

We absolutely did anticipate this and the length of time required to deliver the rewards was conveyed in the guide and FAQ we released upon announcement of the system yesterday.
Sawao on 04/05/2016, 12:11 PM - view
Not a problem, but it doesn't appear to be functioning properly...

It's an icon with a "0" (zero) on it that displays once you've load into a server.
StarSprite on 04/05/2016, 12:08 PM - view
Is this a typo or will it really take up to 10 days? :c

Yes, this is correct. We are delivering rewards to all players that qualify based on the criteria detailed in the game guide/FAQ. This amounts to a lot of players (millions) and as such, the reward delivery will take some time.
Sawao on 04/05/2016, 12:05 PM - view
Sooooo crazy question but how do we view our rewards points and the store to actually purchase things?

Sorry, didn't mean to edit your post.
Following some issues during maintenance today, we were able to confirm functionality of the TERA Rewards system and will be opening up the game to players.

We found that TERA Rewards Points will take longer than we anticipated to deliver to qualified players. We expect this to be complete today, after which we will begin delivering TERA Rewards Currency to qualified players.

We appreciate your patience while we deliver TERA Rewards to players based on their retroactive gameplay and purchasing history. We anticipate that all TERA Rewards Credits will be delivered by 5 p.m. PDT on April 15, 2016. Please consult the TERA Rewards game guide and the TERA Rewards FAQ for more information regarding the system.
Sorry for the delay, all. We hit an unexpected snag with today's update. Current ETA is 12:00 PM (Noon) PDT.
HomemadeZombie on 04/05/2016, 10:49 AM - view
I think everyone is curious about the Talisman Trio and Nostrums. Spacecats or any GM really...could you see if we're getting them back or not? c:

I'll see what info I can get about this today. It's not really related to this patch but I know many people are asking about it. I'll probably start a new thread in General Discussion if I get an update.
Sorry to say we're looking at further delays in the maintenance schedule today. We're currently estimating 12:00 PM (Noon) PDT. I've edited the top post to reflect this.

On the bright side, TheRealKingCrazy has started a downtime hangout thread to entertain people while we wait: https://tera-forums.enmasse.com/forums/general-discussion/topics/Server-Downtime-Hangout-Thread-April-5-2016
I replied to the last thread:


Sorry for not jumping in there right away. I'm locking this duplicate thread so conversation can continue in the original if need be.
I'll suggest to the rest of the EME team that we do this in the near future for accounts that have been long inactive with low level characters. Ideally people should be able to get the names they want, or at least close to it. It's really not fair that people hoard names with no intention of using them.
Edited by: Spacecats 1 minute ago
Moving to off-topic forum
Updated the top post. FYI there is a delay in maintenance this morning. Current ETA is 11:00 AM PDT but I'll keep you guys updated.
StarSprite on 04/05/2016, 08:37 AM - view
shhh they'll hear you

I was reading this and accidentally spilled coffee on the server. Sooooo.... :/
Sorry, we know everyone's anxious for Ninja but there's no info to give until it's officially announced on the TERA site. Thanks for your patience!
I have confirmed with the developers that the enchantment success rate increase granted from reaching tiers 3, 6, and 9 does apply to awakening enchantment.

To clarify, reaching level 9 grants a 3% increase to a player's success rate. This means that you are three 3% more likely to succeed (or 3% less likely to fail). The enchantment success rate bonus that you receive at tier 9 is 3% total. The enchantment success rate bonus that you receive at tier 6 is 2% total. The enchantment success rate bonus that you receive at tier 3 is 1% total. These are not cumulative, unlike the EXP bonuses granted by the system.

Pantsu on 04/04/2016, 07:31 PM - view
The date on this says April 4th, should be 5th. Also

"Known Issues
The experience meter icon for TERA Rewards resets after a player closes their game client."

How big will this issue actually affect us..?

You mean you weren't wondering about the experience meter on that thing that isn't out yet?! ;)

Thanks for pointing those things out, Pantsu. That will be a quick fix in the morning.
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