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luneru wrote: »
What's next, flying cars and cats?

Don't give them any ideas. I want my flying magic carpet first!

Meowdita wrote: »
How do you feel about this patch, as a player, if you still play? Fun? I personally love that we have 5-, 7-, and 10-man dungeons, unlike the "brawler" patch where the dungeons are only 5-man.

And just for curiosity, does CS have anything to do with relaying feedback to the producers or is it limited to answering ticket / moderation?

(btw thank you for answering my tickets in the past :3)

I have not had a huge amount of time to play this patch (I lied earlier, I don't have a cap Ninja yet.) Normally CS gets really busy during these times, and I've been trying to balance moving and my personal volunteer work. Overall and everything I'm hearing is that a lot of people are enjoying it, and I do look forward to it when I have a minute.

We really have a lot to do with relaying and managing feedback. While we tend to be more focused on feedback that helps us better support the players, we do take the feedback we get and compile it to represent the overall opinions of our players. The best place for feedback is on the forums and through open discussion though.

rayner when are we doing the 1v1 dodgebomb match

Rayner Fun Fact of the Day: I really pushed for that kind of event waaaay back in the day when you were first asking for bombs. Maybe I'll bring it up to Sean because it looked like it was a lot of fun.
MyuuMew wrote: »
Since yuu said yuu are a cat person which breed is your favourite?
I personally like mutts, Siamese and Sphynx breeds.

I don't really know. I never really had pets before my cats that I've had for 2 years now. My cats are pretty small and slender, so I think I would prefer that type of breed if I ever need to get some more cats. One of the other GMs has two Maine Coons and that's definitely not the breed I want.
56P9H6LM6A wrote: »

I've been having this message pop up everytime i log into one of my characters. I can log into my other characters just fine but this one in particular it will go to the loading screen, load to 77% then I get kicked. I've tried troubleshooting, updating the graphics card, msconfig, and even had to reinstall steam to my computer. It's really bumming me out! Help?

That error message pops up when the TERA client crashes for a reason not covered by our regular error codes. My guess would be that there is a problem with the data associated with one of your characters which causes it to not load properly. Please submit a help ticket with our support team and let them know which character is causing the problem. They will be able to help resolve this problem for you.
At Ninja launch and for a short time afterwards a lot of players were getting high latency for a number of reasons:

1. Dungeon and Battleground servers were getting a lot of traffic. This was fixed during the maintenance on the 18th.
2. DDoS attack on one of our ISPs (Caused outages last week)
3. Failed router at one of our ISPs (Caused outages last week)
4. DNS problem in our data center (Caused latency this past weekend)

A lot of our time was spent correcting those problems and we did post updates to the forums during the outages. Right now we are not seeing the kinds of problems we saw last week: high disconnect errors, unusually high internet traffic reported on an ISP, router error alerts, or unusually high resource usage on any of our TERA servers.

You can experience high latency if your network connection is coming from a particularly congested location, such as an apartment building, if you are playing over a Wi-Fi connection, or if there is a routing problem anywhere along the network between your computer and our data center in Chicago.
When we initially launched the TERA rewards program, we gave reward points and credits for all EMP purchases made before the rewards program launched, including EMP spent on server transfers. After the rewards program launched there was a 1 or 2 week period where EMP spent for server transfers was not part of the rewards program, but we changed it.

At this point all EMP spent in our web store, in our in-game shop, and on server transfers will reward TERA reward points and credits.
Ardire wrote: »
favourite costume set in-game?

I'm pretty boring, but I really like the pirate costumes. I really like them with the headgear that came with the Devilicious stuff.
Anyone else not able to enchant T8+ gear?
TIERRAH wrote: »
Crusade rewards still have not been fixed or distributed. I still haven't received the right amount of noctenium. I can't possibly distribute 7.5k nocts through my entire guild.

we're still going through this.
LancerJiva wrote: »
So you guys lowered the ilvl of IoD bams, but you didnt lower their HP.. it takes forever for a dreadnaught +12 reaper to kill the high tier ones. :/

the item level was lowered so you could do them, but the difficulty is not going to change.
Varita wrote: »
So, we don't get all the reward points that we missed for a week?

We're working on a way to give people the points they missed out on.
@Rayner If you could be any Game of Thrones character ( or actor / actress ) , who would you be, and why ? =)

I would definitely choose Ser Davos Seaworth. His commitment to his King (and only his King,) is consistent with his ability to pivot based on the morality of the situation he's in, and this never creates a chasm of having to choose right or wrong. He easily has the most organized outlook, and with that he has created the most well defined static morality that you could possibly have in Westoros.
@Rayner If you could be any Game of Thrones character ( or actor / actress ) , who would you be, and why ? =)
Expected downtime of ~30 minutes
Hey Everyone,

Please only reply here if you are having issues with the game not letting you Awaken or Awaken Enchant your gear.

Please reply with:
  1. Your Race/Gender
  2. Class
  3. Server
  4. Name of Item(s) you are trying to awaken or awaken enchant
  5. Screenshot of you trying to awaken/awaken enchant


And the Vanguard Event is back on.
Emergency Maintenance at 12pm PT today to fix:
  • Alliance PVP Times
  • Crusade Rewards

If you have already opened your crusade rewards, we will find you and compensate the correct amount. If you have not opened it yet, please don't!

For last week's TERA Reward Points that were not rewarding, we will compensate everyone with a script today or tomorrow. More details on this to follow.
The event is back on.
Will fix. Please don't open the boxes. If you did already, we'll compensate.
Aulon wrote: »
Are you for or against implementing a new En Masse term of employment that all those that work in CS must drink one shot of espresso once every 10 minutes so that they can take care of tickets faster? Why or why not?

We're actually dabbling in the spice melange to ensure we can answer your tickets before you even open them.
Idrian wrote: »
@Rayner From a personal interest as history student, what area/time/people, which subject would you find most interesting?

I really love the cultural impact of film and art during the Weimar Republic. It was such an amazing cultural era that pushed the boundaries of film. Pretty much anything you see in film will have its roots in that era. For instance, the movie M (1931) by Fritz Lang was an early talkie, but instead of utilizing sound the real importance was its use of silence. Fritz Lang used silence in order to create atmosphere, which was almost... unheard of. (I'm sorry.) There's also so many political flavors of an such an amazing open culture utilizing radical forms of expression in tandem with a fascist monstrosity that was utilizing the same tools to succeed in pushing a genocidal agenda. It's a real testament that fascism only benefits when politics merges with entertainment.
Mojomanx wrote: »
I guess at 65 i'm one of the "old people" players LOL

At least you're not at cap level IRL
frostious wrote: »
Can you post pictures of your cats?

I'll post a new picture tomorrow. :+1:
Pascalle wrote: »
You guys have to read global? How do you not go insane? Do they have you go through psychological testing as part of your application process, to see whether you're likely to crack?

One of my first call center jobs was doing technical support for computers that were generally advertised as cheap and easy to use for old people, so after that I could pretty much handle 8 hours of anything. TERA players are so much better than old people! Yay! (Some players are old people too, I think you guys would be surprised. Our old people players are better than average old people though.)
Favorite thing about working at En Masse?

The people. I know it's a bit of a cop out but from top to bottom everyone has always been super cool. The other GMs are some of the best people I've worked with, and after working together for years we've almost had 0 issues with personalities or other problems that arise when you work with the same people for so long.

What is your favorite sports team?

I would probably say the Seahawks, but more as a secondhand favorite because I live in Seattle.

How do you take your coffee?

I prefer black with no sugar. I like to pair my coffee with what I'm eating, but I drink coffee because I like the bitter flavor.

Most asked question to support?

This really goes up and down based on things like releases, events, and things of that nature. The most consistent is probably people asking for us to move soulbound items from one character to another (which is not something we generally do.) A close 2nd would be issues with quests like Building a Mystery.

Favorite Race and Class?

My first class to 60 was a Human Male Slayer, but most of my characters after that were Castanic Females. I don't really have a favorite race/gender because it's always more of a RP thing, but I think my favorite combination was my Slayer because he had a GOT name, and he had a sweet wolf helmet. If I'm going to enjoy something to the max, I guess I just need to be able to think the character is cool. It's not about DPS output or anything like that, it just has to have a real aesthetic appeal.

The latest Patch Notes fix some of the big concerns brought up during last week's giant Secrets & Shadows update like CS queues and instance reset scrolls. We're also adding Fashion Store costumes for ninjas, and Shadow Sanguinary & Demokron Factory Hard Modes!

Check out the full notes here:

Cat or dog person?

I am most definitely a cat person. I have two cats, one named Pounce after the character in GOT, and another named Tramp because I'm a fan of Charlie Chaplin, and my cat has a Charlie Chaplin mustache (I even have a Bowler hat that I make my cat wear when people compare my cat to other historical figures.)
Thanks for the interest guys!

Weirdest/Most Insane Ticket?:

That's a hard one, and honestly check back later because I might post a story or two once I remember (or if another GM has a good one I'll relay or they'll post it.) In tickets we've gotten threats (one that comes to mind was someone who was local to us,) and insults hurled by some pretty upset customers. I'm trying to think of one in particular, but honestly I have a bit of a soft spot for mental illness, so I don't want to feel like I'm poking fun at some of the people who clearly have schizophrenia or other mental health issues.

I'm not sure if anyone remembers, but there was a player on MT who had a certain hardcore Christian gaming style. Some people liked him as a troll, but I will tell you that he was incredibly consistent even in tickets to us. He was definitely a divisive player, and spent a lot of his time in general chat, and he got incredibly good at skating the line of what he could and could not say. It eventually got to the point where we would get probably 2-3 tickets a day reporting him for his behavior, and whenever he had a ticket open it was consistently about the nuance of what we could or could not do because of Freedom of Speech. I think it definitely goes to him just from the amazing amount of time and effort he put into trolling.

How do GMs decide what server to be on?:

We generally try to have 1 GM per server to monitor chat on our shift. However, if there aren't enough GMs to cover all the servers, we tend to gravitate towards the busiest servers because those are the servers where the most can go wrong. Keep in mind also that while you guys may not see us, it's because talking with people in general chat tends to make things explode, and we are still working on individual tickets. I am personally probably the worst at watching chat in-game, I tend to get tunnel vision on tickets or the project I'm working on.
See previous threads here:

EME Senior Producer Lawllipops
Technical Producer GELETRON
QA Lead Singlebear

Please welcome Customer Support Specialist Rayner! The whole CS team has been working extremely hard following the big update, but Rayner is going the extra mile and will be answering your questions in-between handling support tickets this week.

Some of you have probably seen GM Rayner in-game, helping players out. If you've ever wondered what it's like being a Customer Support representative (especially during busy times like this), consider this your chance to find out about that process! Technical TERA-related (and job-related) questions are fine, but please don't talk about specific support tickets. This is not the place to submit a support issue or get your current support ticket handled. The goal is to meet Rayner and get to know him.

I'll leave this thread pinned until end of the day Friday. Until then, Rayner will answer all the questions he can.

Prime Directive: Be polite to GM Rayner!

One question per post. It keeps things tidy and significantly increases the chances you'll get a response from our guest.

Be succinct. No rants. This kind of goes along with the "be polite" Prime Directive. This isn't the place to post long rants or giant lists that hijack the thread. Please make your own threads for such things.

Here are some questions I asked Rayner to get the conversation rolling:

Please describe the kind of work you do.

Our team works with customers at an individual level, we do everything from explain problems, fix billing issues, moderate in/out of the game, swap certain items, and overall just make sure that if there is an individual problem we will have an individual answer.

How does your work specifically affect TERA?

The most direct thing I could think is general chat would be way worse if we weren’t applying chat suspensions on people. I know it seems like we’re not around, or that we’re not in-game, but more often than not you’re going to get in trouble if you cross the line, sometimes it just might take a day or two for it to catch up. The more nuanced things would be stuff like making sure our players know that they can make some mistakes, and we will do our best to help them, but it would be hard to put a number down when it comes to people who have chosen to continue playing because we made an exception, or we went out of our way to help them.

Tell us about your TERA experience.

I was hired a couple of months before the release of TERA, so I started playing on some of the earlier builds before the Alpha/Beta. I mainly like leveling characters, I used to play FFXI so grinding to me is part of the meta game, and something I do to relax. My favorite dungeon was WHHM, and that was the height of when I played. I currently have all classes at level 65, and I have probably played Slayer the most, and Berserker is a close 2nd. I’m a bit of a reductionist, but the part of the game I enjoy the most is the combat. I like the feeling of having control over your character in the environment, and leveling is the best way to push yourself if you keep pressing into harder and harder situations. I definitely liked leveling the most when BAMS were harder and they felt like they have more reward for your time.

If your favorite actress and favorite actor were to co-star in the perfect movie, what would that movie be like?

My favorite actress is Kelly Macdonald, and my favorite actor is Tom Hardy. I would probably want to see a sci-fi, maybe something involving the singularity and AI. I would really like to see a weird movie where Kelly Macdonald is kind of the last person who doesn’t want to merge with AI, and it would be similar to a movie like My Dinner with Andre where it’s 2 hours of intense discourse about the balance between living a life relaxation, and experiencing a life of hardship. I like any movie that discusses the nuance of augmented reality, and seeing two people of their caliber with a director like Nolan or Aronofsky would guarantee a movie where I would watch all the supplementals available.

What do you think Alkahest tastes like?


It’s the year 5677 and humanity has finally perfected the Genesis Device. You’re sent to terraform a planet of your choice! Which planet would you choose?

I’m a strong believer in the singularity, and I think the main reason we haven’t yet met aliens is because advanced civilizations move inwards instead of outwards. If I had to choose a specific planet, I would choose Io, or really any of Jupiter’s moons. Jupiter is a super beautiful planet and I wouldn’t want to ruin it, but being able to revolve around such a great planet would make it worth it.

Who wins the great war between ninjas and pirates, and where does the final battle take place?

The Pirates would win, only because it would be a cultural war, and who has time to be a Ninja?

What kind of music do you listen to?

I listen to a lot of music, and I don’t really exclude anything. I listen to a lot of Jazz music, and funk. The more recent music I listen to is The Underachievers and anything Pro Era.

If you were transformed into a house cat, would you eat cat food or insist on eating human food? What if it was really nice cat food? Would you bite people?

I would probably only choose to eat lasagna, just so I could be a famous cat because it’s getting harder and harder out there for celebrity cats. I wouldn’t bite people, I would just love attention too much.

As a Seattleite, why do you refuse to own an umbrella?

I think it was a Jerry Seinfeld joke, but it went something like this: “My friend asked me if it was raining while I was in Seattle. I told them it wasn’t raining, but it wasn’t not raining.” I’ve never been drenched by Seattle rain, so I just don’t feel like I need one.

What movie would you never, ever want to be teleported into?

Pretty much any moving that stars Mel Gibson.
I've edited and removed several comments in this thread because they were argumentative, sexist, or derailing the thread into a separate discussion about the definition of gender. Please be respectful of each other.
I have character stuck in Tria and I can't log on it, all others work fine, any of mods avaailbe for pm and quick unstuck please? :(

You'll have to make a support ticket for this.
Oahk wrote: »
Took a third shelf surprise thing from the Tera rewards hoping for something nice. Got a dreadnaught chest for a zerk (and I was playing my brawler) which wasn't so much of a surprise, and certainly wasn't a reward. Is this a bug? I hope so because I don't think it's a good idea having gear come through the reward credit thing.

Definitely a bug. We don't want gear in that store at all.
Dyne81 wrote: »
Loyalty thing doesn't work.

after all the quests and dailies that involve getting rewards points we get nothing... how is this going to be addressed?

Reward Points will be properly awarded after the patch tomorrow. As for players who should have gotten Reward Points last week but didn't because of the bug, we're working on a way to grant points retroactively.
Thanks Malrok!
More information will be coming shortly, but just to clarify further on what had already been stated, we do have departments looking into the issue right now, and they believe they have identified what had caused it.

We hope to have it resolved ASAP, so thank you to everyone for your patience.
Aetona wrote: »
I swear, I wasn't not healing him on purpose! He wanted to go slaying!

So many codes... o:) o:) o:) o:) o:)

Weeks ago, Torchide offered me his services as a professional Dungeonrunner (it's a lot like a Bladerunner). "Join my crew on Tempest Reach, and the world shall be MINE!" He said to me. That seemed cool so I said yes without question.

Fast-forward to today, Wonderholme (10-person) has made a glorious return in the Secrets & Shadows update, and I've got a fully decked-out ninja that's ready for wormslaying. If you'd like to send us off, we'll meet outside the Wonderholme entrance on Tempest Reach just before we head in. Come party with us <3

The following rule will apply: Spacecats may have many lives, but a prize raffle will happen in Twitch chat each time he dies Wonderholme.

On top of that, I've got rewards for all those who tune in, plus trivia questions for our TERA loreseekers out there. The show will begin at 3:00pm PDT and run for about an hour. See you there! https://www.twitch.tv/enmasseentertainment
I'll take a look at this now.
Faithful1 wrote: »
Dokibun wrote: »
Hun. You need to calm down. They are being distributed and all of them will be in by 5 PDT Tomorrow. Just be patient. Quit freaking out at everyone.

They keep saying it is not distributed yet, it's just that SOME have been distributed already... stop getting me wrong dears....

I guess the wording chosen could have been phrased a bit differently...

Let's not say, "It's not distributed yet" and instead phase it as, "The process of giving all eligible Ninja's their Titles has not yet been completed".
Faithful1 wrote: »
I received "Quick Ninja" title on Celestial Hill, what does that mean ? I've been one of the first to get to lvl 30 in that server?

That is my assumption, unless the Titles are being awarded on a per Server basis, and they are being rolled out in Title Batches, meaning first send all the Quick Ninja's, then when that is completely done, moving on to the Genin's, then onto the Chuunin's, before finally getting to the Jounin's.
Faithful1 wrote: »
Faithful1 wrote: »
Faithful1 wrote: »
Catatonic wrote: »
Faithful1 wrote: »
Nope says right here HERE "These titles will be applied by 5 p.m. PDT on Friday, May 20." so you probably haven't got them all yet, so just wait till after that Date & Time.



Seems like the deadline in way already passed, cuz i was lvl 65 12 hours ago and i only got "Quick Ninja" which is 30+ only ....

More than likely, if you gained "Quick Ninja" but have not received any otherTtitles yet, then you actual were the first Ninja on your server to reach level 30.

No just had to reach 30+ (58, 60, 65) before a certain limit of time, Its not a real "First Ninja on the server"

Although all Ninja's who reached 65 within the 24 Hours + Extension Time will receive all of the Titles ( Delivered by 5:00pm PDT May 20th, 2016 ) , the system still rewarded the actual "Server Firsts" to the character who reached that milestone the fastest on that particular server.

Oh ok nice, so Someone on the server will get the "Server First" Title

No, or at least not in the way you might be thinking...

There isn't a "Server First" Ninja Title, but instead the following Titles : lvl 30 – Quick Ninja , lvl 58 – Genin , lvl 60 – Chuunin , and lvl 65 – Jounin.

The player's who actually got to 30, 58, 60, and 65 first, were rewarded with these Titles the moment they gained that level milestone, while all other ninja's who reached the level afterwards within the timeframe will have the Title manually rewarded.
Faithful1 wrote: »
Faithful1 wrote: »
Catatonic wrote: »
Faithful1 wrote: »
Nope says right here HERE "These titles will be applied by 5 p.m. PDT on Friday, May 20." so you probably haven't got them all yet, so just wait till after that Date & Time.



Seems like the deadline in way already passed, cuz i was lvl 65 12 hours ago and i only got "Quick Ninja" which is 30+ only ....

More than likely, if you gained "Quick Ninja" but have not received any otherTtitles yet, then you actual were the first Ninja on your server to reach level 30.

No just had to reach 30+ (58, 60, 65) before a certain limit of time, Its not a real "First Ninja on the server"

Although all Ninja's who reached 65 within the 24 Hours + Extension Time will receive all of the Titles ( Delivered by 5:00pm PDT May 20th, 2016 ) , the system still rewarded the actual "Server Firsts" to the character who reached that milestone the fastest on that particular server.
Faithful1 wrote: »
Catatonic wrote: »
Faithful1 wrote: »
Nope says right here HERE "These titles will be applied by 5 p.m. PDT on Friday, May 20." so you probably haven't got them all yet, so just wait till after that Date & Time.



Seems like the deadline in way already passed, cuz i was lvl 65 12 hours ago and i only got "Quick Ninja" which is 30+ only ....

More than likely, if you gained "Quick Ninja" but have not received any other Titles yet, then you actual were the first Ninja on your server to reach level 30.
Added to top post in the thread:

  • Instance Reset Scrolls will work for the new dungeons
  • Ghillieglade entries for Elite
  • Fashion Coupons dropping from open world BAMs, as well as SES and CC
  • CS queue from 2 to 5.
  • Lowering iLevel Requirements for Vanguard Quests
Faithful1 wrote: »
Nope says right here HERE "These titles will be applied by 5 p.m. PDT on Friday, May 20." so you probably haven't got them all yet, so just wait till after that Date & Time.


Friday May 20th is tomorrow. :awesome:
ANBEEFER wrote: »
Ok, somehow my game decided to work 1 day but now, after a short break, my launcher decided to patch back to version 39, LOL. What to do? I'm not interested in redownloading again, would be my 6 time in 2 days.

I do not think redownloading the game would solve your problem, and it could lead to more frustration. It sounds like the launcher is loading an old patch manifest from patch.tera.enmasse-game.com. That can happen for a number of reasons, but the most common reason is if your computer's host file has been modified to map patch.tera.enmasse-game.com to a specific IP address. Please check your host file and remove any reference to patch.tera.enmasse-game.com if one is in there.

Another cause could be the cache on one of our CDN nodes has not properly cleared. Our operations team has just purged all the cached files again just to make sure that isn't causing the problem.

If you are playing from Steam you shouldn't need to download a new patch. We updated the files on Steam during maintenance and the Steam client takes care of updating all the game files.

If you continue to have problems, please contact our support team and provide your launcher.log file. They are going to be able to provide more in-depth troubleshooting steps.
I've also just added a BG Jackpot event for t9 feedstock. I know these are temporary short term solutions, but I don't have a long term solution right now. Please bear with us!
VioletFox wrote: »
Treeshark wrote: »
I can confirm it doesn't work for the Wonderholmes, but I don't know why it doesn't work for Demokron or SS. Will have to ask BHS.

Are you planning on doing something about the massive shortage of feedstock? KTERA is able to keep a steadier supply than we are and because of such prices are skyrocketing

let's keep the feedstock things in the one of 3420394803284 feedstock threads dude.
I wanted to see how it would go, wasn't too sure how the price and contents would be received, but I wanted to test it out. It may be retired, but we'll give at least a week heads up. I'll look into getting one for other race/genders too.
Yeah, to clarify - I removed the other thread because it listed the player's name who got the dress and I didn't want them to catch any flak from other players.

The weird no-name version of the dress that's floating around is the result of an event that was somehow automatically turned on when Secrets & Shadows went live. The event wasn't even for our region, and awarded items with ID numbers that were mismatched. Long story short, a small handful of players got them, but the Alice dress still isn't in our version and there are no plans to release it. Those who got the dress on accident have already had it removed from their inventory, or will soon.
I can confirm it doesn't work for the Wonderholmes, but I don't know why it doesn't work for Demokron or SS. Will have to ask BHS.
I'm seeing what I can do about this, it doesn't make much sense to me either at the moment. In the meantime, i can run an event to double the vanguard rewards as well as add some feedstock to the calendar.
They are gradually adding flying to more and more zones.
FrikiNoob wrote: »
I've got an issue on the launcher, it displays 3 different pop up windows.

Not sure how you're missing those .dll files. They are part of the launcher and are installed when you install the game. These errors are typically the result of people deleting or modifying files that should be left alone.

The easiest way to get these files back is to run the installer again: http://tera.enmasse.com/download

What you might want to do is install to a new location, and then copy those .dll files to your old location. Then you won't have to go through the whole proces

EDIT - Here's a download for just the files you need without having to run the installer again. Thank your local GELETRON before you leave: download.enmasse.com/tera/tera-launcher.zip
xMayuu wrote: »
Tried relaunching over and over again ><

This should be resolved. Some of the login servers were acting up. They're working normally now.
Hey, guys,

My guess is that some idiot somewhere decided to try another DDoS attack. This wouldn't surprise me, considering the exact same thing that several of you are describing happened yesterday.

@Spacecats , @Treeshark , can you confirm or deny this?

It's not from a DDoS attack.
Petitions aren't allowed on the forums. This is listed in the forum rules & guidelines:

There's no official way to do this. Statues exist that have been made by other companies (licenced by Bluehole). In fact we just gave away some Elin Slayer ones for the Seek & Spell event.

People sometimes 3D print game characters as a hobby. It would be cool to see someone try with a TERA character.
UPDATE: Ninjas will have an extra 6 hours to complete their leveling achievements. That means the deadline has changed from 10:00am PDT to 4:00pm PDT.
There are only certain ways we can change events like these, and it depends on how they're coded into the game. If that wasn't the case, the most recent enchanting event would have been +15 (our mistake was in assuming it was +15 when we announced it). Treeshark has been a bit busy with the Secrets & Shadows launch, but this is still something we're talking about. We just need to make sure it really, actually, for real works all the way to +15.

Also since it was mentioned, here are the "Meet the Team" threads we've had so far. There's another one coming next Monday!

Senior Producer Lawllipops
Technical Producer GELETRON
QA Lead Singlebear

WhaleWhale wrote: »
Since I don't see it on the patch notes post, I am assuming the following issues haven't been addressed in this morning patch?
  • Dungeons being unable to be reset with various Instance Reset Scrolls.
  • Boxes (including costume boxes, Elite Consumable Boxes, etc) sharing a 10 minute cooldown.

I find these two to be fairly high priority issues and I hope we can see patches/hotfixes for those ASAP.

For the second issue, i made a more permanent solution to go ahead with the fix I made yesterday for the Elite Bar Nostrum and Trio problem (which is why it's not listed) This may have taken care of the Elite Consumable Box CD as well. Please let me know.

For the first issue, no dungeons are able to be reset with IRS?
Dressing room is updated with the flying mount and plasma shurikens.

Apologies for the delay, yesterday was a bit...hectic.
We'll get this on the web shortly, but here's what happened during maintenance:

- We made significant software and hardware changes to help ease the dungeon lag. Please let us know if you are still experiencing this after the patch and in which dungeons.
- The gear for Corsairs Stronghold has been changed back to Corsairs Stronghold gear instead of the Conflict gear.
- You can now make character names containing "Go".

We will extend the time duration to get the titles, expect something from Spacecats shortly.
matt84 wrote: »
@CobaltDragon so what you're saying is bad luck for anyone who has been locked out of the game since this event started due to patcher issues that no fix was or workaround was ever given?

Players who were not able to play, but instead had at least made a Support Ticket reporting what had been preventing access, will still get a chance to level a Ninja to 65 within 24 hours of regaining access, and gain the Achievements.
Atyr wrote: »
Main issue is I haven't slept because I figured Id just hammer it out tonight, but then maintenance pops-up. So Im sitting here wondering if I can catch 4 hours of sleep and finish when I wake up. Rarely do I get a chance in my schedule to get these kinds of specific achievements or rewards.

I wouldn't risk it, just be honest with you.

We will definitely provide a bit clearer time frame for exactly how long the extension will be, but would really hate to see you miss your opportunity, due to sleeping too long and not giving yourself enough extra time to finish getting to level 65 before whatever time the cut-off is set to.
I removed multiple comments in this thread consisting of "THIS!" quoting other posts, and demands to have the ninja level achievements extended beyond 24-hours (which it will be, as stated in another forum announcement).

Please keep this discussion on-topic to bugs experienced while attempting to launch. If you have no additional information to add to a bug that's already been mentioned by multiple people, please don't comment. The more this thread is derailed by other comments, the less useful it becomes when diagnosing and fixing problems. That means added time towards getting these issues resolved.
LoliDolly wrote: »
blah the play light is on now but im getting this

Error: ffff:ffff
Fatal Game Client Exception

This is an error that displays when TERA stops working for an unknown reason. We recommend that you attempt to play again. If the problem persists, please visit FAQ below for additional troubleshooting steps.

That's a launcher problem, please give details in the other pinned thread, dedicated to patching & launcher issues.
LoliDolly wrote: »
@Spacecats it feels as if that thread is being ignored now :/

It's not.
andrelet02 wrote: »
i got stuck applying patch pls help :angry:

Please see the other pinned thread, dedicated to launcher issues.
Shirineva wrote: »
@CobaltDragon I posted earlier here about my ninja still being logged in after crash and frezzing every time i try to log onto her is there anything i can do to fix it? :c

In a PM, can you provide the name and server of your stuck Ninja?
Please don't create duplicate posts. Closing this discussion because there's already a pinned discussion on launcher issues. If you experience a problem patching or launching TERA, report your problem there.
A lot of people are wondering if, since there's been some server disruption today, the time limit for ninja leveling titles will be extended beyond what was detailed in the original news post. The answer is YES.

We don't have an exact time to give you. The amount added will be determined further into the event. It will be roughly equal to the downtime players experienced because of latency. In any event, this means one thing for growing ninjas out there - stop reading this post and do your best to reach the top! Good luck!
hmmm maybe i should roll it back to standard corsairs gear....
Logged out of the game, and back in 7 times. My Flying mount is still not showing up anywhere. Can someone please just tell me if it's a 65+ item or not. That is all I am wanting to know.

The store says available to use on any character but I can't even get it to show up in item claim.

I think we might be experiencing a slight delay in purchase delivery right now.

I am having another department look into it to confirm, then get it resolved as a soon as possible.
Ponyu wrote: »
@CobaltDragon @Spacecats i bet you guys already devoured so many coffees these past hours of stress and hard work battleing errors :P kudos guys <33 your work is very appreciated!

Just happy to be able to help out when I am able to. :)
It would appear that some phrases that had not previously been blocked on our Servers, but had been blocked on other regional servers had made it's way into our update.

I believe it's being looked into, and hopefully can be resolved.
ARAT346LEA wrote: »

This became a thing after i got in;;

Removing Elin Mods will resolve this for you.
I believe it should be resolved for most player's now, with a few one-off cases.
I have an update for everyone. At 2:30 we started seeing an abnormal amount of inbound traffic to our data center (about 100x normal levels) which caused all our servers to take a long time to respond. We were able to adjust settings on our side to get the response time back to normal. At this point you should be able to get back in the game and continue leveling your Ninja.

We are working with our ISP to track down the source of the DDoS attack. We are sorry for the unexpected down time.
EllieChu wrote: »
EME killed the login servers it seems. Thats a great way to fix the lag. Kick people out of the game and dont let them log back in.

This problem is being experienced across all servers (including players trying to log in). Our ops and platform teams are working hard to fix this ASAP!
ThePieBoy wrote: »
Will it count if you use the level 60 scroll?

You can't use a Level 60 Scroll right now. They have been temporarily disabled.
Calbee wrote: »
i got the memory leak error.

Error: 000a:0000
Insufficient Memory

restarted PC and repaired but the moment i get on, i crash. Can a GM pls move my char?

Can you PM me your Character's Name and Server ?
MusashiBR wrote: »
I can't see my own ninja and others.

This occurs due to Modded Elin files that now need to be removed.
Oh, Congrats!
Leluvely wrote: »
The only hair colour options I have when I try to make an elin character are these

This doesn't just happen with ninja, it happens with any class on elin. I have no mods installed and I've already tried repairing the launcher but it made no difference.

You can click the Arrow on the Left side to display the other hair colors.
This issue was reported about an hour ago, and we have departments looking into it.
Tetsuryu wrote: »
Tetsuryu wrote: »
My launcher updated the game successfully but when I press the "Play" button I get this message.
I tried the "Repair" tool and it didn't accomplish anything.Any ideas?

I searched for ways to fix this on the net and tried some suggestions...
-I updated my video driver
-I edited the "host" file in windows
-I closed the launcher and everything associated with the game
-I made sure antivirus is off
-I made sure the system requirements are met
-I updated my directX
-I rebooted my router
Nothing worked...

Is the Anti-Virus a type like "Windows Defender" , or is it one you specifically had to go and download yourself, like AVG / Avast / McAfee / etc.. ?

Even though you mentioned you have set it to "off" some default settings can prevent the required connection, and lead to an FFFF:FFFF after pressing the Launcher's "Play" button.
ANBEEFER wrote: »
If i hit "enter server" the button glows for a second, but nothing happens. If i hit "refresh", the whole server list disappears. I allready repaired.

enmasse hi, may i get atleast a "we cant help you sorry"

Could you please post a screenshot of your server select screen?
kreonix wrote: »
We cannot dismantle weapons or gear!!! What gives?????????????

You can sell them. First make sure you don't need your avatar weapon for the Crescentia quest.
Jaamiiieee wrote: »
I'm stuck in outlaw mode. When I try and use the skill again to cancel it, it tells me (You cannot deactivate outlaw declaration) O_o

This might be a silly question, but did you kill a lower level player? Outlaw mode won't go away if you have infamy from killing someone.
The Caiman Egg Hunt experienced problems after today's big update, awarding nonsensical (and useless) items to those who found and killed them. Unfortunately as a result the event has been disabled early.
Yeah it looks like the update broke the egg event somehow. Unfortunately that means it will have to be turned off early.
Cutechan wrote: »
Ninjas animation isnt showing :/

This was mentioned in another Forum Thread I believe, but i occurs when Elin files have been modified.
pls check if fixed.
Is this your experience on all characters, or just the current one you're trying to play?

If it's just one character only, PM me the character's name and server.


To get the new update featuring the ninja class, new dungeons, flying mounts and more, just update your game to the latest version!

Here's the official Secrets & Shadows page which shows off the ninja class guide, dungeon teaser video, and more: http://tera.enmasse.com/secrets-and-shadows

Before you hop in, this quick Secrets & Shadows primer has some useful info about the current level-up event, ninja server achievements, Crusades, and hard mode versions of the new dungeons: http://tera.enmasse.com/news/posts/get-ready-for-secrets-shadows

There are also multiple TERA Store updates arriving with Secrets & Shadows: http://tera.enmasse.com/news/posts/secrets-shadows-tera-store-updates

You have to get a running jump. You also have to be in an area that allows flying: Velika, Val Oriyn, or Highwatch.

More fly areas will be added in time.
Good god, that's horrifying.
we are investigating.
This would most likely be due to Modded Elin files that need to be removed first.
Spacecats wrote: »
Vua wrote: »
Not letting me discard avatar weapons or even dismantle them.

That's because they're needed for a quest turn-in.

Avatar Weapons can be sold to a Merchant NPC, if you really wish to have it removed.
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