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We're aware and working to restore the game world.
Necroscope on 11/28/2015, 05:58 PM - view
My wife just loaded up her machine and as LastToRise has pointed out she didn't even touch the website or the ingame store at all (mainly because she couldn't log in) but it appears from our household end the store has nothing to do with it.

We use high powered gaming rigs to play so it's nothing from our end.

I'm concerned about the statement that it's not "easy" to extend the sale. I'll cop that on the chin but I'm not in the least appeased by this statement. What is sounds like is "it would take some manpower to accomplish but we don't see a cost benefit". That's not a great PR sales pitch.

As stated by myself the costume I wanted was the Mad Hatter outfit. However the Hat, probably the most important part comes in a loot box with many different outcomes possible. Now if I was in game I would simply keep buying the accessories box until I got the hat, because it's on "sale".

I feel a bit like I have to suck it up, however I can see a simple solution to this issue.

On Monday allow costumes and accessories to be on sale too, along with the other categories highest sellers. That means you don't have to extend the sale and you keep the faith with your customers.

It's a compromise, that I believe most players would see as fair.

I meant more the time it would take to setup. We'd have to do it at some point in the future, perhaps not this weekend.
I just had the issue occur on my home PC. A repair seemed to fix it, though it might have been a coincidence.
LilNorin on 11/28/2015, 05:38 PM - view
I just got this with this issue around 8:15PM EST after being fine the entire day. :(

someone I know tried going to tools > repair and that worked for him.
Trying that now....

Let us know how it goes. It's weird because it's only affecting some players and some are even seeing it resolved while others are not.
Stlex on 11/28/2015, 05:27 PM - view
I'm having the same issue as everybody else in this thread- PORTS: FAIL comes up when I run the Diagnostics Tool. DNS isn't an issue, so I know it's not on my side, and I've tried restarting my computer three times, restarted my router and modem, as well as disconnected literally everything else that was sharing a connection with my laptop. I've tried logging in on another computer and it's still not working, either. I've done literally everything that the Error page for my specific Error number talks about, and nothing is working. I've tried logging in over a dozen times in the past hour- was only able to log in for a few minutes this morning on one character while Day 2 sales were still active, and then I had to leave for the day, hoping to get a peeksie at the Day 3 sales when I was able to log back in... Which, at this rate, doesn't appear to be until Tuesday. T_T

Considering quite a few of the costumes aren't going to be available anymore come Tuesday, I'm SERIOUSLY hoping that this problem is either recognized as a problem and is fixed before the Day 4 sales start, OR that the sale for Day 3 is either repeated or lengthened. A vast majority of your paying playerbase can't even log in to participate in your sales today- I was able to log in and buy from Day 1 and 2, but what gives with Day 3 not being an option for a lot of us, and what REALLY gives with EnMasse staff not even acknowledging that there's a problem?! Come on, I was hoping that you as a company was better than this. Please, we only want to support you and spend some dough- hard to do when you break your game. Q uQ

Unfortunately, we cannot easily extend today's sales, though the discounts on some items will return on Monday.

If you want to get today's discounts, you can find also find them in our web store at https://store.enmasse.com. Any purchases made on the web will be delivered to your in-game Item Claim.
Our team continues to investigate the issue but unfortunately I have no progress to report at this time. We apologize for the inconvenience caused by this. I'll report back with any updates as I have them.
We're continuing to investigate.
We restarted some services. Please close the launcher and login again. Let me know how it goes.
I have informed our Operations team of this issue and they're looking into it.

Please try closing the launcher completely and re-logging, it may help. If it does, it would be great if you could report back too.
The FAQ is now updated. Apologies for the confusion around this.
MyuuMew on 11/26/2015, 01:14 PM - view
the old underwear boxes I do much like the more delicate look to those undies and id hate to see them go ;/ so imma stock up on as much as the lootboxes allow XD

There was an error in the sale FAQ upon release. Only the stack of 5 of the old inner armor will retire following the sale. The FAQ has been updated to reflect this. That said, all inner armor loot boxes will be discounted during the sale on Sunday. Apologies for the confusion!
Yes, EMP purchases through Steam qualify for the gift with purchase.
Jater on 11/26/2015, 11:29 AM - view
Hello, will I get the pink unicorn mount today if I recharge 40$ EMP or more, cuz in the store website it says during the weekend? Bu today is Thursday.

Apologies, that is a bit unclear.

You will receive the gift with EMP purchase throughout the entirety of the Black Friday sale (today through Dec. 1 at 10 a.m. PST).
Following a few technical issues launching the sale, everything should be up for day one now. Thanks for your patience!

You can find all of today's discounted items in the in-game store on the "Black Friday" tab.
Thanks for pointing this out!

The FAQ is incorrect, loot boxes will be 50 percent off on Sunday, not buy one get one free.

I'll get the FAQ fixed up.
Counterpoint above is correct. It appears you're client is not fully updated. Are you playing through Steam?

In any case, we're pushing a patch tomorrow morning as part of maintenance that should address this.
We've been discussing internally the creation of an En Masse-designed configuration to be published as a community template.

I have a Steam controller (as do a few other EME employees) and I've been toying with some ideas that include mode-shifting and the new touch menu.

I'm not sure when we'll release this but it's something I want to do sooner than later so that players can start iterating on and customizing our config to their liking.

There are some community templates out there already (some that are quite sophisticated and feature gyro and edge scrolling), so you might check those out in the meantime.
It's 3, this is a display bug. We're going to try and fix it with a hotfix tomorrow.
Patch notes will be up shortly but here is some insight regarding the two issues listed in the OP:

1) There were no planned Federation Bill store updates planned for today. This was a miscommunication, apologies for the confusion.

2) The CS queue being reverted to 2 was not intentional. This was an oversight.

In addition to the above issues, the Corsairs' achievement for the "Brace for Impact" event incorrectly displays that it requires 10 completions when it only requires 3. This is a display error only. Functionally, only three completions are required.

We are preparing a hotfix that addresses the CS queue and the achievement for deploy tomorrow morning.
Cezzare on 11/12/2015, 09:27 AM - view
Thanks for the update! I would like to add something, nevertheless: many of us are used to this extra maintenances, but many others aren't and putting up the announcement in the forums just a couple of hours before it happens doesn't really help; if these are emergency maintenance sessions I guess it's fine, you can't always predict all the problems, but if they're meant to add cosmetics and such I'd like to think they're scheduled, and as such it would be very nice to have propper announcements in Tera's social network pages and the forums at least 2 days in advance.

We usually post about maintenance the day before around 4 p.m. PST. I think you're right though, we might be able to provide a little more lead-time than that.

This specific maintenance was to perform some back-end work and was not tied to the new mounts directly. We usually try to stick to one maintenance per week (during our normal time on Tuesday) but sometimes an extra one is necessary (to deploy a fix, for example).

FleurDeCerisier on 11/12/2015, 09:24 AM - view
Almost 30 mins overdue, if it's for the cat mount I will forgive you tera :D

The mounts were scheduled to go out at 9 a.m. PST, the extended maintenance was unexpected, but I released them to the web anyways so they'd be up when the servers go live.
Maintenance is running a bit long today. We're targeting 9:30 a.m. PST to have them back up. Apologies for the delay!
The new costumes and accessories should now be in the dressing room. Apologies for the delay, ran into a technical issue adding them.
The police and nurse costumes should be up there now. I'll be adding the new "Gothic Rapture" set following their release tomorrow morning.
Starlights on 10/26/2015, 12:30 PM - view
First off, I've been waiting for this since the start of October, and I'm really glad that Nurses/Police are on emp store! So thank you ~

But I have a doubt. I was told, this item "Pink Ribbon" http://puu.sh/kYzoT/a851a64726.jpg was part of the Halloween and it came with Nurses/Police, so I went to check emp store for it, but is nowhere. It's intentionally or just forgot to add it? >.

Since it wasn't explicitly in the police or nurse set, I missed this item. You are indeed correct though, it was sold as part of the Halloween line-up last year.

It's unfortunately too late to add this to the potion shack, but I have re-added it to the store. It will appear in the in-game store following maintenance tomorrow. Until then, you can find it on the web store here: https://store.enmasse.com/tera/item/pinkred/pink-ribbon-headband-permanent-hair-slot
kamizuma on 10/19/2015, 03:24 PM
where is the updated list of prizes?

Bottom of this post: http://tera.enmasse.com/news/posts/first-halloween-headhunt-complete
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Kimoii on 10/19/2015, 02:13 PM - view
Well to be fair the new kill targets are much more doable. 150k nagas will probably be completed by the end of today. Blood lords also ez since many people are leveling chars right now and they're in SM. It's good that the 50's and 60's targets are low because hardly anybody does open world in those areas especially now with XP buffs to dungeons..

Just think of it as an added bonus that you probably shouldn't expect to get but be happy if it does. Let's not start all screaming because we didn't get more "free stuff" than we wanted. Before it was pretty unrealistic to get those counts and honestly I'm not even convinced they were met.

I probably won't be buying anymore catalyst though because they've added more costume prizes to the pool without removing the others thereby reducing the chances of scoring a jackpot.

It would be cool if you guys removed the non-jackpot rewards from last week so that their prices will go back up while still keeping the jackpot chance the same. Correct me if I'm wrong pls.

The way the drops were structured, the jackpots will retain the same rates throughout the event. A certain percentage was assigned to cosmetics as a group and as more are added we're just adjusting the rates within that group, if that makes sense.
Dungeons are intended as the primary means of getting catalysts for higher level players.

This part of the event was intended to provide leveling players some additional means of acquiring catalysts.
Yeah, the lack of immediate feedback regarding the community's progress is a bummer. During the week we should be able to provide daily updates, but it's tougher to provide them on weekends.

Luckily, the community did great anyways, hitting four of the six targets: http://tera.enmasse.com/news/posts/first-halloween-headhunt-complete

High-level players did particularly well, beating the targets by a wide margin. As UdonPasta above guessed, lower-level players struggled a bit, but I probably made the goals a bit too high.

If you're curious about how we set the goals, there is a bit of science involved. We look at average daily kill counts for mobs in different level ranges then set the goals accordingly.
I checked all three accounts above and you each received replacement catalysts. Check the welcome window and please read the OP.
canikizu on 10/16/2015, 03:46 PM - view
My balance is updated. Thank you. I still see the 100 stack in my inventory though. What am I supposed to do with it? Just discard it?

You can go ahead and use it if you'd like. You'll get one extra catalyst out of it ;)
Kalisti on 10/16/2015, 03:40 PM - view
I had 29 catalysts listed on broker today before mainteance. After this I tried to remove them and all dissapeared...

Checked your account and you were also delivered catalysts.

This will be my last post in this thread for the time-being. Please read the update in the OP for the latest information.

[quote name='Redsparky' at='10/16/2015, 03:37 PM']Hello
I got same problem as a lot of people here.Bought catalysts from the broker and they never appeared in my inventory... Hope u can solve this by getting my catalysts or gold back.
Here is the screenshot of the transaction... Have a nice day


Please check your catalyst balance in the welcome window. I checked your account and you should now have them (it looks like you're already using them so you might already know this).
sinxsader on 10/16/2015, 03:24 PM - view
Awesome thanks man! So that means whenever I make a new character I can use the costume/mount/skin on it? This'll be good for brawler as well lol

Yes, you can use the costume/mount/skin on any character.

The pack does not include a weapon skin for the brawler though, unfortunately.
UPDATE on 10/16 @ 3:33 p.m. PDT

We have now delivered catalysts to those players that purchased unusable catalysts off the broker today.

We've also delivered catalysts to those players that listed their catalysts on the broker yesterday then de-listed them today (resulting in the catalysts disappearing).

All issues surrounding catalysts should now be resolved. If you are still experiencing issues, please contact our Customer Support team at http://support.enmasse.com/tera.
Yes, the items can be used on any character and none of the items can be traded because they are bound to your account.

The Elite Status Voucher can be re-sold though.
Not sure where you heard this but there were no plans for this today. We may preview them closer to release though...
Vxi on 10/16/2015, 03:16 PM - view
My catalysts were returned and added to my welcome message. Thanks for the fix!

No problem. Thanks for confirming.
canikizu on 10/16/2015, 03:12 PM - view
I have a stack of ~100 catalysts in the inventory before maintenance. It's still there post-maintenance, I can't use it, can't bank it. It's still 100 stack, and nothing was added to my balance. I need some help to sort this out.

I just checked your account as well and you should have 106 catalysts in your potion shack balance. Please close the welcome window and re-open it to check if your balance is updated, If not, try closing the game and the launcher and re-logging to see if that updates your balance.
You will get the items, no loot boxes.
Wunzigan on 10/16/2015, 03:01 PM - view
I had 160 Catalyst, and they are gone now, after using 1. Ive sent a ticket, and I expect EME to sort it out as soon as possible. I am not too fuzzy generally, but this is really annoying. Hoping for the best though as always.

You had a stack of 160 in your inventory or bank?
AmatsuMortem on 10/16/2015, 02:39 PM - view
Ok so I received the catalysts I used when I initially logged in. However, I still had a stack of 13 that I didn't use when I realized they weren't counting. So I used them. And only 1 was added. Problem still there.

This will continue to occur for any stacks existing in player's inventories. We delivered an amount of catalysts equivalent to the stack in your inventory.

Check your catalyst balance in the welcome window, it should be updated.
UPDATE on 10/16 @ 2:41 p.m. PDT

We have re-delivered catalysts to everyone in possession of stacks prior to this morning's maintenance. You should now have the correct amount in your potion shack balance.

We have also removed all listed catalysts on the broker and delivered the sellers their asking price.

We are in the process of delivering catalysts to those players that purchased unusable catalysts off the broker today.

Finally, we're going to look into delivering catalysts to those players that listed their catalysts on the broker yesterday then de-listed them today (resulting in the catalysts disappearing). I'll reply when this is complete.
Rupapap on 10/16/2015, 02:26 PM - view
I lost a stack of 60 crystals. Could I just get gold back for them? I don't want to click them to redeem individually ; - ;

Could you give some more information? How did you lose them?
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Yes, the system and catalysts are currently working as intended.

We're just trying to get people that had stacks prior to maintenance the catalysts that they earned yesterday.

You can continue leveling without worry. You'll receive working catalysts to your parcel when you hit the level milestones.
PandaMou on 10/16/2015, 01:04 PM - view
What about those who bought a catalyst, not knowing they were made unusable, off the broker? Will we get our gold back that we spent?

We're going to sort this out too.
kawaiiloli on 10/16/2015, 12:58 PM - view
I haven't even claimed mine on alts, yet they weren't added at all to my balance, as shown by my screenshot in the other post, http://puu.sh/kMveu/a002a8dd73.jpg

That was taken after maintenance, without using any potions. Unless you meant one player claiming it impacted everyone, then the "However, it appears that redemption of the stack is removing the catalysts that we added to player balances by us this morning, which was not intended. " line is incorrect.

I'm looking for someone who had a stack in inventory and did not use it post-maintenance. We're trying to see if the catalysts were added to your balance before a stack was redeemed.
We are aware of three issues impacting players relating to the potion shack event and are working to resolve them:

1) Some players had stacks of unusable catalysts in their inventories/banks prior to maintenance today. Following maintenance, we delivered an amount equivalent to the player's stack count to their balance in the potion shack window.

Players are reporting that when redeeming the stack, only one is added to the potion shack balance. This is intended.

However, it appears that redemption of the stack is removing the catalysts that we added to player balances by us this morning, which was not intended.

We are working to resolve this and will make sure that the players that lost catalysts have them returned. We have a list of players that possessed stacks of catalysts prior to maintenance, so we'll figure it out, it just may take some time. We appreciate your patience while we sort this out.

2) Players That Earned Catalysts from Leveling Cannot Remove Them From Parcel

We'll send out replacement catalysts to this group once we resolve issue #1 above.

3) Catalysts Purchased Off the Broker Cannot Be Used

Following maintenance today, catalysts purchased off the broker are rendered unusable. To deal with this, En Masse is purchasing any catalysts listed at a price of 3,000 per unit. This is the quickest and easiest way to remove these broken listings from circulation.

We are proceeding with this now.

Any listings above 3,000 per unit will be removed and the seller will have their catalysts returned to them.

We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience while we sort this out. Again, if you lost catalysts today, we'll get them back to you. It may just take some time.
Catalysts were indeed delivered. We're investigating the issues that players are reporting in this thread.

Please be patient, we'll sort it out.
UPDATE (10/16 at 10:30 a.m. PDT): The fixes have been applied and we will be sending out the replacement catalysts over the next couple hours. Once complete, the catalysts will appear in your balance in the potion shack.
Lizzard on 10/15/2015, 05:16 PM - view
when will the banquet of blood return ?

There are no plans for the Banquet of Blood to be included as part of this event.

My bad, didn't mean to edit your post above.
Catalysts will no longer be sellable following maintenance.
Hey all,

Unfortunately the Halloween Potion Shack promotion launched with several issues this morning:

1) Not all dungeons were immediately dropping catalysts at release.
2) Stacked catalysts in inventory cannot be redeemed to your potion shack balance.
3) Catalysts are tradable/sellable on the trade broker. This was not intended.
4) Pricing of catalysts from the Harvest Festival NPC.

All dungeons participating in the promotion should now be dropping catalysts. This was fixed this afternoon, shortly after the event began.

Our testing today revealed, as some astute players suggested, that the issues with redeeming catalysts to your balance in the potion shack stemmed from the catalysts being stackable this time around. This also allowed them to become sellable on the trade broker.

Here is our plan to resolve these issues:

1) We will run maintenance tomorrow (Oct. 15) at 9 a.m. PDT to deploy the fix. The maintenance should run approximately 2 hours.

2) Following the maintenance, players with a stack of catalysts in their inventory will find that they convert into only one usable catalyst. For example, if you have a stack of 10 catalysts in your inventory following maintenance, they will convert into only one catalyst when used/transferred to your balance in the potion shack.

In order to address this, we will be adding catalysts to each player’s potion shack balance equivalent to the number they have stacked at the time the servers go down for maintenance. For example, if you have 10 catalysts stacked in inventory at the time the servers go down for maintenance, your catalyst balance in the potion shack will be increased by 9 following maintenance. You can then redeem your stack for one additional catalyst to restore your original count of 10.

Until maintenance tomorrow, you can take the following steps to continue using catalysts you earn in-game:

1) Use catalysts immediately upon receiving them to prevent them from stacking.

2) Players have identified that transferring your existing stacks of catalysts to your bank and then transferring them back into inventory individually will also work.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused by these issues today. In our efforts to improve the overall potion shack experience, we overlooked the full impact of our changes.

Kyra’s Halloween Potion Shack is just getting started. We took great effort to improve the event based on your prior feedback and make it more exciting and dynamic by having it change and evolve over time with new prizes and new hunts being announced weekly. Following the deploy of our fixes tomorrow, we hope you’ll get as much enjoyment out of the event as we got out of putting it together for you.

Happy (head)hunting!
We're going to have an update regarding the current issues very shortly.
Good questions!

1) Do I need to accept a quest before killing the hunts? Or do I just need to go there and kill them?

You just need to go there and kill them. Make sure you're killing the enemy with the exact name as listed on the poster/in the news post.

2) As a 65, it means I can go to both level 65 and 60?

As long as the mob is within five levels of your own (above or below), it will count towards the total.

3) From how much time to how much time will EME be posting how many left and where will it be?

We're going to try to update the community regarding the current kill counts twice per hunt. I'm curious to see how the community will perform on the first hunt, so we'll definitely be checking tomorrow morning.

Updates regarding the kill counts will be posted on our social networks.

You have until Sunday at 11:59 p.m. PDT to complete the current hunts. We'll announce the results of this hunt as well as the targets for the next one on Monday. You'll then have until Wednesday at 11:59 p.m. PDT to complete them. We'll post the results of that hunt on Thursday and announce new ones as well. This cycle will repeat until November 5 when the event ends.
Other Halloween items from past years will be added to the potion shack and the store throughout the event. From the news post:

In celebration of the season, we’ve also revised the Potion Shack prize list with a Halloween touch. And every Monday for the duration of the event, we’ll update the Potion Shack and the TERA Store with more great items from Halloweens past, leading up to the release of the new community-designed “Gothic Rapture” costume set on Thursday, October 29!

AugustoC on 10/15/2015, 11:59 AM - view
Praise Sywhale.

I'm having a different issue tho, I just ran BRHM, 2 catalysts dropped, I got them (not sure about the others), I used one of them, reached 5 catalysts (I had 4 left from the old event), tried to use the other one, checked the confirm box, clicked Confirm and... nothing. Nothing happened. I thought, well, maybe you can't use it if you already have 5 catalysts, so I brewed a potion, got x75 Spellbind, claimed it, but still can't use the catalyst. Gonna try relogging now.

We're looking into this now, thanks for the heads up.
They should be there now.
Our understanding is that this is fixed in the build deployed today. We were unable to verify the fix however, as we did not experience the issue on any machine in-house.

You might give it a shot and see. I'd be curious to confirm if it is or not.

This change is listed in the patch notes as well.
Wings are up in-game and on the web: https://store.enmasse.com/tera
Potion Shack starts Thursday, October 15.
The wings will be released shortly. The Halloween event/Potion Shack launches on Thursday, October 15.
Maintenance is going to run about 30 minutes longer. Expected up-time is around 10:30 a.m. PDT.
ErinKitten on 09/25/2015, 06:58 PM - view
Should we be concerned about our privacy? Not necessarily enmasse doing anything wrong with this data but how about others potentially getting their hands on said data...

The game tracks anonymous data pertaining to user's hardware configuration so you shouldn't be concerned about privacy.
SoulReaper1 on 09/23/2015, 02:21 PM - view
Thank you very much for finally giving this issue some acknowledgement. With all due respect, this matter could of been handled much, MUCH better. As I'm sure you're aware of the many threads involving this issue, or you soon will be reminded of as I redirect all of them in this post. Regardless of what has or hasn't happened yet, I'm eager to come to work with you to find a resolution to this problem and appreciate your time.

Many of the things you've suggested, have ALL been tried as well as documented. For simple reference, please observe these posts.
There's a couple more on the forums, but neither of which are actually useful.

I'm not at home currently, but if we can get a time for someone to be logged into live servers tonight or the next couple days, I'd be very happy to demonstrate how this behavior is happening so it can be documented as well. A simple screenshot of this issue, will not do it justice.

~Soul Reaper~

Yes, please re-post this into a separate thread in our bug forum and I'll have our QA team take a look.
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Hey! It's me, Denommenator. Back with another stuff of the week. It's been a fairly eventful week, so let's dive right in!

TERA Changing Publishers in Korea

It was announced this week that NHN, the publisher of TERA in the Korean market, will cease it's service of the game once its current license agreement ends.

TERA is serviced in many regions by many different publishers under separate licenses. NHN's decision to no longer service TERA has no impact on the other publishers operating TERA, including En Masse Entertainment. It is also not representative of TERA's performance or the current state of development surrounding TERA.

En Masse Entertainment will remain the North American publisher and operator of TERA for the forseeable future and Bluehole remains dedicated to the product through continued support and content development.

In short, no need to worry, this announcement has no impact on TERA as published by En Masse Entertainment.

TERA No Longer Officially Supports Windows XP

This came up on the forums this week, so I thought I'd mention it quickly.

As Microsoft has discontinued support and development of Windows XP, we cannot guarantee that TERA will be fully compatible or perform well on that operating system. Sorry, Windows XP users!

Client Lag/Stutter as caused by Windows Defender Issue/Microsoft Security Essentials

In late August, the TERA client began to exhibit issues including client freezing and gameplay stutter. It was revealed that this was caused by conflicts with Windows Defender/Microsoft Security Essentials. Bluehole has been working with Microsoft directly since then and as of September 16, Microsoft reported the issue as resolved. Our internal testing seems to confirm this.

As of now, we consider this issue resolved.

This issue is separate from the framerate issues reported by users in high-level dungeons/boss fights, which I'll touch on next.

Framerate Issues in High-Level Dungeons/Boss Fights

This is an issue that has plagued players over the past several weeks. Unfortunately, we were unable to provide much in the way of support regarding this issue, however a few developments have occurred this past week:

1) Tech savvy players identified that deletion/removal of certain game files (relating to UI) and adjustments around process priority in Windows Task Manager improved their performance/resolved the issue.

This has provided us a great lead to put forth to the game's developers in order to aid in their investigation of this issue. We'll provide any updates as we receive them.

2) Additionally, client tracking was deployed as part of this past week's maintenance that may allow for us to better track client performance across different player hardware configurations.

Together, these two developments may help us to gain some traction on this issue. Here's hoping!

Extension of Rootstock, Pond Faire, and Bamarama

As announced by Harmonia here, we will be extending these events one week until maintenance on October 6.

Game Improvements - Gold Drops and Max Level Dungeon Loot

Open world gold drops will be reverted to their pre-"Go Berserk" status in our next major build release targeting mid-October. Improving the max-level dungeon rewards may take a bit longer however. We'll continue to provide updates regarding the status of our progress on these issues as they happen.

Loot Removal from Lower Level Instances When Playing with Higher-Level Player

No updates on this front, but I'll circle back if I have any.

That's it for this week's stuff! I've got some ongoing conversations in last week's thread, so check back there for some additional replies.

See ya next week!


Previous weeks:
Unless they receive a significant re-design, we will not be releasing them due to copyright concerns.
Edited by: Denommenator less than a minute ago
The correct costume has been delivered to players that received the box prior to the fix. It can be found in your Item Claim.

Please let us know if you did not receive it.

All done, they should all be there now.
Working on this right now. A bug was preventing us from adding them, but it was fixed as part of today's build update/release.

You should see them start to appear in the dressing room over the next 40 minutes or so.
An update regarding this issue:

Unfortunately, we were not able to extract full character data for yesterday from our database due to a technical issue. This is required to identify the full list of players who will need to be sent the corrected smart box.

This should be resolved tomorrow, so we'll send out the replacement smart boxes then. Again, I'll come back and confirm once the delivery is complete.

Apologies for this unexpected delay and thanks for your continued patience.
Akuarine on 09/22/2015, 11:17 AM - view
Did you guys fixed forge O:???

It will be fixed in our next major build release in October.
SoulReaper1 on 09/18/2015, 08:15 PM - view
It's funny, I can't help but notice, there's no mention of the Gunner and the persistent auto-summoning of HB. Quite strange....

I asked our QA team to provide me an update and here's what they said:

We submitted this to the game developers but they were unable to re-produce it. If you can provide us clear steps to re-produce the issue, as well as a summary of your skill arrangement on your bar, skill chains, etc., it may be help us to re-produce the issue and find a fix.

SoulReaper1 on 09/22/2015, 12:41 PM
Hey there! Thank you for seriously responding to EVERYONE except for me. Much appreciated and I feel EXTREMELY appreciated. Cheers on the continued HB summons!

I tend to reply only when I have something to report. We are a small, busy team and can't always reply to everyone.
counterpoint on 09/22/2015, 05:55 PM - view
It just means the ones that were distributed before will work again.

That's correct.
We post patch notes to keep the community informed regarding changes to the game regardless of how minor they are.
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I forgot to turn off the event following maintenance. Should be fixed now.
SnugglesFairie on 09/20/2015, 03:05 AM - view
I do not have windows defender or security essentials. Yet I still have a problem that started around the time of the catalyst / potion shop update.

The problem: at totally random times, my game will lock up for 1-3 seconds. The fps drops to 0. Then it will go back to normal. Normal fps for me in most dungeons is about 45-70. Normal in most areas are 60-90 fps. I have been playing since beta. It has never happened before the potion shop/ catalyst patch. I do not have this issue in any other online games that I play.

I run dungeons every day on several toons. Almost everyone that I encounter complaints that they experience this issue too. So I know it isn't just me. My guild mates are constantly experiencing this as well. Most of us do not have Defender or Security Essentials.

Today alone, in the span of 2 hours, I had my game lock up 11 times during dungeons. And in hard mode dungeons, it can and does kill me. It is getting extremely annoying to everyone. I have been in many teams that have wiped because of the game locking up in the worst times.

I love tera and I would hate to give it up. But I am seriously considering dropping elite and giving up the game. I can't play the way that I want. I can't run a dungeon without worrying that this is going to happen. It is sucking the fun out of the game. And again, I have been playing since beta. Tera is one of my favorite mmorpgs.

LancerJiva on 09/20/2015, 04:13 PM
Okay so this is far from fixed. I honestly can't even remember when it started. My guess is before the nexus patch. But here have a look at my fps on ZERO graphic settings. My fps drops when hitting a boss in a dungeon, otherwise its normal.

You guys really need to fix this. It makes TERA not enjoyable anymore.

I'm sorry to hear you're still having issues, and LancerJiva, I believe I watched the video you submitted relating to this. Are you experiencing this only on one character? Am I remembering correctly?

In any case, I'm not sure your issues are specifically related to the Windows Defender/MSE fix, which was very specific.

Do you experience FPS drops even when you lower your graphics settings?

Tesa on 09/19/2015, 12:44 PM - view
- Forge and Argent mounts still need their glows fixed. (eyes, chest)
- Experience Points (Lvl 40) (Lvl 45) and (Lvl 50) still don't work since the release of the BuddyUp System (which introduced a differently named versions of these in the recruits leveling reward boxes, if that may have been related to them not working anymore?)

Also, the freeze fix has worked perfectly for me so far. Adding Tera in Windows Defender never fixed anything for me, a windows 8 player still, but so far everything seems to be back to normal now

1) I'm looking into Forge and Argent.

2) The Experience Points bug is fixed now following today's maintenance.

3) Great to hear about the freezing issue. It is also fixed for me on my home PC. Still looking for more feedback on this though before we announce it as officially resolved.
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I just turned the event off. You should be restored to your own fashion the next time you play CS. Please let me know if that's not the case.
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MattOsiris on 09/22/2015, 10:06 AM - view

Still looks like a cocktail dress... maybe its because I already had it?

Yes, this is because you already had it. We will be sending out the correct version of the costume to those players that already received it either today or tomorrow. The item will be delivered to Item Claim, so keep an eye out. I'll post back here when they're all sent out.
Happy weekend and happy "talk like a pirate day" TERA community! I'm a bit late with Stuff of the Week this Friday evening, but I have two important updates to share with you...

Let's go!

Game Freeze/Windows Defender Issue

We're finally making some progress on this annoying issue. Bluehole has been working directly with Microsoft for the past two weeks to identify the source of TERA's conflicts with Microsoft Security Essentials and Windows Defender. Microsoft has successfully re-produced the issue and is reporting that it should be fixed as of 09/16.

Though we have confirmed on internal machines that previously exhibited the issue that it no longer occurs, I'm not so quick to call this fully resolved.

If you experienced this issue, or continue to, please let us know! It is of the utmost importance to us that we restore game performance to those players that suffered this issue.

To test and see if the issue is resolved, simply remove the TERA client folder from your list of exceptions in Microsoft Security Essentials/Windows Defender and launch the client to see if you experience the lagging/freezing that was associated with this problem.

Once we're fully confident that the issue is fixed, we'll post an update in the main stickied thread here.

Game Improvements - Gold Drops and Max Level Dungeon Loot

The nerfs to open world gold and max level instance rewards introduced in the "Go Berserk!" update have been a sore spot among the community for a good while. We continue to actively work on this issue with Bluehole and are making some good progress. Re-instating the previous drops is a bit of a tricky process that requires thorough testing, which has contributed to the lengthy turnaround time in making these improvements. We made some progress this week though and we're getting closer.

Concurrently, we're preparing an update to the game that will hit in mid-October (referenced in Treeshark's producer letter here). It's possible we'll have a solution before then, but if not, these improvements should be included the update.

I realize it's not exactly the best news, but it at least gives you frame of reference as to when you can expect these changes. In the meantime, we appreciate your patience as we've sorted this out.

I've been super busy this week, so I've not had as much time to cruise the forums as I'd like. If you feel I missed anything in this week's "stuff", post a reply below and I'll do my best to track it down and post a follow-up either in this thread or in next week's stuff. Until then, keep on plunderin' mateys!


Previous weeks:
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GodofOlmypus on 09/18/2015, 07:29 AM - view
That's not necessarily true. The reason for the fewer number of system messages is because the mini jackpots no longer trigger system messages. In the past events, there were announcements anytime someone won the 1k alks or 200 semi enig, or a roddie mount, or a snowsuit etc. But there were lots of forums posts in the past complaining about the spam being annoying and blocking people's screens, so it seems that eme has made it so that the "mini" jackpots no longer trigger system messages.

This is true. The Premium Alkahest jackpot is the only one configured to trigger world events. I felt the other jackpots would trigger too frequently and contribute to spam.
We don't usually comment on drop rates but I can confirm that the rate for the Premium Alkahest jackpot is the same as it has been for all jackpot events we have run throughout the history of TERA.

Denommenator on 09/11/2015, 05:18 PM - view

Bamarama Diamond Matches

Q: Diamond matches are no longer featured as part of Bamarama? Will these return to the event?

We are testing a fix internally that should hopefully see diamond matches returned to Bamarama very soon. If all goes well, we will deploy the fix during our next maintenance

This will be fixed following tomorrow's maintenance.
kaeyre on 09/12/2015, 09:45 PM - view
do you have an ETA for the new costumes? lately we have been getting costumes really shortly after ktera. im sorry for my impatience i just wanna know how much time i have to save up !

Within the next couple weeks if all goes to plan.
The Level 60 Scroll is now back in the in-game store. While the product was available on the web, it (for some reason) wasn't properly assigned to a product category which is why it didn't appear in the in-game store.

You can now find it again under the "Account Services" category.

Thanks for the heads up!
Hey all! This is Denommenator, one of the Senior Producers here at EME! With Minea soon departing, I'm taking a crack at stuff of the week...this week. Here we go!

Producer Letter

Treeshark released his end-of-summer/fall producer letter which promised future improvements to open world gold drops and end-game instance rewards, as well as teased upcoming content including the new character creation interface and starting island, the first community-designed costume set and, of course, the highly-anticipated new melee class, the Brawler!

Phew! That was a mouthful!

Read the producer letter here.

Game Freeze Issue

The nagging issue of game client freezing/stutter caused by conflicts with Microsoft Security Essentials and Windows Defender continues to persist. The good news is that Bluehole is actively working with Microsoft on the issue and we can hopefully expect a fix soon. This has been a very difficult issue to lockdown, so we greatly appreciate your patience and willingness to troubleshoot the issue while we’ve pursued a fix.

View the most common troubleshooting steps here.

Bamarama Diamond Matches

Q: Q: Diamond matches are no longer featured as part of Bamarama? Will these return to the event?

We are testing a fix internally that should hopefully see diamond matches returned to Bamarama very soon. If all goes well, we will deploy the fix during our next maintenance

Loot Removal from Lower Level Instances When Playing with Higher-Level Player

Q: Recently loot was changed so that nothing drops from instance dungeons when the character is outside of a specific level range. This is making things a lot more difficult to help friends or farm items for your alts. Can this be reverted?

We have brought this up to the developer based on the community’s feedback.

Minea’s Departure

Your long-time community manager and our dear friend and colleague Minea is departing EME to travel the world! Join me in saying goodbye and thank you for her many years of hard work on TERA.

Wish her well here.

Not only that, but your TERA Producer, Treeshark, recently got married is headed off on his honeymoon for the next few weeks!

Congratulate him in the in the producer letter thread here.

That means you’re stuck with me, Denommenator, for the next little while. I've got some big shoes to fill but I’ll try my best to keep things running smoothly. Wish me luck and thanks for the warm welcome!


Previous weeks:

Beckiboo on 09/11/2015, 12:59 PM - view
Is wings. Not wings on my character's head, not batwings, just some amazing feathery wings as a back piece with a choice of white or black, maybe more colors but if just black and white were brought in i'd be so happy. Animated would be a bonus but not crucial. I can't believe we don't have these in game already!

I have a feeling your patience will soon be rewarded.
ToytheElin on 09/11/2015, 01:40 PM - view
No dressing room? D:

Unfortunately, a bug is preventing us from adding the new items to the dressing room. It should hopefully be fixed soon (sometime next week).
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