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Cobalt, since you are effectively remove the majority of the event and will potentially remove even the 500 mob one if performance does not improve, are there plans for any alternative event as compensation?

Still TBD at the moment, but I think the Team is leaning towards a Vanguard Item and Rep Event to fill the void, if things do not improve.
Sateva wrote: »
Getting rid of all but one teir of the event kind of renders farming it pointless, at least make it lower than 500 if you're going to make us play the alts we can't afford to gear any more to farm this event. 100 seems fair given the situation.
Thank you for your honest feedback, though at this point, we're most likely going to stick with the 500 amount.
TERA's newest Producer @seandynamite was able to finish 500 in under an hour, so it seems like a reasonable amount for those who still want to finish their current progress.
clfarron4 wrote: »
Not going to beat around the bush here. It's not even 2pm PST, 5pm EST. You still have 3 hours at the earliest to peak.

It's pretty obvious that if you continue like this, the event is going to cause the amount of lag that we experienced on the release day of the Valkyrie class. And yes, I can already see plenty of Valks where Runeburst is only firing 4 of the hits maximum, only because this is an open world event, it affects Open World AND dungeons.

There's a reason why Gameforge killed this event pretty quickly and replaced it with their more usual Dungeon Type event (which works on the same Elin Interface icon).

As a heads up
We are aware of server performance issues with the Valentine's BAMassacre event.
Since many of you are actively participating in the event, we wanted to give you a heads-up that at 3 p.m. PST, we are removing all event targets EXCEPT the 500 kill threshold.

At 4 p.m. PST we will determine if the event is stable enough to continue, or if we need to disable it completely.
sanj66 wrote: »
but what are you all doing for us that can login, aka almost everyone and is experiencing 3-5X the latency we had before and is rendering dungeons even ghillieglade almost unplayable? whats the point of even running say rkem to get screwed over by the lag with this event, it was turned off in other regions because of this issue and you all persist on keeping it...

We have our Networking Team reviewing everything possible, and we are gathering real time data that can be directly looked into by TERA's Developer, in the hopes that an Event like this can be fully reviewed and actually optimized for later Events of this same nature.

Shutting off the Event without gathering the data wouldn't lead to any future optimizations of the Event.
Melyodis wrote: »
up now i still can't patch the game goes to show they don't play tera much go online and see what players are talking about in game right now i'm not submitting anything this is madness.

Can you put in a Support Ticket with an EME Diagnostic if you still are unable to patch the Game Client through the TERA Launcher ?
Melyodis wrote: »
Melyodis wrote: »
up now i still can't patch the game goes to show they don't play tera much go online and see what players are talking about in game right now i'm not submitting anything this is madness.

Well, just being completely honest here...
If you can't login through the TERA Launcher right now (even just to see how your experience would be with this Event), it generally means that something besides the Event itself is restricting your access to patch successful.
If you want that solved, you can feel free to contact Support through a Ticket.
Otherwise, you can certainly try to troubleshooting it yourself, or I suppose you also have the option of not doing anything and just checking back after the Event is over.
No need to make additional threads, there was one already started here.
Melyodis wrote: »
up now i still can't patch the game goes to show they don't play tera much go online and see what players are talking about in game right now i'm not submitting anything this is madness.

Can you put in a Support Ticket with an EME Diagnostic if you still are unable to patch the Game Client through the TERA Launcher ?
MD5CDNFL7D wrote: »
anyone knows why AV is on but all the other servers are still off??
It should have been brought down at the same time as all the others, so I let the appropriate team know.
MD5CDNFL7D wrote: »
By the way do you know how to change my username
I mean the username on here not in the game

Here you go.
will you guys be adding more channels to Island of Dawn? i got a feeling it will be overrun with players. especially those that can clear a bam in under 10 seconds then leap to the next etc.

I actually asked about this, and the answer is no, but only due to how the Event and System works.
If more channels were added, it would only spreads the BAMs out over the extra channels, meaning there would be less BAMs to find within each channel.

Overall, there will be a ton of BAMs to find and defeat, and I'll also point out that Dungeon BAMs are included.
DL7MMWLJ3W wrote: »

Since the details is out, I wanted to ask something real quick.

Are these gonna be new BAMs or the same BAMs that we have running around right now?

"characters level 40-65 should kill BAMs of their level, or up to 5 levels higher." - I think this part implies the current BAMs that are already around right now.
Nibellung wrote: »
Gatokatzen wrote: »
Tera needs a tank healer class, which do low damage but can stand a lot critical hits, while health party. That class will be a dream. Improve queque times x one million

This was actually one that I had personally requested semi-recently. ;)

I definitely like the sound of a class that is a hybrid of Tanking and Healing.

The class would probably have pretty low DPS output, but high amount of health, high defense modifier, high balance modifier, and high resistances.
And there would be a constant flow of aggro through skills that damage outright or overtime, some of which provide health back to the character and their Party / Raid.

a Paladin class? xD

Perhaps, but the feedback I had sent in had implied that the class would be more Vampiric in nature, which would mean that the class would not walk the same path as a Paladin. ;)
I believe the details are coming later this afternoon.
Gatokatzen wrote: »
Tera needs a tank healer class, which do low damage but can stand a lot critical hits, while health party. That class will be a dream. Improve queque times x one million

This was actually one that I had personally requested semi-recently. ;)

I definitely like the sound of a class that is a hybrid of Tanking and Healing.

The class would probably have pretty low DPS output, but high amount of health, high defense modifier, high balance modifier, and high resistances.
And there would be a constant flow of aggro through skills that damage outright or overtime, some of which provide health back to the character and their Party / Raid.
Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I'll let the appropriate Team know.
tisnotme wrote: »
so theres been no stream at all today , I see
last week the just ran back ground music
so the last actual twitch stream was two weeks ago

whats going on EME ? you want viewers but what are we going to watch if you wont stream

We will most likely have an actual TERA Stream very soon.
Right now, I believe there is still a need for a dedicated TERA CM who is able to plan each Stream in advanced, along with the many other day-to-day tasks.
This issue was reported shortly after the Dragons were first introduced, and reported again shortly after the Phoenixes were added.

So far, I am under the impression that neither our Internal QA Department or Bluehole's QA Department have been able to solidly reproduce the issue in a Live Server or QA Environment.

When our players write in via Support Ticket, we generally ask the same types of questions, and then send the additional information over to these other Teams, in the off-chance some new piece of information ends up being what is needed to find the trigger.

Normally, this means that we have no immediate fix for those that write in...

Some players have mentioned that removing the flying dragon skill and adding it back has helped, while others have stated it has not.

Other players mentioned that it was resolved directly following a Maintenance.

For the sake of community transparency, I would ask all of you commenting within this Thread, to take a moment to think about what exactly was going on before the issue began, and then comment on as many of the following factors that you can think of :

- What Class were you playing on ?
- What Zone were you located in ?
- What type of Monster were you fighting ?
- What Skills were you using ?
- What Buffs did you have applied ?
- What time of day did it begin ?

If you have any additional factors that I have not thought to add, please feel free to include it, as it could be the one thing that we haven't asked that ends up leading to a resolution.

Also, if you are recording a video ( with the Passives still working) and happen to catch what triggers the Passives to stop working, that video would greatly help Bluehole's QA Team, and expedite the overall fix.
Closing this Thread as well, due to the fact that it has derailed.
CTDXHFRG64 wrote: »
Hello, im play Na server in lithuania with normal launcher and with steam, and now i moved to germany and i cant play it with steam.. are i can play with normal launcher?? or same like steam

You'll want to review this Announcement regarding Steam and your physical location.
I've definitely brought this up a few times since we last held Canyon Clash & Skyring Slam, so the feedback has been passed along.
It might be worth bringing this up again after the new Community Manager has had a chance to settle in.
As of this morning, we started receiving quite a few reports from players who were unable to receive our Account Armor Code emails, as well as the email sent when a Password Reset request is made.

We have been able to narrow the issue down to players who happen to use Yahoo as their Email Provider for their EME Account.

For this, there is no immediate fix or an ETA at the moment, but our Team continues their investigation into this matter and will hopefully have this resolved as quickly as possible.
Just as an FYI, I did pass along this feedback.
@CassandraTR - I'll look into this, but please keep in mind that I may not get an answer prior to monday.
Reya wrote: »
Any stormcry +9? How about those essence?

I still working on getting more materials from various sources, but I do have a character that has some +5'ish Stormcry.

Yeah, most likely there will be a new announced Introductory Thread.
Hauuguu wrote: »
@CobaltDragon, are you our new CM?

As mentioned by me in another Forum Thread , we're in the phase of taking applicants.
I'm not sure @CobaltDragon understands the full weight of doing that yet - or at least without GM cheats like when they +15'd starfall - but I applaud him for the response as it seems like he was willing to learn which is huge imo.

For the sake of clarity:
I have played TERA since 2012 ( Pre-Closed Beta ).
I have characters across every server, and manually leveled the majority of them to 65.
I have at least one of each Class at 65. Each one is decently geared, ranging anywhere from Stormcry all the way down to Steadfast. I enjoy PVE content quite a bit, but also run Battlegrounds whenever I can get the queue to pop.
With that all being said, hope to see some of you in queue today, tomorrow, or sometime in the near future. ;)
To go along with an Event we will be running this weekend, we'll be making a change to the blue "Additional Rewards" sections that are provided with each Vanguard Request.

At the moment, each one offers a set number of Metamorphic Emblems.

The change that will be made will keep the Metamorphic Emblems, but instead of listing them in the blue "Additional Rewards" section, the Metamorphic Emblem reward will be moved up into standard rewards.

This allows us to free up the blue "Additional Reward" section for Event specific rewards.

More details about the Event to come later today in a separate post.
Ammutseba wrote: »
To be a good CM though
  • admit that you're not TERA savvy (because chances are you don't know more than "this class is cool 'cause its an elin" or something along the lines of nothing to do with gameplay) but that you are willing to learn and actually BE willing to learn

It's just my personal opinion, but I would like to see a CM level a character from the beginning all the way up to +9 Stormcry (as a normal player would). I don't think you can empathize with the community until you fully understand what it takes to reach that level. They could even make it part of the twitch stream to help other players (sort of like a zero to hero series).

Which Class would you like to see leveled ?
Feedback has been passed along regarding this.
I've noticed that in all of these screenshots the character has a head slot accessory equipped.
Does this issue seem to only occur with specific accessories ?
Does the issue go away the moment the head slot accessory is unequipped ?
Feedback was passed along regarding this.
Ves1978 wrote: »
but at least we get 3 day travel journal, village atlas and that snowflake thing without any description at the end of month :D

Seandynamite mentioned more information about it here.
If you provide a list of items that most players would have expected for this Jackpot ( or future Jackpots), I'd be happy to pass that along.
[quote="ElinLove;c-205507"they selectively ignore our stuff. Not only this, but many older bug reports too. Makes me seriously doubt how useful it even is to post. Wonder if they ignore it just to not blatantly say "no" thinking it will have a negative impact or what, but I feel like a direct no would be less of a spit on our faces.[/quote]

Just as an FYI, I have been passing along all Feedback I have come across ( forums, discord, in-game, reddit, etc.. ).

Unless something changes, I'll still have to refer to what was posted back in Early January by Spacecats.
The February Battleground Calendar is going out later this morning / afternoon, I believe it was just going through some last minute revisions.
Melyodis wrote: »
at least is not me alone @CobaltDragon what to do now

If you had previously done any file modifications, not saying you had, but if you did, the next step would be to remove those file mods.
Otherwise, I mentioned that it would be a good idea to submit a Support Ticket for this.
Nearly there. Thanks again for your patience today. :)
I haven't seen this issue yet myself yet, but my initial reaction would be to run the Repair feature found within the Tools menu of the TERA Launcher.
If it persists after running the Repair, please feel free to submit a Support Ticket with any additional information you can provide, like if it's only shown with certain head accessories equipped.
Thanks for bring these two pieces from the Patch Notes to our attention.
I'll go ahead and send them over to another Team for review, and if 100% accurate, we'll get the Patch Notes updated to reflect the intended changes.
HLK76PFWXT wrote: »
These ones will have passive buffs?

To my knowledge, no. I do not believe there is a Passive Skill, similar to what the dragons or phoenix mounts have.
This thread was last replied to in May 2016... Let it stay buried.
Naru2008 wrote: »
Kiraboshi wrote: »
So do we get a new punching bag CM or nah?

That's currently being discussed among the staff (from what Amberscale told me). I was told that concerns such as this would be handed to someone in the correct department to address. (So I assume either @seandynamite or @CobaltDragon .)

I believe we are in the phase of taking applicants.
I just wanted to provide an update, that we are aware of the situation with the Master Additives, and that the right Teams are working on a way to correct it.

For now, please hold onto the ones you have, and most likely on (or after) January 30th an initial script will be run to identify all character's that have the wrong type, a 2nd script will be used to remove them, and a final script will be used to send the correct version of the Master Additive.
I believe this is a Known Issue between different regional builds of TERA.

There are some Achievements that are offered in other regions that are not offered within out NA version, so the system is trying to give you the Laurel anyways, despite not technically having enough points.

When a new Content Patch is added, if you were right on the edge between Laurels, the new Achievements will cause your character to go back down to the previous Laurel.

The only way to get back to the Laurel you had just gain, is to get enough points to meet the newer requirement for that Laurel within the system, which can sometimes be another 30-70 Achievement points.
Since this Thread was Necro'ed I am going to go ahead and close it.
Please make sure you have done what is mentioned in this Thread
@CobaltDragon could the active event section get edited then, cause it only shows additional vanguard requests reward and battleground jackpot.

I can check to see if that can be added.
After checking things out on our end, we have been able to verify that the Event did indeed start at the original time mentioned in the News Post.

Also, it's worth mentioning that quite a few players have already started gaining some of the rarer items.

As I am typing this, there has already been quite a few of the rarer rewards looted in the Hard Mode version, and as many as 19 Miner's Hats looted from the Easy Mode so far.
Thanks for the heads up.
I'll check in with another department to see what's going on, and hopefully get the Event started as soon as possible.
This is now fixed, thanks for the catch. =)
Closing this Forum Thread, since another player had already posted the link to the full IGN article, including videos.
Also, if you notice any other Loot Boxes or Smart Boxes that have become untradeable this patch that were previously tradeable, let us know.

I'll compile a list and send that information forward.
That has to be unintended correct?

So far on TR we have heard Starglow Weapon loot box and Arctic Weapon loot box.

I can't see how you would purposely want to lose money from less EMP purchases.
@spacecats @Halrath

Another problem, it seems the elin gunner box is account based. That means if you created your elin gunner, then claimed the item from item claim, didn't like how your elin looked, and remade it you will not get another box upon recreation.

Is this intended? Halrath's previous leveling event involving catalysts did not do that. The boxes are not bankable so they should not be account based.

Thank you for reporting these two issues. I've brought it to the attention of the appropriate departments, and we'll figure out what is going on, and the best way to resolve each of them.
I know there is going to be some Server Announcements going out at different times throughout the weekend, that should provide you with some details.

I wish I could provide you with a full list of everything that is going on, but I only received basic information to be aware of, before they left for Gstar.

If needed, you can probably check out one of the more recent Twitch Videos to see where Spacecats had mentioned all of the things that were unlocked for this weekends events.
JXE5356AKE wrote: »
For this, a bug report was already filed, to allow the item to just be discarded.

Ah okay, are we just waiting for it in a future build then? Thank you!

It's in the hands of TERA's Developer ( Bluehole ) now, but yeah, I'd expect in an up-coming update, the current item's properties will be changed to allow it to be able to be discarded.

In the short term, if there is a need for immediate removal, the route is a Support Ticket with Character Name(s) / Server(s), and the item you're needing removed.
For this, a bug report was already filed, to allow the item to just be discarded.
HAAYAAKD43 wrote: »
you guys made pretty quick changes to elite like the ccb and mount change, why does everything else take SO long to change/update. (notice how that's not phrased as a question,but rather a fact ).
the things you're able to change, should be changed.

Just for the sake of transparency, things often happen behind the scenes that are planned for weeks before any announcement is made.

There will of course be times where it more appropriate to make an announcement really early on, in order to get player feedback first.

The example you mentioned, was something that had already had a lot of planning that had gone into it from multiple departments, while the request to change items in the shops was something that we've been wanting to do for quite some time, but takes a lot more planning, as well as needing additional input from our player-base, regarding the priority of which shops need updating.
Naru2008 wrote: »
You can refer to this Comment made by TERA's Producer ( seandynamite ) :


@CobaltDragon that link leads to a 'You don't have permission to do that' page. Might want to fix it.

Thanks for the heads up, I didn't notice that the Thread had been moved.
You can refer to this Comment made by TERA's Producer ( seandynamite ) :

Trappie wrote: »
I am still having this issue :/

Alright, If you haven't already done so, can you please make a Support Ticket ?

If you have already made a Ticket in the last 6 hours, can you check to see if you've already received a reply, and update that Ticket, so that we can continue to investigate ?

Just wanted to mention that we are now aware of all of the players reporting the User Authentication Failed error message, and will begin looking into what had occurred.

Just to quickly check, the most recent Forum Posts seem to be implying that their issue seems to have resolved around 10 minutes ago.

Is this the case for everyone, or is there still a lingering issue for some ?
Oh alright, please feel free to re-open your existing Ticket with out Support, and ask the current Agent to escalate your Ticket over to me. ( Ryan "GM Cobaltdragon" ) and I'll be happy to review it, ask some additional questions, and help you track down what Account has those character, and the current Email tied to that EME Account.
If you played through Steam sometime after June 11th 2015, then there is a very high likelihood that your Game Account is actually still tied to the European Servers, as explained in the News Post we had made here : ( http://tera.enmasse.com/news/posts/important-news-for-europe-and-russia )

You may want to try contacting Gameforge's Support here : ( http://support.tera-europe.com/ ) and provide them with any additional details you can remember, such as a Character's Name / Server Name, or any Invoice / Transaction ID's from a purchase.
All the servers came back at the same time, so I guess the others are correct as that was inaccurately posted. Eme did stated it was a miscommunication...

The other 3 Servers being migrated just happened to have the work finish early, around the same time the maintenance was completed, so that was just coincidental. ;)
Phelps wrote: »
And I here thinking that I wouldn't have to wait even a minute, since I play in MT.

As mentioned in my post above ( the 7:33AM one ) , we're are still expecting MT and AV to be available much earlier than the other 3 servers, so hopefully you will not have to wait another 3 full hours.
3LHJDWYAHR wrote: »
hey, in Argentina, it's 11:40 a.m and i can't enter any server

You still have another 3 hours and 15 minutes to go, since the expected time is 11:00 am PDT.
Sorry for the miscommunication that was posted on Oct. 23rd.

There was a normal Server Maintenance on top of the migrations we're conducting today.

The current expectation, is that both MT and AV will come up and be available much earlier than the other 3 Servers.
Sorry for the miscommunication that was posted on Oct. 23rd.

There was a normal Server Maintenance on top of the migrations we're conducting today.

The current expectation, is that both MT and AV will come up and be available much earlier than the other 3 Servers.
Sd123as wrote: »
Halrath wrote: »
Customer support has a handy little guide here.

Would it be 6 accounts per IP ? And would there be a way for support to manually reset it?

You should be able to access any of these Accounts after a 24 hour period has gone by, and as long as you remain under the 6 Accounts Accessed per 24 hour time frame, you should no longer see this error going forward.

Unfortunately, if it is currently blocking access to a particular Account, there is nothing our Support Team can do to resolve it until the time frame has past.
Looks like there was an unintentional change to the spacebar animation during the new Patch.

We received a few reports via Tickets, and after testing it, we are able to confirm the previous animation is no longer on any of the versions of the Bunny Mounts.

A Bug Report has now been filed for further review by Bluehole.
I think the image was just replaced on the main page of our web site with our Mystel’s Blessings article.

TERA on Console is still very much a real thing : http://tera.enmasse.com/consolebeta
hmm ok i did some testing and it seems that whenever i move any UI element, and then relog it moves that UI element down and to the right a bit. i tried this with multiple items including the primary and secondary skill bars and the quest tracker. however if you do not touch the UI element after you relog then relog again, it will not move. so i guess the temporary solution is to place your UI elements above and to the left of where you actually want it. kinda annoying and i hope it gets fixed soon @CobaltDragon

Just got confirmation from Seandynamite that this specific issue had just been reported to Bluehole, so they are at least aware of it, and will begin working on a resolution.

In the short term, you can try what Montblanck suggested above.
Have it a tiny bit away from the very edge of your screen. For some reason the secondary tray being vertical does not save properly on certain machines if it's at the very edge.

Yeah, I should have added this part as well, essentially that if any elements from the User Interface (Skill Hotbar / Health Bar / etc...) are too close to the very edge of the screen (near the top, right, bottom, or left side) , the system tends to ignore that placement and revert back to a default location or previously saved location.
Based on what you have stated about the UI position not saving between relog / switching characters, it sounds like you may also need to manually clear the saved User Interface information that the server is holding onto for your Account.

You can do this by going into your UI Settings menu and clicking these 3 buttons all at once :
- Reset UI Positions
- Reset UI Scale
- and Reset all ( found at the bottom of the window )
As far as I am aware, all of the remaining codes should be sent out later this afternoon / evening.
The general wait time on all types of TERA Tickets is now under 24 hours, so hopefully it won't take weeks. ;)
I'd suggest opening a Support ticket, if you have not already done so, and include the text file created while running our EME Diagnostic : ( http://support.enmasse.com/tera/resolve-technical-issues-with-the-diagnostic-tool )
Thank you for mentioning this.

I've gone ahead and let the appropriate team know, and they should begin the process of bringing the Server back up soon, if they haven't already started.
As far as I am aware, Maintenance is still planned to occur in just under 1 hour from now.
Going to close this Thread, since the content being discussed within it are violations of our Forum's Rules ( both a discussion of Moderation Action and in-direct player Call Outs).
kknaex wrote: »
Halrath wrote: »
Hahaha! Awesome (and confusing) typo. The answer is level 50. I'll fix the news post. Thanks.

Hi Halrath, today I saw news about new flying wolves, then what is the point of getting non fly wolf in Kritika and it is also delayed until August 31? I only plan to get the lv 20 mount, so is it possible to get the mount sooner bec by the end of August ppl who love the Wolfie would have already purchased the Wolfie without trying Kritika, I have alot mounts including flying mounts, dragons, so swipe isnt a problem but just feel like my efforts in doing Kritika again(I did it before in closed beta for emp event) is wasted, considering the fact that, for me it isnt that fun to play.

The way this promotion works, I believe you would not be able to obtain a free Lady mount through the Kritika requirements before Sept. 5th-8th, the dates that it mentions a redeemable code would be sent via Email.
Just to clarify a bit further on this, I believe the actual Items needed to turn in those Quests are not obtainable anymore, however the NPC will still accept the items from any older characters / players who still happen to have them.
LilMsQTay wrote: »
Has anyone gotten Lady, is it a 7 day mount or a perminate one?

"The mount you receive will be determined by your final level in Kritika Online at 11:59 p.m. PDT on Thursday, August 31"
"Codes will be emailed between September 5–8"
Yeah, it's best to just close the new additional Ticket at this point, since I can reply through the original one.
It's fine. I found the original Ticket as well as your updates. Since it was me who originally replied, I'll go ahead and take care of it for you shortly. ;)
As a heads up, if you hit the "Reply" button on the Email notification about your Ticket being updated, and send in your message that way, it is not the same as replying directly to a Support Ticket, or even putting in a brand new Ticket.

Our Support Agents get no notification of a response being sent in from a player when that method is used, and most likely the reason why it's now taken a few days for anyone to see the answers you provided for verification.
We removed the Banner that was stating to redeem it before midnight. ;)
LilMsQTay wrote: »
Ooh, when I went to


For server transfer info. I found:

Edit: From Friday, September 9 at 10 a.m. until Thursday, September 15 at 10 a.m. (PDT), server transfers will only be available FROM Fey Forest TO Ascension Valley. During this time, server transfers will be free and the transfer limit for gold will be increased from 50,000 to 200,000.

That "Edit" was in reference to the 2016 Merge that occurred, where Lake of Tears, Valley of Titans, and Highwatch became Fey Forest.
Teekz wrote: »
Can you at least open it up for people who domt have double rolls?

Sadly, I don't think that would be something we would do right now, since it's not just issues with the 2nd set of unlocked stats on items... Example being : Server Transfer Issue
If Unstuck does not allow you to continue on with your Story Quest in this area of Stepstone Isle, I'd add two other recommendations :
1.) Submit a Support Ticket so the quest can be reset back one stage for your character.
2.) If you didn't add anything specific to the character yet, and you're not super attached to the look of this character, it might be fastest to delete and remake the character.
If you haven't already done so, I'd recommend sending in a Support Ticket.

In my honest opinion, it sounds like you have software on your PC that is limiting the required connection to the Game Client, and it's constantly disconnecting and trying to re-establish the connection before a crash occurs...
Ryuzhen wrote: »

I'm going to send you an update through that Ticket.

There is already a thread for this topic.
Try to avoid creating an additional thread, when there is already one going that is discussing it : https://forums.enmasse.com/tera/discussion/16599/vs-mentor-event
Did anyone else experience this / not receive the additional rewards after completing Normal Mode in a party that had at least one unskilled player ?
As mentioned in this recent Thread, there had been an issue with Server Transfers that in some cases lead to character corruption, resulting in a loss of learned Pet Skills, learned Emotes, or sometimes causing learned Crafting Designs to be removed.

Those 3 specific issues now seem to be resolved (going forward) after the July 13th Maintenance, however the characters that experienced the corruption remain unresolved.

In an attempt to resolve the issue for these characters before too much time has passed, we recommend immediately opening a Support Ticket. Provide the following information:

An approximate date of when the character completed the Server Transfer :

The Character's Name and the Name of the Server that character was originally on :

The new Server the Character was moved to, and if applicable, the new name that Character was changed to :

How was the Character effected by from the recent Server Transfer :
TacioNobre wrote: »
It's been a year or more that I do not enter my account, and I forgot my e-mail. If I give the name of my character, can you tell which e-mail it is linked to?

You'll want to submit a Support Ticket for this, and yeah, if you provide a Character's Name and Server, and we can locate the Account and have you verify additional information about that Account, we can assist with the recovery of that Account.
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