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Thanks very much to everyone who spoke up in this thread and made their voice heard about the state of PvP in the console versions and the position of PvP servers within our plans for next week’s server merge.

A lot of great thoughts, opinions, potential solutions, and ideas for new features were put forward. We have reviewed them all, discussed them at length internally, and will be collating them into a central location for hand-off to the developers.

After much debate, as well as some back-and-forth with Bluehole on the subject, we have decided to uphold our plan to merge the existing PvP servers within each platform and region combination down to a single PvP server (with the exception of XB-EU, which will only maintain a single PvE server going forward).

A few factors informed this decision, including:
  • A desire to preserve open world PvP in the console versions of TERA so that it remains available to the players that love it and so that the game remains well-positioned to receive any future updates to this system
  • A commitment on the behalf of En Masse to structure events such that engagement with PvP servers is increasingly incentivized. This means that events may yield increased rewards on PvP servers compared to PvE servers in the future, as a way to encourage players to play there.
  • The hope that some of the exciting ideas for open world PvP put forward in this thread might see the light of day. We will follow up on the ideas that we're handing off to Bluehole and will update you as they get reviewed.

Of course, we’ll remain flexible and responsive to re-evaluating this decision in the future should server populations warrant it.

Thanks again,
they are live already in the Patch Notes subforum.
These items are available until September 4! Plus, Elite status players save 20% on all of these!

Varsity Blue Dogs Smart Box
Black Catocaster (Back Slot)
Sharp Shades (Face Slot)
Canvas Backpack (Back Slot)
Rocker Box
Denim Box
Elin Merry Sunshine Bundle
Cheer Squad Uniform Smart Box
Drill Team Uniform Smart Box
Sports Ball Accessory Box
Airy Aurora Loot Box
Squad Captain Loot Box
Color Guard Loot Box
Human Female Homeschool Bundle
High Elf Female Private School Bundle
Castanic Female Homeschool Bundle
Elin Too-Cool-for-School Bundle
School Bag Loot Box
Sports Bag Loot Box
Popo Backpack (Permanent, Back Slot)
Lost-and-Found Box
Seren's Night School Bundle (Elin)
Sisters of Frost School Bundle (Female Only)
Val Kaeli School Bundle (Female Only)
Dragonfall School Bundle (Female Only)
Pink Quilted Backpack (Permanent, Back Slot)
Black Quilted Backpack (Permanent, Back Slot)
Embossed Midnight Backpack (Permanent, Back Slot)
Teal Checkered Backpack (Permanent, Back Slot)
White Checkered Backpack (Permanent, Back Slot)
Seren's Night School Locker
Triple-T Locker
Arcadian Academy Locker
College Wardrobe Loot Box
Post-Grad Loot Box
Hi all! Just wanted to drop a note to call out a few changes you'll notice today over the next few weeks.

Daily Deals has been renamed to Featured Items. The daily timer window has been removed.
Featured Items will update on Tuesdays, every week. They will run for at least one week. Featured Items are curated based on the best deals or items we think deserve extra attention that week.
Featured Items MAY appear in both the TERA PC Store and Featured Items for the same price, or they may be exclusive to the Featured Items window.
Daily Deals will return for shorter periods (along with the timer) as limited-time flash sales. These limited-time periods will be announced beforehand.
It is intentional that some items will appear in both - we have found that some folks prefer to purchase items from the widow in game instead of the normal TERA PC Store so we want to offer some of the best things in both.
You may notice a few new little banners on items in the Featured Items window:
Out of the Vault - these items are items that are being brought back from retirement for a limited period of time
Last One's Free! - these items are a discounted so that you get one free (i.e., buy 4 get 1; buy 2 get 1, etc...)
No Risk; All Reward - these items are loot box chase items being directly sold

I have heard the feedback that you want MORE IN THE STORE; so since Daily Deals will no longer be an always-on store feature, we will begin rotating items for "flights" in the store. The more curated store will offer more items in general, and especially so at times when they are seasonally appropriate as well as just keeping things fresh and updated.
This week we launch the past school uniforms in the TERA PC store for a three week period - these items will be removed from the store on Tuesday, September 4th.
Over the next few weeks we will be adding more items to the store in almost every category; curating the store and rotating the items where it makes most sense.
1. Guardian Legion
  • Added Guardian Legion Flight Missions: 'The Rhapsody of Wind and Fire' and 'Search and Destroy'
    • Available to level 65 players, and players can access the same way as existing Guardian Legion missions.
      • Open the World Map > press the Guardian Legion toggle > select the desired mission > confirm teleport.
      • New missions are channel-gated. The missions' descriptions denote valid channels.
      • ff334080579af54568a7b46475f49a65206c6bec.png
    • The guidance quest 'Aerial Guardian' is available to level 65 players with ilvl 412 or higher gear.
    • Missions take place in the air, so players must use a flying mount.
    • Players gain Guardian Legion points from the flying missions in the same way as existing Guardian Legion missions.
    • After the mission is successfully completed, additional rewards will be randomly sent daily via Parcel Post for the following point thresholds:
      • 150,000
        • 2–3 Pilot’s Token
        • Superior Etching Box
      • 60,000
        • 1 Pilot’s Token
      • No additional rewards sent below 60,000 points
    • Added a corresponding Guardian Legion Flight Mission Vanguard Request.
      • Complete the Vanguard Request by picking up or destroying orbs.
      • Rewards include:
        • Pilot’s Token
        • Vanguard Credit
        • Friendly Noctenium Infusion
        • Bravery Potion
  • Rebalanced Superior Guardian Legion Mission point distributions.
  • Pilot’s Tokens can be exchanged for the following:
    • Skill Manual: Improved Acceleration I–III
      • Passive Skill that increases acceleration efficiency while on flying mounts.
      • You must learn these in order (eg. learn I to be eligible to learn II).
    • Various flying mounts
    • Etchings, glyph boxes, and other miscellaneous items
      • Miscellaneous items are subject to change; currently include Dragon Scales and rubies.
2. Dungeon
  • Reopened Demon’s Wheel as an Event dungeon; entry schedule to come (Follow our Twitter and visit our Twitch stream to stay up to date!).
    • 5-man dungeon
    • Requires ilvl 439 for instance matching, and 2 entry (4 for Elite) per day (when the event is active).
    • Access via portal door in Allemantheia Outskirts.
    • 9bac0d670ca8ec98495cfdfa6d5da9fde409e1ba.png
    • Rewards equivalent to other ilvl 439 dungeons (Broken Prison and Sky Cruiser Endeavor) and include:
      • Liquid Metal
      • Hypnotic Device
      • Archdevan Surfactant
      • Artisan’s Tools
      • Copper Clasp
      • Archdevan Formula
      • Carved Ornament
    • Additional Rewards include: Gold Ticket and Superior Etching Box.
  • Minor adjustments to decrease difficulty of the following dungeons:
    • Lilith’s Keep (hard)
    • Thaumetal Refinery (hard)
    • Broken Prison
  • Ace Dungeon medal merchant
    • Added Polished Arunic Ore (x180)
    • Decreased price of Archdevan Oil (now x600)
  • Changed rewards for the following:
    • Kalivan's Dreadnaught
      • Added Care and Use of Your Pet Puck (HP).
    • Sky Cruiser Endeavor
      • Increased drop amount of Hypnotic Device.
      • Decreased drop amount of Archdevan Formula.
      • Added Care and Use of Your Pet Puck (MP).
      • Added Otherworldly Shard.
      • Removed Archdevan Surfactant.
    • Broken Prison
      • Increased drop amount of Archdevan Surfactant.
      • Added Care and Use of Your Pet Puck (MP).
      • Added Archdevan Formula.
      • Added Otherworldly Shard.
      • Removed Liquid Metal.
      • Removed Carved Ornament.
    • Lilith’s Keep
      • Added Care and Use of Your Pet Puck (HP).
    • Lilith’s Keep (hard)
      • Increased drop amount of Liquid Metal.
      • Decreased drop amount of Carved Ornament.
      • Added Care and Use of Your Pet Puck (MP).
      • Added Otherworldly Shard.
      • Removed Archdevan Surfactant.
    • Thaumetal Refinery
      • Added Care and Use of Your Pet Puck (HP).
    • Thaumetal Refinery (hard)
      • Increased drop amount of Archdevan Surfactant.
      • Added Care and Use of Your Pet Puck (MP).
      • Removed Liquid Metal.
    • Ruinous Manor
      • Added Care and Use of Your Pet Puck (MP).
      • Added Liquid Metal.
      • Added Carved Ornament.
      • Added Otherworldly Shard.
      • Removed Hypnotic Device.
      • Removed Archdevan Formula.
      • Removed Archdevan Surfactant.
      • Removed Dyad Niveot Structure.
    • Ruinous Manor (Hard)
      • Increased Vanguard Initiative Request gold reward.
      • Added Care and Use of Your Pet Misty (MP).
      • Removed Enchanting Crate.
    • RK-9 Kennel
      • Increased drop amount of Hypnotic Device.
      • Decreased drop amount of Archdevan Formula.
      • Added Care and Use of Your Pet Puck (MP).
      • Removed Archdevan Surfactant.
    • RK-9 Kennel (hard)
      • Increased Vanguard Initiative Request gold reward.
      • Added Care and Use of Your Pet Misty (MP).
      • Removed Enchanting Crate.
    • Red Refuge
      • Increased drop amount of Hypnotic Device.
      • Increased drop amount of Archdevan Formula.
      • Added Care and Use of Your Pet Puck (MP).
      • Removed Liquid Metal.
      • Removed Carved Ornament.
      • Removed Archdevan Surfactant.
    • Red Refuge (hard)
      • Increased Vanguard Initiative Request gold reward.
      • Added Care and Use of Your Pet Misty (MP).
      • Removed Enchanting Crate.
    • Antaroth’s Abyss
      • Increased Vanguard Initiative Request gold reward.
      • Added Care and Use of Your Pet Misty (MP).
      • Removed Enchanting Crate.
    • Antaroth’s Abyss (hard)
      • Increased Vanguard Initiative Request gold reward.
      • Added Care and Use of Your Pet Misty (HP).
      • Removed Enchanting Crate.
3. Skills and Balancing
  • Berserker
    • Decreased HP cost of Apex skills by 30 percent:
      • Unleash, Unleashed: Dexter, Unleashed: Sinister, Unleashed: Rampage, Unleashed: Beast Fury
  • Lancer
    • Adrenaline Rush
      • Added effect to skill’s buff increasing skill damage to monsters by 5 percent.
    • Debilitate
      • Changed maximum endurance debuff stack from 3 to 1.
      • Changed endurance debuff effect of 1 stack from 4 to 12 percent.
    • Chained Leash
      • Changed effect target count from 6 to 5 targets (1 targeted, 4 nearby).
      • Changed effect target count after using Challenging Shout from 30 players to 5 players (PVP).
    • Divine Protection
      • Changed to increase cooldown from 6 to 8 minutes.
      • Changed abnormality duration from 10 to 5 seconds.
  • Warrior
    • Combative Strike
      • Increased endurance debuff effect from 10 to 12 percent in Defensive Stance.
  • Sorcerer
    • Lightning Trap
      • Added two additional levels to skill; learnable levels are now 12, 35, and 61.
  • Archer
    • Stunning Trap Arrow
      • Added an additional level to skill; learnable levels are now 32, 52, and 65.
    • Stunning Trap
      • Added an additional level to skill; learnable levels are now 14, 26, 38, 50, and 61.
    • Slow Trap
      • Added an additional level to skill; learnable levels are now 12, 20, 26, 32, 38, 44, 50, 56, and 63.
  • Gunner
    • Command: Recall
      • Cannot use this skill while staggered or knocked-down.
  • Mystic
    • Thrall Augmentation
      • Visual effect will now only be displayed when skill is toggled on or off.
    • Thrall of Vengeance
      • Decreased PVP damage by 70 percent.
    • Thrall Lord
      • Decreased PVP damage by 40 percent.
  • Priest
    • Guardian Sanctuary resets cooldown of Backstep.
    • Enhanced Devoted Favor
      • Removed stun resistance effect.
      • Increased damage reduction from 20 to 30 percent.
  • Reaper
    • Death Spiral
      • Decreased cooldown from 7 to 6 seconds.
4. Misc
  • Champions’ Skyring entry times have been changed to 00:00 - 06:00 UTC everyday.
  • Pit of Petrax exploit has been resolved and Leaderboard rewards will return to normal for this season.
  • Akasha’s Shade in Dreadspire will no longer charge repeatedly upon use of a Shape Changer item.
  • Summer Festival Claret and Temple Medallions will be removed.
  • Island of Dawn
    • Added Polished Arunic Ore to Vanguard Request reward: Brilliant Enchanting Crate.
  • Clarified ‘UI Settings’ option that sets the position of blue-window confirmation pop-ups.
  • 53f30281554cc0d47879740d093b46d72e6896f9.png
  • Message Example:
    • a7d449b4c9935f5d559ed3f119c0157c76d6436d.png
I've followed up with Bluehole to ask about this issue. I'll let you know what they say.
Send @KitTeaCup a message if you figure out the answer!


We've mentioned in other locations that the Temple and Claret Medallions would be removed, most likely about a week after the Summer Festival ends on TERA Console.
SageWindu wrote: »
With more new dungeons releasing requiring more extravagant gear just to be even considered for entry, specific chase items like crit mounts and, to a lesser extent, BiS undies are becoming more and more of a requirement these days.

At this point, BHS/EME might as well add various boosters that can be obtained with EMP into the store. One that increases item XP, another that increases gold rewards from Vanguard requests, maybe make Master Additives direct-buy, and so on. Might as well go b*lls deep and save everyone's time, I say.

What about you guys?

Item XP boosts coming to the TERA PC store and to elite players next Thursday, August 16 - details next week after Guardians of the Sky goes live.
Most recent Item Delivery : http://tera.enmasse.com/news/posts/august-item-pass-delivery

The original Post that hinted at what would be delivered : http://tera.enmasse.com/news/posts/whats-in-the-tera-item-pass
That section doesn't really apply to TERA Console, but I can put forward a request to create that type of section, specifically for TERA Console in these Forums.
Hey all! Just wanted to put out a short note in case the rumor mill begins to spin out of control, but there will be news coming soon regarding the talent system (aka the EP system) and other regions. We don't have details that we can share yet, but as soon as we do, we'll fast track that info to YOU!
Sorry about the confusion around the Leaderboard this week.

Due to your feedback, we found an issue with the Leaderboard display. You helped us catch the issue (but maybe not in the most timely manner).

The season reset date is currently set to Tuesday, August 14. The Leaderboard UI displays the season's "cycle" which is based on a 7 day period. Since our previous season started on a Thursday, the system displays the end date as a Thursday. We've notified Bluehole about the issue and we'll let you know about any changes in the future.

Apologies for any confusion, and thanks for your patience...and... of course for playing The Exiled Realms of Arborea!
Thanks for the feedback on the calendar everyone!

What would you like to see other than the dragon scales and gold finger tokens?
To help prepare you for the Guardians of the Sky update coming August 14, we’re putting some awesome flying mounts on sale. From Thursday, August 9 at 10 a.m. PDT until Friday, August 31 at 10 a.m., save big when you purchase flying mounts, flight suits, and select flying mount loot boxes in the TERA Store for PC.

Save big! Take 25% off the following loot boxes and direct sale items:
  • Blue Songbird (Permanent Character Mount)
  • Yellow Songbird (Permanent Character Mount)
  • Battle Thrush Loot Box
  • Battle Canary Loot Box
  • Phoenix Loot Box
  • Royal Ghost Dragonlord Box
  • Royal Diamond Dragonlord Box
  • Royal Iron Dragon Loot Box
  • Royal Crimson Dragon Loot Box
  • Female Flight Suit Loot Box (Female Only)
  • Male Flight Suit Loot Box (Male Only)
  • Jetcycle Loot Box
  • Skycycle Loot Box

And if that’s not tempting enough, save bigger! The following direct-sale mounts, flight suits, and bundles are 50% off!
  • Flopsy
  • Mopsy
  • Zephyr
  • Sirocco
  • Boreas
  • Lenox
  • Astor
  • Winterwing
  • Jetcycle
  • Skycycle
  • The Airwolf Pack
  • Female Flight Suit costume bundle
  • Male Flight Suit costume bundle
  • Female Complete Mechanical bundle
  • Male Complete Mechanical bundle

Or go big! To round out this amazing sale, we’re offering these dragon mounts as direct-sale for the first time ever at 6995 EMP (5945 with Elite discount).
  • Iron Dragon
  • Crimson Dragon
  • Ghost Dragon
  • Diamond Dragon

Each of these dragon mounts has a Flight and Movement Speed of 290, restores 1% of your max HP/MP every second, and grants the passive skill Dragon Master, which has a chance to increase your Crit Power against monsters by 1.5 when not mounted.
Hi there!

@KXRC9JMW74 It was not a joke.

@BiieL We'll have news coming soon! It'll be on the News & Announcements page when we're ready with all of the moving pieces we need to get in order.

Bump posts are against the TERA forum rules. We are working with Bluehole to investigate the cause behind battleground matching not working as intended. When we have news to report, we will do so.

Closing this thread.
Yachhiru wrote: »
The original plan might have been to have our next Content Release occur today during a Maintenance, however the date was pushed. http://tera.enmasse.com/news/posts/announcing-the-guardians-of-the-sky-update

[Removing Forum Violation]
I came into this thread originally, just to provide a heads up of the information I had.
I have no involvement in this entire situation, but have passed along all of the Feedback everyone has provided.
Please do not violate our Forum's Rules through a Call Out direct at EME Staff or at me specifically.
What's that in the clouds? Why, it's the Guardians of the Sky update!

Promo page is here!
Another Thread was already started for this.
The original plan might have been to have our next Content Release occur today during a Maintenance, however the date was pushed. http://tera.enmasse.com/news/posts/announcing-the-guardians-of-the-sky-update
Another Thread was already started for this.
The Season is not ending today.
This Season ends when there is a new Content Update / Maintenance.
The infinity mask reward for rank 1 Pit of Petrax will be removed for season 1 due to an exploit.

The exploit is patched in v72 and the Infinity Mask will return as a Rank 1 reward.
We will be removing the summer festival tokens, Temple and Claret Medallions during maintenance on August 14.

Make sure you use them before you lose them!
We're finally at our last weekend of Manglemire! To celebrate your last run around the track, we're going to add another lap of loots to make the stakes a little more fun!

Every time a group completes Manglemire between August 9 –14, there is a chance for the entire group members to receive one of the following hyper-rare loot drops!

How are these drops so hyper-rare?
  • Each of the four Go-Karts will only drop for FIVE groups
  • Afterwards it's removed from the loot table for the remainder of the event
  • Individual players are eligible for more than one hyper-rare loot drop during the event

Check these Go-Karts out!
  • Riding Skill: Blue Go-Kart
  • Riding Skill: Red Go-Kart
  • Riding Skill: Green Go-Kart
  • Riding Skill: Yellow Go-Kart

August's item pass delivery went out this morning. You should have them!
It's just the default item for a smart box. Bluehole left it in on accident and I removed them from the boxes in today's maintenance. It won't hurt anything if you already have any.
EU players get their own sales and events and, in fact, there's one starting today.

Unfortunately, the Sony EU and Sony NA are separate entities...and act like it.
NikuroTega wrote: »
There are many other translation errors on s tool tips and glyphs that En Masse has yet to fix. :disappointed:
If you're willing to report those ones in the same way the above has been reported, I'll be happy to send that over to our writing / translation Teams for review, so that they can be changed to be more accurate.
Hi there!

Thanks so much for this thread. I've taken this feedback to share with Bluehole!
I believe you have to do 10 posts (I think that includes comments as well)

I look forward to hearing from you all and hear that answer for the puzzle!

Thanks for participating and asking good questions :)
Send @KitTeaCup a message if you figure out the answer!

All this weekend. TERA PC’s Daily Deals are featuring mammoth savings on our biggest ground mount yet—Tantor, the elephant that restores 1% of your max HP/MP every second!

This ground-shaking, account-bound mount is only available as a Daily Deal for 2995 EMP from now until Monday, August 6 at 10 a.m. PDT.

“Manglemore mocked a mob of mighty militants…”

It’s a Manglemire weekend, and you’re invited to match wits with the dreaded Manglemore!

Starting Thursday, August 2 at 11 a.m. PDT, and wrapping up Tuesday, August 7 at 10 a.m. PDT, once you complete the Manglemire dungeon you’ll receive not only the usual loot drops—Liquid Metal, Hypnotic Devices, Archdevan Surfactant, and so on—but additional items including Dungeon Delver coins, crafting materials, and Rally Cap cosmetics.

You’ll also earn bonus Vanguard Request rewards for completion, including the TERA Rewards Loot Boxes, more Dungeon Delver coins, and Dragon Scales.

]Remember, you've only got until maintenance on August 14 to conquer Manglemire...
It appears that the Event had started prior to the Announced time ( just following Maintenance ), which lead to the Event ending early as well.
I brought this to the attention of both Halrath and Circuits, so in the off-chance it were to happen again, we'll try to notify players of the early end time, or push to extend the Event to the time originally stated.
Closing this thread for necromancy.
This week's swimsuits release tomorrow...along with a tiny bit of news.
If you watch our streams or read the text in game, you've seen TERA’s history and the role of its many gods.

Now it’s time to craft your own priestly tale! Share and create stories of anything related to priests-- you have creative freedom! Of course, keep it clean and SFW.

I’ll read En Masse's favorite pieces on the August 24 Twitch Stream! I'll notify the writers that their piece has been chosen to be part of the stream, and will be given a choice whether they want it to be shared or not.

Please note: if you disrespect any posters, or comment anything that is unrelated to the topic at hand, your comment will be deleted. This is a safe space for Role Playing and sharing stories. If you have criticisms you want to share, start another thread.
Share your experiences of what it means to play a priest in TERA. There’s no word limit or specific format—just post your personal story HERE!

I look forward to sharing your stories on stream! I will notify the writer that their story will be shared/read on stream on August 24, so if you're not comfortable with it being broadcast, you'll have a chance to speak up.

Please note: if you disrespect any posters, or comment anything that is unrelated to the topic at hand, your comment will be deleted. This is a safe space for Role Playing and sharing stories. If you have criticisms you want to share, start another thread.
Hi there everyone!

To celebrate the start of the Priest leveling month, I thought it'd be nice for everyone to come together and share their favorite/best guides!

Feel free to share a guide that you've created, or one that you've followed when asking questions about Priests.

If it's a guide that's strong in one aspect, but weaker in another - worry not! It doesn't need to be perfect in every possible way. Share that thought and perhaps we can put one together for the end of the month to share with everyone!

Thanks and I look forward to seeing what you all share :)
I reported this feedback a little over a week ago, and we're having the Battleground Matching queue reviewed by the developer for any issues that may have occurred after a recent update, or check for ways to have the Battleground Matching queue be less restrictive, which would hopefully cause groups to form a lot faster.
This thread originally started out as speculating if Xigncode had an impact on player base, and thus forced our hand to merge servers, but has turned into a giant discussion about general frustrations with the game.

To respond to the original thread, to me, it seems like you are wanting questions answered about the server merge, such as why are we doing it, what does it look like for us, does it speak to the health/state of the game, et cetera. I've taken some of your questions and will make sure to pass them along to be included in our own news post that will be released soon (better if you can say the time frame, like a couple weeks).

Outside of server merges, I've noted @DL7MMWLJ3W's grievances that a few of you have acknowledged as an accurate portrayal of how you feel about the game.

EME wants the best in TERA for all of you. We can't make everyone happy, but we certainly try. Thank you for keeping this thread fairly civil. As long as it remains that way, it will remain open and free for further discussion.

I am trying to get a "Dyeable" tag added to items on Console, the same way it is shown on TERA PC, which should make it easier to tell which ones are eligible.

Right now, the majority of items that can be dyed have the word "Dyeable" in the name, and you will see an option to press Triangle (PS4) or Y (Xbox) to bring up additional options, one of which will allow you to apply an Apothecary Dye.
The Special Emotes like Peace, Settle, and Kitchen Dance have not been released, as far as I know.
See the details here!
KLKHD9D6CH wrote: »
My computer is acting up so a screen shot isn't available. Username is Heeeeeeha on Celestial Hill (Roleplaying) NA server. Website is MMOAH.COM
I've now taken an appropriate action on that Account.
I believe Item Claim was resolved yesterday after bring brought to our attention.
If you still had any issue with purchases during that time frame, please feel free to contact our Support Team.
Ippiki wrote: »
Will you stop dumbing down the console version of the game and instead give us the communication features that we’ve been begging for since basically day one?
That has been requested since Day One. I am very sorry that it's taking so long to get an overhaul on the communication features.
THIS IS AMAZING! I'll definitely take this all into account.

It's a lot to take in, so please have patience with me and I'll work these aspects into the stream.
Il y avait plusieurs discussions de forum discutant exactement le même sujet de questions de champ de bataille, ainsi les discussions ont été consolidées.
GvG and other Guild Features are coming, but at the moment, I don't have a confirmation of which Patch / Game Build it will be delivered in, so there isn't an exact date / ETA that can be provided.
I've recently received multiple reports about Fraywind Canyon and Corsair's Stronghold Battleground Matching having issues, and I've proceeded to bring it to the attention of the TERA Console Production Team and TERA's Developer.

It will be looked into, and hopefully addressed very soon.
79TJCDKLMD wrote: »
Aaaand its been like 4 hours.. Still can't play. Still frozen on "Downloading.. 0% | Estimating time.."
Thank you for this update. I'll mention this to our Team that is still actively looking into Launcher issues that are being reported.
Getting a report for another Team that the issue with Steam should now be all clear.
Anyone able to check ?
Getting a report for another Team that the issue with Steam should now be all clear.
Anyone able to check ?
Getting a report for another Team that the issue with Steam should now be all clear.
Anyone able to check ?
Not sure if you saw but here's a Manglemire UPDATE - WOOOO
Of course you all know Geletron - here's his lancer!
Johnny dreamed of being a lifeguard. As a kid he practiced swimming in the water near Velika and studied first aid with the local priest trainers. All his hard work eventually paid off when he was selected to be a lifeguard on beaches west of Castanica.

Working at the beach was a dream come true. Johnny spent his days watching out for tourists who wandered a little too far from Wahmel’s melon bash game or who got a little too aggressive with Chelton’s splash cannons. Occasionally he was called to provide some first aid to adventurers trying to gather horns for Dolme to carve.

One day, while Johnny was helping Langon build some sand castles, a giant crab appeared and started attacking the guests (this was despite the promises that there would be no crabs). Johnny moved his tactical belt bag to his hip and darted toward the nearest arms crate. He grabbed the lance and shield inside and made his way towards a rampaging crab. He was easily outmatched, but his efforts did allow many of the guests to get away.

Impressed by his courage, an officer of the Valkyon Federation recruited Johnny into the army and sent him to Velika to train. Soon he will be strong enough to protect his comrades as they take on new threats from northern Arun.
Due to an unexpected interaction, we are removing the reduced enchanting costs because that setting prevents players from awakening eligible equipment.

We have escalated this issue to Bluehole. As soon as we're able to, we will implement the reduced costs. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Meant it as a stream topic to talk about but thank you @JXE5356AKE
Thuking wrote: »
Thuking wrote: »
where did this thread go
July is located here : https://forums.enmasse.com/tera/discussion/27699/july-events

There was alot of complaints about the battleground coin reward and I guess nothing was done about it.
The feedback was passed along a while ago. Beyond that, I don't have additional details.
Hi @ShadowOfLight!!

I love your idea and would love to get something started! We can do a call to arms from players in the community who want to get involved and talk about the class being highlighted for the month. Awakening II is also a great idea.

I look forward to collaborating with you! :D

@C4YJGXD393 In regard to your comment, I'm open to feedback and ideas for streams. Feel free to start a constructive thread!
Another submission from our writers here at EME! (I seriously appreciate those who are keeping to the topic of the forum. If you want to talk about anything else or give feedback, please do it on another thread - thanks!)

Now...say hello to Em.Pale! (Ain't that clever as h*ck?)

Why this Name:
From the time I started playing MMOs when I modeled my first character after Emily the Strange, “Em” has been the first part of every character name I play. I already have a lancer named Emz, so wanted a special name for the lancer leveling month. The name came first, then her appearance.

Why this Race:
I love the Serena Williams-esque musculature of the amani female, she just looks powerful. All of my lancers are amani females.

Why this Class:
I played elemental mage classes in other MMOs, but found when I first started playing TERA that I was terrible at leading my targets with distance blasts. I’m also pretty bad at shooters. Yet I really loved the dodging / blocking aspect of TERA’s action combat. Somehow, I found my way to the lancer even though I never played tanks in other games. I loved it. I’ve played more lancers than any other class in TERA. There’s something really satisfying about thumping an enemy with a Stand Fast / Shield Counter combination.
Thuking wrote: »
where did this thread go
July is located here : https://forums.enmasse.com/tera/discussion/27699/july-events
"No secret code to grant you gear,
Manglemore is the puzzle here.
True or false, he asks. You decide.
Some guessed right, and all others died."

Starting Thursday, July 19 at 11 a.m. (after maintenance ends) until Tuesday, July 24 at 11 a.m. PDT, Manglemire will once again be available. Since this is an event dungeon we've tossed in some unique event style loots. For completing Manglemire, everyone will get some Dungeon Delver coins as drops as well as from your Vanguard Request. We've also added a chance at some 3-day costumes along with the Cleansing Brooch.

If you miss out on Manglemire this Dungeon Highlight weekend, don't fret, Manglemire will be back on 8/2.

Key Note: *Manglemire is not affected by Increased Drops or Jackpot as items and quantities are already adjusted for event levels.*

Default Loots:
  • Liquid Metal
  • Hypnotic Device
  • Archdevan Surfactant
  • Artisan's Tools
  • Copper Clasp
  • Archdevan Formula
  • Carved Ornament
  • Superior Etching Box

EME Loots:
  • Dungeon Delver
  • Cleansing Brooch
  • Pure Titan's Fire
  • Pure Titan's Peace
  • Pure Titan's Earth
  • Pure Titan's Storm
  • 3-Day Celestial Costume
  • 3-Day Angelic Weapon Skin
  • Angelic Wings (3 Days)

Vanguard Reward:
  • TERA Rewards Loot Box 1
  • Dungeon Delver
  • Claret Medallion
  • Temple Medallion

Regular Dungeon Highlights:
Dungeons that are affected by Dungeon Highlight. Increased drops, Dungeon Delver Coin, Bonus item
Starting Friday, July 20 at 4 a.m. until Monday, July 23 at 4 a.m. PDT.
  • 3 star: Thaumetal Refinery
  • 4 star: Red Refuge (Hard)
  • 5 star: Antorath's Abyss (Hard)
Hi everyone!

We’ve heard it loud and clear from a lot of players about strongboxes, especially those in-game drops that require a key to open.

SO! Here's our answer to that - we've updated 2 and added three new ones!
This starts today and it'll go until Tuesday, June 31, you’ll save 15% off the normal price when purchasing strongbox keys in the TERA Store for PC! Whether you need just 1 key, or bundles of 5, 10, 20, 50, or 100 :)

Visit our website to get more information about the contents of the strongboxes! They made it look so clean!

In the interest of transparency and since no official response has been provided in this thread:

The exploit was recognized and fixed on July 9. It impacted only the XB-NA servers and was caused by a mis-configuration of the event (an error) and was not intentional (all other servers/regions could receive only one box per server).

Since then, we have identified all players that exploited the event and the most extreme offenders have had their accounts temporarily locked while we perform some clean-up and investigate the scope of impact on the economy of those servers.

Many of the most extreme offenders will remain banned as their actions were clearly against the spirit of the event and ultimately our rules of conduct:

"No exploiting: If you find a bug or glitch in the game that provides and unfair advantage, let us know about it instead of using the exploit for your own benefit."
@ZingoPingo Of course!
Yordan wrote: »
Gotta love 3 min response time to "can't buy emp" now if it only was as fast when it comes to all other issues players are raising around here.
Just coincidental.
I had been going through and reading all the most recent Forum Threads, and just happen to see this one get created.
I mentioned an easy step to try, but also referenced a need to contact our Support if the issue continued.

I am aware of the issues being brought up within the other Forum Threads, and I am very active in passing that feedback to each individual Team, whether that be our Community Team, Production Team, Web Team, or on to Bluehole.
You may want to try doing a Repair in your TERA Launcher through the Tools Menu, if you have not already tried that.
If still no luck, you can open a Support Ticket for additional investigation.
This is a Lancer from one of our very own writers! (He helped with Claw & Order!) Here's the story of Mittens:

So I like playing my lancer. A lot. So much so that when it came time to launch TERA on Xbox One, I started recreating my characters from the PC version, in chronological order.
Starting with my lancer. Mister.Mittens and I have spent hundreds of hours roaming the continents, gathering, slaying, and generally looking cool. Recreating him on console guaranteed me another max-level character, and brought back a lot of fun memories from our early betas and in-house leveling events.
I won’t lie, Mister.Mittens is the coolest cat that ever catted. He doesn’t duel, doesn’t have the best gear in the game, and even though I’ve played him more than any other character in my roster of 65s (barely—my gunner has a Champion Laurel, but is still a full day behind MM), he’s the one I’m least interested in changing. He’s so cool I burned a few thousand fashion coupons so that the majority of my characters on that server could dress the same way he does.
And speaking of cool cats…
Yeah. I have one. I hunted everything in every zone, and unlocked the coolest mount in the game as soon as I could. When flying mounts came out, I got a couple for the stable, but this cat is 100% content to keep all four feet on the ground.

For this month’s lancer leveling event, my goal is to take a new lancer to 65 on every server, and I’ve already got two of them checked off. But none of them are Mister.Mittens, even though they’re using his skill bar and glyphs. When I’ve completed my set, I’m taking him on another world tour and killing any world boss I see.

Because we all know who’s the boss in this house…

It's Lancer month everyone! Here at En Masse, we take these months very seriously, and we level up the same classes with you.

Share your Lancer stories here! Whether it's why it's a meaty back story for your character, your favorite class, what your experience has been trying it out, or anything you want to share about your experiences, let's hear it! I'll be sharing some of our EME Lancer stories with you as well!

Take a picture of your character and share a little bit about it! Here, I'll start...

This is Definitely.not.Aman - my very first Lancer!
I never thought I'd like being a tank, I usually like very fast, agile type characters. However, I've actually come to like using this type as it's cool to be able to get right up to the BAMs and just give them the business and know I'll be able to keep going without dying! Very empowering.

Now a little about Definitely.not.Aman: Her name is the best (totally not biased or anything) and she's just your regular bad*ss. She loves all animals, especially anything that is fluffy. Her lance's name is Lancerlot which she loves it very much, as it was a gift passed down from her late father, who also liked little fluffy mammals. Her father used to own a farm where they rescued tiny fluffy animals in Two Oakes Ranch...when one day the most rabid giant purple Ovolith came and attacked, and ate up all of the fluffy animal friends that her and her family and devoted themselves to care for. Her father, in a rage, went out on a quest to kill this giant purple Ovolith and returned with it's head 6 months later. He quickly retired afterwards, and gifted Lancerlot to Definitely.not.Aman.

Thus promising herself that she would be the protector of all things cute and fluffy in all of her adventures.
Letters for each loading screen:

Listen up, keener. It’s time for you to learn the ins and outs of being a lancer, and I’m the aman best suited for the job. So pick up your lance, and get ready to earn these rewards!

You want to be the best? Then you must learn the true history of the lance, instead of worrying about accessories and pretty baubles. It’s not a happy story, but it’s one every aman knows. Amani lancers were the first to ever take the field, and we did so as slaves.

The “Golden Empire” of the giants is the darkest period in my people’s history. We didn’t fight by choice—shields and lances were forged onto our arms, and taken off only when we died. To honor the memory of the first lancers, never lay your weapons down until all enemies are dead.

Every blow struck for our giant overlords, every enemy attack blocked, was for one goal only. To one day cast off our chains and kill our supposed masters. To honor the courage of the first lancers, never run from a fight, and always remember you stand at the fore to protect others.

Combat is a lancer’s daily fare. Eat when you can, drink when you’re thirsty, always remembering that the slaves who came before you could do neither unless they returned victorious. We are the first, best, and last line of defense against injustice.

The seals the giants branded into our skins made us the perfect soldiers. Fierce, unstoppable, unwavering. Our lances never dipped, our shields never broke. We learned lessons from every battle, and became the giants’ elite, if unwilling, fighting force.
Davan, our greatest hero, appealed to the gods for his people’s release. Kaia was moved by his words, and sought a way to free the Amani people from the giants’ rule. She joined the elite lancers in disguise, studying both their fighting style, and the seals that bound them.

Kaia learned the secrets of the slaver’s seal, but rather than wrest us away from the giant’s control, she gave the knowledge to Lok. For three long years, she fought beside us while Lok’s favored artisans, Clan Castanic, found a way to free the amani people once and for all.

Lok and Clan Castanic delivered their creation to the amani, who freed themselves and threw down the last bastion of the giants’ power. Never again would amani lancers turn their weapons on the innocent, and ever since we’ve used the lessons of our enslavement to ensure freedom for all.

There are those who curse Lok for his later actions, but for the amani people, Lok and the crafters of Clan Castanic are among the truest friends we’ve ever known. When the castanics were cast down, we took them under our shields, and they taught us to forge unbreakable lances.

Kaia loved us when no-one else would. Lok helped us, though it ultimately cost his life. To honor their trust and sacrifices, we taught the world how to resist tyranny. To take up the shield is to vow never to stop fighting until Kaia welcomes you home.
In the years that followed our liberation, we crafted a mighty fortress to honor the shieldmaiden Kaia. With her help, we guard Northern Shara to this day, against any and all threats. She is our mistress, our mother, and our fiercest commander.

When the high elves came for the humans of Essenia, we were there, lances at the ready. When the argons came for us all, we stood fast while others fled. The high elves sent an army in response, but when they set shields and lances against the argons, we knew they’d chosen the right side.

Now we fight for the Valkyon Federation. On islands, in the clouds, in trenches and towers. No army is complete without a contingent of lancers, and no aman would dare stay behind when Kaia calls us to war.
We stand. We fight! We win!
Welcome, lancer, to the front lines.
Hey TERA fans, we’ve got another loading screen contest starting Sunday, July 1. This time out, we’re going to focus on the history of the lancer, as told by Primus Daarran, an amani drill instructor with a…unique conversational style.

Level up a lancer in July, and Daarran will send you history lessons as you hit certain leveling milestones! Turn his words into your art, and we’ll make some more history as the origins of the lancer will be depicted on screen for the very first time!

We’re looking for the best piece of art for each of Daarran’s lessons, 12 loading screens in total. Ideally, you’ll find that one part of the lancer’s story that really resonates with you for your entry—the simpler the better. Submit your potential loading screens (1920×1200.png) as an attachment to community@enmasse.com by Friday, July 20 at 11:59 p.m. PDT. (Standard contest rules apply.)

You must consent to our privacy policy by including the line "I accept your privacy policy" in the body of your emailed submission, or we are not allowed to keep or consider your submission. We'll only use your character name, server name, and email address for the sake of this contest.

I'll add the text in the next post :)
Hi everyone! Here’s the final Dreadspire update, as it’s now out there for you all to play!

This Dreadspire Event is scheduled July 12 - September 18. You players get two months to get as far as you can!

This is a fast-paced event! Floors 1-4 and 6-9 will teleport players to the next floor 10 seconds after killing the boss. We recommend bringing looting pets and prepare for your next fight, it’s going to be fast so grab those items as fast as you can. Keep up the momentum!

Come prepared! Make sure you go in with all your consumables prepped. Dungeon Delver Coins drop on each floor so you can restock after you do a run, but the consumables you walk in with are the only ones you have.

Share your "Tips and Tricks"! We’d love to add them to the list.

The permanent loot table is listed in the Patch Notes for Phantom’s Keep, I’ll only be listing EME additions here:
Floors 1-2:
  • Scroll Scrap: Dreadspire x [1 group distribution]
  • Dungeon Delver Coin x [10 group distribution]

Floors 3-4:
  • Scroll Scrap: Dreadspire x [1 group distribution]
  • Dungeon Delver Coin x [20 group distribution]

Floor 5:
  • Scroll Scrap: Dreadspire x [1 group distribution]
  • Dungeon Delver Coin x [30 group distribution]
  • Gold Plates x [20 group distribution]
  • Silver Plates x [5 group distribution]
  • Smart Dyad Niveot Structure x [2 solo distribution]
  • Diamond x [ 1 group distribution]
  • Gold Finger Tokens x [25 group distribution]
  • Veilthroch x [1 solo distribution]
  • Metamorphic Emblem x [3000 group distribution]
  • TERA Rewards Loot Box 2 x [1 group distribution]

Floors 6-7:
  • TERA Rewards Loot Box 2 x [1 group distribution]
  • Dungeon Delver Coin x [30 group distribution]

Floors 8-9:
  • TERA Rewards Loot Box 2 x [1 group distribution]
  • Dungeon Delver Coin x [40 group distribution]

Floor 10:
  • Dungeon Delver Coin x [50 group distribution]
  • Gold Plates x [40 group distribution]
  • Silver Talents x [10 group distribution]
  • Smart Dyad Niveot Structure x [5 group distribution]
  • Diamond x [2 group distribution]
  • Gold Finger Tokens x [50 group distribution]
  • Veilthroch x [1 group distribution]
  • Metamorphic Emblem x [5000 group distribution]
  • TERA Rewards Loot Box 3 x [1 group distribution]
  • Flying Skill: Battle Canary x [1 solo distribution]
Hi everyone!

I love stopping by in here, and looking at all of the beautiful pieces of art that you all make.

I wanted to share (in case you didn't get a chance to see it) our new loading screen contest!

It ends next Friday so I wanted to make sure to get you guys involved!

Thanks and I look forward to seeing your additions!
Hi everyone!

Here's an update on the first run for Manglemire: First Dungeon Highlight: July 20 4 AM PDT - July 23 4 AM PDT

I added it to the Patch Notes, and I'll update you all on what the dungeon highlights are soon! Keep your eye out for a forum post from me :)
Hi everyone! Please go here, our lovely @Rox answered this question :)
The reason we don't include it is because it is a variable on the server side. So while it may be 28 Crit / 14 Power, it is actually be determined on the server side and is not a hard coded value.
Reworked dungeon: Dreadspire
- 10 extreme challenges; 5-man dungeon
- No ilvl requirement, and 1 entry (2 for Elite) per day
- Accessed via Shuma the Popori, located in western Tempest Reach3
- Added Dreadspire to leaderboard

Base rewards per floor are (additional rewards will be posted here):
Floor 5
- Phantom Helm (Permanent)
- Elemental Essence
- Copper Clasp
- Pansophic Ash
- Archdevan Formula
- Carved Ornament
- Otherworldly Shard
- Gold Reward

Floor 10
- Phantom Armor (Permanent)
- Veilthroch
- Copper Clasp
- Pansophic Ash
- Archdevan Formula
- Carved Ornament
- Otherworldly Shard
- Gold Reward

Floor 1–4
- Phantom Helm (7-day)

Floor 6–9
- Phantom Armor (7-day)

Reopened Manglemire as an Event dungeon
- 5-man dungeon
- Requires ilvl 439 for instance matching, and 1 entry (2 for Elite) per day
- Access via Dungeon teleportal in Pora Elinu
- Rewards equivalent to other ilvl 439 dungeons (Broken Prison and Sky Cruiser Endeavor)
- Liquid Metal
- Hypnotic Device
- Archdevan Surfactant
- Artisan’s Tools
- Copper Clasp
- Archdevan Formula
- Carved Ornament
- Additional Reward: Superior Etching Box
Ace Dungeon: Clarified exit teleportal location in text
Behemoth belts no longer drop from Harrowhold.

Updated dungeon leaderboard
- We reset all previous rankings, and dungeon season 1 starts anew.
- All dungeon/battleground rankings reset at 10 a.m. PDT on the final day of the season, and a new ranking season starts thereafter.
- Added rewards to dungeon/battleground ranking
Player rewards are sent via parcel after season ranking totals upon next login.
- Gives top 3 ranking players per content a special title
- The titles will be removed in the next season and redistributed to the new top 3 ranking players
Awards the following items to the:
- Antaroth’s Abyss (hard), Dreadspire, Corsairs’ Stronghold, Fraywind Canyon
- 15 Medals of Conflict
- 1 Infinity Mask Exchange Ticket
- Rank 1 title

- 10 Medals of Conflict
- 1 Onset Mask Exchange Ticket
- Rank 2/3 title, accordingly

- 10 Medals of Conflict

- 5 Medals of Conflict

- 3 Medals of Conflict

Pit of Petrax
- 10 Medals of Conflict
- 1 Infinity Mask Exchange Ticket
- Rank 1 title

- 10 Medals of Conflict
- Rank 2/3 title, accordingly

- 5 Medals of Conflict

- 2 Medals of Conflict

- 1 Medal of Conflict

Champions’ Skyring
- 10 Medals of Conflict
- 1 Infinity Mask Exchange Ticket
- Rank 1 title

- 10 Medals of Conflict
- Rank 2/3 title, accordingly

- 3 Medals of Conflict
- 11–20th:
- 1 Medal of Conflict

Medal of Conflict Shop contains a selection of items including:
- Noctenium Infusion Box
- Superior Noctenium Infusion Refiner
- Emeralds
- Fermented Moonlight Fruit

Guardian Legion Mission
Added the first Superior Guardian Legion mission: Avenging Talons
Mission is available hourly.
You participate in the same method as other missions.
One of these additional rewards are randomly sent daily via Parcel Post at these point thresholds:

- 6 Rubies
- 2 Uncommon Rare Noctenium Refiners
- 1 Dyad Niveot Structure
- 1 Superior Etching Box
- 10 Diamonds

- 4 Rubies
- 1 Uncommon Rare Noctenium Refiner
- 1 Dyad Niveot Structure
- 1 Superior Etching Box

- 2 Rubies
- 1 Uncommon Rare Noctenium Refiner
- No rewards sent below 62,500 points
Updated the reward distribution method
Point gauge and reward count will no longer reset.
Rewards left unclaimed from previous day will be counted towards the current day.
Rewards claimed are capped at 40 per day.
Rebalanced point scale for priests and mystics.

Skills and Balancing
- Shield Bash and Lockdown Blow noctenium effects will now work properly.
- Readjusted Baraka’s Regeneration Circle animation speed to be on par with other races.

Stepstone Island
- Added additional NPCs.
- Reduced amount of Sticky Grass that must be gathered to repair doll.
Minor adjustments to multiple sub-65 quests to increase clarity.

- Changed guild rejoin cooldown from 24 hours to 48 hours.
- Updated Undergarment Bag with new Innerwear.
- Added three new strongboxes (Talent, Noctenium, Crafters) that drop from 58–65 open world BAMs.
- Entropic Strongboxes no longer drop.
- Adjusted Strongbox contents of Gem and Fashion strongboxes to yield better rewards. (more details next week.)

Bug Fixes
- Mice will now properly remain constrained to game when adjusting camera while playing in Windowed mode, regardless of which monitor the game is on.
- Fixed issue where crashing occasionally reset system settings.

Known Issues
- Leaderboard text “Rank Requirements”, found below the season time period, is not displaying properly.
Hi @dragonmu12!

Thanks for the question, we've been updating building up to tomorrow's maintenance and the unveiling of Dreadspire 2.0 here: https://forums.enmasse.com/tera/discussion/27891/dreadspire-announcements#latest

I hope this answers your question!
Hi @CornishRex !

Thank you for your question, here's a forum post that SeanDynamite wrote up about the summer set up for the Daily Deals: https://forums.enmasse.com/tera/discussion/27543/summer-swimwear-sales-schedule#latest

The cycle for Daily Deals will go back to normal, unless we have a special event.

As for the seasonal idea, I think that's a wonderful idea and will push it over to SeanDynamite :)

I hope this answers your question!
Hey, everybody. I wanted to update you on the latest news about Dreadspire.

When Dreadspire goes live on Thursday, July 12, you’ll receive the Dreadspire Convergence buff while inside. Dreadspire Convergence increases Power by 33, Endurance by 23, Crit Factor by 5%, and skill damage by 5%.

We’ve also added three ways for you to earn additional Dreadspire runs:
1. Elite players receive one Dreadspire Instance Reset Scroll in their daily Elite Gift Box.
2. Dreadspire Instance Reset Scrolls are part of the Vanguard Request rewards for Antaroth's Abyss (Hard).
3. You can craft a Dreadspire Instance Reset Scroll with Scroll Scrap: Dreadspire drops from each Dreadspire floor. Combine five scraps to make a Dreadspire Instance Reset Scroll. These are limited time event items; these items will expire by September 18.
UPDATE! Apologies for missing this (thanks for catching that @Lynxzer )
Vanguard Request Weekly Events
Here are the bonus events for each week of July. Events start Tuesday, July 3 at 4 a.m. PDT, with each event running until the following Tuesday.
• Second Week, July 10–July 17: Double items from Vanguard Requests
• Third Week, July 17– July 24: Guardian Legion Bonus Item & Increased Player XP from Vanguard Requests
• Fourth Week, July 24–July 31: Increased Guild XP & Increased Item XP from Vanguard Requests

Thanks for your patience!
This is on me. No excuse. Sorry for dropping the ball on this one.
Here's some details about Thursday's Maintenance:
All of our titles will be undergoing maintenance from 7:00 AM to 11:00 AM PDT.

The following will be unavailable:
* Forum logins
* Game logins

Please plan accordingly :)
Part 1:
Prepare yourselves for the hardest content in TERA thus far…
Dreadspire 2.0 is the biggest challenge to come to TERA...many asked for harder BAMs, bigger challenges and teeth grinding encounters. Bluehole designed Dreadspire 2.0 to test the best of the best.

The goal is to clear as many stages as your party can. But, clearing all ten stages is near impossible, even after months of runs. Few, if any, will make it that far, let alone defeat Shandra Manaya.

Dreadspire is a gauntlet where a party wipe means the end of your run. There are no party adjustments on the fly or second chances. You must be prepared going in and give it everything you’ve got.

Use these four days to prepare for your first attempt (of many!). Now is the time to come together and show us what you think the best combos, party distribution, and strategies could be. Who knows? Maybe what’s best for the first level isn’t the best for the second level, and you will discover that with trial and error.
If you’re looking for an easy win, this isn’t it. But if you’re looking to challenge and improve your group, the number of levels of Dreadspire will show you who’s getting there.

This is not a race that rewards the quickest to enter the dungeon; it’s a journey that tests you and your party’s skill and endurance. There is nothing else like it.

I will be posting more announcements during the week to give you more information about Dreadspire, so keep your eyes out :)
THESE ARE AMAZING! I hope you're taking part in our loading screen contest!!! :)
More items have now had an Elite Discount applied to them.
Jarecks wrote: »
Hi @CobaltDragon Ever thought about merging servers
I know I've brought this up fairly recently, but I'll go ahead and bring it up again, mentioning all of the feedback players have provided.
I believe this is due to the fact that the current Innerarmor loot boxes are discounted for everyone right now, and there can only be one type of discount on a purchase at one time (The Elite price on them was set at 15% discount, but the current Sale provides a 30% discounted price).

The discounts on items in the Account Services section may have just been an oversight, so I'll request that be reviewed and have the appropriate discounts added.

Also, there will be a new set of Innerarmor being added on Thursday, which will have an included Elite Discounted price.
Thanks for those that came by and hung out on stream with me! Here's that promised image:

You can contact Tera Online dev tracker at contact@teradevtracker.com - Privacy policy - Tera Online dev tracker is not affiliated with Tera Online or En Masse entertainment.