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I reported this feedback a little over a week ago, and we're having the Battleground Matching queue reviewed by the developer for any issues that may have occurred after a recent update, or check for ways to have the Battleground Matching queue be less restrictive, which would hopefully cause groups to form a lot faster.
This thread originally started out as speculating if Xigncode had an impact on player base, and thus forced our hand to merge servers, but has turned into a giant discussion about general frustrations with the game.

To respond to the original thread, to me, it seems like you are wanting questions answered about the server merge, such as why are we doing it, what does it look like for us, does it speak to the health/state of the game, et cetera. I've taken some of your questions and will make sure to pass them along to be included in our own news post that will be released soon (better if you can say the time frame, like a couple weeks).

Outside of server merges, I've noted @DL7MMWLJ3W's grievances that a few of you have acknowledged as an accurate portrayal of how you feel about the game.

EME wants the best in TERA for all of you. We can't make everyone happy, but we certainly try. Thank you for keeping this thread fairly civil. As long as it remains that way, it will remain open and free for further discussion.

I am trying to get a "Dyeable" tag added to items on Console, the same way it is shown on TERA PC, which should make it easier to tell which ones are eligible.

Right now, the majority of items that can be dyed have the word "Dyeable" in the name, and you will see an option to press Triangle (PS4) or Y (Xbox) to bring up additional options, one of which will allow you to apply an Apothecary Dye.
The Special Emotes like Peace, Settle, and Kitchen Dance have not been released, as far as I know.
See the details here!
KLKHD9D6CH wrote: »
My computer is acting up so a screen shot isn't available. Username is Heeeeeeha on Celestial Hill (Roleplaying) NA server. Website is MMOAH.COM
I've now taken an appropriate action on that Account.
I believe Item Claim was resolved yesterday after bring brought to our attention.
If you still had any issue with purchases during that time frame, please feel free to contact our Support Team.
Ippiki wrote: »
Will you stop dumbing down the console version of the game and instead give us the communication features that we’ve been begging for since basically day one?
That has been requested since Day One. I am very sorry that it's taking so long to get an overhaul on the communication features.
THIS IS AMAZING! I'll definitely take this all into account.

It's a lot to take in, so please have patience with me and I'll work these aspects into the stream.
Il y avait plusieurs discussions de forum discutant exactement le même sujet de questions de champ de bataille, ainsi les discussions ont été consolidées.
GvG and other Guild Features are coming, but at the moment, I don't have a confirmation of which Patch / Game Build it will be delivered in, so there isn't an exact date / ETA that can be provided.
I've recently received multiple reports about Fraywind Canyon and Corsair's Stronghold Battleground Matching having issues, and I've proceeded to bring it to the attention of the TERA Console Production Team and TERA's Developer.

It will be looked into, and hopefully addressed very soon.
79TJCDKLMD wrote: »
Aaaand its been like 4 hours.. Still can't play. Still frozen on "Downloading.. 0% | Estimating time.."
Thank you for this update. I'll mention this to our Team that is still actively looking into Launcher issues that are being reported.
Getting a report for another Team that the issue with Steam should now be all clear.
Anyone able to check ?
Getting a report for another Team that the issue with Steam should now be all clear.
Anyone able to check ?
Getting a report for another Team that the issue with Steam should now be all clear.
Anyone able to check ?
Not sure if you saw but here's a Manglemire UPDATE - WOOOO
Of course you all know Geletron - here's his lancer!
Johnny dreamed of being a lifeguard. As a kid he practiced swimming in the water near Velika and studied first aid with the local priest trainers. All his hard work eventually paid off when he was selected to be a lifeguard on beaches west of Castanica.

Working at the beach was a dream come true. Johnny spent his days watching out for tourists who wandered a little too far from Wahmel’s melon bash game or who got a little too aggressive with Chelton’s splash cannons. Occasionally he was called to provide some first aid to adventurers trying to gather horns for Dolme to carve.

One day, while Johnny was helping Langon build some sand castles, a giant crab appeared and started attacking the guests (this was despite the promises that there would be no crabs). Johnny moved his tactical belt bag to his hip and darted toward the nearest arms crate. He grabbed the lance and shield inside and made his way towards a rampaging crab. He was easily outmatched, but his efforts did allow many of the guests to get away.

Impressed by his courage, an officer of the Valkyon Federation recruited Johnny into the army and sent him to Velika to train. Soon he will be strong enough to protect his comrades as they take on new threats from northern Arun.
Due to an unexpected interaction, we are removing the reduced enchanting costs because that setting prevents players from awakening eligible equipment.

We have escalated this issue to Bluehole. As soon as we're able to, we will implement the reduced costs. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Meant it as a stream topic to talk about but thank you @JXE5356AKE
Thuking wrote: »
Thuking wrote: »
where did this thread go
July is located here : https://forums.enmasse.com/tera/discussion/27699/july-events

There was alot of complaints about the battleground coin reward and I guess nothing was done about it.
The feedback was passed along a while ago. Beyond that, I don't have additional details.
Hi @ShadowOfLight!!

I love your idea and would love to get something started! We can do a call to arms from players in the community who want to get involved and talk about the class being highlighted for the month. Awakening II is also a great idea.

I look forward to collaborating with you! :D

@C4YJGXD393 In regard to your comment, I'm open to feedback and ideas for streams. Feel free to start a constructive thread!
Another submission from our writers here at EME! (I seriously appreciate those who are keeping to the topic of the forum. If you want to talk about anything else or give feedback, please do it on another thread - thanks!)

Now...say hello to Em.Pale! (Ain't that clever as h*ck?)

Why this Name:
From the time I started playing MMOs when I modeled my first character after Emily the Strange, “Em” has been the first part of every character name I play. I already have a lancer named Emz, so wanted a special name for the lancer leveling month. The name came first, then her appearance.

Why this Race:
I love the Serena Williams-esque musculature of the amani female, she just looks powerful. All of my lancers are amani females.

Why this Class:
I played elemental mage classes in other MMOs, but found when I first started playing TERA that I was terrible at leading my targets with distance blasts. I’m also pretty bad at shooters. Yet I really loved the dodging / blocking aspect of TERA’s action combat. Somehow, I found my way to the lancer even though I never played tanks in other games. I loved it. I’ve played more lancers than any other class in TERA. There’s something really satisfying about thumping an enemy with a Stand Fast / Shield Counter combination.
Thuking wrote: »
where did this thread go
July is located here : https://forums.enmasse.com/tera/discussion/27699/july-events
"No secret code to grant you gear,
Manglemore is the puzzle here.
True or false, he asks. You decide.
Some guessed right, and all others died."

Starting Thursday, July 19 at 11 a.m. (after maintenance ends) until Tuesday, July 24 at 11 a.m. PDT, Manglemire will once again be available. Since this is an event dungeon we've tossed in some unique event style loots. For completing Manglemire, everyone will get some Dungeon Delver coins as drops as well as from your Vanguard Request. We've also added a chance at some 3-day costumes along with the Cleansing Brooch.

If you miss out on Manglemire this Dungeon Highlight weekend, don't fret, Manglemire will be back on 8/2.

Key Note: *Manglemire is not affected by Increased Drops or Jackpot as items and quantities are already adjusted for event levels.*

Default Loots:
  • Liquid Metal
  • Hypnotic Device
  • Archdevan Surfactant
  • Artisan's Tools
  • Copper Clasp
  • Archdevan Formula
  • Carved Ornament
  • Superior Etching Box

EME Loots:
  • Dungeon Delver
  • Cleansing Brooch
  • Pure Titan's Fire
  • Pure Titan's Peace
  • Pure Titan's Earth
  • Pure Titan's Storm
  • 3-Day Celestial Costume
  • 3-Day Angelic Weapon Skin
  • Angelic Wings (3 Days)

Vanguard Reward:
  • TERA Rewards Loot Box 1
  • Dungeon Delver
  • Claret Medallion
  • Temple Medallion

Regular Dungeon Highlights:
Dungeons that are affected by Dungeon Highlight. Increased drops, Dungeon Delver Coin, Bonus item
Starting Friday, July 20 at 4 a.m. until Monday, July 23 at 4 a.m. PDT.
  • 3 star: Thaumetal Refinery
  • 4 star: Red Refuge (Hard)
  • 5 star: Antorath's Abyss (Hard)
Hi everyone!

We’ve heard it loud and clear from a lot of players about strongboxes, especially those in-game drops that require a key to open.

SO! Here's our answer to that - we've updated 2 and added three new ones!
This starts today and it'll go until Tuesday, June 31, you’ll save 15% off the normal price when purchasing strongbox keys in the TERA Store for PC! Whether you need just 1 key, or bundles of 5, 10, 20, 50, or 100 :)

Visit our website to get more information about the contents of the strongboxes! They made it look so clean!

In the interest of transparency and since no official response has been provided in this thread:

The exploit was recognized and fixed on July 9. It impacted only the XB-NA servers and was caused by a mis-configuration of the event (an error) and was not intentional (all other servers/regions could receive only one box per server).

Since then, we have identified all players that exploited the event and the most extreme offenders have had their accounts temporarily locked while we perform some clean-up and investigate the scope of impact on the economy of those servers.

Many of the most extreme offenders will remain banned as their actions were clearly against the spirit of the event and ultimately our rules of conduct:

"No exploiting: If you find a bug or glitch in the game that provides and unfair advantage, let us know about it instead of using the exploit for your own benefit."
@ZingoPingo Of course!
Yordan wrote: »
Gotta love 3 min response time to "can't buy emp" now if it only was as fast when it comes to all other issues players are raising around here.
Just coincidental.
I had been going through and reading all the most recent Forum Threads, and just happen to see this one get created.
I mentioned an easy step to try, but also referenced a need to contact our Support if the issue continued.

I am aware of the issues being brought up within the other Forum Threads, and I am very active in passing that feedback to each individual Team, whether that be our Community Team, Production Team, Web Team, or on to Bluehole.
You may want to try doing a Repair in your TERA Launcher through the Tools Menu, if you have not already tried that.
If still no luck, you can open a Support Ticket for additional investigation.
This is a Lancer from one of our very own writers! (He helped with Claw & Order!) Here's the story of Mittens:

So I like playing my lancer. A lot. So much so that when it came time to launch TERA on Xbox One, I started recreating my characters from the PC version, in chronological order.
Starting with my lancer. Mister.Mittens and I have spent hundreds of hours roaming the continents, gathering, slaying, and generally looking cool. Recreating him on console guaranteed me another max-level character, and brought back a lot of fun memories from our early betas and in-house leveling events.
I won’t lie, Mister.Mittens is the coolest cat that ever catted. He doesn’t duel, doesn’t have the best gear in the game, and even though I’ve played him more than any other character in my roster of 65s (barely—my gunner has a Champion Laurel, but is still a full day behind MM), he’s the one I’m least interested in changing. He’s so cool I burned a few thousand fashion coupons so that the majority of my characters on that server could dress the same way he does.
And speaking of cool cats…
Yeah. I have one. I hunted everything in every zone, and unlocked the coolest mount in the game as soon as I could. When flying mounts came out, I got a couple for the stable, but this cat is 100% content to keep all four feet on the ground.

For this month’s lancer leveling event, my goal is to take a new lancer to 65 on every server, and I’ve already got two of them checked off. But none of them are Mister.Mittens, even though they’re using his skill bar and glyphs. When I’ve completed my set, I’m taking him on another world tour and killing any world boss I see.

Because we all know who’s the boss in this house…

It's Lancer month everyone! Here at En Masse, we take these months very seriously, and we level up the same classes with you.

Share your Lancer stories here! Whether it's why it's a meaty back story for your character, your favorite class, what your experience has been trying it out, or anything you want to share about your experiences, let's hear it! I'll be sharing some of our EME Lancer stories with you as well!

Take a picture of your character and share a little bit about it! Here, I'll start...

This is Definitely.not.Aman - my very first Lancer!
I never thought I'd like being a tank, I usually like very fast, agile type characters. However, I've actually come to like using this type as it's cool to be able to get right up to the BAMs and just give them the business and know I'll be able to keep going without dying! Very empowering.

Now a little about Definitely.not.Aman: Her name is the best (totally not biased or anything) and she's just your regular bad*ss. She loves all animals, especially anything that is fluffy. Her lance's name is Lancerlot which she loves it very much, as it was a gift passed down from her late father, who also liked little fluffy mammals. Her father used to own a farm where they rescued tiny fluffy animals in Two Oakes Ranch...when one day the most rabid giant purple Ovolith came and attacked, and ate up all of the fluffy animal friends that her and her family and devoted themselves to care for. Her father, in a rage, went out on a quest to kill this giant purple Ovolith and returned with it's head 6 months later. He quickly retired afterwards, and gifted Lancerlot to Definitely.not.Aman.

Thus promising herself that she would be the protector of all things cute and fluffy in all of her adventures.
Letters for each loading screen:

Listen up, keener. It’s time for you to learn the ins and outs of being a lancer, and I’m the aman best suited for the job. So pick up your lance, and get ready to earn these rewards!

You want to be the best? Then you must learn the true history of the lance, instead of worrying about accessories and pretty baubles. It’s not a happy story, but it’s one every aman knows. Amani lancers were the first to ever take the field, and we did so as slaves.

The “Golden Empire” of the giants is the darkest period in my people’s history. We didn’t fight by choice—shields and lances were forged onto our arms, and taken off only when we died. To honor the memory of the first lancers, never lay your weapons down until all enemies are dead.

Every blow struck for our giant overlords, every enemy attack blocked, was for one goal only. To one day cast off our chains and kill our supposed masters. To honor the courage of the first lancers, never run from a fight, and always remember you stand at the fore to protect others.

Combat is a lancer’s daily fare. Eat when you can, drink when you’re thirsty, always remembering that the slaves who came before you could do neither unless they returned victorious. We are the first, best, and last line of defense against injustice.

The seals the giants branded into our skins made us the perfect soldiers. Fierce, unstoppable, unwavering. Our lances never dipped, our shields never broke. We learned lessons from every battle, and became the giants’ elite, if unwilling, fighting force.
Davan, our greatest hero, appealed to the gods for his people’s release. Kaia was moved by his words, and sought a way to free the Amani people from the giants’ rule. She joined the elite lancers in disguise, studying both their fighting style, and the seals that bound them.

Kaia learned the secrets of the slaver’s seal, but rather than wrest us away from the giant’s control, she gave the knowledge to Lok. For three long years, she fought beside us while Lok’s favored artisans, Clan Castanic, found a way to free the amani people once and for all.

Lok and Clan Castanic delivered their creation to the amani, who freed themselves and threw down the last bastion of the giants’ power. Never again would amani lancers turn their weapons on the innocent, and ever since we’ve used the lessons of our enslavement to ensure freedom for all.

There are those who curse Lok for his later actions, but for the amani people, Lok and the crafters of Clan Castanic are among the truest friends we’ve ever known. When the castanics were cast down, we took them under our shields, and they taught us to forge unbreakable lances.

Kaia loved us when no-one else would. Lok helped us, though it ultimately cost his life. To honor their trust and sacrifices, we taught the world how to resist tyranny. To take up the shield is to vow never to stop fighting until Kaia welcomes you home.
In the years that followed our liberation, we crafted a mighty fortress to honor the shieldmaiden Kaia. With her help, we guard Northern Shara to this day, against any and all threats. She is our mistress, our mother, and our fiercest commander.

When the high elves came for the humans of Essenia, we were there, lances at the ready. When the argons came for us all, we stood fast while others fled. The high elves sent an army in response, but when they set shields and lances against the argons, we knew they’d chosen the right side.

Now we fight for the Valkyon Federation. On islands, in the clouds, in trenches and towers. No army is complete without a contingent of lancers, and no aman would dare stay behind when Kaia calls us to war.
We stand. We fight! We win!
Welcome, lancer, to the front lines.
Hey TERA fans, we’ve got another loading screen contest starting Sunday, July 1. This time out, we’re going to focus on the history of the lancer, as told by Primus Daarran, an amani drill instructor with a…unique conversational style.

Level up a lancer in July, and Daarran will send you history lessons as you hit certain leveling milestones! Turn his words into your art, and we’ll make some more history as the origins of the lancer will be depicted on screen for the very first time!

We’re looking for the best piece of art for each of Daarran’s lessons, 12 loading screens in total. Ideally, you’ll find that one part of the lancer’s story that really resonates with you for your entry—the simpler the better. Submit your potential loading screens (1920×1200.png) as an attachment to community@enmasse.com by Friday, July 20 at 11:59 p.m. PDT. (Standard contest rules apply.)

You must consent to our privacy policy by including the line "I accept your privacy policy" in the body of your emailed submission, or we are not allowed to keep or consider your submission. We'll only use your character name, server name, and email address for the sake of this contest.

I'll add the text in the next post :)
Hi everyone! Here’s the final Dreadspire update, as it’s now out there for you all to play!

This Dreadspire Event is scheduled July 12 - September 18. You players get two months to get as far as you can!

This is a fast-paced event! Floors 1-4 and 6-9 will teleport players to the next floor 10 seconds after killing the boss. We recommend bringing looting pets and prepare for your next fight, it’s going to be fast so grab those items as fast as you can. Keep up the momentum!

Come prepared! Make sure you go in with all your consumables prepped. Dungeon Delver Coins drop on each floor so you can restock after you do a run, but the consumables you walk in with are the only ones you have.

Share your "Tips and Tricks"! We’d love to add them to the list.

The permanent loot table is listed in the Patch Notes for Phantom’s Keep, I’ll only be listing EME additions here:
Floors 1-2:
  • Scroll Scrap: Dreadspire x [1 group distribution]
  • Dungeon Delver Coin x [10 group distribution]

Floors 3-4:
  • Scroll Scrap: Dreadspire x [1 group distribution]
  • Dungeon Delver Coin x [20 group distribution]

Floor 5:
  • Scroll Scrap: Dreadspire x [1 group distribution]
  • Dungeon Delver Coin x [30 group distribution]
  • Gold Plates x [20 group distribution]
  • Silver Plates x [5 group distribution]
  • Smart Dyad Niveot Structure x [2 solo distribution]
  • Diamond x [ 1 group distribution]
  • Gold Finger Tokens x [25 group distribution]
  • Veilthroch x [1 solo distribution]
  • Metamorphic Emblem x [3000 group distribution]
  • TERA Rewards Loot Box 2 x [1 group distribution]

Floors 6-7:
  • TERA Rewards Loot Box 2 x [1 group distribution]
  • Dungeon Delver Coin x [30 group distribution]

Floors 8-9:
  • TERA Rewards Loot Box 2 x [1 group distribution]
  • Dungeon Delver Coin x [40 group distribution]

Floor 10:
  • Dungeon Delver Coin x [50 group distribution]
  • Gold Plates x [40 group distribution]
  • Silver Talents x [10 group distribution]
  • Smart Dyad Niveot Structure x [5 group distribution]
  • Diamond x [2 group distribution]
  • Gold Finger Tokens x [50 group distribution]
  • Veilthroch x [1 group distribution]
  • Metamorphic Emblem x [5000 group distribution]
  • TERA Rewards Loot Box 3 x [1 group distribution]
  • Flying Skill: Battle Canary x [1 solo distribution]
Hi everyone!

I love stopping by in here, and looking at all of the beautiful pieces of art that you all make.

I wanted to share (in case you didn't get a chance to see it) our new loading screen contest!

It ends next Friday so I wanted to make sure to get you guys involved!

Thanks and I look forward to seeing your additions!
Hi everyone!

Here's an update on the first run for Manglemire: First Dungeon Highlight: July 20 4 AM PDT - July 23 4 AM PDT

I added it to the Patch Notes, and I'll update you all on what the dungeon highlights are soon! Keep your eye out for a forum post from me :)
Hi everyone! Please go here, our lovely @Rox answered this question :)
The reason we don't include it is because it is a variable on the server side. So while it may be 28 Crit / 14 Power, it is actually be determined on the server side and is not a hard coded value.
Reworked dungeon: Dreadspire
- 10 extreme challenges; 5-man dungeon
- No ilvl requirement, and 1 entry (2 for Elite) per day
- Accessed via Shuma the Popori, located in western Tempest Reach3
- Added Dreadspire to leaderboard

Base rewards per floor are (additional rewards will be posted here):
Floor 5
- Phantom Helm (Permanent)
- Elemental Essence
- Copper Clasp
- Pansophic Ash
- Archdevan Formula
- Carved Ornament
- Otherworldly Shard
- Gold Reward

Floor 10
- Phantom Armor (Permanent)
- Veilthroch
- Copper Clasp
- Pansophic Ash
- Archdevan Formula
- Carved Ornament
- Otherworldly Shard
- Gold Reward

Floor 1–4
- Phantom Helm (7-day)

Floor 6–9
- Phantom Armor (7-day)

Reopened Manglemire as an Event dungeon
- 5-man dungeon
- Requires ilvl 439 for instance matching, and 1 entry (2 for Elite) per day
- Access via Dungeon teleportal in Pora Elinu
- Rewards equivalent to other ilvl 439 dungeons (Broken Prison and Sky Cruiser Endeavor)
- Liquid Metal
- Hypnotic Device
- Archdevan Surfactant
- Artisan’s Tools
- Copper Clasp
- Archdevan Formula
- Carved Ornament
- Additional Reward: Superior Etching Box
Ace Dungeon: Clarified exit teleportal location in text
Behemoth belts no longer drop from Harrowhold.

Updated dungeon leaderboard
- We reset all previous rankings, and dungeon season 1 starts anew.
- All dungeon/battleground rankings reset at 10 a.m. PDT on the final day of the season, and a new ranking season starts thereafter.
- Added rewards to dungeon/battleground ranking
Player rewards are sent via parcel after season ranking totals upon next login.
- Gives top 3 ranking players per content a special title
- The titles will be removed in the next season and redistributed to the new top 3 ranking players
Awards the following items to the:
- Antaroth’s Abyss (hard), Dreadspire, Corsairs’ Stronghold, Fraywind Canyon
- 15 Medals of Conflict
- 1 Infinity Mask Exchange Ticket
- Rank 1 title

- 10 Medals of Conflict
- 1 Onset Mask Exchange Ticket
- Rank 2/3 title, accordingly

- 10 Medals of Conflict

- 5 Medals of Conflict

- 3 Medals of Conflict

Pit of Petrax
- 10 Medals of Conflict
- 1 Infinity Mask Exchange Ticket
- Rank 1 title

- 10 Medals of Conflict
- Rank 2/3 title, accordingly

- 5 Medals of Conflict

- 2 Medals of Conflict

- 1 Medal of Conflict

Champions’ Skyring
- 10 Medals of Conflict
- 1 Infinity Mask Exchange Ticket
- Rank 1 title

- 10 Medals of Conflict
- Rank 2/3 title, accordingly

- 3 Medals of Conflict
- 11–20th:
- 1 Medal of Conflict

Medal of Conflict Shop contains a selection of items including:
- Noctenium Infusion Box
- Superior Noctenium Infusion Refiner
- Emeralds
- Fermented Moonlight Fruit

Guardian Legion Mission
Added the first Superior Guardian Legion mission: Avenging Talons
Mission is available hourly.
You participate in the same method as other missions.
One of these additional rewards are randomly sent daily via Parcel Post at these point thresholds:

- 6 Rubies
- 2 Uncommon Rare Noctenium Refiners
- 1 Dyad Niveot Structure
- 1 Superior Etching Box
- 10 Diamonds

- 4 Rubies
- 1 Uncommon Rare Noctenium Refiner
- 1 Dyad Niveot Structure
- 1 Superior Etching Box

- 2 Rubies
- 1 Uncommon Rare Noctenium Refiner
- No rewards sent below 62,500 points
Updated the reward distribution method
Point gauge and reward count will no longer reset.
Rewards left unclaimed from previous day will be counted towards the current day.
Rewards claimed are capped at 40 per day.
Rebalanced point scale for priests and mystics.

Skills and Balancing
- Shield Bash and Lockdown Blow noctenium effects will now work properly.
- Readjusted Baraka’s Regeneration Circle animation speed to be on par with other races.

Stepstone Island
- Added additional NPCs.
- Reduced amount of Sticky Grass that must be gathered to repair doll.
Minor adjustments to multiple sub-65 quests to increase clarity.

- Changed guild rejoin cooldown from 24 hours to 48 hours.
- Updated Undergarment Bag with new Innerwear.
- Added three new strongboxes (Talent, Noctenium, Crafters) that drop from 58–65 open world BAMs.
- Entropic Strongboxes no longer drop.
- Adjusted Strongbox contents of Gem and Fashion strongboxes to yield better rewards. (more details next week.)

Bug Fixes
- Mice will now properly remain constrained to game when adjusting camera while playing in Windowed mode, regardless of which monitor the game is on.
- Fixed issue where crashing occasionally reset system settings.

Known Issues
- Leaderboard text “Rank Requirements”, found below the season time period, is not displaying properly.
Hi @dragonmu12!

Thanks for the question, we've been updating building up to tomorrow's maintenance and the unveiling of Dreadspire 2.0 here: https://forums.enmasse.com/tera/discussion/27891/dreadspire-announcements#latest

I hope this answers your question!
Hi @CornishRex !

Thank you for your question, here's a forum post that SeanDynamite wrote up about the summer set up for the Daily Deals: https://forums.enmasse.com/tera/discussion/27543/summer-swimwear-sales-schedule#latest

The cycle for Daily Deals will go back to normal, unless we have a special event.

As for the seasonal idea, I think that's a wonderful idea and will push it over to SeanDynamite :)

I hope this answers your question!
Hey, everybody. I wanted to update you on the latest news about Dreadspire.

When Dreadspire goes live on Thursday, July 12, you’ll receive the Dreadspire Convergence buff while inside. Dreadspire Convergence increases Power by 33, Endurance by 23, Crit Factor by 5%, and skill damage by 5%.

We’ve also added three ways for you to earn additional Dreadspire runs:
1. Elite players receive one Dreadspire Instance Reset Scroll in their daily Elite Gift Box.
2. Dreadspire Instance Reset Scrolls are part of the Vanguard Request rewards for Antaroth's Abyss (Hard).
3. You can craft a Dreadspire Instance Reset Scroll with Scroll Scrap: Dreadspire drops from each Dreadspire floor. Combine five scraps to make a Dreadspire Instance Reset Scroll. These are limited time event items; these items will expire by September 18.
UPDATE! Apologies for missing this (thanks for catching that @Lynxzer )
Vanguard Request Weekly Events
Here are the bonus events for each week of July. Events start Tuesday, July 3 at 4 a.m. PDT, with each event running until the following Tuesday.
• Second Week, July 10–July 17: Double items from Vanguard Requests
• Third Week, July 17– July 24: Guardian Legion Bonus Item & Increased Player XP from Vanguard Requests
• Fourth Week, July 24–July 31: Increased Guild XP & Increased Item XP from Vanguard Requests

Thanks for your patience!
This is on me. No excuse. Sorry for dropping the ball on this one.
Here's some details about Thursday's Maintenance:
All of our titles will be undergoing maintenance from 7:00 AM to 11:00 AM PDT.

The following will be unavailable:
* Forum logins
* Game logins

Please plan accordingly :)
Part 1:
Prepare yourselves for the hardest content in TERA thus far…
Dreadspire 2.0 is the biggest challenge to come to TERA...many asked for harder BAMs, bigger challenges and teeth grinding encounters. Bluehole designed Dreadspire 2.0 to test the best of the best.

The goal is to clear as many stages as your party can. But, clearing all ten stages is near impossible, even after months of runs. Few, if any, will make it that far, let alone defeat Shandra Manaya.

Dreadspire is a gauntlet where a party wipe means the end of your run. There are no party adjustments on the fly or second chances. You must be prepared going in and give it everything you’ve got.

Use these four days to prepare for your first attempt (of many!). Now is the time to come together and show us what you think the best combos, party distribution, and strategies could be. Who knows? Maybe what’s best for the first level isn’t the best for the second level, and you will discover that with trial and error.
If you’re looking for an easy win, this isn’t it. But if you’re looking to challenge and improve your group, the number of levels of Dreadspire will show you who’s getting there.

This is not a race that rewards the quickest to enter the dungeon; it’s a journey that tests you and your party’s skill and endurance. There is nothing else like it.

I will be posting more announcements during the week to give you more information about Dreadspire, so keep your eyes out :)
THESE ARE AMAZING! I hope you're taking part in our loading screen contest!!! :)
More items have now had an Elite Discount applied to them.
Jarecks wrote: »
Hi @CobaltDragon Ever thought about merging servers
I know I've brought this up fairly recently, but I'll go ahead and bring it up again, mentioning all of the feedback players have provided.
I believe this is due to the fact that the current Innerarmor loot boxes are discounted for everyone right now, and there can only be one type of discount on a purchase at one time (The Elite price on them was set at 15% discount, but the current Sale provides a 30% discounted price).

The discounts on items in the Account Services section may have just been an oversight, so I'll request that be reviewed and have the appropriate discounts added.

Also, there will be a new set of Innerarmor being added on Thursday, which will have an included Elite Discounted price.
Thanks for those that came by and hung out on stream with me! Here's that promised image:

Hi everyone!

Apologies on our part for that miscommunication -- here's what they do: Brownie and Mouser both auto-loot and auto-gather for you, while Havana and Maltese have both of these skills and provide pet storage.

We got too excited cause they're so dang cute, thanks for asking what they do - it's been updated in the news post!
AMFKKM74E7 wrote: »
pirate costume

ARGH, MATEY! You'll see these in August in there ARRRRRRRGH
Teekz wrote: »
Can you guys add back all the loot boxes. Instead of forcing players to spend $50 on whatever particular day you decide to have anything good up?

Loot boxes will be cycled from time to time for those that want to try their luck with that instead of direct purchase. I was actually thinking about this the other day - perhaps when I post an item that is OUT of the loot box, I also can add the loot box in the daily deal for anyone interested in trying that method.
Enishii wrote: »
alice dress and hello kitty uniforms :)

Alice - probably won't ever happen.

Hello Kitty - will NEVER happen.
urmineboi wrote: »
Please don't be Sexist EME. There are also players that likes to buy male exclusive costumes too.


RassleMania Smart Box
Ready To Rumble Smart Box

we also exists!

You'll see those closer to Halloween time.
Zoknahal wrote: »
Fair enough. i probably should had read up before posting, but at least i got some good info from this little slip of mine: Why all of the forums hate you @ElinUsagi

I still want the summer wrap. Is probably one of the most requested items here to be released into the daily deals.

Sorry, Summer Wrap won't be in Daily Deals for summer this year. Loot box only.
If you're wondering what may be in store for you in the lovely world of TERA during this festive day, remember you can participate in the following events:

Not joust your average tank -- this month's class highlight is the Lancer! Don't leave anything to lance, and give the Lancer a chance!

Water you doing? Seas the day, get tan and visit the Summer Festival and Festival of the Sun!

OFFICIAL BEACH PARTY MANAGEMENT STATEMENT: we guarantee the safety of all Beach Party goers, and as such we recommend anyone with shellfish allergies to stay away from the beaches at 1/5/9 pm PDT today please.

Happy 4th!

TERA has a new update coming out on Thursday, July 12!

It features a revamped Dreadspire, a new Guardian Legion mission to hunt dragons, and the return of the Manglemire dungeon!

Here's that sweet sweet sauce: http://tera.enmasse.com/events/phantoms-keep
Hi everyone!

It looks like @howrang44 already got an update on another thread, but let me put it here for you all to see:

seandynamite July 2
"The bug has been submitted to BHS to fix - when we have a fix ready we'll deploy it. That's all the info we have right now."

Thanks for your patience!!!

I promised I would do this for this month as well, however, moving forward I want to let you all know that I'll just be announcing when the event starts, but will no longer post what the rewards are. Thanks for understanding!

-Milestone Level Rewards-
Level 3
Blaze (30 Days)
Dragonette (30 Days)
Fortified Basic Innerwear (30 Days)

Level 12
Headband Hairstyle Box
Complete Veteran Crystalbind

Level 20
Fashion Coupon
Chromatic Kkultteok Plate (7 Days)

Level 30
Strong Bravery Potion
Cutter (7 day)

Level 35
Strong Bravery Potion
Valkyon Health Potion
Kingsguard (7-day)

Level 40
Elite Status Voucher (1-day)
Experience Points (Level 40)
Strongbox Key
Fashion Coupon

Level 45
Elite Status Voucher (1-day)
Experience Points (Level 45)
Valkyon Health Potion
Sirocco (7-day)

Level 50
Elite Status Voucher (1-day)
Experience Points (Level 50)
Strongbox Key
Shish Kebab (7-day)

Level 55
Flying Skill: Tempest (7-day)
Dragon Firework Powderkeg

Level 60
Strong Bravery Potion
Apothecary Dye
Strongbox Key
Fashion Coupon
Valkyon Health Potion

Level 65
Twistshard Lance
Smart Dyad Niveot Structure
Silver Talent
Golden Talent
Twistshard Lancer Hauberk
Twistshard Gauntlets
Twistshard Greaves
Twistshard Belt
Noctenium Infusion x1,000 Crate
Alpha Instance Reset Scroll
Beta Instance Reset Scroll
The bug has been submitted to BHS to fix - when we have a fix ready we'll deploy it. That's all the info we have right now.
Hey TERA fans, we’ve got another loading screen contest starting Sunday, July 1. This time out, we’re going to focus on the history of the lancer, as told by Primus Daarran, an amani drill instructor with a…unique conversational style.

Level up a lancer in July, and Daarran will send you history lessons as you hit certain leveling milestones! Turn his words into your art, and we’ll make some more history as the origins of the lancer will be depicted on screen for the very first time!

We’re looking for the best piece of art for each of Daarran’s lessons, 12 loading screens in total. Ideally, you’ll find that one part of the lancer’s story that really resonates with you for your entry—the simpler the better. Submit your potential loading screens (1920×1200.png) as an attachment to community@enmasse.com by Friday, July 20 at 11:59 p.m. PDT. (Standard contest rules apply.)

You must consent to our privacy policy by including the line "I accept your privacy policy" in the body of your emailed submission, or we are not allowed to keep or consider your submission. We'll only use your character name, server name, and email address for the sake of this contest.
Hey all,

We hope you’re enjoying this update and your new gunner characters.

You’ll no doubt have noticed some buffs applied to you upon entry to select dungeons in this update. These weren’t listed among the patch notes, so I want to explain a bit about the motivations behind their inclusion in this build.

The full list dungeons in which these buffs are applied are listed below:

Vault of Kaprima
Shadow Sanguinary
Demokron Factory
Lilith's Keep
Sky Cruiser Endeavor (Hard)
Shadow Sanguinary (Hard)
Lilith's Keep (Hard)
Ruinous Manor
Ruinous Manor (Hard)

And these are the buffs:

Bravery—Increases skill damage and Attack Speed. Reduces damage received.
Divine Grace—Increases Power and Endurance.
Divine Grace II (High iLvL Dungeons)—Further increases Power and Endurance.

What we’ve observed so far is that dungeon completion rates and, by extension, gear attach rates are below where we’d expect them to be when comparing with the same version on PC. There are many potential reasons for this, including the newness of TERA on these platforms, the percentage of new players that make up the current audience vs. PC, the quantity of end-game players, and the general difficulty of these instances.

These buffs were implemented as a quick way to try and improve dungeon completion rates and end-game dungeon participation on consoles. They’re not intended as a permanent solution. They may stick around, but probably not, so enjoy them while they’re here.

The teams at Bluehole and En Masse are exploring other ways to better balance dungeons and improve dungeon completion rates on console. These range from simple things like events that encourage dungeon participation with increased rewards, all the way to full-on re-balancing of boss monsters in the console versions.

We’re monitoring the effects of these buffs closely, but we also want to hear your feedback, so let’s have it! Like ‘em? Hate ‘em? Tell us why and how they’ve impacted your play experience in this patch vs. the previous one. We look forward to hearing from you.

TERA Team @ En Masse
Our Summer beach party and Festival of the Sun continue throughout the month (ending Tuesday, July 31 at 4 a.m. PDT), but some other things have changed for July. Check out the details below.

Community Events
The weekly TERA PC Stream is moving times! This month, we’ll be streaming Friday mornings at 10 a.m. PDT! Our stream dates are July 6, July 13, July 20, and July 27...and there most definitely will not be any kind of crab attacks taking place Friday, Saturday and Sundays. Absolutely inconceivable.

Monthly Leveling Event
This month, we’re continuing to showcase a character class with leveling bonus rewards. For July, our lancer showcase begins Sunday, July 1 at 4 a.m. PDT and ends Wednesday, August 1 at 4 a.m. PDT.

Create a new lancer or continue leveling one you already have and get rewards at specific level milestones. However, you only get these rewards once per server and only for the level milestones you hit during this month.

Dungeon Highlights
Dungeon Highlight Weekends alternate with Battleground Bonus Item weekends, with the first one beginning Friday, July 6 at 4 a.m. PDT and ending on Monday, July 9 at 4 a.m. PDT. The second dungeon highlight weekend occurs Friday, July 20 at 4 a.m. PDT until Monday, July 23 at 4 a.m. PDT. Completing a highlighted dungeon awards Dungeon Delver Coins based on the dungeon’s difficulty rating:
  • (* * *) 1 coin
  • (* * * *) 2 coins
  • (* * * * *) 3 coins

Vanguard Request Weekly Events
Here are the bonus events for each week of July. Events start Tuesday, July 3 at 4 a.m. PDT, with each event running until the following Tuesday.

Battleground Jackpots
Battleground Jackpots are available every day of the week alternating from Fraywind Canyon or Corsairs’ Stronghold—Fraywind Canyon jackpots on odd-numbered days; Corsairs’ Stronghold jackpots on even-numbered days. Battleground Jackpots award either 1, 2, or 3 Battleground Coins for a win.

During the Battleground Bonus Item weekends, battleground wins include bonus items and increased Battleground Coins in the jackpot. Battleground Bonus weekends are Friday, July 13 at 4 a.m. PDT until Monday, July 16 at 4 a.m. PDT, and Friday, July 27 at 4 a.m. PDT until Monday, July 30 at 4 a.m. PDT. We are interested in your feedback for the new Coin based Jackpot. Like it or hate it, just remember to be constructive in your feedback so we can make appropriate adjustments.
nem3sis wrote: »
So how's it going y'all, here's wondering if anyone got their roamin helmet for the dungeon completitions, I have not gotten mine back then, have been in contact with support and they said it will be in parcel post when gunner drops June 26th but nothing. Heck I even had to verify that I'm eligible for it mailing a screen of my completitions. What goes? Any info @CobaltDragon appreciate the help.
I'd just suggest updating your original Support Ticket, and state that you still haven't received the Roamin' Helm despite already proving your eligibility.
Hi everyone!

Just to let you know, today's maintenance was to fix some issues here and there - things to note:
- We've had a security update
- Antaroth's Abyss (Hard) bug fix for boss pinwheel pattern
@Partyblast you make a good point. I've discussed it here at En Masse, and I'm trying to find a way to make sure that forums will be updated on server info. I'm working on a solution with Vanilla, so stay tuned!


Thank you for voicing all of your questions and concerns. I'd like to first respond to your list:

1. I have been experimenting with having news posts locked or unlocked. On the ones that remain unlocked, I've only seen non-constructive comments, so this leads me to believe the best way to have a conversation about a news post or announcement is to still start a new thread. I'm open to thoughts/opinions/ideas on this, let me know if you have any!
2. We are doing our best to be better by responding to some of these "major" threads, but it's still hard for the community to see what we have responded to and where it is on the thread. We are working with Vanilla Forums to get better visibility on forum threads that we have "answered" and not just merely commented on. Stay tuned!
3. I hear your frustration on the mixture of communication. Here's my thoughts on it:

(*) Discord is great for having a conversation on-the-fly, getting a quick question answered (by EME OR by the community), and in general participating in game chat.
(*) Forums are a place where conversations are organized by threads, and makes it easier to see what was said on a conversation. We still want to make this better where YOU feel like your voice is heard, and that everyone can see when EME has made a response that is a response and not just a comment.
(*) Twitter is the place where we post server maintenance updates and what's going on in the game. It's like news RSS feed.
We'll get aligned here internally so you don't feel like you are being thrown around in an endless cycle and ultimately left feeling unheard (as I said above, I'm working on a solution for this due to the feedback given by you all)

4. We feel like we do a pretty good job about letting players know ahead of time what is coming to the game, however you have two recent examples I'd like to address:
(*) PVP Jackpots. We know players who have been around definitely notice these types of changes when they happen, and are left feeling frustrated by not being informed on why a decision was made or being made aware ahead of time. This was a mistake on our part about not getting the messaging out ahead of the change and we are doing what we can to not repeat that mistake.

(*) Xigncode. For security reasons, this is something we couldn't let you know ahead of time. This is tough because we know it's a change players feel passionately about, however we want TERA players to feel like the game is safe, as hacker/cheater free as can be, and balanced. Xigncode helps with this, and we think you'll see the difference in-game. If you have any concerns with this running on your system, please submit a support ticket, as it shouldn't be impacting your game play.

It looks like you have provided a few other points surrounding PVP, gold talents, events (specifically BAM spawns), access to patch notes (historical), desire for more detailed patch notes, and server status page suggestion. I've added these details to my notes and I continue digging on my end to see how the community feels and to help prioritize what actions should come next.

Thanks for being passionate and caring about TERA, I hope you continue to provide feedback, and you WILL be hearing from me.

Thank you,
Hi everyone!

Thanks so much for this feedback! We've relayed it to Bluehole and they're taking it into consideration for costume wings moving forward.

As for changing the current costume, unfortunately that's not going to be possible.

Again - really appreciate your feedback!!!
We ask you why we get no response on the forums, and you tell us EME uses multilpe methods, THEN when we do use those alternative methods you say the official method to submit feedback is on the forums.

In all fairness, each one is used for separate things, so ultimately the answer is both.
I am way more active in our EME Discord, and if you Ping me through that and I am in the office at the time, I'm usually really good about replying to all of those questions.

If it's not a general question, and more a request to the Community Team, the Production Team, or something that requires some development on Bluehole's part, the preference has always been on the Forums.

This way, the suggestion / request is seen by multiple players, each are able to provide feedback on the idea, and we can easily Link to the discussion that took place ( for additional visibility ) , allowing all of the above Teams to read both the suggestion and the feedback it received.
The console version will receive the Summer Festival. It's being developed/debugged currently and is targeting release sometime in July.
Vanguards, Guardian Legions and Battleground Spotlights - OH MY! Jump into these events and have a good time!

Event? Weekly Vanguard Event

Reward? Vanguard Initiative Reputation Credits

When? Starts Tuesday, June 26 at 4am PDT until Tuesday, July 3 at 4am PDT

Event? Guardian Legion Event

Reward? Redeem Guardian Legion rewards and you’ll receive a bonus reward of 30 TERA Rewards Points.
(Guardian points and Guardian Legion rewards reset every day at 4 a.m. PDT, so be sure to claim all your earned rewards (up to the maximum of 40) each day!!)

When? Starts Tuesday, June 26 at 10 am PDT until Tuesday, July 3 at 10 am PDT,

Event? Battleground Spotlight

Reward? Wins in Corsairs' Stronghold and Fraywind Canyon earn you increased Battleground Coins and VG Bonus Rewards

When? Starts Friday, June 29 at 4 am PDT until Monday, July 2 at 4 am PDT

Spotlight Increased Coin Schedule:
Friday - Fraywind Canyon
Saturday - Corsairs' Stronghold
Sunday - Fraywind Canyon

Additionally, check the Vanguard Requests listed below for bonus Battleground Spotlight rewards.
Win in Corsairs' Stronghold
Win in Fraywind Canyon
Hi everyone!

We've been making regular updates on the forums recently within the Discussions and the News & Announcement pages. We're taking steps to make sure communications are consistent in all of our spots!

If you want to check on the servers being live - we make sure to update the banners in the forums, just like the yellow notification that's up there right now about Thursday's maintenance.
Mentioned in a different Forum Thread :

We're aware of the issue and Bluehole ( TERA's Developer ) has already found the root cause.

We think it's just going to require a client patch to fix (no maintenance/downtime) and we're working to get it out as fast as possible, targeting less than 24 hours.
This should have been addressed during the Maintenance yesterday / this morning.
I've proceeded to file a bug report for everything that is listed above.
I've proceeded to update the existing bug reports, specifically for both PS4 and Xbox, mentioning that the freezing is still occurring while going into your Dashboard or Home Screen / the PS4 or Xbox Party / viewing your Messages / accessing the System Settings / and other locations.
Kira98 wrote: »
Ya. Don't forget AAHM Bug's.
1. Class with agro reset like Archer, Sorc, Reaper, Priest can make Antaroth enter in r-etarded mode and stand like 20sec for free dps. This bug dont have end and 1 archer with double energetic + double cdr in weapon can do it infinity.
2. Antaroth practice Harakiri. When he enter in Manaya's Mode and do Red Magic in 2-8% He kills himself.

Tell BHS fix it pls. This make the game boring and absurd.
Just as an FYI, you're reporting a TERA PC issue, within the TERA Console General Discussion section.
Can you start a new Forum Thread within this section please ?
We're aware of the issue and Bluehole ( TERA's Developer ) has already found the root cause.

We think it's just going to require a client patch to fix (no maintenance/downtime) and we're working to get it out as fast as possible, targeting less than 24 hours.
This issue was reported, so hopefully it will not be too much longer before a Warrior or Berserker receives the ability to select Tank when using Instance Matching.
TERA for Playstation®4 and Xbox One patch notes - Version 50.03
Maintenance Schedule Here

New Class: Gunner
  • The character creation screen now has an option to create a gunner character.
  • Added gunner class items and rewards.
  • Gunner class items are now craftable.
  • Corrected an issue that crashed the client when a brawler used the Meat Grinder skill against a large number of normal monsters.
  • The archer's Close Quarters skill now properly applies the stun effect on the second hit when Close Quarters is at level 5 or higher.
  • The archer's Focused Rapid Fire X now properly stacks.
  • Corrected an issue where entering certain dungeons would cause the client to freeze or crash.
  • Corrected issue that caused client to sometimes crash when exiting dungeons.
  • In Bastion of Lok, Soulcrusher's 3-stage explosion attack pattern indicator now properly matches the actual attack area.
  • In Sky Cruiser Endeavor (Hard), the third boss's random explosion pattern system indicator and hit timing are now properly synchronized.
  • In the fourth boss area of Balder's Temple, the projectile and explosion effects while firing the cannon now properly display.
  • In Fraywind Canyon, the Meteor button no longer erroneously deactivates when the map's locate enemy position function is on cooldown.
  • The resurrection popup window no longer blinks every second, and no longer displays certain texts on the normal popup window.
  • Corrected an issue for players who exit the game and re-enters while in the middle of a story quest inside an instanced area (without resetting the quest).
  • Players can now enter the instanced zone for the story quest For the Children if they re-enter the game after a server failure.
  • Resetting the quest The Mystery Deepens after defeating Elleon inside the cave no longer halts your quest progression.
  • The NPC Elleon no longer despawns after completing the quest The Mystery Deepens. Players should now be able to progress to the next quest.
  • Adjusted some awkward text on Vanguard Requests detail info.
  • Pressing the craft button at the same time as the menu button no longer starts automatically crafting.
  • Pressing the Menu button too soon after pressing the Craft button (to close the Crafting UI before crafting starts) now properly cancels the action, and does not cause the character to become unresponsive.
  • Switching the tab while focusing the Reagents slot no longer displays the Reagents slot on the new tab.
  • Changing the inventory tab no longer overlaps the contents of the two tabs.
  • Comparison information is now properly displayed when attempting to compare gear identical to the equipped gear.
  • Opening the detailed menu for an armor item while not having a weapon equipped no longer causes the client to crash.
  • Opening the Enchanting UI or Enigmatic Reset UI when a player is level 65, and subsequently returning to Inventory UI, no longer activates the Avatar tab behind [LB] or [L1] button guide.
  • You can no longer move the selector to the paper doll while opening Item detail menu.
Guild UI
  • Changing guild recruit setting while on guild bank log page no longer opens the guild activity log.
  • Corrected some issues with the guild member list not displaying or the refresh function activating for an unknown reason while scrolling.
  • Guild brief info page no longer displays the current member count as the character count, and properly displays the account count.
  • In guild activity log menu, a particularly long character name now displays on a single line.
  • Using certain functions on the guild member list tab no longer triggers the loading message. The selector should now also function normally.
Search Guild UI
  • When there are no guilds under the specified guild search, the previously-selected guild's detail info now no longer displays.
  • The no guilds message displays when there are no guilds under the specified guild search, and the player presses [D-pad down] or [L stick down].
Misc UI
  • The selector now properly moves in character creation when selecting certain races within the selectable classes list.
  • The raid UI no longer displays on the top left after creating a raid party and opening the main menu.
  • Corrected an issue that caused inconsistent movement of the selector in the HUD UI.
  • You can now move to an Achievement category using the L stick or D-Pad left while the selector is on the achievement list.
  • The bottom part of the Crystal Fusion UI is no longer darkened.
  • Corrected an issue in the Enchanting UI where the client crashes when attempting to Awaken without first setting up the conversion info.
  • The selector no longer disappears when moving to the party invite list when there are no players who can be invited.
  • Corrected an issue in the Raid UI option that caused the selector to appear briefly in a different location under certain conditions.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing only a few races to appear as available in the Change Race window. (Other race buttons were invisible.)
  • Corrected an issue in the German client that caused the client to crash when the player selected a character name in the entry box for Parcel Post messages.
  • Untradable items attached to received mail details are no longer darkened.
  • The Goddess's Blessing resurrection popup window no longer displays a timer for the response time.
  • The guide texts for Record and Reputation information in Profile now display properly when the character is under certain level.
Gameplay Experience
  • Improved performance, particularly in major cities and common areas.
  • Corrected an issue with the channel change sound effect volume.
  • Corrected a brief hang that some accounts experienced when killing monsters.
  • Corrected a brief hang when resuming the game from the Xbox main menu.
  • The crosshair no longer disappears for certain classes when pointing at a target and approaching within 3m.
  • Canceling an interaction with an NPC or object by using a skill no longer continues displaying the interaction icon, regardless of the distance from the target.
  • Dismounting from flying mounts in certain airspaces in Val Oriyn province now properly causes players to drop to the ground.
  • Fixed a problem that caused a client crash if a user who was chatting disappears.

Notes de mise à jour de TERA pour PlayStation®4 et Xbox One - Version 50.03
Calendrier de maintenance
Nouvelle classe : Artilleuse
  • La fenêtre de création de personnages propose désormais l'option de créer une Artilleuse.
  • Ajout des objets et récompenses de la classe Artilleuse.
  • Les objets de la classe Artilleuse peuvent désormais être fabriqués.
  • Correction d'un problème qui provoquait la fermeture du jeu lorsqu'une Tempétueuse utilisait la compétence Défouloir contre un grand nombre de monstres normaux.
  • La compétence Combat rapproché de l'Archer déclenche désormais correctement l'effet d'étourdissement de la seconde attaque lorsque la compétence est au niveau 5 ou plus.
  • La concentration de l'Archer s'accumule désormais correctement en utilisant la compétence Rafale de flèches X.
  • Correction d'un problème qui provoquait le plantage ou la fermeture du jeu en entrant dans certains donjons.
  • Correction d'un problème qui provoquait parfois la fermeture du jeu en sortant d'un donjon.
  • Dans le Bastion de Lok, l'indicateur de la zone d'attaque des explosions en trois étapes du Broyeur d'âmes correspond désormais à la zone d'attaque réelle.
  • Dans Croiseur céleste l'Opiniâtre (difficile), l'indicateur de la zone d'attaque et le rythme des explosions aléatoires du troisième boss sont désormais correctement synchronisés.
  • Dans la quatrième zone de boss du Temple de Balder, les effets d'explosions et de projectiles du canon s'affichent désormais correctement.
Champs de bataille
  • Dans le Gorge de Venteguerre, le bouton permettant d'envoyer des météores ne se désactive plus par erreur lorsque la fonction de localisation des positions ennemies sur la carte se recharge.
  • La fenêtre de résurrection ne clignote plus toutes les secondes et certains textes n'apparaissent plus sur la fenêtre normale.
  • Correction d'un problème survenant lorsque le joueur quitte et relance le jeu au milieu d'une quête narrative dans une zone d'instance sans réinitialiser la quête.
  • Les joueurs qui relancent le jeu après une erreur de serveur peuvent désormais entrer dans la zone d'instance de la quête narrative « Pour le bien des enfants ».
  • Réinitialiser la quête « Le mystère s'épaissit » après avoir vaincu Élion dans la grotte n'interrompt plus la progression de la quête.
  • Le PNJ Élion ne disparaît plus après avoir terminé la quête « Le mystère s'épaissit ». Les joueurs devraient désormais pouvoir accéder à la quête suivante.
  • Ajustement de textes inadaptés dans les informations des requêtes de l'avant-garde.
  • Appuyer sur le bouton de fabrication en même temps que le bouton du menu ne démarre plus automatiquement la fabrication.
  • Appuyer sur le bouton du menu tout de suite après avoir appuyé sur le bouton de fabrication (pour fermer l'interface de l'artisanat avant que la fabrication ne commence) annule désormais bien l'action et ne fige plus le personnage.
  • Changer d'onglet tout en ciblant l'emplacement des réactifs ne fait plus apparaître cet emplacement dans le nouvel onglet.
  • Changer d'onglet dans l'inventaire ne fait plus se superposer le contenu des deux onglets.
  • Les informations de comparaison apparaissent désormais correctement lorsque la pièce d'équipement comparée est identique à la pièce équipée.
  • Ouvrir le menu détaillé d'une pièce d'armure sans qu'une arme soit équipée ne provoque plus la fermeture du jeu.
  • Pour les joueurs de niveau 65, ouvrir l'interface d'enchantement ou de réinitialisation énigmatique puis retourner à l'interface de l'inventaire n'active plus l'onglet de l'avatar derrière les guides de touches [LB] ou [L1].
  • Les joueurs ne peuvent plus déplacer le curseur sur la silhouette (Voir Profil) en ouvrant le menu d'information d'un objet.
Interface de guilde
  • Changer les paramètres de recrutement de la guilde en se trouvant sur une page du journal de la banque de guilde ne provoque plus l'ouverture du journal d'activité de la guilde.
  • Correction de certains problèmes qui empêchaient l'affichage de la liste des membres de la guilde ou l'actualisaient sans raison apparente lorsque le joueur faisait dérouler la fenêtre.
  • Sur la page d'information de la guilde, le nombre de membres n'est plus calculé à partir du nombre de personnages, mais du nombre de comptes.
  • Dans le menu du journal d'activité de la guilde, les noms de personnages particulièrement longs apparaissent désormais sur une seule ligne.
  • Utiliser certaines fonctions dans l'onglet de la liste des membres de la guilde ne déclenche plus le message de chargement. Le curseur devrait désormais également fonctionner correctement.
Interface de recherche de guilde
  • Lorsque la recherche de guilde ne donne aucun résultat, les informations des guildes précédemment sélectionnées ne s'affichent plus.
  • Le message signalant qu'aucune guilde n'existe sous un certain nom apparaît lorsque la recherche de guilde ne donne aucun résultat et que le joueur utilise le [bouton multidirectionnel bas] ou [joystick gauche vers le bas].
Autres interfaces
  • Le curseur se déplace désormais correctement dans le menu de création de personnages au moment de sélectionner certaines races dans la liste des classes disponibles.
  • L'interface de raid ne s'affiche plus en haut à gauche de l'écran après avoir créé un groupe de raid et ouvert le menu principal.
  • Résolution d'un problème qui provoquait un mouvement incohérent du curseur dans l'interface HUD.
  • Les joueurs peuvent désormais se rendre dans une catégorie d'exploits en utilisant le joystick analogique ou bouton multidirectionnel gauche lorsque le curseur se trouve sur la liste des exploits.
  • La partie inférieure de l'interface de fusion de cristaux n'est plus obscurcie.
  • Correction d'un problème dans l'interface d'enchantement qui provoquait la fermeture du jeu lorsque le joueur tentait d'éveiller un objet sans avoir paramétré les informations de transformation.
  • Le curseur ne disparaît plus si le joueur ouvre la liste des invitations à rejoindre un groupe lorsqu'aucun joueur ne peut être invité.
  • Résolution d'un problème dans les options d'interface de raid qui provoquait sous certaines conditions une brève apparition du curseur à un emplacement différent.
  • Résolution d'un bug qui empêchait certaines races d'apparaître comme disponibles dans la fenêtre de changement de race. (Les autres boutons de races étaient invisibles.)
  • Correction d'un problème dans la version allemande qui provoquait la fermeture du jeu lorsque le joueur sélectionnait le nom d'un personnage dans la case du destinataire d'un courrier de la poste.
  • Les objets non échangeables ne sont plus obscurcis dans les informations des messages reçus.
  • La fenêtre de résurrection de la Bénédiction de la déesse n'affiche plus de minuteur pour le temps de réponse.
  • Les guides pour les informations des records et de la réputation dans le profil apparaissent désormais correctement pour les personnages en dessous d'un certain niveau.
Expérience de jeu
  • Amélioration des performances, en particulier dans les grandes villes et zones peuplées.
  • Correction d'un problème affectant le volume du son de changement de canal.
  • Correction d'un court délai subi par certains joueurs lorsqu'ils tuent un monstre.
  • Correction d'un court délai lorsque le joueur retourne au jeu à partir du menu principal Xbox.
  • Le viseur ne disparaît plus pour certaines classes lorsque le joueur vise une cible et s'en s'approche à moins de 3 m.
  • L'icône d'interaction ne reste plus à l'écran lorsque le joueur annule une interaction avec un PNJ ou un objet en utilisant une compétence, quelle que soit la distance entre la cible et le joueur.
  • Descendre d'une monture volante dans certaines zones aériennes de la province de Val Oriyn fait désormais correctement chuter les joueurs.
  • Résolution d'un problème qui provoquait la fermeture du jeu si un utilisateur en cours de discussion disparaissait.

TERA-Patchnotizen für Playstation ®4 und Xbox One - Version 50.03
Neue Klasse: Kanonier
  • Bei der Charaktererstellung gibt es jetzt die Möglichkeit, einen Charakter als Kanonier zu erstellen.
  • Gegenstände und Belohnungen für die Kanonierklasse wurden hinzugefügt.
  • Gegenstände für die Kanonierklasse können jetzt hergestellt werden.
  • Es wurde ein Problem behoben, durch das das Client-Programm abgestürzt ist, wenn eine Sturmfurie die Fertigkeit Fleischhäcksler auf eine große Zahl an normalen Monstern angewendet hatte.
  • Die Fertigkeit „Nahkampf“ für Bogenschützen betäubt nun korrekt Gegner mit einem zweiten Treffer, wenn die Fertigkeit auf Stufe 5 oder höher ist.
  • Die Effekte der Fertigkeit „Schnellfeuer X“ werden nun bei fokussiertem Schnellfeuer X korrekt akkumuliert.
  • Es wurde ein Problem behoben, durch das der Spielclient beim Betreten bestimmter Instanzen angehalten wurde oder abgestürzt war.
  • Es wurde ein Problem behoben, durch das der Spielclient unter Umständen beim Verlassen einer Instanz abgestürzt war.
  • Der Explosionsangriff aus der dritten Stufe des Seelenbrechers in der Bastion Loks wurde korrigiert. Das angezeigte Gebiet der Explosion stimmt jetzt mit dem echten Angriff überein.
  • Der zufällige Explosionsangriff des dritten Bosses im Himmelskreuzer Sturmflotte wird nun korrekt angezeigt. Das angezeigte Gebiet der Explosion stimmt nun besser mit dem Zeitpunkt des Treffers überein.
  • Die visuellen Effekte des Kanonenfeuers im Gebiet des vierten Bosses von Balders Tempel werden nun korrekt angezeigt.
  • Im Canyon der Ehre wird nun die Schaltfläche für den Meteor nicht mehr fälschlich deaktiviert, wenn die Kartenfunktion zum Finden der Feindespositionen gerade abklingt.
  • Das Pop-up-Fenster zur Wiederbelebung blinkt nicht mehr jede Sekunde. Es zeigt außerdem bestimmte Texte nicht länger im normalen Pop-up-Fenster an.
  • Es wurde ein Problem behoben, das Spieler betraf, die das Spiel während eines Auftrags der Haupthandlung verlassen und erneut aufgerufen haben, während sie sich in einem Instanzgebiet aufgehalten hatten (ohne den Auftrag zurückzusetzen).
  • Spieler können jetzt das Instanzgebiet für den Auftrag der Haupthandlung „Für die Kinder“ erneut betreten, wenn sie das Spiel nach einem Serverfehler neu betreten mussten.
  • Das Abschließen des Auftrags „Das Geheimnis wird immer undurchsichtiger“ nach dem Sieg über Elion in der Höhle führt nun nicht mehr zum Stillstand des Auftragsfortschritts.
  • Elion verschwindet nun nicht mehr nach dem Abschluss des Auftrags „Das Geheimnis wird immer undurchsichtiger“. Alle Spieler sollten nun mit dem nächsten Auftrag fortfahren können.
  • Unverständlicher Text in der Beschreibung der Anfragen der Vorhut wurde angepasst.
  • Das gleichzeitige Betätigen der Tasten für Handwerk und für das Menü löst nun nicht länger die automatische Herstellung aus.
  • Wenn die Menü-Taste nun schnell nach der Handwerk-Taste betätigt wird (um das Handwerk-Menü zu schließen, bevor die Herstellung angefangen hat), wird die Aktion nun korrekt abgebrochen, und der Charakter reagiert nun weiterhin auf neue Eingaben.
  • Das Wechseln zu einem anderen Reiter im Menü, während der Platz für Reagenzien ausgewählt ist, zeigt nun diesen Platz nicht mehr im neuen Reiter an.
  • Das Wechseln zu einem anderen Reiter im Inventar führt nun nicht länger zum Überlappen der beiden Reiter.
  • Die Details für den Vergleich zwischen aktuell getragener Ausrüstung und identischer Ausrüstung im Inventar werden nun korrekt angezeigt.
  • Das Öffnen des detaillierten Menüs für Rüstungsgegenstände führt nun nicht mehr zum Spielabsturz, wenn keine Waffe ausgerüstet wurde.
  • Der Avatar-Reiter wird nun nicht mehr mit [LB] bzw. [L1] verbunden, wenn ein Spieler auf Stufe 65 die Oberfläche zur Verzauberung oder zur Rücksetzung von Verwandlungen geöffnet hatte und danach zum Inventar zurückkehrt.
  • Im Menü zu Gegenstanddetails kann nun nicht länger die Papierpuppe ausgewählt werden.
  • Bei der Änderung der Zutrittstbeschränkungen für neue Gildenmitglieder aus der Gildenbank heraus wird nun nicht mehr die Aktivitätenübersicht der Gilde geöffnet.
  • Es wurde ein Problem behoben, durch das beim Runterscrollen die Liste der Gildenmitglieder nicht korrekt angezeigt wurde oder die Seite ohne Grund aktualisiert wurde.
  • Die Infoseite für Gildenbewerbungen zeigt nun nicht mehr die Mitgliederanzahl anstelle der Zeichenbegrenzung an, sondern zeigt die korrekte Anzahl der Konten an.
  • In der Aktivitätenübersicht der Gilde werden besonders lange Mitgliedernamen nun einzeilig angezeigt.
  • Das Nutzen bestimmter Funktionen im Reiter für Gildenmitglieder löst nun keinen Ladebildschirm mehr aus. Die Auswahlfunktion sollte nun normal ausgeführt werden könnten.
  • Wenn keine Gilden für die angefragten Suchkriterien gefunden werden, werden jetzt nicht länger die Details einer zuvor angewählten Gilde angezeigt.
  • Eine Nachricht über die Nichtverfügbarkeit von Gilden wird angezeigt, wenn keine Gilden für die angefragten Suchkriterien gefunden werden, und der Spieler [Richtungstaste / Steuerkreuz nach unten] oder [Linker Stick nach unten] drückt.
Benutzeroberflächen allgemein
  • Die Auswahlfunktion bei der Charaktererstellung bewegt sich nun wie erwartet bei der Auswahl bestimmter Völker innerhalb der verfügbaren Klassen.
  • Die Benutzeroberfläche im Schlachtzug wird nach der Erstellung einer Schlachtzuggruppe und dem Öffnen des Hauptmenüs nun nicht mehr oben links angezeigt.
  • Es wurde ein Problem behoben, durch das sich die Auswahlfunktion nur unzuverlässig auf der Benutzeroberfläche bewegen ließ.
  • Du kannst jetzt eine Kategorie für „Erfolge“ mit dem Linken Stick oder den Richtungstaste/dem Steuerkreuz mit der Auswahlfunktion anwählen, wenn du dich in der
Erfolgsliste befindest.
  • Der untere Teil der Benutzeroberfläche ist für die Kristallfusion nicht länger abgedunkelt.
  • Es wurde ein Problem behoben, durch das der Spielclient abgestürzt war, wenn aus der Benutzeroberfläche für Verzauberung heraus versucht wurde, eine Apexverzauberung durchzuführen, ohne dass Umwandlungsinformationen festgesetzt worden waren.
  • Die Auswahlfunktion verschwindet nicht länger, wenn keine Spieler in der Gruppeneinladungsliste verfügbar sind.
  • Es wurde ein Problem behoben, durch das die Auswahlfunktion unter bestimmten Bedingungen in der Benutzeroberfläche für Schlachtzüge kurz an einer neuen, unerwarteten Position erscheinen konnte.
  • Es wurde ein Fehler behoben, durch den nur einige der verfügbaren Völker im Fenster zum Völkerwechsel tatsächlich als verfügbar angezeigt wurden. (Die Schaltflächen der anderen Völker wurden nicht angezeigt.)
  • Es wurde ein Problem im deutschsprachigen Spielclient behoben, durch das der Spielclient abgestürzt war, wenn ein Spieler im Eingabefeld der Post einen
Charakternamen ausgewählt hatte.
  • Nicht-handelbare Gegenstände, die an erhaltene Post angehängt wurden, werden nicht länger abgedunkelt dargestellt.
  • Das Pop-up-Fenster zur Wiederbelebung durch den Segen der Göttin zeigt nun nicht länger einen Countdown für die benötigte Reaktionszeit an.
  • Die Hilfetexte zu Aufzeichnungen und Ruf im Profil werden nun auch für Charaktere auf niedrigeren Stufen korrekt angezeigt.
  • Performance wurde verbessert, vor allem in großen Städten und gemeinsam genutzten Gebieten.
  • Es wurde ein Problem behoben, das die Lautstärke der Soundeffekte beim Kanalwechsel beeinflusst hatte.
  • Es wurde ein Problem behoben, durch das für einige Spielerkonten beim Töten von Monstern sogenannte „Hänger“ (Verzögerungen der Darstellung im Spiel) auftraten.
  • Es wurde ein Problem behoben, durch das bei der Wiederaufnahme des Spiels aus dem Xbox-Hauptmenü heraus Verzögerungen bei der Darstellung im Spiel auftreten konnten.
  • Das Fadenkreuz verschwindet nicht länger für bestimmte Klassen, wenn ein Ziel anvisiert wird, dem sich auf mehr als 3 m genähert wird.
  • Beim Abbrechen einer Interaktion mit einem NPC oder Objekt durch die Benutzung einer Fertigkeit wird nun nicht länger das Interaktionssymbol weiterhin angezeigt, unabhängig von der Entfernung zum Ziel.
  • Das Absteigen von einem fliegenden Reittier in bestimmten Lufträumen in Val Oriyn führt nun korrekt zum Herunterfallen des Spielers auf den Boden.
  • Es wurde ein Problem behoben, durch das der Spielclient abstürzen konnte, wenn ein Spieler, der im Chat am Schreiben war, verschwunden war.
Hi everyone!

The feedback is greatly appreciated. I'm doing my best to make sure to visit and post in the forums as much as I can!

The Forums, Discord and Twitter are very important to us. You'll be seeing a lot more of me - and I look forward to working with you all :)
So summer has finally arrived! And with it comes the swimwear, both new and seasons gone by... There are a few changes I wanted to call out and a schedule to lay down for you.

First off (and this change was made a little bit ago), all swimwear (as well as Maid costumes) have been/are having a Series name attached instead of a year. This is due to the fact that while it is true that these different sets launched in different years on PC, they are launching on different years on Console, and it just creates lots of confusion. So the years/series names for swimwear are:

2012 - Series 1
2013 - Series 2
2014 - Series 3
2016 - Series 4
2017 - Series 5
2018 - Series 6

Second up, a schedule for release (and where to get them):

Series 5 (last year's set) - Today, June 21, 2018 in the TERA PC store!
Series 6 (the new 2018 hotness!)- Thursday, June 28, 2018 in the TERA PC store!
Series 4 - Tuesday, July 3 until Tuesday, July 10 in the Daily Deals
Series 3 - Tuesday, July 10 until Tuesday, July 17 in the Daily Deals
Series 2 - Tuesday, July 17 until Tuesday, July 24 in the Daily Deals
Series 1 - Tuesday, July 24 until Tuesday, July 31 in the Daily Deals

Finally, items being sold via Daily Deals will ALL BE SOLD DIRECTLY. In other words, we'll take everything out of loot boxes and sell them without RNG (priced accordingly), but only sometime during that week. As there are limited spots available in Daily Deals UI, we will rotate the items from that series throughout the week, so some things will be available multiple times through that week. These items will not be available through the TERA PC store, only the Daily Deals, so log in and keep and eye on the deals to get what your heart has been longing for...
We have observed an issue in TERA that recently cropped up, where using a Race Change Voucher causes some skills for priests and slayers to become “unlearned.” This most notably includes all Awakened skills for priests, and “Apex Urgency” for slayers. Due to the way these are earned via quests, we are unable to re-add them to player accounts. So please note: don't use the voucher if you have one and you meet that class combination.

We are looking into a solution, and will inform you as soon as possible if we find one.
Some information can be found Here.
Papabard wrote: »
Yeah 11:05 and still server isn't up yet. And nothing about a patch coming today at all
There is a Banner at the top of these Forums, notifying players of a 1 hour Maintenance extension.
BOBBYYYY wrote: »
@CobaltDragon can you guys reply to any other threads regarding golden/silver/bluc nocs problems? we know you guys see them. its rude as hell to ignore tbh.
I constantly send that feedback / suggestions forward to the appropriate Team, or on to Bluehole.
Do you want a comment within each Thread, just saying " This has been passed along, Thanks ! " ?
Our Maintenance Team communicated that although things appeared to mostly be on track, they believed they were going to go over the estimated time frame, so a 1 hour extension needed to be communicated, in order to give them time to complete the required work.
Although this is a feature I would like to see added into TERA, I am closing the Thread, since it was Necro'd from December 2017.
CH is back up.
We're working on getting CH back up as quickly as we can. Thanks for your patience.
Please see my response in This Forum Thread.
For the "U" , we decided to make a change to that after the first two days based on feedback we received, mentioned Here :

"U: [UPDATED] Starting today, complete the level 65 Vanguard Request, "Hunt Brutal Ovoliths" on the Island of Dawn and you'll receive a U."

As for the "N" , that can drop from all of the following :

Kalivan's Challenge
Vault of Kaprima
Demokron Factory
Demokron Factory (Hard)
Sky Cruiser Endeavor (Hard)
Shadow Sanguinary
Shadow Sanguinary (Hard)
Lilith's Keep
Lilith's Keep (Hard)
Ruinous Manor
Ruinous Manor (Hard)

It is worth mentioning, that I am getting some reports that it's not a guaranteed drop in all of the above listed Dungeons.
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