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Please direct further discussion around the 6/15 server trouble to this thread: http://forums.enmasse.com/tera/discussion/2905/connections-issues-6-15-2016-3-55pm-pt#latest
We're aware of the server issues, and our ops team is currently investigating. Only MT seems to have gone down completely.

I've moderated several comments in this discussion. Please try to keep things on topic!
slong wrote: »

don't mess with the speedforce.
Yes, HW is down.


So how is everyone's day so far?
HarHar wrote: »
is there an estimated downtime?

MT will come up soon but the overall issue affecting the service is still ongoing AFAIK.
StarSprite wrote: »
Treeshark wrote: »
Ketoth wrote: »
Feed the popos that run the server.

they may have been overfed.

Time to get new popos

in this case, it's not the popos that are the problem. but we are getting some new ones anyway.
Ketoth wrote: »
Feed the popos that run the server.

they may have been overfed.
We are experiencing some connection issues right now. Servers are up but you may experience extreme lag or not be able to log in at all. Will update when I know more.

Correction - MT is down.
yup we are seeing the same thing and on it.
Did this just start today, or does your friend get lag spikes all the time?
There's some exciting stuff coming with the Aces Wild update, but the info given during Bluehole's recent Q&A is talking about planned content that's even further in the future. To avoid confusion between all the different TERA update info floating around between regions, I recommend just keeping an eye on the Aces Wild page for Tuesday updates.

That said, there are some class balance changes that won't show on the Aces Wild page, but will be in the update. I'll work to get those posted in the forums leading up to the update. They're currently being validated by QA, so once Singlebear's team is done with them, you'll get to see them yourself.

Please see today's news post. Bamarama arena is back every 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. PDT until July 7!
The best thing to do when you see these is notify customer support by submitting a ticket with the player's name. Calling them out on the forums does nothing. http://support.enmasse.com/tera/tickets/submit
I've moved this to the General Discussion forums, but I'd suggest opening a Customer Support ticket if you're still having trouble getting your additional character slot activated.

Here's a link to create a ticket: http://support.enmasse.com/tera/tickets/submit

In addition, you might want to make sure you actually right-clicked the Character Slot voucher in your inventory. You claim the voucher in Item Claim, and it goes into your character inventory. You need to consume it from your inventory before it gives you an extra character slot on that server (you only get the slot on the server you claimed the voucher on).
FYI I hope to start messaging people in the next day or two. We received over 140 applications. A LOT of qualified people applied, but there are only a handful of open spots, so it's pretty difficult to narrow down the list.
Zendaria wrote: »
Wonder how they will be contacted.

Through forum private messages.
TRICKS!! There are no patch notes this week! Just posting this to confirm, so people don't continue to wait for patch notes that will never come.

Have a happy Tuesday.
it's back on.
They won't be fighting each other. This is more like a test of endurance. The BAMs will get harder and harder with each wave.
The top post has been updated. We believe the server disconnects are over and that things have stabilized.

Join us on 6/10 at 3:00 p.m. PDT as we show you a series.... OF SURVIVAAAAAAL!

Last month several lovely YouTube personalities created guilds for a competition. Those who joined their guilds got a temp flying mount and a ninja costume, plus a chance to win an actual ninja shuriken. They were challenged to reach level 30 by 6/10. They were also told that on 6/10, they would be challenged with some kind of deadly BAM event. This is that BAM event.

Details will be given on the air, but the rules are pretty straightforward. Those who enter the gauntlet WILL DIE. The question is "who among our challengers can survive the longest?!"

The guilds are:
Good luck to all!

Come cheer on your favorite guild by joining us on the En Masse Entertainment Twitch channel, where we'll have the usual raffle and swag giveaways for our viewers. Again, the show starts at 3:00 p.m. PDT on 6/10/16! https://www.twitch.tv/enmasseentertainment
I've merged multiple threads into this one because a bunch of people were creating duplicate threads about the disconnects (which we don't need).
Sorry for the trouble this morning, everybody. We're working on a resolution.
Hey... confirmed. It's happening again.
Please see this announcement: http://forums.enmasse.com/tera/discussion/2596/server-troubles-6-10-16

The trouble seems to be over. If you're still experiencing disconnects please post in that thread.
Apparently the disconnects have ceased. If you're still experiencing difficulty staying logged into the game, please post here.
Hello all! We're currently experiencing some server issues, resulting in many players being dropped. We're aware of the problem, and our platform and production teams are currently investigating. Please stay tuned!
the deal with that emote was region exclusive. the deal with hello kitty was worldwide. that's pretty much it, sadly. i tried!
Hi everyone,

The Vanilla forums crew will be doing a brief maintenance tomorrow, 6/10/16 at 10:00 a.m. PDT (1:00 p.m. ET). This should only last for about an hour, but if you can't log into the forums for a little while tomorrow, you'll know why!

we're making them bankable next week.
The 0111 errors happen when the TERA client has trouble communicating with a service on our server that lets the client know which servers are available to play on. That can be caused by a number of issues, but most often it happens because of packet loss or other network errors.

I checked out cFosSpeed and I didn't see anything about that program that would be illegal or against our Terms of Service agreement. It just shapes your network traffic.
If the play button is yellow and clickable and if you are able to log in, then the problem could be related to Windows Defender or some other Anti-virus, anti-malware program.

You may want to check out the steps outlined in this thread to see how to add TERA to the Windows Defender exception list.

just an accident that leaked.
nope. nothing to see here.
Sorry for the confusion this morning. Due to a quirk in the way maintenance had to be rolled out this morning, VT was left running a bit longer than other servers. Everything should be normal now.
Can you put this into your Web Address bar :


Then, navigate to the one you hid and click the little gear icon, then click "Unhide".
That is a bit of an odd bug. I'll let the platform team know so they can take a look at it.

In the meantime, I found something. Try clicking this link. It might show the subforums you've previously hidden. Then you can click the "unhide" option from the ones you can to see again:

Zoknahal wrote: »
- Elite Status changed a bit with the addition of the Talisman Trio and Everful Nostrum and the new mount, yet the current elite status page do not reflect those changes. About time you guys update it?

The Elite status page is being worked on for a future update, yes.
Closing this thread and deleting some content. Please re-read the TERA ToS in regards to 3rd party programs (they aren't allowed).
Due to some community requests, Player Council applications have been extended to 6/13/16. I'm still going to start reaching out to potential members this week, but if you're interested in joining the council, you still have a chance to apply!

I've updated the OP to reflect the new date.
I noticed this last Wednesday, and will try to follow-up on it.
Kamilie wrote: »
I'm getting FFFF:FFFF too, but only on some characters like my ninja, and I was playing just fine with my gunner but after talking to that baraka npc(the one who teleports you to Major cities) game crashes and i'm not able to play my gunner again...

Please make a Support Ticket (if you haven't already) , and we'll be happy to assist you with it. :pleased:
Hexblade wrote: »
Why are these threads not pinned anymore? The FFFF:FFFF issue is still very much a problem.

The FFFF:FFFF error in the TERA Launcher or while logging into specific characters is generally the type of thing that is going to require a specific resolution on a per player basis, meaning a solution for one player might not be the fix for another player, and has to be handled through Support Tickets.
Thank you for reporting this type of conduct. It goes a long way towards keeping TERA Gold Spam free. :pleased:
I see the problem. There isn't a way for players with multiple TERA game accounts to specify which game account they would like Elite applied to. When they sign up for Elite Status, the benefits do not get correctly applied. We are working on a fix for the problem, but it will be a while until it is fixed on our web site.

Please make sure you contact support so they can get your Elite Status set up for you. I'll post an announcement to the forums when the multiple TERA accounts error is fixed.
Juude wrote: »
Spacecats wrote: »
Jenieve wrote: »
Spacecats wrote: »
If you're a "top player" with a ton of game knowledge, you won't be a good fit as a Player Council member if you aren't interested in spending time on the forums, sharing that knowledge.

This is a huge oversight imo.

How so? We can't just hand out Player Council memberships to top players because they're good at TERA. They have to actually want to be here and help.

I think it's safe to say most of us(if not all) understand that, all we're hoping for is that you'll choose people who actually want to be in the council and help the game rather than just sit there and do nothing. That's probably one of the reasons why people worry about this.

A lot of people applied, and there are more outstanding applicants than there are current open positions, so please don't worry about that. I also don't have a problem removing people from the council if they aren't participating. There's no benefit to joining if you don't intend to make the most of it.
Jenieve wrote: »
Spacecats wrote: »
If you're a "top player" with a ton of game knowledge, you won't be a good fit as a Player Council member if you aren't interested in spending time on the forums, sharing that knowledge.

This is a huge oversight imo.

How so? We can't just hand out Player Council memberships to top players because they're good at TERA. They have to actually want to be here and help.

Tomorrow (Friday, June 3) at 3:00pm PDT I'll be visiting Celestial Hills with a few friends of mine left over from the recent Demokron Invasion. Having been driven back by players during the event, the Demokron forces are... a little bitter. General Fluffy Pants has grown furious at having to retreat. And you know what they say about a cornered Demokron.

This will be an in-game event in a location I'll divulge shortly before we begin. If you have a level 65 character on Celestial Hills, please join the battle! You can help my forming parties and raids with your friends and guildies ahead of time. The Demokron forces could be hiding anywhere, so be ready to travel!

If you aren't on CH, tune in and enjoy the ride as we kill dozens of innocent heroes. I'll be presenting a menu of delicious BAMs to our Twitch audience to vote on. There will also be in-chat raffles throughout the stream. See you at 3:00pm PDT on the En Masse Entertainment Twitch channel!
Have you made a support ticket for this? http://support.enmasse.com/tera/tickets/submit
So far we've been using codes to award those who participate in the Demokron Invasions. Some players recently got parcel delivered crystals, but it wasn't part of the event... yet. Starting today we're going to try using this method. It's a little cleaner because it directly awards those engaged in the battle (you get a reward if you attack a certain monster). This system took a little time to set up for in-game use, so I'm pretty happy that they're finally ready.
your server status page still links to the old forums.

Thanks for letting me know about that error. I'll get the link on the server status page updated.
Patch notes for today fix the Fashion Coupon store preview problem, introduced new Brawler Fashion Coupon store costumes, update Elite Status, and more!

See the full notes here: http://tera.enmasse.com/news-page/patch-notes/patch-420603en5
I am able to confirm that you do have the Crimson (7-day Character Mount) in Item Claim.

Could you post a Screenshot of what you see in there ?
Danbeas wrote: »
Treeshark, any chance of adding feedstock to Ghillieglade? Only point of running it now is for embers.

I have other plans for that...
Pirocs wrote: »

Reduze BG prices on Bonanza boxes too please!

they are being reduced to 16k BC and 12k KS.
Updated the main thread, but copying here:

Starting tomorrow until July 7, every thing that currently drops FS in a dungeon will now drop 48 more, per player, at roughly 60% chance. This applies for all the tiers, from T8 to T10 feedstock.

We will also keep the Vanguard Request Reward doubling event on, but the TERA Rewards issue is not fixed. We will only reward retroactively for the past week on the missing rewards. The basis is that this event is doing more good than bad, and we will just message that this event is not rewarding the double amount of TERA Rewards it says it is. After 6/2, we will not be compensating for this.
The possibility of reverting the dismantling change is pretty low right now. Regardless of whether I agree with why this happened, the focus has to be on how we're going to fix the supply issue going forward.

Right now we have a double Vanguard Request Reward event going on. This does an ok job at supply, but not great. It's also causing a lot of confusion due to the TERA Rewards UI bug. So, it's not great and not a long term solution.

We also ran a double drop weekend for specific dungeons, as well as reduced the Awakening Enchant costs by 25% during the weekend. Double drop was alright, but the awakened enchant really just boosted demand because it just boosted awakening. It also didn't help normal enchanting or the supply. Fiddling with demand is tougher, so back to supply!

So what do? I'm working on getting more FS to be dropped in dungeons, but I'll give more details on this late tomorrow. QA says that is wisest. Also, the cost of the Enchantment Bonanza Box will be reduced down to 12k KS.

Please let me know your thoughts! Constructive ones pls.... :)
Also changes to the Elite Gift Box:
replaced MES with BES
replaced Nugget with Felicity.
a 500 t8 FS jackpot
a 500 t9 FS jackpot
Apoth dyes replaces Fed bills.
for this thursday....
replaced MES with BES
replaced Nugget with Felicity.
a 500 t8 FS jackpot
a 500 t9 FS jackpot
Apoth dyes replaces Fed bills.
ok we'll keep the Apoth dye.
2 Fashion Coupon Fixes for Thursday:
  • Ninja Fashion Coupon Costume icons are fixed.
  • Ninja Fashion Coupon Costumes will be previewable
  • Brawlers will be able to wear Fashion Coupon Costumes previously only available to Lancer and Berserkers*.

*That set is:
Federation Supply Hauberk
Elite Hauberk
Rock Hard Hauberk
Hauberk of the Exalted
Nepir's Silky Ice Hauberk
Well-Admired Platemail
Hauberk of the Unforgettable
Breastplate of the Vanquisher
Melsanir Breastplate
Hauberk of Mystel
Dreadwraith Mail
Abyssal Plate
Manafire Hauberk
Unusual Hauberk Template
Rage Cage
Palescale Hauberk
Ornamental Hauberk
Dragonwing Hauberk
Steamtint Hauberk
Riddling Cuirass
Nightforge Hauberk Costume
Conjunct Hauberk Costume
Heart's Cage Costume

There are some things to note. When a brawler wears some of these outfits, they will look identical to the other ones. In other words:
  • Abyssal Plate == Breastplate of the Vanquisher
  • Hauberk of the Exalted == Rock Hard Hauberk = Nepir's Silky Ice Hauberk
  • Nightforge Hauberk Costume == Unusual Hauberk Template

Feedstock will be addressed in a separate thread.

TERA Rewards not being doubled in the Vanguard Requests - So the event is on to help with the feedstock supply, but it is not rewarding double TERA Rewards. It's quite confusing so we'll be ending the event this Thursday. We will be compensating the TERA Rewards Points that everyone got from May 24th to June 2nd (So if you earned X TERA Rewards points in that time frame, we will give you X points again). At that time, we'll have another way to supplement feedstock.
Also I want to apologize for the miscommunication. Delaying the maintenance was a decision made late last week, and the word wasn't spread very well among the team. That's why you saw the server announcements when there weren't supposed to be any.
Maintenance has been delayed until Thursday. Mostly this is because of the long Memorial Day weekend. A lot of the prep work for Tuesday maintenance happens on Mondays.
@Crimson_Butterfly check your private messages please. This might be an account problem and the support team is looking into it!
Maybe the grey text could say "Replied" and then the blue one is "Answered"? Anyway, I guess that'd be feedback for the forum developers...

KAJINOFE wrote: »
Any plans on increasing the maximum character slot from 16 to 24?

I have not heard anything on that, but I will forward your suggestion. :)
TWMagimay wrote: »
Oh, no, you also get to edit posts, move topics and organise player feedback. And keep the forums a happy and healthy place. I'm just waiting for somebody to tell me how that's not the same as trial moderator.

Think of the ability to move and edit discussions as a tool Player Council members can use to help get information where it needs to go. There are a lot of new forum members that come in and post discussions in the wrong subforum, for instance. Or forget to add a server tag in the Trading Post and Guild Recruitment subforum. Or post a link/image with broken BBCode. Player Council members won't be responsible for fixing any of these, but they'll have the ability to do it if they want to.
I'm strongly opposed to safe spaces, reporting people for being "disruptive" and removing/editing posts for any other reason than pure spam(and by that I mean stuff like advertising websites or other games). I've been on these forums for over 2 years and I have never seen anybody harassed by "disruptive individuals". I have seen plenty of people claim they were harassed when somebody disagreed with them or hurt their feelings though. I disagree with moderation of opinions or language because I believe people should be allowed to form their own opinions about an issue or a person. In order to that, they/we need to see both sides which is not something one can do if one side is being moderated for being "disruptive".

I think we'll just have to agree to disagree there. The forum rules and guidelines aren't just here to prevent website spam.

TWMagimay wrote: »
Aulon wrote: »
People state En Masse is out of touch with the player base. En Masse say OK why not create a system where players interact more one on one with us. Maybe this will help us as a company grow and sustain more security and maybe it will help the community grow as well and gain more interest in TERA. That is how I am looking at this system. I know several people who have stated they wish for this and wish for that to be put into play, here is an opportunity for that to happen. Hope it works out for the best

That's what I expected it to be but somehow... If you read the announcement, there's a lot of "keep the forums healthy" and "report disruptive individuals" talk in it. Sounds a lot like turning the forums into a safespace is one of the major goals of the program. Then you go to the application form and notice that the last question is about how much time you can spend on the forums. Not in game, not discussing game issue but just hanging around the forums, presumably reporting "disruptive individuals". If they were looking for high level players to provide proper feedback(with possible test server access), forum moderation would not have been so important. Do you think that, say, Yosha has time to sit on the forum and move topics? Do you think there's a single top player who'd want to join the neighbourhood watch? When I told my friends application was open, they said I should apply. When I asked them why, they said "you already spend plenty of time on the forums". After reading the topic, they were under the impression that the most important thing was "time spent on forums". None of them thought they should apply because they "don't really like forums".

You've jumped to the conclusion that spending time on the forums means you're doing nothing but reporting "disruptive individuals." On the other hand it looks like you agree that the forums should be made into a healthy place where people aren't harassed by disruptive individuals. Everyone can help by reporting posts. Player Council aren't moderators. The only thing that makes Player Council different is that they'll be able to see which posts have been reported, are waiting for moderation, or have already been looked at by moderators.

If you're a "top player" with a ton of game knowledge, you won't be a good fit as a Player Council member if you aren't interested in spending time on the forums, sharing that knowledge.

On top of that, I don't think Player Council is all about endgame knowledge. There's room in the council for people with a variety of interests, including event planning, roleplaying, guild management, economy, fan art, fan fiction, etc... and there's more to TERA community than reporting game issues. In fact I think getting people with a variety of interests is key to making the Player Council a strong and effective group.

If anyone reading this is interested in helping the TERA community, but has refrained from applying just because you aren't full +15 VM geared, please click the survey link and tell us about yourself!
They're basically asking players to take responsibility for things while giving them no power to act on it. I can understand why they wouldn't just hand out power like that. but then what's the point.

Can you elaborate? Player Council is an opportunity for players to help each other. Nobody is being forced to apply.
Someone else mentioned this and it sort of makes sense: it's just an opportunity for us to attack each other rather than eme.

If you attack another person on the forums, you'll be breaking the forum rules and will face suspension or a permanent ban.
BronzeTube wrote: »
Wait so the player council position is kind of like forum janitors that work for free?

No, we're looking for community leaders willing to help enable players to voice their opinions and be heard. They won't be forum moderators.
Sylviette wrote: »
You don't need to give council member any privilege on the forum. What the Player council should be is where a group of players with great experience and knowledge about the game to sit together and discuss about solving problem in game without personal bias and submit the final solution to be reviewed by EME, in other words, the bridge between EME and the player base. We don't need players as mods for the forum, and I bet truly dedicated players don't want to get picked just to come up everyday cleaning trash threads either.

That's basically what Player Council will be. Please read through the introduction post. They won't be responsible for cleaning up trash threads, and they won't have the ability to. Anybody can report a post for moderator cleanup.
Just Kidding..... No Maintenance today, but there will be one set for Thursday. :awesome:
Most likely they will be up shortly.
We are looking into this issue. It appears that players that have multiple TERA game accounts that get Elite Status may not get Elite status applied to the correct account. Our support team is manually helping players get their Elite Status right now, but I've assigned a developer to take a look at the issue. I think we can have a fix deployed early next week.
i am taking this feedback into consideration for next week.
i was thinking.... replacing MES with BES, replacing apoth dye with 200 fashcoupons, and giving out 10 nuggets instead of 1.

ok jk on the last part. maybe a T8 FS jackpot instead of nuggets.
Juude wrote: »
Treeshark wrote: »
we're running an event this weekend where awakening and awakened enchanting has reduced FS costs. I want to see how that goes.

That's not the core problem here....most people seem to have issues with even getting to +12. Enchanting even to +12 requires a LOT of feedstock if you're unlucky. I got very lucky with enchanting my weapon to +12, but with my chest piece, it took me over 700 feedstock to get it to +11, and another 300 to finally get it to +12. In a game where feedstock is in short supply...those kind of numbers are awfully high, over 1000 feedstock for one piece of equipment.

Grinding wise on a standard account, that's a few days worth of grinding right there, for one piece, if you're lucky.

yes i understand that. from a more macro point of view, this event could help lower the cost of FS overall though, and that's what I'm looking at.
we're running an event this weekend where awakening and awakened enchanting has reduced FS costs. I want to see how that goes.
you guys are so mean.
Pascalle wrote: »
Rayner wrote: »
frostious wrote: »
Is that Beta Ray Bill I see? NICE
Wow showin all my cool stuff and you're going to put me on blast like that?

Sorry didn't mean to do that :(

I just thought it was cool you have pretty much the same tabs open as I do, except for the last one of course.

Haha, I was just joking around. My first inclination was to make a fake post showing that I suspended you, but now I'm glad I didn't.
Desusky wrote: »
But council shouldn't have power to edit other player's post. This might cause more problems than good if they start abusing it.

That's exactly the kind of behavior that would get someone removed from the Player Council. The ability to edit is for things like fixing broken links or formatting, not altering the content that others have posted.

Also stop being vulgar in the forums, Desusky, and you won't have to worry about people being offended by your posts.
Fleett wrote: »
How will communication between Council members and EME work?

The Player Council will have a private subforum to raise and discuss issues/solutions, plus link to specific posts made by other players throughout the forum. They'll also be able to see which posts have been reported for moderation, so problematic posts can be reported if they haven't already.

That's not to say EME staff will stop reading the rest of the forum, as some of you seem to be worried about. There are only so many of us, so the idea here is that Player Council members will be knowledgeable and experienced enough to ensure the most pressing issues are kept in the spotlight, and well-worded, well-reasoned posts don't somehow go unseen by us here at EME.

So in short, Player Council members will perform a combination of highlighting solid forum content while helping to remove the negative forum content. It's all forum-centric so the communication will, naturally, take place on the forums.
frostious wrote: »
Is that Beta Ray Bill I see? NICE

Still hoping the next Thor after credit scene is Bill!
Pascalle wrote: »
Tabs: Facebook, Reddit, TERA Forums and the support ticket interface haha

Wow showin all my cool stuff and you're going to put me on blast like that?
Hello and thank you for your interest in joining the TERA Player Council! Let's get a few things out of the way before you apply:

What is this Player Council thing and what are the expectations?

The TERA Player Council is an opportunity for TERA players to pitch in and help make the community a happy, healthy, and well-organized place. Only a few players will be selected (at least initially). Player Council members will act as point of contacts and subject matter experts for the benefit of both the En Masse team and the benefit of other players. They'll help gather and organize feedback and ideas from other players. Basically, they'll be extra pairs of eyes and ears for the TERA Community Team.

What special forum privileges will Player Council members receive?

We don't want Player Council members to be forum police. Player Council will have the ability to edit and move forum threads for the sole purpose of keeping things well organized. They'll also help report disruptive individuals so that the En Masse team can moderate more efficiently. They won't be able to delete threads or reprimand other forum users in any way. Some Player Council members may also act as specialists for a specific subforum (like the Trading Post or Player Guides) in order to keep those areas active and healthy.

Player Council members will also get access to a private "Council Discussion" subforum, and they'll be able to see which threads have been reported by the forum community for the En Masse team to consider.

What are the rewards for being a part of the Player Council?

As a member of the Council, you'll get to help shape the atmosphere of the TERA forums. It's an opportunity to help your fellow TERA players and keep the community a healthy and enjoyable place. There are no specific or guaranteed in-game rewards for being a Player Council member, so if you're in it solely for the loot please don't apply!

(We're are looking at ways to distinguish Player Council members with a badge or unique avatar.)

Will Player Council members get a direct line to En Masse and Bluehole?

The Community Team and Support Teams already represent a direct line to En Masse that any player can message. Through these teams and other members of the En Masse staff, player feedback will be communicated to Bluehole. That communication chain isn't changing, but the efforts of the Player Council will ensure the flow of information stays efficient and straightforward. That means all TERA player feedback can be processed more quickly.


Now that that’s out of the way, please apply here if you’re interested in becoming a member of the TERA Player Council. This form will remain open until 6/6/16. Afterward, the En Masse team will message selected applicants via the forums. Initial members of the Player Council will then be announced publicly.
We ran a script to reward everyone's missing points from the time between 5/17 and 5/24.
We'll cycle all dungeon servers at 4:30 as well.
Hello Highwatch Friends.

We will restart Highwatch server at 4:30 to remedy this.
Here's a picture of my desk. :D

This was fixed. I also replaced the earrings in Skyring only with one that has stun reduction.
Not sure what sound issue you're having, but I suggest making a support ticket to get it taken care of: http://support.enmasse.com/tera/tickets/submit
I'm closing this thread. I think everything that needed to be said has been said, and after coming in and moderating several times, the discussion keeps spiraling into accusations, rude behavior, and off-topic tangents.

A lot of the meaningful comments in this thread add up to a similar message - people are different, male or female, and deserve to be respected as individuals, not excluded or ridiculed based off their gender or appearance.

There are also a lot of defensive posts of "I'm not sexist!" I think it's safe to say if you're reading and posting in this discussion, you care about women being mistreated in the TERA community. Remember that people don't need to have a sexist mindset to say or type things that are inherently discriminating towards women. We live in a society where discrimination slips under the radar all the time without being recognized and called out for what it is. Want to help? Call it out when you see it. Don't let derogatory behavior become acceptable through inaction. That doesn't mean starting arguments or trying to police world chat. You can point out sexist comments in a polite way that doesn't involve public name calling. You might be surprised how often you're met with a decent human response like: "oh you're right, I shouldn't say things like that."

Anivay wrote: »
What toppings do you like on your pizza? Are you a person who hates pineapple or one who loves pineapple on pizza?

I personally like pineapple. I don't understand why people like meat lover pizzas, it's just adding salt on salt on salt.
Bonbonnie wrote: »
How would you feel if TERA had an official Vanilla server?
I ask this because you mentioned you enjoyed TERA when there was more of a challenge to BAM hunting.

I would actually really like that (maybe not from a support standpoint. :pleased:)

Please keep in mind that this is only my view, and I have absolutely no insight into anything related to future plans or development, but I did want to use this as an example of what it is like to work at En Masse, because when it comes to suggestions everyone at En Masse will have a very real discussion about a suggestion. A couple months ago I did send a pretty detailed email about the trend of vanilla servers on pirate servers for older MMOs and the possibility of mainstream MMOs starting to do the same, and it was met with a lot of information that I personally was not aware of, and the difficulties surrounding it. I think it would be really cool, and I probably would play on a vanilla server if it was an option.

Overall I would love to see more MMOs implement vanilla servers, I think it would be an interesting experiment.
Maintenance 5/26

- Fixing awakening and awakening enchantment not working randomly
- Fixing IOD Bam's not dropping the fashion coupon/ses/ccb
- lowering item level you need to be under to get EQ gear in battlegrounds to 404.
Could you possibly try logging into your Account specifically from our Support Page : ( http://support.enmasse.com/tera ) ?

Does that work, or does this issue still occur ?
Thanks everyone. We found the issue and will address it in the next maintenance.
Sylviette wrote: »
It never actually come to me that we already have a floating carpet mount. I do have a few toons with that but rarely use it because there's no bonus.

What bother me more is why there isn't a flying dragon mount right from the release thought, as we already have everything for it in game from a long time ago.

I know I'd approve of a Cobalt Dragon flying mount. :awesome:
Hi there,

Does anyone know what the exact amounts of Crusade rewards are given for each rank #1 ~ #10.

It used only #1 and #2 get Noctenium Infusions, however last season (2016 Season 15), we receive Noctenium Infusions for ranking at #3.
This is the information I have so far that I gathered and from our own guild rankings #1 - #3 and information available on the web.

1st ~ 3rd: 5,000 Masterwork Alkahest, 40 Semi-Engimatic Scroll, & 210,000 Noctenium Infusion <- (Confirmed)
4rd ~ 5th: 5,000 Masterwork Alkahest, 40 Semi-Engimatic Scroll <-- (?)
6th ~ 10th: 5,000 Masterwork Alkahest <-- (?)

I wonder if the #4 ~ #10 have been changed as well.
Please halp. Popo needs halp!

these are correct. but see ^^ post.
I had to reward people manually yesterday because the box amounts got broken. There was a fix but somehow the fix didn't get through to the Noct Box, so i just awarded a lot of noct boxes to everyone. We will fix the Noct Box in the next maintenance. As a result of yesterday some guild masters got more than they should have, but consider it a one time thing.
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