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5R9FWD6A9K wrote: »
can we see them in tracker (are they red ?

Look for small dots.
Also, to clarify, the 18th was just a typo. The event was always planned to start today.
Ginjitsu wrote: »
We just lost out on three days of the event!

Nah, that was just a typo. :p
Will we still get rewards even in a 20 man raid?

One Mongo, one drop.
Since this is a new event and I'd like to keep a close eye on everyone's thoughts, please see this thread in the News & Announcements section where the discussion is already underway: http://forums.enmasse.com/tera/discussion/4679/introducing-tera-mongo-july-21-31

Please see this post in the News & Announcements section where discussion is already underway. :)

The URL changes when the title changes. New URL is: http://tera.enmasse.com/news/posts/introducing-tera-mongo-july-21-31
Banim wrote: »
Why does it say July 18th when it's 21st though.

This looks funny as heck though, do we find them in any open world area?

Good catch! Fixed.

Aaaand... as far as where to find Mongos... yes, I'd start looking in open world areas if I were you ;)

Introducing TERA Mongo!

The world of TERA has always been home to strange monsters...but some are stranger than others. Mongos can appear in unusual locations and drop special rewards—so it only makes sense to hunt them down, right?

Different Mongos can appear in different areas and give different rewards. Hunt them down and umm... "capture" them... with your blades and deadly spells! You savages. Keep an eye on the news post and TERA socials (Twitter & Facebook) as additional Mongos are introduced into the world. Uncommon and rare versions will evolve from existing versions, and new monster types will appear as well. That means as the event progresses, the worldwide Mongo population will go up and up!
Micke76 wrote: »
Any ETA when we will recive the items ?

As of about 2:30 p.m. PDT this afternoon, the items have now been delivered to those that didn't receive them. Please check your Item Claim.
Okay. No more catalysts will drop.
Digivolve wrote: »
UK isn't region banned. Asia, Africa and Middle East are. I play from Croatia just fine. You can try contacting support but I heard response time is really slow these days

Malrok posted this thread giving the recent status of the support team, and it looks like the current wait is about 5 days, but it's slowly improving after the Secrets & Shadows update which really gigantified their ticket count. They're doing their best to respond quickly!

Using motes or other skills isn't against any rules. If the player admits they're doing it just to lag/harass people then that's one thing, and we can look into that if you submit a CS ticket. Some people just like spamming motes, though, and there are ways to avoid it if your PC has trouble handling that.
Ardire wrote: »
you think motes make things laggy? geez, how spoiled are you. bring back old nexus, that'll teach you lag.

You have never witnessed TRUE HORROR.
Been hearing this quite a bit lately, and the Player Council brought it up as well. I've passed on that people really need these. We'll see if either drop rates can be increased or Titan's Embers can be added to other dungeons.
These were probably the catalysts that had their drops tweaked after Kyra's started. Thanks for the heads up! I'll let production know so they can be removed (you'll probably lose them from your account as well, whether you redeemed them or not).
The products have been fixed and re-added to the store. We are still in the process of identifying the players that purchased the products and did not receive them. I'll keep you posted on our progress.
I identified the issue preventing delivery to Item Claim and have removed the products from sale temporarily until we can fix it.

We are in the process of identifying players that purchased either product and did not receive it and will re-deliver them to Item Claim as soon as we can.

Apologies for the inconvenience and thanks for your patience while we work to resolve this.
Lilithyne wrote: »
Apologies if this has already been addressed, but I'd love to hear something from @Spacecats or @Treeshark or someone else about any future plans to replace the PvE content we're losing.

I understand that PvP has been lacking and I'm glad it's getting an update with the GvG raid. I'm also really looking forward to the prospect of guild housing and an updated guild system overall. However, I'm highly concerned that this is going to leave PvE players in the dust. All we really had to strive toward before was a Skycastle, and now that's going away. Many of us aren't all that interested in PvP, which is why we chose PvE servers. I get that they don't even have PvE servers in Ktera, but I feel like many of us here in NA are much more casual players who enjoy the social aspect of playing the game together. Removing PvE content from guilds is going to make the game feel, well... lacking. Like we have no reason to strive toward something.

I know you probably can't say too much about what's coming next, but a simple 'yes' or 'no' would be great--are there plans to replace or continue PvE content for guilds?

Sorry, it's still to early to say because things might change. We'll give details in an announcement once it's time!
Toi wrote: »
Treeshark wrote: »
Any of these boxes opened after 5/26 have the correct amounts of 5k in it. These have not been changed since that time. The Last Crusade will be using different boxes so these rewards have not been changed.

@Dreick I see ABHM on the servers instead of DS. This was fixed during this morning'a maintenance to reflect Last Crusade contents.

I'm positive the box of masterwork alkahest from the month of june said "5000 alkahest" a few weeks ago. I looked at it yesterday and it now says "1500" with both the box from this month and last month now stacking together in a stack of 2. Are you telling me if I were to open these boxes they would give me 5000 alkahest still?

The mounts will be given out to the top 100 regardless, but will not be bankable and not be tradable.

The FAQ question applies to the entries.
Any of these boxes opened after 5/26 have the correct amounts of 5k in it. These have not been changed since that time. The Last Crusade will be using different boxes so these rewards have not been changed.

@Dreick I see ABHM on the servers instead of DS. This was fixed during this morning'a maintenance to reflect Last Crusade contents.
Sorry to say the Alice dress still isn't coming.
Srosa wrote: »
im getting 1000-2000ms then 64ms then outside of dungeon its normal 40-75ms then back to 894ms then crashed.

it delayed for 1min-30sec then kicked me from server, unable to click the server ( this happened to TR )

What geo region are you playing from? And is anyone else on TR that you know having the same lag?

The ops team saw there was a quick disruption, but nothing long lasting is showing up.
Looking into this. Thanks for posting, guys.
You should put in a support ticket. Our Customer Support crew should be able to help you figure out the issue - http://support.enmasse.com/tera/tickets/submit
Welcome! Moving to new player section.
NHEXFEPTE5 wrote: »
Hi iam 32 black male hope it does it bother you my computer skills are very low but I am enjoying this game and hopefully I can find some cool people to teach me and help me along the way if you're interested get at me only a level 18 beserker you really have no knowledge of the game just enjoying it...name is Amun.Ra

Hi, welcome to TERA!

Check out this thread since you're new to the forums:

If you follow those steps you can change your forum nickname to something less random.

In addition, if you encounter harassment in-game, please report it to Customer Support by creating a ticket and giving the player's character name: http://support.enmasse.com/tera/tickets/submit

We take harassment very seriously, and reporting it helps keep the entire TERA community a safe and friendly place.
Oh! I just got an update.

The event should now start sending multiple parcels when more than one catalyst should be awarded. This should make delivery more smooth and prevent players from missing out on catalysts.
Fleett wrote: »
At least an honest reply from @Spacecats saying they know of the problem, but can't do anything about it or something, this is highly upsetting, and ignoring it is even more upsetting.

Sorry for the lack of response. All I know at the moment is that it's known and being worked on my our production crew.
Ilythien wrote: »
Noooooooooooo pls. I'm completely scared of llamas. I had nightmare with them IoI



But the mounts are fluffy and angelic! They dance around and wouldn't hurt a fly! Unlike real-life llamas which are savage and unforgiving creatures. Never trust them.

We've got new flying zones and we've got FLYING LLAMAS!

Let's tear up the skies with a sweet Llama Party and stream it on Twitch! The stream begins at 3:00 p.m. PDT on Friday, 7/15 (today). I'll go to multiple servers and hand out temporary llamas to those who don't have the real deal. Together, we'll form a glorious llama flock!

Want me to visit your server during the show? Vote in this strawpoll and I'll go to (at least) the top three.

As always there will be Twitch chat raffles. I'm also going to show off THE EFFING ELIN RAIN COATS that people have been wondering about. They're shiny and pretty and I'm even going to give a few of them away to viewers. See you there, llamafriends! https://www.twitch.tv/enmasseentertainment
Checking this out to see what the deal is.
voidy wrote: »
Valkala wrote: »
EDIT - Please be more constructive with your comments.
Luckily the images speak for themselves.

That's why I left them up. The comment attached to them was just pure negativity without adding anything to discuss. I've removed multiple comments from this thread that are similar - people just venting anger and cynicism without adding any constructive feedback. I appreciate that StarSprite struck up the idea of listing items to add to the token merchant, because I've gotten some really good ideas from people who took the time to contribute (thank you guys!).

Hey, sorry you feel this way Proyox. While there have been a few slip-ups in communication (I commented in this player-created thread about today's emergency maintenance) in recent weeks, I hope you understand that we're trying the best we can and we're still determined to keep TERA players as up-to-date on things as possible.

I can speak directly to the Ninjathon URF-mode thing (and I do remember posting this in other threads when the event happened). Simply put, the tools we use to manage servers are provided by Bluehole. The TERA Production Team was confident that when the event was turned on, it would function the same as it had done in the past. It was apparently changed in the backend, probably during the Dawnfall update. There was already a concern that the event would completely screw up dungeon scores across the board, and when dungeons remained unaffected by the event A) We knew there was absolutely no way we could change how it functioned, B) We we're a little glad dungeon scores would remain in-tact, C) Our news post hadn't mentioned which areas would be affected, so a large-scale announcement/clarification didn't feed necessary when the in-game effects were obvious.

SGPlayer wrote: »
I noticed no announcement in Forum section for announcements. ; (((
Be nice to know what we are doing.

Sorry I missed this one. It was an emergency maintenance that came in late yesterday to prep for a couple upcoming item releases. Thankfully server announcements went out to warn people. Support crew was on the ball ;)
There's a decent chance these will come to NA, but probably not until later this year. Like around Halloween/Day of the Dead time when they'd be most appropriate.
Are you ready? I am ready. :awesome:
I agree a PvP tournament is overdue. It's something I remember talking about when I first started, but it's been a while since any players have brought it up.

There IS some tourney discussion happening in Player Council right now, and I appreciate their help in organizing those sort of things as they usually take quite a bit of setup. If you have ideas for how you'd like a tourney organized feel free to message me, StarSprite, ElinAli, or any other Player Council member with your thoughts!
is it not resetting? or just not resetting at the right time?
Meningitis wrote: »
@Treeshark Uhm...Uhm...I don't wanna complain but there's an item missing from the "old shop." There's no fashion coupon boxes. q__q;;

or are there
Magraal wrote: »
Smart Dyads wooooooooooooooooooooohooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

oh. no, that was an oops.
rewards reverted to 2015. we're planning some other events and this just flew under the radar. my bad.
where did my post go
Rewards reverted to 2015.
we're investigating the reset times but nothing has been changed that i can see so far.
Using and discussing DPS meters is not allowed. The same goes for any 3rd party program that interacts with TERA. They're against the Terms of Service.

Sorry to those who posted in this thread, but your comments have been deleted. In the future please remember to report discussions of this nature so they can be closed. Don't participate in a conversation that could end up with moderation against your forum account.
Zoknahal wrote: »
If you have video proof or screenshots of it, please stick them to this thread to work as more evidence to remove that player from our community once and for all.

Please DON'T do that.

Calling out players is against the forum rules, and this is one of the reasons why. Starting witch hunts on the forums accomplishes absolutely nothing and doesn't help rid the community of any wrong doers. If you believe someone is hacking/exploiting the only correct thing to do is contact Customer Support and give them as many details as possible.
Zoknahal wrote: »
Also, this is personal experience, but i highly do not recommend refurbished computer parts. Would rather spend 100 dollars more on a brand new equipment than a used one, it usually comes with a lot of issues if you do not know where to buy or how to do a check up for performance.

I think it depends on the manufacturer. I would personally trust companies like Corsair and MSI to refurbish their products without issue. Even brand new equipment can be DOA, and refurb products usually come with a decent return policy just in case. Just my two cents.
SageWindu wrote: »
I remember some months ago, the CEO of EME held a Reddit AMA. From what I recall, one single person brought up graphical optimization. And, for whatever mysterious reason, that was the only question that wasn't answered. But when more than a few people asked if the CEO would go ERPing in Lumbertown, he answered a few of those.

In the words of a famous philosopher, "WTF, mate?"

Here's the AMA you're referring to:

As for the [filtered] thing, it was a single joke question and all Sam said was "No...that's a bit too spicy for me."

Optimization is a topic that gets brought up every once in a while and it's not something En Masse is able to address outside of a Customer Support role. The game is created and developed by Bluehole, and any optimization and coding updates will be made on their end when they feel it's needed. For our part as the publisher, we regularly send player feedback to Bluehole and this topic is no exception. Unfortunately there isn't anything more I (or Sam) can say about it.

As for why Sam didn't address optimization questions during his AMA, there were a lot of great questions and only so much time to answer them. Sam did his best to give as many meaningful answers as he could. That doesn't mean the questions that didn't get answered were deemed unworthy of attention.
Thread closed by request.
Nopi wrote: »
Sorry, but the whole "If it's impossible for your class then don't do it" argument doesn't fly with me.

I agree! I guess what I'm saying is "if it's hard for your class, choose the easier option or don't expect max rank."

It's like you're playing a class that's awesome at skiing, and then entering a competition and choosing the rowboat race instead of the ski competition. It's totally cool if you just don't feel like skiing sometimes, but why would you expect to get an S+ in that scenario?
Marjion wrote: »
Spacecats wrote: »
EllieChu wrote: »
Spacecats wrote: »
And don't say, well just don't choose combo lock task. I chose random because it gives 10% more credits.

Yeah but... if you get 10% more credits with random, but you aren't playing a character with high combos, what are you really gaining by not choosing the best task for your class?

Whats the point in having 3 options when the class you play can only accept 2 of them. Whats the point in restricting content to certain classes?

Maybe i dont want to rush the dungeon to get a below 3m clear on my zerker, but instead just want to relax with a combo run and try not to get hit?

Then you can do it. There's no rule that says you have to min/max in order to enjoy yourself.

Oh yea? Why u dont do a 100 combo on a slayer and post a video for us eh? Its funny that u ppl have enough brain to think about make the medals personal per char, but dont have enough brain to think about fkn put DIFERENT COMBO RANK FOR DIFERENT CLASSES cos obvious NOT ALL CLASSES ARE FKN COMBO MACHINE.

I think you might be misunderstanding a few things, other than the fact that En Masse is the publisher of TERA, not the developers. We don't control the ranking system of Ace Dungeons. It's built into TERA.

Please read the comment chain I was replying to with my post. I'm not assuming all classes can get the same combo counts, or do Ace Dungeons as easily as other classes. Different goals will be harder with different classes. In fact, OP was discussing the fact that as a Mystic he was killing BAMs too fast. Since that sounds perfect for the speed run/hit evasion goals, I wondered why he selected "combo max" then, and he said he chooses random for the extra % reward.

As Acendia explained really well, that extra 10% is pretty minor when you could just select the other goal options and get better ranks every time.

EllieChu asked why TERA is "restricting content to certain classes?"

But it isn't restricted. It's just harder. If you're playing a class that isn't easily able to get combos, and you're absolutely obsessed with getting maximum rank every run, then I suggest selecting the goals you know you'll do well at.

EllieChu said they wanted to "relax with a combo run and try not to get hit?"

And the answer is... you CAN! You can just chill out and run the dungeon however you want. There is nothing stopping you. But if you're really asking "why can't I get max rank by sitting back and playing a Mystic and selecting combo while sipping my gin and juice?" then I'm sorry but the dungeon just doesn't work that way. If you're obsessed with getting the max amount of credits, you'll have to do something to make that happen depending on your class.
Digivolve wrote: »
No flying cars. Just no.


Does it count if they're my favorite boss to spawn on a bunch of people? Because Meldita is always good for that. ;D

EllieChu wrote: »
Spacecats wrote: »
And don't say, well just don't choose combo lock task. I chose random because it gives 10% more credits.

Yeah but... if you get 10% more credits with random, but you aren't playing a character with high combos, what are you really gaining by not choosing the best task for your class?

Whats the point in having 3 options when the class you play can only accept 2 of them. Whats the point in restricting content to certain classes?

Maybe i dont want to rush the dungeon to get a below 3m clear on my zerker, but instead just want to relax with a combo run and try not to get hit?

Then you can do it. There's no rule that says you have to min/max in order to enjoy yourself.
And don't say, well just don't choose combo lock task. I chose random because it gives 10% more credits.

Yeah but... if you get 10% more credits with random, but you aren't playing a character with high combos, what are you really gaining by not choosing the best task for your class?
I'm closing this thread because it goes against multiple forum rules, notably discussion of moderation and non-TERA discussion in the General Discussion forums (but that's kind of a given since every comment about moderation isn't discussing what we should be discussing: the game). I'm not going to delete it because there have been more than a couple comments left by people lately about moderators deleting, suspending, and banning people for expressing their opinions, and I want everybody to know that this isn't the full story and that if content has been removed, there's good intentions behind that decision.

If a comment is deleted, it's because it broke the forum rules (or maybe quoted someone who did). Everyone who posts here is expected to read these rules and adhere to them, and if someone doesn't do that then they risk having their content and account moderated in some way. There is almost always a private message given which not only states why the content was moderated, but gives an example or quote of that content so there's no confusion. There are some rare cases where a user doesn't get a message - usually because their account has been banned, suspended, or is under review to be possibly banned in the near future. At times when a user is banned, all the content they ever posted can be deleted in one go. Please don't get banned.

When comments are deleted, they don't show up in a user's history. So when you search around looking to find out why someone was moderated, that's why. It's gone.

So... I've never done this, and I don't plan to ever do it again because I feel like the Forum Rules speak for themselves, but here's a small sample of content I've personally removed over the course of the past two days. This will give you some idea of what content is being "silenced." In some cases these comments were mixed in with feedback about something a player didn't like. Everything gets removed. If you're concerned that 50% of your post is useful feedback that should stick around and helps improve TERA, stop breaking forum rules and turn that 50% into a 100% so you don't risk moderation.

I'm not going to name the people who posted these comments. If any belong to you, please keep it to yourself and see the message I gave you in your warning.
  • Screw this im out biches imgonna go end my self
  • This patch is the end of tera NA really
  • ur words r stupid
  • I role play as America killing innocent people in the middle east
  • shut the F UP! Your brawler a** don't gets rights to complain here
  • HW being a server full of trash... I can say anything I want about Enmasse here completely uncensored.

Closing this Thread, since this topic was already being discussed in this Thread : ( http://forums.enmasse.com/tera/discussion/3998/free-wardrobe-expansion-items#latest )
It might be possible that it was dragged off-screen...

If that's the case, going into your Options Menu and then into the User Interface tab, you can click on Reset UI Positions or click the Reset all button, and see if that allows the TERA Rewards Window to be opened.
Also, checking your account, it seems it was delivered at 10:11 to you.
I'm seeing people get it. If you logged in too early there was a chance you got in before it activated. Try logging in again.
Thanks for bringing this to our attention! Is there a message the game gives when you try putting these in the wardrobe space?
Also, I removed multiple comments from this thread that were either off-topic or randomly hateful/cynical without adding to the discussion. I'm not trying to silence anyone's opinion but please remember that even though patch days are exciting, the forums should always remain a place for constructive discussion and suggestions on how to make the game as good as it can be, not just a place to vent frustrations and hysteria when something isn't the way you expected it to be.
VG rewards have been doubled for reputation points and items. Gold and TERA Reward Points are going to stay where they are.
howrang44 wrote: »
well sorry but....it dose not work for me.....

If you can't resolve it from your end, go ahead and submit a Support Ticket, as explained in the above posts.
Upper level tickets have been set to drop 100% of the time.
Moving to the Creations & Events subforum. This looks like an awesome event! :D
Thanks for letting me know it has now been resolved. :awesome:

If you did already make a Support Ticket, feel free to go ahead and set it to "Closed / Resolved" if you didn't have any further questions or issues.
As I mentioned in my first post in this Thread, if you're unable to resolve the Launcher issue from your end, it may be best to submit the Support Ticket now (with the attached Diagnostic text file).

You can certainly feel free to re-install TERA while waiting for your Support Ticket to be responded to, and then if there is any progress or changes after the re-install has completed, you can provide an update in that Ticket.
Closing a duplicate thread, since it was already being discussed here : ( http://forums.enmasse.com/tera/discussion/3981/dreadspire-ticket#latest )
Thanks for the post. We're changing this now so that there's a chance everybody will get a ticket.
There are too many to provide a full list in this Thread, but common Security Software that we see our players using would be AVG, Norton 360 Security, Avast, Kaspersky Internet Security, McAfee Internet Security, Etc...

It can also be caused be having Settings set too high in Window Defender / Windows Firewall.
It might be Security Software related.

If you're not able to figure it out from your end, please feel free to create a Support Ticket and attach the text file that is created while running our EME Diagnostic : ( http://support.enmasse.com/tera/resolve-technical-issues-with-the-diagnostic-tool )

Aces Wild is finally here, and the full patch notes are up!

Aces Wild introduces:
  • Class balance changes.
  • Dungeon changes, including the new Manglemire, Ace Dungeons, and Dreadspire season 3!
  • New flight-enabled zones.
  • New wardrobe storage space.
  • Battleground changes for Corsair's Stronghold.
  • Enchanting gear changes.

Plus a few miscellaneous changes, all detailed right here: http://tera.enmasse.com/news-page/patch-notes/patch-4503
I've deleted multiple comments in this thread that were either argumentative or accusatory. The proper way to report a player is through Customer Support, not by posting callouts in the forum and derailing conversation. Please show respect for your follow TERA players even if you disagree with them. Thanks!
Sadly, I am not able to implement a vanguard for Uppers.

I think a drop of 200MWA is do-able.
voidy wrote: »
Hey, I appreciate the prompt response. Thanks for communicating with us on this. One question: Will the lower floors drop starfall materials in the same way that DS2 dropped lucid mats last time, or are those being axed entirely?

sorry, i misread and thought you meant dropping the whole gear and not mats. however, i checked and lowers currently only drop vm7 mats and not vm6.
voidy wrote: »
Hey, I appreciate the prompt response. Thanks for communicating with us on this. One question: Will the lower floors drop starfall materials in the same way that DS2 dropped lucid mats last time, or are those being axed entirely?

Starfall does not drop in lowers. Starfall is still very competitive, way more than lucid was at a comparable time.

About the MWA. The reason i took it out is b/c I think DS3 will be a lot easier than DS2, given the new class and new gears. We did get some buffs to the monsters but i'm hesitant on saying the balance is great. Adding MWA is an option but I'm going to wait and see how things go.

We do have non-tradable alkahest, but it's not usable in awakening.
table will be similar to the end of ds2, sans the MWA. vm7 designs will drop 100%. ace dungeon store will have etching IIs at 8k, ember at 1k. 8k is roughly 10 days of those dungeons given a decent score, but not best score.
ZedPaws wrote: »
Can't claim it either...
Cezzare wrote: »
I also can't claim the 1-day nostum : (
Merayah wrote: »
Ditto...not claimable on any server :/

Looking into this. Sorry for the delay.
The vote was pretty even overnight but I went ahead and switched back to the green "Little Emoji." Some of the riceball ones are kind of hard to make out.
BrofessorX wrote: »
why are we voting on emoji's ?

I wanted to get people's opinions over the two.
Mesogog wrote: »
Why not both?

Only one can be active at a time, unfortunately.
You can expect to see patch notes today.

The final reveals have made their way to the Aces Wild page. The new update will include:
  • Ace Dungeons (Solo)
  • Manglemire
  • Dreadspire Season 3
  • Kumas Royale
  • New Flying Zones
  • Cosmetic Wardrobe

See more details here: http://tera.enmasse.com/game-guide/aces-wild

Finally, the update will release this Thursday, July 7!
Vunak wrote: »
This is now fixed for winners of the prize going forward.

We are currently identifying the players that won this item so far in order to send them the correct amount of credits. I'll post back with any updates.

Can i trade my 10k reward credits I was supposed to get for a Cromatic Chapeau?

. . . .

Unfortunately no, but that item may appear in the Rewards Emporium in the future.
We have now delivered credits to those players that won the 10K jackpot.
Ricecubes wrote: »
Today we got fireworks, those are useless too, for no elite and elites

They're useful for celebrating. :'(
Closing this thread. If you suspect someone is exploiting or using 3rd party software, report them via Customer Support by creating a ticket.
This is now fixed for winners of the prize going forward.

We are currently identifying the players that won this item so far in order to send them the correct amount of credits. I'll post back with any updates.
Page is now updated, we'll have a news post up as well shortly.
BrofessorX wrote: »
its SO unfair that codes expire so quick. especially that they are given out during NA times.... why limit them ?! a 24 hour code would be great!!!!
ive missed so many reward point codes. :(

Sorry you didn't get the code in time, but they're really made for those who tune into the live Twitch stream or watch the recording shortly after. The window for this one was about 8 hours.
The Peppy Preppy costume code is the result of the 'Follow TERA to Win!' contest created to help grow the TERA community. We got a ton of followers across all our channels, and ended up only 170 YouTube subscribers short of meeting our 3rd goal. Denommenator was feeling his roots for Canada Day and figured "good enough, eh."

Did you Right-Click on them in your Inventory and actually see them being consumed, then attempt to go make a character ?

Today on Twitch, a notorious villain runs rampant across the Mount Tyrannas server! Tiny babies cry at the sight of him. The elderly are at a minor risk of heart attack when he is near. Heroes, you must catch and defeat... The Meowslinger!

Stream begins at 3:00 p.m. PDT. If you're not on MT and in a killin' mood, come hang out in chat and win prizes!
Will there be a live stream today @Spacecats?

Yes, I'll announce this and a couple things on air as well.
  • Arrise
  • Aulon
  • Catatonic
  • Chriseh
  • Counterpoint
  • ElinAli
  • Jerzy
  • KaaiYu
  • Kamizuma
  • Magraal
  • Rayleen
  • StarSprite
  • Yamazuki
  • Yuri

The initial members of the TERA Player Council have been chosen, and it wasn't easy (part of why it took me so long, sorry!) We got over 140 Player Council applications, and out of those not a single one I reviewed was an automatic in or out. It took a lot of thought and consideration, and to be honest and transparent about things, there are definitely more than a few applications that would make absolutely great Player Council members, but were not chosen simply because I want to begin this program with a small group that expands in the future rather than risk starting with a large group that I'm unable to properly manage.

That said, I want to thank everyone that applied. Reading the answers to the applications was a great experience for me because there was so much positive energy poured into them. It reminded me that the TERA community is full of awesome and positive people that love this game and want TERA to be the best it can be. I hope that if/when I reopen Player Council applications in the future, you all choose to reapply.

In the meantime I also want you to know that you don't have to be in the Player Council to change the TERA community for the better. A lot of you already do great things to better this community. Please don't feel demotivated just because you're not in the council. If anything, see this as an opportunity to collaborate with council members and make your own projects even better. Many of the Player Council members were chosen because of their willingness to be open to collaborating in player events and feedback, and to raise awareness of such things in the community.

With that out of the way, please join me in welcoming the new Player Council!
  • Arrise
  • Aulon
  • Catatonic
  • Chriseh
  • Counterpoint
  • ElinAli
  • Jerzy
  • KaaiYu
  • Kamizuma
  • Magraal
  • Rayleen
  • StarSprite
  • Yamazuki
  • Yuri

Seeing this list of members you might now be thinking "okay, so that's the Player Council. Now what?"

As I said above, the Player Council was created to help raise awareness and communication with within the TERA community and with En Masse (and ultimately, through En Masse, give improved feedback to Bluehole). The "now what?" actually rests on your shoulders. Try to view the Player Council members as people to reach out to for help and (non-technical) community support. If you have a TERA related event or other project, seek out a Player Council member that you think will champion your idea. They'll also help collate the feedback you already post in the forums, shining a spotlight on useful comments for the EME team to see. They also have the ability to edit posts and comments - not to moderate or alter their contents - but for collaboration purposes, and in cases where a player needs help with their thread and asks for assistance (like figuring out broken links/BBcode, or updating an event thread when they can't log in).

I've already had the Player Council members introduce themselves to one another, and I know several of them are already well known in the forums. Each Player Council member has at least one aspect of TERA that they like best and would like to help with. In order to make it as easy as possible to approach these guys, I've asked them to come in and edit the post below telling you a little about their TERA interests and what they'd like to work on first.
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