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Ketoth wrote: »
No info about dragon mounts in the patch notes. And how long EME think the maitenance will last? 2hrs , 3hrs?

TERA maintenance will start at 7am PDT on Tuesday, September 20. ETA is two hours (9am PDT).
Baldurdash wrote: »
WHAT is this creation?!

It is my namesake!
Is the new server nice?
Of course you also have the personal impact factor. For example, IF your name coincidentally sounds similar to e.g. "Lettuce-is-sweet", you would have the guild "CARNIVORES" hunting you down in open world PvP - because carnivores and herbivores are natural enemies.

Of course no one would make a name like "I-am-salad", because this would put you at the front of the food chain. Just a heads up ;)

That's why I chose the name Spacecats. They're the alpha at the top of every food chain. Observe this hunter utilizing flawless camouflage as it stalks its prey...


As far as FF, it's been very friendly from what I've witnessed. Since the PvP is restricted to level 65, you don't have to worry about Lumbertown bridge scenarios. That said, MT has some of the friendliest people of any server, even if they're all bloodthirsty crazies on the battlefield. So maybe PvP isn't a big factor there.
I'll miss Dreadspire too, but there are other dungeons besides DS, and they aren't going anywhere.
No announcement as of right now. We're exploring some potential ideas and have been talking with Bluehole to see how they can be executed. The typical Canyon Clash is a large undertaking, having multiple streams and involving hundreds of people. It's something we've talked about on the weekly TERA stream, and would like to do again, but it's not in the cards for the time being.

On the plus side, there have been some player-organized tournaments lately, and I greatly encourage those interested in tournaments to try your hand at hosting, whether it's large or small. If this is you, and you're organizing something specific, please feel free to reach out and send me a PM with the event information you currently have.
Good to know you figured it out. In the future if you run into technical trouble, our Customer Support team is good at solving things like that.
Now that the patch notes are up, please direct your discussion to this thread:

@Nibellung, Civil Unrest: Velika runs for two hours each week. A schedule of start dates will be added to the Civil Unrest: Velika guide shortly.
Thanks for the very vague patch notes..

No mention of when the actual day for GvG is going to be.

The schedule will be added to this Civil Unrest: Velika guide shortly. Is there something specific that you need more details on?
LancerJiva wrote: »
I thought alliance was being removed? No mention of that in the patch notes.

Oops, it's in this published version, at the very bottom: "All Alliance and Crusade UI and NPC's will be removed. Alliance ends at maintenance. Skycastles will remain in the sky."

For some reason it didn't make it to the copy I linked above. That change is being made now. Thanks LancerJiva!

Patch notes are up, welcome to the Guilded Age!

See the full patch notes here:
ValorCH wrote: »
Spacecats is actually innocent.

Gosh you guys, thanks! <3

TheOzunu wrote: »
thanks, thread has served its purpose


And please be more polite to each other in the future (I'm speaking to everyone here). Even if you disagree with someone's comment, or you're upset about some game related issue, there's never an appropriate time to be rude in the forums. We're trying to discuss the game like adults here.
You can expect them today, first as a new post in Patch Notes, then in the News & Announcements section of the forums.
Saerath wrote: »
100 unique accounts o.o

More information about Civil Unrest: Velika BAMs...
  • Lavathus, Lord of the Lake - Spawns around the 30 minute mark. The guild that gets the killing blow on him gets the loot, plus a buff which increases Endurance and HP. Effect persists after death, but ends when leaving the Civil Unrest zone.
  • Drakhan, Tyrant of Gidd Mountain spawns around the 60 minute mark. The guild that gets the killing blow on him gets the loot, plus a buff which increases Power. Effect persists after death, but ends when leaving the Civil Unrest zone.
  • Kaithan, King of Crabs spawns around the 90 minute mark. The guild that gets the killing blow on him gets the loot, plus a buff which increases Attack Speed and the chance to crit. Increases Movement Speed. Effect persists after death, but ends when leaving the Civil Unrest zone.

As shown during the stream, each BAM is announced to everyone in Civil Unrest: Velika the moment it spawns.
I was wrong during the stream about equalized gear during Civil Unrest: Velika. I was under the strong impression that gear was equalized, but that's not the case!

Appearances are equalized, but gear stats are not. That means everyone looks like they're using the armor and weapon type you saw during the stream.
Q: Are dragon tokens tradeable? Can they be sold on broker?

A: Yes.

They can't be stored in guild banks, though.
Someone else during the stream asked if IoD BAMs dropped the iron dragon tokens. The answer is that ALL level 65 BAMs have a chance of dropping them.
Someone during the stream asked about guilds currently at over 100 accounts/members. The guide covers this:

"Existing guilds with member counts exceeding these limits can't recruit new members."

Tomorrow starting at 3:00pm PDT, Community Manager Spacecats will livestream a preview of the upcoming September 20 game update: The Guilded Age!

We'll take flight on the backs of dragons, showing off each new dragon mount. We'll also review the new guild UI, skills, quests, and a little preview of how Civil Unrest: Velika will go down, where guilds get to place and defend Guild Towers in massive weekly GvG brawls.

As usual, Spacecats will also run raffles for those hanging out in Twitch chat. There will be many things to give away this week, but TWO of those things will be pristine dragons to two lucky viewers (to be delivered after the update goes live)!

Again, the stream begins Sept 16 at 3:00 PM PDT on the En Masse Twitch channel. See you there!

All missing TERA Rewards Points and Credits that have have now been sent back. Credits have been sent back to Item Claim. Points were automatically applied to your accounts. The scripts took a while to run, but you all should have seen this trickle in starting from 12pm to ~4pm Pacific time today.
Ketoth wrote: »
@Treeshark can you tell us the way to get hte mount in-game? At least in the patch notes? ( to avoid people stockpilling befire the patch)?

The token's arent in the game right now. They are brand new and only exclusively have dragon mounts in them. I am not sure how stockpiling before the patch would work. One token has a chance to drop when you kill a BAM, and another token is awarded upon winning a BG. Neither are in existing boxes and such.
Aulon wrote: »
OK so

-It is a passive from just owning the mount
-The buff last 5 secs
-It has a chance to proc like VM
-Has an internal cool down of 90-120 secs

This was taken from another person from the TWTERA forums on how the buff works

With it only lasting 5 secs and having to wait another 90-120 for it again at a completely random time its a small perk to me, nothing that will make or break you but yes it will help a little.

This information is correct. The tooltip for the passive skills clarifies that it's only a chance to proc but we didn't do a great job on the web page saying that. That will be fixed momentarily.

When the buff lasts 5 seconds, it doesn't mean 5 seconds of pure crit hits. It just means all crit hits within those 5 seconds will do more dmg.
This thread has run its course and turned into dramallama central, so I'm closing it.
This is my favorite thread :p
If you've already submitted a ticket to customer support, please wait for the team to respond to you.
Please don't necro threads that are months old.
Servers are now up! Thanks for waiting :)
LadySidil wrote: »
Nopi wrote: »
Since you explained already, I'd say pick Brawler first, then if you want, pick the others one by one as alts.

Well, is tanking as hard as I think it is in Tera or am I being over concerned about nothing? If I'm going to do a job, I want to be the best I can and not screw things up for my group who will be depending on me.

That's pretty much the attitude I wish my tanks had every time I group up. ;D

If you're dedicated to playing your best, and you don't mind doing a little research about end game dungeons before you waltz in for the first time, it sounds like you'll be an excellent tank. In fact TERA could always use more dedicated tanks!
Akthanakos wrote: »
Rip Hamsters

... is that Popo okay?
Because of the difficulties that have popped up during the server merge process, we've decided to extend the free transfer window from Fey Forest to Ascension Valley. It was originally supposed to end now. It will now run until September 15 at 10:00am PDT.

The server merge FAQ has been updated to reflect this: http://support.enmasse.com/tera/server-merge-2016#Transfer
Hi all. There was a hiccup with today's maintenance and some scripts needed to be restarted. The current ETA is 12pm (Noon) PDT.

Sorry for the delay! If there are any more updates, I'll post them here.
Based12 wrote: »
LancerJiva wrote: »
Treeshark wrote: »
The TERA Rewards System should be working now. We'll be following up with missing credits/xp shortly.

Can you post when the credits / xp have been handed out?
Also you said that you were gonna put up an event as compensation? What event would that be? How about mongo Neon for the rest of the week since people have been saying strongbox event this weekend?

And strongbox event only is good to those with tons of gold, or credit card swipers.

idk who said anything about a strongbox event, it certainly wasn't us.
can you try creating a character and see if that fixes anything? what we just did was only part of the fix, the rest of it will be continued tomorrow.
gduber wrote: »
Yeah, my character list still isn't updated on the transfer page.

can you try creating a character and see if that fixes anything? what we just did was only part of the fix, the rest of it will be continued tomorrow.

The TERA Rewards System should be working now. We'll be following up with missing credits/xp shortly.
Customer support should be able to help narrow down the issue for you. You should make a ticket and give them as much detail as possible (in your case, system specs wouldn't hurt): http://support.enmasse.com/tera
Moving this to suggestions and feedback forum.
I appreciate the rules shoutout, but I don't think anything else needs to be said about this other than if you see threads being necro'd you should use the "Report" feature to let a moderator know.

A server restart is about to go into effect in order to deal with this issue:
Keenichi wrote: »
The stamina bar makes no sense, at least it should decrease at a rate that is barely noticeable...
Why can World of Warcraft have flying mounts that can keep flying forever and TERA, which is clearly a superior game, cannot...?
Seriously devs...

I never played WoW, but I've heard from quite a few people over the years that flying mounts completely ruined the feeling of travel in that game, making it so tons of content could be bypassed just by flying right across the zone without ever having to stop. The cool thing about TERA flying mounts is that they're great for exploring areas and seeing the game from an aerial view without becoming a major requirement for playing a character.
Hi everybody, I'm mostly alive!

Servers will be brought down for an emergency maintenance at 12:30pm PDT. That's about 30 minutes from the time I'm writing this.

There's an issue right now that's causing character select to not display everyone's characters. This maintenance will address that. Servers will be down for approximately 30 minutes.
Yeah think it the best on what @LancerJiva say is to keep it off until it full fix as for those who don't used forums much or don't know and i know as you turn it back on without the full fix people will try and get they free credits once they know that there cant claim the free credits people will complain on the forums that they cant get the free credits also you ticket might become back up with this as well if you had turn it on now without the full fix.

Internally we went back and forth on this. We decided that having the passive benefits on for players outweighed the cons of what you pointed out, and we will keep the Emporium part of the system off as well.

I totally updated the original post, so please read that!
LancerJiva wrote: »
Is there any update on this? It's almost evening on the west coast and rewards are still not fixed and the weekend is approaching.

While we have records of everyone's tiers and credits, the problem with why it's not syncing up correctly appears to be much more complex than initially thought. It's not as easy as turning it off and on again :(.

I am thinking about it turning it on without the store, but the free credits is not working either.
Did you actually do it? We have the servers in the drop downs but only AV transfers will successfully complete.
KGTDHM6X6J wrote: »
I found out the hard way you only have 1 free transfer to AV form FF

You should be able to transfer multiple characters, as long as you have the Character Slot(s) available on Ascension Valley to do so.

If you're seeing any error after the first character, feel free to post a screenshot of what is preventing the transfer, or make a Support Ticket.
Treeshark wrote: »
Can you guys tell me when you first noticed these issues?

For me it was after i went to my main sever and then went back to FF i had noticed my rank wast there.

Can you time timestamp that, roughly?
Can you guys tell me when you first noticed these issues?
Fleett wrote: »
Will everyone get their ranks/point back?

I believe the issue is mainly front-end right now, so yes, but we are investigating this as well.
We are currently experiencing issues with the TERA Rewards system. While we troubleshoot, we will be turning the entire system off.

When you make purchases, you will still receive TERA Rewards Credits in your Item Claim, but you will not be able to redeem it until we turn it back on.
We are seeing an issue with TERA Rewards in the game, and looking into causes.
the mounts do not attack. some mounts grant you passives that give you the chance for extra crit against monsters when you are not mounted.
should be free right now. got enabled roughly at 9:50am.

Well so much for my streaming streak. I've been sick this week with PAX pox, and unfortunately won't be able to host this week's Twitch stream. I guess that just means we'll have to give away TWICE AS MUCH stuff next Friday.

See you then!
Pro Tip - If you saved the 4 free Character Slot Vouchers that you got from logging into the Fey Forest server, and you transfer them in the Inventory of the character you moved over first to Ascension Valley, you will have that many more character slots available to utilize. :pleased:
I'd be willing to pitch in some kind of prize support if the entry fee were removed. Please message me when you have a date and list of participants!

Also, I'm going to move this to the events forum.
Apen wrote: »
Wow I actually kept the only 2 names I wanted.... Spacebar, and Hax.

So YOU'RE the reason I can't use Spacebar!
Ginjitsu wrote: »
Spacecats wrote: »
The new innerwear video was made by our awesome creative team. The same crew that brought you...

I wonder what the team smokes to be so creative! ;)

We keep them on a steady diet of lamb bulgogi.
The new innerwear video was made by our awesome creative team. The same crew that brought you...

Bells vs. Bows

TERA: Hip-Hop

and more...

it's back now
it'll be back soon, within the hour. troubleshooting something ATM.
Bringing it up now.
TankDat wrote: »
Ginjitsu wrote: »
LancerJiva wrote: »
TankDat wrote: »
@Spacecats Can you clarify whats going on here?

Spacecats hasn't been active since the 1st of this month.

@Spacecats doesn't love us no more. :(

Say it aint so :V Hope everythings alright with him

He's good, he just took a couple days off surrounding PAX. He'll be back tomorrow.
Syjitra wrote: »
I don't think they would drop from the old inner boxes because their names are completely different. However the fact they are there suggests tomorrow or next week to see their loot box in the store.

I can confirm these are hitting the store tomorrow morning. They were added to the Undergarment Box in-game in preparation for their release.

Does this mean they will be adding a name and a description of what stat they give tomorrow? Because I got a pair and it displays no name and no stats other than the defense and balance (I know they are +20 crit though because it shows I gain 20 crit by equiping).

We're currently looking into the description issue. Have you tried to restart your launcher since you noticed this?

Syjitra wrote: »
I don't think they would drop from the old inner boxes because their names are completely different. However the fact they are there suggests tomorrow or next week to see their loot box in the store.

I can confirm these are hitting the store tomorrow morning. They were added to the Undergarment Box in-game in preparation for their release.

Does this mean they will be adding a name and a description of what stat they give tomorrow? Because I got a pair and it displays no name and no stats other than the defense and balance (I know they are +20 crit though because it shows I gain 20 crit by equiping).

The name and descriptions are there, but you will need to have received the patch we sent out this morning. Restarting your launcher and logging in should fix this.
Syjitra wrote: »
I don't think they would drop from the old inner boxes because their names are completely different. However the fact they are there suggests tomorrow or next week to see their loot box in the store.

I can confirm these are hitting the store tomorrow morning. They were added to the Undergarment Box in-game in preparation for their release.
We are targeting 11am for Fey Forest to come online for players. Performing some last minute checks, taking backups of things just in case, etc...
Ginjitsu wrote: »
Define shortly ¬.¬

Right now.
We'll be providing updates to maintenance here.

TR/MT/CH/AV will be up shortly

Fey Forest is estimated to be another 1-2 hours. The process is taking a little longer than expected.
meomeo26 wrote: »
Are u gonna talk about the new updates coming soon in today's stream?


Whoaaaa WHAT?! A Thursday TERA stream?!

PAX West begins tomorrow, and it has created a disruptive rift in the fabric of our streaming schedule. I hate to break the awesome streak we have going for weekly TERA streams, so while this is going to be an oddball show, I think we're still going to have a lot of fun today.

There are some new updates coming to TERA, with a news post on its way in the next few hours (publishing the morning of 9/1). Plus you can all expect some game trivia and the usual in-chat item raffles.

See you today at 3:00pm PDT on the En Masse Twitch channel! https://www.twitch.tv/enmasseentertainment
@Nishina - Another reason that the "Unable to Unzip Manifest" error can show up in the Launcher, is when you have a slightly older version of the launcher and it can't update properly... (Either recently reinstalling from another computer's older files, or installing through TERA's physical install cd's)

If either of those two situations occurred, I'd recommend removing that recent installation, and instead trying the Direct Full Download ( http://tera.enmasse.com/download )

If still no luck, please go ahead and make a Support Ticket (if you haven't already), and we'll be happy to help further. :awesome:
bout wrote: »
This image is 1488 pixels wide. :o

Not only that, but look further at the number 1488. 1 divides into 4 four times, obviously. But that's also half of 8, which appears twice. Now what's one half doubled? One. Speaking of doubles, the first 8 divides into that second 8 exactly one time. You add all the ones together and you get... that's right... 3.

Is there any chance that your current hard drive that TERA is installed to lacks around 4 gbs of free space ?
TsuTsunEmi wrote: »
EME started off the mongo event well. I really appreciated that innerwears dropped a lot from mongos, even though I missed the time and I didn't get to do it. Unfortunately, special interests and self-proclaimed planners of economy successfully lobbied EME to cutback drastically on innerwear drops, and now instead of innerwear, you would find emeralds.

That's not true at all. The first 45 minutes of the event involved Mongos improperly dropping inners to multiple people who weren't participating in the event, and were only sitting around in raids with those who were participating. Obviously that wasn't intended. The changes made to the event switched how loot was distributed by uncommon and rare Mongos. No Mongos drop emeralds and none of them ever did. There was no lobbying of special interest groups or large wealthy innerwear corporations or Illuminati. The event was broken for about an hour, we saw it was broken, and then it was fixed.

Unfortunately due to rumors in global chat and the constant flaunting of innerwear from those who did get multiple pairs (please stop, you're just causing arguments and accusations), the general TERA public seems to believe the event took an extremely drastic turn when, in reality, we just stopped uncommon & rare Mongos from delivering parcels to whole groups. Now they drop loot on hit. They can still drop inners.

I get the appeal of the super dramatic conspiracy theory. I'm just surprised so many players are buying into it.
Srosa wrote: »
Spacecats wrote: »
They're dropped by rare, golden scarabs.

this. and drop rate is 0.00000001% due to exploit *clap*

That isn't true. It's the same it was at the start.
LancerJiva wrote: »
If you knew this would happen, then why do the event?

Because the number of total Mongos was increased to compensate for the inevitability. It's the only way to deal with this issue right now, unfortunately. A server restart would also do the trick, forcing all monsters to respawn, but bringing all of TERA down for the sake of a handful of stuck Mongos would be ridiculous.
They're dropped by rare, golden scarabs.
roxxapoxx wrote: »
I agree the respawn rate seems a bit weird. You get a ton for like an hour and then nothing... I wonder if there's just no one to really make sure they spawn consistently without overfeeding us.

It doesn't really work like that. The servers spawn them regularly as they're killed, so the total population stays the same on every server at all times. Maybe they're just reappearing in spots you aren't used to looking in?
Moving this to off-topic.

We just started publishing Alliance of Valiant Arms (AVA) here at En Masse, and Open Beta started last week. It's a Free-to-Play realistic shooter. You should give it a shot!
I've removed some content from this thread. Please avoid bickering and hating on others because of loot they did/didn't get, and please don't flaunt loot you got that others didn't. It only creates arguments.
Fleett wrote: »
@Spacecats hates dogs, he spawned them there to freeze.

Sorry, no it's not. Those poor Mongos are a casualty of random spawning!
LL73TTKKA9 wrote: »
Cutechan wrote: »
ye I wont even try the event. Its pointless.

how is it pointless, look what I got...

lmao it's not pointless, best event ever.

That's a lot of underwear.
50x pre, alk
some fs
and Crown of Gold ..!

It was 120x T9 Feedstock per Mandrill.
StarSprite wrote: »
The first few Legendary bams have been lackluster in loot compared to the smaller mongos... It's been suggested that the legendary be harder to kill and have better loot.

It's hard to make Legendaries more difficult to kill. Especially when multiple raids are showing up to kill them. It's just not something we can tweak at the moment. Even with 30-player raids around the corner, the groups I've seen in-game hunting Mongo Legends can consist of dozens or players.

Similarly, that makes upping their Legendary loot a difficult task. Those actively participating can potentially land themselves 6 or more Legendary rewards in a couple hours. That's potentially hundreds of Feedstock and Alkahest per person, along with any costumes and other items Legends might drop. Compare that to the average loot you'd get doing a single dungeon three or four times in the same amount of time (assuming you have a decent group).
Catservant wrote: »
3. Timing. None of my friends can play right now.

I really appreciate feedback like this. Thanks for taking the time to make a well thought-out post. I'm curious, why can't your friends play this weekend?

In regards to channels, some were added this morning to give players some space, but we might end up adding one or two more to areas populated by Mongos.
Seniro wrote: »
I am one of those people who missed out on the crazy loot stuff. Honestly, I couldn't care less about the innerwear I just wanted my [filtered] scarf. I waited a whole year to get it and I even rushed home from work only to find out that EME nerfed them and now is almost impossible to get one. I don't know if they removed it from the loot table or just made it so is no longer shared because we've been at it for almost 4 hours now and we haven't gotten any but yeah, I am pretty annoyed at EME right now.

It's the same it was at the start. It's a rare item, for sure. Good luck in your hunt!
30 or so 16crit inner

I think by next Friday, people will be saying it was 200 crit inners in an hour. The number just keeps going up!

Not to make light of the spike, mind you. Inners are in high demand, and that's why we wanted to include goldfinger tokens and inners in the event. The initial spike was actually just a mistake that some players took advantage of. It's not like we intended to shower a couple dozen people with underwear and then turn off the faucet after 45 minutes. The Mongos that are still in the event will still grant these items for those lucky enough to find them. One of the problems was that people who weren't even bothering to participate were getting nice loot just because they were in a raid.

As far as adding additional loot, it's hard to really interpret feedback like that. If etchings were muffins and TERA had an egg shortage, this is like giving people eggs only to hear "but what about flour and butter and milk and chocolate! Give them all to me!"

But there are already ways to get those things without adding them to an event that will be over on Monday.
Wow! Well done!

I was almost expecting to come back Monday and see her lying on the beach getting a tan, snacking on the tails of fallen Popori.

Sorry for the delayed announcement. I had some underwear to adjust.

Welcome to TERA Mongo: Neon Version! There have been some tweaks and changes to where and how Mongos spawn. Common Mongos now drop parcel loot that your whole party can enjoy. They're also much more plentiful, so even though you might only get a few bits of loot at a time, a party's worth of Mongo hunters should be able to stack up quite nicely on enchanting materials... plus there's always the chance of encountering an uncommon, rare, or Legendary Mongo.

The news post has more than a couple handy images that should server as your Mongodex. That includes map locations where you can find each Mongo, plus some hints as to what loot they prefer to hang onto.

Fleett wrote: »
@Spacecats Is the event back up? and how nerfed is it? :tongue:

It's all back up. Some Mongos (none of the commons) have been changed a little to avoid exploitation from raid-sized groups, and now drop loot every time they're hit rather than a single parcel. Most of them take about 10-15 hits to kill, with chances to drop different items every time they're hit. The Mongos that were dropping innerwear will still drop them, just not entire raids worth.
All Mongos should be spawning as of about 45 minutes ago.
Cjar wrote: »
@Spacecats ETA when the event will be back up? Hopefully it's still fun, I understand that those hunting in raids probably got a lot of loot, but for those flying solo it wouldn't have been as broken.

At the moment common-rarity Mongos are back in business. Their loot wasn't really a problem. I suspect the entire Mongo population will be back up and kicking in the next hour. Sorry for the delay!
I've removed some comments from this thread. Please remember to be constructive when you post. If you can't answer the question: "what is my comment adding to the discussion?" in a way that goes along with the forum rules and guidelines then please refrain from hitting the button.
The drop rates for Mongos are being adjusted. Obviously they weren't supposed to drop inners like crazy. For those of you who weren't online, don't worry, you'll still get a chance to participate in the event and get loot the intended way, and that will still include innerwear. Just not quite that much innerwear :p
Haha that's amazing that you figured that out! Unfortunately I think I'm going to have to find a different tuwangi to do the job. Can't expect everyone to get golems to do their work for them ;)
Thanks, I'll look into that one! I see a couple adjustments need to be made but I hope everyone is having a good time Mongo hunting!
THEPG wrote: »
Ginjitsu wrote: »
Free transfer is only for Frey Forest to Ascension Valley, server transfers will still be available for any server.

Yes,I realized that.My post is more of a suggestion than a question.
As I said I stopped playing TERA like 2-3 months back,and I kinda feel like coming back if somehow they allowed free transfer to the new server from another server like CH where my characters are at.

Does that mean you aren't interested in making a new character when Fey Forest opens?
Okay, I've got some good stuff lined up for you guys this week. Thanks for the suggestions!
pooni wrote: »
I get that you're trying to be humorous and sarcastic and I'll give you the benefit of the doubt. But in the very very very slight and unfortunate chance that you or others might actually think my post is hating on the sheer act of an item going on sale, smh.

I was just joking around with my reply, but if it's true that you aren't just complaining about items going on sale then I suggest making a more constructively worded discussion that actually says what you're trying to say.
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