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Zoknahal wrote: »
As much as i would enjoy a Legacy/Vanilla server, like the times before Reaper and all of the new BS classes came to overshadow the original ones and etc etc, I would rather live on the present and look forward to the future. Clinging to the past is no good. There are many things of course from the past that can be brought back to the present, like the weapon skins that we are STILL waiting for in the fashion coupons, but overall, i look at the past, and i look at the present, theres good and bad things in both of them. One must learn to move forward without letting the glory of the past be an obstacle.

Closing this thread because too many people were using it to report and discuss bugs. If you have a report to file on a TERA bug, please use the new forums.
YES! We'll be doing Extra Life this year. It's going to be a lot of work, but we'll do our best to put on a good show for you guys!

Look for a News post with more information in the next week or two. I'll be working with our creative team to get our page looking spiffy ;D
Saerath wrote: »
@Treeshark sorry for the tag, but I must ask this. Since daylight saving is ending soon (in a little less than a month if I remember correctly), how will the CU:V times be affected? ^^ ~thanks

we would change it so that it's still at the same time.
Loveberri wrote: »
IMO, the Civil Unrest time was fine. Its just a lot of people outside of this version's service region complained about it being a bad time for them. While I love my international people and guildies, times shouldn't be made inconvenient to actual NA players because of them. This time isn't terribly bad but old time allowed people to actually do stuff in the day and not have to schedule playing an in-game event vs real life Saturday activities. Be wary of making it any earlier to cater any further to non-NA players.

True, I wouldn't go any earlier. We did get quite a few complaints that 7pm PT was a little late for the ET folks and inconvenient for the PT folks because they like to eat dinner at this time.
jrtseven wrote: »
What was the problem?

won't go into specifics, but we are the only region to have servers set in the UTC time zone, which caused a very unique problem for us, and made it more difficult to track down the issue because it's not a common cause of problems.

Join Community Manager Spacecats on Friday, October 7 for some wonderful Fall Fashion Tips! As you guys probably know, we currently have a forum contest going: The Autumn Costume & Screenshot Contest

You can participate here: http://forums.enmasse.com/tera/discussion/7442/autumn-costume-screenshot-contest

On today's stream, I'll show off some of the early entries for the contest, and provide a few screenshot taking tips that will help you paint the perfect scene for your Autumn-inspired TERA screenshots. I'll also show off the new Elleon weapon skins and give a few away during the weekly Twitch raffle, so make sure you join us in the chat!

The show begins at 3:00 PM PDT. See you there! https://www.twitch.tv/enmasseentertainment
Hi Everyone,

As Spacecats previously stated, we will be cancelling this Saturday’s Civil Unrest. Instead, we will be having a double drop weekend on dungeons and power hours for battlegrounds all weekend. You already knew that. I am here to say that we did find the cause of what is going wrong with CU, and are testing a fix right now. Instead of rushing this out sometime today, we are going to spend more time testing this and push out the patch on Tuesday’s maintenance. Following that, we will hold a test Civil Unrest time on Wednesday at 6pm Pacific Time for all servers. We will not be revoking the rewards from this Civil Unrest, so it will be very much real. If Wednesday is successful, and I expect it to be, we will have Civil Unrest back on Saturdays, but at a different time of 5pm Pacific Time. The pot for Civil Unrest will be replenished and doubled for that Saturday. Following that CU, the pot will go back to normal and accumulate as intended. As far as the time goes, this was changed from 7pm to 5pm based on feedback, but we will keep listening and adjust if needed. The only housekeeping point I have, is that on Tuesday there is a chance that your towers will be gone, and you will have to place them again. Thank you for your patience on this matter, and especially to the guilds on Fey Forest for cooperating during the testing times this week.

One more note: if you are in Florida or in the path of Hurricane Matthew, please heed the mandatory evacuation order and go somewhere safe. When Disney World closes, you know s#@% is real.

Looking into this. We're not immediately sure where those titles could have gone, or whether it's intentional. Are there others besides "Angel of Death" that are missing?
The event is live. Removing a lot of all-caps from this thread and closing it. Thanks for your patience!

The next TERA update has been announced - Spellbound!

Updates will be released weekly leading up to the update. Today's update included info regarding the Sorcerer revamp. Check the Spellbound page for more: http://tera.enmasse.com/game-guide/spellbound
This is an extremely well formatted bug report. It's great that you listed specific locations. Thank you very much @eNobunon!
Clarified my original post. The Double Drop is for all TERA dungeons regardless of level.
MEHWKNFR46 wrote: »
All battlegrounds guys.

I added some clarification at the end of my post. Yes - all battlegrounds. Power Hour means double credits.
itf69 wrote: »
Inb4 this becomes an E R P thread.

I tip toe across the soft carpet, gently pulling back the drapes to peek out across the room. Our eyes meet. "I am shy, @itf69," I say in a whisper almost too quiet for you to hear.
Hey everyone,

So as you know, our Production team has been working with Bluehole this week to get to the bottom of our Civil Unrest: Velika troubles. After being caught off guard last Saturday, we decided to test fire the event Tuesday on a single server - Fey Forest. It didn’t launch, but our hope was that the server logs from that test would provide Bluehole with all the information necessary to track down the cause of the failure and ensure Civil Unrest: Velika would play out successfully on all servers this Saturday, October 8. Unfortunately, there are still questions that need answering. Because of that, we’re sorry to announce Civil Unrest: Velika is cancelled until further notice. Our investigation continues, and there will likely be additional test runs in the near future. The problem could be solved next week, but it wouldn’t be fair to you guys to make that promise until we at En Masse know things are functioning at 100%.

In the meantime…

A Double Drop event will be in effect this weekend starting Friday, October 7 at 11 AM PDT and ending Monday, October 10 at 11 AM PDT. A Battleground Power Hour (double rewards) event will also be active during that time. We hope these make your TERA weekend more enjoyable while we continue working on the problems that arose with Guilded Age. Saying that, though, we do have other things up our sleeve for October, and there are other exciting events on the way that we’re very excited to tell you about. Look for multiple announcements hitting the TERA News page in the next couple weeks.
Nootiful wrote: »
Yea its annoying but theres nothing we can do about it. EME wont even check their own logs to see that the same person at the same time every day has been accepting the rally quest. It is clearly botting, EME wont check the logs though they have to rely on us for "evidence". They have logs they can check but seem to not want to check them. Doesnt help that the people accepting the rally quests have paid alot towards the game so nothing will get done to them anyways because EME sees them as a cash flow.

The logs will show that Rally quests are immediately accepted by a player. Nothing about that behavior inherently points towards the use of a bot. We can't just auto-ban anyone who accepts Rally quests "too quickly." What if that player ends up being you? What if you get really lucky and catch the Rally quest three times in a row? Will people start calling you a hacker?

One of the major upsets here is that EVERYONE wants to immediately accept the quest, but only one person can. Everyone is checking simultaneously and constantly, looking for the quest to pop up. If one person doesn't accept it immediately, someone else will. It's because you're checking so often, anticipating the quest, that you're able to tell these players are getting them to quickly in the first place. The only coincidence is that the same player has gotten it multiple times, and for better or worse that's how it was designed to behave by the Bluehole dev team.

Saying that, there's a lot of player feedback to change the system, and we're not ignoring it. We know a lot of players don't like the way it works right now. I'd just like to avoid finger pointing wherever possible.
Ves1978 wrote: »
...it would be great if changes can be made. Like same guild can't take rally more than once a week, or even a month.

I'll pass this feedback along to the production team and to Bluehole. It seems like a good way to prevent the same guild from claiming them too often.
I removed some callouts from this thread. Remember that calling out groups or individuals is against the forum rules. If you think someone is exploiting TERA somehow, the only proper thing to do is contact CS with a ticket and include any evidence you may have.

At the moment, that evidence consists of people mentioning scripts in chat and accusing others of using scripts in chat, and neither of those mean anyone is actually running one. If you do file a ticket, please make sure you have a good reason for doing so.
Just a heads up here, there will be some backend forum maintenance on October 11th. The forums won't be down completely, but there might be some slowness during this time.

It will begin at 7:00 AM PDT and end 11:00 AM PDT.
Ketoth wrote: »
Thank you,

after 4 months my suggestion was accepted


Yes :)

A number of players messaged me about wanting these forums. The decision was made not to include them immediately in the new forums and to send bugs to CS instead. I'm glad to have them back, though.
LDP9RYFGE7 wrote: »
Okay, but how do I put this game to repair, I downloaded it straight through sit?

The bottom of the TERA Launcher has a "Tools" menu, and there's a repair option in there you may want to try. In your case if that doesn't work, I'd suggest contacting Customer Support instead of using the Bug Report forum, since this problem seems unique to your game and is resulting in crashes.
Jace21 wrote: »
@Vysse I am a lancer and I am almost out of resolve :cry:

It can be dangerous to go alone, so I'll throw down an Iron Will, Guardian Shout, and a Pledge of Protection, then Stand Fast next to you. ;)
Cuatal wrote: »
Description: This is a panda in front of a tree.

Haha, you're killin me.
Hi! Now that Autumn is here, I thought it would be fun to run a short screenshot contest here in the forums. Submissions will be open in this thread until Midnight PDT on Thursday, October 13. The day after that, I'll show off a bunch of my favorites on the air during the weekly TERA Twitch stream, then announce the winners! I'll also be providing some screenshot-taking tips while showing off early submissions on the stream this Friday, October 7 if you hurry!

In order to participate, please comment in this thread with a screenshot. Your screenshot must adhere to the following rules in order to be eligible:
  • You must state your character's name and server when submitting your image (do NOT add it on top of the image, please).
  • Only one player character in the screenshot. Background NPCs and mounts are okay, but tell your friends to step aside.
  • Only one screenshot per player. No multiple screenshots. You only get one chance to look your best!
  • Your character must be the focus of the shot. A nice backdrop is good for mood, but avoid lots of clutter. Your character should take up a large portion of the image.
  • No game mods!
  • No photoshopping of any kind.
  • You can edit your post in this thread if you take a new screenshot, replacing the old one, but only before the deadline on Oct 13.
  • You may include a brief description to be considered with your screenshot, but keep it to a few sentences.

Because this is an Autumn theme, there will be some fun Fall criteria to determine the multiple winners. Use the following list for inspiration when thinking up your perfect screenshot:
  • Representation of the Autumn season. What does Autumn mean to you?
  • Unique use of cosmetics, pose, facial customization, and backdrop.
  • Overall creativity.
  • Overall cuteness.
  • Overall badassery.
  • Best sense of humor.
  • Best fantasy flavor.
  • Festive and fabulous!
  • The nature lover.

There will be THREE top winners. Each of those winners will receive a Miss Katonic pet and a Temper permanent character mount, delivered the week after the contest to the character named in your submission. On top of that, FIVE runner-ups will get a Miss Katonic pet.

Good luck, and may the snazziest screenshots win!
RK6PRPCT9W wrote: »

They set up bots to spam the quest and take it. there was no fair play involved

There have been reports and rumors of players using bots/3rd party programs to exploit the Rally quests, but there has so far been zero evidence to back up that claim. If any of you have some, please open a ticket with Customer Support and provide all the information you have.
This behavior is the sort of thing the player council should be on about, to be honest. Hope they'll get this back to Bluehole somehow, it really ruins the enjoyment of the quest for it to be held hostage due to trolling.

That's not really true. Callouts and witch hunts aren't allowed in the forums. How could the Player Council possibly be responsible for the in-game behavior of players whispering to each other?

The proper thing to do is send this information to Customer Support. Griefing is not acceptable in TERA, and it appears that's what's going on here. Please send any screenshots you have to them, providing as much detail as possible about those involved. Reporting players to CS is the responsibility of those who witness wrongdoing. Please don't try to pass that off on the Player Council.
VirtualON wrote: »
PS : Also the dock is located at one side of the map, heavily disadvantage for towers built on that side.

We'll be watching to see how things play out once our Civil Unrest: Velika is up and running, and I'll keep what you said in mind. My only comment is that guilds can place towers wherever they want (with restrictions of course). I can only see this being an issue if all guild towers were somehow placed in random spots. If towers are at a disadvantage if they're closer to the dock, just don't put them close to the dock.
ArmellXI wrote: »
The bug started happening about an hour before Fey Forest Civil Unrest test

So approx. 1:00 PM PDT October 4th? Anyone experiencing this on other servers? Seems like an odd coincidence.
I've removed some comments from this thread that mainly contained bickering. Please try to respect one another, even if someone has a different opinion than you.
Avignon wrote: »
Spacecats wrote: »
Fey Forest is now back up.

Did it work? I'm curious if you guys found anything or what happened.

Civil Unrest: Velika didn't fire, but we've sent log files to Bluehole, and will be reviewing them ourselves in hopes of gleaning some information. Shoutout to everyone on Fey Forest for their patience while the server was restarted.
Fey Forest is now back up.
There were quite a few server announcements before the server went down. Please see this thread:

I was in Global chat telling people as well. The downtime was an estimated 15 minutes... which is now OVER and the server is coming back up as I type this ;)
Zayaka wrote: »
With the approach that works on the test server and not in others, next Saturday could also only work in FF and not in the other server ( MT TR AV CH )

There will likely be more tests after this. It depends on what our production team finds in the live server logs. Even if the event fires during the test, we'll still want to know WHY it worked.
Hi all,

The Bug Report forums are back. Please direct all your TERA bug reports to this forum, and remember to include as much detailed information as possible when making a new thread there.

Before posting, READ THIS!

This is basically a duplicate of the announcement regarding the test. Please direct your questions and comments there. Thanks!

Lessiem wrote: »
lmao! this is clearly a joke. Im from FF and I think is not fair for anyone; this is just turn off a fire with gas.
Go test the great Civil Unrest, hope this time work for you. I'll pass, im not getting paid for beta tester of Enmasse

You don't have to participate in Civil Unrest today. If you aren't interested, this will only affect you for about 15 minutes when the server will require a brief restart (this is necessary to generate a log of the attempt).

The hope is that this test will result in ACTUAL Civil Unrest: Velika this weekend for all servers. Or at least get us further down the road towards that goal.
FF only? lol

Nice time slot too

I sort of get the impression you didn't read all of Treeshark's post.
Slayce wrote: »
Xcr wrote: »
tfw tera has testing servers but they dont use them it feels

According to them they tested it on their test servers and it worked...

Correct! That's the pickle. There's no apparent reason it should work in one place and not the other... but that's what happened. It doesn't make sense, but hopefully we'll learn something from Fey Forest.
Below is a list of items that we look for in our bug reports. You do not have to include all of them, but the more information you provide the easier it will be for us to identify the bug.

What happened: A very detailed description of what you were doing right before the bug took place, during the bug, and after.
Date and Time the bug was witnessed
Reproduction Steps: If you are able to reproduce the bug list the steps to do so here.
Screenshot: If you can get one a screenshot is very helpful in identifying a bug. Pictures tell a thousand words so include a screenshot of the bug if you can.

Additional details if applicable...

• Name of the character or characters that experienced the bug
• Server the bug was experienced on
• Name of the NPC that is bugged
• Name of the quest that is bugged
• Zone or area in game where the bug took place
• URL of the website where the bug is
Hi there! This is a mega thread to host a list of bugs surrounding an update. For every major TERA update, a new mega thread will be created and the old one will be unstickied. The purpose of this thread is to serve as a reference for both TERA players and for the En Masse QA team, linking to specific reports from players when possible. It will help keep track of the most current bugs. Older, outstanding Known Issues may drop from the list over time in an effort to keep things tidy. Issues like those will remain archived in past mega threads as well as our internal triage database. QA never forgets a bug!

Only En Masse staff and Player Council members can edit this post. If you want to pitch in, please create a new discussion to report any bugs you've discovered. Check out THIS POST for tips on creating excellent, beautiful bug reports.


Known Issues surrounding the Guilded Age update:
  • Dragon Master passive skill reading incorrectly - FIXED 10/4/16 - "A factor of 1.5" is misleading. The skill increases base crit power by 50%. Currently all characters have base crit of 2, so this basically adds 1.
  • Brawler Roundhouse Kick and Rampage cause player knock up in Civil Unrest: Velika
  • Mystic buffs 'Aura of the Swift' and 'Aura of the Merciless' are removed when Mystics mount dragons with the 'Dragon's Reach' ground movement speed increase effect.
  • Players are unable to edit guild titles.
  • Cathodyne and Prismatronic weapon skin effect appears abnormal on Reapers.
Last Saturday I mentioned that we would follow through with some tests today on Tuesday. Here's what the current plan is:

First, this is purely a test. We will probably have one test time today, and I suspect more will happen throughout the week. These are NOT going to be the set "time" for Civil Unrest going forward.

That said, we will only test this on one server today, that being Fey Forest. We will plan to trigger this at 2pm Pacific Time, but my expectation is that this will not work. The purpose of this is that Bluehole needs more logs to figure out what is going on. For that, we will need to trigger a short maintenance on Fey Forest only at 4pm Pacific Time.

What happens if this does work and the tax money goes away? Well, whoever wins the test will win the gold for the tax period. However, we will be able to replenish the pot so it doesn't get reset to 0.
jrtseven wrote: »
Magraal wrote: »
The Civil Unrest schedule has not changed. It will still be run at the same time each week. This week however they are planning to run it at 5pm PST Tuesday AS A TEST to find out why it has not been working for the last two weeks. In order to ensure they find the actual problem, they're running this test on the live servers, which means people will be able to participate, IF it works- which is why they have announced it to everyone.

Correct, however they have yet to officially announce their plans for testing. Spacecats wrote that we should expect a forum thread detailing their announcement, however it seems they can't be bothered to even give us an update.

As far as I have been informed, the details are still being finalized as we speak, so Spacecats should have new information to post very soon.
Welcome to the Bug Report forums!

What’s a bug and what isn’t?

A bug is something in the game that should work one way, but doesn’t. A game bug is not a game suggestion. If something is working as intended, but you would rather have it work another way, please use the Game Suggestions section to give your feedback and improvement ideas.

Not sure if you found a bug? Try asking other players if they’ve experienced it. Still not sure? Go ahead and report it here!

Common things that ARE NOT BUGS:

OKAY, I FOUND A BUG! How do I report it?

Do a quick forum search to make sure there isn’t already a discussion about it. If there is, please add your details there. Otherwise, here’s a sample post you may use as a template:

(TITLE: Bee Keeper’s “Bzzz” skill uses incorrect animation!)

Character info - My character is Buzz.Hopkins, level 65 Bee Keeper on Celestial Hills. He is MALE. He’s a HIGH ELF. (Always make sure to provide class/race/gender). He has full Starfall gear, all pieces except boots and gloves are +15. I first experienced this bug on 11/12 after logging in and entering Forsaken Island (Hard) through Instance Matching. The bug only happens in Forsaken Island and Forsaken Island (Hard). It does not appear to happen in any open world areas, Battlegrounds, or other dungeons.

The bug behavior - When I have the “Honey Pot” buff active and chain “Stinger” into “Bzzz,” the “Bzzz” skill completely skips its combat animation. When the bug happens, Bzzz still deals damage normally, but my character stops moving and stands still. The sound effect for Bzzz also does not happen. Ideally the end of Stinger’s animation should be interrupted by the Bzzz animation to show my character spinning around and shaking its bee booty at the monster with a distinct buzzing noise.

Hotkeys - I have my hotkeys mapped to default except Stinger which is mapped to Q and jump is mapped to X. I typically use Spacebar to chain Stringer into Bzzz.

Related glyphs - I have the base glyph which reduces the cooldown for Bzzz by 10% but no other glyphs interact with Bzzz. I also use the glyph for Stinger which increases crit damage by 3%.

Other details - This bug occurs during all fights and monsters in Forsaken Island, and after speaking with other Bee Keepers it looks like I’m not the only one experiencing this bug. This seems to happen 100% of the time in Forsaken Island. If I turn off Honey Pot buff, the animation works normally, but since Honey Pot is such an essential skill for Bee Keeper, I have it active for every fight.

Latency/FPS don’t seem to be a factor. It happens regardless of lag or dropped FPS.

Here is a screenshot (or video) showing the bug in action:

<LINK TO IMAGE OR VIDEO – Always useful!!>

As you can see, I made sure to include my UI in the screenshot (always include your UI!) so you can see the other buffs I have active along with any other UI information.


How will En Masse respond to my bug report?

Ideally we won’t need to. We’ll just fix the bug, and you will have been an excellent help in improving the quality of TERA! On some occasions, En Masse staff may respond in order to get additional details about a bug if we’re having a hard time replicating it. There may also be times when a bug has been identified, but we aren’t able to fix it right away. In those cases, En Masse staff might stop in to let you know we’re working on fixing the bug in a future update.
Your best bet is to make a Support Ticket, and state the exact moment your Game Client is crashing.

If you can make it all the way to character selection before the crash occurs, go ahead and include the characters you have tried logging into, like is it only effecting one specifically, or all characters...

Also, providing the text file that is created while running our EME Diagnostic (http://support.enmasse.com/tera/resolve-technical-issues-with-the-diagnostic-tool) certainly helps speed things along.
Jenieve wrote: »

En Masse is the publisher for TERA while Bluehole is the developer. As far as responsibility to the game, our roles are fairly different.
Same problem, usual ping is 150-160 and during evenings it goes 160-200+


If you're playing from the Baltic states as your screenshot implies, that kind of latency is to be expected. Evenings are always peak times for Internet traffic. More traffic = higher latency per user.
Eiiji wrote: »
I win!!!!!

A ping that high means you basically disconnected. Your client is likely retrying before giving up, and showing a giant latency while things aren't connected. Where are you playing from?
DesuBean wrote: »
Why is the ping on the servers fluctuating so much?
From 10PM-11AM EST I can average 35-45 Ping, how ever right when afternoon hits, ping ping on Tera makes a major hit.. all the way up to 65-80 from New York.
I ran a ping test to a server in Chicago and averaged 35-45, but on Tera I'm getting close to the 70's.
If I'm playing late at Night, the ping is never like this, there's some spiking but very minimal.




Edit: Now it's down to the 40's.

A fluctuation of 20-30 milliseconds is pretty normal activity. As to why you're pinging Chicago and getting lower latency, a ping is pretty tiny and doesn't require any kind of handshake. Connecting with TERA servers and En Masse account services needs a little extra time.
alright after lurking the forums abit, finally found a fix for my username. finally changed it :awesome: now have to change my picture too lol

You can do that by clicking your name up at the top of the forums, then click your picture to select another one.

Welcome to the forums!

(And thanks everyone for giving such good help to a new player. <3 )
Why is everything working properly over at Gameforge though then?

As far as Civil Unrest: Velika goes, that's an excellent question! I think if we'd known the answer going into the update, it would have helped a ton. Unfortunately each TERA region is a bit different as far as server setup/configuration. There's a piece to the puzzle that is unique to our version, and our production team is talking with Bluehole to figure out what that is.
sanj66 wrote: »
when has player feedback ever been taken seriously, and i mean even quality written posts etc? event after event has been broken, update after update broken as well, the dragon issue was posted weeks before its release and all treeshark said is it was a legit concern but the feedback was never acted upon. nothing anyone has ever raised has ever been considered or acted upon, so why continue to post and provide feedback or even trust the company?

Feedback was given on our part, taken by players, but ultimately wasn't implemented in the game. It's much easier to digest and take action on well constructed feedback, but unfortunately that doesn't guarantee it will result in game changes. Planning content for TERA takes a ton of resources, and it's up to team leads and developer leads to determine how much can be done in a period of time. More TERA content is being developed as we speak. If it weren't, new content would take a lot longer.

Saying that, I realize you're totally frustrated here - you feel like all the events are broken, all the updates are broken, all the everything is broken, and nothing gets fixed even after players tell us and Bluehole to fix it. Realistically I think you'll agree that isn't really true, but during weeks like these when more than one thing has gone awry it's easy to feel that way. We're doing our best to make sure things are resolved as quickly as possible.

One goal for us here at En Masse to recognize problems further in advance. There are times like this when we should communicate potential problems in advance, but that's tough to do especially when we think things have been solved on our end. If we'd said Friday night that "hey, we think Civil Unrest: Velika will fire, but it might not!" I'm not sure it would have lessened the sting very much. At least players would be more in the loop, though. I don't want to sidetrack this thread with pure talk of CU:V firing, but we'll have more to say about the event soon in a fresh post. Treeshark is working to get some answers from Bluehole before we try the event again on live servers and we'll try to remain as open as possible about it.
Jenieve wrote: »
The player council was doomed the moment they:
A. had to mod forums
B. Became popularity contest voted in via forums - which players rarely visit and predominately visit when bored crazy, upset, or looking for specific information.

They SHOULD have gone to the primary guilds of each server and interviewed top issues.

A. They don't.
B. They weren't voted in. They were selected by En Masse.

Some of the Player Council members are guild leaders. Some aren't. There are many guilds out there who did not apply to be in the Player Council, and that lack on interest/involvement alone is a hint that they shouldn't be on it. We can't just randomly pass responsibility to people who don't ask for it. This isn't corsair's stronghold.

The willingness of players to communicate their concerns directly to Player Council members is a choice made by players. A Player Council member shouldn't have to be in your guild in order to be involved in your guild's feedback, and it's not fair to other players to expect larger guilds to hold sway over smaller ones and how they give feedback about the game.
Deluso wrote: »
If player council are 'working', they should've prevent this dragon passive buff.
And not only if you know what I mean.
But put that aside and not get off-track from main topic.

That's not a reasonable thing to ask from the Player Council. They don't have the ability to predict things like game bugs any more than the average TERA player does. The purpose of the Player Council is to encourage and promote healthy player feedback and events, and that largely starts in these forums. They're not scapegoats, and saying things like "this could have been prevented by the council" is no more fair than claiming you could have prevented a bug yourself, Deluso.
Vesporax wrote: »
The only test they probably did was use gm powers to force the event on. The event itself works, but they never really tested the timer.

I know it's tempting to speculate on how QA probably or maybe did something, why the event worked in test but didn't on live, what could have been done differently, etc... but there's a bit more to the testing process than that. Singlebear would be freaking thrilled if all it took was testing whether some timer worked or not. ;D
Emmalyn wrote: »
...Some people are as dedicated they can be with multiple jobs and college. I've been playing Tera for 5 years, but honestly that doesn't matter. It's just going to cause people to argue "who's been here the longest". It's not a competition. If the majority of players enjoy your game (or did at one point), we all deserve a fair shot at obtaining a dragon (not just level 65, or rng)...

I agree! People are reading into what I said multiple ways. I think things will be more clear once we're able to release details on how to get the dragons. I appreciate how patient you guys are being during the wait.
We use multiple internal and live test servers. Civil Unrest: Velika was tested on multiple test environments and fired normally on all of them.
Kinohki wrote: »
I guess my only question is this:

After last week's failure of the event launching, why did you not have someone there capable of manually launching the event?

There is no "manual override" or anything like that. There's just one way to launch the event so far as we know. Hopefully Bluehole will be able to help us uncover more information so it starts working properly.
Hey I just want to pop in here and say I've read everything posted in this thread so far. It's a lot to consider, but I'm glad that you guys came together to write such a comprehensive letter regarding the update and recent communication.

Please keep posting feedback as it pertains to the letter. Obviously after tonight, with CU:V not launching a second time, a lot of people are talking about that. Please keep the other aspects of the letter in mind as well.

As you eluded to, MeowForMe, some of these things can't be helped by En Masse. A couple of them can. For example, Power Hours are something we can control. We can pass feedback to Bluehole regarding the Rally timers, loot, and chances for small guilds to participate, but we can't change that ourselves. Dragons, as you know, already have a thread going and I'm afraid there's nothing new to post on that topic for now.

Mongos are a topic I can definitely address, and I'll be as transparent as I can here. I'm the one who designed and operated that event. Overall, I'd like to think Neon was a success and brought a lot of players together for hunting tiny Mongos as well as Legendaries. It was very cool to see people forming raids, making new friends, and even forming new guilds because of the event. As a Community Manager I really loved that <3

The rewards for the event were too high, though. I know a bunch of players will cringe when they read that, but it's true! After the first Mongo event, there were a lot of complaints about the Mongos being too hard to find, rewards being disappointing, and overall a "waste" of an event. I know not everyone shared that sentiment, and a lot of you thought it was a cool concept, but I felt there was enough feedback that something had to be done for Neon to prevent it from disappointing those players.

That meant a few main things - 1) Making Mongos easier to find, especially the common ones, 2) Eliminating disappointing loot like Fashion Coupons, 3) Adding rewards for parties that hunted Mongos together.

That 3rd aspect is very tricky, and was the main contributor in landing certain players piles of loot in a short period of time. It resulted in a surplus of enchanting materials, Noble Moons, Chilly Clouds, and innerwear (inners were rebalanced after about the first hour or two, but as we all know a ton of those had already dropped). Some players really loved the loot, and others hated it. Some players likely logged into multiple accounts and formed parties with themselves. Those with only a handful of hours to play TERA per night (what I would consider an average player) were pretty happy with what they were able to farm. Those with infinite hours... well. Screenshots were posted, showing piles of loot. Some players saw those, believed it was normal, and that they somehow got hosed because they couldn't farm that entire weekend. I won't keep rambling here, but suffice to say it's difficult to make an event that's worthwhile for 3-hour-per-night players (don't forget across multiple time zones!), but isn't a magical pinata for those who are able to log on multiple accounts for 48 hours straight.

TL;DR - I agree loot was too high on Mongos. Overall loot rates will likely be lower next time as a result, but I'm confident that there are ways to make events like Mongo and Mongo Neon (as well as the invasion event I'm working on for later this month) stay really enjoyable without raining Feedstock and MWA across the land.
ratedX wrote: »
So much for a "Hot fix" huh? Did they even test it to see if it worked?

The Thursday hotfix was to prevent another Saturday night server crash. It wasn't related to Civil Unrest: Velika (though at first we suspected CU:V didn't launch because of the crash). As Treeshark said in the OP, we did re-QA the whole event over the course of the week in anticipation for tonight. Civil Unrest: Velika worked fine on test servers, all signs pointed to "yes."

Once our QA and Production team figures out what's going on, we'll likely switch back to Saturday night like it was supposed to be. That might mean running it at an odd time when everybody is in the office at EME (like for instance, a Tuesday at 5). For now, it looks like there's more work ahead to narrow down the issue.
points taken on the time. It's not set in stone, but the top priority is making sure it runs at all
After last week's event not working, we re-QA'd the entire event using the same parameters and asked Bluehole to help us figure out what might have gone wrong. We had it working but obviously, as of a few hours ago, it did not.

I had concerns about running something mid-week, and again on Saturday, as it would lessen the rewards of such an event. Right now, theres' no other choice than to run this during the week at an hour when we're all in the office to troubleshoot. RIght now, this Tuesday at 5pm seems like a better time, but I'll come back after running this by the team at EME and BHS on this.

I know you all are angry, but please remain civil on this. Vysse's post has been helpful, and I'lll be keeping my eye on that one.
You bring up a lot of good points in this thread.
Haruuuu wrote: »
why do i get the feeling that the tera forum is full of eme/bhs staffs secretly replying as a user?

Not being salty but....

By reading it, basically this is what I understood..
> the dragons passive bug was just a hoax, they were never bugged
> the ghost and diamond dragon were meant to be implemented before to get full income possible (otherwise they'd be released as mounts, not just lootboxes with very low chance, costing a lot of money for such low chance), because you knew people will love the passive and the dragons, and such hype was perfect for money making...
> the iron and crimson dragons will still be milking machines because only 1% of people - the "dedicated players" (read "the choosen ones") will be able to get them so people will still be forced to buy them from store to keep them "exclusive" as in means of being "respectful" to the design...

Correct me if I am wrong...

I thought you've always believed in a balance between purchasable and earnable ways of getting stuff... that's not how it works..

Can you elaborate on the passive bug you're talking about? We're looking into a reported bug that interferes with Mystic buffs, but it doesn't have anything to do with the release of dragon mounts.

Originally, all dragons were meant to be released with the Guilded Age update, as mentioned on the Guilded Age update page. They were delayed. The delay largely had to do with the distribution of the Iron and Crimson versions. Ghost and Diamond were not affected. Rather than deny all players of getting the dragon mounts scheduled for Guilded Age, we felt it was best to release what we could. There are players out there who only wanted Diamond or Ghost mounts, and we felt releasing them was the right thing to do.

This is in no way an attempt to get people to buy Ghost/Diamond mounts when what they really want is Iron/Crimson, and we have not hidden the fact that Iron/Crimson are making their way to TERA. If you want Iron/Crimson dragons, GOOD! We want to release them because we think they're awesome too! And we will, but it's taking time to sort out the new plan in coordination with Bluehole.
PWYD33LLA7 wrote: »
@Spacecats Did you received my message? do you need screenshots or something for issued dragon master passive(only+1 instead +1.5)?

Yeah check your inbox, thanks :)
Spacecats wrote: »
Stricera wrote: »
" dedicated players " I've been playing just about nonstop everyday for 3 years. I hope I get a dragon

I hope you do too. You're exactly the kind of player we want to make sure has an excellent shot at one.

an excellent shot at one????? does that mean it will some sort of potion shop, lottery, bam hunt that drops the rng letters, or will it still be obtainable by farming level 65 and above bams and getting token drops..??? please explain.

No details are available yet, allofspaceandtime. I know it's easy to read into responses and try to look for more answers. Everyone wants to know how the dragons will be obtained. Honestly, it's just a matter of time before that info is decided upon and announced. Please avoid speculation as we don't want to accidentally spread rumors.
Spacecats wrote: »
Ketoth wrote: »
so dragons with the new dungeons only ...

And what you mean with dedicated players`?

Those who play all the time. Players who are looking forward to earning the dragons through in-game means.

Also, they're not tied to any new dungeons or content updates.

During the stream, you talked about the number of tokens that people needed to get a dragon. It was 5-7 tokens per battleground win if you get a jackpot match, and you needed something silly like 600 or 800 to buy a dragon? Are you still going to have that implementation or do you plan to scrap it for another one? From this it sounds like playtime will be a factor?

Sorry, no details to give. Everything I explained during the stream was our original plan, which is no longer happening. Players will have to wait a bit longer to know the new plan.
Nanahira wrote: »
Wait wait

- The regular varieties restore 1 percent of your max HP and MP per second, have a flight and ground movement speed of 290, and have a flight duration of 694. Regular flying dragon mounts also grant you the passive skill Dragon Master, which grants a chance to increase your Crit Power at random against monsters by a factor of 1.5, even when you are not mounted.

- The royal varieties restore 2 percent of your max HP and MP per second, have a flight and ground movement speed of 290, have a flight duration of 928, and provide a +10 increase to ground movement speed to you and all party members within 30m. Royal flying mounts also grant you the passive skill Draconis Rex, which grants a chance to double your Crit Power at random against monsters, even when you are not mounted."

So the dragons we'll getting soon in game only have the 1.5x crit power?

So if i want more damage (2x) ,i'll have to pay with emp ? if yes then its 100% p2w

That text is explaining is that two dragon versions exist. Normal and Royal. There will be more details once we're ready to release in-game methods for getting dragons.
BHTrellis wrote: »
Spacecats wrote: »
BHTrellis wrote: »
So, the group codes. Any way you can sneak in a 3-7 day dragon to give us a taste since we have to wait for the middle of next month now?

Might just boost the sales in the shop too.

That would be fun but I'm not sure if it's possible to do right now. Is there another temp item you think would be fun to give out?

3 or 7 day Andy , 3 or 7 day Swat uniforms, Temporary Felicity. Fashion Coupons are also a win at least me.

Or maybe even a full set of Goldfinger Tokens. :P That would be fun. I could use the innerwear for my reaper.

They come in sets of three, right? ;D

I'll see what I can do.
Ginjitsu wrote: »
Are there any temporary flying dragon skill books?

Not right now, unfortunately.
Wom wrote: »
meanwhile eu getting decent loot for etchings, tokens for innerwear and a chance of dragons as we play hide and seek LUL

I wish I was european

Are they cloudy with a chance of dragons? :p

Did you see this post today? We're also getting in-game methods for earning dragons. Though please continue the discussion in there since this is a thread about today's stream.
AVPlayer wrote: »
Why is Bluehole devoting extra effort of making the dragon mount available in game when players can obtain it from other players?

Because we believe it's the right thing to do, and we said we would.
Ginjitsu wrote: »

Talk is cheap, specially when past discussions with Bluehole takes more than 3 months to implement!

Obviously, actions speak louder than words. Now that we've given a rough timeline, we're committed to following through with it.
Stricera wrote: »
" dedicated players " I've been playing just about nonstop everyday for 3 years. I hope I get a dragon

I hope you do too. You're exactly the kind of player we want to make sure has an excellent shot at one.
PWYD33LLA7 wrote: »
Thank you spacecat. @Spacecats can you take a look of the dragon master passive(1.5critpower) the passive only giving us+1 instead +1.5 (I tested it on low IOD mob)

Can you message me and tell me about what you did to test it?
Ketoth wrote: »
so dragons with the new dungeons only ...

And what you mean with dedicated players`?

Those who play all the time. Players who are looking forward to earning the dragons through in-game means.
BHTrellis wrote: »
So, the group codes. Any way you can sneak in a 3-7 day dragon to give us a taste since we have to wait for the middle of next month now?

Might just boost the sales in the shop too.

That would be fun but I'm not sure if it's possible to do right now. Is there another temp item you think would be fun to give out?
Hi Everyone,

I’d like to follow up on iron and crimson dragons, and having them drop in game. As we approached the Guilded Age update and the release of dragon mounts, we had a plan in mind which we were ready to implement. However, after further investigation and research, that plan wasn’t good enough and we had to go back to the drawing board. The dragons are quite possibly the best items produced so far for TERA, and we want to remain respectful to both you and to Bluehole in the way that they’re distributed.

We’ve had very long and intense conversations with Bluehole on the best way to go about this, and we’re almost at a resolution. It’s these discussions which are contributing to a longer delay than we’d initially hoped. At the moment, we’re aiming to have a final plan in place for in-game drops starting in October. While I would love it to be early October, realistically it will most likely be later October. At that point we’ll also be releasing iron and crimson dragons in the TERA store, but not until they are earnable through in-game means. As many of you know the diamond and ghost dragon mounts were never intended to be available through in-game means, which is why we felt it made sense to add them to the store with the Guilded Age launch. Iron and Crimson dragons, on the other hand, were set aside as a way for dedicated players to earn an awesome piece of TERA history, and that’s still our goal as our conversation with Bluehole continues.

I’ll follow up with another announcement in October when a plan has been agreed upon. In the meantime, I know a lot of you are anxious for the release of these mounts, and I appreciate everyone’s patience in all of this as we work things out.


Little known fact: BARAKAS are the best in TERA when it comes to hide & seek!

We played last month and had a ton of fun. Let's do it again! This time I'll be visiting Ascension Valley, Celestial Hills, and Fey Forest (in that order). For those who didn't get to join us last time, the game will go like this:
  • I put on my robe and Baraka hat... and log into one of the servers.
  • I sneakily find a hiding place on that server.
  • I'll switch to in-game view, and show you a tiny bit of my surroundings. I might also give you a tip. I'll try to remember not to be invisible :D
  • The first player on that server to jump on my Baraka head wins the round and gets a prize!
  • Rinse, repeat, Twitch chat raffle and trivia between rounds.

We begin at 3:00 PM PDT on the En Masse Twitch channel. See you there! https://www.twitch.tv/enmasseentertainment
Tatsuyaaa wrote: »
This thread just seems like PVE players complaining about the patch cuz they removed DS gg

No, I think the feedback on the Guild quests is important. As a Dreadspire fan I'm also sad to see it go, but I think there are other things to focus on. The Guild quests are a new system, and I feel like most players agree they're a cool addition to the game, but could use a little adjusting (and maybe even some work expanding/broadening the Rally quest idea in some way).
Thanks for creating this thread, Pomchi. I look forward to seeing more constructive feedback like this! This is definitely the kind of stuff we'll want to talk with Bluehole about in order to improve the latest content.
Moving to the Game Suggestion forums. :)
Loveberri wrote: »
Even after whatever patch and a server maint these issues still persist on day 6 for me. I'm guessing over at EME you since you guys see nothing on your end, you all are probably hoping like we are hoping that it will just 'fix itself' in time but its just frustrating because people in guild, and myself have dramatically reduced activity because this is unplayable in anything besides "i can't possibly die" content, like cw or kc. Just like consumers would have to call up their respective ISPs for major issues, I think you all should probably consider getting some kind of investigation or support from your provider or zayo or what have you, that can possibly at least give a reason.

You can feel free to contact our Support Team and provide an EME Diagnostic (If you have not already done so).

Most commonly, it ends up being some Security Software or conflicting installed program that restricts but doesn't fully block the required connection between your computer and our servers.

Other times, it can be the specific path your connection is taking to our servers, which can be caused by an unforeseen Internet Data Center Outage along that path.
Our Ops team has continued to monitor server stability and connectivity. There haven't been any blips since the 27th, and the authentication issue that was causing issues on the 27th was resolved. That would have mostly been disconnects, but some of you saw extreme lag (like 14,000+ms) when it was still trying to refresh and hadn't quite disconnected yet.

So again, as of right now things are stable. That's not to say everyone everywhere is 100%, because the road from your house to our servers in Chicago is a long one with lots of pit stops, but as far as our little corner of the internet and what we can monitor/control, things are working normally.

If you're still having trouble, feel free to comment. We don't want anyone to feel like we're totally disregarding you if you're experiencing lag spikes. There's just a good chance it's a snag in the pipeline that we can't monitor. We'll still look into it, though!

It's already been reported by several players through Support Tickets as well as through the Forums.

I assume the report that was filed for it is still in the review process.
Instead of pumping out all this cool content for us which is appreciated by a lot of us, It would be extremely better however to spend the time and money into upgrading the games overall performance and stable servers. Because nobody enjoys losing 40 FPS out of now where and constant server crashes because there's too much stress.

All I wanted to say. :)

We appreciate the feedback. Players often ask about optimization in TERA, and it's something we're continuously passing on to Bluehole. An effort like that would definitely be developer work, and a Bluehole decision.

As far as servers crashing, it fairly rare, and doesn't actually have much to do with server "stress". The last time servers went down it was a Saturday night, and a script designed for reporting game activity didn't run properly and caused the servers to have a bit of a breakdown. The maintenance this morning made sure that doesn't happen again.

On the tech side of things, we actually had a bit of an upgrade earlier in the year, though to many players it was probably hard to tell (it didn't need a special maintenance).
Moving to Game Suggestion forums. Housing is a really fun idea! If you have details on what you wish a housing system looked like in TERA, and maybe even how houses could tie with other aspects of the game (dungeons, gathering, crafting, lore, etc...) feel free to post your ideas here!
I'm guessing it's this:


Though I can't translate it to save my life.

That just says you can get dragons from loot boxes, or on the trade broker from those who got one from a loot box.
Shikine wrote: »
As of today kTera released in the patch notes that they will too add an in-game earning method in their Thursday patch.

I'm having a hard time finding anything like that. Got a link by any chance?
GuedesRS wrote: »
Spacecats wrote: »
Rally times still have quite a bit of randomness built into them. They're meant to be hard to predict. The production team did tweak the times so overall they'll be a bit later in the day, but in this case RNG had its own ideas.

The times will be adjusted a little more next week so that the range is a little less drastic.

One more week to wait rally quests in time u guys promise? Jesus Christ...
So dissapointed...

I'm not sure if my response was confusing, but just to clarify, Rally quests are currently appearing normally and as intended. We will be tweaking some settings regarding time of day, but they will always be slightly random, and there's always going to be a chance that they'll appear in the mornings and late evenings.
Rally times still have quite a bit of randomness built into them. They're meant to be hard to predict. The production team did tweak the times so overall they'll be a bit later in the day, but in this case RNG had its own ideas.

The times will be adjusted a little more next week so that the range is a little less drastic.
Guys please avoid callouts in the forums. Even me :p
If you want my specific attention the best way is to message me directly or make a thread that describes what's going on (I changed the thread title to "Rally quest times".)

OKAY SO... yeah, I'll look into this right away and thanks for posting @Tatsuyaaa. I'm pretty sure the Rally timeframe was supposed to be later in the day, not immediately after maintenance. There's definitely something up. I'll talk to the production team and tell you what I find.

Tirani wrote: »
@CobaltDragon can we get some patch notes for todays maintence pls..

I don't believe there are any official Patch Notes for today's Maintenance.

It was a combination weekly Maintenance along with a Hotfix that is meant to address the issue with Civil Unrest that caused all servers to crash on Saturday.

In addition to those, there was also a change to Guild Quest Timers to make them more North American Server appropriate, Level 60 Scrolls can once again be used on a Ninja, and modifications made to the Goldfinger Box.
I believe there is a fix to the Goldfinger Boxes happening today during Maintenance.
if dont summon the boss and time end ... quest fail . they dont get anything

This is true. After two hours the quest expires and the guild that claimed it fails, getting no rewards.
I've removed some posts from this thread that were spreading misinformation. As of right now, there are still no methods to earn the iron and crimson dragon mounts, and BAMs are currently not dropping any dragon tokens.

We're making some progress on the release of additional dragons (outside what's currently in the store), but there's still no news we can share. We'll make a new forum post when we know more.
Closing this thread as it is a duplicate. Please see the stickied thread here for dragon discussion:

Unfortunately there isn't any news I can pass on yet, though Treeshark has been working hard to collaborate with Bluehole on a way to move forward. We'll post an announcement when it's ready.
Closing this thread as it is a duplicate. Please see the stickied thread here for dragon discussion:

Unfortunately there isn't any news I can pass on yet, though Treeshark has been working hard to collaborate with Bluehole on a way to move forward. We'll post an announcement when it's ready.
This thread has run its course. The conversation has been all over the place, especially in the last few pages which has mostly consisted of venting about unrelated topics with no suggestions on how to improve, so I'm closing it.

If you'd like to give further feedback, and you have ideas on how specific aspects of the game can be improved, please do so in the Game Suggestions forum.
ratedX wrote: »
So they are trying to remain as silent as they can without further upsetting the community.

More or less.

We have no reason to remain silent, except with the goal of being honest with our players we don't want to speculate or give false information. Being silent is better than telling you guys something that isn't true. I hope everyone here agrees with that and sees where we're coming from!

When there's lag, disconnects, and glitches like this all popping up at once, it's easy to speculate as to the cause. That's how rumors start. In reality, multiple things are happening. It's not a single culprit with an easy solution.
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