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Sorry about that, guys. It was a minor delay, but I realize you guys are anxious to get back in. Servers are being brought back up right now. ETA like... 3 minutes!
I'll see what's going on with this. Thanks guys.
Thanks PaulIsAwesome, I'll move this to the Bug Report forum.

I assume you're referring to French grammar rules (this looks French to me ;) ). Since France isn't a country or language in the world and lore of TERA, it's possible our localization team named it this way on purpose just to make the item unique for the game. In any case, I'll let them know.
Inseo wrote: »
Spacecats wrote: »
This was a really quick monster spawn on MT. It only lasted like 10 minutes for a group of like 50 people that I'd been hanging out with in Velika. Sorry for any confusion the message caused!

I would like to ask Spacecats why he spawned the BAMs just for few of his friends.

He's essentially abusing he's powers which makes it seems like he's not taking the job seriously. Do we have to be a suck-up to a GM to get in game benefits? Not to mention the patch notes were suppose to be up but he was just hanging around in velika with this special group.

Wasn't his job to make Tera community better? not making this "Spacecats club". I'm pretty sure its not part of his job description to spawn BAMs that only people he selected can get. In fact what he's doing is only making sub-community of Tera that only selected people get to join.

We would've never found out about this if he didn't make a mistake and made the in game notification. The majority of the people who are not in that group can only frown upon for what Spacecats has done.

It's really upsetting and sad to see Tera community manager doing this kind of action.

Sorry to give you the wrong idea, Inseo. This wasn't a special group of people (though it's always nice to visit MT). It was just a bunch of people that had gathered in Velika because they saw me standing there and decided to hang out. There was no favoritism involved and it was a very brief occurrence. Any event with significant participation or rewards will typically be announced ahead of time.
JasonTERA wrote: »
Spacecats wrote: »
This was a really quick monster spawn on MT. It only lasted like 10 minutes for a group of like 50 people that I'd been hanging out with in Velika. Sorry for any confusion the message caused!

Interesting.. So it seems like you gave some gift to those 50 people hangging out with you, but you baited several hundreds people by that. Indeed, "Moster Spawn Event is active" message is still ON, haha.

Check now, it should be gone. It stuck around because of some cats I left behind :p
A new thread has been created now that the patch notes are up. Please move discussion here:


Patch Notes are now available for the Spellbound update, available October 25 after server maintenance:


For an overview of the Spellbound update, containing screenshots and additional details regarding the new dungeons, see the Spellbound Game Guide.
Torchide wrote: »
Spacecats wrote: »
Manjuh wrote: »
Are the free dragons bankable or not?

Unfortunately no, the dragons you get from eggs aren't tradeable or bankable.

So how many people have to unsubscribe from elite before this tradeable token system is put back in the game?



The token in that screencap is part of the system the En Masse team had originally planned for these dragons, but as you know we had to put a hold on that and change the system (which is what the delay was about). The plan I posted in this thread is the one agreed upon by Bluehole.
Ketoth wrote: »
Where is the 2.0 passive in game? if it isnt avaible ingame TERA definly turned in P2W game
You said 2.0 will be available in game

As of the update tomorrow, the only way to get the 2.0 passive in-game without going through the Store is by buying it from another player via trade or broker.
Manjuh wrote: »
Are the free dragons bankable or not?

Unfortunately no, the dragons you get from eggs aren't tradeable or bankable.
This was a really quick monster spawn on MT. It only lasted like 10 minutes for a group of like 50 people that had gathered in Velika. Sorry for any confusion the message caused!
Iron and Crimson dragons are set to release October 25! Players will be able to get these dragons multiple ways:
  • Account Bound Iron and Crimson dragons will be available through the TERA Store. As with all account-bound mounts, they aren’t tradeable. These mounts will have 1% HP and MP regeneration, but no combat stats.
  • Royal Iron and Crimson dragons will be available through Loot Boxes in the TERA Store. These boxes will be lower in price compared to Diamond and Ghost dragons, but like Diamond/Ghost they’ll grant the Draconis Rex passive, giving a chance to double Crit Power. They also have 2% HP/MP regen and a party buff that increases mounted movement speed by 10.
  • Non-tradeable Iron Dragons and Crimson Dragons will be obtainable by earning Dragon Scales. These versions will grant Dragon Master, giving a chance to increase Crit Power by a factor of 1.5.

Here’s how to obtain dragons in-game…

First off please note that none of the materials or resulting items involved in this process are tradeable or bankable. To begin, Dragon Scales can be earned through certain Vanguard Quests (see below). A single character will be able to earn up to six Dragon Scales each day by completing all six quests. We’ll also be looking to include Dragon Scales as rewards in other places, like through special events and the daily calendar rewards. These Dragon Scales will open a token shop, where you can spend fifty Dragon Scales to obtain a Hardening Dragon Egg.

The Hardening Dragon Egg can be opened like a box, with a small chance to contain either an Iron Dragon or a Crimson Dragon (both dragons have an equal chance of appearing). If you don’t get either dragon in your egg, you’ll receive a Dragon Claw instead. Eight Dragon Claws combine in your inventory to create a Mysterious Dragon Egg.

The Mysterious Dragon Egg can then be opened, and may contain an Iron Dragon or a Crimson Dragon. The chance of getting a dragon from these Mysterious Eggs is much better than the Hardening Dragon Egg. If you still weren’t lucky enough to get a dragon, you’ll receive two Dragon Claws instead, giving you a head start on getting your next Mysterious Dragon Egg.

The following Vanguard Requests will grant Dragon Scales as rewards:
  • Shadow Sanguinary (Hard)
  • Sky Cruiser Endeavor (Hard)
  • Lilith’s Keep (Hard)
  • Ruinous Manor (Hard)
  • Ruinous Manor (Normal)
  • Corsair’s Stronghold
Jerzy wrote: »
Patch notes will be out later today. They're probably finalizing everything

We are. There were a couple last minute clarifications to make in wording. Expect patch notes in the next 30 minutes or so.
Moved to Off Topic forum.

Sign up for the 2016 En Masse Extra Life team! This year we shall be called THE EME DREAM STREAM TEAM!

For those of you who haven't heard of Extra Life, it's a gaming event that happens one a year to raise money for children's hospitals. Gamers from around the world are invited to make an Extra Life profile and raise money. You can also join a team in order to collaborate and contribute towards bigger goals... like ours ;D

Whether you want to stream along with us, or hang out in our Twitch chat while we goof around for 25 hours straight, you're welcome to join our team and pledge to do ridiculous things for donations just like we are! Obviously the more people on our Dream Team, the better. Joining and sharing our team page to your friends and family will raise awareness of the event, and anyone who donates to your individual Extra Life profile will also be contributing to our team donation goal!

We're planning all kinds of activities and rewards for our donors, so look for updates in the next week while we ramp up.
LennyH wrote: »
If another like this happens, please make the unity stoke tradeable. I have multiple accounts with multiple characters in guilds. It'll be nice to allow people to profit off of freebie events like these.

Sorry but I don't think a tradeable Unity Stole is in our future. Like the Wonder Star, Bruiseweave Stole, Chromatic Chapeau, and a few other items, it's supposed to be a special item you earn for your character and not to turn a profit on the broker.
Merged two similar threads to keep things tidy. Please don't create duplicate discussions. Thanks!
This is very serious.
I agree it would be nice to have one of these again to encourage guild activity. It seems like people are mostly excited for the Unity Stole, though. Would you still like the event if you got a different reward?
Kanayuu wrote: »
They'll come back later in the future through events. Nothing in Tera is permanently gone

No, these are really gone. Hello Kitty was a one-time store item.
I never had ping problems with Tera in over 2 years until some 6 months ago where I found out first hand for almost 4 months straight how infuriating having abnormal ping spikes was like. It was the worst possible experience and I almost gave up on Tera. Luckily that ordeal is now over for me but knowing how frustrating is to have high ping spikes day after day I support this thread :+1: . If possible please look into this EME, Think of the Popos!

So you had ping spikes for 4 months, but then it stopped? Did you switch internet providers or something?
BHTrellis wrote: »
Thanks for the raffle win. The bag looks AWESOME on my secondary castanic sorc. My main got messed up. Controls got bugged a few months ago somehow.

Back(pack)- images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/258221429216878822/604E527DC0FF6E1D57077661B637F6F24E7DAEA0/

Thanks again, Spacecats.

Yeah that looks badass.
Vinyltails wrote: »
Spacecats did say on stream that "You will know something about dragons next week"

It's still technically the weekend right now. :awesome:
RKC wrote: »
Nope it doesnt say we get 4 bank slots for free. It just said we get max bank slots for free with founder.

I can try to get more information about this, but will point out the Bank Tab info that is stated here :
( http://http://support.enmasse.com/tera/tera-game-account-types"]http://support.enmasse.com/tera/tera-game-account-types )
"The account will be upgraded to 4 total bank tabs and 8 total character slots per server, regardless of previous individual upgrades on the account."
Desusky wrote: »
  1. Nobody @ eme "actually" plays the game. We use to have GM's who were part of the early development game testers that actually kept playing the game. Now they all left or was fired from the company.

6. People at EME actually do play the game but it'll never be at the level people wish for. (If you work all day on a certain game, you're probably not going to go home and spend all your time playing that same game hardcore... or even gaming at all. People need a mental break.) And even then, people just assume that if they'd play the game more all these problems would magically go away, but the issues aren't from not knowing what the problems are.

I still play TERA on a near daily basis, and know that there are still many others within our office that play on at least a weekly basis.

I cannot claim to be "Best (Insert Class Name) NA", since I don't quite have as much time as I would like to invest, but I do have 13 level 65 characters, one of which is in full Conflate, another that is starting to get Imperator gear, and others that I have back-burnered, but still plan to come back at some point.
Anfaeri wrote: »
Stream online for 1 min, then offline again. Feelsbadman

But then we stayed up! We were worried about connectivity with all of today's DDoS problems.
oueight wrote: »
I think its like sorcerer with some smores attached

Do not take him for a conjurer of cheap tricks! He summons the best s'mores in the land!

TODAY... will be an interesting stream! With DDoS attacks along the East coast, a lot of TERA services have been disrupted and unsteady today. Including these forums! If you're reading this, congratulations on making it through the wall of static!

Spacecats will be accompanied today by a new member of the En Masse Community Team. Please join us in welcoming Community Manager Smoreceror! His focus right now is on Alliance of Valiant Arms, and you can see his introduction thread here: http://forums.enmasse.com/ava/discussion/2899/community-manager-introduction

The stream begins today at 3:00 PM PDT on the En Masse Twitch channel. See you there! https://www.twitch.tv/enmasseentertainment
Ketoth wrote: »
because of that we will have twitch stream today or not ? @Spacecats

Yes but it might be a weird one ;D
Please see the pinned post on this topic.
Please see the pinned post on this topic.
Please see the pinned post on this topic.
We are currently experiencing connectivity/login issues related to DDoS attacks affecting many US-based web services. For most people, this is resulting in a "User identification is unavailable at this time" error on the TERA Launcher. Some of our websites may also be slow or unresponsive.

Here are a couple news articles with more information about the attacks:



Unfortunately, we do not have an ETA for when this issue will be resolved. We apologize for the inconvenience.
I can confirm this is affecting TERA in multiple ways. Login might take a long time to load. The launcher too. It's also affecting our website.

Our ISPs are already working to mitigate the problem.

New gm? :open_mouth:

Hi there! Yup, I'm a new community manager at EME. I'll be focusing most of my attention on AVA but you might see me around the TERA forums as well. I actually posted an intro over in the AVA forums if you want to see pictures of my cats:

Kalinda wrote: »

I see your name and all I can think of is S'mores

I'm a S'more Sorceror!
Fleett wrote: »

Welcome to the forums stranger!

@Spacecats Should present him/her tomorrow on the stream ^^

Thanks for the warm welcome! A stream appearance will be happening soon!

Anyways, don't want to distract from raid discussion. Back to the topic at hand!
It's something that's come up multiple times in recent discussion. We're thinking about ways it would benefit TERA, and there definitely ARE, but you'd be surprised how much needs to be done logistically to create one. But just so you guys know, this is something we think about :)
Jace21 wrote: »
@Spacecats awesome:) can you announce it 1-2 days before the event so more people can prepare :) <3

TheOzunu wrote: »
@Spacecats will it be a possibility to now and then ( obviously less often then events in NA times) host events in slightly more accommodating times to eu players?

Yes, I'm taking various time zones into account for this! Just like with Mongo Neon.
Evell wrote: »
http://puu.sh/rPAXA/3f96137b69.jpg am confused why this is being advertised if its not mentioned in any forum or even available to buy

There was a 10 minute delay between when the banner went up and when the items hit the store. Sorry if that got confusing for you. You must have caught the image the minute it went up!
Well I'm excited for these. I especially like the shoes.

They're costumes that other regions got before, but they're new to NA. It made zero sense to release them before Halloween. Now we get to be super spoopy together! ;D
I've removed some content from this thread. Please remember, no callouts in the forums. It leads to witch hunting, which we want to avoid! Thanks everyone!
I didn't get all the info, but I believe this Maintenance is mainly meant to address some issues that came up on Tuesday, but also taking the time to put in some seasonal things that will get announced shortly.
StarSprite wrote: »
Spacecats wrote: »
StarSprite wrote: »
No idea what happened to the other steampunk outfit. I'd forgotten about it until you brought it up. I remember a long time ago someone from eme said they only got the one in their build.

Huh... is that a thing? Anyone got a link to this? It sounds like a topic that got brought up before I was at EME.
This was way before you were here.


Treesharks post is on page 4.

Thanks! You're fast!

So... from what Treeshark said, it almost seems like the robot arms were added during the creation of the costume. I don't want to derail this thread, but is there evidence of robo-less versions in other regions, or was this just a case of the promo images being a little different from the ones that made it to the game?
vrale wrote: »
Spacecats wrote: »
StarSprite wrote: »
No idea what happened to the other steampunk outfit. I'd forgotten about it until you brought it up. I remember a long time ago someone from eme said they only got the one in their build.

Huh... is that a thing? Anyone got a link to this? It sounds like a topic that got brought up before I was at EME.

I also remember you saying you were going to check in on the bravery cool down since other reigions have them come up alot sooner, but we still haven't heard back about that either. :<

That's a little off-topic, but sure. I think I posted this in the thread, but it turned out that the bravery potions in other regions are actually different items with a slightly different effect (and cooldown). I haven't forgotten about them!
Jace21 wrote: »
@Spacecats are going to have the event next week before the new patch?

It will start a couple days before Halloween weekend and end Halloween at Midnight (because that's spooky). An announcement is set to go up next week.
StarSprite wrote: »
No idea what happened to the other steampunk outfit. I'd forgotten about it until you brought it up. I remember a long time ago someone from eme said they only got the one in their build.

Huh... is that a thing? Anyone got a link to this? It sounds like a topic that got brought up before I was at EME.
Kensama wrote: »
Not sure if you are aware since you dont seem to be playing the same game as the rest of us, but the limit in guilds now is 100 accounts unless you are willing to grind out 65 levels to add a pathetic 20 extra slots. You have literally removed and limited features we already had and forced us to GRIND to get them back. Explain yourself.

That speaks directly to the point I was trying to make about the Player Council. I know there's a cap. Please re-read what I typed.
Mehbah wrote: »
Anyone that isn't mentally challenged can tell that you're holding the free dragons back to make people drop more money on the P2W variants. It's been what, a month now? Are you really telling us you're so incompetent that you can't figure out a way to add dragon tokens to the game in an entire month?

We've already posted what we can about the behind-the-scenes decision making involved with bringing dragons in-game. It's not solely En Masse's decision to make. It's unfortunate that the dragons are taking so long, but it's not some trick to make players pay money for something they don't want.
Ginjitsu wrote: »
So far I think the Player Council has been a failure, there are so many issues that have been brought up and En Masse just have done nothing except acknowledging issues. Bluehole has shown in the past that any player feedback from En Masse can and will be ignored. Coffin posts from Inven forums have more of an impact for Bluehole to make changes...

1. A lot players did not care or were against the passive that came with the new dragon mounts. The mounts themselves are the biggest selling point, yet En Masse chose to include passive despite having the option of passiveless mount ¬.¬?

2. Not surprised that Bluehole continues to write bad code, Civil Unrest will fail just like Crusades and Alliance.

PC had so much potential, En Masse just makes the same mistake as Bluehole and just ignores feedback. It should just be renamed to Placebo Council.

The biggest failure of the Player Council program is my own failure to manage the expectations of TERA players and the demands like this which come in constantly, are placed on Player Council members' heads, and continue to raise the bar for what constitutes success in players minds.

Player Council members are TERA players like you who have been selected because they're A) Friendly, B ) Willing to encourage positive community activity and events, C) Have other skills such as great organization or game experience which benefits En Masse by consolidating and highlighting player feedback.

They aren't here to be criticized, and they aren't here to solve or even prevent in-game TERA issues. So please don't use them as scapegoats when you're unhappy about an update. You might as well blame your guild master for only having 100 members in your guild - they can't help that in the least because it's an aspect of the game that's out of their control.

If you're reading this and you'd like to help the Player Council succeed, or you'd like to one day be a part of the Player Council because you love being a part of the TERA community, reach out to one of them. Tell them about your event ideas, share a new TERA guide you've written or a YT video you made. Ask them to help organize your story in the roleplay forums. If you're doing something cool in the TERA community and you want to get more people involved, or want to make it better, there are Player Council members more than willing to help.

If you aren't contributing anything constructive to the TERA community, but you're expecting Player Council to solve your in-game problems, you'll be disappointed because that's not why the Player Council exists.
I understand money needs to be made, but backlash about this would have been a lot easier if they did not implement dragons at all until they fixed whatever needed fixing and added both loot box and normal version in the store.

Considering how much backlash stems from the sheer fact that players REALLY want dragon mounts, I think you underestimate the level of upset that would have been generated from not releasing any dragons whatsoever. If I could talk to alternate-history Spacecats and ask him how things went when we delayed all dragon mounts, I would, but I still hold that the proper decision was made in allowing players to get Ghost and Diamond dragons since they were totally unaffected by they delays attached to Iron and Crimson. The most unfortunate part is how long it has taken to get an Iron and Crimson follow up to that decision, but I assure you they're on the way and that info will be released soon.
Derpybowl wrote: »
why did you take out my ode to you @CobaltDragon

Although funny, it just wasn't appropriate for this type of thread's discussion.
Derpybowl wrote: »
Please look into this for us, it has to be done before Friday.

I did already report the issue.
Viru wrote: »
EME is acknowledging the South American population by giving people a South American payment option, but won't give us a South American containment server?

Your priorities are completely backwards.

Well we do want to acknowledge that playerbase, and we've got to start somewhere. After researching we felt like this partnership was a good first step towards supporting the Latin American crowd.
WolfieYu wrote: »
@Spacecats that new payment option is very insulting...

Considering the explanation I gave, how is it that you feel this payment option is insulting?
musetwo wrote: »
http://tera.enmasse.com/server-status in other news on the page the shoot stuff with a spaceship seems to have some potential malware....

It's a Banner Ad, and thanks, I went ahead and reported it.
This discussion is pretty much spun to the tune of "while TERA has server trouble and should be fixing it, all they care about is taking money." To be honest with you guys, a really unfair way to paint this news post. BUT... there's some context you don't have, and I understand why that leap was made.

To start, this BoaCompra partnership is actually something our Platform team has been working to integrate for some time now in order to benefit Latin American players. That team had nothing to do with today's server trouble.

On top of that, the server issues are understandably aggravating (just ask our Operatives team, who have been working hard to get things stable). The natural consequence is to view any and all game news in the light of that frustration. In that light, yeah the news post is ill timed.

But that doesn't mean BoaCompra isn't a good thing. Please realize that there are TERA players in Latin America that have been totally unable to play TERA the way they want to simply because a payment option didn't exist that worked for them or had support in their native language. BoaCompra might not matter to you, but it matters to those players a lot because things just got way more convenient. For players outside Latin America that have never had an issue buying EMP - this doesn't affect you one way or another.
Update in the top post - TERA servers have stabilized. MT was the last server to come up at 1:00PM and things have been good since then. Our Ops team will continue to monitor the situation.
EDIT - Changed the title to something a little more descriptive than "thank you EME!"
This is a breach in the Terms of Service, and would highly suggestion that you choose not to proceed before anything were to happen on your Account.
Closing this. Please use the official thread regarding today's server trouble if you have feedback or information you think is useful in identifying today's issue. Thanks! http://forums.enmasse.com/tera/discussion/7861/server-trouble-10-18-16
Kyaaaah wrote: »
@Spacecats the lag is unbearable though :cry:

Can you elaborate a bit? Did you lag both before and after your server went down? What server do you play on?
@Spacecats - which do you dread the most Monday or Tuesday? :smiley:

Haha, Tuesdays are usually really nice! Servers rarely crash like this, one at a time, with no warning. The last time this happened it was Saturday night after the Guilded Age update, and all servers went down and back up. This is much stranger and has our Production and Operations team working hard to figure out.
It's something we have been looking into, yes. At the moment there doesn't seem to be any reason for Rally quests to appear at any predictable time. We're discussing with Bluehole to see if it can be avoided.
Looks like TR just crashed too.

Confirmed. TR went down about 3 minutes ago. Updating top post.
ratedX wrote: »
Well a few of those winner's didn't really follow the rules:

*Your character must be the focus of the shot.
Your character should take up a large portion of the image.*

Let alone some of them, I just dunno....
But it wasn't really for us to judge. So what can ya do.

There were quite a bit of very nice screenshot entry's though.
Sadly there weren't more winners :cry:
I'm just happy i was a honorable mention lol :+1:
Even though I'm now known as "Mustard Yellow" :lol:

And it was cold out! I needed a hoodie, But it just happened to match the leaves!
And no, I don't drive a Yellow car.

But Anyway, Congrats to the winners!

Haha, we were being really picky with your shot. I think it's beautiful. Sorry for giving you a hard time on the stream ;D
Nekiitoo wrote: »
I worked so hard the entire week to get it just right but mine wasn't even on the mention :(

Sorry to hear that Nekiitoo. I gave you a shout during the Fall Fashion stream, and I really did like your screenshot and sunrise descriptiopn! Please consider yourself the 51st honorable mention :)

Maintenance happened this morning! Servers came back up, but AV and MT crashed soon after. We're currently investigating the cause and will post more information in this thread as it becomes available. Thanks for your patience!
streetdog wrote: »
Why triple drop?
You can have mongos for 2 weeks instead.

That's way too many Mongos. They're still repopulating after the last Mongo catastrophe. You want them to go extinct?
PGRKY33AMX wrote: »
I've had to take a quest to Velika and Every time I attempt to move or do anything it crashes, it has only done this there. Can someone help!?

You'll probably want to make a Support Ticket so that we can help assist, if it is one character specifically that is effected.

If it's happening on all character, still go ahead and make a Ticket and attach the text file from running our EME Diagnostic, and we'll be happy to look into it for you.
Ketoth wrote: »

We are aware. ETA = As soon as possible.
I believe some adjustment was made on that page now, so if you right-click on the grey box that says Popori, Castanic, Pumpkinhead, or Ovalith, it will actually allow you to "Save Link As" and be able to download the file.

Left-Clicking the boxes can still have intermittent issues, and result in a "404: Oops! That page doesn't exist. Mr. Snuggles was a bad kitty."
It was really hard to come up with winners. There are a lot of really great screenshots in that thread, and we had to get REALLY PICKY in order to trim down our list of winners. So hopefully that means the people who paid attention to detail and put time into creating the perfect screenshot wind up on top!
Ketoth wrote: »
* Spoilers * :awesome:


"Return to this page every Thursday morning at 11 a.m. PDT in the lead-up to release for new information about this expansive update!"

since you are here, can eme change the gear names?

Not my call, however I did pass along the Thread where players are providing feedback / suggestions.
Doganzaka wrote: »
It took me about 1 year to realize that:

Kaprima is a hot chick, not even she is safe from the bewbs nudity that BHS loves so much.

Kaprima isn't nude -_-

Join Community Manager Spacecats and QA Lead Singlebear on Friday, October 14th as they show off their favorite entries in the Autumn Costume & Screenshot Contest and announce the winners!

The show begins at 3:00 PM PDT on the En Masse Entertainment Twitch channel. Come hang out, join the prize raffle, answer trivia questions, and see some excellent Autumn screenshots! https://www.twitch.tv/enmasseentertainment
* Spoilers * :awesome:
I went ahead and let the appropriate people know. :)
Removed some inappropriate content from this thread. Please remain respectful and mature. Thaaaaaaaank you!
REMINDER - All contest entries must be submitted by Midnight tonight (10/13/16)! That's Pacific Daylight Time.

There are a ton of great entries so far. Tomorrow will be a fun Twitch stream. Good luck!
I put in a request to see if the links could be update. :)
That's an odd login prompt. I'm curious if it's still there if you restart the launcher?
Hey all, Pet: Boo and Boneshaker have been added back to the store. Enjoy!
Zoknahal wrote: »
As much as i would enjoy a Legacy/Vanilla server, like the times before Reaper and all of the new BS classes came to overshadow the original ones and etc etc, I would rather live on the present and look forward to the future. Clinging to the past is no good. There are many things of course from the past that can be brought back to the present, like the weapon skins that we are STILL waiting for in the fashion coupons, but overall, i look at the past, and i look at the present, theres good and bad things in both of them. One must learn to move forward without letting the glory of the past be an obstacle.

Closing this thread because too many people were using it to report and discuss bugs. If you have a report to file on a TERA bug, please use the new forums.
YES! We'll be doing Extra Life this year. It's going to be a lot of work, but we'll do our best to put on a good show for you guys!

Look for a News post with more information in the next week or two. I'll be working with our creative team to get our page looking spiffy ;D
Saerath wrote: »
@Treeshark sorry for the tag, but I must ask this. Since daylight saving is ending soon (in a little less than a month if I remember correctly), how will the CU:V times be affected? ^^ ~thanks

we would change it so that it's still at the same time.
Loveberri wrote: »
IMO, the Civil Unrest time was fine. Its just a lot of people outside of this version's service region complained about it being a bad time for them. While I love my international people and guildies, times shouldn't be made inconvenient to actual NA players because of them. This time isn't terribly bad but old time allowed people to actually do stuff in the day and not have to schedule playing an in-game event vs real life Saturday activities. Be wary of making it any earlier to cater any further to non-NA players.

True, I wouldn't go any earlier. We did get quite a few complaints that 7pm PT was a little late for the ET folks and inconvenient for the PT folks because they like to eat dinner at this time.
jrtseven wrote: »
What was the problem?

won't go into specifics, but we are the only region to have servers set in the UTC time zone, which caused a very unique problem for us, and made it more difficult to track down the issue because it's not a common cause of problems.

Join Community Manager Spacecats on Friday, October 7 for some wonderful Fall Fashion Tips! As you guys probably know, we currently have a forum contest going: The Autumn Costume & Screenshot Contest

You can participate here: http://forums.enmasse.com/tera/discussion/7442/autumn-costume-screenshot-contest

On today's stream, I'll show off some of the early entries for the contest, and provide a few screenshot taking tips that will help you paint the perfect scene for your Autumn-inspired TERA screenshots. I'll also show off the new Elleon weapon skins and give a few away during the weekly Twitch raffle, so make sure you join us in the chat!

The show begins at 3:00 PM PDT. See you there! https://www.twitch.tv/enmasseentertainment
Hi Everyone,

As Spacecats previously stated, we will be cancelling this Saturday’s Civil Unrest. Instead, we will be having a double drop weekend on dungeons and power hours for battlegrounds all weekend. You already knew that. I am here to say that we did find the cause of what is going wrong with CU, and are testing a fix right now. Instead of rushing this out sometime today, we are going to spend more time testing this and push out the patch on Tuesday’s maintenance. Following that, we will hold a test Civil Unrest time on Wednesday at 6pm Pacific Time for all servers. We will not be revoking the rewards from this Civil Unrest, so it will be very much real. If Wednesday is successful, and I expect it to be, we will have Civil Unrest back on Saturdays, but at a different time of 5pm Pacific Time. The pot for Civil Unrest will be replenished and doubled for that Saturday. Following that CU, the pot will go back to normal and accumulate as intended. As far as the time goes, this was changed from 7pm to 5pm based on feedback, but we will keep listening and adjust if needed. The only housekeeping point I have, is that on Tuesday there is a chance that your towers will be gone, and you will have to place them again. Thank you for your patience on this matter, and especially to the guilds on Fey Forest for cooperating during the testing times this week.

One more note: if you are in Florida or in the path of Hurricane Matthew, please heed the mandatory evacuation order and go somewhere safe. When Disney World closes, you know s#@% is real.

Looking into this. We're not immediately sure where those titles could have gone, or whether it's intentional. Are there others besides "Angel of Death" that are missing?
The event is live. Removing a lot of all-caps from this thread and closing it. Thanks for your patience!

The next TERA update has been announced - Spellbound!

Updates will be released weekly leading up to the update. Today's update included info regarding the Sorcerer revamp. Check the Spellbound page for more: http://tera.enmasse.com/game-guide/spellbound
This is an extremely well formatted bug report. It's great that you listed specific locations. Thank you very much @eNobunon!
Clarified my original post. The Double Drop is for all TERA dungeons regardless of level.
MEHWKNFR46 wrote: »
All battlegrounds guys.

I added some clarification at the end of my post. Yes - all battlegrounds. Power Hour means double credits.
itf69 wrote: »
Inb4 this becomes an E R P thread.

I tip toe across the soft carpet, gently pulling back the drapes to peek out across the room. Our eyes meet. "I am shy, @itf69," I say in a whisper almost too quiet for you to hear.
Hey everyone,

So as you know, our Production team has been working with Bluehole this week to get to the bottom of our Civil Unrest: Velika troubles. After being caught off guard last Saturday, we decided to test fire the event Tuesday on a single server - Fey Forest. It didn’t launch, but our hope was that the server logs from that test would provide Bluehole with all the information necessary to track down the cause of the failure and ensure Civil Unrest: Velika would play out successfully on all servers this Saturday, October 8. Unfortunately, there are still questions that need answering. Because of that, we’re sorry to announce Civil Unrest: Velika is cancelled until further notice. Our investigation continues, and there will likely be additional test runs in the near future. The problem could be solved next week, but it wouldn’t be fair to you guys to make that promise until we at En Masse know things are functioning at 100%.

In the meantime…

A Double Drop event will be in effect this weekend starting Friday, October 7 at 11 AM PDT and ending Monday, October 10 at 11 AM PDT. A Battleground Power Hour (double rewards) event will also be active during that time. We hope these make your TERA weekend more enjoyable while we continue working on the problems that arose with Guilded Age. Saying that, though, we do have other things up our sleeve for October, and there are other exciting events on the way that we’re very excited to tell you about. Look for multiple announcements hitting the TERA News page in the next couple weeks.
Nootiful wrote: »
Yea its annoying but theres nothing we can do about it. EME wont even check their own logs to see that the same person at the same time every day has been accepting the rally quest. It is clearly botting, EME wont check the logs though they have to rely on us for "evidence". They have logs they can check but seem to not want to check them. Doesnt help that the people accepting the rally quests have paid alot towards the game so nothing will get done to them anyways because EME sees them as a cash flow.

The logs will show that Rally quests are immediately accepted by a player. Nothing about that behavior inherently points towards the use of a bot. We can't just auto-ban anyone who accepts Rally quests "too quickly." What if that player ends up being you? What if you get really lucky and catch the Rally quest three times in a row? Will people start calling you a hacker?

One of the major upsets here is that EVERYONE wants to immediately accept the quest, but only one person can. Everyone is checking simultaneously and constantly, looking for the quest to pop up. If one person doesn't accept it immediately, someone else will. It's because you're checking so often, anticipating the quest, that you're able to tell these players are getting them to quickly in the first place. The only coincidence is that the same player has gotten it multiple times, and for better or worse that's how it was designed to behave by the Bluehole dev team.

Saying that, there's a lot of player feedback to change the system, and we're not ignoring it. We know a lot of players don't like the way it works right now. I'd just like to avoid finger pointing wherever possible.
Ves1978 wrote: »
...it would be great if changes can be made. Like same guild can't take rally more than once a week, or even a month.

I'll pass this feedback along to the production team and to Bluehole. It seems like a good way to prevent the same guild from claiming them too often.
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