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I think feedback has been good enough for this to go in next week. We'll take this week by week and see how it goes.
The assumption is of a 50% win rate, not that you win every time.

I think the same rewards are fine after thinking about it some more, but change the contributions for FWC KS to 1400, KS win credit to 1200, and KS lose credit to 500.

Based on my recalculations, the time value for FWC is way too high. I think i'd rather normalize how many credits FWC hands out than make it that much worse for all the other BG's. Still thinking though.
PlagueFWC on 04/14/2016, 12:31 PM - view
Great picks on the choices for items, but i do think the prices for the KS items are a bit low.
A Fraywind win will get you at least 5k KS creds, and 2 starfall mats per match seems a tiny bit much to me.

well crap, i forgot about the contribution credits.

Here are some changes in test right now to these stores. There will also be changes to PVE (dreadspire, as well as an abscess hm event dungeon), but those will be in a separate thread.


Bonanza Box price increased to 12k.
Patration Mark decreased to 10k.

Killing Spree

Niveot price reduced to 10k.
Dyad Niveot Structure reduced to 25k
Noct Battle Chest reduced to 5k


Dread Ore at 825
Ghostly Seal at 5k

Killing Spree

Des Heart at 10k
Dread Spar at 2.5k
Sea Ash at 2.5k
Inferno Ore at 650
Starfall Belt at 50k
Smart Dyad Structure at 100k

Given these numbers, the requirements for starfall, average times for BG's, and the point caps, i think these are reasonable prices, but feedback pls! I think this will give a very viable way for players to get Starfall via PVP.
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Server transfers are open.
The price increase on Belli would only be up to 12k. Since the reward rate for Belli is higher overall than KS it's not right that they are the same price.

That said, i or spacecats will be making a post on further KS/Belli additions/changes coming next week (pending testing). The improvements will be greatly weighted towards KS so it should help those queues pop more instead of driving everyone towards CS.
5 stacks of 100 T9 Feedstock should drop no matter what on Montori's Haul Challenge 22. That hasn't really been mentioned in this thread so it's either bugged and not dropping (which would be opposite of what i just tested) or more needs to be dropped. Both are valid but i'd like to know which one it is.

As for improvements, i think we can definitley remove some of the des tokens dropping and replace them with other things.
YEah i think the belli boxes need to be more. oversight on our part.
Tomorrow's addition will be a start and see what (if any) impact it makes. What will help the most is feedback that lets me know if it helped with q's, and how the reward to price ratio feels.

And uh, what else of our conversation did you screencap? :o
Lawllipops on 03/14/2016, 03:33 PM - view
He is still around, actually hovering over my shoulder as i write this making sure I write only "good" things.

Honestly, what else could you write.
CSalv on 01/31/2016, 07:25 PM - view
Can you punch him everyday in the morning and before you or him leaves until FIHM comes out?

it's only appropriate.
I'm still here. Too scarred from the last stream to stream again =*(. I am also splitting time with another project, which is why you've seen me less. Denomme sits next to me, so feel free to have me punch him if need be.
mwa boxes are staying in the vanguard store.
We understand that this can be a bit confusing, since EME and Bluehole have a very close developer-publisher relationship. While En Masse will continue to publish TERA for North America, Bluehole also develops other games and may use different publishers for these games. En Masse also publishes games from other development studios in addition to TERA.

So yeah, we operate as separate entities. We probably have more insight into each other than most other developer/publisher relationships, but in the end we are still separate.
Can you guys post some screenshots as well as the char name/server?
kitcalie on 10/15/2015, 11:37 AM - view
I am more thinking "Who in their right mind thought this was a good idea when they have two dead servers?!?" MT/TR/CH and possibly HW might have a chance even at the mid-level ones if enough want it but LoT/Vot? yeah right we probably can't even get the 65 ones unless we have a few willing to sit there all day farming those mobs =/

I am assuming at this point all EmE staff if they play legit characters only play the above servers and refuse to actually try VoT/LoT. A few of us are either stuck or are trying to still make a go at it on these servers and just to got "we don't care about you" yet again by EmE.

the kill counts are calculated across all servers not per server.
Kossploss on 10/14/2015, 02:37 PM - view
That filler achievement is worth how much points if u can answer that?
We're going to remove a filler achievement that is clogging up the points tomorrow during maintenance. This should let it calculate everything correctly for the laurels.
Banim on 10/13/2015, 02:34 PM - view
I'll give you a hint. In Tours of Duty there seems to be dummy achievement that can't be achieved by players, probably for test purposes... or maybe to artificially bump up the laurel requirement, since a little bird told me this achievement is worth 650 points.

Yes that is it, and we're trying to figure out why it didn't activate, or how to activate it for everyone.

If you all can give me screenshots of being stuck at Diamond, that will help too.
We are looking into this. I think we should be able to find a quick fix for this.
AugustoC on 10/05/2015, 03:40 PM - view

Very soon.


(next week)
Ginjitsu on 10/07/2015, 03:11 PM - view
Items don't have attributes that can be check marked ¬.¬?

haha. check marks. good one.
Treeshark on 10/07/2015, 01:48 PM - view
We are making headway into changing the catalyst so that it's stackable and distributed like cosmoshards. It's going into test later today or tomorrow. No promises yet though!

It works! Drop amounts and rates will now be revisited though.
Istede on 10/07/2015, 01:54 PM - view
Well, okay. It seems a little odd to me that removal of a few achievements would greatly harm participants' crusade scores. Did achievements really have that much weight?

News to me too! Not really compared to the other dungeons. I wouldn't say achieves are perma-removed, but they will be removed for the foreseeable future.
We are making headway into changing the catalyst so that it's stackable and distributed like cosmoshards. It's going into test later today or tomorrow. No promises yet though!
So here's the update. The reason why we wanted to extend the Crusades season was due to the removal of certain achievements in the build going out next week. This would affect scores in the Achievements section for the Challenger's league. The devs previously told us this would cause much harm, but given our case now, the best course of action is to remove Achievements from Crusades altogether.

This new crusade season will continue, but the length will be shortened back to 28 days, and Achievements will not count at the end of the season. This change will be reflected in next week's maintenance.
We have people that play from the 1-2 hours a day range to the much more hours a day range. I don't think anyone here averages 12+hours a day just playing the game though (they are supposed to be working). It is also rare that we play waving the EME flag, as a lot of us like to play on PVP servers :). It would be hard to see a GM as 99% of the time they are invisible as well.

That said, you are right, we don't know as much as someone who plays 12+ hours a day. We are in constant contact with players who are, and with a combination of everything we are able to get a decent idea of the state of things. The issue is getting things "truly fixed" takes a whole lot of time.

The second question... the honest answer is that i want plans but there are no plans. Araya, me, and the community team will be meeting very soon to discuss how we handle the state of things there.
Lyanni on 10/06/2015, 11:59 AM - view
That's a really good way actually.
I hope that, as UdonPasta said, the spamers arent the same as the gold sellers since they use level 60 scrolls.

They are not using the same accounts at least from what we've found.
Mirrormoon on 10/06/2015, 12:06 PM - view
Rewards such as the 5k alk and semi enigmatics weren't sent out fyi,

I spot checked a few guild masters and see the rewards sent. PM me what guild you're in?
We are looking at our options and will hopefully make a decision today or tomorrow. Some of this stuff requires developer input so it doesn't get worse and we are having a discussion with them this evening about it. Will keep you all updated.
Hi Everyone,

In recent weeks we've seen a frustrating increase in forum spam, which is a terrible experience for you, our community. To combat this, we've tightened the account requirements for posting. As of now, an account must have a TERA character that is level 10 or higher in order to post on our forums. If your account does not meet this requirement, your post will simply not get posted and you will error out.

My hope is that this stops the spammers and not legitimate posts, and this is something we will keep our eye on. I thank you for being patient as we find ways to deal with this problem.

Users have been banned and spam posts have been removed. Innocent threads may have been accidentally removed in the purge. Other threads related to this have been locked and keeping this one open.

We'll see if they come back tonight.
Thanks Ark! Be nice to Denommenator while I'm away, he needs to be in one piece by the time I get back!
BioIllusion on 09/10/2015, 02:50 PM - view
this is a sad day for tera, the only 2 nice people in this company are gone.

During last Tuesday’s maintenance, crusade scores were calculated for the end of the 5th season, and they were done so with incorrect weighting to the content of the Crusades. This was an error on our part that resulted in some guilds missing out on rankings that they were very much in place for, and even resulting some guilds dropping out of the top 10 altogether.

Why did this happen?

When applying the latest patch, we did notice that the contents of Crusades were completely changed, and made the necessary adjustments to have the contents match the current season. What we completely missed was there was also a change applied to how each Crusade content was weighted, and thus this happened.

What’s going to happen now?

During tomorrow’s maintenance, we are going to make the rankings as of July 7th into the final rankings for Season 5. The skycastles will be awarded accordingly to this rank. Due to this, some guilds that have sky castles right now will not be in sky castles anymore. Because this is our fault, these guilds will be placed in the fringe skycastles not in Velika or Allemantheia. Unfortunately, two guilds in CH will not be covered by this. Guild Skills will also be awarded accordingly to the new ranks 1-3, but that will happen promptly after maintenance, since that can be done after maintenance. Unfortunately, the consecutive ranks will not be fixed by this, and the “Previous Season Winner” list will not be updated tomorrow. Fixing this is considerable more difficult and possibly problematic, but we are going to keep investigating a way to do so.

What are we doing to prevent this from happening again?

We are currently in the course of doing a full review of our processes from start to finish, and making as many changes as we feel needed to address the problems that have come up that lead to things like this happening. It’s not an overnight thing, but we do realize the importance of this.

I appreciate everyone’s patience over this.

If you don't have mobile experience, apply anyway.

Because, well, TERA is on PC.
The fashion coupons will be back next week.

We were experimenting with smartboxes that also give out fashion coupons primarily because we ran out of the traditional smartboxes. These required us to give out *something* so we chose fashion coupons. I guess we could have given out less. We will be going back to the more traditional smartboxes after this.

The gold drop reduction from mobs was forced on us because other regions made the change to combat their gold bot problem.

The CCB/SES drop rate from mobs has not changed.

Alkahest prices were lowered back when we introduced the awakening system. We ran some events to help increase supply. It's since stayed at these prices.

MES success rate has not changed.

Tonka does not make people he dislikes fail more often.

Good discussion. Kinda crappy subject title. SO clickbaity.
It is correct that we are showing only things that you can buy currently in the TERA Store. It is also correct that we are showing things that currently be bought. I am working on fixing the latter.

There may be times when we are going to sell something, and it will appear in the Dressing Room ahead of time. Like cheerleader costumes.
Other servers seem fine now, can anyone else confirm?
we on it, and all the other servers.
Maiohti on 06/25/2015, 12:16 PM - view
ninja weapon skins arent working either

ninja weapon skin works for me. which class are you trying?
The Rogue's Garb item can now be purchased succesfully.

If you had purchased the item but never received it, we are still investigating what happened. We will provide an update tomorrow on the resolution to this as the investigation will take time.
Enryaku on 06/19/2015, 10:51 AM - view
are we going to buy template costumes with Vanguard Credits in the "dressing room"?

Nope. It'll still be through fashion coupons.
Tensus was named because we wanted to imply the tension of pvp battles! But we're open to naming it something else, preferably not two words.
Enryaku on 06/19/2015, 10:44 AM - view
not entirely true unless EmE redesigned it from what Ktera has.

we didn't. My point is just that we renamed it because it wasn't FoK anymore in the traditional sense.
Meilyne on 06/19/2015, 10:37 AM - view
Why is it now "Vault of Kaprima"... should be "Fane of Kaprima" ;_;

The dungeon is different. If you memorized FoK, it won't help you here. To avoid that confusion, we renamed it.
Kisune on 06/19/2015, 10:40 AM - view
Can we get some clarification on this, is this the 15v15 battleground? If so calling it 'free-for-all' is misleading.
Yes it is.
Magichan on 06/19/2015, 10:37 AM - view
From what I've read, it's what you might call semi-equalized. People who don't pass something liked an ilvl check or some other minimum requirement will be given an equalized set that can compete with the big dogs.

But hopefully Treeshark can clarify with more specifics.

It's an iLevel check of 197. All below that get the eq gear, and all above keep their gear. This system will also be applied to FWC.
Magichan on 06/19/2015, 10:34 AM - view

So now we don't have a FoK joke, but now when people are recruiting for 'Vault' runs, you're gonna confuse the hell out of them. I am not pleased :(

VoK runs?
Tapri on 06/19/2015, 10:28 AM - view
I'm not too keen on the VM PvP name.
There’s been a lot of questions on what’s coming up next for TERA in July, and I’d like to take a few minutes and outline the latest changes for you. We will have a lot more details in the coming weeks, but until then, here’s a quick preview!

Go Berserk!
• New skills expand the berserker’s already impressive capabilities with a defensive stance that allows them to function as a tank!

The Dressing Room
• The Dressing Room lets you preview all cosmetic items for your class and see how your character looks in a full ensemble. While you won’t be able to purchase items there—it’s not a shopping cart—you will be able to see where to pick up that perfect look. (Note: The Dressing Room does not replace or change fashion coupons in any way.)

Vault of Kaprima
• A 5-person dungeon in which you will battle a familiar foe, resurrected by archdevan blood magic. While you might think you know these fights, the archdevas have added more than a few surprises.

Shattered Fleet
• Shattered Fleet is returning as a level 65 dungeon.

Tier 7 gear
• Lucid (PvE) and Tensus (PvP)gear is now the top tier equipment in the game. T7 feedstock and alkahest will also now drop in game.

Also, here are some of the juicier parts of the update that we’ll be sharing more details on as we get closer to the release:

Test your skill on the Gridiron—a new free-for-all PvP battleground.
Face off with a forgotten god in Akeron’s Inferno—a new 10-person raid dungeon (Normal and Hard modes).
Venture into the unknown in Timescape—a new 5-person dungeon (Normal and Hard modes).

Until next time!

We have a summer sale pack up for $5 on the Steam page and for 499 EMP on the TERA store.


The 2013 and 2014 swimsuits are also back with updated loot tables. A blue box hunt event is also going on and we will have a newspost up shortly!
never say never. seasons in seattle are a bit weird sometimes.
btw - we didn't touch dungeons this morning. everything is still the same.
To clarify, i'm just thinking of lowering it to 4.
Yeah... the plume drop is a bit much. didn't take into consideration the joy of partying buff when i did it. will have to fix.
The Visioncrafted weapon skins will also be available in the fashion coupon store. The boosts, Elite Status Voucher, and bonus XP items, and cosmetics in this event are not tradable. The crystals, gems, and instance reset scrolls are.
We are not in communication with the Russian publisher, and each publisher controls what and how they sell items. This information is incorrect for us.
Servers will be restarted soon with a bunch of costumes.

Added the 3% RNG back. Added Reaper Chest. Made some more changes to try and get skyring not to draw in 6 minutes.
OH i dunno what the deal is with 3% vs 1%. I set it to 3%. but it's not. so..... either everyone RNG's away to 3% or everyone plays at 1%.
Any other NON COSMETIC items missing? +15 is fixed (rebuy from KS merch) and Tonka has a fix for the reapers.

Cosmetic items incoming tmw. Costumes will be whatever smartbox i can find, and let me know what accessories...
i'll check on this stuff in the morning as well as the awakening probabilities.
Here are the changes going into tomorrow for these dungeons:

BRHM Fulminar:
- drop rates and amounts have been altered. What this means, is that based on feedback (and that this went out before it was ready), there is more variance now. Please don't view this as the end of the world, just let me know your feedback after you've run it. >]
- dyads and goldfinger drops have been separated so that there are at least 5 possible stacks that may drop.
- tantibus scale drop added

SCHM Darkan
- dyads and goldfinger drops have been separated so that there are at least 5 possible stacks that may drop.

SCHM Perimos
- T6 Alkahest replaced with T6 Feedstock in slightly larger quantities.
- Noct Chest, and some MWA aded

SCHM Putrion
- Noct Chest and some MWA added

There has been a lot of wonderful feedback. This is an iterative process, so it all helps!
hellno on 04/15/2015, 09:44 AM - view
nooo nerfs to BRHM please this has been the best update ever. leave everything as is besides split the dyads.

what has been said is correct though - there has to be a proportionate reward according to the difficulty of the dungeon. having brhm and schm be almost equal makes no sense.
From what I gather...

- nerf BRHM drops
- make SCNM drop similar to BRHM
- split up dyad drops
- maybe add other things.
see stickied thread on drops!
i made a post on this all by myself. it's stickied, so locking this thread! Re-direct any comments to there.
A lot of discussion on the forums for the past few weeks have centered around the drops in SCHM/BRHM. In the past few "Stuff of the Week" posts, Minea has said that we are "discussing possible drop rates" and stuff. The plan *was* to test and discuss it with BHS, finalize it this week, and debut it next week. Well, due to some mistakes on our end, so much for that!

Yes, what you are seeing are things that I've been tinkering around with for making the drops in SCHM and BRHM a better experience. Please do understand that this is an experiment, albeit a live one now. Things can change, items can still be added/removed, or even reverted back to default (let's hope not). That does mean if things change in the future, we will tell you. This was never to be intended to be "ninja'd" in, but since it is here, here are the changes that are made:

Nightmare Darkan and Nightmare Fulminar loot table changes:
- increased drop rates of existing items.
- increased amount of T6 feedstock that can drop.
- added Noctenium Infusion Chest
- added Masterwork Alkahests
- Added Complete Crystalbinds
- Added Goldfinger Tokens
- Added Crystal Boxes

Please do give your constructive feedback, opinions, and such.

The penguins and bears have been taken care of.
Obviously, in an attempt to make things more clear, things have become less clear. To us, "monster" has always meant the same as "normal" monster, thus we decided to take off the descriptor because it was redundant. Minions are the small dudes, monsters are the normal sized ones, and bosses are the big ones.

But there's a whole other can of confusion with this, so we are going to return to saying "normal monster" to describe enemies of medium size.


We've been seeing a lot of great feedback on the new GvG system. We are a ways from reaching a long-term solution on the GvG, but there are steps we’ll need to take in the short-term to take steps towards a resolution. After the server maintenance tomorrow morning (3/17/2015), the following will be implemented.


Accessing Areas Unavailable Through Regular Gameplay

Baldera (and any zone not part of the normal world of TERA) will now be off limits. Your guild will lose half their fame if a member is reported and verified in that area.

This zone does not exist in playable world of TERA, and is only reachable via unconventional methods. Players are also using these zones to escape GvG, as it is not enabled there. Any player verified to be in Baldera will have their guild lose half of their Fame points.

Some points of clarification:

• Support will verify a reported player and whether they are in Baldera. In this report, we will need a timestamp of when the player is in Baldera (please include your time zone). We will verify if the reported player was in Baldera during the time specified. If so, half of the guild's total Fame points at the time of the report process will be removed.

• If the player’s guild does not have any Fame points, or is not in a guild, no action will be taken.

• The following aspects will not have an impact on the decision and will not be taken into consideration: the reason or intention of being in Baldera (or any zone like it), whether the guild is in a GvG or not, or if your character was asked, baited or tricked by another to go there, etc.

TL;DR if we verify that you were in Baldera, your guild will lose half of their total Fame points.

Incremental GvG Decline Penalty

• The incremental decline penalty will be removed. All GvG declines will cost 2% of Fame.


We will keep a close eye on the effect (or lack of) on these changes, and adjust accordingly as we go. We are also working with BHS to achieve a long term solution.

Edited by: Minea 2 minutes ago
Well this thread blew up over night and not in the form of constructive feedback. I'm locking it. If you have constructive comments, please PM me as a few others already have.
I have no intention of letting the entire spirit of the Crusades be undermined in the first season, so to speak. The system is not perfect, but I've been monitoring the number of ways that are being used to bypass the rules. Whether on the forums, in the game, or talking to players actively involved in GvG, I've been trying to figure out why players are doing it in hopes of trying to solve the greater problem - why players that purposefully join a pvp league do not want to fight and actively go to the greatest lengths to avoid it - and I don't have an answer.

So yes, this means we'll have to place stricter rules on what can be done and what can't. At this time I can't say what yet, since we still need to make sure they are fair to all players, but I will follow up early next week with the details. Stay tuned.

Previously we had said that when you decline a GvG, you only lose 2% of the wagered amount. So if someone wagered 100 Fame points against your guild, and you decline, then you lose 2 Fame points. This is incorrect.

The correct info is that you lose 2% of the total amount of Fame you have. So if your guild possesses 500 total Fame points, and someone wagers 100 Fame points against you, if you decline then you lose 10 Fame points instead (2% of 500). If your guild has less than 60 Fame, you will only lose 1 Fame. If your guild has less than 50 Fame, no penalty is given. If you keep declining GvG from the same guild over and over, the % lost will double each time up to 32%. It is completely possible there will be scenarios where the Fame lost from declining will be greater than that of accepting the GvG. While you don't have to accept every challenge, by participating in this league you should be mostly willing to GvG. Therefore the penalty for declining is a bit less forgiving to encourage activity.

Sorry for the misinformation, but I hope this clarification makes sense heading into the weekend.
lazyafternoons on 02/20/2015, 01:15 PM - view
will the deathwise set have rollable lines
The Naturetrill box is a chest containing a Forest trill, Firetrill, or Rivertrill accessory suitable to your class.
Here is how Ghillieglade will work for NA:

Standard users will have 2 daily runs, and Elite users will have 4 daily runs. This dungeon has been revamped for Level 65 and is Level 65 only.

The teleportal entrance is only accessible by getting to Velik's Sanctuary, which you have to teleport to as well. So what you need to get is the teleport scroll to the Sanctuary.

The Teleport Scroll to the Sanctuary will be available through the Vanguard Initiative Rep Store (15 credits), Fed Bill Store (5 bills), as a weekly reward for your Valkyon Request window (level 65 only), and on the Elite Bar. This scroll is not tradable.

As for what can drop in this dungeon:
Crystal Box
Naturetune Necklace Chest
Naturebeat Ring Box
Naturebeat Earring Box
Naturetrill Ring Box
Naturetrill Earring Box
Deathwise Band
Deathwise Signet
Deathwise Hoop
Deathwise Cascade
Ambit Token

No crafting materials will drop.

We are open to feedback on *this* system, but please be constructive!
Anjon on 02/18/2015, 08:27 PM - view
Is "Surrender" the same as losing in this context? If so, what's stopping guilds from farming each other either or challenging guilds with no chance of winning? Also, wouldn't the advantage in the Challenger bracket be overwhelmingly in favor of guilds with the most members? Feels like you wouldn't stand a chance against 200-member guilds if you have less than that.

If you surrender when someone declares on you (before you have accepted), your guild will lose 2% of the Fame points wagered against you. So if Guild A declares against you with a wager of 100 Fame points, and you don't want to fight, you will lose 2 Fame points. Guild A gets nothing, and you lose 2 Fame points. Sucks, but it's better than losing 100.

If you surrender AFTER accepting a war, then you lose all that is bet against you and they win it.

For how it's set up, i think in both leagues it pays to have the highest skilled members and not the most members. We'll see how this plays out.

Also, the "200" number in the quantity of game accounts is a typo. I'm fixing that now.
Tonka on 02/12/2015, 05:15 PM - view
We actually addressed this in the "Stuff of the Week" post:


Q: Winter is quickly coming to an end, will we see scarves anytime soon?

Yes you will. Expect these scarves sometime this month!

One might say you'll see scarves the same time you see skycastles.

During the Magician sale last week we debuted a new loot box called the Magician’s Premium Suitcase. What we forgot to convey was that this premium suitcase was a limited time offer set to disappear on February 19, giving it a two week run. Magician cosmetic items will remain available through direct purchase and the traditional style lootboxes. When we discovered our mistake, we discussed just keeping it around but have ultimately decided to stick with the original plan. We apologize for the confusion this caused and will be reviewing our internal processes to prevent this from happening again.

The Premium Suitcase is an experiment. We did not know how a more expensive loot box would be received. In game costs and upcoming patch concerns are top issues right now, and while we have ways to address those elements in-game, we also look to see if we can leverage our cosmetic sales to help on that front. Changing our existing loot box structure would have forced this change, so instead we looked to present a new option for our players.

The initial reception has been overwhelmingly positive, but price and reaction are not the only things we have to look at. Specifically, we’ll have to take a look at the long-term impacts of the Premium Suitcase and whether it serves as a short term or a long-term solution for aiding the supply of key consumable items. Future experiments may have other goals, but it is safe to say that one of the goals every time will be to execute in a manner that is fair to you as our player.

In regards to the in-game costs and Masterwork Alkahest supply, we are looking to add additional methods of obtaining it in the Fate of Arun Part 2 patch on February 24. We will be introducing a Masterwork Alkahest box that guaranteed 16 MWA (with a chance for more) in the Time Traveler’s store, as well as the Vanguard Supply shop. The costs will be either 2 Time Traveler’s badges, or 200 Vanguard Initiative credits. We will be monitoring the effects of this and it will affect whether we look at more avenues of distribution.

It's coming in the next patch.

Source: I died while jumping out of a skycastle.

The upcoming Fate of Arun patch is bringing a lot to TERA. An updated Guild versus Guild competition system will be introduced set to imbue guilds in TERA with more to do than ever before. Skycastles for the top 20 guilds (per server) will display your prominence for all to see. A new dungeon - The Sky Cruiser Endeavor - will hold the biggest challenge to date for players, with brand new mechanics. A 5v5 battleground is debuting for players to test their combat skills against one another. And of course, enchanting levels will be increased to 15 for two of the new gear sets. Today, we’ll be discussing the new enchanting levels.

The Awakening system will be introduced in the next patch. Two sets of gears, Generation (PvE) and Renegade (PvP), will be craftable in this patch. These are the top tier weapon and armor sets, and the only sets currently that will be enchantable to +15, above the current +12 cap. After you craft a piece of either Generation or Renegade, you can enchant these up to +12 using the current methods. To open up enchanting from +13 to +15, you will need to awaken it.

To awaken your weapon, you need to head to Muhrak’s Workshop (via the teleportal in Habere). Once there, go up and interact with Fovarth the Enchantment Master. Choose the “Awakening” option, and that will pop up the window to awaken your weapon. You will need a piece of gear from either the Generation or Renegade set that is at +12 in order to do so. After you slot it in, you also need to provide 2000 Tier 6 Feedstock, as well as 1000 Masterwork Alkahest to unlock it. You can also choose to use 850 Extensive Alkahests or 600 Premium Alkahests instead, if you don’t want to use 1000 Masterwork Alkahests. It is important to know that you can’t mix or match Alkahests when you awaken! If you have enough materials, you can awaken your weapon, which will open up opportunity to enchant up to +15.

Now you can enchant your piece of gear up to +15. To do so, you will still need to use Fovarth, and not the traditional enchanting UI. Just interact with Fovarth and click on “Awakened Enchanting” to open up the window. After slotting in the piece of gear that you have awakened, you will see the costs associated with enchanting. Costs will differ whether you are enchanting a weapon, chest, or arm/leg piece, so the table below will break down the costs for you. It is important to know that enchanting at this stage works a bit differently. Most notably:
• Upon enchant failure at any level after +12, your weapon will reset to +12. Awakening status is not affected.
• The bonus effects of extensive and premium alkahests do not apply. Instead their costs to enchant are lowered to preserve value (see below)

Enchanting Costs per Try (for +13 to +15)
Weapon 100 85 60
Armor 90 75 55
Hand 75 65 45
Feet 75 65 45

• Each enchant try will also require 200 Tier 6 Feedstock.
• You must pick one type of alkahest per attempt. It does not need to be the same type of alkahest used to awaken your gear, nor the one used on a previous attempt.

And that’s it! Stay tuned next week, when we go into more details for the Guild versus Guild competitions!

I'll have a post up tomorrow morning on this. :)
The Tuxedo Tops are dyeable, as long as they don't say "Ruby Red" in front of it.

The Ingenue Coats are also dyeable.

The "waist coat" is called out because that is the section that is dyeable, and not the black coat.
I've looked into this before and it's exclusive to JP. Sorry :( This is due to the licensing restrictions with voice actors and legal stuff like that.
MouOwari on 01/28/2015, 04:06 PM - view
This has to be the most unexpected post I've seen in this thread. It's unusual that EME actually works with the community to assess and attempt to fulfill their desires, but today I'm impressed. Thank you.

Also, it would be nice if you did another 5-hour backend maintenance just before the next patch so we don't have trap ping until a few days after patch. thx

We will actually have a few lengthy maintenances coming up to attend to some issues.

Ok. We'll hold another one after the patch.

How about another strongbox event post-patch as well?
SmileyApple on 01/28/2015, 02:11 PM - view
Its not even that....Why would you guys make the jack pot 1000Premium alks???? People want Masterwork alks for +15....

All 3 major alkahest types (mwa, ea, pa) will be available for +15.
The mat (Drop of Defiance) is not in there because it won't be available until part 2. So yes, the Defiance Set (AKA Favored 2) is not craftable until then. This is intended by BHS. If this causes too much trouble we can just remove the designs until everything is obtainable.

As for the stuns, i've gone over a few classes like the slayer/warrior/reaper and see if their stuns still count and they do. Maybe it's something I'm not seeing but we will keep a close eye on the situation when the patch goes live tomorrow.
We should get the same patch that KR did when they launched. Can you all clarify what differences you are seeing with stuns so I can verify? If it actually is wrong I may not be able to get it fixed by tmw but at least we can get a head start into fixing it.
The dragon will be here in 2015. The reason is that we wish to make "dragon" plural, but i'm afraid i have to keep being that cryptic for now.
Sonoshee on 12/09/2014, 12:17 PM - view
Another question - the boxes containing Canephora & Crafter Cures are only from 12/9 - 12/16 right?

Will there be a different rotation of consumables after the 16th, or is this a one time thing?

No, the current way is a temporary workaround. Next week, the same consumables will be on the bar, but they will be delivered individually instead of all in one box.
If you sign up between today and January 8th, you will be fine.

Recurring billing dates happen every 30 days after your first sign up.
I want to clarify more in case it is not clear.


You can sign up later today at the $9.99 price and be Elite just fine.


You can sign up later today at the $9.99 price. If you use Visa/Mastercard, you will NOT be billed until your CURRENT time ends. OR you can just wait until your time is up, and then renew, but you risk forgetting or being past the deadline. Today, you are basically just signing back up to renew automatically.

If you use Paypal Express for Elite, you will be billed TODAY. This is unfortunate but our choice was to either bill today or not to offer Paypal Express at all. You will STILL get the time you ALREADY paid for, plus another 30 days. You wont be billed again until after all that time is left. So if you have 14 days remaining as of today, and you sign up with Paypal Express today, you will be charged $9.99 today and not be billed again until 44 days later.
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I want to clarify more in case it is not clear.


You can sign up later today at the $9.99 price and be Elite just fine.


You can sign up later today at the $9.99 price. If you use Visa/Mastercard, you will NOT be billed until your CURRENT time ends. OR you can just wait until your time is up, and then renew, but you risk forgetting or being past the deadline. Today, you are basically just signing back up to renew automatically.

If you use Paypal Express for Elite, you will be billed TODAY. This is unfortunate but our choice was to either bill today or not to offer Paypal Express at all. You will STILL get the time you ALREADY paid for, plus another 30 days. You wont be billed again until after all that time is left. So if you have 14 days remaining as of today, and you sign up with Paypal Express today, you will be charged $9.99 today and not be billed again until 44 days later.
Tzitzimime on 12/09/2014, 08:23 AM - view
So I am Elite now and my status ends Dec 29. I'll be able to get this offer if I renew dec 30 right?

In Cold Blood II and Overhand Strike clarification.

When I activate ICB, I get the buff that states this:
"Power increases by 29. Your damage against other players increases by 10% and attack speed increases by 8%. Ultimate: Overhand Strike is activated"

When I have this buff for 20 seconds, I can cast Overhand Strike over and over without CD. And my weapon glows a bluish-white even though it is +12 while doing it.

And no, Eviscerate does not KD in PVP.
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