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hellno on 03/29/2016, 05:23 PM - view
Where is our VIP loyalty system?

This is still in the works. Unfortunately, the system was delayed, but we're very nearly complete on it. You can expect further information very SOON.

hellno on 03/29/2016, 05:23 PM - view
Where is our dungeon drop improvement? lasted I checked the hardest dungeon in game, DS uppers, is the least profitable dungeon. You can make more money doing IoD dailies....

We made some improvements to dungeon drops in the lead-up to Dawnfall and we have added drops to end-game dungeons as part of events we've run. I am exploring some potential solutions around Dreadspire.
Terraforming on 03/29/2016, 05:12 AM - view
Challenger League has Corsairs Stronghold, SCHM (High Score), and BRNM (Accumulated)

What happened to FIHM and DS?

Also the rewards are messed up. My guild got 2nd place in Challenger League and we only got 24 semis and 190k noc. Zero MWA. Why did you guys remove the MWA from the rewards? Why did you lower the amount of Noc?

I just verified that the rewards for 2nd place in Challenger League are indeed incorrect. All other rewards appear to be right. We should be able to get the correct rewards sent out to the affected guilds pretty quickly. I'll report back with an update shortly.
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DIONI on 03/28/2016, 04:01 PM - view
3s queue is broken
Bg merchants need changes, eme knows that but keep hiding themselves about this
Pvp Vg was not buffed

This is some kind of message for pvp players? Like "We dont want you?"

We're currently investigating the issues with 3's identified by players.

I'm putting together a plan to update the PvP merchants. This will hopefully hit in the next 1-2 weeks.

Crusades will reset tomorrow, at which time hopefully they will track properly. Unfortunately, we were unable to identify the source of the current issue. We're also working with Bluehole on a fix to re-assign the permanent mounts that some guilds lost as part of the issues with the previous season.
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Looks good for me on Highwatch. You might try and exit to character select and re-enter the server.
I was able to get them in the dressing room this morning with BH's help. They should be there now.
The unsubscribe link was unintentionally left off of this specific email. This has now been fixed and will appear in the footer of all future email communications.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention.
They are live right now. Higher chance to drop from both normal and hard mode Level 65 dungeons.
I posted in the other thread as well, but I buffed the rates on these a bit just now. They should drop more readily from max-level dungeons (both normal and hard mode).
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I buffed the Terebin drop rates for max-level dungeons today (for both normal and hard). It's true they were made more rare from Ghillieglade. They were being farmed at an unintended rate upon initial release of the event. The primary means of obtaining them should be from max-level dungeons.
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Given the positive response to these we are exploring their inclusion in elite status as a permanent addition. At this time, it's uncertain how these will be delivered (eg. on the elite bar or not), but you can expect that they'll be included as part of the elite package again in the future.
Based on the feedback I've received here and elsewhere, I have increased the quantity of Bezoar drops from Dreadspire floor 22:

1) The Montori's Haul 22nd Challenge Box is now guaranteed to drop five stacks of three Bezoars that must be rolled on individually.

I updated the OP to reflect this.
Kirine on 03/18/2016, 05:20 AM - view
HAHAHA I can't even...

With all the flaws we have in our version of the game...
And you give us an event to keep us happy...
But it is soooo badly designed and implemented...
That you had to change it 3 times so far... and it is still bad...I won't list the problems here, because it would take too much of my time/I would state the obvious/noone bothers to care about it ;)
And I bet you spent a lot of time to think it through... the names, the drops, the rewards...

But at least you can learn from it :)

I didn't even bother to participate in this event after I read the announcement (which was so badly designed I just checked and you had to clean it up too? lol).

It was so obvious that it will be badly implemented (imbalanced drops, or no drops at all, lack of recettes, lack of imformation about the whereabouts of stuff), immense amount of RNG, which of course will be badly implemented and after all of that noone gets **** from these boxes.
I don't understand why would anyone open these boxes/use their catalysts until the very last moment, you guys always change it during the event....

Have you not had enough experiment with the designing of events???
In the past few years only Kyra's shack is the recurring event, everything else is different every single time! And the quality fluctuates sooo much. The amount of RNG we face now... hahaha so horrible. Not even the TERA letter even was this bad.

No conclusion, just bitterness.

(Lets not mix Festival of the Sun, Halloween event, Wintera and Rootstock here, they have designated areas and quests, not just a drop/kill based event)

Not to get all defensive, but isn't our adjusting the event according to live data and player feedback preferable to the alternative (doing nothing)? Sure, it'd be great to get everything right the first time, and you're right we are learning as we go, but that can sometimes be difficult when designing an event that touches so many different areas of the game. The event is 1/3 of the way complete, with plenty left to go. I'd rather make changes now to improve it then let it linger for another two-plus weeks.

Regarding the complicated nature of this event, we've added some visuals to the original news post (which will soon be updated with our latest changes) to help make it more easily understood: http://tera.enmasse.com/news/posts/announcing-veliks-grand-hunt
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Sawao on 03/17/2016, 04:33 PM - view
Dressing Room ONLY displays cloud items now. On MT, facing the literal exact opposite problem of op.

Appears to be fixed now.
Cocudo on 03/17/2016, 04:56 PM - view
this changes are running now? if not when?

These changes are active now.
In my previous thread (http://tera-forums.enmasse.com/forums/general-discussion/topics/Bezoar-Drops-in-Dreadspire), I explained that Bezoar drops were not working for floors 16-21 in Dreadspire and our concessions around that issue while we explored a solution. As it turns out, we unfortunately will not be able to have Bezoars drop from the bosses on those floors after all.

However, after one week of the event being live, we have analyzed our data for the drop of this item and decided to open up it's distribution some. Bezoar will now drop according to the following rules:

1) The Montori's Haul 22nd Challenge Box is now guaranteed to drop five Bezoars that must be rolled on individually.

2) Kelsaik in the 15th floor of Dreadspire is now guaranteed to drop three Bezoars that must be rolled on individually.

3) Nightmare Desolarus in Forsaken Island (Hard) is now guaranteed to drop three Bezoards that must be rolled on individually.

4) Bezoars now have a chance to drop from all Level 65 max-level dungeons with the exception of Ghillieglade. Hard mode dungeons grant a higher chance.

The event news post will updated to reflect these changes.
Just checked on CH and everything displayed. Is that the server you captured this on?
Should be there now, thanks for the heads up.
We identified an issue with the Happy Star Cloud and Angry Little Cloud that was preventing delivery to players upon release. This has now been fixed.

We have also identified the players that were affected and delivered their purchase directly to Item Claim.

Please check your Item Claim and the cloud you purchased should be there now.
I've prepared a slight increase to the drop rates of the permanent versions in the helm, mount, and inner armor boxes to be released following a maintenance to occur tomorrow morning.

Despite this increase, it is possible that not everyone who participates in the event will walk away with a permanent version of the items on offer.
Fixed it ;)
Aulon on 03/10/2016, 04:17 PM - view
What about rewards such as the Master Alk, we have yet to receive them for Desire on CH.

The rewards were re-distributed today around 4 p.m. PST. Please have your guild master check their Item Claim.
Olvi on 03/10/2016, 06:48 PM - view
Very inventive way to introduce an item as volatile as a +15 scroll, and make it palatable to the community, all the while giving us a cool event. Mad props to EME and whoever designed it.

Thanks! We worked our butts off on the event. The design especially took a lot of careful consideration.
I increased the drop rates from IoD BAMs.
It was brought to our attention by players that Bezoar was not dropping from bosses on Dreadspire floors 16 and above. Our testing today revealed this to be true. We're investigating a solution to this, but in the meantime we have moved the guaranteed drop for completing the 22nd floor to "Montori's Haul: 22nd Challenge" box. We have also temporarily added a chance for Bezoar to drop from Kelsaik on the 15th floor.

For now, the bosses on floors 16 through 21 will not drop Bezoar. We have added an edit to the news post to reflect this.
They're a bonus for elite players as part of a promotion we're running. The news post will go up momentarily.
eddure on 03/10/2016, 09:36 AM - view
Ascension Valley

I can confirm they are dropping on AV from IoD BAMs.
Feenox on 03/10/2016, 09:31 AM - view
really? eme, its not april 1st yet...
is this a joke? +12 scroll is fine who cares. but +15? are you kidding me? i hope EME realizes they dont have to and in fact should not follow in EU teras footsteps because they are suuuper p2w and ended up losing a huge portion of their players a while back for poor decision making skills.
not to mention there was countless threads when EU's +15 scroll came out on NA forums and it seemed the general consensus was that we did NOT want +15 scrolls.

You have to play, not pay, as part of this event to earn the scroll.
eddure on 03/10/2016, 09:30 AM - view
I don't think it drops from IoD BAMS. killed about 30 iron giants and hydraths, not one drop. It's definitely bugged, or EME's brain is malfunctioning. If this is the intended rate of dropping, do you honestly expect us to farm 250 of these.

May I ask what server you're on?
Alright, guild emblems, skills, and mounts should all be correct now with one exception: a few guilds in the Challenger league are still missing their Brave and Loyal Black Lions. We ran into some issues when attempting to re-assign these. We'll continue to work on it and I'll report back once they're properly assigned.

We will continue to investigate the possibility of completely resetting the current season-in-progress as well.
Elucifer on 03/08/2016, 04:08 PM - view
This is some baby back bull[filtered] right here.

We are expected to believe that you guys unintentionally left out the crucial detail that the increase is only going to affect two VG that is out there?

At least have the balls to be honest that you intentionally decided to mislead the entire community and get their hopes up over your disgusting lie.

Seriously, cut the crap.

Misleading or intentionally deceiving the community really serves us no benefit. That wasn't my intention. I was just trying to clarify what changed in the patch specifically in reaction to player's feedback in this thread. What I thought we deployed were adjustments to all the 65 dailies but upon review, I confirmed this was not the case. I can understand how this came off though.

We're reviewing the full line-up of Level 65 dailies and will make some additional changes in the very near future.
We're in the process of re-assigning the skills/laurels. The guild bank issue though will require some support from the developers.

We'll also see what can be done about resetting the ranks for the current season.
PresidentJesus on 03/08/2016, 10:06 AM - view
pre·ex·ist - "exist at or from an earlier time.
"a preexisting contractual obligation""

So do all of the dungeon dailies prior to FIHM and DS2 that were already dailies not count as "pre-existing"? The battleground ones also were before this patch, and yet those remain unchanged as well. So what is your definition of "pre-existing"?

We'll give this another pass and make it right. It's unfortunate we did not hit all the quests today as we suggested in the patch notes. We did not intend to deceive and we appreciate your patience while we sort this out.
Thomastic on 03/08/2016, 10:49 AM - view
Battleground scores didn't reset either.

For the current season, you mean?
Asumiyan on 03/08/2016, 10:38 AM - view
Right now we're being forced to choose either to get double the credits, or, do 3 IoD for half but get a bonus with the new tokens and such things. Was that the intended outcome of doubling those quests (including TAR) everybody was looking forward to not having to do anymore?

The change was intended to apply to all quests but it looks like we did not correctly apply them. We're looking into why some were left out. It was not intentional.
We'll look into adjusting/re-balancing the remaining quests relative to those that were already changed.
I adjusted these. I'll get a hard fix in for our next maintenance.
Pantsu on 03/08/2016, 10:03 AM - view
After the maintenance, my Guild's rank was moved from 9th to 1st, where it should be. However we're still missing some stuff:

Gold Laurel around guild emblem(The previous #1 guild, which is #2 now, still has the gold laurel.)
Dark Wings skill(We still have Dark Hearts)
Guild Mount(Loyal Black Lion?)(Guild Master is also missing the GM Mount for 1st place.)

And Crusade rewards, but we already received word that they would be redistributed within 1-2 days.

Server: Lake of Tears
Guild: Revolt
Guild Master: Senpai

We'll look into having these restored as well and provide an update ASAP.
Loyal on 03/08/2016, 10:08 AM - view
having the same problem here, not only this but we got our castle back but it won't let me add stuff to the skycastle unless I have 100g in guild bank. I put in gold in guild bank but it still has the same problem.

Not only does it not recognize the gold in the guild bank, the gold in the guild bank is slowly depleting 200g every few seconds. Anyone else having this problem?

That is truly strange. We'll investigate and I'll report back.
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We applied the increase to those Level 65 dailies that were pre-existing, not the new ones. This should have been clarified in the patch notes; apologies for the confusion.

We may re-visit the new quests and make adjustments based on our data and player feedback.
Ashno on 03/04/2016, 05:53 PM - view
So groups that already cleared have to re-clear for chance at title again? Even if no one else on server has cleared?

Edit: Is there a way to check for those who cleared?

There's a 1/2 achievement that shows that you cleared visible only to the player.

Groups that cleared it legitimately will retain the achievement.
An update on our progress:

1) Correcting the Crusade’s rankings and prize distribution for the previous season.

We're targeting Tuesday to have this fixed. If we run into any issues it might get pushed out a couple days but we should have it sorted out next week.

2) Level 65 Vanguard Initiatives cap and the impact on the acquisition of Masterwork Alkahest.

We're targeting Tuesday to deploy some changes to the system. They're still being tested, so I don't want to promise anything quite yet, but an increase to the credits earned from the main Level 65 Vanguard Requests is among them. The full details will be disclosed in Monday's patch notes to be posted at 4 p.m. PST (for reals this time).

3) Ghillieglade gold drops.

No progress to report yet. I'll report back when we have something.

4) Server-first achievements for Dreadspire.

We are going to revoke the achievements from those players that acquired them disingenuously. We're still investigating the possibility of re-issuing these achievements so other groups can grab them. I'll report back with any updates as I have them.

Again, thanks for your feedback regarding these issues and your patience while we've worked to resolve them.
Hey all, I posted the following update in post two:

An update on our progress:

1) Correcting the Crusade’s rankings and prize distribution for the previous season.

We're targeting Tuesday to have this fixed. If we run into any issues it might get pushed out a couple days but we should have it sorted out next week.

2) Level 65 Vanguard Initiatives cap and the impact on the acquisition of Masterwork Alkahest.

We're targeting Tuesday to deploy some changes to the system. They're still being tested, so I don't want to promise anything quite yet, but an increase to the credits earned from the main Level 65 Vanguard Requests is among them. The full details will be disclosed in Monday's patch notes to be posted at 4 p.m. PST (for reals this time).

3) Ghillieglade gold drops.

No progress to report yet. I'll report back when we have something.

4) Server-first achievements for Dreadspire.

We are going to revoke the achievements from those players that acquired them disingenuously. We're still investigating the possibility of re-issuing these achievements so other groups can grab them. I'll report back with any updates as I have them.

Again, thanks for your feedback regarding these issues and your patience while we've worked to resolve them.
The cloud accessories will hit the store in a couple weeks.
TrinityDang on 03/03/2016, 07:07 AM - view
Better look into crusade properly, since in Tempest Reach, theres little chance Castanic Brotherhood ranked higher than Floormasters in cutthroat league and theres even less chance/no way valhalla ranked higher than Floormasters as well. If they got the end of season score from their gvg feeding, then it wouldnt make sense since Floormasters ended the season with rank 1 fame points as well.

We have a backup of the rankings pre-patch.
[quote name='Pantsu' at='03/02/2016, 06:14 PM']Want to make Elite Status worth it? Give us these:


We have plans for these.
TERA Community,

We have been closely tracking the community’s feedback to the Dawnfall update following release. We greatly appreciate those who took the time and effort to put forward thoughtful and cohesive opinions and feedback regarding the content and changes in this update. It has been extremely helpful in our efforts to prioritize the various issues raised by the community and begin formulating appropriate solutions.

As of right now, the high-priority issues we are hoping to address in a timely fashion include:

1) Correcting the Crusade’s rankings and prize distribution for the previous season.

This issue was raised immediately to Bluehole following release of the build and we are working together with them to come to a suitable resolution. We are committed to setting this right as soon as possible.

We will also be restoring the previous Crusades rewards based on the community’s feedback.

The timeline for these fixes is vague at this time as it requires direct support from the developers. I will post any updates as I receive them.

2) Level 65 Vanguard Initiatives cap and the impact on the acquisition of Masterwork Alkahest.

The Masterwork Alkahest Box available from the Vanguard Initiative Quartermaster is unique to our version of the game. When Bluehole implemented the new Island of Dawn and the cap to level 65 Vanguard Requests, they did so absent of the context of the Masterwork Alkahest Box in our version. While we anticipated a negative community reaction to these changes and discussed potential solutions with the game’s developers in the lead-up to release, we were unable to arrive at an acceptable solution before the build was froze for release.

This is a publisher-specific change and within our means to remedy. We are currently weighing the correct course of action: increasing the amount of alkahests produced from the box, decreasing the price, adding them to other in-game sources such as from other NPC shops or as mob drops, or making Masterwork Alkahest available through other means such as events (which we’ll do regardless).

We understand the sensitivity of this issue within the community and are working to resolve this quickly. We are currently targeting Tuesday to deploy a change which we’ll iterate upon further as necessary.

3) Ghillieglade gold drops.

We’ve received your feedback regarding the removal of gold drops from Ghillieglade and the impact on elite status benefits. It’s unclear at this time what solutions we can deploy in response to this change and in what timeframe but we are approaching this with high priority and intend to do something about it.

4) Server-first achievements for Dreadspire.

We’re currently investigating the alleged foul-play surrounding the server-first achievements for Dreadspire across different servers. It’s not certain whether we’ll be able to restore the server-first achievements at this time but we will certainly try our best to do so and set this right. Those players that exploited this will receive some reprimand.

The list above doesn’t represent a full list of the issues we’re looking into surrounding the update, just the highest priority ones. Our GameQA team is currently combing through the forums and our social networks collecting bug reports and feedback. We will tackle each issue in turn, addressing those that we can independently and working with the developers on those we can’t. I’ll try my best to post updates regarding our progress on other issues (eg. the channel count in Northern Arun) but otherwise they’ll be reported in patch notes as they’re fixed or adjusted.

Again, we appreciate your constructive feedback on the changes in this build and your patience while we work to address them.

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kirsch on 03/02/2016, 12:03 PM - view
logging in once every day is all they really want from us. the more time we spend playing each day, the more space we take up on their servers.

This is absolutely not true.
LancerJiva on 03/02/2016, 03:13 PM - view
I do find it interesting that there's no updates about any of the concerns in this thread as of the patch.


We've been tracking this thread and others and are chasing down the high priority issues/concerns expressed by the community regarding the update. I should have something up shortly summarizing our progress and intentions.
TacticalGiga on 03/01/2016, 10:59 AM - view
Here is a tip...

Get a test server, instead of constantly testing your bugs on your player base. It's the easiest way to get people frustrated and QUIT.
No one signed up to be beta testers. Didn't know Tera NA was still a beta game after 4 years.

We have a number of test environments. It's just that, unfortunately, it's currently not possible to test the impact of a new build deploy on the live Crusades rankings.
Alse on 03/01/2016, 10:42 AM - view
Care to explain why the new crusade accumulators were retroactivated to last season? thereby messing up the new rankings completely?

We're not exactly sure why this occurred. Unfortunately, the nature of the Crusades' systems structure and dependence on live data makes it difficult to test. While we did take great care around the Crusades settings in this build, it is currently impossible for us to test the impact of deploying a new build on the live Crusades leaderboards.

We are investigating this internally at EME today and I have also reached out to the developers on it. I'll share any further updates in this thread as I receive them.
We'll need to work with the developers on fixing the Crusades ranking. I'll post any updates as I have them.
Catatonic on 03/01/2016, 10:19 AM - view
Northern Arun has only 1 channel
Log-in calendar is blank for March
Priest damage doesnt seem to be that much higher on open world mobs
Lancer friend complaining that lancer damage wasnt buffed

Fixed the channel count for Northern Arun.

I'll be updated the login calendar later today.
Fixed this. Your chances are resurrected.
They remain in these chests at the adjusted drop rates.
Akuarine on 02/29/2016, 08:50 PM - view
Whattttt is this denom heartbeats CHANCE CHANCE????? But but in k tera is 100% drop why we get RNG again? :( seriously what are you guys smoking? -_-

It was a chance to drop in K-TERA as well.
DIONI on 02/29/2016, 07:00 PM - view
Hey denom im having a Dioni Heartbeat here, noct will be removed from 3x3?

Yes, this is correct. I understand this is a change that was applied overseas some time ago.
dragonmu12 on 02/29/2016, 07:10 PM - view
yep ill accept high chance too,this vm is really easy to get.
waiting now for denom to answer my last 2 question and i can go to sleep haha.

I'm not sure I'll have an answer tonight, need to dig into it a bit and have some other preparations to do for the patch.
dragonmu12 on 02/29/2016, 06:58 PM - view
ok please get back to us about the two last questions,
one last question the deso heartbeat chance to drop is high yea?(even when it should be 100%.. but ok)

Yes, it's high.
dragonmu12 on 02/29/2016, 06:42 PM - view
so they need to fix in the patch notes some things:
1:Fihm Drops(Deso heartbeat,Ghostly seal) saw you fixed it in the patch notes but still a question
deso heartbeat is 100% drop yea?
2:Sorcerer flame pillar as much as i want it to be increased and not decreased its shouild be 40% decrease damage.
3:Dreadspire Prizes for lower floors(and i hope the ticket its not only chance and its 100% like ktera)
and Dreadspire 16-20 prizes.
4:The optimization that ktera got about finm and some other dungeons.
5:tell us if they deleted gold from ghilleglade too like ktera(i assume yes.)

and thats not a question but about crystal box haha you need to change it ,it changed from rare to uncommon ^

denom please answer this 5 question thats only what the community wants to know ^

1) The heartbeat has a chance to drop.
2) It is indeed a decrease, I corrected the notes.
3) Like K-TERA, the ticket is a chance to drop.

I'll need a bit more time to verify the other two questions.
bzhen0915 on 02/29/2016, 06:54 PM - view
Will hearts still drop in SCHM, KDHM, and FINM after this patch?

No, they will no longer drop from those dungeons.
FIHM drops heartbeats, in addition to Sea Ash and Ghostly Seals. I added a note, thanks for pointing this out.

The Zerk buff is indeed a damage increase, though very slight.
Edited by: Denommenator 2 minutes ago
It is a chance to drop, albeit a high chance.
The patch notes for tomorrow's update are live:


This patch will be applied during maintenance tomorrow, which will begin at 7:00 a.m. PST and is expected to last 3 hours.
Edited by: Denommenator 2 minutes ago
I can confirm that "Days left" in Item Claim does represent an expiry date. It is the date by which the player must redeem the item in Item Claim from inventory. This is a weird requirement of the system that delivers items to Item Claim and not a restriction we necessarily support or desire to enforce. If items could remain in Item Claim indefinitely, that would be our preference, but alas this system does not support that. For this reason, when setting up items for sale or distribution, we usually set the furthest possible expiration date (which is five years from the day the item is created on).

In the case of the Blaze mount, I screwed up and entered the wrong year so I really appreciate you bring this to our attention. I have since replaced the Blaze mount distributed through the potion shack with a version that expires in February 2021.

If you received the version of the mount that expires on February 29, 2016, make sure to claim it on your preferred character before Monday, as it will expire on that date and no longer be claimable from Item Claim.

If, for some reason, you received the Blaze mount and are unable to claim it before it expires, please contact our Customer Support team and they'll sort you out.

Apologies for the inconvenience caused by my screw up!
lalex0926 on 02/25/2016, 11:01 AM - view
So..... no Slayer buffs?
*throws my starbucks frappuccino out of the window*

There are a number of Slayer changes in the build: skill damage increases, cooldown reductions, MP cost reductions.
Adem on 02/25/2016, 08:30 AM - view
no patch notes again it seems.

Today's maintenance/server restart was conducted solely for general server maintenance as well as to deploy the strongbox jackpot event. Beyond that, no other game changes were deployed.
All servers will undergo maintenance the morning of Thursday, February 25 starting at 7:00 AM Pacific Time. This scheduled downtime will last two hours (7 - 9 AM).

All servers will be unavailable from 7:00 AM to 9:00 AM Pacific Time.

The following strongbox jackpot event will be deployed as part of this maintenance: http://tera.enmasse.com/news/posts/tera-strongbox-jackpot-weekend-is-back--3

For real-time server status, please refer to the Server Status page.
OP has been updated, as has the news post.

We appreciate your feedback around the event, we hope the changes are more in line with your expectations.
I'm currently adjusting the jackpot, replacing feedstock with premium alkahests.

Posts should be updated momentarily, but thought I should pop-in and let you know.
Just wanted to confirm the hearts are dropping at the same rates, nothing has changed since Thursday.
We're prepping the red and turquoise horses for release this week.

As for the other colors, we have other plans for those...
Nelan on 02/12/2016, 07:54 AM - view
Drop Rate seems to be around 50% from what I heard from Friends and noticed myself.

But the strange thing is that SCHM and KDHM droprate seems to be worse.

SCHM has the highest drop rate of the three, it just seems players are running FI the most.
Gums on 02/10/2016, 05:07 PM - view
What is Malkin?

Malkin is a grey sushi cat that, unfortunately, didn't make the original release. We'll post a pic in this thread tomorrow.
You can expect the return of these kind of events, and others too!
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Blueflam3s on 02/08/2016, 03:57 PM - view
One of my questions (the one about the helmets released in Ktera but not here) was kind of addressed on the stream but was lumped in with the one about the animated eyes on the cat hats, but it didn't really get a real answer. Denommenator said he had talked to BHS about them but he didn't say what their reply was. Will we be getting them? (GG to me for indirect answer I guess? Wonder if it counts as being answered on stream? XD).

I asked about them but have not yet heard a reply.
Jerzy on 02/08/2016, 04:05 PM - view
Too bad the majority of questions no one cared about and when serious issues were presented, all that was given was "we'll look into it" and "soon"

If you want more info regarding a specific question, just ask. If the answer is indeed "soon", I might be able to share with you more information as to why that's the case.
Blueflam3s on 02/08/2016, 04:06 PM - view
I know BHS makes the content decisions, but my question about male classes was mainly whether they had mentioned anything about a male class or if EME had asked about/pushed for one. I completely agree we need more variety.

I meant to address this on the stream but missed it.

Bluehole is definitely aware about the complaints surrounding female-only classes. We have discussed it with them a number of times (as I'm sure other publishers have to). No firm plans around the next class have been shared with me, so I can't comment on what gender it might be.
Sorry we had to postpone, I seem to have caught the flu that's been going around the office (or maybe I picked it up in my travels). In any case, I'm heading home in order to prevent the rest of the office from getting sick. We'll be back next week with our Q&A session.

Thanks for your understanding and have a great weekend.
normalnoises on 01/30/2016, 03:26 PM - view
Can we get the drop rate fixed so that all the bams on the list drop the embers and not just the guardians?????

I'm looking into the Naga issue, it appears their loot table is bugged, though the items did drop in our test environment which is strange.

Are they only dropping from guardians? It would be great to get confirmation of them dropping from other BAMs.

They should drop from the rest of the BAMs on the list at the same rate as the guardians.
Happy Friday TERA Community,

I'm back with another update for you! This time it's in relation to the current accessibility of Starfall gear, specifically Desalorus Heartbeats.

Starting next Tuesday following maintenance, the following changes will go into effect:

The drop rate of Desolarus Heartbeats from current sources (Desolarus Treasure Chest, Kalivan's Treasure Chest, Sea Chest, and Battle Reward) will be doubled.

In addition, we will be adding the Heartbeat as a rare drop from the final boss in the following dungeons:

- Forsaken Island
- Kalivan's Dreadnaught (Hard)
- Sky Cruise Endeavor (Hard)

This change will persist until the release of our next update.

We will monitor the distribution of this item, as well as community feedback, following this change and make further adjustments as necessary. Similarly, we'll continue to monitor the supply of Titan's Ease/Embers following the currently ongoing "Titan Hunt" event and create more opportunities to acquire them via future events and updates as necessary.

We thank you for your patience as we prepared these changes.

Have a great weekend!
DIONI on 01/29/2016, 01:01 PM - view
All mobs? You mean bams right?

Sorry, I meant the BAMs on the list.
A bit of info on the finer points of the event:

At this time, the open world BAMs all share the same drop rate.

The dungeons have variable drop rates according to their difficulty.

I can also confirm that they're dropping from all mobs.
Jettie on 01/29/2016, 12:44 PM - view
Why is this one on the list seeing its a wb only spawns at certain times and already drops them?

- Humedras

This one is actually not on the list, I'll correct it. Not sure how that slipped by me.
While the post is being prepared, here are the BAMs they'll drop from specifically:

Ruins Guardian
Naga Battlemaster
Stone Guardian

Each of the above mobs has a chance to drop three Titan's Embers or three Titan's Ease.

In addition, bosses in the following dungeons have a chance to drop fifteen Titans Embers/Titan's Ease:

Forsaken Island
Sky Cruiser Endeavor (Hard)
Timescape (Hard)
Kalivan's Dreadnaught
Kalivan's Dreadnaught (Hard)

Harder dungeons have a higher drop rate.
Lizzard on 01/29/2016, 11:08 AM - view
20 bams no drops, guess they changed it

They are dropping, I'm monitoring the drops right now. Keep farming.

Harmonia will have the post up momentarily.
The event starts at 11 a.m. PST (in about 25 minutes). We'll have the news post detailing the event up shortly.
Jerichow on 01/28/2016, 06:12 PM - view
So just wanted to ask you a question Denom.

Have you guys considered adding Ember/Ease as a possible drop for BAMs in the new Island of Dawn hunting grounds? It wouldn't have to be much of course, but at least have some sort of consistent non-dungeon-related drop for them?

Should be possible. Let's see the impact of the vanguard quests and then this might be one course of action to increase supply.
Legerrarwen on 01/28/2016, 05:41 PM - view
So basically the fix for etching mats are more event(s) on Fridays when people are either working or school like the last bam event?

How about this JUST DO WHAT PEOPLE HAVE BEEN ASKING, add the stupid drops into EVERY DUNGEON and have it drop regularly not this stupid 1% upgraded to 2% bull[filtered] that your "fixes" have been tell now.

Stop making people just log in for an hour for an event (IF THEY CAN) and call it good the problem is that etching mats are not accessible so how do 1 event (maybe more we don't know or trust at this point that its true) fix the issue of not having any way to get them?

Just plain insulting that you guys cant just fix the dungeons to have a decent drop rate on them and need to do events that people cant or wont do because of disconnections, FPS lag, real life commitments, or anything else for that matter. Even more insulting you guys are doing an event tomorrow! but wait where were the announcements? oh right this is the first one so less than 24 hours tell event, i wonder how well people liked the last one that had no publicity at all. Wait we can answer that too the big brawl that nobody was invited to, and everyone hated that too. Glad we answered that question.

The event will run for one week (Friday through Thursday).

We're working on longer term fixes as well.
Here's where we're at with Titan's Ember's/Titan's Ease:

1) We are working to push up some of the changes in the next update into our current build. I don't think we're going to get the Vanguard fix, but we may be able to increase the drop rates from some of the current sources. I'll share updates on this as I receive them.

2) While we pursue a longer-term solution, we're going to host some events over the next few weeks that will distribute Titan's Ease/Ember as a reward. The first of these will start tomorrow and run for about one week. The event is titled "Titan Hunt" and will offer Embers/Ease from high-level BAMs in Ex Prima, as well as from some dungeon bosses (in stacks of 3 and 15, respectively). We're going to announce the event formally tomorrow morning and it will start shortly thereafter.

Don't forget to change channels during the event if the zone is overly crowded!

Regarding Starfall/Heartbeats, we're working on some changes that are currently going through QA. I'll share further details once we have confidence they're going to work out.

Unfortunately, etchings changes did not make this maintenance but they remain a top priority issue along with the availability of Desolarus Hearts (discussed here: http://tera-forums.enmasse.com/forums/news-announcements/topics/0122-Community-Update).

I am currently working with Bluehole on both issues, sharing your feedback and discussing potential solutions and courses of action. When I have a concrete execution plan in place for these two issues, I will share them.
Happy Friday TERA Community!

I have some updates to share with you surrounding our next major build update. While we unfortunately will not be able to release Forsaken Isle hard mode ahead of our currently planned March update, we are working with Bluehole to push out some changes ahead of that update.

First, we’ll be deploying some balance changes to the Brawler class during maintenance this coming Tuesday, January 26. These changes will decrease the Brawler’s overall attack damage in PvP by 20%. We worked together with Bluehole to merge these changes into our build as quickly as we could. We're exploring the possibility of pushing up some other class balance changes in the coming weeks as well. Tuesday’s maintenance will also bring with it some updates to the Federation Bill and Fashion Coupon stores, including the return of NPC summoning scrolls and single Fashion Coupons, as well as a new gunner class fashion in various colors. We'll continue to update these stores with new items based on your feedback.

We’re also evaluating several potential solutions to ease end-game gear progression leading into the March update so that players are properly geared for Dreadspire Season 2, specifically acquisition of the Starfall gear set. We’ve been closely following the community’s feedback and suggestions in this regard. Based on your feedback, it’s clear that acquisition of the materials to craft the Starfall gear set will need to be made a bit easier ahead of the update in March. At the same time though, many players expressed that, as the strongest gear in TERA currently, it should also not be too easily acquired. This would undermine the efforts of those players who have already worked very hard to acquire it. The EME Production team agrees in this regard; a fine balance should be achieved regarding this set's availability. We are approaching this as a high priority issue but we need a bit more time to analyze our available options with Bluehole. I will keep you updated regularly regarding our progress on this issue and other top community concerns as we make progress.

Have a great weekend!

Senior Producer, En Masse Entertainment
Based on community feedback in this thread and others, we have added Kalivan's Dreadnaught normal mode to the list of dungeons included in this event. This change is in effect as of 4:08 p.m. PST on 01/22.
Based on community feedback in this thread and others, we have added Kalivan's Dreadnaught normal mode to the list of dungeons included in this event. This change is in effect as of 4:08 p.m. PST on 01/22.
ElectricPotato on 01/22/2016, 02:00 PM - view
Double drop, isn't a doubling of actual loot items on the ground. It like a second roll on the monsters kill table. So its like you killed 2 deslorious. and since box ins't 100% chance, you might get 0 from 2 rolls on his loot table.

This is correct.
Edited by: Denommenator 1 minute ago
Hey all, sorry for my delayed response in this thread. A few updates:

- NPC summoning scrolls will be added back to the Fed Bill Store next Tuesday, along with the single Fashion Coupon
- In addition, the costume versions of the Sterling and 24-K armors will be added

I'll try to find some other fun cosmetic items to add to this shop over the coming weeks and months (keeping some of the suggestions in this thread in mind).

As for the Brawler/Gunner fashions, we have some Gunner fashions hitting the fashion coupon shop next week and I'm sorting through some other Brawler fashions (that we're missing) to add to this shop. It's going to take me a bit of time to sort them out though and, to be honest, I have some other issues of a higher priority that I'm focusing on at the moment. I hope you understand.
Thanks for sharing the vid. The costume we put up was the only brawler "fashion" in our current build, unfortunately. I'm looking into the rest (those showcased in the video).
Brawler saw a 20% decrease in overall PvP damage in the Korean version.

We are exploring getting these class changes into our version sooner than later and I hope to have an update to share with the community shortly.
Our developers continue to investigate. We'll report back with any progress.
Exselcior on 01/19/2016, 08:42 AM - view
Just a small note here; the brawler fashions seem to have missing item names.

They appear correctly for me. Are they missing names in your inventory or in the fashion coupon store?
It appears there was an error in deploying these changes this morning. We are preparing a server restart at 9 a.m. PST to resolve this.
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