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Starting Friday, March 23rd at 4:00 AM PDT to Monday, March 26th at 4:00 AM PDT, you'll be rewarded a Champion's Enchanting Chest for completing the Vanguard Request "Win in Corsairs' Stronghold", or rewarded a Superior Etching Box for completing the Vanguard Request "Win in Fraywind Canyon".
Our Support Team can verify if a Collector's Edition or 2012 PAX East code was ever applied, so as mentioned above, if the Regal Frost Lion is now missing from your Account, a Support Ticket can help resolve that for you.
Firess wrote: »
Speaking of which. Should i keep my Beta download on my PS4 for the full release?
More info will be provided, but for now, yes I would recommend holding onto your TT, OBT1, or OBT2 PS4 download of TERA.
I've been a lot more active in our EME Official Discord Channel.

On our Discord (in the teraconsole-general channel), I had already acknowledged that we've been going through the process of compiling new bugs that were reported, updating our list of Known Issues, reading through tons of Feedback, and also reviewing Suggestions.
More details will be given very soon.
If you installed via a physical game disc of TERA, I'd recommend removing that install and instead using the Direct Download method Here.

If you had used the Direct Download method and still see that error, then most likely you have some type of Security Software that probably did an overnight update and it's now conflicting with the connection required by the TERA Launcher.

As a temporary solution, you can try temporarily uninstalling any Security Software ( Anti-virus / Firewall / Web Browser Plug-ins that are security related ) or lower Security Settings on Windows Defender, followed by a Computer restart, to see if that will allow the required connection to remain established.

Beyond that, another step that may be needed is specifically restarting the computer in "Clean Boot" , which will only allow the essential programs needed to operate Windows to load after the computer is restarted.

If still no luck, then I'm sure we'll get to your Support Ticket fairly quickly, and we can provide you with more specific steps after you have provided us with a copy of your EME Diagnostic text file.
Closing Thread and removed images that are Forum Rule Violations.
Please report this type of activity via Support Ticket , instead of making a Call Out in the Forums.

@ess - An appropriate action has already been taken on what you had been reporting.
Meningitis wrote: »
let us know that you acknowledge this is an issue?
Acknowledged and filed as a bug.

They should now be in the Dressing Room.
Starting Tuesday, March 20 at 4am PDT through Tuesday, March 27 at 4am PDT you'll be rewarded DOUBLE the Items and Rep Credits for completing Vanguard Requests.
Still waiting on EME Staff or @CobaltDragon to give the word that they are going to say something about this.
I did sent the request forward, stating that :

Quite a few players have been requesting the return of a revamped "Crusades" / "Alliance System", and the return of the Original "Island of Dawn" as content.

(In order to bring back the "Alliance System", some efforts would need to made to prevent Player-Vs-Player Kill Feeding)
Thanks for reporting this.

Right now, the preferred method of reporting is via Support Ticket.

Our Support Team is staffed to cover weekends, and they can get to the report and take action on it, prior to when I am back in the office.

@CornishRex - I do check the Forums while out of the office.
> @ArmGeeks said:
> @seandynamite Sorry about the Tag but it was a msg in Golbal eralier sayin CU wil begin in 10 min it has been more then 50 min now nothing happened.

Did Civil Unrest : Velika not occur ?
Zumoraii wrote: »
I am stuck on master skills test for etching need help. I don't understand why my promotion points are not increasing...]
You need to get 1 additional Crit on an Armor Etching
This Thread is being closed for Violations in the Forums Rules.
( Petitions are not allowed. )
I am sorry to hear that. :/
Some things need to be opened sooner than later, unfortunately.
After a year or two, you might find that the box contains different things, being re-purposed for a new or similar Event.
This was reported already, but I'm not sure if it has been resolved yet.
Please note, the OBT2 Blue Angel Halo and the 3 masks unlocked from community challenges all need to be claimed within two weeks of Launch.
Alright, thanks for the heads up. :)
I believe some of the emails are still being delivered, but it may be a case where it was only sent to a very select group of players.
Thanks for pointing this out.
I'll inform the appropriate team.
Starting Friday, March 16 at 4 a.m. PDT and continuing until Monday, March 19 at 4 a.m., we are highlighting Ghillieglade and Pit of Petrax.

During this highlight, the Pit of Petrax (Vanguard Request) and Banyakas (Treasure Chest) will have a bonus reward of the Pot o' Green event loot box.

You’ll earn increased drops from monsters, and an additional bonus jackpot for completion.

Jackpots yield one of the following:

•Master Crafter’s Secret Additive ×1
•Smart Dyad Niveot Structure ×1
•Superior Noctenium Elixir ×1
•Crafter’s Cure ×2
•Feast ×2

The Pot o' Green is guaranteed to contain a non-tradeable Apothecary Dye.
It may also contain a non-tradeable Me Lucky Hat (7-Day), a non-tradeable Olive Bandit Mask (7-Day), a non-tradeable Emerald Eyeglasses (7-Day), a non-tradeable Green Honker (7-Day), a non-tradeable Rainblow Cloud (7-Day), a non-tradeable Permanent Olive Bandit Mask, a non-tradeable Permanent Emerald Eyeglasses, a non-tradeable Permanent Green Honker, a Tradeable Permanent Me Lucky Hat, and a Tradeable Permanent Rainblow Cloud

Also, be sure to check the in-game Calendar on Saturday to obtain the Master Plasma Weapon Skin (3-Day).
The date of Official Launch as not been announced yet.
The change should go through this morning, I just wanted to update Patch Notes with what was stated above, to avoid confusion over which type was intended.
Closing Thread, due to Necro.
More than likely, it's conflicting software on your PC.
I'd suggest making a Support Ticket.
note box 40 say 15d elite, but actually gives 7 days
Patch Notes
Update March 14th 2018
There has been a Welterweight Brawler Box tooltip correction. The Box delivers an Elite Status Voucher (7-day). The Tooltip incorrectly listed Elite Status Voucher (15-day).

More information can be found Here.
lolwat wrote: »
Why was this item changed to "Surprise Loot Box 22" without warning or notice?
The Loot Table for the Federation Gem Loot Box has not been changed, and the localization issue ( the name ) will be fixed during our next Patch.
HC65493N5H wrote: »
I see both EnMasse AND Bluehole 's logos
Would you be willing to provide a screenshot of your TERA Launcher ?
You should not be seeing En Masse Entertainment in your TERA Launcher, if it's allowing you to access a Mystel Server on TERA EU...

Closing Thread due to Necro.
It's part of a change coming at a later time, so they will not be returning to the FC Store.
Join us for a week of leveling mayhem surrounding the Counterpunch update and the introduction of the Male Brawler by leveling up a new character!

From Tuesday March 13 until Tuesday March 20 at 4AM PDT, earn increased rewards on Vanguard Requests up to your daily limit.

Rewards include:
A Bonus 50% character XP.
CornishRex wrote: »
I hope they're trying to make it less expensive and rng for a pleasant surprise
Closing due to Necro'ing a Thread.
@clfarron4 said:
> make Keening Dawn Motes drop at 100% rate for BAM killing, like they do on EU, to speed up IoD quests to make up for the poor rate.
- I did already provide this suggestion, based on feedback from players here in the Forums and Player Council.
Christin wrote: »
Will there be a leveling event? I sure hope we get human male garment bag in the shop at least. That is so nice when everyone is leveling the same race n gender.
- Yes

New Class
Human Males can now be Brawlers.

Increased the maximum number of Character Slots from 18 to 19.

Race Change Vouchers and Gender Change Vouchers cannot currently be used to change Female Brawlers into Male Brawlers.

See the Brawler Page for more information.


Ruinous Manor (Normal/Hard)
The Ruinous Manor dungeon is back, with some balance adjustments:
  • Players can queue for hard mode with item level 446; normal with item level 439.
  • Added Elemental Essence and Wall of Souls Fragments to the loot table.

Thaumetal Refinery (Hard)
  • We made a balance adjustment to the first three bosses.
  • Revised loot table.

Revised loot tables for other dungeons:
  • Thaumetal Refinery
  • Lilith’s Keep (Hard)
  • RK-9 Kennel
  • Sky Cruiser Endeavor
  • Broken Prison

Class Balancing

  • Burning Heart only deals 1 strike’s worth of damage.
  • Burning Heart damage increased 3× to compensate.

  • Rising Fury only gives 1 edge no matter how many targets are hit.
  • Added Lingering Traverse Cut glyph to increase effect durations for party members.
  • Reduced glyph cost of Lingering Traverse Cut glyph that affects self only from 2 to 1.


PvP Leaderboards
  • There’s a new icon on main menu; or use (ALT+L) shortcut to access.
  • Covers Fraywind Canyon, Corsairs’ Stronghold, and Champions’ Skyring.
  • Must compete in 5 or more battlegrounds in a season to check your current ranking for that battleground.
  • Rankings will reset with this update.
Hat Stylers
  • Added a Restyle Hat function in the Dressing Room.
  • Saving changes for restyled hats consumes a Hat Styler item.
  • Specialty Store Merchants now sell Hat Stylers to allow you to change size, position, and angle of hats.

Added confirmations for when you use a superior (gold) rarity skill book or design.

Optimized UI to improve frame rate in dungeons and open world.

Added a notification to players above level 30 if a crystal slot is empty.

Gear Enchantment and Upgrade
  • We significantly reduced the amount of Gold, Golden Talents, and Silver Talents required, while increasing the amounts of other materials required to enchant and upgrade.

  • Increased gold rewards for Corsairs’ Stronghold and Fraywind Canyon.
  • Updated some early story quest flows.
  • Players can now fly from Velika to Crescentia at level 10 and to Lumbertown at level 13.
  • Added Rally BAMs to Civil Unrest: Velika.
  • Removed set effects from accessories and gear.

Bug Fixes
  • Various localization fixes.
Doing one last review for accuracy, then the Patch Notes will be posted.
Make this a thing please! Male brawlers deserve attention too :) I'd love to see artists give this a try!
It was something suggested to us recently.
Can't confirm anything at this time, but it's something I'd also like to see as well.

Here is the En Masse Partner Form
These Rewards are Permanent that will be delivered after Open Beta around the time that TERA officially launches. ( You have to complete the challenges to unlock them.)

The Open Beta Stress Test Rewards are all all items that can be acquired throughout your time playing in Open Beta, but are only temporary, and will be wiped along with everything else. ( It's up to you if they are something you want to obtain )
A new update has been provided on the first page, for players who are unable to leave the city of Velika by Flightpath for the Story Quest.
As an update, PS4 NA might be getting a 3rd Server at the rate things are going.
ArcaneDog wrote: »
> @CobaltDragon said:
> The second PS4-NA server is now up! If you're in the queue, hop out and log onto the new PS4 NA server!
And EU?!
EU had a second Server originally, while NA didn't.
If you're meaning the PS4 EU Login issues, that is something we're still monitoring and should hopefully have the resolution coming soon.
The second PS4-NA server is now up! If you're in the queue, hop out and log onto the new PS4 NA server!
The second PS4-NA server is now up! If you're in the queue, hop out and log onto the new PS4 NA server!
PS4 NA is seeing massive amounts of logins right now. Too soon to call it "fixed" but we're hopeful.
PS4 EU is still having issues, so we'll check stability of PS4 NA for a bit, and then might apply the same changes that were made.
NA Server has been restarted.
The Servers for both NA and EU PS4 have been confirmed to be letting in more than before, which is at least some progress, however I don't think this implies we're 100% in the clear, imo.
For those on PS4 EU, can you please try exiting out of TERA ( closing the App ) and then restarting it.

Any progress in getting past Title or Server Select now ?
Tarroath wrote: »
> @CobaltDragon said:
> We were trying to avoid it, but we're going to now go the route of doing a full PS4 NA restart.

What's the approximate time for restart and how long untill its back up?
Can't say for sure, but I believe it's an expected time of around 15 minutes after the restart occurs.
We were trying to avoid it, but we're going to now go the route of doing a full PS4 NA restart.

What about PS4 EU most haven't even been able to get to the sever select screen.
We're still looking into the issue for EU Players, don't think we've forgotten about you. ;)
There has been a steady stream of new PS4 EU players getting in, but it's still not quite where we need it to be, so improvements are being made.
lolwat wrote: »
We were trying to avoid it, but we're going to now go the route of doing a full PS4 NA restart.

As in a rollback?
No, simply bring the Servers down in a "Maintenance" then we'll bring them back Online.
We were trying to avoid it, but we're going to now go the route of doing a full PS4 NA restart.
Looks like it allowed some in, but still not quite the overall effect we had hoped for.
Your confirmations are important, and the information is helpful to the Teams that are actively investigating.
If you decide to retry, and still no luck, please try to include PS4 NA or EU in your comment.
Also, thank you all so much for your patience.
We're making progress with the issue PS4 player's have been seeing. It may not be 100% resolved, but it sounds like it might allow more players in if you fully restart TERA on your Console.
Looks like for PS4 NA, it just allowed another large batch in, but also seeing many getting stuck on Server Select.
RM3J36EH94 wrote: »
CobaltDragon , any chance of an update on how ya getting on over there ?
Last update I got was that we've got people chasing down a lead. What that means, or how long that could take is still unclear.
We'll keep pushing ourselves to the limit and get this taken care of.
I've mainly been commenting on this Thread.
I understand the frustration right now of not being able to get in.
We're still investigating it, and will continue to provide updates as we have them.
Nanaiko wrote: »
Can we get an ETA please?

I want to, but honestly if I give you a number, and that turns out to not be accurate, the frustration level would go through the roof.
We're doing everything we can right now to resolve this, and hope it's as soon as possible.
We're still investigating what is going on, and when I have more information, I will be sure to let you know.
We're still working to resolve this issue.
I know it's annoying, so thank you all for your patience.
Thanks for letting us know.
I provided a response about it in a different Thread.
Thanks for letting us know.
I provided a response about it in a different Thread.
As far as I can tell, it's specific to both PS4-EU and PS4-NA.
We're aware of the error, and actively working to resolve it asap.
EiEiO11490 wrote: »
So all the rewards being given out on Saturday and Sunday are only for those days and will be erased after?
These are rewards to be used within the Open Beta.

These can be used at Launch, as long as you claim within the first two weeks.
As we head into Open Beta, please be aware of the following :

Why am I not able to select my desired character name?
- If you are receiving a message stating your name is not allowed, it means there is a combination of letters in the name that are being blocked by our profanity filter. We understand that there are names that are being blocked that are not offensive, and we will be reviewing the list between open beta and full retail launch to prevent this from happening wherever possible. For open beta, however, it will not be possible to use any name that is currently being blocked.

I deleted my character and now I am not able to use their name on a new one!
- We are aware that deleting a character is not currently freeing their name up for use. Although this will not be addressed during the open beta, we will make every effort to have this corrected by the time the game goes into full release.
*Fixed* what about Kaia's helmet or her * cape?
For all suggestions, pictures aren't quite as helpful to me, and I do actually need an in-game name or item ID for all suggestions. Thx.

I believe for PS4 NA, it just appeared in the "New Games" section, about 12 minutes ago.
would it be possible to re add the original valkyrie "black label curaiss" design? the same costume was changed to a different appearance like a few weeks into the valkyrie's release. The original valkyrie "black label curaiss" looked was similar to the "crimson/azure valkyrie finery" variants except it was grey
For all suggestions, pictures aren't quite as helpful to me
I'll try to test if This matches your image, otherwise I'd need more details about the original costume "style" that was used.
Do you think it would be possible to add the Thetan Willsuit (gunner)
If this is it, then sure. I can get it added.
A requested was made within another TERA Console Thread, and I agree that many new players might not know how to do this, so here is a Link to the instructions.
Zoknahal wrote: »
Wanted to check how is the progress on the weapon skins now that the playerbase is helping find the IDs of the weapons
There is a pretty massive list compiled. It will take some time to review though, to see what can be added in through Phase 2, or will require requests be made in order to get them.
More questions have just been answered in a News Post, so I've edited this Thread's Title and updated the original post with a link to the details.
Sufina wrote: »
Also I was banned. <3
This came up in other Threads.
Basically, if this happened to you or anyone else you know on Feb 26th 2018, the fastest resolution was to let us know here on the Forums with an Alt Account, or make a Support Ticket.
I believe I have now taken care of it for you @Sufina
Are there more official announcements coming before the beta @CobaltDragon ?
- Yes
Is it common practice to alter the title to make it clear when it has been officially updated?
- Since it is an Announced Thread that is expected to receive further updates, I'll make a point to edit the Thread's Title with an edit date.
Are there more official announcements coming before the beta @CobaltDragon ?
- Yes
Imprezive1 wrote: »
will the gender change from female to male brawler be available the day they release?
- This has been answered in other Threads already.
Imprezive1 wrote: »
if not would i be able to change my costumes to male before the March 30th deadline
- Support does not exchange costumes for a character that has not yet applied a Race Change.
More details will be provided as we get closer to each Event. Please keep in mind that these dates, times and events are subject to change.
( All times are Pacific )

Week 1:
1. Double Vanguard Request (Item and Rep Credits) : Tue 2/27/2018 03:00 AM - Tue 3/6/2018 03:00 AM
2. Dungeon Highlight - RK-9 : Fri 3/2/2018 03:00 AM - Tue 3/6/2018 03:00 AM

Week 2:
1. Double Vanguard Request (ItemXP) : Tue 3/6/2018 03:00 AM - Sat 3/10/2018 03:00 AM
2. Vanguard Request - Bonus Reward (Strongbox Key) : Sat 3/10/2018 03:00 AM - Tue 3/13/2018 04:00 AM
a. Conquer Lilith's Keep (Hard)
b. Conquer the Thaumetal Refinery (Hard)
c. Win in Fraywind Canyon
d. Win in Corsairs' Stronghold

Week 3:
1. Vanguard Request (added 50% Player XP bonus) Tue 3/13/2018 04:00 AM - Tue 3/20/2018 04:00 AM
2. Dungeon Highlight- Solos Ghillieglade and Pit of Petrax : Sat 3/16/2018 04:00 AM - Sun 3/19/2018 04:00 AM
3. Male Brawler Launch
4. Dungeon Highlight - Solos : Pot o' Green
5. Weekend Boom Box

Week 4:
1. Double Vanguard Request (Item and Rep Credits) : Tue 3/20/2018 04:00 AM - Tue 3/27/2018 04:00 AM
2. 1st Day of Spring
3. Weekend Boom Box

Week 5:
1. Guardian Legion Bonus (TERA Reward Points) Tue 3/27/2018 10:00 AM - Tue 4/3/2018 10:00 AM
2. Dungeon Highlight - Ruinous Manor : Fri 3/30/2018 04:00 AM - Tue 4/3/2018 04:00 AM
3. Weekend Boom Box
just hoping a reminder post would get us some answers sooner rather than later.
I am updating the FAQ Thread as I get the answers to questions that have been asked.
Please just keep in mind that many teams have a lot to work on with Open Beta being so close, so it's not easy to set aside extra time to provide answers to all of the questions that are currently being asked.
At the moment, I have 28 new questions that are awaiting answers, some of which are pretty time sensitive (like if pre-downloads will be available and when that starts).
There will certainly be some new announcements coming out very soon that will touch on some of these questions, and hopefully between now and then, I'll be able to provide some new update within the thread as well.
DXMM75LKCA wrote: »
Release is when PlayStation 5 is released xD
I am really happy to see so many of you that are excited for TERA's release on Console.
An Announcement will be coming soon, that will confirm exactly when the Official Release will be.
In the mean time, please try to avoid spreading misinformation on what the release date is.
TLX wrote: »
Thanks. male brawler / release date on consoles ?
Welcome. As we get closer, we'll be able to share more details to the two questions you just asked.
TLX wrote: »
What about spanish forum?
im pretty sure that they gonna have all languages needed to make everyone happy
Other languages are still being looked into, as well. ;)
For now, check out this section
Cobalt, I have a few questions for you guys regarding the console beta.

You already kind of answered my question regarding a possible founders pack with a TBA, sounds like a yes but not ready to release details yet which is fine. Any date on the TBA?

This one is especially important for F2P players, will Tera require PS+ or Xbox subscriptions to play or will it be like many other F2P games on these consoles and not require said subs?

Will the Tera console port be mouse and keyboard compatable?

Of the current in store items, will any of the cosmetics be left out of the console version due to the contents timeline or can we expect to see all the same cosmetics? I can't be the only one oggling and planning which of the damn sweet mounts and weapon skins I will be getting my hands on!

Will there be a separate console development roadmap posted on the Tera official site for us to have some idea what to expect in the near future once the game goes live?

Thanks for your answers so far, you guys seem pretty active in the forums.
I've added all of these questions to my list to try and get answers for. As you can imagine, things are really busy with Open Beta being so close, and some details will have official announcements coming for them.
Open Beta starts March 9th at 6am PST.
As for a German Forum, this is still being looked into, I believe.
DHATXNK4KM wrote: »
Can you comment on the rumor that old set bonuses are going to be removed with the coming of male brawler patch. Apparently it has been implemented in JTera, so would be nice to hear what EME thinks about that.

It's something that I still need to check myself before giving the full on confirmation, but right now, I am lead to believe that change is coming. It was in KTERA's patch Notes from yesterday, translated by @Idi0ticGenius here :

Set Bonuses from Gears and Accessories have been removed
It still being reworked and updated.
When reintroduced, it will not only have the Server Status for our TERA PC Servers, but also include Server Status for TERA Console as well.
unless the requirements have been changed there are fewer total TERA viewers than the enmasse partner(ambassador?) program requires
I may be wrong about this, but I am currently under the impression that our Ambassador Program beta has been rebranded, and the eligibility requirements have been adjusted. If you need more specifics, the Form is there to fill out, and Tailypo can reach out and get a conversation started.
Friendly reminder to abide by the Forums rules.
I removed some content that was only going to cause further derailment, and might have lead to personal attacks / call-outs.
"Post Content - Posts that do not contribute to the overall conversation."
At the bottom of our first En Masse Community Spotlight article, there is a link to the En Masse Partner Form.
If the community members you've mentioned are interested, by all means, please share the Form with them, and we'll be happy to do what we can.
I think this Thread has run it's course...
To those effected, or have friends effected by the 02/26/2018 Spam Filter Forum Bans, please make a Ticket and we'll be happy to help walk you through the steps needed to not only recover the original Forum Profile, but also restore deleted Threads / Posts, if that occurred as well.
On a test Server environment, I'll admit this actually look pretty fun.

At this time, I think we're going the route of keeping as many earned items exclusive as possible, with the only real exceptions being items that had already been in the Fashion Coupon store previously, like all of the "made exclusively for you by Meruma" types, and some of the costumes offered when a new class was released.
As we get ready for additional Phases, i'll try my best to ensure the above stays true, and will probably rely on our Player Council to help prevent me from adding anything that should remain exclusive, due to how it was previously obtained through in-game methods.
With that said, I definitely understand the frustration from those who participated and earned the above mention items when they were first introduced.
I sent a similar long list (with items in the same range), but most of them fell into the categories in the OP (EU-exclusive, Skycastle-exclusive, temporary, etc.). I hope they can find a way to get appropriate versions from BHS so we can have them as regular usable skins in our region.

Don't think I forgot about these.
They were kept within my document, even if it takes a request to get them. =)
This is just a General Maintenance with no big changes.

The one thing to note that will occur during Maintenance tomorrow would be this :

Added Champion's Enchanting Chest x1 and Ruby x2 as additional rewards to the following Vanguard Requests :
Corsairs' Stronghold - Win in Corsairs' Stronghold (not the pre-formed version)
Fraywind Canyon - Win in Fraywind Canyon
EPJD66KN4C wrote: »
It would appear that the one that necro'd some of the threads got jailed , and some of them that stated that him/her had done so got wiped from the forums , yep great rulz and executed with precision
I posted this in another section, but the response would apply here too :

For any of those effected player, I'd recommend making a Support Ticket, if you hadn't already.
We already saw a few reports of the Forum's Spam Filter applying disciplinary to Accounts, even going as far as deleting threads / posts by those profiles.
If you write in, we should be able to review the Forum Profile, and at the very least, remove the disciplinary action.
Laemie wrote: »
Here goes the huge wall of text
You can contact Tera Online dev tracker at contact@teradevtracker.com - Privacy policy - Tera Online dev tracker is not affiliated with Tera Online or En Masse entertainment.