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WHOA. Ok, thanks for the heads up on this. That is absolutely our error. When we put the items together for the box, we inadvertently grabbed an odd version of the Slaughter weapon. We're working on a fix for the box's contents that will be updated in the next maintenance, and I'm putting together a short-term solution for Warriors over the weekend that will be hitting 65, so they won't miss out on getting the rewards. Warriors hitting level 64 will get their Slaughter weapon at 64, with a note to either wait until after Maintenance to open their reward, or to sell/discard the weapon that is inside the box.

Additionally, for every warrior that hit 65 since Tuesday, we're going to be sending them a proper Filet & Steak Weapon, along with an additional +9 Enchantment Scroll.

Sobbie wrote: »
Somehow? Impression? Confused?

You clearly wrote 100% Chance on the MYSTERIOUS EGG. There was no confusion on our side, it was clearly your misscomunication (as usual lol).

It was worded incorrectly. I've rephrased my comment above to be a bit more clear.

Ketoth wrote: »
Are you giving away the white models of the weapons too? or just the volcanic?


Could you also explain the miss communication about hardening egg and mysterious egg and 100% drop chance for dragon according the patch notes, so people dont talk about it anymore?

Sure, I'll mention this on the air. For clarification here, the dragon eggs were included in the patch notes by mistake, and described just as they have been functioning. Some players saw this message and somehow got the impression that there was now a 100% chance to get a dragon from an egg. That rumor was false, but some players got confused/upset because they believed it and opened some eggs.
ElinUsagi wrote: »
Maybe EME has been left with some psicological scars and that is why they don't answer forums threads like before.

But then I posted while you were typing this! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Looking to score a little extra feedstock? This month, we’ve got you covered!

Every weekend in February, starting at 11 a.m. PST Friday, and ending at 11 a.m. PST on Monday, defeating the final boss of the indicated dungeon will produce an additional pile of high-tier feedstock for every member of the party:
  • February 3–6: Complete Ruinous Manor (Hard) for 100 Tier 11 feedstock.
  • February 10–13: Complete Lilith's Keep for 75 Tier 10 feedstock.
  • February 17–20: Complete Broken Prison for 75 Tier 11 feedstock.
  • February 24–27: Complete Lilith's Keep (Hard) for 100 Tier 10 feedstock.

Official news post here: http://tera.enmasse.com/news/posts/announcing-weekend-dungeon-events

Today on Twitch I'll visit Mount Tyrannas to show off the upcoming Dragon Weapon Skins! These items won't be hitting the TERA store until next week, but I'll have some 3-day versions to hand out to folks who group up and help me model.

While I'm on MT, let's PvP! I'll raffle off prizes in the Twitch chat depending on how our duels turn out <3

The stream starts at 3 p.m. PST on the En Masse Twitch channel. See you there!
I don't believe it's known. Moving to the bug forums. Thanks for letting us know!
I'd like it we could add them in soon in a way where all players can earn them. They're definitely on our radar!
Koikoi wrote: »
You said EME is still pushing to get fwc un eq.

It's been 4months... you must have had some feedback good or bad from BHS regarding it.

Would be great if you would share with the community.

I agree. I'll talk to Noesis and see what we can share about the progress made on it.
If a player is harassing you or being extremely toxic, using foul language, or breaking the Terms of Service, the best thing to do is submit a Customer Support ticket and provide as much detail as possible. The player will be investigated and our CS crew will determine what actions are necessary to prevent that action from happening again.

Calling out players is against the forum rules, though, so don't post about it here. It only leads to witch hunts and drama that get us nowhere.
YJGDCY4KHF wrote: »
Power hours.....Let me see if I can be constructive here.

This is a bandaid Noesis. Even with power hours people won't run Fraywind or CS as often as Kumas/ Iron battlegrounds. We need a system similar to the crusades if you honestly want PvP to return. There needs to be a reason to compete.

Bluehole has taken away the need to gear up in battlegrounds since everything is now equalised ( except team 3s but hey not like it pops often). Let's avoid Civil Unrest as well , that discussion is elsewhere.

Anyway back to the subject at hand. Power hours aren't worth doing if the PvP gear you can obtain from it is basically redundant. So there's only two suggestions I can offer.

Attempt to return fraywind to being un equalised (have an eq version for up to 64 , remove Kumas / Iron BG). Second and more importantly we need a leader board. With some form of reward for rank 1 - 3.

For example : Rank 1 - 2 Diamonds

Rank 2 - 5 Emeralds

Rank 3 - 3 Emeralds.

Don't. Jump on me. Add in your thoughts but I must request you be constructive.

Peace out guys.

Thanks for your ideas! We're still pushing to get FWC unequalized. We haven't forgotten about it. As far as Kumas and Iron BGs I know many PvP-focused players don't consider these to be actual PvP Battlegrounds. In your opinion do you think those who queue for Kumas to get credits and level their characters would otherwise be queued up for FWC?
Kimimishan wrote: »
(and as Spacecats just mentioned, they're actually counter productive since no one runs without it)

I think you kind of misunderstood my post. Power Hours help make it so players can coordinate around a set time to queue for BGs when they might otherwise be doing dungeons or who knows what. Nobody said they were counter productive.

That said, I do appreciate your credit store suggestions so thanks very much for the feedback!
Sorry, everyone knows those things are worthless.

...Bruiseweave Stoles and Unity Stoles are a dime a dozen! You could get so much more with 1k fed bills my conscience tells me I MUST DECLINE YOUR OFFER.
TL;DR -> Hardening Eggs were never changed, and never meant to be a guaranteed dragon mount drop. Everyone in TERA gets an extra 10 Dragon Scales for the login reward for today.

Final followup post!

To provide a final capstone of clarity: There was no change to the hardening dragon egg item, its drop rate, or the way that system works to provide dragon mounts to players. The error was entirely a versioning issue between patch notes coming to EME from KR, and the resulting "new" notes causing confusion for people thinking it meant the system was changing.

In light of people's rightful concern about their expectations not being met with the drop table yesterday, I am adding 10 Dragon Scales to the daily reward for today.

Thanks again to everyone that has helped out on this issue, and I'll see you in game. (For those who were watching the stream, I'm up to iLvl 394, on my way to the magical 410 number.)
Long overdue but I appreciate the EME staff looking into it for the community. So will it be like the new noctenium in the fact that you combine the old bravery/canephora with a converter to make the new potions or are they a completely different item altogether?

They're a different item altogether.
I'm still suspicious of the kTERA cooldown time. It's possible they got strong versions before us, but that isn't quite clear.
No kidding!

Here, please continue the discussion in this thread:

Bravery Potions and Canephora Potions, while quite useful, come with a fairly significant downside... they last 30 minutes, but they have a 60 minute cooldown. That’s how the potions were originally designed to function. There’s been quite a lot of player feedback on this, however, and we’ve been looking into both potions, talking with Bluehole about the items with the intention of reducing the cooldown in order to make potions more useful (and eliminate downtime for players waiting for their potions to be ready).

One solution is… NEW, UPGRADED POTIONS. These exist, and starting today we’ll be introducing Strong Bravery Potions and Strong Canephora Potions to the game with multiple means of obtaining them. Strong Bravery Potions and Strong Canephora Potions don’t just have a 30 minute cooldown time, they also grant players slightly better benefits than their non-strong versions.

It may take a little time before these new potions are added to all the places we feel are appropriate (Elite Status rewards being one of those), but our intention is to make them nearly as common as the current Bravery & Canephora potions.
About to post a sticky about this, as a matter of fact.

Must type words in order to post.
Thread about it just went up:

I think we'll keep using the same Google calendar from now on. That keeps things easy for players to keep track of which Power Hours are which day. We want to continue these going forward. Everyone seems to enjoy the extra rewards and the reliable BG queue.

We also want to make Power Hours more visible to players. It will take a bit of extra effort, but I think it will really help to have system messages announce the start of every Power Hour as they occur.
Yes, just like the other items listed as dungeon rewards. It's a possible drop from every dungeon listing a Circlet Fragment, but unlike VG rewards you aren't guaranteed that loot will appear.
It's true. As of 12:01 a.m. this morning not a single BG had fired for February.
While I don't have a news post up yet about it, there are definitely Battleground Power Hours going on this month! While I work on getting a news post prepared and uploaded, for those of you who want to know about today and the rest of the month, we maintain a google calendar here:
TL;DR: Egg going back in the shop, Dragon Scale section in patch notes deleted, still investigating refunding scale purchases.

So the dragon scale shop and the dragon scales came out for EME as a part of the Spellbound update. This was v48 for us here in NA, and we got this change nearly simultaneously with Korea, who were on v52 at the time. You may be able to see where this is going...

As a result, although there were no changes made to dragon scales in Sword and Hoard (v52) when it released this week, the patch notes indicated otherwise. That, combined with the patch notes not being clear about the drop chance for the dragon mounts, resulted in what we've got going on today.

I'm working with our internal teams to see about refunding the dragon scales spent during yesterday's window, so I will ask everyone to bear with me and not file CS tickets looking for dragon scale refunds right now.

I have also removed the Dragon Scale section from the patch notes, so no more confusion there.

Also as something I was hoping to be more of a GOOD surprise ... check the Dragon Scale shop again and see what's in there. I made some adjustments to the potion pricing as well as to the inventory. I hope everyone likes it.
Quick update for everyone on the dragon scales.
  • It looks like the change to the drop rate for the dragon mounts for the Hardening Eggs was a shift made in Korea previously, but we had already gotten that adjusted change here. I'm continuing to investigate if that's correct, and if it is, I'll update the patch notes accordingly.
  • the Health/bravery potions in the shop were the default costs that were sent across. I did this last night as an emergency update so that people could get the potions, as I saw they were in our test environments, but hadn't migrated to live. I'll be honest, it was several hours since I was supposed to be asleep and I didn't consider the prices very closely. I'm hearing the feedback on that, and I don't necessarily disagree.
  • There is no point 3.
  • Once I have a clear answer about the Hardening Egg, and I make sure that everything is aligned, I'll post that back here, as well as putting the egg back into the Dragon Scale Shop.
  • For players who spent their hard-earned scales in the shop yesterday thinking this was a guaranteed dragon mount: That sucks, and I am seriously sorry. I am working with our Ops and CS team to see what we can do on our end to make this right.
It took me a few minutes to double check I wasn't going to delete the wrong items from the wrong shops, but it should be showing bravery / health pots and no hardened eggs in the dragon scale shop now.
Hi everyone, I'm sorry to be late to this thread, but I was catching up on some work and caught wind of this. I have temporarily removed the Hardening Dragon Egg from the Dragon Scale Shop while we investigate the expected behavior on this. I've also gone ahead and added in the Bravery and Health potions that were supposed to go live in this shop with the release of Sword and Hoard.
Just wanted to let you know we've seen this and are looking into it. I don't have any specific answers yet, but we're looking into it.
Mazzive wrote: »

Ginjitsu is defeated !!

Defeated... for now.
Spacecats wrote: »
Mazzive wrote: »
@Ginjitsu What have you done!!!???

I think what happened is Spacecats has implemented Latecats­™ into the maintenance window. :pleased: HAIL TWITCH STREAM MEMES

I swear I didn't touch anything!!!

Could we get an ETA?

Checking now.
Mazzive wrote: »
@Ginjitsu What have you done!!!???

I think what happened is Spacecats has implemented Latecats­™ into the maintenance window. :pleased: HAIL TWITCH STREAM MEMES

I swear I didn't touch anything!!!
Itrysil wrote: »
You should really fix the audio issues, a lot of the streams are unwatchable just because they sound unbearably bad, headache inducing.... for what is supposed to be a professional level stream to be lower quality audio than an average cellphone mic is pretty sad.

We messed with the levels just before the stream with a different audio project, and unfortunately I didn't see the chat saying anything about the mic levels peaking. I went back and listened to the show and it was definitely too high. A minor fix I'll make before next Friday. Sorry if I blew out anyone's ear drums with that show.
The weapons and armor aren't releasing at the same time, but it will be pretty close. The armor is coming to the TERA store this Thursday (2/2/17). I'm planning to preview the rest of the dragon set during this Friday's stream.
Ginjitsu wrote: »
Mazzive wrote: »
5 more minutes left ..... UH ! OHH!

I hope En Masse extends maintenance! That'll show OP!

You did this.
Maintenance is taking longer than expected, but not by much. The new ETA is 10:30 a.m. PST (30 minutes from now).
The original ETA for today's maintenance is 10 a.m. PST. It looks like there may be a delay, but we're going to hold to our original estimate for now. I'll update you guys in this thread if it looks like it may go longer.

Patch note thread is up, by the way:

The Sword & Hoard update is out as of the completion of the 1/31/17 maintenance.

The patch notes include the warrior revamp, new noctenium, new rally quests, and more! You can read them in there entirety here:
The noctenium infusion changes ARE happening with this update. Noctenium elixirs will be introduced. Sorry for not mentioning that during the stream.
Lionadias wrote: »
Catatonic wrote: »
Instead of just saying its bad, why not put your input in as to what would make it better.

I did idk what happened to my post doe ^^ kappa. said " RMHM should be the one with even as well drops 100 t11 and the rmnm should drop 100 t10 " something like that. the fact that this event isn't worth doing to anyone that can run RMHM is something pretty obvious doe and isn't player council supposed to be the player bases voice ???

Fully understanding that T11 enchanting mats are in short supply, 100x T11 Feedstock to each party member for a single RMHM clear would be... a little broken.
By the way, we're paying attention to the feedback you guys have here. This is the first event in a series of dungeon highlights. We're interested to get your opinions once the weekend is over as well to see how much players benefited from the extra drops.

Soffyasd wrote: »
Lol can't believe this was the event planning for this weekend... Its not bad the idea but it could be better like the Treesharks's feedstock event, that was a GOOD one which was applied to all dungeons...

That event awarded an extra 48 feedstock per run.

The update formerly known as simply "the warrior update" is actually titled Sword & Hoard. I'll give a brief preview of the update today during the Twitch stream, including a look at the new head armor slot, the items you can equip in it, new jewelry enhancements, a revamped guild Rally quests, and of course a quick dive into the major changes all our Warriors can look forward to.

I'll also be announcing the release date. <3

The stream doesn't stop there! After reviewing the basics of the coming update, I'll give a brief "how to" on basic item enchanting, masterworking, and awakening. While this is intended for players new to endgame content, there's something in it for everybody. We're going to play a little game, starting with a whopping 15,000 T11 Feedstock in my pocket, I'm going to try my luck at enchanting an Ambush weapon from 0 to +15 in a single sitting. The higher I'm able to enchant my weapon, the more alkahest I'll award everyone who tunes into the show. If I reach +15, I'll start enchanting my armor for even more rewards!

The stream begins Friday, January 27 at 3 p.m. PST at https://www.twitch.tv/enmasseentertainment

A new dungeon event is beginning this morning! An official news post is on the way, but we wanted to give you guys a heads up because the event is beginning right this moment!

Between 11 a.m. PST Jan 27 (Now) and 11 a.m. PST Jan 30 (Monday), we're shining a spotlight on Ruinous Manor (Normal) by awarding an additional 60 tier 10 feedstock per person. The feedstock will drop from Lachelith upon death, awarding each member of the party 60 T10 feedstock when looted. This is the first in a series of dungeon highlights we intend to run, so we're looking forward to seeing how you all enjoy it. See you in the manor this weekend!
In fact I'll be previewing these updates today during the Twitch stream! Making a thread about it now...
This is really beautiful. Thank you for sharing it!
That's a legit oversight on my part, thanks for catching it. I've added it to the sale and it should show up in the store within the next few minutes.
Hello TERA players!

As some of you are aware, responses to customer support tickets are currently taking much longer than usual. We definitely see this as a problem, and we are trying to improve response times as quickly as possible.

What is the current response time?

Our average response time right now is around 5-7 days. However, not all issues will take the same time to receive a response. Depending on the nature of the issue, it could take more or less time to receive a response.

We generally try to prioritize billing problems and issues that would prevent someone from playing the game. Other issues such as item requests and general questions will take longer.

How did we get here?

Along with any game update, event, promotion, sale, or problem, we see an increase in support tickets. The last couple months have been particularly eventful, and the resulting volume of support tickets was larger than anticipated. With a higher volume of incoming tickets and the same number of people answering tickets, we developed a backlog of over 1000 tickets.

What are we doing about it?

Our customer support team has been working overtime to get through the ticket backlog, including working on weekends and company holidays. We are also working on increasing the size of our support team so that we will be able to keep up with this sort of ticket volume in the future.

I wish I could say there is an immediate fix, but unfortunately these things take time. We hope that you will start seeing faster response times in the next few weeks.

Thank you all for your patience during this busy time. We appreciate it!

P.S. If you currently have an open ticket and your issue has already been resolved, please close your ticket. This helps us a lot. Also, please avoid submitting multiple tickets about the same issue.
Coronelzao wrote: »
@Spacecats just please make something really big for tera aniversary, Tera needs that everything in the game is soo quiet we need something big... not something meh~~

We do have something in mind :)
We're planning a dungeon event for this weekend that will help high level players farm feedstock. It won't totally solve the problem, but it will help the immediate shortage. We'll be open to doing more based off the feedback we get from players. Look for an announcement later this week with event details.
Enzott wrote: »
Now tell me my numbers are wrong... I'll be waiting

We both know that's not a game detail I'll give or discuss.
Symn wrote: »
EME should just ignore posts about how the economy is ruined. Like seriously how people continuously come to a conclusion that something is is there in larger quantities then the economy is broken.

Economy is pretty important to the health of the game. Even if it's only a perceived shift in the economy, it shows what players are lacking or even hoarding. Obviously not everyone invested in TERA is an economy expert, but at least players know what they don't have.
What if the Fed Bill store became a place to get temporary cosmetics? That would include hard to get items, or items that haven't been available for a while. Those who earned these items in the past through special events (or Alliance) would pretty much be the only people to own permanent versions.
The queue is quite full right now. I'll see if I can get Malrok in here to provide you guys with a general time estimate.

Sorry your ticket is taking so long to resolve, aeyrebaby.
Hey all. A lot of mixed feelings in this thread. I want to give a big thank you to everyone posting their appreciation for TERA and the work that goes into keeping the game going. The awesome ideas and the thanks that you guys give help keep us strong. 2017 is going to be an excellent year for TERA players :proud:

For those choosing to complain in this thread, you're totally within your right to give negative feedback, but instead of turning this discussion into a salty stew of random grievances I'd appreciate it if you post/create threads that are on topic with your opinions.

To everyone just bickering back and forth with each other because you disagree with some random comment - please drop it. We all have strong feelings towards the game. Try to respect your fellow TERA players even if you don't agree with how they feel. Thank you!
Koikoi wrote: »
I love how GMs respond to posts in their threads and rarely in threads that the players actually want answers in.

I'll be honest... we're mostly level 65 players here and I'm safe to say if we wanted to do some epic role play "hide and seek" style we would of all signed up on CH.

Maybe it's just me here but for the last 6 mo I feel like EME staff numbers have been greatly reduced. Not only is the forum presence basically non existent but the creativity for the streams and events are just... gone.

With the new PM saying on stream we will have less and less NA targeted modifications in our version it just feels like you guys aren't in it anymore. Faster patches? great! But not if that means small qol changes that are needed for NA.

Hint Hint: unequalized battlegrounds... ?!! where is that at.

BAM events are great and fun but where are the live PvP events at though?

So you want a PvP stream?
vkobe wrote: »
yeah it suck mongo and kyra are gone forever

:pleased: :pleased: :pleased: :pleased: :pleased: :pleased: :pleased: :pleased: :pleased:
If you ask me why I think EME is spending less time on the forum, it's probably because their time is better spent trying to do what they can to solve problems and get their job done, rather than dealing with this sea of personal attacks and innuendo about how the game they're working on is dead and they're to blame (when it's not really their decisions in the first place most of the time). Trying to stay objective and constructive is the only thing that will get anything done, and for the most part, this forum is not all that useful most of the time.

Wow. Harsh cp.

This forum is useful a lot of the time. In my mind, while General Discussion can be negative sometimes, the forums are almost like their own TERA server. The same personalities comment a lot. You get to see and know the same group of people. Sometimes someone new hops in and comments and hopefully joins the gang. Sometimes 'drunk dude' shows up and yells in all caps then disappears for another 2 months.

I don't want to totally change the topic to become about forums themselves, but bear with me. One of the things that's well known to happen within forum communities is they become a bit of an echo chamber. It can happen within specific guilds and even servers too. The same way a meme spreads, identical opinions about very specific elements of the game spread too. A lot of the time they're valid, but it means other specific elements either don't come up in discussion, or are overlooked. One of the things the Player Council helps with is to bring in context from their playgroup and personal experience. To give perspective across the different sub-communities within TERA that all have their own take on a situation. As a Community Manager one of my jobs is to identify the commonalities and provide the Product Managers (Noesis) and other TERA teams with that context.

To accomplish that, I respond to threads, answer player questions, ask questions of my own, and try keep the discussion moving. I ask the Player Council. I also chat with players I'm not familiar with individually through PMs and in-game when they message me their thoughts. I take Twitter and Facebook and Steam and Reddit and Twitch chat into consideration. Sometimes when I feel like I've gotten the message loud and clear, and I don't need to ask any questions...I don't post in big threads in General Discussion. BUT... really, I still should, and I apologize for the times when I'm quiet and focusing on things behind the scenes. I have enough info to move forward with something I hope will benefit the community. Some of you would probably appreciate a simple "I get what you guys are saying in this thread and we'll see what can be done about it," but I usually want more to say, especially on bigger topics.

In times when Noesis and I are extra quiet, you can net we're preparing for future events that will impact the game. Those are times when it's really hard to come in and make a forum post (especially about something that's still in the oven). I realize that's an excuse, but I want to be honest with you guys and I'll do my best to keep you in the loop as well. Like with many companies, January is "2017 kick off time." Both Noesis and I have had more planning meetings this month than we probably have in all of Q4 of 2016. It's a really important time for En Masse to figure out processes, timelines, goals, and all kinds of nitty gritty things that affect the actual operation of our games.

...I thinnnnnnk... (looks over at Noesis, who is intently staring at his monitor with his headphones on) it's about time we had a larger public update. Something to give you guys a heads up on 2017 TERA happenings. What has come from all these meetings? This should probably in the form of a Producer Letter (Product Manager Letter? Doesn't have the same ring to it), so stay tuned.
The Fed Bill store is an odd animal. We've been giving it a lot of thought lately. One problem is that players have so many Fed Bills saved up, any costume we put in there would be instantly bought, bringing the store right back to its current state... nothing new to buy. At the same time, players obviously saved up all their Fed Bills for SOMETHING, so making those Fed Bills useless isn't good either.

Exarch masks were Alliance rewards, but now that Alliance isn't in the game any more it might make sense to add them at a very high Fed Bill cost... maybe? Another issue is that there are more than a couple cosmetics/mounts in TERA that hold a lot of prestige, partially because of how hard they are to get. Making those things super super easy to get kind of ruins the point of having rare and hard-to-acquire items.


TL;DR we don't want to [filtered] off players that earned cool stuff the hard way, but we want to do something fun with Fed Bills. The discussion continues :pleased: :pleased: :pleased: :pleased: :pleased:
Dvsv wrote: »
Remember guys, no more mongos, they will "break the economy" (i.e: rip profits for rich ppl!)
In fact, mongo was the only viable way for free players to +15 anything with average luck.

Let's do the math: 30-40 T10 fod per one VG daily reward = 20 T11.
Let's say 50 tries = 12000 only on T11 fod, so we need 600 daily quest just to +15 one piece of gear!
So gl, just make 12 alts and burn 12 hr/day of your life on a dead game and by the time you +15 your ambush, it will be just slightly better than mid-tier gear and there will be t12 fod to halve all your fod resources!
But yeah, game that can't care less about "hard work" shoud be hard!!!!

There have only been two Mongo events. The amount of feedstock dropped during Mongo Neon, the second one, was way too high (dead memes) and it will never be that ridiculous again. There are some fun things we can do to make feedstock more widely available and it's really good to see suggestions in the thread. Justed want to call out that Mongo isn't the answer. That doesn't mean no more Mongo. I'm just saying the rewards will be balanced a lot better next time and there are multiple options.
You took the time to write a lot, SprocketDev. I believe I've already addressed most of what you mentioned in the last couple Twitch stream threads, but I have a moment here and will recap and elaborate on everything I can.
And that right there is the problem. You shouldn't be asking which server to hang out in more, and instead try including all servers equally.

I have been. One extra trip to MT doesn't unbalance things, in my book. I'll continue to visit all servers as equally as I can.
The only reason why the snowman event was done for FF and AV was because a handful of other players, including myself, complained, and even then you gave MT an extra go at it. You can bring up the thread for reference if you can't remember, like several prior in-game events that were exclusive to other servers (but still showing up as "active" for those left out).

That's not the only reason I went to other servers, but I do try to take complaints into account. I'd much rather do something in response to a complaint or player suggestion than not do it at all. If a suggestion is given as feedback, and that feedback is listened to and action is taken, I think that still counts for something.
I'm sorry if I'm coming off as hostile,

Haha, you kind of do but I forgive you ;D
but it's just one thing after another that is making the player base feel like you guys just don't care. Ping issues, favoring servers, taking ages to get things straightened out (elite's mount hasn't been updated in over a year, albeit being falsely advertised as razormane and you're only now looking into the additive issue)

This is off topic from Twitch streams, but I don't mind addressing it since you're concerned. Ping issues have been improved for the majority of the TERA playerbase over the last few months. October and November were the most troublesome months of 2016, and those issues were due to instability with our Internet Service Provider's network traffic. Players were compensated for this downtime and disruptions have gone down since.

The mounts that have been available in the Elite status bar aren't something I see players mention very often, so I feel it's a bit of a minor TERA issue. On the plus side, we're (and particularly, Noesis) looking into ways to improve Elite status so this shouldn't be a complaint for much longer.
and to top it all off, you're not even being transparent about patch notes. Not only is Harrowhold being made more difficult, even though it's already incredibly challenging without the Ktera talents system (the old gem that we don't get to have) and most folks haven't even completed it yet, we already know through Ktera patches that it is going to be removed (to be made even HARDER before returning at a later date!)

There's a thread about the Harrowhold patch notes where Noesis gave his thought process. I think the message to him has been pretty clear - TERA players crave detail!

The talent system isn't coming to NA, so I hope players aren't anticipating any announcement or further details from En Masse about that.

As far as how challenging Harrowhold is... it was designed to be super challenging. It's also the most rewarding content in the game. Bluehole designed it that way, and we're fine with that being the case. TERA is a huge game with a massive playerbase, and it's not reasonable to expect a majority of players to be able to complete the highest tier content.
along side the broken prison dungeon that just came out! You're leaving all of us wondering what kind of absolute lunacy is going on.

I don't exactly understand your message here. Maybe I'm misunderstanding, though. Broken Prison was released, and both it and Harrowhold are currently in-game. Other than worrying about kTERA patch notes that have yet to affect our version of TERA, I see no cause for alarm (or lunacy, for that matter, but we know how to deal with lunatics around here). If you're looking for confirmation that something that happened in kTERA is happening in our version, that's where patch notes come in (and again, Noesis has a thread for that). But even the slimmest TERA patch notes still list dungeons leaving or entering the game.
kamizuma wrote: »
but you can just make a lvl 1 on the server and participate lol

A lvl 1 against BAM's meant for level 65's? Funny.

The Baraka Hide & Seek event is pretty newbie friendly. Even if you don't have a travel journal, you can still participate after going through Stepstone Isle. No BAM fighting was involved whatsoever. I'm always open to ideas for on-air events that can include players of all levels, but keep in mind that the majority of players tuning in are level 65, and it's always exciting to watch a good BAM fight!
LesbianVi wrote: »
@Spacecats Tnx for those feedstock, I visited my 1st created Char on CH and saw them, it was my 1st day too :3 Tnx a lot <3

yw <3

Thanks for your story!
Thanks guys!
Things like this make me honestly wonder if you know how much of a meme it has become about how much you neglect the other servers.

(Oh, and don't use next weeks thing as an excuse, that's how all events SHOULD be ran on a multi-server game)

Well this was the first stream of 2017 where I did any in-game centered events. The last event I did in 2016 was on FF, AV, and MT. The stream just before that one was on TR, CH, and MT.

Basically I try to visit all the servers equally. If there's a particular server you'd like me to hang out in more, I'm open to suggestions!
ElinUsagi wrote: »
Spacecats wrote: »
As you put it - "you may have noticed there are multiple additives that game has said are available" but where exactly does the game say that?

Have You ever tried to master craft?

You seems to not play the game.

I have done some crafting but since I'm not familiar with these secret additives, a screenshot would help.

Today on Twitch, I'll be playing a little Baraka Hide & Seek on Ascension Valley and Celestial Hills! Little known secret, Barakas are actually the most talented hiders in all of TERA. Even better than Ninjas! Those able to somehow spot a Baraka in hiding are sure to land themselves some sweet rewards - this week I'll be granting HYDRATH smart boxes to the first people to find me for each round of play!

I'll begin on AV at about 3 p.m. PST and move over to CH at roughly 3:30 or 3:40 p.m. depending on how quickly players find my Barakabooty. There will be multiple rounds of hide & seek for both servers, which means an even better chance of getting yourself a prize!

For those that can't get on AV or CH, tune in and hang out with us in the Twitch chat and enjoy the show! I'll give out additional HYDRATH smart boxes to winners in the weekly Twitch raffle. The raffle question of the week is: "What's the best AND WORST flavor of ice cream?"
Happy Friday everyone!

If you're looking to do a lot of dungeon grinding this weekend, and are wondering how you can get your hands on reset scrolls for the dungeon of your choice, I have news. Dungeon Reset Scrolls are now on sale in Highwatch. Stop by and say hello to Sionne, the Vanguard Quartermaster, and pick up some reset scrolls if you need them.

Scrolls that are available are:
  • 600 VG Credits - Broken Prison
  • 500 VG Credits - Ruinous Manor (Hard)
  • 300 VG Credits - Ruinous Manor
  • 300 VG Credits - Lilith's Keep (Hard)
  • 200 VG Credits - Lilith's Keep

Happy hunting, and enjoy your weekend!
It will be gone soon. Sometime today, we think. The EME team put in the request early yesterday and now we're waiting for results.
Hey, thanks for bringing this up ShadowOfLight. I'll talk to the TERA team about it, but I could use a little more info or maybe some screenshots that illustrate where you see the list of additives. As you put it - "you may have noticed there are multiple additives that game has said are available" but where exactly does the game say that?

The items do exist in our version, by the way. Here's a shot of one on our test server. I'll dig to find out what the intentions are for these additives in our region.



Master's Additive with a supposed +15% (lies!) chance of getting a critical success crafting

What makes you think that's a lie?
@Margarethe Your information is secure. Super fast non-technical rundown:

All HTTPS:// websites use a certificate as part of a way to encrypt the data. The certificates have an expiration date attached to them, to make sure credentials eventually expire (think of it like a driver's license. You're still you, but you have to renew the license every so often). Our forum certificate expired, and as a result your (and everyone's ...) browser declared the site to be potentially unsafe because our certificate was no longer valid.

But there was nothing about this that impacts your passwords or your account information. I would suggest that if you have set any exceptions in your browser to accept expired certificates, you turn that back off once our certificates are up to date, because that can leave you open to potential issues down the road.
Hey everyone,

I want to talk a little bit about the most recent patch notes. I've noted on the forums that there's been a fair bit of roasting going on about the EME Harrowhold patch notes vs the Gameforge patch notes. If you aren't aware of the difference, the TL;DR is that our notes were "Harrowhold was made more difficult", and the Gameforge notes were very specific about what was changing in each phase, and by how much.

I want to talk a little about my thought process around that, because I had all of that information to hand, and I consciously chose to not include that level of specificity in the notes. Different game companies (and different games) handle patch notes differently. Some games come out indicating that a particular world boss or raid dungeon has been changed, but without saying exactly how. From my perspective, that's a key part of playing a game and putting raids on farm. So in my view of patch notes, giving away all the specific info on what was tuned is removing the exploration and understanding aspect of raiding. I know in the past the patch notes might have been extremely detailed, but my preference is to allow some mystery and discovery to happen for our players.

So that's the thought process that went into that particular note. I know that at least some guilds and premades have continued downing Harrowhold, and even that some have gone from a 6 hour clear to a 1.5 hour clear of the raid since the patch. I like to believe that re-learning curve is part of the challenge and fun of playing games like TERA. Hopefully this gives a little insight into what's going on behind the scenes, and why our patch notes have the tone and style they do.
Update: We've got the new certificate and are working to get it installed as quickly as we can. I don't have a specific ETA, but I believe it will be within the next couple of hours.
We're working on this right now. More info and update when I've got them. (sorry it took so long to post this, my usual browser won't even let me post in the forums atm)
it's great to see this kind of excitement around our 5th Anniversary, and I'd like to hear more ideas from all of you about past events in TERA that you've really enjoyed. I know everyone likes sales and deals, but I'd also like to hear about the in-game events that have made TERA a memorable place for you over the years, and what you remember fondly.

Let's all agree to avoid sharing any specific plans for the anniversary though, we wouldn't want to spoil it. Whatever you do, don't tell TERA!
Artemis3v wrote: »
Alyxa wrote: »
Code: Fire in the disco

This code was expired too quickly :(

Sorry about that. The codes typically last the weekend in case people can't watch the live version, but still keep up on the weekly streams by watching the recording. By default I've been setting them to expire Sundays after the stream. At Midnight PST.
LesbianVi wrote: »
Can I haz at least 100 tier 10 feedstock for my story :3 B)

Yeah. <3
Warr wrote: »
I'm completely blown away that I won. Thanks so much, guys!

Congratulations! Your story won for its great sense of adventure. Thanks so much for writing it <3

It's a long weekend, so please give me until next week as we get prizes distributed. If you could e-mail and let us know which skycycle you'd like, that will help.
Nootiful wrote: »
When a mommy and a daddy skycycle love eachother very much...

So YOU'RE the one who submitted the Skycycle on Skycycle romance!

Show begins January 13 at 3 p.m. PST at https://www.twitch.tv/enmasseentertainment

Today I'll be joined once again by TERA Product Manager Noesis in order to announce the winners of the Skycycle Flash Fiction contest! In total, we're planning to read two runner-up stories as well as the grand prize winning story. The grand prize winner will also be sent to our writing team after the show for an edit pass, after which it will be deemed official TERA lore!

While you're enjoying story time, you can also look forward to a reward code just for tuning in, along with a prize raffle for those tuning in live.

No events have been scrapped. I was just trying out a couple server tools that might be fun to use during impromptu GM events.
This thread has been reported by multiple people, so I'm closing it to avoid unnecessary forum drama. I'd like to ask you guys to please cut each other some slack in the future. Calling people out as trolls will always put a negative spin on a thread. Try to keep in mind that some people just have different ways of posting from you and don't necessarily mean harm. Don't let arguments like this lead to name-calling. If you think someone is actually breaking the forum rules, the best thing to do is click "Report" at the bottom of their post and then ignore them.
Fashion Coupons have been added. They should be on every server now. :3
Wow it gives a global message for that? Interesting!

It's nothing to be concerned over. Just doing a little prep for a future GM event. I'm glad you brought this up, though. You won't likely see that message again.
Most likely Security Software preventing the required connection.

If you're unable to resolve by removing Security Software, please feel free to make a Support Ticket with an included EME Diagnostic : ( http://support.enmasse.com/tera/resolve-technical-issues-with-the-diagnostic-tool )
Sorry for the lack of response. It turns out this isn't technically a game bug as far as our process goes. Still, I think we can get Fashion Coupons added soon!
Shikine wrote: »
Where is the warrior revamp?

Coming later this year. Still no date yet, but it is on the way.
Spacecats wrote: »
vkobe wrote: »
now i dont know how he will made his video about dancer hunting :lol:

Now he'll have to pick on players his own size.

Lol implying Mudkip wasn't one of the best slayers in Tera and didn't rank high enough to get Bloodrave in the glory days of Tera. Please learn something about your community and game before making ignorant statements. This coming from a guy that had a foot race event in Tera and didn't know elins have a run speed passive skill. "Why are they so fast running hahaha hahaha hahah" --Spacecats2016

If people join a pvp server and die to a few ganks they are gonna quit anyway or should be on a pve server. I don't even condone ganking lowbies really, at least not farming the same ones but so what you die. Mudkip was a hero! Never forget Mudkip 2012-2017.

Nice try, Mudkip.
Oh, sorry I missed that part of your post. I'm actually not sure what mounting you're talking about. I assume this is something implemented in another TERA region?
Spacecats wrote: »
Spacecats wrote: »
natia wrote: »
New office tour? :p

No, but maybe soon! I've been thinking of ways to get the webcam around the office while staying connected to the internet, and I think I've finally got a wireless solution.

Record video on iPhone, upload and post link? :3

I just moved also...it's hard D:

Sure I could do a video, but it's more fun if we can interact with Twitch chat while we walk around and pester people.

Off-topic: @Spacecats Patch notes are up but not under News & Announcements D:
Also regarding the patch notes, can we expect the mounting enabled in lower-level dungeons in the next patch that we will receive whenever or does it also come with this build?

Thanks. Here's the post in news & announcements:

Patch notes are now available for the 1/10/17 update.

These changes will be applied during TERA server maintenance starting at 7 a.m. PST. Estimated downtime is two hours.

Spacecats wrote: »
natia wrote: »
New office tour? :p

No, but maybe soon! I've been thinking of ways to get the webcam around the office while staying connected to the internet, and I think I've finally got a wireless solution.

Record video on iPhone, upload and post link? :3

I just moved also...it's hard D:

Sure I could do a video, but it's more fun if we can interact with Twitch chat while we walk around and pester people.
Fuua wrote: »
Love how the mod edits my title doesn't address me at all instead is joking around with people that are flaming and threatening me, great community we have here, absolutely disgusting. Despite the changes this is the straw that broke the camels back, even if they delete my thread I'll have plenty of screenshots. No wonder all the good mods left this slush hole.

It appears your title was edited because it violated the forum rules. It used to be in all caps.
sanj66 wrote: »
Spacecats wrote: »
They'll be up today. I'll make a post in News & Announcements once they're live.

can i ask if there is some tentative date for the warrior revamp already scheduled? can we maybe look forward to it this month or early next month?

Nothing yet, sorry. It's on the schedule for the first half of 2017 but that's all I can tell you at the moment.
They'll be up today. I'll make a post in News & Announcements once they're live.
When posting about high ping, it would help to know where you're connected from. Since En Masse is the North American publisher for TERA, it will be very hard to control connections outside the US, but knowing your location might give us something to work with.
Removed political reference from the post title.

Thanks for your ideas in this thread, guys! It will be good to see what people think as we discuss different ways to improve the Elite system.
natia wrote: »
New office tour? :p

No, but maybe soon! I've been thinking of ways to get the webcam around the office while staying connected to the internet, and I think I've finally got a wireless solution.
vkobe wrote: »
now i dont know how he will made his video about dancer hunting :lol:

Now he'll have to pick on players his own size.
@ArcherOfEnvy - I'll show them off once I know more myself. It's been too long since giving an on-air preview!
Support is in. There were a couple small pauses in work during holidays and our office move, so response times may have suffered as a result. I'll see if I can get an update on Monday giving a general ETA on tickets right now.
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