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The boxes are like Russian nesting dolls. All you need is the first box from getting level 2 before the 30th. After that you just need the appropriate character level required to open the boxes inside. You can take as long as you like.
LesbianVi wrote: »
Hey @Spacecats, can you add the wallpapers of those Valkyrie pics you showed us so far? :3




Merkraad wrote: »
Rokubyou wrote: »

That's sad, I really want to join but I am from SEA region. Can we not do something about it? ;(

Where are those rules?

I've turned that bullet into a link that leads to the full contest rules.
I like the change but I have become so accustomed to the way it is now that this will be an adjustment for sure.

It's really not. I found it to be a very natural transition on my priest. You'll love it.
This means, you will only get the box if you hit lvl 2 by April 30th. Then the system does not send out boxes anymore. Once you have the box, you can level as slow as possible.

I even have one of the old leveling boxes on one of my characters.

This is correct.
Yes please only use dull and boring colors. Brown on brown is a great way to attract attention and show the true spirit of thaglaaaaiivvveee.

Starting NOW and ending April 25 at 11:50 p.m. PDT, we're taking submissions for the Valkyrie Loading Screen Contest! The top winners will get an EMP prize along with the rare honor of joining the ranks of previous community artwork to be featured as in-game loading screens!

To enter, read the submission rules and instructions in this news post: http://tera.enmasse.com/news/posts/tera-contest-valkyrie-loading-screens

I can't wait to see what our community artists create for the new class. Good luck!

A new breed of hero is about to take flight. Join me for TEN HOURS of Valkyrie preview over two days! We'll begin on Friday at 11 a.m. PDT (then again on Saturday at 11 a.m. PDT), forging our new Valkyrie, giving her whatever weird face our Twitch channel demands, then taking to the field of battle in order to hopefully not die. I'm taking suggestions for Valkyrie names right here. The higher we level during the course of the marathon, the more rewards our viewers will receive.

On top of that, the weekend of April 22 has been designated "Glaiveathon Rewards Weekend." The higher our simultaneous viewer count gets, the more rewards we'll unlock for that weekend. I'm talking about double XP, enchanting events, overworld invasions, and cosmetic items for all TERA players to enjoy! It all depends on what milestones we reach, so participation matters.

Those of you who joined us for Extra Life and the Ninjathon Class Preview know I like to get a little weird during these marathon streams, so be prepared for some extra "hidden milestones" and surprise events to keep things entertaining throughout the show. We're gonna have some fun.

Spread the word! It all goes down at https://www.twitch.tv/enmasseentertainment
Ginjitsu wrote: »
LesbianVi wrote: »
Spacecats wrote: »
LancerJiva wrote: »
Eme staff is active? You must be talking about the old staff, not the current staff.

Do you have suggestions on how we can improve?

YEAH I HAVE ONE, Get a female Dev :p

I'd rather they get competent devs :tongue:

When you say "devs" are you talking about Community Managers? There are whole teams at Bluehole that do the dev work for TERA content. I know you guys mostly see and hear from a few folks and myself here at En Masse, but it's hard to know what you mean since none of us are actually video game developers :p
Heyo! I just wanna say how thankful I am to play tera, it was ony of my first mmo to consistently play with my buddies.
Tera is an imperfect game, but there's still good in the game and it's nice to appreciate acknowledge what enmasse has done for us. I really enjoy the battle mechanics tera has and the silly streams spacecats do daily haha

Thank you enmasse.

Thanks so much for posting. There's a lot of really great comments in this thread showing player love for the TERA crew. It's stuff like this that helps keep us motivated to do our best!
Yes, the name reservation event is just to set aside a character name for later use. You can use it on April 11 to make a Valkyrie.

The Character Slot voucher will be delivered to your account via Item Claim after the Valkyrie goes live the morning of the 11th. Claim it on the server you want the extra character slot on to get a free one. If you're already at 16 characters on a server (the current max) don't worry, the April 11th update is also upping the maximum number of characters from 16 to 17 per server. Just log on to an existing character, claim the voucher, and unlock your 17th slot for your new character.
Kind of an odd question, but sure why not ;D

Our current streaming PC is a couple years old. It uses an NVIDIA GTX 970, 16GB RAM, and a i7 4Ghz CPU. The OS is Windows 10 and the hard drive is a SSD.

Overall TERA runs great on highest detail. Really the only time we run into trouble is when we're simultaneously rendering a stream (X-Split), using GM commands in TERA (which isn't really normal game behavior), and there are hundreds of players around. Then things slow down quite a bit. If anything I wouldn't mind a video card upgrade and maybe a little more RAM, but I haven't gotten around to getting the request in.
Sounds like something you should submit a support ticket for. They can help you troubleshoot. Your system specs are very close to what I run at home, and my machine barely hiccups in crowded areas no matter how long I've been playing. Something weird is definitely going on.


You're going to want to submit a support ticket to get this resolved:

The support crew will need a little more information as well. Please include your launcher.log file (located in your TERA folder), a screenshot of the error you're getting, and a screenshot of your TERA folder.
We appreciate all the kind words. We care about TERA and want to give everyone a great experience. See y'all in the dream!
NPCPak wrote: »
I was actually hoping it'd be more like the Warrior LV 65 box... with the free weapon skin, noble enigmatic scroll and other beneficial loot. But... what really confuses me the most is their choice in numbers. Why x255? Why x92? Why x3? Is this a hidden code into a deeper meaning or you did you roll a 300-sided dice?

I believe 255 tokens is exactly how many you need to get full slaughter + jewelry.
As it's explained in the news post, the 24-hour titles are really meant to award the most hardcore players. They're in the same vain as server-first achievements, which TERA has had in the past and were far less forgiving.

When it comes to level-up rewards, the Valkyrie Rewards Box has a much larger window and gives you a lot more rewards for reaching level 65 (including its own title).
Kyandii wrote: »
While I realize you're all responding to Spacecats inquiry- the topic of this thread is not only being de-railed but the posts are contradicting the reason why I started this thread in the first place. Please make your own thread if you wish to continue those conversations. This is a thread for appreciation, not your wish list to Santa.

Yes, sorry to lead the discussion down a different path. This isn't the place for game suggestions. LancerJiva implied the current crew should be more active so I wanted to follow up and ask how.

When it comes to suggestions on how to improve TERA, there's an entire subforum to post in: https://forums.enmasse.com/tera/categories/game-suggestions
LancerJiva wrote: »
@Spacecats, @Noesis, @Halrath

So it was mentioned in the EU patch notes as a "Known issue" that you could not use Volcanic, Obsidian, or Glacial weapon skins on the Valkyrie just yet. Since we have to wait longer then EU for the class to come out, will we get to use the weapon skins on our Valkyrie when it does come out next week? I know many people have these skins saved including myself, and it would be quite disappointing to not level a Valkyrie while not being able to wear the weapon skin.

So will these skins be usable on release date or not?

They should be usable on the release date. Go decorate your pretty little valkyrie.
Moving this thread to PvP Discussion forums.

Please keep comments polite and constructive. This is a chance to give a shoutout to the players you think are the very best PvPers. Don't tear anyone down, and remember trash talking is against the forum rules.

Thanks guys!
Its the cows. They disappeared from Highwatch, they must be in the server room!

That could be it. Cow energy can't be created nor destroyed.

(You can milk it though -_- )
LancerJiva wrote: »
Eme staff is active? You must be talking about the old staff, not the current staff.

Do you have suggestions on how we can improve?
The official class page is also up: http://tera.enmasse.com/game-guide/classes/valkyrie


The Honorbound content update is releasing April 11, featuring the new Valkyrie class! See today's news post for details on the level-up event surrounding the Valkyrie release, and how to earn achievements and rewards surrounding the new class: http://tera.enmasse.com/news/posts/new-class-the-valkyrie
Ops reports that instance matching should be working now. One of the servers just wouldn't talk to the others, but it went to couples counseling and is communicating in a meaningful fashion now.

Because of the headache this caused, we'll extend tonight's power hours by 2 hours (4pm-12am PDT).
This happens sometimes. X-IM / X-BG bugs out for some reason and either fixes itself, by requeueing or Dev Ops working their magic.
* X is because it's cross-server.

You are correct. Ops is completing the ritual right now...

This is a duplicate issue that already has at least two other threads. We are working on the issue right now. Sorry about the headache.
I'm checking on this right now. We'll try to get the hamsters shaken out shortly.
The codes should be working now, there was an issue with the activation time versus when they started getting handed out. We'll follow up with MMORPG.com as well to let them know that the codes are working now.

So if you have a code already, use it. It should be valid and grant you your items. If you use it and it doesn't work for you, post here and let me know.
Angeline wrote: »
So... it's Monday...

Things have been a little hairy today.

Today's power hours are Gridiron. Tomorrow's are FWC.
Closing this thread. I've deleted multiple comments in this thread that contained, or were in reply to bickering, political comments, or rude comments of a personal nature. If you have any legitimate issues playing TERA solely due to the fact that there are cows in Velika until Tuesday morning, please message me privately about it and we'll see what we can do to help your situation. Thanks!
Nootiful wrote: »
Spacecats wrote: »
No sorry, the cows and chickens won't go anywhere until Tuesday maintenance. You can always change channels in Highwatch, though. The cows and chickens are only in channel 1.

Like he said...SO SIMPLY CHANGE THE CHANNEL! There is 3 channels in Highwatch.

No channels in velika
Changing channels should not be considered a "fix"

It's not a fix, it's a workaround. The animals will be gone after maintenance on Tuesday morning, but if the PC you're running on is experiencing lag from the players and NPCs in that area, moving to another spot will stop it.
This is likely a scam. I'm going to edit the URL just so we don't point people to it. If you see it again please report the sender.
There's actually more than cows and chickens. I saw a pig stuck inside one of the pillars.

That's kinda sad. I think he started out on top of the pillar. At this rate he'll be roasting in the molten TERA core before maintenance saves his bacon.
Ves1978 wrote:
i can also always change a game where CM doesn't reply in threads on forums with cocky attitude...

That's no bull right there.
No sorry, the cows and chickens won't go anywhere until Tuesday maintenance. You can always change channels in Highwatch, though. The cows and chickens are only in channel 1.
I'll see if Spacecats can pied piper the creatures back to the dream....
True bovine combat.
The Google calendar will be updated on Monday, but there are Power Hours intended for April. FWC is currently on for the next three hours with Jackpot bonuses.

forum pls.
I feel like I pulled my weight way more in that second match even though I wasn't in the top 3. Thanks everyone who joined me for this week's stream, I had a great time :D
LHMG4YDWYJ wrote: »
Isn't today CS pwr hr?

Yes, but let's just say there will be some FWC incentives as well during the stream, so get ready to queue ;D

Shhh... do you hear it?

Distant voices, quickly approaching.

The echo of heroic cries.

Getting closer still.

The faint smell of dust in the breeze.

The far off sound of brav-OH GODS HELP US WE'RE IN FRAYWIND CANYON!

Today we're streaming EARLY. Starting at 2 p.m. PDT instead of the usual 3 p.m. PDT. I'll join you all for some Fraywind Canyon madness. If it's anything like last time we ran FWC, I'll pretty much be an unstoppable force of death and destruction, so prepare your bowels for impending release.

We'll also have the usual raffle, item codes, and all sorts of fun stuff to do in chat if you're unable to join us in game. Come hang out! https://www.twitch.tv/enmasseentertainment
Haloist wrote: »
Keep the responses coming in guys. It's entertaining to see what you guys have been through XD. As a bonus, I have a video to share with you guys, which I had recorded probably a month ago. I call it "Bullying Chupathingies".

You brute. Traumatizing my beloved chupathingies.
Dragon Scales are changing in our version as well. We'll give you a heads up here in the forums on how the new system will work.
Nootiful wrote: »
Spacecats forgetting the name of the boss in manglemire even though its a 1 letter difference (manglemore)

Haha, did I really forget that? I must have been flustered or something. I tend to forget things when I'm nervous. :3
The name reservation image says the 4th because that's when you can use the name you reserved. You can make it any class, but I'd suggest saving it until Valkyrie releases and using it then.
Error Code 119 mainly comes up when the Web Browser has Opted-In to auto-fill some specific personal information, and on that particular page, by default it can cause the page to not display the "State" field as a separate box to input information into, until after you have specifically typed in your city and country.

To force the "State" box to appear, I believe after putting in the city, you need to tab down to the Country/State dropdown selection, choose any other Country than what the default selection is, then choose United States or the country that applies to you, and you should see the State dropdown box appear above the Country/State dropdown.

From there you put in any state, or you can try putting in information that most accurately fits your billing information, and then proceed on with the purchase.

The Error Code : 119 should no longer appear.
This Link should be able to answer the majority of your questions : ( http://support.enmasse.com/tera/transferring-a-character-to-another-server#How_do_I_transfer_to_another_server? )
More details will be posted on April 4 along with the official Valkyrie class page (which will also announce the class release date), but since so many players have been asking about character slots we wanted to let you know what to expect.

When Valkyrie releases, the maximum number of character slots will increase from 16 to 17 per server. For a lot of players out there, this is a big deal because they've already maxed out their character list on their favorite server, and this will mean they don't have to delete one of their characters (or swap to a new server) to make room for their new Valkyrie.

There's also some good news for every TERA player that logs in after the Valkyrie release. Each account will get a single Character Slot voucher delivered to their Item Claim for free. If you're full up on characters, make sure you claim it on the server you want the extra slot on to make room for your Valkyrie.

That's all for now but like I said above, keep your eyes peeled for the Valkyrie class page (and video guide) going live April 4.


I've confirmed that the Valkyrie page will go up on April 4. It will feature the class guide video illustrating various Valkyrie skills, plus it will officially announce the release date of the class.
Yup, this is something we're working to translate properly and configure. It might play a part in our Anniversary celebration, but we'll see how things shake out. I'm looking forward to it! :D
There is already a Forum Thread which included the same video.
( https://forums.enmasse.com/tera/discussion/12897/this-is-real-elin-gunner )
We are definitely planning on doing something like this, hopefully this year.
The problem should be fixed now on our live server.
We are investigating the problem. I haven't figured out the cause quite yet so I don't have an estimate on when it will be resolved.
Koikoi wrote: »
Am I reading this thread correctly or have I not seen a Tera CM in here yet?

It's not like by answering a few relevant questions they would be letting anything out of the bag. Tera on console has been announced already.

There's a lot of community speculation in the thread, and unfortunately there aren't a lot of things we're prepared to say about TERA console other than the basics. There are announcements on the way that give more detail, but the PS4 and Xbox versions are still in development so many things that players are seeking answers for haven't been completed yet.
There's a real possibility for this happening. Our Platform team (aka Geletron's team) has a lot on their plate right now, but this is something they'd like to do :)
Sorry guys, you'll just have to wait a little longer. I have no date to give you at the moment.
Shikine wrote: »
So GF confirmed the Valkyrie date 11 days before the actual release and gives 3 days to players to get the desired title since leveling became harder.
@Spacecats @Noesis @Halrath

Can you make sure that we have:
1. enough time to prepare (working people take vacations) - i think at least 10 days before the release is the bare minimum considerate publisher attitude to give players time to deal with real life if they choose to
2. enough time to level up, the 1 day as it was during ninja release won't cut it, and considering the server problems I would give more time than 3 days

Thanks for reading

There will be Valkyrie info and videos to get you prepped before the class release happens. The level-up and title will also function a little differently. With Gunner/Brawler, players had to race to 65 (which in theory is cool but a major bummer for 99.9% of players). With Ninja there was a window to reach 65, and titles were granted after the fact. With Valkyrie the process has been refined a bit more. We'll give you more details on that once the Valkyrie page goes up and the NA date is announced.
Whenever the date of release would be, whatever the event its gonna be..
The only thing that I wish for during the new class launch is..

The cows doesn't walk into the server room.


Fear not. We shall lure all cows to the barbeque grills on launch day.
Are any of you able to log in to the website if you specifically log in from this page : ( http://support.enmasse.com/tera ) ?
Congrats on the new PC! As always if you have questions getting started, the new & returning player forum is perfect for getting help:

Not to mention we have a guild finder if you're looking to get social in game:
MOD EDIT: Hi everyone! I've removed some off-topic posts from this thread. Please remember, this is a post for tips on playing with a controller, not a debate about control schemes. Thanks!
I've moved the existing thread about this to the Bug Report forums. Closing this since it's technically a duplicate. Sorry there's no update on the status of the bug but we ARE aware it's a thing.
All prizes have now been awarded <3
By the way the winners of today's hide & seek will get their reward - a pet Cheeks - early next week. All those who won raffle prizes today have received them via Twitch messages.
Grievuuz wrote: »
So last week TR got bosses that dropped imp gear, and this week they also get a boss while the other servers get shafted. @Spacecats please, stop the favoritism ;<

TR didn't get a boss unless you mean the random One-Eyed Jack? He didn't drop anything. Don't worry, other servers will get events too.
Spacecats wrote: »
That's what she said..?

Can't believe "but" with two t's is censored. Who runs these forums anyway?

This is a little-known secret in TERA, but when it comes to hide & seek, Popori are...


... the worst. They're really terrible at it. It's like... do you even know what hiding means? You're trying to fit behind a single flower? Your big [filtered] is sticking out. It's like you're not even trying.

The thing with Popori hide & seekers, though, is that they're inventive. They don't think like normal people think. Even when they're in plain sight, they accidentally fool you just through sheer Popori creativity!

You'll see what I mean today during the weekly TERA Twitch stream. I'll visit three servers in this order:
  1. Mount Tyrannas
  2. Fey Forest
  3. Tempest Reach

(I visited CH and AV last hide & seek event, so this is only fair.)

Put your seeking abilities to the test! If you're the first person to find my Popo on those servers, you'll win yourself a Pet: Cheeks (which by the way is currently discounted in the TERA store along with other pets).

The show will begin at 3 p.m. PDT right here: https://www.twitch.tv/enmasseentertainment

LesbianVi wrote: »
@Noesis and @Halrath Thanks a lot. Also tell meh that this means we get Valkyrie on 4/4? :3

The date I have in my calendar is 4/4/19.
Stricera wrote: »
So ghillie is now double drop?

Yes. Noesis made it so.
Noesis wrote: »
Ghillieglade is a very sneaky instance that is listed separately from the normal dungeon list. Under normal circumstances, I'd probably leave solo instances out of the event, but this is an event aimed at thanking folks for helping us with Wonderholme, so I have turned it on for the Glade!
And this excludes Ace Dungeons i presume?

Correct. Ace dungeons are not part of this event.
Ghillieglade is a very sneaky instance that is listed separately from the normal dungeon list. Under normal circumstances, I'd probably leave solo instances out of the event, but this is an event aimed at thanking folks for helping us with Wonderholme, so I have turned it on for the Glade!
Yup, definitely :)

Stay tuned! I'm waiting until we have more imagery and info about the new class to share with you guys. The official page has yet to go up.
Well that is the consequence of removing live support it's not rocket science to figure out why responding to support tickets have become a lot of work- all the inquiries go through support tickets now

Sure, but that's not considering the amount of time it takes to have a live conversation with someone to get information vs. reading their problem in ticket form. Obviously speaking or chatting with a live human is the ultimate when it comes to customer experience, which is why we had live support in the first place, but as someone who has been on the support side of the headset (not for TERA of course) I'd argue that it's actually less time efficient when it comes to the sheer volume of customers helped.
Merged two identical threads.
Welcome back! As others have said, the wait time can vary for our support crew. Lately there has been quite a lot of work coming in for that team in the form of tickets, so the wait time can range from 5-7 days for this kind of request (as opposed to an issue preventing a player from logging in, which tend to be prioritized). Sorry about the wait!
Nootiful wrote: »
So elin exclusive costumes are more important than making the game run properly?

They do their best to make the game enjoyable for as many people as possible, and while I get that you want TERA run better/faster/smoother on your personal PC, not everyone shares your definition of "proper." I think what I said before pretty much answers your question when it comes to allocating development efforts, but I can add that the people working on creating costumes aren't typically the same developers that implement dungeons or deal with client code. That's like blaming the sales team when the server crashes.
DarJir wrote: »
15 emp a day, so 1 weapon smart box every 4 months. Uh... K

Appreciate the gesture but all I ever wanted was account wide pets and a 7 day temp skin/costume when they release something new so I can take it out for a spin to see if I wanna have it perm.

Love this game, but they seem so dead set on getting sub folks to pay regularly to their cash shop. And that doesn't feel nice at all. Either let me pay my sub and give the stuff (don't even care if you take it away when I unsub) then leave me alone, or take the random cash shop money. Both just isn't going to happen, which why they see these huge swings in sub numbers.

Smartest way to play now is to play the broker and buy everything with ingame currency, and I don't see how that's good for enmasse long term. People who don't want to do that just quit until the next patch, then the cycle repeats. Do it right the first time so people sub and let it chill, rather than scramble to change it bit by bit when subs tank.

The 7-day cosmetic idea is a good one, and I'll forward it on, but please keep in mind that when you say "all I ever wanted was..." the ending of that sentence is different for everyone with Elite status. You want pets, other people want mounts, are in it for the extra dungeon runs, no broker fee, extra XP, etc...

We like hearing new ideas for Elite because it keeps us thinking about ways to improve the system, but remember that just because we added a different benefit from your suggestion doesn't mean other ideas won't later be used. A lot of this stuff is not mutually exclusive.
Closing this and moving to the bug forums. The best way to submit bugs for the QA team's consideration is to post them in separate threads (per issue). Please give as much information about each item as you can.
I'd really like to keep this thread on topic, so I'll be brief with my answers -

@Nootiful - Developer resources are limited, and it's BHS's job to prioritize what they feel is most impactful for the game across all regions.

@Taybat - Changing character clothing wouldn't affect game performance in any noticeable way.
Nootiful wrote: »
Maybe update this page now? We've not had that mount shown there for a long time.

Yes, the page is getting an update soon. We've got our graphics and platform team working on it, but we didn't want to make you guys wait for the page before the changes went in place.
StarSprite wrote: »
I'm just wondering what this exclusive elite dungeon is. A typo or something coming soon?

Sorry. That was my mistake (was talking about Ghillieglade).
Pamcake wrote: »
@Spacecats and EME I'm still not sacrificed. You change only mount? What about Gold Boost that is the most useless thing? What about everything that we made post about? Yeah, cool, we have flying mount, but too late for many of us who have lamas, pigs and myself a account bound dragon.

There is another change...
Nootiful wrote: »
Its the p2w version of smolder!

How dare you compare this elegant black-furred creature with that overheated soot beast!
Farewell threads are against the forum rules & guidelines. That's likely why your initial discussion was deleted. Closing this.
We live to serve.
Taybat wrote: »
Spacecats wrote: »
MARVOA wrote: »
Lohttp://oking around these forums i don't see any admins talking or responding.

There's a search link in the news & announcement forums that's handy for tracking En Masse staff posts.

As some have said, the max number of character slots per server (16) is something determined by the Bluehole development team. We'll pass on your request to them, though!

While your at it could you please request new male classes and improve optimization? please?

That's something we definitely forward on a regular basis because the community requests it really often, but yes I'll include it.
MARVOA wrote: »
Lohttp://oking around these forums i don't see any admins talking or responding.

There's a search link in the news & announcement forums that's handy for tracking En Masse staff posts.

As some have said, the max number of character slots per server (16) is something determined by the Bluehole development team. We'll pass on your request to them, though!
Hi Devmen, welcome to the forums!

All three of those would make good starter classes, but I might suggest Brawler because she can take a punch way better than the other two. She is able to solo very well, and plays an important part in dungeons whether you're dealing damage or acting as the primary tank (which is a good thing to learn as you level. Tanks can be so underappreciated.)

If you have questions along the way feel free to post them here or the new & returning players forum, which is full of useful advice and people willing to help those learning the ropes.
MARVOA wrote: »
This is a good one. I hope an admin sees this. Although i don't think admins read these.

We don't.
Ketoth wrote: »
Halrath wrote: »
Ketoth wrote: »
Can you give us the crit chance equation? otherwise i wont be your friend

That's classfied.

which level of classified document? and when will be declassified?

That's classified.
natia wrote: »
Welcome back to Tera!

I'm not sure if this is part of the original writing team's lore but what was the original purpose of areas like Baldera and Velika Wilds? ;)

Those records are lost to time, I'm afraid.
Ketoth wrote: »
Can you give us the crit chance equation? otherwise i wont be your friend

That's classfied.
Welcome Halrath, it's great to have you on team TERA :D

Fun fact, Halrath sits right next to Noesis in the office, so he's in perfect swatting range!
Baldurdash wrote: »
Halrath wrote: »
I’m currently doing extra chores at home to reduce wife aggro

Dang you're old school not many people use that phrase anymore :^)

Careful, or I'll beat you with my cane.
Vysse wrote: »
Cat pics or you're not accepted.

[Cat] [Cat] [Cat]

I don't have an actual cat.
Pages wrote: »
Alleged Chef Fieri is your doing?

Hi! I’m Robin. You might remember me as Halrath, scourge of the TERA Forums back in the day. I’m the new Associate Product Manager for TERA, where I work closely with Noesis.

I’ve been gaming since I was just a little amazing, having picked up the Dungeons and Dragons Basic Set in primary school. I fell in love with that sort of interactive storytelling and never looked back. Love RPGs and MMORPGs and have tried (and loved) a LOT of them. As far as TERA goes, I was part of the original writing team WAAAAaaaaaay back when, where I shepherded the mystics and castanics. If you ran into any “alleged chefs,” that was also my doing.

I’m excited to play TERA again because I’ve spent the past few years in Asia and haven’t had many opportunities to do so. Plus, we can FLY now, which will support my favorite in-game activity: Exploring. Eager to give the valkyrie a spin, too.

I’m to attest to some facts to prove that I’m not a part of the Borg…

Love writing (obviously) and am writing science fiction in my not-so-copious spare time.
I love to travel. Lived in seven countries and visited a whole bunch more.
I gave a tour of the USS Enterprise when I was 9 years old. Got a commendation from the captain and everything.
I speak English, bad English, and a teensy bit of Chinese. My in-laws would like me to speak more.
I’m currently doing extra chores at home to reduce wife aggro when Mass Effect: Andromeda releases.
Resistance is only futile if <1 Ohm.
I heart Castanica.
That’s it! Looking forward to helping TERA and serving the finest players in the world – YOU!
oueight wrote: »
It was a nice surprise, Thanks spacecats
If you could not stick the HH dragons in hallways or rooms with one door lol that would be awesome, the fire breath carnage while waiting for doors to open was insane.
*also some weird glitch with Meldita HP bar showing undefined or something to that effect, made it hard to tell if it was actually taking damage or not

That tends to happen when more than a couple bosses are close to one another. I'm afraid there's no way to prevent it. It goes away once bosses are killed.

Can someone help me with this ?
I get this more and more recent with this game when i push play.

i tried redownloading it, i have not messed with the S1engine file, run the repair tool, exclusion on the anti virus programs, deleting game.version file, Windows 10, drivers etc. are all up to date.
Anyone gots tips or tricks before i send a support ticket, because i would like to play tbh.

Our very awesome support section has this guide. Give it a shot.
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