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Aw I came to internet cafe to play at better frames.

no biggie though. I'll just surf around KTERA for info as I wait for their patch note to translate.

we'll have that info out shortly, but there are some good translations out already.
Ketoth wrote: »
after time i see a treeshark posting i remember this image from AMA

this is accurate.
slong wrote: »

don't mess with the speedforce.
Yes, HW is down.


So how is everyone's day so far?
HarHar wrote: »
is there an estimated downtime?

MT will come up soon but the overall issue affecting the service is still ongoing AFAIK.
StarSprite wrote: »
Treeshark wrote: »
Ketoth wrote: »
Feed the popos that run the server.

they may have been overfed.

Time to get new popos

in this case, it's not the popos that are the problem. but we are getting some new ones anyway.
Ketoth wrote: »
Feed the popos that run the server.

they may have been overfed.
We are experiencing some connection issues right now. Servers are up but you may experience extreme lag or not be able to log in at all. Will update when I know more.

Correction - MT is down.
yup we are seeing the same thing and on it.
it's back on.
the deal with that emote was region exclusive. the deal with hello kitty was worldwide. that's pretty much it, sadly. i tried!
we're making them bankable next week.
just an accident that leaked.
nope. nothing to see here.
Danbeas wrote: »
Treeshark, any chance of adding feedstock to Ghillieglade? Only point of running it now is for embers.

I have other plans for that...
Pirocs wrote: »

Reduze BG prices on Bonanza boxes too please!

they are being reduced to 16k BC and 12k KS.
Updated the main thread, but copying here:

Starting tomorrow until July 7, every thing that currently drops FS in a dungeon will now drop 48 more, per player, at roughly 60% chance. This applies for all the tiers, from T8 to T10 feedstock.

We will also keep the Vanguard Request Reward doubling event on, but the TERA Rewards issue is not fixed. We will only reward retroactively for the past week on the missing rewards. The basis is that this event is doing more good than bad, and we will just message that this event is not rewarding the double amount of TERA Rewards it says it is. After 6/2, we will not be compensating for this.
The possibility of reverting the dismantling change is pretty low right now. Regardless of whether I agree with why this happened, the focus has to be on how we're going to fix the supply issue going forward.

Right now we have a double Vanguard Request Reward event going on. This does an ok job at supply, but not great. It's also causing a lot of confusion due to the TERA Rewards UI bug. So, it's not great and not a long term solution.

We also ran a double drop weekend for specific dungeons, as well as reduced the Awakening Enchant costs by 25% during the weekend. Double drop was alright, but the awakened enchant really just boosted demand because it just boosted awakening. It also didn't help normal enchanting or the supply. Fiddling with demand is tougher, so back to supply!

So what do? I'm working on getting more FS to be dropped in dungeons, but I'll give more details on this late tomorrow. QA says that is wisest. Also, the cost of the Enchantment Bonanza Box will be reduced down to 12k KS.

Please let me know your thoughts! Constructive ones pls.... :)
Also changes to the Elite Gift Box:
replaced MES with BES
replaced Nugget with Felicity.
a 500 t8 FS jackpot
a 500 t9 FS jackpot
Apoth dyes replaces Fed bills.
for this thursday....
replaced MES with BES
replaced Nugget with Felicity.
a 500 t8 FS jackpot
a 500 t9 FS jackpot
Apoth dyes replaces Fed bills.
ok we'll keep the Apoth dye.
2 Fashion Coupon Fixes for Thursday:
  • Ninja Fashion Coupon Costume icons are fixed.
  • Ninja Fashion Coupon Costumes will be previewable
  • Brawlers will be able to wear Fashion Coupon Costumes previously only available to Lancer and Berserkers*.

*That set is:
Federation Supply Hauberk
Elite Hauberk
Rock Hard Hauberk
Hauberk of the Exalted
Nepir's Silky Ice Hauberk
Well-Admired Platemail
Hauberk of the Unforgettable
Breastplate of the Vanquisher
Melsanir Breastplate
Hauberk of Mystel
Dreadwraith Mail
Abyssal Plate
Manafire Hauberk
Unusual Hauberk Template
Rage Cage
Palescale Hauberk
Ornamental Hauberk
Dragonwing Hauberk
Steamtint Hauberk
Riddling Cuirass
Nightforge Hauberk Costume
Conjunct Hauberk Costume
Heart's Cage Costume

There are some things to note. When a brawler wears some of these outfits, they will look identical to the other ones. In other words:
  • Abyssal Plate == Breastplate of the Vanquisher
  • Hauberk of the Exalted == Rock Hard Hauberk = Nepir's Silky Ice Hauberk
  • Nightforge Hauberk Costume == Unusual Hauberk Template

Feedstock will be addressed in a separate thread.

TERA Rewards not being doubled in the Vanguard Requests - So the event is on to help with the feedstock supply, but it is not rewarding double TERA Rewards. It's quite confusing so we'll be ending the event this Thursday. We will be compensating the TERA Rewards Points that everyone got from May 24th to June 2nd (So if you earned X TERA Rewards points in that time frame, we will give you X points again). At that time, we'll have another way to supplement feedstock.
i am taking this feedback into consideration for next week.
i was thinking.... replacing MES with BES, replacing apoth dye with 200 fashcoupons, and giving out 10 nuggets instead of 1.

ok jk on the last part. maybe a T8 FS jackpot instead of nuggets.
Juude wrote: »
Treeshark wrote: »
we're running an event this weekend where awakening and awakened enchanting has reduced FS costs. I want to see how that goes.

That's not the core problem here....most people seem to have issues with even getting to +12. Enchanting even to +12 requires a LOT of feedstock if you're unlucky. I got very lucky with enchanting my weapon to +12, but with my chest piece, it took me over 700 feedstock to get it to +11, and another 300 to finally get it to +12. In a game where feedstock is in short supply...those kind of numbers are awfully high, over 1000 feedstock for one piece of equipment.

Grinding wise on a standard account, that's a few days worth of grinding right there, for one piece, if you're lucky.

yes i understand that. from a more macro point of view, this event could help lower the cost of FS overall though, and that's what I'm looking at.
we're running an event this weekend where awakening and awakened enchanting has reduced FS costs. I want to see how that goes.
you guys are so mean.
We ran a script to reward everyone's missing points from the time between 5/17 and 5/24.
We'll cycle all dungeon servers at 4:30 as well.
Hello Highwatch Friends.

We will restart Highwatch server at 4:30 to remedy this.
This was fixed. I also replaced the earrings in Skyring only with one that has stun reduction.
Maintenance 5/26

- Fixing awakening and awakening enchantment not working randomly
- Fixing IOD Bam's not dropping the fashion coupon/ses/ccb
- lowering item level you need to be under to get EQ gear in battlegrounds to 404.
Thanks everyone. We found the issue and will address it in the next maintenance.
Hi there,

Does anyone know what the exact amounts of Crusade rewards are given for each rank #1 ~ #10.

It used only #1 and #2 get Noctenium Infusions, however last season (2016 Season 15), we receive Noctenium Infusions for ranking at #3.
This is the information I have so far that I gathered and from our own guild rankings #1 - #3 and information available on the web.

1st ~ 3rd: 5,000 Masterwork Alkahest, 40 Semi-Engimatic Scroll, & 210,000 Noctenium Infusion <- (Confirmed)
4rd ~ 5th: 5,000 Masterwork Alkahest, 40 Semi-Engimatic Scroll <-- (?)
6th ~ 10th: 5,000 Masterwork Alkahest <-- (?)

I wonder if the #4 ~ #10 have been changed as well.
Please halp. Popo needs halp!

these are correct. but see ^^ post.
I had to reward people manually yesterday because the box amounts got broken. There was a fix but somehow the fix didn't get through to the Noct Box, so i just awarded a lot of noct boxes to everyone. We will fix the Noct Box in the next maintenance. As a result of yesterday some guild masters got more than they should have, but consider it a one time thing.
luneru wrote: »
What's next, flying cars and cats?

Don't give them any ideas. I want my flying magic carpet first!

Anyone else not able to enchant T8+ gear?
TIERRAH wrote: »
Crusade rewards still have not been fixed or distributed. I still haven't received the right amount of noctenium. I can't possibly distribute 7.5k nocts through my entire guild.

we're still going through this.
LancerJiva wrote: »
So you guys lowered the ilvl of IoD bams, but you didnt lower their HP.. it takes forever for a dreadnaught +12 reaper to kill the high tier ones. :/

the item level was lowered so you could do them, but the difficulty is not going to change.
Expected downtime of ~30 minutes
Hey Everyone,

Please only reply here if you are having issues with the game not letting you Awaken or Awaken Enchant your gear.

Please reply with:
  1. Your Race/Gender
  2. Class
  3. Server
  4. Name of Item(s) you are trying to awaken or awaken enchant
  5. Screenshot of you trying to awaken/awaken enchant


And the Vanguard Event is back on.
Emergency Maintenance at 12pm PT today to fix:
  • Alliance PVP Times
  • Crusade Rewards

If you have already opened your crusade rewards, we will find you and compensate the correct amount. If you have not opened it yet, please don't!

For last week's TERA Reward Points that were not rewarding, we will compensate everyone with a script today or tomorrow. More details on this to follow.
The event is back on.
Will fix. Please don't open the boxes. If you did already, we'll compensate.
I've also just added a BG Jackpot event for t9 feedstock. I know these are temporary short term solutions, but I don't have a long term solution right now. Please bear with us!
VioletFox wrote: »
Treeshark wrote: »
I can confirm it doesn't work for the Wonderholmes, but I don't know why it doesn't work for Demokron or SS. Will have to ask BHS.

Are you planning on doing something about the massive shortage of feedstock? KTERA is able to keep a steadier supply than we are and because of such prices are skyrocketing

let's keep the feedstock things in the one of 3420394803284 feedstock threads dude.
I wanted to see how it would go, wasn't too sure how the price and contents would be received, but I wanted to test it out. It may be retired, but we'll give at least a week heads up. I'll look into getting one for other race/genders too.
I can confirm it doesn't work for the Wonderholmes, but I don't know why it doesn't work for Demokron or SS. Will have to ask BHS.
I'm seeing what I can do about this, it doesn't make much sense to me either at the moment. In the meantime, i can run an event to double the vanguard rewards as well as add some feedstock to the calendar.
They are gradually adding flying to more and more zones.
WhaleWhale wrote: »
Since I don't see it on the patch notes post, I am assuming the following issues haven't been addressed in this morning patch?
  • Dungeons being unable to be reset with various Instance Reset Scrolls.
  • Boxes (including costume boxes, Elite Consumable Boxes, etc) sharing a 10 minute cooldown.

I find these two to be fairly high priority issues and I hope we can see patches/hotfixes for those ASAP.

For the second issue, i made a more permanent solution to go ahead with the fix I made yesterday for the Elite Bar Nostrum and Trio problem (which is why it's not listed) This may have taken care of the Elite Consumable Box CD as well. Please let me know.

For the first issue, no dungeons are able to be reset with IRS?
We'll get this on the web shortly, but here's what happened during maintenance:

- We made significant software and hardware changes to help ease the dungeon lag. Please let us know if you are still experiencing this after the patch and in which dungeons.
- The gear for Corsairs Stronghold has been changed back to Corsairs Stronghold gear instead of the Conflict gear.
- You can now make character names containing "Go".

We will extend the time duration to get the titles, expect something from Spacecats shortly.
hmmm maybe i should roll it back to standard corsairs gear....
pls check if fixed.
we are investigating.
Pls check again.
fixing this now.
Tharjaa wrote: »
Also in the patch notes it says "Changed premade Corsairs' Stronghold rewards to 0"
Does this mean we dont get credits if we queue with a premade? wtf

This is the premade 20v20, not 5-man premades.
These aren't items live in the TERA Rewards Store.

If you could reconnect to TERA that quickly i doubt you would see anything wrong in skype/discord. The weird thing is that if we had any outage, i doubt you would be able to reconnect that quickly either.
Are you all running any other games or apps that require a constant internet connection at the same time? Most apps don't and can handle an intermittent outage, but usually games do not.
(all times pacific in this post)

We saw a lot of disconnects yesterday between 4p and 6pm, then again at 9pm, and then again this morning at 9am. Is this along the time frame you all are experiencing it? Or more frequently than this?

And when this happens, you're able to log back into TERA immediately again?

We are still investigating but haven't come up with anything. Nothing was patched last night or this morning and our internal monitoring tools aren't showing anything wrong. If it was a patch there's no reason for it just to wait more than 24 hours to error and crash.

Tracert'ing to ZMR is pointless, they are not located at the same place physically.

We have a line of support open with our provider regardless.
Are you all still experiencing client crashes?
There are several pages of class changes of which mystics themselves are about 1.5 of them. We are getting caught up to https://sites.google.com/site/yoshasstuff/class-change-8, as close as I can see right now.
Abscess Event won't be leaving until the Ninja patch.

And by that, i don't mean a secret patch.
So about that....
MildLife on 05/02/2016, 12:10 PM - view
1. You recently made good changes to the PvP merchant. During peak hours we're now seeing 2-5 minute queues for Fraywind and CS which is amazing. The update included the enchantment boxes and starfall mats most importantly. Are these going to stay?

2. Ktera got a new enchanting system that involves using an identical piece of gear to enchant, this method doesn't require alkahest and only the fodder gear however you can no longer dismantle feedstock tier 8 or higher.. Meanwhile awakening enchanting requires feedstock and alkahest (current method). Meaning the methods for obtaining T9/T10 feedstock for awakening is limited to vanguard rewards, dungeon drops and the new pvp reward boxes you recently implemented. I feel like this will make awakening enchanting even harder. Do you have any thoughts on this?

3, PvP gear seems all out of wack. The new T9 pvp set which is ideally supposed to bridge the gap between full +15 pvp and mid tier looks to be worse then starfall.

Look at the stats here, credits for this goes to Yosha


The T9 pvp chest higher defence mod but its missing +13 PvP defence and an extra roll. Why does the T9 pvp chest have an enraged line but not a flat damage reduction line?

Anyways I don't expect an answer for that one as it is out of your hands mostly it just seems strange.

1. Aiming to keep as much as possible. Cap is going up as well as the gain rates per W/L, so prices will be adjusted up accordingly.

2. Thoughts have been had.

3. Nothing I can do about that.

The Imperator (vm7) mats will be available both in PVE and PVP. The 2 new dungeons will drop mats, along with their HM's, as well as PVP stores for some but not all of the mats. There is that new token store (called Arborean Essence) in some places that you can get mats out of too.

The Conflate set (was: Shining) is going to be all from the PvP stores except for the ore that you need.
So right now, we have the power hours all weekend, as well as triple drop on FIHM, DSLower, KDNM, and KDHM. That's about the extent of what I can do right now. I will aim to get an event that affects awakened enchanting but that won't be this weekend.
We can do triple drop as well, but that event doesn't apply to Dreadspire.
There is no event currently that will affect awakening enchanting. I will see how to make this happen before the ninja patch even if it is a little cumbersome.

I've also turned on power hours for the entire weekend as well.
Hi All,

The enchanting event will not apply to +15 enchant, only up to +12. I am extremely sorry for any inconvenience this may cause, but the information I was given initially was misleading. I did want to make sure this was made known before the event actually begins, however. We are extending this event by 24 hours to make up for the confusion.

Thank you for understanding,
i'll see if we can get the item level slightly lowered for the vanguard requests for the top dungeons.
Reasons - chance of getting the price perfect and right on the first try is probably close to 0%. Pricing it too low would have pretty much ruined any shape changer "economy", but pricing it a bit higher will let me see how to adjust it, or if it needs to be adjusted. Current broker prices were taken into account, but the more difficult problem is that prices vary among servers, and we have to set 1 price for all servers.
Banim on 04/25/2016, 05:43 PM - view
That's why he's still single.

Be nice to singlebear!
Also please stop bumping. It makes spacecat's hair even bluer.
I am replying to say that I read this, and in fact I read it last week. However, I do not have anything concrete to say yet. The path to Vm7 is directly in my crosshairs though.
No rootstock yet. Wanted to, but singlebear shot me down.
Which skills?
these are not the droids you're looking for.
This is my bad. You can only enter and get rewards once per day from the Vanguard Request Window. You can enter twice, but since the rewards are done via the Vanguard Window you won't get rewards, so it's really only once a day. I had a mixup in my head on how this all works together, but the patch notes are fixed now.
we'll be switching to Vanilla Forums.

There will be no custom avatars. Not sure about sigs.
I just turned it on!

sorry about that.
Banim on 04/18/2016, 04:42 PM - view
If you do this, don't make it retroactive IMO... leave the old titles as they are. I think it would be unfair to make such a change to past achievements just like that.

No, this would only be for Ninja, if it were to happen. Please treat this as discourse and not as statement of fact!
counterpoint on 04/18/2016, 04:36 PM - view
If they did this, I assume they would change the title to be called something else, so it wouldn't be confused with the server-first achievements of old.

Correct, we would just retire the "Cutting-Edge" names.
Patch notes will be updated to reflect this momentarily.
Sorry I meant Stellar Gloves and Gauntlets.
There's been quite a bit of internal discussion on this, but no conclusion yet. I am thinking of having this title be something that is earned by everyone that hits level 65 ninja within a certain time frame (first 24 hours?). I think it's a better option by reducing the exclusivity a bit, than to remove the title altogether. It's also better than disabling a bunch of functions that benefit the vast majority of players for a few days as well.
It's just Stellar gloves and sleeves.
LennyH on 04/15/2016, 02:26 PM - view
Another thing you can add is a vanguard daily for completing DS22. The daily reward can include Vanguard credits, maybe Tier Reward points and credits.

we're already planning an abscess hm event dungeon in the vg system. the vg cap issue overall... i dont think i'm ready for that yet.
dragonmu12 on 04/15/2016, 02:17 PM - view
treeshark,the changes are good.. but
make mwa 5 stacks and 100 mwa.
its so easy to get mwa now from the bellacarium boxes that you added.
and vanguard its easy enough.
if you will add 500 mwa per stack..
it will destroy the market.
consider it please to make it 100 per stack.
btw you listen too much too ppl that cry the game is hard , when the brawler patch came it was so easy to get gold(its still too easy) because of TAR.
its good that you listen to the community but you start making this game like a private server.. its so easy to get end game and to enchant it because it so easy to get Gold!! YES! its easy to ENCHANT to +15 because the game is so easy.
so treeshark please make the stacks of mwa to 100 not 500.

the rewards were made out of investigating how long it takes people to run it, how often someone can actually go through all of it, what they invest, current state of the market, community feedback, etc...
Asumiyan on 04/15/2016, 02:16 PM - view
This is great and all, but could you elaborate on what "going into testing" means for us? I'm sure tons of people are literally wetting themselves with this but have no idea when to expect it to be live.

It needs to be tested so that everything drops correctly. the plan is to go live with this and the pvp store changes on tuesday.
I requested items to sell a while back that weren't goofy plants and more in-line with the game itself. Maybe it turns out they made them but never told us? Will check.
i'm adding a low chance of smart dyads dropping instead of the normal ones. i think i'd rather remove all gems and just add the chance for the ticket (which will be around the chance that diamond had) :).

this is going into test now.
pocarisweat on 04/15/2016, 01:33 PM - view
Step in the right direction. I just have a few suggestions.

-Queen having a chance (50%?) to drop ticket. Perhaps scale it so floor 19, 20%; floor 21, 35%; floor 22, 50%. I suggested it like this because usually those are the bottleneck floors where people have highest failure rates. This incentivizes groups to learn and then perhaps return the next day to continue on.

-Different kind of goddess' blessings (currently there are goddess', goddess's, and federation goddess')

-Removing aggro leather and metal gloves (nobody, I mean nobody should use these in current and upcoming tera climate)

"Goddess's Blessing" is the name. It's quite confusing.

I'm looking into removing those gloves, and removing the gems, and adding the upper ticket as a chance to drop.
I could remove the chance of diamond drop for a chance of ticket drop?
Grave mistakes were made in my previous post. Let me correct them. I am human, after all :).

I realize that it has been difficult for everybody to do the hardest dungeon and get little reward for your effort. Seeing as how time consuming and difficult dreadspire truly is, i think that these additions to the loot table will help alleviate some of the concerns that you all have with the dungeon. This is what I have to change/add for Montori's Haul Challenge 22:

- increasing current t9 feedstock drops to 5 stacks of 300 (was 5 stacks of 100)
- Adding 5 stacks of 500 mwalk
- Adding 5 stacks of 2 normal dyad structures
- Adding 5 stacks of 10 goldfinger tokens
- Adding 5 stacks of 3 goddess's blessings
- Adding 5 stacks of 10 noctenium boxes.

I feel with this players who can clear this exhaustingly difficult dungeon will truly feel as if their time and effort have been rewarded.

Feedback is appreciated.
i'm back to the drawing board on this.
I took a long hard look at the feedback we've been getting, the difficulty of the dungeon, and the current loot that Montori's Haul Challenge 22 drops. It's not particularly simple because it's not the hardest dungeon in the game, where i would have an easier time justifying adding a lot of stuff. But i don't want this dungeon to be a waste of time either. Here's what I have to put in:

- t9 Feedstock - I already see 5 stacks of 100 feedstock drop. I tested it and it does for me, but i'm wondering if this is somehow bugged?
- Removing a few drops of Desolarus Tokens. I don't think anyone is going to miss a few single stacks of Des tokens if we add other things right?
- Adding 5 stacks of Noctenium boxes (x5). That's 25 total boxes. These boxes yield random amounts of Noctenium Infusions.
- Adding 5 stacks of Goldfinger Tokens (x10). For 50 total tokens.
- 5 individual drops of Goddess' Blessings.

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