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For those having difficulty getting into the game, could you let me know exactly what you are experiencing?
SnowAlice on 04/29/2014, 10:05 AM - view
I have alerady submitted a ticket with support they are telling me that this is a known issue that ticket will be closed

Are you still getting the "unable to unzip manifest" error? Have you closed everything out and reopened it since we announced the servers were back online?
StoLus on 04/29/2014, 10:17 AM - view
I had the "unable to unzip manifest" problem. I did not delete any files. Now "manifest" problem seem to be solved, but for some reason my launcher wants to download 30 GB (odd one, because I did not touched the files)

Could you submit a support ticket on this, and include a screen shot showing the contents of your TERA folder? If you are being asked to download 30gb, then it is likely something happened to one of the main files. I may be able to just provide you with it if I am able to determine which file is missing.
2:55 p.m. PDT UPDATE: Updated Thread


We have been informed of Internet service provider issues at the data center that are causing some customers to experience difficulty logging in to the game, resulting in a connection error. We are working with ISPs to get these issues corrected. We will update this post with any further information we receive.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

-- Solomon Edit --
Adding this to the top as some may not see the other EME responses on subsequent pages of this thread. Outside of using a proxy or VPN as others have mentioned in this thread; there is no fix we can provide to this issue because the issue resides on the ISP level at our data center.
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Hi folks,

per our FAQ on the topic located at http://support.enmasse.com/tera/will-en-masse-ip-block-based-on-region,

"Services that promise to improve your ping and decrease lag may sound promising, but they are frequently used by hackers and criminals who want to remain anonymous. Although we do not block them by default, a proxy or server host will be blocked if it becomes a popular tool for criminal behavior."

@ Robdesign, if you PM me the error you are getting trying to purchase EMP, I can look into it for you.

There will be amended chat support hours on March 26th. Chat support will be available from 2:00pm to 8:00pm PST.
We are currently working on the issue causing many players to have difficulty logging in to the game and the web site. The primary errors players are receiving are 8000:0001 and 0112:0000.

We are also aware of purchases from the store either taking a very long time to be delivered, or appearing to not deliver at all.

We will update this thread with any new information as soon as it becomes available. Thank you for your patience while we get these issues worked out.

Update 10:22am - The issue should be resolved now, but we are still monitoring the system. Please let us know if you continue to have login issues.

Update 11:20am - Everything should be processed by now. If you are still having launcher login issue, please exit the launcher and try again. If your elite status have not been updated, you need to re-log into the game for it to take effect. Items purchased should be delivering properly now.
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There will be amended chat support hours on Friday, February 21st. Live chat will be available from Noon to 6:00pm PST. Standard chat hours will resume on Saturday the 22nd.
Access to all servers has been restored, with the exception of Tempest Reach, which should be available shortly. Thanks for your patience!
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TR actually just came back up.
Live chat support will be available from 4:00 pm PST to 8:00 pm PST on Friday, December 13th. Normal hours will return on the 14th.
Chat support on Thursday, October 31st will be unavailable from 2:30pm Pacific Time to 4:30pm Pacific Time. Normal hours will resume Friday, November 1st.
There will be amended support chat hours of operation on Wednesday, August 28th. Live support chat will be available from Noon to 2pm Pacific Time.

Standard chat hours will resume on Thursday the 29th.
Hi NastyNate,

I just sent you an email with some steps. Could you give those a try and reply back to my email?
Chat support will be unavailable today, August 6th, between 1:30pm and 3:00pm PDT. Standard chat hours of operation will resume on Wednesday.
For players receiving the "Unknown File Error" following today's maintenance, please follow the steps in the FAQ on this error, located at:


Don't forget the last step, which is running the Repair function. It's important!
We waited a little while to see how things went with the in-game casinos. We have received numerous complaints about scamming as well as chat spam. We also found that many of these were linked to Real Money Transactions, which of course violate the terms of service for TERA. Because of this, we have made the determination that operating in-game casinos will no longer be allowed. Over the coming days, players who continue to operate these casinos will receive a request from us to stop.

We do understand that this is likely a case of a few bad apples ruining something for everyone. We appreciate the players who ran these fairly and provided an enjoyable activity for other players. We will be updating the rules of conduct located at http://tera.enmasse.com/standalone-pages/rules-of-conduct to reflect this new policy.
Elite buffs should now be resetting at 5pm Pacific Time.
We are aware of an issue that is causing Elite Status buffs to not refresh daily as they should be. We are working to resolve this issue as quickly as possible.

It will not be necessary to contact support regarding this, as we are able to determine everyone who should have received the boosts but did not.

Thanks for your patience while we get it worked out.


(Adding more information)

We will also have a quick restart on all servers tomorrow morning at 9 a.m. Pacific Time to address this issue. After the maintenance, the elite buffs will reset at 5 p.m. Pacific Time.
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Chat support will not be available between 2:00pm and 3:30pm PDT on May 23rd. Standard chat hours will resume the following day.
The Support Sites are available again.


We are aware that the TERA support site is not currently accessible. We are working to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.
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We are aware that the TERA support site is not currently accessible. We are working to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.
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Hi Everyone,

I want to make sure there was no confusion with this, because upon checking, I can see that I actually assisted with this transfer on 11/6. Lancelot, it does not look like you received notification of this when it occured, as I was working with the other party member. For that, I apologize.

In regards to item transfers, we don't have a "one size fits all" policy. If it is an honest mistake, we can generally help with this type situation. We do, however, receive contacts from players who are simply trying to get around the bind-on-pickup functionality of the game, by asking us to transfer items to characters that were not even in a position to get the drop (such as alts or other guild members). These are the cases where we have to deny the request.

We don't have a black and white policy on this, which is why I cannot quote it for you. What we do is look at every situation and make the decision that is most appropriate. In the case of a clear mistake between two members of the same party, with both consenting to the transfer, we are happy to help. Even in these cases however, there is a degree of investigation and verification that has to occur on our end. Our intent is not to make players jump through hoops. We do this to ensure we are doing what is right for that unique situation.

Hope this clarifies things, but if any other info would be helpful, please feel free to PM me.
Hi ShishioMakoto,

I understand that losing a character name is a frustrating experience, and we are doing everything we can to be fair and transparent with the process. I dug a little deeper into this, and it looks like an error may have been made on our part. It was something that was easy to miss, but it does change things in your case. I'll be contacting you by email in a moment with the details of your appeal.

I'm also going to lock this thread since the issue should now be resolved.
Hi Nathaniel13,

I reviewed your case and I can definitely understand your frustration. I talked with Harmonia who worked with you through email, and I can see that she did thoroughly go through the appeal process, looking at both your account as well as the account that currently has the name you appealed to us for. I truly do understand how a name can define a character, and I also know that a server merge like the one we just had is going to result in some less than ideal results for some of our players.

I also looked at the chat, and I am not happy at all with the way it was handled. Even if the answer we have to give is no, it should always be done with empathy, and a genuine attempt to find another solution. If a customer asks us for instructions on how to cancel, we will certainly provide the steps for doing so, but the customer should always know that we would much rather they stay than leave. I will be addressing this with the team here.

In closing, I am sorry again that we are not able to get your name back for you. I know that Harmonia recently contacted you again by email, and it is my sincere hope that the contents of her email will cause you to reconsider leaving a game and community you have spent so much time with.
We definitely do take action in cases where we can verify a violation of the terms of service has occurred. If you reported someone and continue to see that player in the game, it is likely because we determined they were not breaking the rules. Can you provide a little more information on what these players were doing that made you think they were using a 3rd party?
Hi All,

We do respond to reports of abuse in the chat channels, and I can assure you we will take action against someone discussing raping someone. Using the report functionality submits a report to us, which our terms of service team then reviews. We cannot share what action is taken against the offending player, but I can tell you that we do take the action we see as being most appropiriate, from a warning all the way up to an account termination.

If you are concerned that a report did not get handled, you can also submit a ticket through our support site. Make sure to include your character's name, the server, the offending character's name, and the date and time the incident occured (to the best of your ability). This will help us to quickly find the log of the chat that occured.

We are a mature rated game, so we are not going to take action on every curse word that is uttered, but there are definitely still levels of civility that need to be maintained.

There was maintenance this morning, but your post seems to indicate you experienced the trouble after the maintenance was completed. If you are still experiencing the problem, can I get you to open a ticket with support so that we can get some more information from you?

If you did not completely close the launcher and reopen it since last night's maintenance, please try that. It does not always show in the task bar when running, so try Cntrl-Alt-Delete, then Task Manager, and make sure it is shut down, and then reopen it.

If you still have the problem, we're here to help!
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