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The change to the Princess Arin's costume is a bug and not intentional, and it has been listed under the known issues list.

Also, please don't use call out for GMs in your post title.
We are investigating this issue right now, thank you for letting us know.
The Banquet of blood is for level 58+ in Festival of the Sun.
The Harvest Festival Hall in Eldritch Academy is for everyone level 10+.

In v22 we had the change that the dropout debuff now applies if player leaves a battleground after matching is complete. It did not reference instance match, but the dropout debuff itself is the same for both. I'll have the patch notes updated to reflect the change correctly. Sorry for the confusion and good catch!
They are not collector's edition items, CE items are still exclusive to CE.

Right now you can get them from Haunted Headware box:
Edited by: Aliila about 1 year ago - Reason: Friendly helpers are everywhere :)
If you are trying to use a limited time dye on an dyeable item, the color cannot be overwritten until it is gone. You can use the permanent dye (apothecary dye) to change any dyed item's color anytime you wish.
The message for character deletion only talks about the character that you have selected on the character selection screen. If you have selected the character that you wish to delete, the deletion will only affect that 1 character, none of your other characters will be affected.

We are looking into this change right now and see what happened.
Please post any issues you have encountered with the newest patch here. Thank you.

1. Princess Arin's Maid Uniform now looks different. This will be corrected as as soon as we can. In the meantime, we will take the "Twice Maid" bundle and the "Maid's Loot Box" off the store until we can get it resolved.
2. "Where Is Thy Sting" achievement contains a typo that references Nightmare Meldita in Argon Corpus.
3. Candyspinner 1-day pet from the elite gift box cannot be learned.
4. Weapons incorrectly display increase defense, they should be increases damage. (This is just a text bug.)

Corsair's Map Pinging - Please let us know if this issue still persists.
Edited by: Minea about 1 year ago - Reason: All 4 issues have been addressed in the 23.04.02. For more details, please see the patch notes.
MrRetardo on 10/15/2013, 09:33 AM - view
I thought 2013 swimsuit will be gone along with milestone stuff, but they are still in the valkyon outfitter. When would you guys remove them? so i can buy them before your guys remove it.

They'll be taken off the store at 10am, if you want to buy them, this is your last chance.
Edited by: Aliila about 1 year ago
Web store page will be updated shortly. Sorry for the confusion. Please send in a help ticket if you would like a refund due to the issue.
Edited by: Aliila about 1 year ago
Sleezula on 10/15/2013, 01:37 PM - view
uhm, dat hell , PvP dmg increase in Strikeforce and nightforge designs changed to pvp defence... i hope its bug ?

Looking into this right now.
I'll pass the information to our operations to check out. If you guys can send in any details by in a help ticket and message me the ticket number that would be great.
Edited by: Aliila about 1 year ago
If you take more than 10 minutes to create your character, the game assumes you are afk and times out and you are removed from the game.

If that's not the case, sending in a support ticket will be the best way for us to help you out.
K1NG5L3Y on 10/09/2013, 09:12 AM - view
Yeah it is also happening to me here in America. I am noticing that when it happens to me it also happens for a lot of other people, like some of my guildies will disconnect at the same time, or if I am in a dungeon 2 or 3 of us will disconnect all at the same time. I don't want to do BG or Dungeons because I am scared of screwing over my party due to a a DC.

Can you have the people you know with this issue send in a help ticket so we can look into it? Thanks.
Challenge receipts are also limited to 1 per master account, so if you have multiple game accounts under the master account, there's a chance that the challenge receipts is in your unredeemed codes section in account management. You can access account management here: https://account.enmasse.com and look in the unredeemed codes. If you have items there, you can select which TERA account you want to send it to.
Valkyon Outfitters is being restarted right now and the swimsuits will be back after it's completed.
You should be able to find her in Plaza of Huntress in Velika.
Also make sure that you have closed the game completely including the launcher then relog in to the game. And yes, contacting support is a better way to resolve the issue.
Battleground achievements is for the top 3 of each server, not all servers combined.
Also you the next battleground season starts on Oct 15, you can find the calendar here. Each battleground season lasts 8 weeks (56 days).
Edited by: Aliila about 1 year ago
It seems like the 3v3 team queues are working correctly now.

It appears that the issue doesn't occur for all players. We are investigating right now.

Update 2:
Some players are experiencing slow queues. We are still looking into it. There will be a restart tomorrow morning (10/2) at 9am.
Edited by: Aliila about 1 year ago
We are working on bringing the server back right now. Sorry for the inconvenience.
Edited by: Aliila about 1 year ago
Server's back up now.
We have still investigating why some users experience high ping and others do not. I know this is not the answer you are looking for, but we are working on it and it's not an easy fix.
1. Cheeks will be given away today during Tonka's twitch stream. This is a chance to get Cheeks before they go on sale! I'll make sure he shows off cheeks.

2. Undecided.

3. If you have just Totes, you have 1 pocket popo inventory tab, if you have just Cheeks, you have 1 tab of pocket popo inventory tab. if you have BOTH Totes and Cheeks, you'll have 2 tabs in the extra inventory, you can access both tabs when having either pet out.
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Yamaxanadu on 09/24/2013, 10:43 AM - view
Wait so is it .levelup or .Levelup? Or is it even case sensitive?

It's .Levelup, when you create the name, even if you put in .levelup, the system will auto capitalize the first L for you.
If your character was just leveled up recently, you maybe need to check your parcel. Newly leveled up characters have an emerald sent to them in their parcel along with other items. Emerald can be sold to a merchant for 1000g.

You will not be able to see your glyph tab in your skill book or any of your glyph points until you have learned a glyph. Please visit a glyphmaster to buy at least 1 glyph first.
It just means parcels have not arrived yet, so please be patient until the script is completed.
This thread is for level up test event exceptions, if you have any direct feedbacks for the test event, please post them here.
Edited by: Aliila about 1 year ago - Reason: added link.
“I’ve got my level 58 character, but what do I do now?”

Collect your new gear from the parcel post.
- Talk to a banker in any major city or town to access your parcel post.
- Any parcel not picked up after four weeks will be deleted.
- Right click on gears to equip them, and right click on skill books to learn them.

Buy your skills.
- You should have noticed you have no skills in your skill book. Visit a skill trainer to purchase your skills. You can find them in major cities and towns.
- Be smart with your gold when purchasing skills. Caster classes generally spend more on skills. Do you really need to buy that PvP skill right now if you're on a PvE server with no plans to PvP soon?

Set up your glyphs.
- All your glyph points are available, but you've learned no glyphs. Visit a glyphmaster in one of the major cities to get started. (Press [K] to access your skill book to see the glyph tab. Glyph tab and points do not show up until you learn your first glyph.)
- You won't need to buy every glyph, since you can’t use them all at once. Not sure how glyphs work? Here’s a simple guide.

Got cash to burn? You can buy a few more things.
- Accessories: Visit a trade broker to purchase some accessories.
- Crystals: Visit the trade broker or a crystal merchant to purchase crystals for your gear.
- Expand your inventory.

If you run out of money...
- Visit a merchant and sell the extra gear you received for gold.
- Go outside and start killing monsters!

Make new friends!
- Adventuring with friends is always better than going it alone. There are many guilds in the world of TERA, or you can join a system-made guild.
- Go to Social Menu > Guild > Guilds on Server to see a list of guilds. Guilds with green names are system-made guilds. Joining a system-made guild also associates you with an alliance.
- Looking for Group (/lfg) and Global (/c) chat channels are great ways to talk to other players. You can also talk to specific players using whispers (/w playername).

“Where should I go to start the action combat?”

As a level 58, there are many areas you can go to start your journey to the top. We suggest you start in an area slightly lower than 58 so you can learn about your new character. Reach these different areas by talking to a flight master.

Luckily, the summer festival is going on right now! It is a good source of experience and a great chance to check out the fun side of TERA. NPCs in major cities teleport you to the festival—they're the ones on the floating carpets.

Southern Arun—Major City: Velika
- Serpentis Isle (Summer Festival—Beach Party)

Northern Shara—Major City: Kaiator
- Sylvanoth—Scythera Fae (57+), Dragonfall (51–53)
- Lorcada (57+)
- Helkan District (58+)
- Val Tirkai (58+)
- Val Kaeli (58+)

Southern Shara—Major City: Allemantheia
- Val Elenium (54+)
- Veritas District (58) (Summer Festival—Festival of the Sun. You can get a cool toy tank to play with.)

- Story quests are a great way to immerse yourself in the lore of TERA. You can find your story quests in the Story Quests tab of your quest log. Story quests for the first area—Island of Dawn—will need to be collected on the island.
- You can find the quest objectives by clicking the hyperlink in the quest log. The objective displays in a pop-up map.

- You can queue for dungeons with Instance Matching, found at the bottom of the radar map.
- With the base level 58 gear (without accessories), Saleron’s Sky Garden (53–58) is the only available dungeon.

- Want to try your hand at PvP? Corsairs' Stronghold is a battleground available to all players level 30 and above.
- You can queue for battlegrounds with Battleground Matching, found next to the radar map.

Check out all our available game guides to learn more about the world of TERA.

Also see Civility's 10 quick tips here!
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McWeed on 09/23/2013, 07:53 PM - view
you seriously didnt give people enough gold to actually get all of their spells?

There's more than enough to buy all the skills. It's more about "how much other stuff do you really want to buy" :)
Heruvim on 09/20/2013, 07:14 AM - view
Hello everyone i'm a bit confused so i'd like to ask something

I'm a new player on NA , i've been playing before on EU

i've got account before 9/19/2013
I've got only one charcter, level 24, will i be able to get level 58 on it?or if i create new char, will i be able to get the costume pieces that i have on my current char on the new one?

All you have to do is create a new character that has a named end with .levelup. Make sure you create this character in your NA game client using the NA account. That is all. This has nothing to do with the EU game client or EU account.

Darrien on 09/20/2013, 08:56 AM
Tried to create a character 4 times. When I'm done putting in the name, I click OK, doesn't seem to do anything and does not let me click finish then disconnects me from Tera.

How long are you taking when creating characters, if you take too long the client thinks you are inactive and disconnects you from the server. Make a simple name that ends with .levelup and worry about changing to a new name after the event.
Edited by: Aliila about 1 year ago
The new one will be the one that counts. So you can change your mind all you want until the cut off time.

Here's the FAQ if you have any other questions :)
Have you tried the repair function on the launcher? Here's the FAQ on that error: https://tera-support.enmasse.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/239/~/error%3A-ffff%3Affff-fatal-client-exception If you still have problems, the best way would be to send in a help ticket.
LOLUS on 09/19/2013, 02:38 PM - view
This is a great event and changing the rules for 1 elegible char per acc that is older than the event is awesome, me and my brother play together, and lvling up a healer is so painfull that we almost giveup.

Well i hav a question, i created a mystic today with "name.Levelup", if i change my mind and want another class or race??? can i delet her and make another char elegible for the event?

If you change your mind, simply delete the existing one and make a new one :) You can change your mind all you want, just make sure to make your final decision before Sunday 11:59pm.
You can get materials to make new tanks by completing the daily quests at the Festival of the Sun. There are 3 pieces, 1 from each daily quest. Then you buy a toy kit from one of the NPC there to assemble your toy tank.
I've seen a few other people with the issue and resetting the dungeon solved the problem. It is an inconvenience but that's the current work around.
The carpet mount is obtained by completing achievements for the Festival of the Sun.

Check your achievement list and complete the "Shouldn't a Festival Be More... Festive?" achievement to receive the Festive Carpet mount.
WayneChaw on 09/17/2013, 03:29 AM - view
its strange, you get no results if you search "zenith treasure chest" but if you just search "treasure chest", then it shows up

This should be fixed with today's update.
Cheg on 09/17/2013, 09:50 AM - view
Try finding the Loyal Bow. "Loyal" doesn't see it. They must have to manually add names to the broker search list - most new stuff doesn't work, probably because someone would have had to have done some work first.

Thanks for letting us know, that will be fixed with next Tuesday's maintenance.
irgizmo on 09/17/2013, 10:40 AM - view
where do u go to get the quest for the carpet mount??

The quest requires you to be level 58, talking to the Festival popos in major cities, and he'll teleport you to Festival of the Sun at Tree of Wisdom. The quests are obtained from the NPCs there.
Are you referring to Squalid Temple?

The [Event - Daily] Dust Never Sleeps' quest objective is in the last room of Squalid Temple.
Edited by: Aliila about 1 year ago
Here's a FAQ on the issue. But if you continue to have problems, sending in a CS help ticket is the best way for us to help you with the issue.

It should not be shareable any more with today's update.
If you can list some specific items that you cannot search for it would be easier for us to fix them.

Thank you for letting us know.
Summer doesn't last forever...

calebbryant on 09/17/2013, 11:39 AM
How can I obtain more Balder's Triple Charms? And how do I spawn more toy tanks? I ended up buying the toy tank kits but I don't have the materials to build more tanks.

The Balder's Triple Charms are obtained from quests... daily quests... so it'll require more than 1 day. Same for the toy tanks... if you do the dailies everyday, you will have the materials to create a toy tank every day. To create a toy tank, you'll also need to purchase a Sun Tank Kit from the NPC Todram in the Festival of the Sun.
Edited by: Aliila about 1 year ago - Reason: Updated with more info
We are investigating this issue right now. Thank you for letting us know.
It's only Tuesday... there's more than half of a week left...
The NPCs are in the city to hint that there is a festival coming to TERA. Also some of the events may require you to be a high level to participate. Might be a good time to catch up and put those XP boosts to good use :D
As we showed last Friday on twitch stream that the new steam punk cosmetics include all race/gender and complimentary weapon skins :) They are coming very soon.
Please send in a help ticket to customer support, I'm sure they would be happy to assist you with the issue.
The only way to preview items right now is go to the broker and search for the item you want. If it's already in the broker, you can press ctrl + right click to try them on.
Lagging on 09/10/2013, 08:04 AM - view
Well I'am kind of disappointed at the fact there is no new mounts, or steam punk outfit's. They said on the live stream that "New mounts, and new armor,weapon skins) will be out with the new update Tuesday. I don't see none on the main page, and I cant even log in, Because the servers down for Celestial Hills.

New mount will be out later today.

And I'm pretty sure we said steam punk stuff are coming soooooooon ;)

Also server maintenance is from 7am-9am Pacific time... of course you can't log in at 8am... -.-
Edited by: Aliila about 1 year ago - Reason: Added stuff.
Mhurak - Legendary Blacksmith in Habere

Oh wait he asks for the stuff not selling it. He'll start his handy work next week :)
Edited by: Aliila about 1 year ago - Reason: updates
Please post any issues you found with the v22 patch here.

- Enchanting bonus "Restores #% of your MP every 5 seconds" displays "Restores #% of your HP every 5 seconds" when new gears are masterworked.
- Alliance daily quests cannot be completed until midnight of the patch day.
- On Channelworks if everyone dies in the last boss, he doesnt reset or despawn. It will make you wait util the boss kills the npc to get the gate open
- 7-man raid has a tendency to glitch out and get stuck doing the same attack over and over. It's best to not try and pin it against a wall if you can.

Fixed on 9/17
- School loot boxes are not searchable on the trade broker
- the Outlaw Declaration Manual is available on PvE servers. However, you can't use it. Don't waste your monies!
- Clicking on "Available Quests" from the Mission Board crashes the game client.
- Some players are experience ffff.ffff and Insufficient Memory error when trying to log into the game. (9/17 5pm - This issue should be resolved now.)
Edited by: Aliila about 1 year ago
Call out is not allowed... you should know better...
Edited by: Aliila about 1 year ago
Biju on 09/10/2013, 10:26 AM - view
The window on the top left corner for enchanting stuck?

That one was already listed in the patch notes :)
Battleground server encountered an issue earlier, it should be fixed now. Sorry for the inconvenience.
Please send in a help ticket to Customer Support with as much information as possible, I'm sure one of them would be happy to assist you with the issue.
Known issue: If you have already completed daily quests today and did not turn them in before the server restart, you may get an error message saying that you cannot turn in that daily quest. We are sorry for the inconvenience, but all daily quests will reset tonight at midnight.

Not all daily quests are affected by this. We'll try to get a fix as soon as possible.
Edited by: Aliila over 1 year ago - Reason: Updates
Battleground leaderboard seasons each last 56 days. The next season begins on October 15.


Happy killing :)
Edited by: Aliila over 1 year ago - Reason: Updated the date.
Major Milestone is still in the game (I'm staring at her in Velika at the Plaza of Huntress), and you can still exchange your Challenge Receipt for fun items.
TheMadSkull on 08/29/2013, 02:53 PM - view
same problem here, i bought 2 stacks from the store and only shows 1 in item claim, but the system deducted the amount of 2 stacks from my balance, i relogged and waited for more of 30 mins and nothing.

Please send in a CS help ticket, I'm sure they'll be happy to look into your account and help you out :D
Saio on 08/28/2013, 06:34 AM - view

Also I'm wondering. If an Exarch is selected and switches the alliance, is his prior alliance without Exarch for the time being? Same with Commanders etc.

When an exarch switches Alliance, the guild master of the guild with the second most contribution point will take over as the new exarch of the Alliance.
You should be able to log into the server now. Thank you for your patience.

We found the issue and took care of it, but please let us know if this problem persists. Log out completely of game and launcher first.
Edited by: Treeshark over 1 year ago
You will receive the item you purchased. We are investigating the issue right now.
Support site connection issue has been fixed. Sorry for the inconvenience.
This is the current calendar (http://tera.enmasse.com/news/tera-calendar), and the end time for PVE server is set incorrectly to end at 11pm instead of 10pm, this will be fixed after Tuesday's maintenance.
PVE servers' Exarchs cannot collect tax like the PVP servers. The tax money is mailed to the Exarch at the end of his/her term. It was designed that way because the original idea was that PVE servers would only have 2 hours of total PVP time per week. If the exarch collected the tax an hour before the PVP time, the infiltration alliance would only steal 40% of what little tax is accumulated that hour before the PVP time.

We'll update that part of the game guide shortly. Sorry for the confusion.
My favorite names to type are the ones that's spelled as something like "Iiiiiiiiiiiiiis". How many "i" did I type? how many are there? I can't even count it correctly.

If you see them in chat, you can also click on their name and use the "whisper" option that's listed in the pop up menu.
Gorran on 08/18/2013, 05:39 PM - view
It's been said during last eme stream so yes, it's official

September :) It has a good amount of content, and requires a lot of localization work just like the Alliance patch did.

And... Hopefully we can do more informative streams in the future too :)
Edited by: Aliila over 1 year ago - Reason: added more stuff
I recommend sending in a help ticket to our CS department. They will be able to look up your transactions and help you figure out the problem. There are a lot of variables for why the EMP transaction wasn't able to go through.
If you see them stealing your Noctenium extractors, feel free to throw a drop bomb at them, and that'll stun them and they'll drop the key. It works during non-PvP times :)
Noctenium Tissue is not from BAMs, that's an error in the patch notes, it'll be fixed shortly. Thanks for noticing!


Edited by: Aliila over 1 year ago - Reason: lol all the instant posts are pretty awesome.
Thanks for the feedback :)
The chat was going by really fast, it was hard to catch the questions. Also we did have a lot content to run through within the one hour stream time. We've learned from this stream and will try to do it better in the future!
Vanilla or Chocolate? - Vanilla, the real vanilla bean
House or Breakbeats? - Neither ><
Caribbean or Mediterranean? - Mediterranean
Discovery Channel or Camping? - Discovery channel
Maid Outfits or Leotards? - Both
Tea or Coffee? - Tea, but not that caffeine free herbal stuff.

When is the release date for Alliance patch? - Very soonish?
When is the release date for Magician's Fortress (and new gear sets)? - We'll get there when we get there!
Question: for the single player vault, if your alliance controls the least amount of noctenium, does that mean that alliance cant enter the vault or is the CD a lot longer than the alliance with the most amount of noctenium?
- Answer: The cooldown is same for all players for the Alliance vault. If your alliance controls the least amount of noctenium at the end, you have less time slots allowed to enter the vault. The alliance with the most noctenium has a higher chance to get more of the slots.

Question: could you guys put up the stats of the new alliance gear and the recipe to crafted gear?
- Answer: There needs to be some mystery in the game :)

Hello everyone,

My name is Aliila, I am very excited to be the new associate producer for En Masse Entertainment. I have been with EME before TERA’s initial launch last year, and this is my official introduction to the TERA community. Life as a gamer for me started with Duck Hunt at the age of 5. Final Fantasy XI is my first “serious” MMO, followed by many years of World of Warcraft and the Burning Crusade is still my favorite expansion. As for TERA, currently I have a level 60 character on Tempest Reach and working on my second and third. I am looking forward to seeing all of you on the forum and meeting all of you in many of our future EME events.

Speaking of EME events, I will be on our Twitch stream this Friday (8/9/2013) giving a preview of the Alliance patch. I will also try to answer some of your questions about the Alliance system. I hope to see you there.

What class is your level 60? - Archer
Favorite class and dungeon? - Priest and don't have a favorite
Favorite cereal? - Kix (the berry one)!
Pirate or swimsuit? - Pirate
Is your 60 an elin? - No, castanic female! horns > ears
Runespider on 08/07/2013, 03:17 PM - view
Ex FFXI player :o


Hi too ;)
Mite on 08/07/2013, 03:34 PM - view

Do we pronounce your name as A-lee-la or A-lye-la? :o

A-lee-la :)
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