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@GuardianAngelGG - I am happy to hear that the Leveling Event has been so enjoyable.

Also, if you have any feedback on areas of opportunities, I'll gladly take them.
This was something that I've already sent in a request for.
I'd also find it very useful, so hopefully the same system (or an improved system) can be brought over to Console.
@CobaltDragon is the genius behind this level-up event. All the credit should go to him. He did a LOT of work to make it happen.
Today's stream is going to have the following stuff!
- We're going to start off today's stream with Rox talking about the Fiery Featherweights update
- We'll have two interviews about Apex Gunner with Reploid and Keanu
- I'll do a dungeon run with Keanu and friends to show off more Apex Gunner goodness!

Also I'd like to hear what YOU want to see next! Choose the next Apex stream here and we'll get the experts together to chat about the class! I'll close the poll November 30th.

And as always, any feedback about the stream is always welcome.

Join us at our channel here!
Vote and pick which class we'll highlight next in December! Poll closes November 30th.

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SinfulSinz wrote: »
Three of the items in the fashion coupons is 1500 fashion coupons. It is in the Metal category.
That's an intentional change, as those items were types that were rewarded from previous (or current) Events.
The alternative to the raised cost in Fashion Coupons, would have been not offering them in the Fashion Coupon Shop at all, so this felt like the better option to go with.
@Zoknahal here's a link to let you know what cool BuddyUp! stuff we're doing right meow


Oh and welcome back!!!!!

Here's the forum post that explains it a little better.


Hope this clears a few things up, but @counterpoint has done a great job :3
@Pwhoops thank you SO much for this! I'll share it with the support team to make sure we can cross-verify any cheaters. You da best!
Hey everyone,

We're aware of the issues in Fraywind Canyone and Corsairs Stronghold. We're working on resolving this issue and detecting cheaters that are using this exploit. There is a process involved in detecting these cheaters as we want to catch as many people as possible while also minimizing false positives. If you feel that anyone is exploiting or cheating at anytime please contact the support team.
I want to ask those that see any player cheat, please report any of that on our Customer Support page!

Please and very much thank you!!!
The latest update fixes the issues with skill chain customization.
Any elite player can make the purchase. And yes the item remains if your elite status lapses. The only gate to purchasing is it is ONLY available to elites status players and ONLY purchasable through the Featured Items/Daily Deals window.

Yes, Brumal looks like Astrafury, but it is the 1.5x Crit Power version instead of the 2.0x Crit Power version.
In this situation, I would recommend that she choose to go the route of making a Support Ticket, without logging in.

1.) https://support.enmasse.com/tera

2.) Click on "I can't login"

3.) At the bottom of that page, click the " contact support for assistance." link.

4.) Go the route of choosing the drop down options like you just forgot your password
( TERA - Account Support - I can't log into my account - I forgot my password )

5.) Then click the "Submit a Ticket" button after it turns blue ( sometimes takes a few seconds )

She can then input any Message you want, and also provide both the Account's current Email, as well as the new Email that she'd want to receive a reply back to.

Also, she may want to proactively answer these specific questions within the message she sends :

1.) Public Nickname ? ( the Forum Identity on her Account, if she had set one ).
2.) Date of Birth ?
3.) Account Creation Date (or approximate guess) ?
4.) What was her Game Account Edition Type, or can she provide a physical Retail Activation Code # ?
(The types of Game Accounts are as follows : Free Standard version / Paid Retail Standard version with Founders Status / Paid Retail Collector's Edition version with Founders Status)
5.) Can she provide a list of her Character Names and the Servers she had created them on ?
6.) Physical geographical location the Account was created in ( City, State/Province, Country ) ?
Jackdantex wrote: »
Hello game on ps4 I have created several account and none of them give me the mount and pet , why does this happen?
PS4 NA or PS4 EU, and are you referring to the Lancer & Brawler Leveling Event, or are you referring to a promotional Mount gained from Account Linking ?
@TheCatalyst there will! details will be coming soon :3
Ok so I'm not the only one having this problem. After the update I tried logging in and saw everything was now in japanese and there were no characters in the server slots. Eh ... if the info's somehow gone I might just chalk it. Hoping that's not the case though.

Definitely submit a support ticket. The info shouldn't be gone.
99GAAM3THM wrote: »
> @Exortus said:
> @99GAAM3THM Hmm, this is a new one for me. It seems that waiting for a response from Support would be the best and safest bet. I'm sorry I'm unable to help more with this. I hope that everything gets sorted out for you!

> @Exortus said:
> @99GAAM3THM Hmm, this is a new one for me. It seems that waiting for a response from Support would be the best and safest bet. I'm sorry I'm unable to help more with this. I hope that everything gets sorted out for you!

Thx alot all the best to u too . Its just very weird and I'm sure not just me there are some people with this issue . My main is JP psn and
I was interested to play Tera , actually I downloaded the na version of Tera , I thought everything fine
Exortus wrote: »
Try sending a ticket! :) https://support.enmasse.com/tera

This is absolutely the best course of action. They can investigate and help figure out why it stopped working.
EME does not currently publish TERA in SEA. Full stop.

@99GAAM3THM This might explain the issue you're having. http://tera.enmasse.com/tera-ps4jp
10/30 Deathwrack Update - Patch Notes

( French and German to be added )

English :

Added New Dungeons
  • The Abscess (7-Person)
  • Bathysmal Rise
  • Kalivan’s Dreadnaught
  • Velik’s Hold (normal)
  • Pit of Petrax (Solo Instance) - Accessed through "Karmok" in Highwatch

Removed Dungeons
  • Lilith’s Keep (normal/hard)
  • Ruinous Manor (normal/hard)
  • Shadow Sanguinary (normal/hard)
  • Skycruiser Endeavor Hard Mode

Rebalanced Dungeons
  • Demokron Factory is rebalanced to item level 417.

Added Features
  • Added Misery and Deathwrack gear sets.
  • Open World Rally BAMs will now appear at random times, notifying players 10 minutes beforehand.
  • New achievement season.
  • Looking for Group lets players customize requests for teammates to run through dungeons with.

Guild Improvements
  • Guild vs. Guild battles are now available (PVP servers only)

Warrior Improvements
  • Warrior skills have been updated and rebalanced.
  • Warriors no longer share Edge with other warriors in the same group.

Brawler Improvements
  • Brawler Growing Fury cooldown has been removed. Stat bonuses have been increased to 45 Power, 50 Crit Factor.
  • Rage Consumption reduced from 300 Rage per second to 250 Rage per second.
  • Glyph for Threatening Growing Fury (Increases aggro by 20%) has replaced Energetic Growing Fury.

Ninja Improvements
  • Focus no longer resets upon taking damage. Focus now resets when knocked down.

Reaper Improvements
Soul Reversal no longer teleports target to your location. Instead, it teleports you behind your target similar to Ninja's Decoy Jutsu.

Misc. Improvements and Bug Fixes
  • Can now upgrade gear that’s currently equipped.
  • Crystal tooltips now show the correct recommended classes.
  • Eliminated an issue where fusing crystals sometimes didn’t work properly.
  • The bottom half of the Crystal Fusion UI now displays correctly.
  • Toggling the Archer’s Sniper’s Eye no longer causes the animations to play thrice.
  • Sorcerer’s Mana Boost II effect now applies correctly.
  • Brawlers can now use Quick Dash twice.
  • When Brawlers use Counter as a chained skill following punch, the skill hits in the direction of the control stick
  • Players can now join parties, even if located in a different province.
  • The Guild UI will no longer display text in German on clients using English or French.
  • Parcel mail no longer says “Loading…” in the Sender section.
  • Holding down the skill button for Burst Fire now allows continuous firing in a skill chain.
  • Receive Reward buttons now activate after earning a daily or weekly bonus.
  • Dungeon difficulties are now localized consistently for Vanguard Requests.
  • Fixed some textures on cosmetic items.
  • Gridiron’s landmine guide now displays the text and background image correctly.

Known Issues
  • Reset times of Vanguard Missions, Dungeon Entries, and Elite Status cooldowns was changed to 2pm UTC ( which is 7am PDT).
  • Attempting to fight some Island of Dawn BAMs result in the TERA Game App crashing.
  • Players may experience issues with customized skill chains working intermittently or skipping certain skills. Bluehole is aware of this issue and is working to resolve it.
  • Escape skills now move reapers and priests in the direction the character faces, rather than the control stick. These should be fixed in a maintenance on 11/8.
  • LFG Publicize message shows up as a configuration number rather than the intended message.
  • Elite Instance Reset Scrolls are not resetting Dungeons, with the exception of some Solo Dungeons.
  • In Baracos' Trial after resetting the number of entries, the third and fourth run seem to not be dropping Tokens.
  • Text from chat channels (like Area, Guild, and Global Chat) show a text bubble in white font color above your character, rather than the corresponding channel color.
  • The Priest skill "Kaia’s shield" currently overrides the Mystic skill "Warding Totem".
  • In the Crafting Menu, all of the Weapons and Armors are only displaying the base level, instead of showing both the base and max level, like they had previously ( They now show levels like 435/435, 381/381, 369/369, etc.)

In an effort to identify additional new issues that have have been included with the Deathwrack update as soon as possible, please use this Forum Thread to bring them to our attention, so that we can review and pass the information along to the Developer.
In an effort to identify new issues that have have been included in with the Deathwrack update as soon as possible, please use this Thread to discuss them.

We will continue to update this Thread with Known Issues that have been confirmed and sent on to the Developer.
Here is the full list of items received as you level up on a Lancer / Brawler.

Level 2 (Contains the following) :
50% XP Boost (1 Hour) x1
Minor Recovery Potable x20
Minor Replenishment Potable x20

Level 6 (Contains the following) :
Amethyst x1
Tier 1 Feedstock x100
Tier 1 Alkahest x100

Level 10 (Contains the following) :
Pearl x1
Tier 1 Feedstock x500
Tier 1 Alkahest x500

Level 16 (Contains the following) :
50% XP Boost (1 Hour) x2
Mirrored Shades
Goddess' Blessing x10
Riding Skill: Noble Tempermare (Permanent Mount)

Level 22 (Contains the following) :
Expedition Healing Potion x30
Expedition Mana Potion x30
XXII Token x8

Level 27 (Contains the following) :
Ruby x1
50% XP Boost (5 Hours) x1
Bravery Potion x50
XXVII Token x8
Care and Use of Your Pet Viridette (Permanent Pet)

Level 34 (Contains the following) :
Fine Pounding Pentant x4
Fine Hardy Pentant x4
Fine Threatening Pentant x2
Goddess' Blessing x5
Divine Infusion x40
XXXIV Token x8
Tier 2 Feedstock x300
Tier 2 Alkahest x300

Level 38 (Contains the following) :
Sapphire x4
Fashion Coupon x400
100% XP Boost (1 Hour) x1
Goddess' Blessing x10
Traditional Bleakfields BBQ x15
XXXVIII Token x8

Level 45 (Contains the following) :
Experience Points (Level 40) x2
Major Recovery Potable x50
Major Replenishment Potable x50
XLIV Token x8
Tier 2 Feedstock x400
Tier 2 Alkahest x400
Goddess' Blessing x5
Experience Points (Level 45) x2
100% XP Boost (5 Hours) x1
Traditional Bleakfields BBQ x15
Swirled Sweets x15
Complete Crystalbinds x40

Level 50 (Contains the following) :
Emerald x1
Tier 3 Feedstock x400
Tier 3 Alkahest x400
L Token x8
Goddess' Blessing x10
Experience Points (Level 50) x3
100% XP Boost (1 Day) x1
Traditional Bleakfields BBQ x15
Lamb Bulgogi x15
Prime Battle Solution x15

Level 55 (Contains the following) :
Emerald x3
Fine Hardy Crux x4
Fine Pounding Crux x4
Fine Threatening Crux x2
LV Token x8
LVIII Token x8
Tier 3 Feedstock x300
Tier 3 Alkahest x300
Goddess' Blessing x10
Experience Points (Level 50) x2
100% XP Boost (1 Day) x3
Traditional Bleakfields BBQ x15
Lamb Bulgogi x15
Prime Battle Solution x15

Level 60 (Contains the following) :
Emerald x5
Fine Hardy Crux x4
Fine Pounding Crux x4
Fine Threatening Crux x4
Tier 4 Feedstock x300
Tier 4 Alkahest x300
Simple Threatening Brooch
LX, LXIII Token x8
Goddess' Blessing x10
Instance Reset Scroll x3
100% XP Boost (7 Days) x1
Traditional Bleakfields BBQ x15
Lamb Bulgogi x30
Prime Battle Solution x30
Lancer Specific :
Lancer Bellicarium Glyph Box x10
Brawler Specific :
Brawler Bellicarium Glyph Box x10

Level 62 (Contains the following) :
Diamond x1
LX, LXIII Token x14
Instance Reset Scroll x5
Smart Dyad Structure x4
Lancer Specific :
Garden-Variety Lance (Permanent Weapon Skin) and Dyeable Guile Mail (Permanent Costume)
Brawler Specific :
Silver Powerpulse Fists (Permanent Weapon Skin) and Ornamental Hauberk (Permanent Costume)

Level 64 (Contains the following) :
Lancer Specific :
Nobblespike (Guile Weapon) and Artfyll Mail (Guile Chest)
Brawler Specific :
Unsubtle Hands (Guile Weapon) and Ragefyll Mail(Guile Chest)
Plodsnappers (Guile Gloves)
Smootstomps (Guile Boots)
Guile Belt
Estate Necklace
Estateguest Earring
Estateborne Earring
Estateguest Ring
Estateborne Ring
Undercede Token x80
Intercede Token x500
Fine Hardy Niveot x4
Fine Pounding Niveot x4
Fine Threatening Niveot x4
Threatening Vyrsk
Tier 9 Feedstock x200
Tier 9 Alkahest x200
Tier 10 Feedstock x500
Tier 10 Alkahest x500
Master Enigmatic Scroll x50
Spellbind x300
Semi-Enigmatic Scroll x10
Goddess' Blessing x15
Prime Recovery Potable x50
Prime Replenishment Potable x50
Noctenium Infusion x1,000 Crate x2
I'd probably recommend temporarily deleting at least 5 characters (Probably the ones you plan to keep, unless they are currently in a Guild), which will allow you to log back into the 5 remaining, then go and claim anything you want to save from those characters.

Once you have everything of worth removed, you can set those to be deleted, and then open a Support Ticket and specify that you would like your original 5 characters restored.

The alternative, would be still temporarily deleting at least 5 character, but then logging in and adding 5 Additional Character Slot Vouchers, then requesting our Support restore the 5 characters you had to delete to log in.
The TERA online store is for PC only. They were here first and we've got to respect that.

That said, we are working to provide direct routes for players to access DLC rather than delving into the mazes that are the first-party stores. Our team is working on it, but it's a process.
groovenik wrote: »
Hello All.

For those that weren't a part of Open Beta 1 or 2, there was a mount available in the EMP Store called "Tawny Huntress". It was a female lion ground mount with 280 Movement Speed. As far as I remember, it is the only mount that was featured during the Betas that was never released. Was this an oversight, or a deliberate omission? Is there any hope that this mount may make it (back) to consoles sometime in the near future?

Many Thanks,


Tawny Huntress isn't available now, except through the TERA console steelbooks, which are promotional items given out at events, such as PAX. You might get lucky and find one of those!
WILDLY liberal interpretation of my voice. I do NOT actually speak in this video.
This issue has already been reported, and is considered a Known Issue.

There is a simple workaround, which is usually just waiting a few extra seconds (or up to a minute) after it displays the Server Selection Screen.

This allows everything on that screen to finish loading, and then when you go to select your Server, it will continue on successfully and show you your Character Selection Screen.
Sorry to hear that it wasn't taken care of during the first reply on the Ticket.

I'd probably just update the Support Ticket with clarification on your request (as there may have been a misunderstanding), and then wait a bit for the next reply by the Agent.
Look for an announcement next week about when the Talent System is being released.
What does everyone think is the best way to avoid this sort of situation?
Thanks for the feedback everyone! I'll try and do a better job of asking questions and adding comments in here. I promise I read these! It's an important part of my day.
@UtterlyUseless What are your favorite parts about the current UI and the old UI?
You can try opening a Support Ticket.
This topic has run its course and is devolving. Closed.
Hi everyone!

Thanks to those that watched the stream today. I learned a lot from doing this and I'm excited to keep moving forward with it!

If you could be so kind as to give me some pointers on what you'd like to see more of/less of - I'd love to hear it! I want to keep this going with Apex, and then maybe move on to do other types of streams like this! I want to give the spotlight to the players and have you all share your expertise with me and our viewers :D

Things I'm working on improving for the next stream:
- Audio differences from recordings to live
- PVE Camera angles - how to show off dem skillz off better

I look forward to what you all have to say!

(pls be nice about your feedback!)
When it comes to negative feedback, it's something that takes more investigation than just one comment, and it tends to have a lot of different perspectives that I have to parse through. But when there's positive feedback, it's easier to pass that feedback along to Bluehole. It's good to combine feedback with positives and negatives.

I commented on this thread because it was a straightforward thread. Please don't think that because I don't post on other threads, it doesn't mean I don't grab that feedback either.

For example, I've grabbed feedback from the Kyra's posts, more feedback on UI, and how hard it is to be a level 65 player that isn't necessarily super well versed in those harder dungeons.
Could you share a video as an example please? If this is an issue, I'd like to share it with Bluehole.

@Catservant This is lovely! I'll make sure to share this with Bluehole :)
@Chlorox the maintenance we're doing today is meant to fix that issue!


I hope your passives are back up and running after 11 am today, please let us know if it doesn't! :)
1. Battlegrounds
  • Added new reward items:
    • Champion’s Enchanting Chest III
    • Empowered Enchanting Chest
  • Added new items to Bellicarium shop, including but not limited to:
    • Golden and Silver Talents
    • Heroic Oath Gear materials
2. Resolved Issues
  • Added Instance Reset Scroll for ilvl 455 dungeons to the VG shop.
  • Passive skills will now trigger as expected, such as Nether Dragon crit and Reaper’s Vengeful Attack.
  • Minimap will no longer be locked.
3. Miscellaneous
  • Tier I and II Brooch Etchings, added in v75, are available as drops from the two newly added dungeons:
    • Grotto of Lost Souls
    • Dark Reach Citadel
    • NOTE: Brooch Etchings are not craftable at this time
  • Supreme Metal has been added to the Metamorphic Emblem shop.
PYGN3PMNTE wrote: »
On October 10th we got this twitter:

That tweet redirected you to this news post: http://tera.enmasse.com/events/deathwrack-update

This post is not on the news post list anymore btw, so i dont know what's going on...

Any official word on this ? Why did they remove the post and why are we hearing nothing about this big update that was supposed to come today ???

Also, it's not a news post. It's a promotional page. That's why it doesn't show up in that list. Sorry!
The next content update for TERA is on the horizon! In less than two weeks, the Deathwrack update launches, bringing new dungeons, new challenges, and more!

Come back to the promo page to see more reveals as we get closer to the release date!
The Deathwrack content update is coming October 30.
As mentioned in our EME Discord Channel when this same question was asked, the Deathwrack Promotional Page has dates listed, but that is the date that new Information is revealed on that specific Promotional Page, it is not the date of when these updates are actually being added in on TERA Console.

Just to clarify, the updates are coming very soon, and an Official Release Date will be announced.
1. Apex Part II
  • Added Apex Skills to the remaining 6 classes: Sorcerer, Archer, Reaper, Gunner, Ninja, Valkyrie.
    • Requires starting Velika Banquet, part of The Two Banquets questline, at ilvl 439.
    • Adjusted Recommended Glyphs and Chain Skills leading to Apex skills.
  • See our Dark Reaches promo page (http://tera.enmasse.com/events/dark-reaches) for a quick rundown of the new skills!

2. Dungeon
  • Two New Dungeons
    • Dark Reach Citadel
      • 5-person dungeon
      • Accessed via Instance matching or the teleportal in Plaza of the Mighty in Colossal Ruins (Val Aureum).
        • 601f3d2286d097d6362cb53c58c52be7e7cf7656.png
      • Normal Mode:
        • Requires ilvl 446 for instance matching.
        • Limited to 1 entry (2 for Elite) per day.
        • Available Rewards:
          • Archdevan Formula
          • Artisan’s Tools
          • Copper Clasp
          • Gems
          • Stormcry Equipment Chest
          • Carved Ornament
          • Otherworldly Shard
          • Elemental Essence
          • Dyad Niveot Structure
          • Onset Masks
          • Various Etching designs and materials
      • Hard Mode:
        • Requires ilvl 453 for instance matching.
        • Limited to 1 entry (2 for Elite) per day.
        • Available Rewards:
          • Scavenged Supplies
          • Artisan’s Tools
          • Devil’s Claws
          • Gems[/size]
          • Stormcry Equipment Chest
          • Panasophic Ash
          • Elemental Essence
          • Veilthroch
          • Dyad Niveot Structure
          • Infinity Masks
          • Various Etching designs and materials
          • Accessory Amplifiers (tier I and II)
    • Grotto of Lost Souls
      • 5-person dungeon
      • Accessed via Instance Matching or the teleportal between Plaza of the Fallen and Nightwood in Darkquaver Woods (Sylvanoth).
        • 08750e4cc16efc16cc41e979b1e49c853f2963aa.png
      • Normal Mode:
        • Requires ilvl 453 for instance matching.
        • Limited to 1 entry (2 for Elite) per day.
        • Available Rewards:
          • Scavenged Supplies
          • Copper Clasp
          • Dragon Skull
          • Gems
          • Stormcry Equipment Chest
          • Panasophic Ash
          • Elemental Essence
          • Veilthroch
          • Dyad Niveot Structure
          • Various Etching designs and materials
          • Infinity Masks
          • Accessory Amplifiers (tier I and II)
      • Hard Mode:
        • Requires ilvl 455 for instance matching.
        • Limited to 1 entry (2 for Elite) per day.
        • Available Rewards:
          • Supreme Metal
          • Springy Draco Limb
          • Innerwear
          • Gems
          • Stormcry Equipment Chest
          • Springy Draco Limb
          • Weight Pendulum
          • Dyad Niveot Structure
          • Various Etching designs and materials
          • Transcendent Masks
          • Accessory Amplifiers (tier I and II)
  • Reopened Dungeons
    • Channelworks
      • 3-person dungeon
      • Requires ilvl 412 for instance matching.
      • Limited to 2 entries (4 for Elite) per day.
      • Located at Balder’s Refuge.
      • Drops have been rebalanced for new challenge level and include Talents and low-tier materials
    • Velik’s Hold
      • 7-person dungeon
      • Requires ilvl 431 for instance matching.
      • Limited to 2 entries (4 for Elite) per day.
      • Located in Velika.
      • Drops have been rebalanced for new challenge level and include Talents and mid-tier materials
  • Closed Shadow Sanguinary (both normal and hard)
  • Leaderboard changes:
    • Removed Antaroth’s Abyss (hard).
    • Added Grotto of Lost Souls (hard).
  • Adjusted dungeon rewards, including (but not limited to) the following major changes:
    • Antaroth’s Abyss (hard)
      • Increased Infinity Mask drop rate by 50 percent.
      • Added Accessory Amplifier (Tier I) to drop table.
    • Antaroth’s Abyss
      • Increased Onset Mask drop rate by 50 percent.
    • Red Refuge (hard)
      • Increased Onset Mask drop rate by 50 percent.

3. Compliment System
  • When a Newcomer completes an eligible dungeon with a Veteran player, the Newcomer can compliment the Veteran player via the Compliment UI.
    • Newcomer is a player:
      • with fewer than 5 dungeon completions of that dungeon
      • and has been active fewer than 30 days or has returner status,
      • and joined the dungeon via Solo Instance Matching.
    • Veteran is a player:
      • who has completed that dungeon 5 or more times
      • and joined the dungeon via solo Instance Matching.
  • Eligible Dungeons:
    • Ravenous Gorge
    • Kalivan’s Challenge
    • Shattered Fleet
    • Channelworks
    • Thaumetal Refinery
    • Lilith’s Keep
    • Kalivan’s Dreadnaught
    • Velik’s Hold
  • Complimented Veteran players earn Veteran Guardian Tokens and other materials.
  • Veteran Guardian Tokens are used to purchase Veteran Guardian Crates, containing Golden and Silver Talents.
  • Rewards for complimented players:
    • From ilvl 412 dungeons:
      • 3× Veteran Guardian Tokens
      • 4× Golden Talent
      • 1× Silver Talent
    • From ilvl 431 dungeons:
      • 7× Veteran Guardian Tokens
      • 4× Golden Daric
      • 1× Silver Siglo
  • NOTE: Eligible Dungeons and Rewards may change in future updates.

4. Item
  • Added Transcendent Masks.
    • Acquired from Grotto of Lost Souls (hard) or by upgrading an Infinity Mask.
  • Players can dismantle Onset, Infinity, and Transcendent Masks for Exchange Coupons.
    • Exchange coupons can be used to purchase any mask within the same tier, or an Upgrade Stone for a lower tier mask.
  • Players can now enchant Heroic Oath gear up to +2.
    • Required materials include:
      • Golden Plate
      • Silver Plate
      • Gems
      • Supreme Metal
      • Springy Draco Limb
      • Weight Pendulum
  • Added Accessory Morphers.
    • Change a Power accessory to a Crit accessory, or vice versa.
    • Accessory Morpher (1,070 gold), Uncommon Accessory Morpher (10,700 gold)
      • Can be purchased from General Merchants.
      • Accessory Morpher works for Prospect, Bellum, Daylight accessories.
      • Uncommon Accessory Morpher works for Entropy, Ethereal accessories.
  • Added brooch etchings.
    • Pumped I–IV
    • Keen I–IV
    • Swift I–IV
    • Relentless Pumped I–IV
    • Relentless Keen I–IV
    • Relentless Swift I–IV
  • Added Accessory Amplification system
    • Amplifier tier I upgrades a belt or accessory to tier I.
      • Stormcry (Belt), Heroic Oath (Belt), Entropy, Ethereal accessories
    • Amplifier tier II upgrades a belt or accessory directly to tier II.
      • Heroic Oath (Belt), Ethereal accessories
    • Amplifiers dismantle into Amplifier Tokens, which can be exchanged for an amplifier of your choice.

5. Achievement
  • Achievement season 9 starts.
    • Total possible number of achievement points has increased to over 17,000. Laurel requirements have been rebalanced to match.
  • Moved several achievements to the Special tab.

6. UI rework
  • Revised the overall UI/UX
    • Changed HP/MP gauge and skill slot design.
    • Changed class-specific gauge UI design.
    • Changed system menu icon design and location.
    • Changed chat UI and system message design.
    • Streamlined Quest UI.
  • Added weapon effects on/off toggle in Video Options.

7. Known Issues
  • Reaper’s passive skill Vengeful Attack does not trigger as it should.
  • Instance Reset Scroll for ilvl 455 is nonfunctional and will therefore not be available for purchase.
  • Civil Unrest BAMs may not spawn as expected.
  • Minimap may be immovable.
  • Newly added TERA Homepage menu option inadvertently points to our Store page’s “Buy EMP.”
@TYoung11 Thanks so much for this feedback! I'm adding it to my report to Bluehole this week :)
PSEU has quite a strong and active population.
Following yesterday’s statement, we have received a lot of questions regarding the ongoing use of proxy relative to our terms of service.

Our stance is summarized below:

We are not actively seeking out players who use proxy and other third-party mods to improve their gameplay experience. Ultimately, we want you to enjoy playing TERA fairly. Monitoring streams to identify players who are using DPS meters or UI mods to ban them is not a regular part of our day-to-day.

That said, we remain committed to addressing reports of cheating and abuse facilitated by third-party programs. Using third-party mods remains in violation of our Terms Of Service, and we reserve the right to ban any player purely for their use of ANY unofficial mod, particularly if we deem such use to be abusive or result in any kind of unfair play. If you choose to use third-party programs, you do so at the risk of your En Masse account being banned.

We remain dedicated to pursuing long-term and official solutions to the beneficial features provided by popular third-party mods to eliminate this grey area in the future and provide an improved experience for our players (as outlined in yesterday’s message).
Need some talents?

The Lustrous Federation Crate is bursting with one of six talent packages - in store until October 15 @ 10 am PDT!

Six packages are:
  • 75-600 Golden Talents
  • 75-600 Silver Talents
  • 50-200 Golden Darics
  • 100–200 Golden Plates
  • 50–100 Silver Siglos
  • 25-50 Silver Plates

Find it in store here
KJ3LXFXLPJ wrote: »
Anyone know when were suppose to get the ninja titles for hitting lvl 65?

Ninja titles arrive during the maintenances we're going to run on October 15-16. Just locked that down.
Apologies. It's been fixed moving forward. We will swap them out during a maintenance, but that may take some time. If you submit a ticket to customer service, they'll be able to switch them out for you.
It’s been a little over two weeks since our TERA Proxy DMCA requests were executed by Discord and GitHub. We have seen the frustration and worry this has raised among members of our community and we understand the reasons behind them.

TERA Proxy has existed for some years as a controversial platform for modding TERA. It has been used to build or support some tools into the game that players have come to rely on; like a DPS meter, some UI and some optimizations that reduced ping and lag. For some players, these optimizations have become vital.

Unfortunately though, some players have also used these tools selfishly for cheating or griefing.

Those players for whom Proxy has contributed to their enjoyment of TERA are understandably upset. The Community Team here is sympathetic to their position (though not necessarily with all of the ways they've chosen to express their frustration) and we are actively communicating with Bluehole to identify solutions to underlying problems that Proxy solved for these players.

The TERA community has felt unheard and under-served for some time now. Many of you may feel numb to messages and community addresses that come off like platitudes. The current Community Team at En Masse is well aware of this situation and taking lengths to remedy this over time and in response to this specific situation.

Community feedback we’ve received following the takedowns has made it clear that the players want certain features these third-party tools provided and we feel it’s our duty to provide a solution.

To start, we’re working directly with veteran players and long-time members of EME staff to ensure we properly contextualize all of the feedback that we are passing along to the developers in order to avoid past pitfalls and process traps. So far, this has been well-received. Bluehole is responding to us with higher urgency and at a higher level than in the past; there is an active and shared interest between EME and Bluehole to find solutions for an in-game DPS meter and UI optimizations. EME is devoted to investing our own resources into building out these solutions as well.

It is still early days, but we are working on reallocating internal resources, reaching out to talent outside of our organization, investigating ways to enable, empower the existing mod community to find and build their own secure and sanctioned solutions. In short, we’re actively exploring any and all avenues to address ALL of your feedback (Proxy-related or otherwise) in a more agile, creative, and transparent manner.

Meanwhile, we’re working to improve our relationship with the community following these takedowns by more openly communicating our progress towards providing meaningful replacement solutions and fostering a collaborative spirit surrounding their development. We hope this can be a rallying moment in TERA’s history where we can all come together to build a brighter future for Arborea.
The ninja leveling event is over and those items were removed as well.
MajHavok1 wrote: »
I had a perma jade dragon taken
Damn you're right, my permanent Jadehearts are also gone

Have either of you opened a Ticket already ?

Would you be willing to confirm the Character Name / Server Name of where a Permanent version of a Riding Skill: Jadeheart had been removed ? ( it sounds like it did not effect an already learned Jadeheart Mount )

As far as I know, the Jadeheart was not intended to be removed at all, and the only reports of it that I am seeing, is here within this Thread.
Hi everyone!

Just wanted to notify you about having to remove the Kart Rider Mounts from your inventory, this is why:

We're giving you a Mount Token to replace your Go-Kart mount, as it's no longer available in this region and has to be removed.

How are we going to give them to you?

1. You'll receive a parcel post from SingleBear after maintenance October 9 (after maintenance) containing the appropriate number of tokens per mount.
2. Tokens are delivered to the last character logged in.
3. Tokens are compensation for the removal of the permanent Temporary Skill Books and permanent learned mounts. Temporary learned mounts will not be removed and will be allowed to run out their duration. No compensation is provided for learned temporary mounts.

Note - you may receive 2 types of tokens:
- Temporary mounts
- Permanent mounts

Thanks for understanding, and sorry for the inconvenience!
A new achievement season (Season 8) started Tuesday, September 25. For Season 8, a number of factors—including an incorrect calculation of the previous season’s Laurels—necessitated a reboot of the Laurel system. (You may see this reflected in-game when reviewing the History section of the Achievement Grades window.)

Since achievements are periodically added to and retired from the game, when a new season starts your Laurel is re-calculated based on currently obtainable content and goals. As such, while the point total displayed when opening the Achievement window represents an accurate record of your character’s in-game accomplishments, it is not necessarily the number being used to determine your Laurel. (To see that number, hover over the displayed Laurel for a few seconds.)

As of the start of Season 8, the current number of eligible achievement points is 15025. If some of your unlocked achievements were moved to “Legacy” status, you may need to complete new achievements to regain your previous Laurel.

To earn a Bronze Laurel, a character needs 20% or more of the available points (around 3005).

To earn a Silver Laurel, a character needs 40% or more of the available points (around 6010).

To earn a Gold Laurel, a character needs 60% or more of the available points (around 9015).

To earn a Diamond Laurel, a character needs 80% or more of the available points (around 12020).

To earn a Champion Laurel, a character needs 95% or more of the available points (around 14275).

NOTE: Laurel calculations are based on an internal percentage, and due to rounding issues may not correspond exactly to the numbers shown for each tier. In some cases, the game may show 0% remaining to reach a new tier when you really have 0.4% or less. When this happens, unlocking one more achievement should suffice to award the Laurel.
You can hang on to them now. We'd pull them before the next letter event, but we would also announce it.
Have you spotted this little Elin on your screen?


She may have some fun tasks for you to do for some great rewards!
You can find details in the in-game calendar.
Hi TERA Players,

The TERA PC team is working on something to share by early next week. Per Denommenator's forum post (also quoted at the start of this thread), we ask for your patience.

We want to be sure that we provide you meaningful updates, so this post is to serve for the purpose to let you know we are not ignoring you. We have certainly heard you on "we don't want to just be told we are being heard, we want action". That's fair. But it also takes a little bit of time.

Right now, we are working with Bluehole to determine what we can implement alongside our current roadmap. We want to share with you more than a "yes, we'll do XYZ", but a "yes, we'll do XYZ, here is when".

I know it's hard when you can't see the work we are doing, that you only have what communication we do here or on the Discord to rely on. Like Denommenator's post said, we do hear you, and ask for patience while we work through your feedback and with Bluehole.

We'll be providing another response by early next week.

Thank you,
The TERA PC Team
Hi everyone,

Sorry for the delay on this one. We want to let you know that moving forward we're going to change how we announce/communicate the monthly in-game events to you. We want to make sure the events are able to be found by players while...well PLAYING the game! The best place to find information for these moving forward in the in-game calendar.

- We're a couple weeks away from Dark Reaches and the final round of Apex skills. Look for events to help you level and gear.

- Harrowhold Bonus Loot will be turned on Tuesday, October 2 at 4 am PDT (11 UTC). These loots will be placed as Event Bonus loot and subject to change from time to time. See in-game calendar for more details.

- Dreadspire will return Tuesday, October 16 with v75 Dark Reaches release. Loot details to come!

- With the addition of the Bellicarium shop in v74 we will now be able to run events to increase Bellicarium Credit rewards. With the release of v75 Dark Reaches, we will be removing the Jackpot from Battlegrounds which was acting as a temporary system to reward player efforts in Battlegrounds. Elemental Essence will also be removed from the BG Coin shop as it is included in the Bellicarium shop. BG coins will continue to be available through BG Vanguard Requests.

The weekly Vanguard event cycle will change to a 3-week cycle for more Increased Item events:
October 02-09 Increased Vanguard Item XP Reward
October 09-16 Increased Vanguard Gold Rewards
October 16-23 Vanguard Double Item Reward
October 23-30 Increased Vanguard Player XP
October 30 - November 06 Increased Vanguard Reputation Credits
November 06-13 Vanguard Double Item Reward repeats

- Guardian Legion and Guild events will be dropped from the weekly cycle. These events will come back for special occasions.

Don't forget! From now on, check the in-game calendar panel for upcoming events!
For those that may have not seen it, we added a new Thread within our "Console - News & Announcements" section.

You can check out that new Thread HERE.
Bluehole has asked EME to gather some very specific information, and provide examples of short video clips that highlight performance issues on TERA Console that players are currently experiencing.

If you would like to contribute to the on-going effort to improve performance, please provide a short video clip (or link), as well as the following information in this Format :

Server :
Character Name :

Description: ( What were you trying to do? What went wrong? )

Regional Time and Date that this occurred :

If applicable, which Channel were you located in :

For the short Video Clip (or link), Bluehole is looking for examples that show a less than ideal performance in a specific area or Zone ( Such as inside a Battleground, in a Dungeon, navigating around in any Major City, etc.) or while using any Features ( Such as moving between portions of the User Interface Menus, Interacting with NPC's, etc.)

It is very helpful if you include a time-stamp within the description, stating where within the video clip that it's the most noticeable.
( Example : 02:37 into the video, you can see how the screen froze up, and I was unable to move my character for 6 seconds, the screen then unfroze and I was able to regain control of my character. )

To be a bit more transparent, the types of video clips we are requesting should highlight moments of terrible performance, whether that be several seconds where the screen lags and you're unable to control your character, or perhaps a moment where it takes several seconds for an NPC to display it's dialog or offer you a quest.

Thank you to all that choose to contribute the above information with a video clip
jinxkun wrote: »
if i still linked my account right now would i still get the mount?

This is the thread from the News & Announcements area. Please be kind, respectful and if you want to add constructive feedback, it's welcome.

Disciplinary action will be taken if any player uses foul language, attacks EME employees or other players.

Bookmark this thread, we'll be updating where to find our latest posts in regards to this topic:

Update #4 - find it here

Update #3 - find it here

Update #2 - find it here

Update #1 - Find statement from Denommentor here
It is available in the EU store. Because they are separate entities, Sony NA and Sony EU often have different release dates.

@TLX - I believe you were looking at a News Post that announced a Leveling Event specific to TERA PC.

On Console, we currently have a leveling Event going for the Ninja Class, and will explore the idea of holding similar Events for other Classes in the near future.
Hi there,

I am REALLY REALLY REALLY sorry, this is not a good excuse, but with PAX/server merges my plate was overflowing.

I just emailed everyone, and all of the winners should be receiving their rewards by the end of the week.

This is seriously my bad. I'll make sure the next art contest we do it so much better on my end.

@Pee please let me know if you get that email!!!
I've removed multiple Forum "Personal Attacks" from within the Forum Thread.
Continued Forum Violations will see additional action taken.
groovenik wrote: »
My only gripe was the 90 minutes of server maintenance that occurred DURING the tail-end of the leveling event. Which, AFAIK, will NOT be added to or compensated for in any way.

This is not accurate, just as an FYI...
Xbox NA, Xbox EU, and PS4 NA were all given a bit of additional time to account for the second maintenance on 9/19.
PS4 EU finished their 24 hour window before that maintenance, so they were not affected.
FDXL9MWJR5 wrote: »
I got in touch but I was ignored.

My purchase was approved today and I received nothing. I contacted Microsoft and Enmasse, and my card company. I just got success with Microsoft and the card company. the two companies said that the purchase was successful. that is, care. Take this as an example.

The support team is running behind due to a surge in tickets after the TERA PC server merge. They're getting to tickets as fast as possible. Sorry about the wait--we understand it's no fun.
There are no emotes available for the console version of TERA. Sorry.
Hi there!

Just wanted to let you know that CU: Velika has been set to 6 PM PDT. You can check the forum post too if you'd like :)
With maintenance on Tuesday, September 25, we will be reverting the character deletion rules back to a 24 hour deletion state for level 40 and above, instant delete for characters 1-39.

Make sure any characters level 1-39 that are currently in a deletion state are characters you want deleted.

If you do not want them deleted, you need to cancel the deletion state prior to maintenance (September 25 at 8 AM PDT).

When the servers come back up, any characters that are left in the deleted state, or if you try to delete a character that's level 1-39 will be immediately deleted.
Happy Saturday TERA players!

We seem to be having issues with Civil Unrest (CU:Velika).

Our backend had a timing issue, which threw Civil Unrest out of whack. We are aware of the issue and working out all the parts it may have impacted. As of now, we want to make sure you know what we know, and will let you know any updates.

What we can confirm:
1. CU:Velika occurred at noon. According to our server datasheets, CU:Velika should occur at 1 pm PDT. We do not know why it has been occurring at 6pm PDT. We expect CU:Velika to occur next Saturday, September 29 at 1 pm.
2. Vanguard Request UI fails to list missions from 4 - 5 pm PDT. We believe this is due to the world servers being incorrectly set to GMT and dungeon servers being correctly set to UTC. Players that enter dungeon between 4 and 5 pm PDT appear to be the ones encountering this issue so we believe it is this server time desync that is causing the issue. This should be resolved on Tuesday during maintenance when world servers will be set to UTC.

[/b]Current issues we are working out:[/b]
- Despite the above timezone discrepancy, it seems that CU:V triggered six hours earlier than expected, rather than being one hour off as the issue would suggest. We are investigating this issue.
- Between 4 and 5 pm PDT, players in dungeons did see their Vanguard Requests, while players in the open world did not.
- The time change appears to require a server restart to take effect.
- There is a possibility of continued triggering 1 hour early until Tuesday maintenance, while others may be fixed as of 12:10 pm PDT today when our Operations Team fixed the server time.
- We are assuming that all systems may be +1 hour off due to the server time setting.

Pending issues
- The CU:Velika issue of towers being placed in previously restricted areas is a mystery. I can’t see how it is related to server times. This is not a new build or datasheets. Could be a time issue but it doesn’t make sense to me yet.

We’ll make sure to update you all on these and other remaining known post-server merger issues.
Starting Thursday, September 20 at 11 a.m. and continuing until Thursday, October 11 at 11 a.m. PDT, Shadow Sanguinary and Shadow Sanguinary (Hard) Vanguard Requests have token rewards that can be used to purchase various items.

You can exchange these tokens for a variety of sought-after items, including:

Master Blacksmith's Hammer: Used to refine Superior Brooches, drastically reducing the material requirement and gold cost to upgrade them.

Pink and Blonde Afros (7-day): Turn heads, and keep them turned, with these novelty wigs in two different colors!

Shadow Sanguinary requests award one token, and Shadow Sanguinary (Hard) requests award two. You can earn a maximum of three tokens per day by completing Vanguard Requests, no matter how often you complete the indicated dungeon.

Don't delay! The Shadow Sanguinary highlight event ends on October 11.
We have deployed a fix for the issue. Players should be able to log in using their Facebook accounts.
Facebook log-ins are working again. You should be able to get into the game normally now.

You can reset your password by visiting this page: https://account.enmasse.com/users/password_reset
It's autumn everyone, and you know that that means!


That's right!!! Rootstock and Pond Faire have begun~ Starting Wednesday, September 19, until Thursday, November 1.

During these festivals, you'll learn to make a variety of potent consumable dishes that provide combat boosts, complete achievements, earn cool pets (like Pinkie, Rainie, or Rusty), or possibly even acquire the elusive Moonsilk Carpet mount.

Visit any Festival Guide for a teleport to the festival grounds.

Go get that grub!
We think we found the reason for this error and we are working on a fix now. We hope to have the fix deployed later this afternoon.
We think we found the reason for this error and we are working on a fix now. We hope to have the fix deployed later this afternoon.
We think we found the reason for this error and we are working on a fix now. We hope to have the fix deployed later this afternoon.
We think we found the reason for this error and we are working on a fix now. We hope to have the fix deployed later this afternoon.
We think we found the cause of the problem and we are working on a fix now. We hope to have it deployed later this afternoon.
We think we found the reason for this error and we are working on a fix now. We hope to have the fix deployed later this afternoon.
Can I join in?

Velika = PvE...VE?????

Kaiator = PvP...KO????

I'm a sucker for clever abbreviations.
Welcome to your new server homes!

Moving is hard! We wanted to thank you for bearing with this server merge, and wanted to give you some nice autumn-themed gifts to make your new spot nice and cozy!

Note that in your Item Claim you'll receive the following:
- 1 x Unity Stole
- 3 x Friendly Feasts
- 1 x On Fire Effect consumable

You'll receive these gifts from us between Sept. 18 2:45 PM PDT - Sept. 25 11:59 PM PDT when you log into the game!

(These are only once per account and items are not tradeable)
Hi everyone!

Welcome to your new server homes!

With these new servers, there's a chance that things may not be exactly the same, or there may go awry. We're opening up this forum thread to share any issues so we can share them with Bluehole and our Support team.

We'll be updating these issues that you call out and give updates on how they're doing. Here are knowns things that may not be the same as they were before:

- Dreadspire is off, we will announce it's reopening soon with adjusted bonus loot tables.
- Fashion shop is still being set up.
- Making a new account: it can take up to 45 seconds to verify your account, please do not press the button repeadidly or it may cause an error (it's shy! Stop pokin' it!)

(Please note, any comments that are not about the topic will be removed)
We have gotten enough questions about character renames and the server merge that we felt a clarification of the process might be helpful.

The process is automated, and basically works like a flowchart:


We feel that overall play time is the fairest way to determine who gets to keep any given character name. After all, if you’ve put in a lot of work on your character “Fluffy.Bunny,” and someone else created their own “Fluffy.Bunny”—maybe in an attempt to “camp” the name—it wouldn’t be fair to you to give that player the name just because they logged in more recently.
Tenshi1 wrote: »
I'd love to get Jounin! I know I won't be getting CE, but if I could get Jounin, I'll be happpppppy!
I tried to hard get the lvl 65 title on PC but couldn't, now's my chance

Go get 'em!
Hi everyone!

I wrote in the other forum post pointing to this one. I've shared this with Bluehole!

However, if anyone is having this issue, I really hope you're sending in support tickets and sharing your issues so we can fix this!

Thanks again :)
Hi everyone!

I'm going to share this with Bluehole, however, if anyone is having this issue, I really hope you're sending in support tickets and sharing your issues so we can fix this!
Looks like your Support Ticket was responded to already. ;)
TERA PC had Founder accounts, which had the 8 character slots, but TERA for PS4 and XBox One do not. You get two character slots on your account (and we're giving out a free one right now as part of the Ninja update).
Hi everyone!

Just to clarify, the expiration means that you won't be receiving FREE character slots once maintenance starts.

If you've logged in and received them, then you're fine.

Sorry for the confusion!
9/17 Maintenance – Patch Notes

English :

Added the Ninja Class
    New characters can choose to be an elin ninja.

Added Titles and Achievements for the Ninja Launch:
  • Cutting Edge – Awarded to the first ninja to reach level 65 on that server.
  • Jounin – Awarded to ninjas who reach level 65 within the first 24 hours of the leveling event. *
  • Chuunin – Awarded to ninjas who reach level 60 within the first 24 hours of the leveling event. *
  • Genin – Awarded to ninjas who reach level 58 within the first 24 hours of the leveling event. *
  • Quick Ninja – Awarded to ninjas who reach level 30 within the first 24 hours of the leveling event. *

    * Jounin, Chuunin, Genin, and Quick Ninja will be awarded to eligible players at a later date during a maintenance.

Added Guild Features
  • Guild quests: Allows members to work together, earning guild experience and guild funds.
  • Guild skills: Earned by leveling the guild, these can enhance member skills, movement speed, and mounted speed.
  • Guild funds: These funds can be distributed equally guild members once a week

Guild Improvements
  • The guild logo now displays in all interfaces.
  • Guild member lists now display correctly after adding a new member.
  • Joining a guild no longer causes a client crash.
  • Inviting an offline character to a guild now displays a system message.
  • Newly-created guilds now appear in the list of existing guilds.
  • Guild member list now scrolls correctly.
  • Pending guild applications now display consistently.
  • Longer guild names no longer get cut off in the guild search UI.

Audio Improvements
  • Players can now mute microphones.
  • Game sound volume no longer gets set to the microphone volume where it could not be changed.
  • Voice chat now consistently reduces game sound when speaking.

Misc. Improvements and Bug Fixes
  • The current tab is now selected when items are removed from a temporary bank tab, rather than the first bank tab.
  • Group UI now displays consistently.
  • Divider no longer improperly appears on a temporary bank tab.
  • Skill UI now opens correctly via instructor NPC interaction.
  • Distances now display properly on the crosshairs.
  • Radial UI no longer remains on screen after a selection is made.
  • Bleak Wings consumable now consistently applies its effect to members of the group.
  • Archer’s Snare skill properly displayed and consumed MP.
  • Lancer's skill prompts no longer stay on screen.
  • Players can now cancel resurrection scrolls.
  • Item level of available rewards in Instance Matching UI no longer displays as 0.
  • Brawler's rage gauge no longer flickers.
  • Arcane Pulse no longer displays as fully charged while changing from first to second charge.
  • Refreshing the Friends UI no longer causes a "Data loading" message if one had no registered friends.
  • When Focus is fully stacked and the player is Focused, the duration of Focused now refreshes correctly.
  • On Xbox One, the B button no longer stops working after selecting a disabled menu.
  • Fixed the commander’s interface in Fraywind Canyon.
  • In Balder’s Temple, firing the siege weapon no longer causes the ceiling to flicker.
  • In Balder’s Temple, the siege weapon’s targeting effect now displays properly.

Notes de mise à jour - Français:

Nouvelle classe Ninja
    Les nouveaux personnages peuvent maintenant être des Élins ninjas.

Nouveaux titres et épreuves pour le lancement du ninja :
  • Ninja de pointe – décerné au premier ninja à atteindre le niveau 65 sur ce serveur.
  • Un cran au-dessus – décerné aux ninjas qui atteignent le niveau 65 au cours des premières 24 heures de l'événement qui permet de gagner des niveaux. *
  • Ninja fondatrice – décerné aux ninjas qui atteignent le niveau 60 au cours des premières 24 heures de l'événement qui permet de gagner des niveaux. *
  • Genin – décerné aux ninjas qui atteignent le niveau 58 au cours des premières 24 heures de l'événement qui permet de gagner des niveaux. *
  • Meilleure Ninja – décerné aux ninjas qui atteignent le niveau 30 au cours des premières 24 heures de l'événement qui permet de gagner des niveaux. *

    * Les titres Un cran au-dessus, Ninja fondatrice, Genin et Meilleure Ninja seront décernés aux joueurs éligibles lors d'une maintenance à une date ultérieure.

Nouvelles fonctionnalités de guilde
  • Quêtes de guilde : Permet aux membres de travailler ensemble pour gagner de l'expérience de guilde et de l'or de guilde.
  • Compétences de guilde : Obtenues en faisant passer la guilde à un niveau supérieur, elles peuvent améliorer les compétences des membres, ainsi que la vitesse de déplacement au sol et sur les montures.
  • Or de guilde : Cet or peut être distribué équitablement entre les membres de la guilde une fois par semaine.

Amélioration des guildes
  • Le logo de la guilde s'affiche maintenant sur toutes les interfaces.
  • La liste des membres de la guilde s'affiche maintenant correctement après avoir ajouté un nouveau membre.
  • Rejoindre une guilde ne cause plus un crash du client.
  • Inviter un personnage hors-ligne à rejoindre une guilde fait maintenant apparaître un message système.
  • Les guildes récemment créées apparaîtront désormais dans la liste des guildes existantes.
  • La liste des membres de la guilde défile maintenant correctement.
  • Les applications en attente de la guilde s'affichent maintenant systématiquement.
  • Les longs noms de guilde ne seront plus coupés dans l'IU de recherche de guilde.

Améliorations audios
  • Les joueurs peuvent maintenant désactiver leur micro.
  • Le volume du jeu n'est plus défini en fonction du volume du micro, ce qui faisait qu'il ne pouvait pas être modifié.
  • Avec le chat vocal, le volume du jeu est maintenant automatiquement réduit lorsqu'un joueur parle.

Divers Améliorations et corrections de bogues
  • L'onglet actuel est maintenant sélectionné lorsque vous enlevez des objets d'un onglet de banque temporaire, au lieu du premier onglet de banque.
  • L'IU Groupe s'affiche maintenant de manière constante.
  • Une séparation ne s'affiche plus par erreur dans les onglets de banque temporaires.
  • L'IU Compétence s'affiche maintenant correctement lors d'une interaction avec un PNJ.
  • Les distances s'affichent maintenant correctement dans les lunettes de visée.
  • L'IU Radial ne reste plus à l'écran quand une sélection est faite.
  • Le consommable Ailes lugubres applique maintenant systématiquement ses effets aux membres du groupe.
  • La compétence d'archer Piège entravant et les PM consommés s'affichent maintenant correctement.
  • Les informations de la compétence de lancier ne restent plus sur l'écran.
  • Les joueurs peuvent maintenant annuler les parchemins de résurrection.
  • Le niveau des récompenses disponibles dans l'IU Recherche d'instances n'affiche plus 0.
  • La jauge de rage des Tempétueuses ne clignote plus.
  • L'impulsion arcanique n'apparait plus comme étant complètement chargée en passant de la première à la deuxième charge.
  • Actualiser l'IU Amis n'affiche plus le message « Données en cours de chargement » si le joueur n'a aucun ami enregistré.
  • Quand la Concentration est complètement chargée et que le joueur est Concentré, la durée de l'effet Concentré s'actualise maintenant correctement.
  • Sur Xbox One, le bouton B continue maintenant de fonctionner après avoir sélectionné un menu désactivé.
  • L'interface du commandant est réparée dans la Gorge de Venteguerre.
  • Dans le Temple de Balder, tirer avec l'arme de siège ne fait plus clignoter le plafond.
  • Dans le Temple de Balder, l'effet de ciblage de l'arme de siège s'affiche maintenant correctement.

Patch-Hinweise - Deutsch

Neue Ninja-Klasse
    Neue Charaktere können jetzt als Elin-Ninja erstellt werden.

Neue Titel und Erfolge für den Ninja-Start:
  • Höchst-Ninja: Für die erste Ninja auf dem jeweiligen Server, die Stufe 65 erreicht.
  • Aufsteiger: Für Ninjas, die innerhalb der ersten 24 Stunden des Stufenaufstiegs-Events Stufe 65 erreichen. *
  • Meisterninja: Für Ninjas, die innerhalb der ersten 24 Stunden des Stufenaufstiegs-Events Stufe 60 erreichen. *
  • Genin: Für Ninjas, die innerhalb der ersten 24 Stunden des Stufenaufstiegs-Events Stufe 58 erreichen. *
  • Führende Ninja: Für Ninjas, die innerhalb der ersten 24 Stunden des Stufenaufstiegs-Events Stufe 30 erreichen. *

    * Die Titel Aufsteiger, Meisterninja, Genin und Führende Ninja werden den entsprechenden Spielern zu einem späteren Zeitpunkt während einer Wartung verliehen.

Neue Gildenfunktionen
  • Gildenquests: Mitglieder können zusammenarbeiten, Gildenerfahrung sammeln und Gildengold verdienen.
  • Gildenfertigkeiten: Werden durch Stufenaufstiege der Gilde verdient und dienen dem Verbessern der Fertigkeiten der Mitglieder, der Bewegungsgeschwindigkeit und der Reittiergeschwindigkeit.
  • Gildengold: Das Gold kann einmal wöchentlich gleichmäßig unter den Mitgliedern verteilt werden.

  • Das Gildenlogo wird jetzt in allen Benutzeroberflächen angezeigt.
  • Gildenmitgliederlisten werden jetzt korrekt angezeigt, wenn ein neues Mitglied hinzugefügt wurde.
  • Gildenbeitritte führen jetzt nicht mehr zum Absturz des Clients.
  • Beim Einladen eines Charakters, der offline ist, in eine Gilde wird jetzt eine Systemnachricht angezeigt.
  • Neu erstellte Gilden werden jetzt in der Liste vorhandener Gilden angezeigt.
  • Gildenmitgliederlisten können jetzt korrekt gescrollt werden.
  • Ausstehende Gildenbewerbungen werden jetzt konsistent angezeigt.
  • Längere Gildennamen werden im Gildensuchfenster nicht mehr abgeschnitten.

  • Spieler können Mikrofone jetzt stummschalten.
  • Die Spiellautstärke wird nicht mehr automatisch auf die Mikrofonlautstärke eingestellt, wenn sie nicht geändert werden kann.
  • Im Voice-Chat wird jetzt beim Sprechen die Spiellautstärke konsistent verringert.

Verschiedenes Verbesserungen und Fehlerbehebungen
  • Statt dem ersten Bank-Reiter ist jetzt der aktuelle Reiter ausgewählt, wenn Gegenstände aus einem temporären Bank-Reiter entfernt werden.
  • Das Gruppen-UI wird jetzt konsistent angezeigt.
  • Auf temporären Bank-Reitern wird der Teiler jetzt nicht mehr falsch dargestellt.
  • Das Fertigkeiten-UI wird jetzt bei Interaktion mit Ausbilder-NPC korrekt geöffnet.
  • Im Fadenkreuz werden die Entfernungen jetzt korrekt angezeigt.
  • Das Radial-UI bleibt jetzt nicht mehr eingeblendet, nachdem die Auswahl getroffen wurde.
  • Düsterflügelfilet-Verbrauchsgegenstand wirkt jetzt konsistent auf die Gruppenmitglieder.
  • Die Fertigkeit "Einschnürfalle" von Bogenschützen wird jetzt korrekt angezeigt, MP werden korrekt verbraucht.
  • Lanzer-Fertigkeit-Dialogfenster bleiben nicht mehr auf dem Bildschirm.
  • Spieler können die Wirkung von Schriftrollen der Wiederbelebung jetzt entfernen.
  • Die Gegenstandsstufe verfügbarer Belohnungen wird bei der Instanzgruppensuche nicht mehr mit 0 angezeigt.
  • Die Wutanzeige von Sturmfurien flimmert nicht mehr.
  • Der Arkanimpuls wird nicht mehr als voll aufgeladen angezeigt, wenn von der ersten zur zweiten Ladung gewechselt wird.
  • Beim Neuladen von Freunde-UIs wird die Meldung "Daten werden geladen" nicht mehr angezeigt, wenn keine Freunde registriert sind.
  • Wenn die Vorbereitung zur Konzentration voll akkumuliert und der Spieler konzentriert ist, wird die Konzentrationsdauer jetzt korrekt aktualisiert.
  • Auf Xbox One wird die B-Taste nicht mehr deaktiviert, wenn ein deaktiviertes Menü ausgewählt wurde.
  • Die Benutzeroberfläche des Kommandanten im Canyon der Ehre wurde repariert.
  • In Balders Tempel kommt es beim Abfeuern der Belagerungswaffe nicht mehr zum Flimmern der Decke.
  • In Balders Tempel wird der Zieleffekt der Belagerungswaffe jetzt korrekt angezeigt.
@TFMK3JDWE3 Here's the FAQ in case you have any other questions!
The TERA PC server merge happens Tuesday, September 18. To get you ready for the big day, follow these steps to make your post-merge life much smoother.
  • Claim eight (8) Additional Character Slots from Item Claim between Tuesday, September 12 and TBD on exact time when window will close (update will come tomorrow Sept 13).
  • The servers being merged are as follows:
    • PvP: Fey Forest and Mount Tyrannas
    • PvE: Celestial Hills, Ascension Valley, and Tempest Reach

Apply your Additional Character Slots to the server where you have the most characters, to accommodate your characters from other servers. We highly recommend that you increase your available character slots on one of the merging servers as close to the maximum of 20 as you can. If you are uncertain of how many slots you have, take a few minutes to create level 1 characters until you hit your server’s limit, note how many Additional Character Slots to use on that server, then delete the new characters.
  • Identify characters on any server that you no longer play or don’t need, save any important non-bound items and gold they might have, then delete them until the total number of active characters remaining on that server type (PvP or PvE) is equal to or less than your total available character slots you now have. You should try to avoid deleting any character you have spent money to outfit, level, or costume.
  • If you know you have a deleted character that you wish to keep, put in a support ticket immediately. Characters deleted prior to the merge cannot be restored following the merge.
  • Confirm that any guild you are a part of has more than two members. If a guild drops below two members for any reason—such as characters being removed during the merge—the guild will disband.
  • Retrieve any items you have listed with the Trade Broker.
  • Come up with several backup character names, in case any of your favorite names are already taken on your new server.
  • Clear your Parcel Post.

    Remember, the TERA PC server merge takes place on Tuesday, September 18—so make sure to complete these steps before then!
54YMFRPJ4G wrote: »
I will get right down into this I believe the lootboxes should have a the system to where if you open like 200 of the same box you should be guaranteed that item, Personally I don’t think you should spend like $100-200 and not get the item you were looking for there should be a cap (not a small one) that guarantees the item you were trying to get I think personally both sides will benefit people won’t be too disheartened to not continue to keep buying since they know it will be guaranteed, and EME can make the number like 200 or 100 or 300 so this way they are still getting money and the game is supported I think they will make more money this way since a lot of people have stopped buying them because of the ridiculousness of spending a lot of money and not getting what they were looking for, this way more people will buy them since they know it will be guaranteed in X amount of boxes, what is you opinion on this, is it a smart or not so smart idea?

What you're talking about has been experimented at various times with varying degrees of success. It's not a model that Bluehole currently employs across the board, but we are always considering ways to improve products and the player experience.
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