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Heya, Dank!

Building a computer is pretty cool and I want to learn how to build it myself too!

But I think this thread would feel much better at home in the Off-Topic section.

Let me know how the new build works out! I may copy the specs... ^_^;;
Please contact our Support team. They will be more than happy to help you figure this out!
Dredus on 2012-02-09 04:11:47 UTC
I hate you all..... Stuck at work while this happened :`(

You and me both, buddy, you and me both.... ;)

Still, I'm so excited to play this weekend!
Moved thread to races forum.
Hey Guys,

Anytime you can reduce the size of a downloadable client you increase the success rate for people downloading and getting into the game, which is a great thing for everyone. If you look at our forums you will see that download and install issues are very prevalent and one of the big causes is the size of the client.

We started with what we thought was the most visual reduction we could do to lower the total client size without significantly reducing the visual quality of the game. It still looks really damn good - better than any other MMO, but we decided we wanted to do better at he sacrifice of a bigger client. This type of test would be impossible to do later once we patched the files out in the first place so we seized the opportunity to do it from the start.

Now back to the update. We are too close to Friday to patch this out without hindering most of you guys. We will patch these in once this weekends event is over.

Bandwidth is a much larger concern in our market than in Korea. Beta is about trying things and testing. It didn't work. We are reverting but something came up and we couldn't do it in time for this next test.

Yes they will be the same textures as other markets.

The game still looks great and I am sure you will agree when you have a chance to log in.
@jigs21 - yes they shall. Thanks for the support!
1. Some of us are and some of us used to be - but we all love games in our own way.
2. Because I know most of them :D
3. We can put ourselves in the customers shoes much easier and because we have a variety of gamer types at the office we can get a variety of opinions.
Yup, 12p PST on 2/10 is the start time/date.

And if you've bought digitally from our store your code is automatically applied to your En Masse account, so you're good to go!

IGN prime folks will get a code for CBT1. After that you'll need to either get a code from the next CBT's partner site OR pre-order which will get you into all of the CBTs.

Hope this is helpful!

Plenty of existing threads to discuss this topic in. Please use one of them.
We've addressed this topic in a reply from Senior Producer Brian Knox:

Have you previously tested TERA but haven't received an email containing an all access beta code from us yet? Don't fret! We discovered that some previous testers weren't included in the first batch of invitation emails.

We'll be sending out invitations to these players either later tonight or tomorrow morning. If you have a pending ticket with our Customer Support system on this topic, please remember to set it as "resolved" when you receive your invitation email.

Thanks for your patience, TERA fans!
We've posted an update on previous testers receiving invitations here:

Curious about character creation in TERA? IGN's editors walk you through a video detailing their creation of "Mr.Kittenbottom".

Watch the video on IGN.com.
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Yep, that seems to be happening intermittently. Here's the link:

We're checking on our settings for both beta tests and live service. Answer to come.
Yay! It's always more fun to play with friends! :)
Welcome to our TERA boards!

Some of my dearest forum RP friends were from Europe. :)

If you'd like to hear more of a first-hand experience on playing TERA across the ocean, seeking some folks out who have participated in our previous events (Community Play Event, Focus Group Tests, etc.) from Europe and asking them about their personal experience might give you more ideas on what to expect.

There is the crosshair on screen so it will be especially helpful if you are used to FPS games. And ranged classes also have 1-2 lock-on skills too! :)

Still, you should definitely try out all of the classes, even the ones you don't usually play! I personally play ranged classes often (sorc or priest), but some of the most fun I've had in TERA were playing melee classes whether I was blocking the huge BAM attacks as a lancer or doing the mid-air flip with my castanic slayer!
Just wanted to say that the feeling you get when you block the BAM attack and hear the shield being bashed with the attack haven't gotten old for me yet.

At that moment, you feel invincible!!
Let's not forget the crystals, which give you quite a bit more variety of options. :)

Your crystal choices can depend on your play style and vice versa! And also whom you are playing with and what their play style is like. For example, I usually slotted MP crystals on my melee DPS characters but I could switch them out for others (attack power, critical hit increase, HP regen, etc.) when I was grouping with a mystic due to their MP orbs. But other times I loved slotting crystals that increased my critical hit chance from behind the monster when I could guarantee that attack position consistently.
Just wanted to make sure that you guys contact our Support team for the issue: http://tera-support.enmasse.com/app/ask
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MidnyteThunder on 2012-02-07 15:10:29 UTC
Ok, I found the Fee based info. But it lacked full description. Will there be a lifetime plan as well?

Here is the page that details our subscription plans. http://tera-support.enmasse.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/218/kw/subscriptions :)

Currently we are not offering a lifetime subscription.
Welcome back!

TERA missed you. :)
Hey there, Astiel!

Grats on getting the all weekend BETA access code! :)

To answer your question, your all-weekend-access key will work for the 1st CBT as well. And if you decide to use the all weekend access key, it will stack on top of the CBT1 key and you will keep the progression.

So feel free to use the new key now, if you like.

(Just one question, who will get more play time if both of you like TERA too much? ;))
Food... Hungry... Need.... Brainz...

(I think this thread would feel more at home in the Off-Topic section. :))
Here is a link to the official TERA forum rules as a reminder.

Let's remember to keep things civil, folks.
There are many other threads discussing the same topic.

Here is a link to the official TERA forum

as a reminder.
Our support is able and willing to help please give them a shout!

No PvP servers this first weekend. Focus is on stability of our platform and servers. We just wrapped up some alpha testing of our latest PvP rule-set and need to evaluate the feedback for any changes.
We have no plans to dumb TERA down. We have a unique combat system so the initial newbie experience is a bit longer than most - but the hardcore will breeze through this in a day.

There is a huge difference between making things easier, and making things less frustrating and more accessible.

And yes some of our instances do have 'hard modes'.
metafile is not to be trifled with.

I don't have the answer but try http://tera-support.enmasse.com and submit a ticket and we will help you out as soon as possible.
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LordSteel1 on 2012-02-07 04:55:10 UTC
knoxxer on 2012-02-07 04:49:31 UTC
No PvP servers this first weekend. Focus is on stability of our platform and servers. We just wrapped up some alpha testing of our latest PvP rule-set and need to evaluate the feedback for any changes.

Seems abit late to be Alpha testing the Pvp system still. I hope It's far along and just needs tweeks and a little feedback.

We have been through many rounds but this latest change was the biggest and we wanted one more pass. Feedback will be ongoing but we still would like to put our best foot forward.
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We are in Seattle but our servers are not.
One solution involves Pat Wyatt personally addressing and packaging collector's editions to each and every one of you.
Needless to say we know the situation sucks and we want to make it as painless as possible and will update you guys as soon as we can.

The last thing we want is to stop people from pre-ordering TERA. We are quite confident once you play you'll be hooked!
Is it minimized to your system tray?
Cilir on 2012-02-07 05:35:34 UTC
I will still pre-order the CE even if I don't get in the beta. I love the look of this game and don't plan to miss out.

You can pre-order the digital CE today from our store and get everything besides the physical goods.
I like your style -- all in!
The current version does not include the highest resolution textures. We were doing some testing in alpha to see if we could maintain a high quality level with a smaller resolution. After testing we didn't feel it met our standard.

So what does that mean to you? It means we have a high resolution patch in testing. In all likely hood this will go live today or tomorrow and be an additional 7GB. There is a chance it fails testing (it does have other fixes included as well) and will not make it before this weekend . This means that this weekends closed beta test won't have the most badass settings possible in TERA. It still looks damn good but it will get better once this patch goes live.

We just wanted to be as transparent as possible so that you guys aren't playing super sleuth on screenshot comparison or client size comparison and wondering where the missing gb's are.

[UPDATE] This patch will not go live until after the first closed beta test. We will update you when it is available.

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I know that everyone has a ton of questions around our beta schedule and in particular our decision for not wiping after open beta. Let me assure you we have put a great deal of thought behind this entire plan. Our goal is to make TERA the best possible experience. We took a step back from other MMO launches and identified things that went wrong and how we could do it better. Below is a list of items we believe our plan improves on.

The feeling of playing a character you know will be wiped -- it sucks.

  • We want playing TERA to mean something, we want you to connect to your community, your character and your world. With an impending wipe this is near impossible. With open beta we want players to start playing TERA for real -- not for trial or beta purposes. For all those wanting TERA to launch earlier, this is your answer, we are opening the doors for playing the live version of TERA in early April!
  • But why are you wiping closed beta?
  • -Our open beta will make major changes to the starting experience that have been in the works for some time now. We want you guys to experience the changes all of your focus group and beta testing feedback has given us.
  • We strongly believe trying TERA will make you a believer of our innovative combat system and that our open beta will allow for this. Knowing you can purchase TERA and keep moving right along with your same character is a big incentive.

I sure hope they fix all those issues in beta for launch!

  • Development in MMO’s takes TONS of time. There is a myth that games will have a magic patch at launch that fixes all of the beta issues -- and this just isn’t the case. We plan updates months in advance and know the content that is heading to us.
  • Will we take feedback from the betas??
  • -Of course! Starting with closed beta we are treating every player as a paying customer and that their feedback matters. Each event will work on tweaking short term issues and planning for long term content shifts.
  • We will address short term items in between beta and launch but long term feedback will be prioritized into our content update schedule.
  • We have a dedicated team at Bluehole standing by to address western needs. Gone are the days for games from the east not having the development team attention and dedication to our market. What we change and tweak will be determined by us -- not by what update plan another market is on.

What server are we playing on at launch?

  • Pre-order customers are the FIRST to reserve both their server and name with our pre-character creation.
  • -This event will take place between closed beta and open beta and allow anyone who pre-ordered the game to select a server and create a character with a name of their choice. We will be limiting this to 1 character created.
  • -We will take a look at the open beta inactive accounts a few months after launch and decide if we need to reset their names. We have the tools to do this in place already.
  • -As a side note TERA has a unique naming convention to allow for more unique names. You can add in two periods
  • (not sequentially) to your name to create names like. Godfry.The.Almighty or Certain.Death. This gives a TON more variety of names.
  • We are trying to give around a week’s time for pre-character creation so that you and your guild have plenty of time to find a server to settle into, it will be possible to create, delete and re-create on a new server if some of your friends joines late.

Queue times and unbalanced server populations!

  • This process has huge benefits for balancing servers and planning of resources.
  • -This event will be key in limiting your queue times and ensuring healthy servers going forward.
  • This balance is the main reason we will limit players to creating one pre-creation character.

If you have further questions please let ask and I will do my best to answer.
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Cepheimordred on 2012-02-07 21:12:22 UTC
Well, I can live without the sharpest graphics ever, would it be possible for me to reject the patch?

No it will be a mandatory patch, which is why we are trying to make the decision as soon as possible to allow for download time before Friday. If it gets to close we may hold it.
dersephy on 2012-02-07 21:16:56 UTC
So you're aware, the first part of your post claims you're doing a wipe after the open beta instead of doing it after the closed beta.

Thought I'd point it out.

Thanks it was only one of the most critical points I was talking about. *facepalm*
Just one of the many perks.
Ensidious on 2012-02-07 22:39:05 UTC
Wow thats awesome! April 19th cant come sooner

Ardras on 2012-02-07 23:05:53 UTC
Thank you for the awesome collection of information.

One question that I'd also love to have answered for OB server selection is: will we have an indication of which time zone each server is in? I think this would be useful for both latency and also for group-event organization. I know that as a west-coaster with wife & kids, the majority of my uninterrupted play time is very late-night PST. This doesn't jive very well with most east-coast schedules, hence I tend to gravitate toward servers labelled as "us west", etc.


All of our servers are located in one data-center. We don't plan on labeling them as east or west. Good question though!
We will be having a dungeon finder for our launch version of the game, so you can check one box!

We don't currently have a recruit program (I'm assuming you mean a side-kick like system?) but if there's enough player interest in it it's something we're willing to look into.

Names in TERA won't allow spaces symbols or numbers but will have the ability to put periods to make names more distinct.

As an example if you want to be Billy the Kid you can do Billy.The.Kid.

Hope this clarifies the naming conventions!

Level cap is 22 for CBT1 (high enough to get to and through the first dungeon).

Afternoon, folks.

We're working with retail partners (including GameStop) to update their systems with our beta game codes. We'll keep you updated throughout the week and really appreciate your patience in the interim.

Believe me, we want to make sure everyone who pre-ordered TERA gets to play in this weekend's first closed beta test.
The filtered word list on the forums is a default set and will be updated to reflect what was filtered on the old forums. For instance, "g a y" and "a s s" spelled correctly will not be filtered.

Thanks for hanging in there while we work out small things like this with the new forums.
Hello TERA fans!

For those who have pre-ordered TERA through the En Masse store, fire up your launcher! You'll be able to start downloading the TERA beta client in advance of Friday's first closed beta test. After you've downloaded the client and run it, you will see the server selection screen, and you'll be as ready as you can be for the event!

We are working non-stop to address the distribution of beta codes to our fans who pre-ordered from GameStop, Best Buy, or Amazon, and will provide updates as they are available.
We're opening it up right now, may be a bit of a pause.
If you get the "insufficient privileges" error, please try again.
Nagual on 2012-02-06 23:32:07 UTC
What about the guys waiting for their fgt, cpe ecc... key, to be able to download?

We'll be sending out those emails today barring any last-minute holds. We'll make sure you have ample time to download the beta client.
Skyliner on 2012-02-06 23:51:27 UTC
CE DD, getting "User authentication failed" error, changed password just to be sure and still get it.

Hit up our Support Team for assistance.
Slubber on 2012-02-06 23:51:29 UTC
I wasn't in CPE, or FGT but I did sign up for the BETA on the site and have been eagerly awaiting, will you be sending those out as well?

More on this in just a few.
Did you sign up to be a potential TERA beta tester on this page? Check your email! We've distributed invitations containing beta codes to 1000 lucky recipients. If you received an email, follow the directions enclosed to download and install the beta client. We've also sent invitations to every TERA fan who participated in a previous test event or won one of our contests.

If you didn't receive an invitation, you can make your own luck by pre-ordering TERA from the En Masse store. This will grant you access to every beta test and you'll be able to download the beta client immediately.
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ChrisG on 2012-02-07 01:11:38 UTC
I got one of these emails, but i've already pre-ordered. Is it safe to give it away or do I need it to get my pre-order access?

If you pre-ordered via the En Masse store, you're all set and can safely give away your beta code to someone else.
Jango697 on 2012-02-07 00:52:30 UTC
So, according to the e-mail, if we're previous FGT testers, we can give away the code and still have access, right?

Negative. This is your beta code as a previous TERA test participant.
Now, if you pre-ordered as well (which I just read in your follow-up), you're good to share the beta code with someone else.
Remains to be seen whether a full re-download will be necessary come May 1. We'll certainly have details one way or the other.
Now, I want you all to be nice to Minea. Prove to me that we can have nice things.
TERA has been featured in a new IGN preview titled "Why the TERA Beta is Awesome" which includes a 13-minute walkthrough video of the new character experience on the Island of Dawn.

Read the article and watch the video on IGN.com.
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With our [url] tags working intermittently, here is the link to visit:

We've learned that many of you who have purchased a pre-order copy of TERA from a brick-and-mortar retailer are having difficulty getting pre-order game codes that you can use to play in the first TERA closed beta test.

It's our understanding from working with our physical distribution partner that these codes were only recently conveyed to retailers, and so the codes haven’t yet been distributed to stores to provide to gamers like you. Yeah, well, that really sucks on all levels. We are definitely sorry about this issue, and we are going to fix it.

At this point, we're communicating directly with the retailers to see whether there's anything we can do to speed the process of getting these codes distributed, and we will keep you informed as soon as we hear any updates. We will also update you regarding the pre-order availability of our physical collector's edition and which retailers you will be able to pre-order from.

As gamers ourselves, we know that this uncertainty about access to this world-premiere event is no doubt incredibly frustrating. Please do your best to keep your cool, and we'll do our best to ensure that you get codes just as soon as humanly—and computerly—possible.

Thank you,

The En Masse Entertainment Team
NightScream on 2012-02-07 02:49:51 UTC
Will we be able to patch a korean or JP client to play the NA servers, or must we download the NA client?

You will need to download our game client.

And, based on your personal opinion, do you think the codes will be out to retailers (gamestop specifically) before the first beta?

That's the plan.

Will EME actively seek out and ban players who use Aesthetic only client mods? - i.e. elin armor mods.

TERA's end user license agreement is very clear about what is not permissible with regards to modifying the game client.
BaelSach on 2012-02-07 02:48:02 UTC
So since I have the pre order and have downloaded Tera, I don't need to worry about a code?
Come Friday I can just boot the game and log on?

If you pre-ordered TERA from the En Masse store, you do not need to apply a beta code. Your account is already cleared for access.
Roda on 2012-02-07 02:53:31 UTC
What will happen if the codes, and the CE pre-order chances, don't go out in time?

We've been working on contingency plans today, nothing that needs announcing just yet.
We'll be adding a fansite section to the website in the coming weeks. The TERA fansite kit will be hosted there.
Roda on 2012-02-07 03:00:40 UTC
Hopefully they include a silly-string raid, and a certain distributor...

No, the silly string is for our office. We ran out during the last desk prank.
Fixed and will be updated this week. If you find others, please point them out.
Hello, folks! My name is “Minea”, and I am very excited to have the opportunity to be your Community Manager!

I’ve been a part of En Masse Entertainment for the last two years but this is my official introduction to the TERA forums as Minea. As for games, it all started with a copy of Diablo, and City of Heroes/Villains will always have a special place in my heart as my first MMO. I am also a secret carebear and mild RP’er, so please don’t believe the rumor that I gank other players! Oh I can’t forget to mention that I am a huge Harry Potter fan & a self-proclaimed Hufflepuff.

I am thrilled to be here with you all for TERA and feel free to talk to me or ask questions!
Thank you for the warm welcome, all!

My desk is facing the window (Hello, Puget Sound!), and quite close to the kitchen. I see muffins on the kitchen table. :)

I think that the castanics and mystics will be popular. Mystics for its versatility and the castanics for their cool animations. I just love their mid-air flips and such.

As for 'A Very Potter Musical', that's on my list of videos to watch. Now only if I could stop listening to Potter Puppet Pal's Mysterious Ticking Noise. *cough*

Unfortunately I cannot save anyone from Scapes nor should anyone be saved! For he has the one ring, the ring of power....
We're closing this thread now.
Sorry about that we forgot to hit enter...
This is being discussed in many other threads already. Closing this one
This is being discussed in numerous other threads already. Closing this duplicate.
Our goal for TERA is to be challenging without being frustrating. We think we have a good starting base and we will tweak from here. Don't believe the rumors and try and look at our game as a fresh start to build on. You will drive yourself crazy constantly worrying or comparing every market's TERA to each other.
TwilightAngel09 on 2012-02-05 21:44:20 UTC
Sorry but can use the excuse well open beta players that will never play anymore will take this name.........

Reason is some will have that for there alt they might never play or a player that quits after some time the game goes live.

Also when they offer the 14day free thing or the lvl 1 - 20 thing then tell me what your excuse is?

We hope that open beta players that try our game convert and purchase TERA and get to keep their names. We have solutions in place if we feel names are becoming a problem and open beta accounts have been idle for X time.

We also name uniquely in TERA. You can use a period twice in your name which gives a ton more options. Knoxxer.Of.Eme will be my name but feel free to be Anix.Death or Twilight.Angel.
We have an app for that!


Download our diag tool and give it a whirl.
To get back on topic, pre-ordering will guarantee you access to all of our CBT events. But of course we don't want to make people pay if they are hesitant and want to try before spending any money. We'll be having media partners for all of our events that you can go and get keys for. There will be limited numbers of free keys so you'll have to keep an eye out, but we will have them.

Our partner for CBT1 is IGN and the details are here:


Stay tuned for more partner announcements as we progress through our CBTs.


Please do not "bump" posts. Also, keep discussion respectful or we'll have to lock and/or remove the thread.


We'll be updating the filtered word list. "G@y" (spelled properly) will be removed. Abuses of it won't be tolerated.

Closing thread.
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Lucifel on 2012-02-03 17:39:36 UTC
Nope, it's only in the the EU.

This. The sneak peek you're referring to is a different publisher's event.
This is purely due to the functionality not being in yet. Subforums are a planned addition.
If the problem persists, please visit our support page for assistance: http://tera-support.enmasse.com/
arutius on 2012-02-03 19:45:38 UTC
I preordered through EME the Digital CE version and was wondering (since yo uhave full payment) when we will receive our Beta Keys via Email or will the be available through the accoutn interface.

If you pre-ordered via the En Masse store, you're good to go already and can grab the game launcher from the account page.
Frogster is a separate publisher from En Masse Entertainment and their pre-order options are different than ours.
As we've mentioned in other threads, the forums are in an early state. We decided it was best to launch them in time to allow the TERA community to discuss this week's news. They are not in a final state and will continue to be developed as we move through the beta tests and towards TERA's launch.

We will be adding many more avatar options but will not allow for custom avatars. A planned feature is to use a player's main character appearance and information as their avatar and author details (under the gray bar) but this functionality won't be in until later on. Signatures won't be returning as they were choking threads and getting in the way of discussions on the old forums. Instead, profiles will have more customization in the future.

This is just the beginning.
Skan on 2012-02-03 03:40:30 UTC
Bump for legitimately good post.

Please don't bump posts.
We're closing this thread now.
We're closing this thread.
Enchanting is on our radar - specifically how powerful they get. We will let you know when we have a more specific update and a solution.
I hvae no raeson for an edti buttno.

Seriously it is on the to-do list, we have a much more control of the development of features and security with these new forums, but that does mean we are a bit bare at the moment.
Close to 25GB
Arwen on 2012-02-03 16:29:50 UTC
What i don't get is why EU website is offering the Digital pre-order mini for 5,95 euro that gives the same as the standard pre-order edition, but en masse don't offer this package?...

Some retailers will offer the En Masse pre-order for money down and not the full price. We will have more information from the retailers soon.

No other charges from us until your 30 days are up.
You can contact Tera Online dev tracker at contact@teradevtracker.com - Privacy policy - Tera Online dev tracker is not affiliated with Tera Online or En Masse entertainment.