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WitchyGirl wrote: »
LesbianVi wrote: »
WitchyGirl wrote: »
yay, cant wait to see the new armor skins!

we get another anniversary wings this friday weekend login right?

if it goes as planned, yeah.

i just logged in friday but nothing..maybe its during the fed bill reset times?

They should start granting later this evening.
BlackAdder wrote: »
They are untradeable, thats fine. But were they also intended to be character locked and not account based?

They said they'll change the "unbankable" soon™.

Tuesday, May 16 to be precise :)
Sorry, there is no current ETA. We'll keep people informed when they become available again. In fact I think I'll leave the forum message active until they resume, so you can use that as an indicator. An announcement is also being added to the TERA calendar to remind those in-game.

This weekly TERA Twitch stream will be an EARLY ONE! We're airing from 1 p.m. to 2 p.m. PDT.

Continuing our 5th Anniversary celebration month, our stream will be dedicated to highlighting TERA's past and getting to know some of the En Masse staff that spend their days updating the game, writing dialogue, creating graphics, posting news, and performing all the delicious tasks involved with publishing an MMO. Suffice to say our server upkeep team will NOT be making an appearance this week as they have their hands full.

This week's stream will feature TERA Product Manager Noesis and one additional guest. I'll also preview the new armor skins releasing May 18! I'll give you guys a live look at multiple races, genders, and the shield accessory released with the new cosmetics.

See you at 1 p.m. PDT! www.twitch.tv/enmasseentertainment
Volturi wrote: »
@Spacecats uh... it just reset... do you guys even know whats going on right now? D:

It's good that they reset, but that's totally not the time it was supposed to! The product crew is digging to see why it would happen now of all times. I think we may need to adjust the list of times Halrath gave earlier.
Unfortunately we can't reset VGs manually. The times have been changed, but the new reset time is currently 8 a.m. PDT for VG quests, so we'll have to wait until tomorrow for them to reset.
Closing this since it's a duplicate. There are more answers in the stickied thread.

Tokens will be made bankable next Tuesday, items costing 350 tokens or more will be carried over into week 2, and prices have been reduced in the shop. Please move the discussion here: https://forums.enmasse.com/tera/discussion/14661/updated-anniversary-tokens-5-10-17
I've put in a request to have more text added to each item, clarifying which items go with which. Sorry for the confusion in the meantime.
We're in the process of resetting dungeon instance cooldowns now.
Unfortunately there's no way for us to force a VG reset. It looks like we'll have to wait until tomorrow at 8 a.m. PDT.
The old emotes only work with the old maid outfits, and the new emotes only work with the new maid outfits.
We believe this is fixed now. Can you try again and post if the purchase goes through?
Catservant wrote: »
Thank you for reversing the "unbankable" part AND for carrying over high priced items to second week! Fantastic!

No problem! Please help spread the word if anyone mentions it in-game.
Xharz wrote: »
and thank you for dumping the duplicates.... lol, i tried a few times... as you can see im stuborn as a mule

No worries. The spam filter is weirdly sensitive sometimes, and it's kind of confusing when it kicks in (it even caught Denommenator's post a week or two ago, which I didn't think was possible ;D ). Thankfully it does stop a bunch of actual spam.
Xharz wrote: »
Please, at least carry the 350+ token items 2 weeks in the vendor, rather than 1 week, its jus unreasonable to give us 1 week to earn 300+ Tokens, 300 = 150 Medium DGs completed in a week, or 100 Top Tier DGs in a Week. On ONE character

Okay, I'll plan to carry those over to week 2. Everything 350 and over will continue to be in the store for an additional week.
Xharz wrote: »
Spacecats? Hello? why isnt my post here?

Your posts got stuck in the spam filter for some reason. They're visible now and I'll get rid of the duplicates.
The new prices are now in effect for week 1 Anniversary Token shop. A new item has also been added:
  • Valliant Potion: 5 Tokens
  • Strong Canephora Potion: 5 Tokens
  • Strong Bravery Potion: 5 Tokens
  • Federation Supply: Goddess's Blessing: 10 Tokens
  • True Ultimate Elin Elite Box (Loot Box): 25 Tokens
  • Squared Circle Loot Box (Males Only): 30 Tokens
  • Rowdy Rodeo Loot Box (Females Only): 30 Tokens
  • Chromaplasm Weapon Skin Loot Box: 32 Tokens
  • Rogues Half Mantle: 150 Tokens
  • Blizzat's Remembrance (Smart Box): 350 Tokens
  • Formal Wear Costume Box (Smart Box): 450 Tokens
  • Conjurers Costume Kit (Smart Box): 450 Tokens
  • Orville (Permanent Character Mount): 450 Tokens

As for the bankability, I agree it makes sense for them to be banked between characters. That will most likely get changed on Tuesday during maintenance, in time for week 2 store items. If there's a week 1 item you're really gunning for and you think it should be carried over to week 2, I'm open to that feedback given the changes made to the whole system. Things should be more consistent for the rest of the token event.
NPCPak wrote: »
Spacecats wrote: »
[...] it means we'll be able to lower the cost of items in the Anniversary Token store for the remainder of the event.

When will this change become effective?

In the next couple hours. I'll post here with an updated list.
Yes, it's intentional. There's a note added to the Anniversary Token post here:
Added the following to the top post...

EDIT [5/11/17] - During today's emergency maintenance, Anniversary Tokens were made untradable. This wasn't the purpose of the maintenance, but there was an opportunity to change these before the weekend and we took it. While this change might have mixed reactions, it means we'll be able to lower the cost of items in the Anniversary Token store for the remainder of the event, benefiting those earning them vs buying/selling them. Again, our goal with these tokens is to reward players actively participating in the 5th anniversary celebration. Making these untradable makes rewards more personal now that they can't simply be bought on the trade broker. It also means we'll be able to reward tokens more generously in some areas like special in-game events.
Hi everyone,

After the v55’s deployment, several changes affected reset times in the game, causing them not to reset when players expected. We apologize for the confusion and to that end, here are the times things will reset effective immediately.

Guild Quest Dailys will reset at 5 a.m. PST, 6 a.m. PDT
Guild Quest contribution points will reset at Midnight PST, 1 a.m. PDT

Battlefield Rankings will reset at 4 a.m. PST, 5 a.m. PDT

Daily Quests and Reputation Quests will reset at 7 a.m. PST, 8 a.m. PDT

Dungeons and Battlegrounds will reset at 5 a.m. PST, 6 a.m. PDT

The Elite Hot Bar will reset at Midnight PST, 1 a.m. PDT
Yes, a support ticket is the best (and only) thing to do in this situation. It will let us start an investigation. Sorry to hear that you ran into harassment like this. We take issues like this very seriously. Please make sure you include as much info as possible in your ticket, including screenshots or videos you may have of the harassment.

Just to be clear, please avoid posting any info about it on the forums as we don't want to inadvertently start a witch hunt. It's one of the big reasons player callouts are against the forum rules.
DYLW5HFXJH wrote: »
And for reals, closing threads like this is like cutting the head off a hydra. Once you respond, you validate these players. Players should not be expected to dig through a bunch of closed threads to find one open one with maybe a response from EME. The complaint threads go away on their own once a problem is fixed. It's hard to say that this amount of moderation isn't near dictatorship. I understand you have a right and will to censor or clean your forums, it's still salt in the wound to a random player. We've had complaint thread spam before you, and if this game lasts that long, will be after you. The reason you're getting as much pushback as you are is because you're fighting us.

Please refer to stickied posts and forum announcements when it comes to official communication. There is also a comment tracker that you can find in the news & announcements section if you're specifically looking for En Masse responses.

Creating multiple threads splits up the conversation and makes responding harder. We close duplicates to keep the forums tidy and the conversation focused. Hydras aren't just deadly, they're really hard to talk to. :p
Tsunakai wrote: »
Right now everyone can only assume they are just either ignoring what's going on, or completely unaware, either is entirely unprofessional.

There have been multiple posts and replies about the instability. Please see the ones pinned at the top of the forums, and avoid creating duplicate threads as it actually makes En Masse responses even harder for people to find and read.
Tsunakai wrote: »
Solli95 wrote: »
as compensation id like a server that dont lg every minute for 10 mins straight.

Spacecats wrote: »
We'd like to deal with the instability before we think about any compensation. Anything we do would also risk getting interrupted by the issues that are happening. Fixing the problem is our top priority at the moment.

No need for discussion, as majority of the playerbase would like this as compensation.

A stable play environment isn't compensation. It's what we already feel we owe you guys as players. We're in an unfortunate spot right now where that needs fixing. Once things are back to normal we'll post an announcement on actual compensation that fits.
DYLW5HFXJH wrote: »
You've been saying its your top priority since before the patch hit on FIHM day. You say that it's hard for you to change servers. Yes. Running a game is hard, running any multi-national million dollar corporation is hard. If you can't do it, let someone else. The level of incompetence time and time again is just way too much to put up with anymore. It's a sad day when people have to spam the old CM to come back just for an inkling of hope. It's been YEARS. Things aren't getting better, they're getting worse, and it shows when TERA was basically the only game hosted by EME, and they've since branched out, because they know.

Server stability is a constant upkeep. We have a team at En Masse dedicated to monitoring and ensuring the health of TERA servers. Community Managers are not on that team, so even the best CM on the planet won't be able to affect server stability on any level. Please don't feel like you have to spam anyone. The people who need to know that there is lag are already working hard to fix the situation.

In a case like this, we believe there were server issues introduced with Tuesday's update. There is a hotfix planned for tomorrow (5/11) morning that may alleviate some of this, but our Operations crew will continue to monitor closely as we believe there are multiple technical culprits at work at the moment, not just a single issue.
We'd like to deal with the instability before we think about any compensation. Anything we do would also risk getting interrupted by the issues that are happening. Fixing the problem is our top priority at the moment.
Edited my top post to include Gridiron BG Jackpot. The reward has been increased from 5 tokens to 8 per win. It seemed right to boost the PvP rewards since PvE had been increased.
Fixed. Thanks.
As you wish.
Ayi wrote: »
I queued Gridiron for around 2 hours, opened enough boxes to realize that the PVP community is worse off with boxes than credits. Hopefully EME will be able to adjust loot box rewards in the future. As it stands now, PVP may become even more dead than last patch.

Would you mind posting what you got? I'd be curious to see the loot if you haven't already used it.
We will look into the possibility of people abusing 3rd party programs to cheat in BGs, but please remember that the best way to report suspicious activity like this is through a Customer Support ticket so that it can be properly investigated by our staff. Include any player names, information, screenshots, or videos you might have in that conversation.

Don't post them here in the forums. It will only start a witch hunt.
There was a thread about this that got necro'd recently. Unfortunately we can't use these costumes because they're licensed specifically for another region. Sorry to say.
Hi all,

Thanks to player feedback both in-game and here in the forums, we've decided to make the Anniversary Token event a bit more generous. A lot of people felt they had zero chance at getting the reward they wanted from the Anniversary Token shop, and we definitely want to reward active players with this celebration event. As of this post, the following rewards are in place. You can also see this in the in-game calendar announcements (now accessed through System Settings):

100% chance to drop 3 tokens (rolled loot, shared between players) for the following dungeons:
  • Kalivan’s Challenge
  • The Abscess

100% chance to drop 2 tokens (Per person) for the following dungeons:
  • Velik’s Hold
  • Demokron Factory
  • Kalivan’s Dreadnaught
  • Bathysmal Rise

100% chance to drop 3 tokens (Per person) for the following dungeons:
  • Velik’s Hold (Hard)
  • Velik’s Sanctuary
  • Timescape

Changed the highlighted dungeon, Demokron Factory (Hard), to a guaranteed 4 tokens per person (was 3).

Gridiron Battleground still awards 5 Anniversary Tokens for every victory.

We'll continue to monitor the rewards players are getting from this event along with your feedback. Remember that the contents of the Anniversary Token shop will change every Tuesday along with the highlighted dungeon and Battleground, so if you see an item you want in the store, don't count on it sticking around after next Tuesday. Happy hunting!
Have you tried closing and restarting the TERA launcher?
sraz wrote: »
Pondering this really makes me think there is some sort of back end process or cross server operation that gets hung up waiting on something and just causes delays in game, which would be indeed hard to isolate since logging would not report any issues since the operation does eventually go through, however players actually see a 1-4 second delay in game which we generalize to "LAG." Obviously narrowing this down would actually require ongoing resource monitoring to match up with player reports. However since the lag rarely lasts more than a few seconds, without precise time codes it's really hard to match player reports up with actual server processes.

We have been looking at those possibilities as well. We've adjusted daily back up times and have been monitoring event logs on all the servers to see if there is a process running at particular times that could contribute to lag.

Montblanck wrote: »
FYI - the Vanguards daily (which should have resetted around 4 hours ago) have not reset as well.

I'm getting confirmation on this (and an updated chart of the times, if I can), but it looks like the daily times have unexpectedly changed for VG resets.
Tenshi1 wrote: »
@Spacecats @Halrath any answers?

I'd love to finally be able to pvp with my valk (And be decent with her)

I spoke with BHS about this issue, but there are no answers as of yet. They're looking into it. As soon as we have something concrete, I'll update you. Sorry.
ElinUsagi wrote: »
Ponilover wrote: »
Robertina wrote: »
No more SES/Spellbind from PvP is a pretty big deal, as that was the main source outside of events and BAMs.
How we can get now Semi and spells?

Cash shop obv. Or mindless grind on IoD.

In KTera you need farm them at IoD/Dungeons or buy lootboxes that gives them, reason for what koreans grind jewellery rather than spend gold on ses.

NA has a little more emphasis on PvP than other regions, which is why the Bonanzas were created in the first place. Whether it's through a future jackpot or other means, the TERA crew will work to reward PvPers with useful mats.
Thanks for making sure we are aware.

A response was provided in this thread on pages 5 and 6.

Resetting dungeon cooldowns now that servers are back up.

The product team is still looking into why some things are not resetting as usual. It's something Bluehole will have to advise us on because it appears to be a server-side issue introduced with the latest update. Hopefully we have an answer soon.
@xChiharaMinori - Good Morning. Apparently we posted at the exact same time. ;)
Server is back tho it has not reset cooldowns. I mean daily cds. Not asking for compensation or so. Just the daily cds pls

I believe that was originally reported last night, and our Production Team is looking into it. I believe the reset times were changed unintentionally, and hopefully they can be readjusted back to the normal times.
Yes. We had feedback that the mats weren't as desirable as the tokens and we wanted to put more of those out, so we switched them for Gridiron.
Thread closed at the request of the poster.
Jinsoyun wrote: »
This server isn't up yet !
Wake it the f up !!!

All Servers should be up now, so if you're still unable to access, you can feel free to either make a Support Ticket, or PM me with a screenshot of where you're getting stuck.
It looks like each Server is coming back Online, one-by-one right now.
To address the overall issue, all Servers are being restarted.
I was able to go through each thread and read all the comments.

No Bans were issues, but multiple duplicate Forum Threads were closed, each directing to the Thread that I had been responding to, making it easier for players to see that the login issue was being addressed.

Feel free to check my comments in this Thread :
HPRFCJWTW6 wrote: »
As an update, it does appear they have identified the cause, and are starting work to correct it.

Anyway you could let us in on this cause?

I wouldn't be able to provide the exact specifics, but it is my understanding that there was something that had caused our Account Login System to stop working, which essentially prevented any player who wasn't already logged in from being able to access, and any player that may have crashed would not have been able to log back in.
Feel free to check the response placed into this Thread : https://forums.enmasse.com/tera/discussion/14626/wake-up-your-servers-are-down-c#latest
As an update, it does appear they have identified the cause, and are starting work to correct it.
Closing some duplicate threads.

I put a response in this one : https://forums.enmasse.com/tera/discussion/14626/wake-up-your-servers-are-down-c#latest
I have reached out to the appropriate teams to figure out what happened and they will begin working to resolve it, if they have not already been doing so.
Thank you all for your patience.
Avi wrote: »
Hi GM! Another person here who is glad the issue is being investigated. The lag has been consistent for a few patches now. I am curious as to if you guys have investigated how other games are running their servers to avoid this issue? Tera has a rather small player base and I have a feeling a lot of people would be okay with downtime if the servers could be consistent. Well, mainly just instance servers. What has changed since maybe SCHMs initial patch to now? I don't think we had as much lag back then if I can remember correctly and I am doubtful that it is the increase in player base. Lag has sadly been the main reason I haven't been able to enjoy playing the game and really look forward to it getting fixed!

We do talk to Bluehole about how TERA is hosted in other regions and members of our team have worked on large scale games from Arenanet, Microsoft, Daybreak, and other studios worldwide.

There are almost weekly changes to TERA servers and services so pinpointing an exact change that could affect lag is challenging. One of the reasons we are asking for more information and diagnostic reports from the community is to help us both identify what areas are most prone to lag and to find better ways of identifying signs of when a server may need to be taken down for emergency maintenance.
HAKP4FNNEX wrote: »
Didn't this happen sometime back as well? If i recall, NA TERA reset times were KTERA reset times, and you all couldn't do anything about, other than report it to BHS and wait to be told what to do.

The problem revolved around NA servers using UTC for event and system times. That could be the culprit here as well, but we'll know more tomorrow.
Have you closed your launcher when you close the game? You might want to try the repair option in the launcher "Tools" menu as well.
Noesis and Halrath have been investigating this issue since it was first reported to us. We couldn't find any changes in our GM tool that would explain why the time changed. We spoke with Bluehole and we believe there is a strong chance that the Elite resets will happen around midnight tonight. We will continue to monitor the situation and provide updates as we get them.
Geletron wrote: »
DYJGAM94YD wrote: »
Hi. I'm a south american player, brasilian. Sorry for my bad english. Have you considered a server in miami? Many games have servers in miami for us. I think this can be a improvement in our pings, and give us some chances for competitive pvp. No one suffer with lag spikes like us..

Oi como vai. We have looked at hosting TERA servers in different places. Wonderholm was hosted in a different data center, though we had to add some additional constraints to make it work properly.

There are some infrastructure challenges that make it difficult to host TERA in multiple locations. TERA servers like to run in the same location as the services they rely on. One side affect of that restriction is that dungeon and battleground matches may be limited so that you could only play with people from the same server. That in turn could make some of the end game content less fun.

European here, from Denmark to be specific. Have you considered hosting TERA in a different location altogether ?
Given everything you say you've already attempted, I can't help but think that it seems your datacenter is having issues with its network either internally or externally.
On average, ignoring today's worse than usual lagspikes, I tend to get about 140-150ms ping on the Fey Forest server which, while playable, isn't great compared to other US based games I've played where I might normally see about 80-120ms. Of course there's the "but you're not in America" card to pull, but from what I gather it seems that even a large part of the NA playerbase is having the same kind of ping as I am, which to me is a bit worrying to say the least.

We have considered hosting TERA in different data centers and/or different physical locations. Moving everything, however is a monumental task. It took about a year of planning and months of work to upgrade all the existing hardware while minimizing down time. The Wonderholm server taught us a lot about what it would take to build and move a single world server to a new data center and we are going to use what we learned from that experiment as we plan on how to host TERA moving forward.

Our biggest concern at the moment is finding root causes of lag spikes people have been experiencing on different servers. It makes the play experience bad no matter what your normal ping is.
Our operations team is aware of an outage affecting Fey Forest and they are working to get it backup and running everyone. Thank you for the reports of lag preceding the crash. They will help us figure out what was causing the issue.
DYJGAM94YD wrote: »
Hi. I'm a south american player, brasilian. Sorry for my bad english. Have you considered a server in miami? Many games have servers in miami for us. I think this can be a improvement in our pings, and give us some chances for competitive pvp. No one suffer with lag spikes like us..

Oi como vai. We have looked at hosting TERA servers in different places. Wonderholm was hosted in a different data center, though we had to add some additional constraints to make it work properly.

There are some infrastructure challenges that make it difficult to host TERA in multiple locations. TERA servers like to run in the same location as the services they rely on. One side affect of that restriction is that dungeon and battleground matches may be limited so that you could only play with people from the same server. That in turn could make some of the end game content less fun.
By any chance is the load balancing you implemented dynamically switching players between carriers? i seem to be getting some pretty bad lag spikes (like someone disconnected my modem for a second) and my ping changes as if i'm being swapped from zayo to savvis between them. This makes for a MISERABLE play experience since it swaps between them during dungeons with about a 2 second disconnect while it does it.

It is my understanding that the load balancing is not dynamically switching players between ISPs during a play session but I will need to double check with our operations team to make sure I'm not giving you bad information. Some of the lag from today was due to unusual spikes in CPU usage on different servers at different times. We don't know the cause of the spikes, but we are aware of them and we are trying to determine the cause.
Got it. I'll add it to my notes. Thank you.
Teekz wrote: »
> @LHMG4YDWYJ said:
> No other game has this issue. Its just you guys. I dont mean to sound rude but its the truth. Ive never had a server lag in BDO,Wow,Sun,Cabal and those games have 5x-100000x more players

Agreed there are honestly only so many excuses you guys can keep throwing out.

I know I'm my line of work my boss would not let this unproffesionalism fly.

Fix your [filtered]

Please try to stay constructive, guys. The goal of the thread is to outline the steps we're taking to prevent lag, not make excuses for not fixing it. Lag is a constant challenge for any online game, it takes time and effort to address.
Reward points should be updated in the dungeons after the maintenance on 5/16.
AV is back up. Dungeon instance cooldowns will be reset momentarily.
LancerJiva wrote: »
Should be having the tokens drop in every dungeon. At least the 3 star ones and up. This is a 1 time anniversary event, not like its gonna be around forever. This way newer players get a chance at them too. Stop making these events for the geared / elitist only. Personally I can't stand DFHM, so I doubt ill be 'spamming it' for tokens.

For those who don't like DFHM for some reason, a new dungeon highlight will be introduced next Tuesday. There is nothing mandatory about collecting tokens. They're in place for those who want to participate.

As for gearing the dungeon for higher level (or elitist players as you put it), changing a key element of the event would mean rebalancing the rewards people are able to get from the tokens. It's something the TERA crew is willing to carefully consider, but the intention for this is to reward players who play TERA frequently. Adjustments will need to be made carefully if we were to add anniversary tokens to say, Cultist's Refuge, since the more dungeon runs people can complete, the more tokens people will have, and the farmability factor again would mean that hardcore or elite players will get a lot more rewards. Basically your main complaint would remain true: that the more you play TERA, the more rewards you get.
LancerJiva wrote: »
I like how my post was completely ignored, because spacecats has posted twice since I posted and not a single response.

Sorry that you felt ignored, LancerJiva. I'm not always able to respond to each comment.
Our Ops team is looking into this now and restarting the server. Sorry for the inconvenience everyone.
I've sent this to BHS and scheduled it for our call. We'll update you when we learn anything.
We are aware of the problem. Our operations team will be restarting the server soon if they haven't already done so.
We are aware of the problem. The operations team is either restarting AV now or will be doing so soon.
Hi everyone,

I wanted to come to the forums and provide some answers to common questions players have about lag and what can be done to reduce it.

Q: Why do you always tell us that the problem is probably caused by my ISP?
A: We consider checking your internet settings as the first step in troubleshooting, kind of like how all IT people ask you if you have tried turning it off and on again. However, although this is the first thing we ask as a troubleshooting step, and a common source of lag in TERA, we do realize not all lag-related problems are caused by ISPs and the routing to our servers.

Some lag can occur when there is disruption or delay in data transfer between your computer and our servers in our Chicago data center. Network problems range from trying to connect over a weak Wi-Fi connection to a router in Chicago is having trouble and causing data loss for players in a specific region. It can also be multiple issues at once, compounding to make for a terrible play experience so we ask that you check your network settings first as a way of eliminating even one of the potential causes of lag.

One of the tools we provide in the launcher is the EME Diagnostic tool. It runs a few utilities to get traceroute and basic hardware information. We ask players that run into lag to please run the diagnostic tool and send the resulting log file to diag@enmasse.com so we can see the results. The diagnostic file is in .txt format so if you’re curious, you can open it in Notepad to see what information is sent to us.

Q: Why aren’t you doing anything about the lag?
A: We have been trying several things to reduce lag, and we’re working to do a better job informing players what we’re doing to address the issue. In the past year we have:
• Updated the TERA server hardware (increased CPU, increased RAM, etc)
• Experimented with load balancing between two different ISPs from the TERA datacenter
• Worked with our ISPs and data center representatives to find ways to improve network performance
• Set up an experimental server to test how TERA performs in a cloud-based environment
• Set up new monitoring software to notify us when server hardware performance decreases

Bluehole is also concerned about lag reports and they are working with us to identify causes of lag and possible solutions. This is a high priority item for both Bluehole and En Masse that we actively look at nearly every day.

Q: Why do you rely on us to report lag to you? Isn’t that your job?
A: We rely on customer reports in addition to our monitoring tools to pinpoint the possible lag causes. Our operations team is notified when we see a server crash, when there is an unexpected drop in the number of concurrent players, when any server resource is over-utilized, such as CPU, RAM, Disk, network, etc., or when any game process uses too many resources or crashes. They also monitor all network connectivity into and out of the TERA data center for utilization, dropped packets, etc.

Our tools, however, do not give us metrics for the lag problems observed in the TERA client, such as rubber banding, or when it appears that a dungeon instance freezes for a brief period. We can see it happen occasionally in-game while playing, but identifying the source is more difficult than just experiencing a lag spike. That is one of the main challenges in monitoring for and troubleshooting the causes of lag.

The most useful information for us when submitting a lag report is:
• The exact time you experience a major lag spike
• What you were doing in game when you experienced a lag spike
• What character class you are playing
• What server you are playing from
• Some information on how you connect to the TERA server (what country or region in North America and wi-fi, Ethernet, and ISP).

Please submit this information along with the EME diagnostic report to the diag@enmasse.com email address. While we may not be able to immediately fix what is causing your lag, this information helps us narrow down the root causes and helps us identify potential problems.

Q: What do you do when you get a lag report?
A: We usually do the following when investigating lag:
• We try to narrow down where and when the lag spikes are occurring. TERA runs on a large network of servers (I can’t remember the exact count, but it is more than 30) so narrowing down which servers are experiencing problems is very important. People who are hanging out in Velika on TR are on a different set of servers than players from TR doing a dungeon run which is why we ask for more information on what a character is doing when the lag spikes occur.
• We look at system performance for the servers where most of the reports are coming from and check for unusual spikes in resource use. What we are looking for at this stage are correlations between server resource utilization alerts that the operations team already receives and player lag reports.
• We look at network traffic into and out of the datacenter. We are checking for unusual spikes or dips in overall network traffic across multiple ISPs, as well as looking for reports of packet loss.
• We check the databases of the affected servers to see if there is any database performance problems or bad data that could affect server performance
• We look at related platform systems that could indirectly affect server performance, such as the online store and account servers.

When a server crashes we send a notification to En Masse and Bluehole employees, we generate a crash dump from the server, and we share all the information we have with the Bluehole technical team.

Q: Why don’t we get an official response from En Masse?
A: This is an area that we can improve on. Right now, we delay talking to our players until we have more information on what caused lag or a server outage. One reason why we wait is because saying “We are investigating,” doesn’t feel like a satisfactory answer and usually only leads to more questions. Not every investigation yields a solution, and we know most players just want the issue fixed. We know that players feel we have been too silent about our efforts so far, so we will try to provide more updates to the community moving forward.

We are aware there are lag reports in the following areas in game:
1. High level dungeons
2. Spikes that affect all open world and instance players form that world
3. Average ping/jitter that are different by server, despite being hosted at the same location

Q: What can I do on my side?
A: There are some common things that can cause network performance problems that you can check:
• Make sure that you are not playing over Wi-Fi if you are having lag problems.
• Make sure that you or other people in your house are not doing bandwidth intensive things such as streaming video, downloading large files, etc.
• Try playing at different times to avoid primetime internet traffic from your ISP (usually 9 PM – 11 PM in your local time zone).

Please remember that network lag is not the same as problems with your framerate. BHS is aware of problems in this area as well, but this is not an issue related to our server infrastructure.
Working as intended? Really? I've completed FIVE dungeons since the start of this event and haven't seen a single token. If that's the intended drop rate, it seems like i won't see a single reward during this anniversary scam.

Which dungeons have you run? They only drop from the highlighted dungeon of the week, which is currently Demokron Factory (Hard).
Merged multiple threads about MT being down.

The server is now back up. Sorry for the inconvenience. Our Operations crew is looking at the crash dump now to attempt to identify why it crashed in the first place.
DonkeyProphet isn't on the En Masse crew anymore. He moved back to be closer to his family in California near the end of last year. His primary focus was TERA console (which wasn't announced at the time), which has since been passed on to another product manager. We really appreciate all the work he did for console and wish him luck and success.

I've kept in touch with him since his move, and he's doing really well. I'll let him know you said hi :)
The operations team is working on getting MT back up again. Sorry about this!
The operations team is on it. We'll get it up and running ASAP. Sorry about that!
No problem, sorry for the confusion.
Passing this on to the product team. I don't think it was ever said that Reward points would be added to all the dungeons, I really think it would be a nice addition.
Teekz wrote: »
Oh look another sheep

Even if you think EME doesn't deserve your personal thanks, attacking another player for being positive is very disrespectful and hurts this community. Please keep that in mind when you choose to participate in discussions.
W7GNYAP55A wrote: »
You don't fight evil with evil, you fight evil with love.

How Sailor Moon of you <3

I don't know about you, but I've made tons and tons of gold from bonanza boxes. Bonanza boxes was an addition added by EME, NA Tera alone. It has helped me greatly to get resources that I wouldn't had before. So this is a thank you EME, for bonanza boxes. Have a nice day.

I hope the end of BG credits isn't the end of Bonanza Boxes. The TERA crew knows how much those rewards improve BGs so we will keep them in mind. We're keeping a close eye on the new rewards system.

Thanks for the kind words!
That's true but BAM Killer tokens were still rewarded a little differently. There are multiple factors to consider when setting up a new event, so we want to remain flexible. My way of saying "FYI some details and settings might change."
The only dungeon dropping them right now is Demokron Factory (Hard), since that's the highlighted dungeon this week. When the token shop contents change, so will the highlighted dungeon.
EMP is being rewarded this week. Don't worry, your prize didn't get sent to the wrong Elna!

We'll get the text changed asap. I'm not sure how we got the wrong server on there.
Now that the tokens are dropping properly, we've reset all dungeon instance cooldowns for those who already tried running them but didn't get their loot.

The tokens are currently tradeable, which is something we're going to monitor as the event progresses. This is the first time a method like this has been set up for awarding cosmetic goodies and the team wants to make sure everyone gets a cool reward for earning tokens. There's a possibility the TERA crew will adjust things as the month goes on to make it as fair and fun as possible.
Thank you for posting this. We don't have any notes about this change, so I'm going to talk to BHS about it and we'll update you when we can.
Here are the initial contents of the shop. These will change on a weekly basis, switching contents every Tuesday during the Anniversary celebration. So if you don't see something you like, save up your tokens for different prizes later in the month.

  • 5 Tokens: Strong Canephora Potion
  • 5 Tokens: Strong Bravery Potions
  • 5 Tokens: Valiant Potion
  • 15 Tokens: Federation Supply: Goddess's Blessing
  • 35 Tokens: Rowdy Rodeo Loot Box
  • 35 Tokens: Chromaplasm Weapon Skin Loot Box
  • 35 Tokens: Squared Circle Loot Box
  • 40 Tokens: True Ultimate Elin Elite Loot Box
  • 550 Tokens: Blizzat's Remembrance (Smart Box)
  • 600 Tokens: Flying Skill: Orville
  • 600 Tokens: Conjurer's Costume (Smart Box)
  • 600 Tokens: Formal Wear Costume Box (Smart Box)

Three tokens should drop at a 100% chance. We're double checking to make sure that's the case.
In previous patches you were still able to get 4 out of 5 in your party from the LFG or your guild, (or 6 out of 7,) and then instance match. If they kept that it shouldn't be a huge problem.

I dislike "IMS only" for the reason that if someone leaves, DC's, or becomes an insufferable [filtered] that you have to kick, you can't just go recruit. You must wait for IMS and risk getting another afker or [filtered]..

Hopefully it is fixed with a week, like in past patches.

I believe this was the way it was configured when it was delivered by Bluehole Inc.

I can bring it up, and see if it might be possible to add the ability to enter via Teleportal as well, though please keep in mind that if we are able to, it might not be an immediate change.
Ah, looks like the old page was finally taken down. We'll see if we can't get the whole collection uploaded somewhere for anniversary month.
I can understand your frustration, but please don't use insults to get your point across. Please submit a new ticket, and we will respond to that as soon as possible.
While we're on the subject...
The achievement. What is the number 6 and 8 for?
Is it seconds, minutes, hours? 6 wrist slaps on Lakan??

There are 6 achievements for Normal Mode. There are 8 achievements for Hard Mode, including one that grants a title. Hope that helps.
Ceciella wrote: »
So the event was completely disabled as of right now despite saying that it's still active in the game itself?

Not trying to be a [filtered], but I'm just looking for further clarification.

The event is active and running and has not been disabled at all/ever. The only changes will come during the maintenance tomorrow morning. Hope this clears that up.
Sharp eye. The writers owe me a Mountain Dew!

Thanks for that. It's been corrected.
Patch notes for the Velik's Fate update are live. Server maintenance will from from 7 a.m. to 9 a.m. PDT.

Here are the full patch notes!
Thanks for sharing your concern. I didn't specify this in my post, but there are some types of tickets that are not being closed. This includes player reports, billing issues, and log in issues. Since these tickets are unlikely to get resolved on their own, it wouldn't make sense for us to close them.
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English Version
Hi, I am new to the game, and I have a question related to the quests ... I arrived at level 44, and I noticed that we moved from the faster level in dungeons. With that left several quests without doing, then the doubt that is is that to some consequence if I arrive in lvl 65 without doing the quest?

Versão em Português
Oi, Sou novato no game, e estou com uma duvida relacionada as quests... Cheguei no level 44, e tenho notado que passamos de level, mais rapido em dungeons. Com isso isso deixado varias quests para tráz, então a duvida que fica é que a alguma consequencia caso eu chego no lvl 65 sem fazer as quest?

When you get to a certain point in the Story Quest Line, I will mention that it's extremely important to do them in a certain order, otherwise you may end up killing off an NPC before he can ask you to complete other Story Quests.

Example :
Revelation of the Goddess
These Aren't the Weapons We're Looking For
The Mystery Deepens
Because a lot of the "lore" came from pre-launch marketing efforts, they exist on external sites and such. They basically own the copyright for that material's reproduction. It's a cool idea, but publishing a book would not be feasible for us.

Much as I wish otherwise. I totally <3 the lore.
Due to a large backlog of support tickets, the wait time for a support response has become very long (over 2 weeks in some cases). With so many old tickets in queue, we are spending a lot of our time responding to tickets where the issue has already been resolved or the question no longer applies. In order for us to get to new tickets regarding Fifth Anniversary events and new game content in a more reasonable time frame, we have to change our strategy.

Rather than continuing to go through the backlogged tickets individually, we will be closing all tickets that were submitted before May 4, 2017. This will allow us to focus on the newest tickets which are the most likely to still need assistance.

If your support ticket is closed and the issue is still unresolved, please submit a new support ticket. We will reply to new tickets in the order they are received.

Please understand that this is not an approach we like to take. We know that each ticket is important and deserves an individual and timely response. We believe that this is the best way for us to accomplish that going forward.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

- EME Customer Support Team
Ves1978 wrote: »
WTB patch notes...

They should be up today. I saw the writers furiously working their quills.
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