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Is this still occuring? Is it that the your instances need to be reset or you cannot enter the dungeon at all?
You will probably need to log all the way out of the game, close the launcher, and log back in again. Then they should appear in your Item Claim.
Enjoy your weekend!
Fleett wrote: »
Does everyone in the picture get the prize?

The prize would go to whomever submitted it. Profit sharing schemes should be arranged prior to submission! ;)
I'm sorry to hear about this issue. I spoke to Cobaltdragon about this and to resolve it, you will need to submit a ticket to CS.
It’s the Summer of Love in TERA and to celebrate, we have another contest for our community! The new wedding outfits are available and we want to see your perfect wedding.

Gather your friends, dress them up in gorgeous wedding outfits, and we’ll pick the best images! Images must show a wedding party of five or more. We’re accepting entries at fanart@enmasse.com through Thursday, June 29 at 11:59 p.m. PDT.

The top winner will receive 5,000 EMP and two runners-up will each get 2,500 EMP.

Standard En Masse contest rules apply.

Winners will be announced in a news post, and may be posted to the TERA website or shown in our weekly Twitch stream.

So send us your screenshots and leave us in “Awwww!”
berrymilk wrote: »
@Zoknahal xD I meant the dresses for buy I seen the entries winners

Those are on sale in the store!
Halrath wrote: »
As I mentioned earlier this week, we're planning one for this summer, but NOT SOON™

@Halrath can you please check your inbox i send you guys a private message since yesterday (you and spacecats) i can't make a post in the Guild forum part, please help me.

Looks like your Post was getting caught up in a Spam Filter, possibly due to excessive editing, or too many Threads / Posts made within a short time frame.
As many of noticed, we've adjusted the rewards once more. We feel we've hit a middle-ground in response to player feedback (badges vs. banners, etc.)

No further adjustments will be made to this event.
As I mentioned earlier this week, we're planning one for this summer, but NOT SOON™
Closing this Thread to avoid misinformation.
You're showing a link to an article written in 2015.
Sorry for the late response to this thread. I'll go ahead and remove the VM mats from the event. I'll probably put something else in there for now. I'll make sure we ease off the influx of materials for awhile, too.
Cathelina wrote: »
Yay! We are really happy! One thing though, Nynke is my real life name, I'm actually Kathelina on Tempest Reach :pleased:

Fixed this in the news post as well.

Thanks everyone for your submissions! There were a TON of great ones and they were all really touching to read. They warmed even my cold heart.
Cathelina wrote: »
Yay! We are really happy! One thing though, Nynke is my real life name, I'm actually Kathelina on Tempest Reach :pleased:

Updated! Sorry for the mixup - read that wrong in your guys' story.
There is already a thread discussing lag as well as another thread talking about the massive incoming traffic spike. Please don't make duplicate threads.
Thank you so much to everyone who shared their TERA True Love Story with us! It wasn't easy picking only a few of the many entries we received, but we've managed to narrow it down to six winners whose tales of TERA love made our hearts particularly tender.

* Amontt and Vena.Cava
* Mhoz and Shy
* Phayxia and Orishina
* Aini and Zeriya
* Fairypuff and Lanceon
* Teokost and Nynke

We won't be sharing the winning stories/videos just yet (Spacecats will likely be doing that on stream when he returns from vacation), but you're more than welcome to share your love stories in this forum thread in the meantime!

Winners, we'll be contacting you shortly to get you your prizes! Congratulations on your contest win AND your awesome relationships :D
FF and TR are up again and players are logging in. Sorry for the disruption, folks.
Crashes appear to have been caused by a massive inbound traffic flood to one of our ISPs. We have switched over to an alternate and things appear to be leveling out. We'll have the servers up shortly; our Ops team is all over it.
Most likely, the reason why you can only access the European Servers through Steam is due to the information we had previously posted here : ( http://tera.enmasse.com/news/posts/important-news-for-europe-and-russia )

As for still being unable to connect, I'd suggest submitting a Support Ticket with an attached copy of your EME Diagnostic text file : ( http://support.enmasse.com/tera/resolve-technical-issues-with-the-diagnostic-tool )

While waiting for us to answer your Ticket, you can also try the steps listed here, if you have not already done so : ( http://support.enmasse.com/tera/resolving-connectivity-issues-with-tera )

And if those don't work, try the steps below :

1.) A fresh install, in the off-chance any corruption in the installation has occurred.

2.) Try using a free VPN / Proxy Service, which will alter the route your connection is taking to our servers (might want to try a few to see which provides the most ideal connection).

3.) Contact your Internet Service Provider and have them test your connection between your computer to our Servers, and see if there might be any issue with Nodes or a Data Center Outage along the current path the connection is taking.

4.) If nothing else has worked, you may also want to try have a local computer specialist take a look at your computer, checking for any software that may be conflicting, and then help remove that software.
Being able to access Server Select, but not being able to enter any Server typically indicates that your Game Client hasn't correctly patched up to the latest version, and more often that not, it means you have software on your computer limiting or blocking the required connection that is needed to finish patching.

I'd recommend checking what you have installed, and either add exceptions to the TERA-Launcher.exe , TL.exe, and TERA.exe files, or simply temporarily uninstall your Security Software followed by a quick computer restart, then check to see if you can finish patching, and then make it to the Character Selection Screen.

Also, for your Account's Public Nickname, check this Thread : https://forums.enmasse.com/tera/discussion/20/setting-up-your-account-nickname
The recent increase in gameplay-affecting lag spikes have been truly frustrating for players and the TERA staff at EME alike. We have been working with our technology partners and the game’s developers to identify possible root causes since the issues began in May. Though we’ve not yet identified a root cause, we do have some hypotheses as to what might be causing the recent issues.

To help support our investigation and build a case that we can escalate to the appropriate parties, we continue to require supporting data from players. If you experience a gameplay-disrupting lag spike, we ask that you please submit to us the following information in an email to “diag@enmasse.com”:

Internally, our Operations team is collating the data you provide and corroborating it with their own monitoring tools to get a better sense of what’s happening in the TERA server environment at the time these lag spikes occur. While our monitoring hasn't revealed any corresponding network events surrounding recent reports of lag spikes, identifying any impact on the server environment when lag spikes occur will be essential to finding the cause and ultimately arriving at a solution.

It’s important to note that you will not receive a direct response when submitting the information above. We are not using this data to address player-specific issues on a case-by-case basis. Instead, we are looking at the aggregated data to help identify the larger root cause of the recent issues.

The Product and Community teams at En Masse recognize the severity of these issues and remain diligent in monitoring community reports of them. We have established a regular meeting internally to review community reports and raise awareness around the current volume and severity of community reports involving network stability.

I know this is not the update many of you were hoping for, but I wanted to provide the community some transparency into our current efforts and encourage you to continue providing the above information to “diag@enmasse.com”. It truly is helpful to our ongoing investigation of these issues. We appreciate your continued patience and support.
Zoknahal wrote: »
Since we talking bout wedding costumes, lets talk about that hinted 2017 swimsuit collection during the past stream, shall we @Halrath ?

NO off-topic posts, please. :P

Seriously, though, swimsuits don't seem like a topic for June. We'll talk again later.
ElinUsagi wrote: »
The announcement says that this week we are going to have them avaliable in the cash shop.

Since it wasn't included after the patch do you guys may tell us when they will be ready? :(

Love is in the air...on Thursday.
I feel like this thread has reached the end of its usefulness. There's nothing wrong with wanting alternate ways to acquire things. Let's move on and let this discussion end.
Fleett wrote: »
If you guys have the power to change it back can you do it? I mean, if there are more event icons I'm pretty sure we all can move them manually..

We can't affect their positioning currently, to my knowledge.
I like it.
Pretty sure it's not glitched, the space in between is for extra icons (like we just had last weekend).

You're right. Differents events, while active, will fill in the gaps.
Haggard86 wrote: »
Makes it annoying

I agree, it's not the best design.
I don't know how to say it but...i get it twice a day. 1 item claim and 2 after reset immediately as it should be.
Why so?

Because they don't know who's not getting the boxes the normal way (like OP), so they're sending them to every elite player just to make sure.

This is correct, we're doing it as a make-good for those players who are experiencing the reset issue.

We deployed a change to the reset time today that is communicated in the patch notes here: http://tera.enmasse.com/news-page/patch-notes

Over the next few days, we'll collect some anecdotal information from players to verify if the fix worked or not and report our findings in the stickied thread.
Having read this thread, I just want to say that we will look for more avenues to acquire noctenium in-game. It was already set up for my next event, but we will still look for more ways.
Like I said in my message to you, it wasn't a warning - just a friendly request to keep similar threads created in a similar time frame together in a single topic. I don't want to reduce positivity! I just want to focus it like a positivity laser on a single post!
@Halrath can you explain how to get this costume?

First, they cheatz0r, then they incur the wrath of Halrath, and then they get their account banned.
We'll have one later this summer. Definitely not next weekend, but the rewards will be sweet enough to require a dentist's visit.
I'll be posting a separate thread either later today or tomorrow (working on the draft now). The truth is, we don't know the source of these issues and are actively investigating them.

I know it's frustrating, it is for us too. I'll say more in the standalone thread (which will replace the current stickied thread on the topic of lag).
ElinLove wrote: »
Halrath wrote: »
Harrowhold will return in The Avengers.

Wait, no. It will come with v57, which will release some time next month.

please tell me v57 brings back the choice for character direction or camera direction attacks on controller please please PLEASE!

As I have stated in several places about that topic, do not expect further changes any time soon. BHS likes it this way. We have argued against it. Wish we could win that fight, but for now, the controls are as they are in the current build.
SomaHeal wrote: »
Can any staff membrer update us with informations about the constant lag problems?

Denommenator is working on an update, but he's extremely busy at the moment. It's important to him (and us), however.
DpkFicxll wrote: »
just let us know if u guys are reading our topics

We're reading the topics and we're discussing them. Bear in mind that even if we want to make a change, at the very least that requires a maintenance on our part and often requires work on Bluehole, so nothing will change over night.

That said, this is something we will evaluate and choose a course of action we feel best for the game and the players. Really can't talk about upcoming content yet, but I'll see if I can get some details for you.
Spacecats is on well-earned vacation for a couple of weeks, but the rest of us are here.
Harrowhold will return in The Avengers.

Wait, no. It will come with v57, which will release some time next month.
Tenshi1 wrote: »
Well, with their past, and so many people have tried to tell what they want, and BHS has mainly done what THEY want, it doesn't give people an incentive to do it anymore.

I personally have got shot down by some of this toxic community for expressing my ideas.

But in any case, I will put this. @Halrath would you at least talk with BHS about putting the system back to when we had the "camera direction" and "Character direction" options in the controller options?

I doubt BHS would do anything though, and EME's already talked with them once or twice and they agreed to do at least this, I'm afraid of pushing my luck. As I said, I do NOT want to go back to everything be camera faced.

I can request it again, of course. We pushed back pretty hard on this, but met with...resistance. Do not hold out much hope that this will change anytime soon. I'm just trying to set your expectations, not shoot you down.
Sadly, I do need to close this Forum Thread.
We are not able to offer to check submitted Support Tickets and give higher priority to the OP because a Forum Thread was made in an attempt to check the current status of it.
Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We've fixed the issue so that players who receive the strongbox keys going forward will receive the correct, functional versions.

Those players that received the broken ones will have them replaced during maintenance on 06/20. Apologies for the inconvenience, we really should have caught this.
Volturi wrote: »
@Denommenator just a quick question... if you crash by reason beyond your control (aka, your servers being trash like they have been) does the daily timer resets back to 0?

They shouldn't. During our testing, the time retained across logins.
The Allegiance system not working right now is being discussed in another thread : https://forums.enmasse.com/tera/discussion/15875/allegiance-weekend-event#latest

I believe it may have just now been resolved for all Servers.
Yeah, we sorted it out. Thanks for your patience.
It's only working on Fey Forest right now. We're investigating why it's not working on the other servers. I'll post back with more info as we have it.
SakuSugoii wrote: »
Is the event on right now? @Denommenator

It's noon PDT but I am not seeing the UI for the rewards. Restarted launcher as well to be sure.

We're verifying ourselves right now. It's active on Fey Forest from what I can tell. What server are you on?
Hi there. After discussing with some folks in the customer support department, I wanted to give you an update. When tickets are filed under "Player Reports," there IS a form message that goes out in response because, unfortunately, there's nothing else we can state on the situation for privacy reasons.

That doesn't mean that these tickets are tossed aside. Customer Support does investigate further - they just want to let folks know that their ticket has been received with the response you got. When they go to review the ticket ticket you mentioned in more detail later, they'll find it's blank, and move on.

I'd urge you to please report this player, with the included screenshots that you mentioned to me via PM, so that appropriate action can be taken.
TWMagimay wrote: »
TWMagimay wrote: »
When the daily timer resets, would we have to relog or does the next day timer start on its own?

Your daily timer will reset back to 0 hr 0 min played for that day. Once you log back in, it will begin to tick up as long as you are in game until the next reset.

So, you mean, the timer will reset to 0 but won't start counting for the new day until a relog? I'm suddenly very glad I have a clock on my keyboard....

The time at which the daily counter resets is fixed. It's at 4 a.m. PDT.

Your personal counter ticks only when you're in the game on a server.

I think this will all be much clearer once the event starts in about 90 minutes and you get a look at the interface.
Yes, that was what I had been referring to, but checking it now, it appears to be a Troll code. :awesome:
I could have sworn that there was a code written in paint on the wall towards the very beginning of the Stream... :pleased:
In case people wanted to know, here are the rewards. Seandynamite updated the news post, too.

Daily Rewards (repeatable daily)

30 minutes—Expiring Anthrozombie Elixir (6 hour) ×1
1 hour—Strong Bravery Potion ×3
2 hours—Lamb Bulgogi ×3
3 hours—Noctenium Infusion ×400
4 hours—Crimsonheart Loot Box ×1
5 hours—Crimsonheart Loot Box ×2
Event Rewards (one-time)

2 hours—Tier 11 Feedstock ×300
4 hours—Strongbox Key ×5
6 hours—Lakan's Scale ×5
8 hours—Badge of Loyalty ×5
10 hours—Lakan's Banner ×5
12 hours—Talisman of Lakan ×3
canikizu wrote: »
Halrath wrote: »
The blue bar resets each day. The purple bar is an event-long meter. Once it's full, that's that.
canikizu wrote: »
Halrath wrote: »
Follow-up. I spoke to Seandynamite about this. The answers to your questions are as follows:

Blue Bar: If you log out and log back in, the timer is only paused. It will not wipe.
Purple Bar: You only get the rewards once for the event.

The cumulative time and rewards are per server. If you play on 8 toons on one server, that has no effect on your characters that are not on CH.

That is still not really clear. If that is the case, then both bar are the same? If we reach 5h, the blue bar reset?

The blue bar resets each day. The purple bar is an event-long meter. Once it's full, that's that.

That cleared up some. Thank you.

You said the purple bar is per server. What about the blue bar? Is it per server too? or per character?

Both timer bars are per server.
The blue bar resets each day. The purple bar is an event-long meter. Once it's full, that's that.
canikizu wrote: »
Halrath wrote: »
Follow-up. I spoke to Seandynamite about this. The answers to your questions are as follows:

Blue Bar: If you log out and log back in, the timer is only paused. It will not wipe.
Purple Bar: You only get the rewards once for the event.

The cumulative time and rewards are per server. If you play on 8 toons on one server, that has no effect on your characters that are not on CH.

That is still not really clear. If that is the case, then both bar are the same? If we reach 5h, the blue bar reset?

The blue bar resets each day. The purple bar is an event-long meter. Once it's full, that's that.
Follow-up. I spoke to Seandynamite about this. The answers to your questions are as follows:

Blue Bar: If you log out and log back in, the timer is only paused. It will not wipe.
Purple Bar: You only get the rewards once for the event.

The cumulative time and rewards are per server. If you play on 8 toons on one server, that has no effect on your characters that are not on CH.
Leucosias wrote: »
Have I missed this or something?

So I've been working on one for a little while now. I've gotten far, but there are so many missing pieces and misinformation out there from mistranslated lore it seems.

This is a legitimate request. I dunno how to ask for it, but I know that roleplayers would actually be interested in LEARNING about the Gods if they weren't so scattered and their relations not just thrown together for them to piece up.

I know it's probably not going to happen. This is just a rant after a lot of hard work going capoot, but ah well.

The Writing Team came up with a LOT of lore for TERA. Sadly, much of that has been lost to time, but I'll see if I can get them to piece something together. I'll dig through my old notes, too.
Ketoth wrote: »

is no stop time or i can relog without losing the time counts?

Fair question.

If you log out, you lose your time for that play session (the blue bar), but it still counts towards your cumulative total (the purple bar).
Ah. I see the problem. The image link was wrong. Thanks for the tip. I'll fix that right now.
The event isn't on the launcher yet, so there is no link from there. Here is the link from the News page.
You're welcome, shall I edit the title and content of the thread to reflect that this will be a discussion involving all servers then @Spacecats ?

Sure, let's open it up for everyone. I'm already working with Denommenator today to discuss server status. Hopefully we'll have some sort of update to give in this thread.
We've been getting reports from multiple servers. I don't think this thread needs to be AV specific. As far as we can tell all TERA servers are experiencing connection spikes.

Edit - Also, thanks saltedcaramel for creating this discussion.
Moved thread to bug report forums.
Zoknahal wrote: »
In all honesty, an updated character creation window would bring TONS of players, new and returning. Just add body sliders and much more customization options, like ability to mix and match ears, tails, and hairstyle for elins. Same for castanic, and more horn types for amani male, more hairstyles and makeup options for femani, the list goes on.

I'm curious why you think body sliders and more customization options would bring in tons of new players. Can you elaborate? Presumably a new player would have no idea what the preexisting customization options were, so they would all be new to them anyway.
Laethys wrote: »
I don't get an optimization issues, I would say Trying out an open PvP server with many incentives on Guild Wars and PvEvP World Boss fights. I would also say a full expansion with 5 new levels and maybe a portal to another dimension to maybe the Argon dimension? I think something like 10 player Trials (something shorter than a raid could be fun.) Lastly, Housing with badass/cute decorations and furniture!

I'd love to see where the Argons really come from. I've always imagined it looked like what they turned Argonea into, but what if it was a completely abstract dimension. If all of TERA is a dream, what if Argon dimension is a nightmare?
Removed political reference from thread title.
Maintenance has ended. Servers and services are restored.

This is an ongoing forum topic and I've requested that the product team address the issue. We will be meeting with the Operations crew. Look for something soon.

In the meantime, AV is up and this thread has turned into bickering and personal attacks (some of which have been removed by forum moderation). Closing this thread.
11 pst already :cry:

It's 0920, actually. Sorry. Hang in there!
StarSprite wrote: »
Paizen wrote: »
Those items still work. I purchased a couple of items from the Federation Bills vendor and a guildie purchase and used the strongbox keys. They all seemed to function as normal. As recently as last night. *confused and bewildered*
During an event there were items that said they were strongbox keys but did not open any strongboxes, as one example. The players who have those items which are basically useless are getting them removed and replaced with functioning strongbox keys/fed bills.


A small number of players received the wrong items from the Buddy Up program. This is remedying the problem by replacing Korean versions of the items (which don't work) with NA versions. Sorry for the confusion in the patch notes.
Okay. I think this discussion has stopped being productive. Thanks for the suggestion.
LancerJiva wrote: »
Furthermore I forgot to add @Spacecats if things weren't changed or touched, then can you explain why Lakan's Scales are in there when they weren't before? You said twice now that things weren't touched when players have posted getting them, including myself.

What he's referring to are the probabilities for the loot table (which I set up). Yes, the Tier 11 mats were swapped out for the Tier 12 mats, but that is literally the only change made. It is the same table that we have used since I began my tenure here. The Tier 12 mats were intended to be rare drops (and they are). Most of the time, you will earn dragon scales or feedstock.
The truth is that our Operations team is looking into the cause of the crashes. I think if more truth was known about why it went down today, the guys on the Ops crew would really appreciate it, but it's not a simple situation when it comes to TERA servers. For the time being, it's up and running again and they'll continue to monitor.
Athenril wrote: »
It's not like my entire party from all over the world gets lag spikes at the same time, must be my ISP.

Please read my comment.
> @Spacecats said:
> saltedcaramel wrote: »
> "It's mostly people out of NA having issues, which makes sense"
> What part of this makes sense to any of you good folks at EME?
> A server crash is different from lag. Please don't quote EME staff out of context. It gives people the wrong idea and muddles communication for people that are honestly looking for help.
> I commented earlier about latency and how there are multiple ways your connection can be affected (including server performance on our end that has nothing to do with your ISP). Check it out if you're looking for clarification.

Consider the amount of issues AV has been having recently. Do you really think anyone in AV cares about about the context in quoted text?

Most people want the truth, not a random quote from a different thread concerning a different topic. It's one of the reasons that misrepresentation is listed in the forum rules & guidelines.
Ascension Valley is back up and running. People should be able to log back in now.
"It's mostly people out of NA having issues, which makes sense"

What part of this makes sense to any of you good folks at EME?

A server crash is different from lag. Please don't quote EME staff out of context. It gives people the wrong idea and muddles communication for people that are honestly looking for help.

I commented earlier about latency and how there are multiple ways your connection can be affected (including server performance on our end that has nothing to do with your ISP). Check it out if you're looking for clarification.
I'd suggest contacting Customer Support on this. They can check the status of the delivery and ensure you get founders status enabled.
We're aware of the outage on Ascension Valley. The server is in the process of being restarted. Our Operations team will investigate the cause of today's crash and continue to monitor other TERA servers.

Sorry for the inconvenience!
canikizu wrote: »
@Spacecats The noctenium problem has been here ever since Noctenium was introduced. It's not the main cause whatsoever. The way it works is, every time you consume ONE noctenium, the game will make a call to server to open your inventory, search through your inventory for noctenium, and minus ONE out of it. It was just the way the game is coded, and not a bug. Even though it shouldn't be that inefficient, we didn't have problem with noctenium since it was introduced long time ago.

Ah sure that makes sense, thanks. I can see that requiring more data to be sent/received. So it's not just a matter of more skills happening in a given length of time.

So with the move to noct potions, it seems like that issue wouldn't exist. Luckily I'm not the one that has to investigate it, just pass along the info :p
Fleett wrote: »
You're telling us that all of a sudden the whole TERA playerbase had a luck change? lol

Nobody's really saying what kind of loot they were getting before, just that they aren't happy with what they're getting now. Threads like this are always a callout for people who think they aren't getting enough loot. I'm not saying the loot shouldn't or couldn't be better, but believe me that the settings have gone completely untouched. The chances of each item appearing in the jackpot is the same as it was during all of May and the start of June. They just swapped Handkerchiefs, Envys, and Hypnos with Banners, Badges, and Talismans when the new armor set came out.

I'll suggest to the TERA product team that the rewards be increased from what they have been. If PvPers don't feel like they're being rewarded for their time in BGs, it's definitely something that should be looked at.
If it happens again, can you let us know which BAM you were hunting for the daily? Did it show the "Additional rewards" bar underneath the quest in the VG window?
The noctenium theory is interesting. I've passed it on to the team in hopes that it will help uncover some of the spiking issues people are experiencing. No doubt Gameforge has also passed it on to Bluehole since it was brought up in their forums.

As for those saying that EME doesn't acknowledge game latency, let me assure you guys that it's something we're aware of. There are definitely situations where every person in a party experience lag at the same time, and it has nothing to do with their ISP. That doesn't mean when a player is lagging that it can't be a mixture of many things. I know it's easier to look at lag as a single problem with a single fix, but it's not that easy. If you're playing from Estonia on a spotty wi-fi connection, a skywhale bumps your router, and then TERA servers hiccup all at once, you're going to have... a bad time. If you're playing from Chicago that's less likely to happen, but even local connections get lag especially during peak hours of the day.

(Playing from Australia on the other hand... flawless -_-)

What we've found is that when server-side issues occur it's typically a big spike. The whole encounter will freeze and skills will be unresponsive for everyone in the instance. There's been an increase of this lately and our Operations team is still investigating (along with Bluehole) to find out why that's the case.

When it's an ISP or server network issue, players typically see an overall increase in ping and more subtle delays in the response times of skills or inventory/menus opening. Sometimes they just disconnect completely. That can be caused by network congestion in Chicago (like if there's a DDoS attack) or any number of things closer to the player's home that will be outside of our control. That's why we ask for diag files that have routing information.

So when we say that there's no evidence of network congestion on the server side of things, please don't take that to mean that we don't believe you're lagging or that it's all in your head. It could still be game related. It could also be something outside of both your and our areas of control.
Cheyser wrote: »
guys can u help me? could u give me the link where i supposed to put in the link of my video? i know its in FanArt@enmasse.com how do i get in?

You can upload it to YouTube (or Instagram if it's short enough) and paste the link in the e-mail. Attaching a whole video to an e-mail is usually too big to send.
mm, i've been wondering if potential winners can choose not to have their stories posted at forums or read aloud during the stream?


Explain your situation when you submit your story and we can probably work something out. Like any contest we prefer to share the winning stories with the TERA community both because they're probably great entries, but also to confirm to everyone else that submitted work what the winning entry looked like. But exceptions can always be made.
The loot tables haven't been nerfed or changed in any way. They're the same as when they were set up. I'm afraid the only thing that's changed is your luck :/
YLGC3JEJ4P wrote: »
I did the first 3 low tier bams i got 15 goldfinger tokens, then I went on to do the mid-tier did the 1st set out of that 3 and did not get any goldfinger tokens did 2nd set out of the 3 mid tier and on that set I got tokens. when I should have gotten 30 tokens I got 25, I hope that's clearer.

That's more clear, yes. Thank you. Did the quests show you the bonus awards in the Vanguard Requests window? They're item-level dependent. The only reason you shouldn't get them is if the bonus award quest wasn't available to you.
They'll go on sale next week.
Forum logins will be disabled. If you are logged in before maintenance begins, you should be able to use the forums normally.

That said, I've changed our initial post to direct people to the @TERAOnline Twitter account instead. Just in case! ;D
It has been fixed! Thanks for calling that out.

Love is in the air, and a new contest has begun!

Between now and June 18 at 11:59 p.m. PDT, write and send a tale of true TERA love to FanArt@enmasse.com. If you make it a video, you might even get a little extra flowery prize!

The top winners of this contest will get themselves a set of the new wedding outfits arriving once the contest ends. Top placement will even get a dyeable set.

We'll be holding a PART 2 to this contest and giving away even more prizes once the PART 1 winners are decided and the love stories have been told. What could part 2 entail? Hmm... are those wedding bells we hear in the distance? <3 <3 <3

For details on this contest, see the full article: http://tera.enmasse.com/news/posts/tera-true-love-story-contest
berrymilk wrote: »

thank you @Halrath XD i just seen the love letter post of the wedding outfits :> me and my so will be entering is fanart welcomed along with the letter?

It's not really necessary, but we won't burn your submission if you include it. It won't affect the contest either way.
nope, im get is only Tera Eu exclusive

maybe you must be moved to tera eu, but im dont want see u returned to na with empy wallet huehue

It's not an EU exclusive. We will have it in a future release. No further details at this time, though. Sorry.
You can see the wedding outfits here.
It's not clear what the bug actually is. Can you please give me some more details?
That would be too brutal. Sorry.
The operations team is doing some migrations and updates across all of our services. It's not specific to any one game or event.
Good morning, TERA Community!

There will not be a maintenance on Tuesday, 6/13, but we will have an extended maintenance on 6/14.

Starting from 7 a.m. PDT on 06/14, TERA game servers, the TERA store, forums, and other account-related systems will be unavailable until the maintenance ends, at approximately 10 a.m. PDT. During maintenance, you will not be able to buy items through the web store, nor will you be able to buy EMP. Customer support will also be down during this period so you will not be able to submit tickets.

As soon as the operations team gives the all-clear, we will restore services as quickly as possible, but please note that the 10 a.m. window is an approximation. Should maintenance extend beyond 10 a.m. PDT, we’ll update this post.

We appreciate your patience! Thank you!
Catservant wrote: »
+1 for another source of GF tokens AND for the ty on circlet fragments.

Xenyzhia wrote: »
Please bring back summer festival 2017... I don't know if I am ahead of time.But it's almost summer. And I want it back. I need all the daily quest there.. Please GM @Spacecats :( Bring back the fun of festivals in TERA

We've got summer plans coming for you next month. Fear not!
Closed at the request of the OP.
Catservant wrote: »
I really enjoyed the meeting Seandynamite. I like many of his ideas, especially about polling/connecting with the community when decisions are still in the formative stages.

That said, I just want to say, Spacecats--you in particular have done an amazing job of not letting your ego and/or hopes get in the way of a better decision when the community doesn't like something.

When the anniversary event didn't go...shall we say smoothly?...you listened, thought, then applied what you heard. Changing how tokens could be earned, prices, and possible PRIZES based on feedback you got.

You made a lot of people very happy in the end, and I think if SeanDynamite does as he seems to be saying, you two are going to make some sweet events together.

I'm really hopeful we can all start pulling together more to support the game.

I think we learned a couple things from Anniversary events in general that I think will help event planning as Seandynamite starts mapping things out for the coming months.

1) With all that we had planned, our slow roll-out method made it seem like we had less going on. If we'd put up a bigger news post at the start of May that listed every single thing we were planning to run for the next four weeks, I think it would have looked more spectacular from the start (even if we modified things after the fact). Part of the reason it was rolled out this way is because Velik's Fate was part of that content, but at the same time was contained in itself as an update.

2) The timing of Noesis' departure kind of borked and confused a couple things. I don't hold that against him because no time would ever have been an ideal time. He still did a TON of work surrounding the celebration. Hand-offs are just rough.

3) Quiz bowl hates me. It's so good though that once it's fixed by Bluehole I can't wait for you guys to see it.
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