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For an event of this nature, I think it's reasonable for us to provide more notice upfront (2-3 days as people have said). Thanks for the feedback! In the future, we may extend this to discount promotions in general. The truth is though, there will always be players who enchanted or purchased some time shortly prior to the announcement.

For events like strongbox jackpots, we announce the day before quite intentionally for a variety of reasons (eg. require a maintenance/testing, business reasons, etc.)
LilMsQTay wrote: »
I agree with Zoknahal.
Newton be gone! Relativity and gravity, pft it's replaced with jiggly and pretty! Every thing should sparkle and fly!! Long live fantasy \♡/

Now, when are those swimsuits n scuba gear going to be on sale, I got some merman hunting to do.

Yes. Sorry my vacation (and preparation for it) kinda got in the way. It felt wrong to announce the new members right before flying out of the country.

I'll be sending out e-mails to selected people this week to confirm that they're still interested and willing, then next week we'll all learn who the newly added Player Council members are.
xiophie wrote: »
When do we find out the winners? ^-^

Tomorrow! I'll show them off on the Twitch stream. :)

But, whats the diference between Ktera's loot https://www.essentialmana.com/harrowhold-20/ And our loot?. Bc it seems like u just wrote every posible loot that u can get that didnt appear on the patchnotes, instead of actually changing the loot table.
Minilee wrote: »
Will the oblit essence be bankable like behemot essence... or are you gonna stick to what ktera did?

( i vote for bankable plz <3 )

Our loot is the same as K-TERA, we did not make any adjustments.
The loot rewards listed on the update page were a bit...lacking upon initial release. They've been updated: http://tera.enmasse.com/game-guide/dragonsires-revenge
Timescape and Demokron Factory (Hard) are going away on July 11. BRHM and AIHM will replace them on the 4-star dungeon list.
TacioNobre wrote: »
It's been a year or more that I do not enter my account, and I forgot my e-mail. If I give the name of my character, can you tell which e-mail it is linked to?

You'll want to submit a Support Ticket for this, and yeah, if you provide a Character's Name and Server, and we can locate the Account and have you verify additional information about that Account, we can assist with the recovery of that Account.
We're going to flesh out the rewards from HH on that page a bit; they should be up shortly. I'll post back when they're up.
The full patch notes will go up next week.
If you’re looking to boost your performance, there’s no better time than this weekend to pile on the pluses!

Starting Friday, July 7 at 10 a.m. PDT, and running until maintenance on Tuesday, July 11, all Awakening and Awakened enchanting costs are reduced by 25 percent! So gather up your eligible gear and get ready to rule the battlefield!
i'm glad we got a release date , but my other questions are still unanswered and the patch is really soon :<

I think the only question the update page doesn't answer is about the lag? Unfortunately that's an ongoing problem Denommenator addressed here.
The dungeons are ilevel 423. Loot-wise they're on par with the current 4-star dungeons.
The possible loot for Harrowhold incorrectly omitted Deathwrack. This has been corrected on the page, thanks for pointing it out!

Now some more for you.

Forest jewlery hasn't been in game for...gosh...nearing years?..

This one will require a bit more digging into as it is on our list of loot for the dungeon. Perhaps the loot tables we received were not properly updated...

We'll look into it and report back.
The possible loot for Harrowhold incorrectly omitted Deathwrack. This has been corrected on the page, thanks for pointing it out!
So, yeah, apparently that was posted yesterday: http://tera.enmasse.com/news/posts/the-dragonsire-is-coming-for-revenge

Actually, I staged the post yesterday, but forgot to flip the date when I published it a few minutes ago. Really, it came out today. You didn't miss any news post.
TERA’s latest update, “Dragonsire’s Revenge,” goes live on Tuesday, July 11, bringing with it new gear set options and updates for a few dungeons.

Check out all the details on the Dragonsire’s Revenge promo page...then mark your calendar.
It's true there's no maintenance this week. It's an odd one due to the 4th of July holiday.
now that you are back @spacecats, hopefully we will gets posts again for the Friday streams with the link in it and the brief description. we didn't have it while you were out...no posts or anything.

Of course! I've got fun stuff planned this Friday. Please remember to stay on topic, though. We can talk about the stream later ;D
I don't think the scroll does much good where brand new players are concerned. Say you're just starting out in TERA and you know someone that has a 65. Using a scroll to catch up with them means you won't have any experience with the game before jumping into high end dungeons. You'd be setting yourself up for a miserable time (not to mention the people you pair with in instance matching). I realize the level 1 to 60 experience isn't the same as it used to be in TERA but it still serves a purpose.

Economy-wise, if the scroll is in demand and you're willing to pay gold to get one from the broker, I'm not sure why you'd consider it overpriced unless you just don't want to spend what it's worth to other people.
The topic is swimsuits, not physics. Let's drop personal attacks and focus on the topic or move on to another one, please.
kknaex wrote: »
LesbianVi wrote: »
Spacecats wrote: »
Where did he say that? He hasn't made a TERA video on 11 months so I'm having a hard time finding it.

Anyway, it's a pretty rare case where we give out gear to anyone. Like for instance if a new high-end dungeon comes out and we'd like gaming press to review it or we're running some kind of marketing campaign. In most cases it's on a private press server that's wiped shortly after.

Hey @Spacecats welcome back :waving:

If I remembered correctly, spacecat gave himself a +15 belt before xD.

Hah, yeah you remember that correctly ;D

I give myself stuff all the time, but only on my GM account I use for streams and special events. My personal account has to earn stuff the proper way.
LesbianVi wrote: »
Spacecats wrote: »
Where did he say that? He hasn't made a TERA video on 11 months so I'm having a hard time finding it.

Anyway, it's a pretty rare case where we give out gear to anyone. Like for instance if a new high-end dungeon comes out and we'd like gaming press to review it or we're running some kind of marketing campaign. In most cases it's on a private press server that's wiped shortly after.

Hey @Spacecats welcome back :waving:

Thank you! Good to be back :D
Where did he say that? He hasn't made a TERA video on 11 months so I'm having a hard time finding it.

Anyway, it's a pretty rare case where we give out gear to anyone. Like for instance if a new high-end dungeon comes out and we'd like gaming press to review it or we're running some kind of marketing campaign. In most cases it's on a private press server that's wiped shortly after.
Badges of Loyalty and Lakan's Scales are not only in the loot tables--the same percentage even--but at a higher rate than June. They are, however, still rare items.
Unless I hear differently tomorrow morning, I'm going to assume that there won't be any Maintenance this week.
I would recommend Tichondrius if you're into PvP, or Dalaran if you're more the PvE sort.

I see what you did there.
There are no increased entries. What I meant was I reset the entries that had already been used. That's all.
Keep it civil, please.
Emem1201 wrote: »
@Halrath What about our increased entries? :cry:

I reset those as well.
The event was restarted and should work fine now. We also reset the dungeon entries and will extend the event until 12:00 PM PDT on 7/5. Sorry for the trouble, folks.
That seems to be part of the bug. I reset the dungeons on all the servers. Apologize for the headaches.
Just reset the dungeons and the event. Will extend it until 12pm on 7/5.

Let me know if this isn't working now.
We're going to turn the event off, reset it, and then reset the entries. Stand by.
I restarted the event on Ghillieglade. That should work from now on.

Pit of Petrax is not included because it is not a typical dungeon. I will update the news post, though. I should have thought of that when I wrote it. I'm sorry about the confusion.
It is set on every server same as the other dungeons. The event did just start a few minutes ago.
That's crazy wonky. I did add it last night. I'll check it. Stand by to stand by.
The talismans have been removed from July's BG jackpots to allow us to use a new event as a means of distributing them. This change is by no means permanent, but it is is a part of our plan for this month. We will evaluate things at the end of July and that will inform our plans for August.
There are multiple threads on this topic. We do not need another.
@CobaltDragon I opened a support ticket a few days ago regarding brokered purchases that could not be claimed due to some sort of bug. I can no longer see the ticket and for some reason I can see all my old closed tickets that I didn't see there yesterday.

Is it possible that the Support Ticket was opened while logged into an alternate Account ? Definitely not.
Beyond that, I can really only assume that the Support Ticket did not get submitted when you finished writing it (for whatever reason), and now at this point, you would need to retype it. :(
I checked on the status of the ticket everyday since I opened it, and today I noticed the change. For some reason, I can now see all my old tickets (dating all the way back to 2013) that were supposed to be deleted. I didn't see any of these old tickets until today.

Again, I maybe wrong with this, but what you're describing really does sound like you had been logged into a different Account, thus why all prior Tickets weren't available or being displayed...
If the Ticket was successfully submitted, then it's still on that Account, and not on the Account you're currently logged in with.
By logging out of that Account, and then logging into this Account, it now suddenly shows all prior Tickets you had made, and appears as if the newly submitted Ticket just disappeared.
@CobaltDragon I opened a support ticket a few days ago regarding brokered purchases that could not be claimed due to some sort of bug. I can no longer see the ticket and for some reason I can see all my old closed tickets that I didn't see there yesterday.

Is it possible that the Support Ticket was opened while logged into an alternate Account ?
Beyond that, I can really only assume that the Support Ticket did not get submitted when you finished writing it (for whatever reason), and now at this point, you would need to retype it. :(
I went to the MAT for you folks. I arm-wrestled Denommenator three times (and only cheated twice) and persuaded him that Ghillieglade is okay for the event, too.

Have fun storming the glade.
Tickets are based on the date and time of the original submission, and you won't lose your "spot in line" if you decide to go and update the Ticket with an additional Link or adding a few more sentences of information.

As of right now, we're getting just under 8 days wait time on newly submitted Tickets, so most likely, if your ticket is a week and a half, it's probably already assigned and is being reviewed as I type this.

We'll continue to get that wait time down further, with the goal being 0-24 hour wait time on new Tickets.
Summer is in full swing and we’re sending you into the dungeons as we prepare for Independence Day!

Starting at 10 a.m. PDT on Friday, June 30 and ending on Wednesday, July 5 at 10 a.m. PDT, you’ll get twice the usual drops in each and every TERA dungeon (except Ghillieglade).

In addition, from 10 a.m. PDT on July 4 until Wednesday, July 5 at 10 a.m. PDT, we’ve got blue boxes full of fireworks for everyone to celebrate with.

So hit those dungeons, light off some fireworks, and enjoy the long weekend!
ElinUsagi wrote: »
Trigg wrote: »
I am surprised there isn't even a preview of male high elf there lol.

Males high elves new swimsuit will be body naked.

Boy, someone is DREAMING...
Partyblast wrote: »
Hrm, I'm not entirely sure what's happening but I appear to still be having this problem. I usually log on around 7-8pm EDT and claim my elite boxes, yet it seems that the elite bar only resets every other day for me. Today I was able to log on briefly around 8am EDT and the bar wasn't reset at all even though the change made reset at 4am EDT.

Ah well at least the item claim boxes are still coming through.

We're still monitoring and testing this situation.
LancerJiva wrote: »
So the lootbox ones do have the rainbow effect?

Only the Loot Box Red version "Angora Air" and the Red version's direct purchase "Mopsy" have the Rainbow Effect.
I was able to confirm that the 2495 EMP Mopsy does have the Rainbow Effect when you dash, even though it's not mentioned.
LancerJiva wrote: »
They're in the dressing room atm, does that mean we'll get them this thursday? @Halrath

Maaaaybe... ;)
voidy wrote: »
It spawns there periodically.

Does anyone know why this happens?

Also holy cow EME could you please beg BHS to bring campfires back as a cosmetic thing? So many people miss them.

Sure thing.
My apologies. Lakan's Scale was a typo. It was always Lakan's Barrier and I corrected the news post.
Here's the calendar for the July Battleground Jackpots.
Tewii wrote: »
Gameforge just announced their Harrowhold release date as July 4th, or rather "the first week of July" which we can easily assume that will be July 4th.

This is not good, not good whatsoever. A week is not enough time to rally the troops and get everyone up to speed and be able to figure out who all is going to be able to come to raid on the day we set. Harrowhold is not just another dungeon, it is a dungeon that requires the most coordination out of anything that has ever been in the game. It is not something you can just lazily announce a few days beforehand, that is how you will make the community mad.

As someone who will be leading over 140 people and managing each individual raid, please announce the release date as soon as humanly possible. The very real problem is that people need to sort out real life things before Harrowhold, people need to figure out what's going on that day, and people need to make sure they do not make plans for the day of release. Some people may even need to call off work. Now if they make plans on the day of release, or people who are unable to call off work unless it's a week in advance, they get screwed.

So please En Masse, be considerate of the people who live normal lives outside of TERA, let us be able to accurately plan our day one raids, and give us better timing of when this patch will come out.

Thank you.

We're targeting the 2nd week of July for the release of v57, which includes the return of Harrowhold. Nothing is etched in stone yet, but that's our plan. I hope this helps you schedule things with your raidmates.
The timing for our regular weekly server maintenance has been adjusted permanently to run from 8 to 10 a.m. Pacific.

During extended an maintenance or a maintenance during which we're deploying a build, we may start the maintenance earlier (likely 7 a.m. Pacific) in order to get back up earlier in the day.

All maintenance times will be announced on our website, the forums, our social media pages, the game launcher, and in-game.
66ECX7NAN7 wrote: »
They'll probably just reset dungeon entries for the day, lolz

We have reset instances on all servers.
Mawile wrote: »
Yea I'm usually one to white knight but these outages are becoming a lot more frequent. :o
PS. I sure would appreciate an appearance change voucher like they did in KTera for outages~! ;)
I want to point out that asking for appearance changer for today's issue is unreasonable. Don't get me wrong-- I'd like to have it as well, but I'll explain why.

I appreciate your post and I'd like to elaborate on it a bit.

Issuing an appearance change voucher as compensation in the event of server crashes isn't exactly appropriate for a few reasons:

1) An appearance change voucher as compensation isn't appropriate relative to the nature of the outage. Compensation, in general, should correspond directly with the affected system or service.
2) The level of support we provide surrounding certain account service items like race and appearance change vouchers is different from other regions. To grant a large number of these items at one time would inundate our customer support team further with what are very time-consuming requests.
3) It sets a precedent. I know server outages have been frequent as of late so the call for compensation is warranted but we also can't reinforce the expectation that downtime will result in compensation equivalent to a certain value every single time.
There is nothing that will compensate better than having any form of long-term stability.
Margarethe wrote: »
Could give a couple of days of free elite status.
After all, that's all we're losing. Aside from our time and patience.

Agreed. We are currently investigating the cause of the crashes this morning and we may consider some form of compensation once the entirety of the outage is better understood. Preparing and issuing compensation takes some time to plan and execute too.
Is this still occuring? Is it that the your instances need to be reset or you cannot enter the dungeon at all?
You will probably need to log all the way out of the game, close the launcher, and log back in again. Then they should appear in your Item Claim.
Enjoy your weekend!
Fleett wrote: »
Does everyone in the picture get the prize?

The prize would go to whomever submitted it. Profit sharing schemes should be arranged prior to submission! ;)
I'm sorry to hear about this issue. I spoke to Cobaltdragon about this and to resolve it, you will need to submit a ticket to CS.
It’s the Summer of Love in TERA and to celebrate, we have another contest for our community! The new wedding outfits are available and we want to see your perfect wedding.

Gather your friends, dress them up in gorgeous wedding outfits, and we’ll pick the best images! Images must show a wedding party of five or more. We’re accepting entries at fanart@enmasse.com through Thursday, June 29 at 11:59 p.m. PDT.

The top winner will receive 5,000 EMP and two runners-up will each get 2,500 EMP.

Standard En Masse contest rules apply.

Winners will be announced in a news post, and may be posted to the TERA website or shown in our weekly Twitch stream.

So send us your screenshots and leave us in “Awwww!”
berrymilk wrote: »
@Zoknahal xD I meant the dresses for buy I seen the entries winners

Those are on sale in the store!
Halrath wrote: »
As I mentioned earlier this week, we're planning one for this summer, but NOT SOON™

@Halrath can you please check your inbox i send you guys a private message since yesterday (you and spacecats) i can't make a post in the Guild forum part, please help me.

Looks like your Post was getting caught up in a Spam Filter, possibly due to excessive editing, or too many Threads / Posts made within a short time frame.
As many of noticed, we've adjusted the rewards once more. We feel we've hit a middle-ground in response to player feedback (badges vs. banners, etc.)

No further adjustments will be made to this event.
As I mentioned earlier this week, we're planning one for this summer, but NOT SOON™
Closing this Thread to avoid misinformation.
You're showing a link to an article written in 2015.
Sorry for the late response to this thread. I'll go ahead and remove the VM mats from the event. I'll probably put something else in there for now. I'll make sure we ease off the influx of materials for awhile, too.
Cathelina wrote: »
Yay! We are really happy! One thing though, Nynke is my real life name, I'm actually Kathelina on Tempest Reach :pleased:

Fixed this in the news post as well.

Thanks everyone for your submissions! There were a TON of great ones and they were all really touching to read. They warmed even my cold heart.
Cathelina wrote: »
Yay! We are really happy! One thing though, Nynke is my real life name, I'm actually Kathelina on Tempest Reach :pleased:

Updated! Sorry for the mixup - read that wrong in your guys' story.
There is already a thread discussing lag as well as another thread talking about the massive incoming traffic spike. Please don't make duplicate threads.
Thank you so much to everyone who shared their TERA True Love Story with us! It wasn't easy picking only a few of the many entries we received, but we've managed to narrow it down to six winners whose tales of TERA love made our hearts particularly tender.

* Amontt and Vena.Cava
* Mhoz and Shy
* Phayxia and Orishina
* Aini and Zeriya
* Fairypuff and Lanceon
* Teokost and Nynke

We won't be sharing the winning stories/videos just yet (Spacecats will likely be doing that on stream when he returns from vacation), but you're more than welcome to share your love stories in this forum thread in the meantime!

Winners, we'll be contacting you shortly to get you your prizes! Congratulations on your contest win AND your awesome relationships :D
FF and TR are up again and players are logging in. Sorry for the disruption, folks.
Crashes appear to have been caused by a massive inbound traffic flood to one of our ISPs. We have switched over to an alternate and things appear to be leveling out. We'll have the servers up shortly; our Ops team is all over it.
Most likely, the reason why you can only access the European Servers through Steam is due to the information we had previously posted here : ( http://tera.enmasse.com/news/posts/important-news-for-europe-and-russia )

As for still being unable to connect, I'd suggest submitting a Support Ticket with an attached copy of your EME Diagnostic text file : ( http://support.enmasse.com/tera/resolve-technical-issues-with-the-diagnostic-tool )

While waiting for us to answer your Ticket, you can also try the steps listed here, if you have not already done so : ( http://support.enmasse.com/tera/resolving-connectivity-issues-with-tera )

And if those don't work, try the steps below :

1.) A fresh install, in the off-chance any corruption in the installation has occurred.

2.) Try using a free VPN / Proxy Service, which will alter the route your connection is taking to our servers (might want to try a few to see which provides the most ideal connection).

3.) Contact your Internet Service Provider and have them test your connection between your computer to our Servers, and see if there might be any issue with Nodes or a Data Center Outage along the current path the connection is taking.

4.) If nothing else has worked, you may also want to try have a local computer specialist take a look at your computer, checking for any software that may be conflicting, and then help remove that software.
Being able to access Server Select, but not being able to enter any Server typically indicates that your Game Client hasn't correctly patched up to the latest version, and more often that not, it means you have software on your computer limiting or blocking the required connection that is needed to finish patching.

I'd recommend checking what you have installed, and either add exceptions to the TERA-Launcher.exe , TL.exe, and TERA.exe files, or simply temporarily uninstall your Security Software followed by a quick computer restart, then check to see if you can finish patching, and then make it to the Character Selection Screen.

Also, for your Account's Public Nickname, check this Thread : https://forums.enmasse.com/tera/discussion/20/setting-up-your-account-nickname
The recent increase in gameplay-affecting lag spikes have been truly frustrating for players and the TERA staff at EME alike. We have been working with our technology partners and the game’s developers to identify possible root causes since the issues began in May. Though we’ve not yet identified a root cause, we do have some hypotheses as to what might be causing the recent issues.

To help support our investigation and build a case that we can escalate to the appropriate parties, we continue to require supporting data from players. If you experience a gameplay-disrupting lag spike, we ask that you please submit to us the following information in an email to “diag@enmasse.com”:

Internally, our Operations team is collating the data you provide and corroborating it with their own monitoring tools to get a better sense of what’s happening in the TERA server environment at the time these lag spikes occur. While our monitoring hasn't revealed any corresponding network events surrounding recent reports of lag spikes, identifying any impact on the server environment when lag spikes occur will be essential to finding the cause and ultimately arriving at a solution.

It’s important to note that you will not receive a direct response when submitting the information above. We are not using this data to address player-specific issues on a case-by-case basis. Instead, we are looking at the aggregated data to help identify the larger root cause of the recent issues.

The Product and Community teams at En Masse recognize the severity of these issues and remain diligent in monitoring community reports of them. We have established a regular meeting internally to review community reports and raise awareness around the current volume and severity of community reports involving network stability.

I know this is not the update many of you were hoping for, but I wanted to provide the community some transparency into our current efforts and encourage you to continue providing the above information to “diag@enmasse.com”. It truly is helpful to our ongoing investigation of these issues. We appreciate your continued patience and support.
Zoknahal wrote: »
Since we talking bout wedding costumes, lets talk about that hinted 2017 swimsuit collection during the past stream, shall we @Halrath ?

NO off-topic posts, please. :P

Seriously, though, swimsuits don't seem like a topic for June. We'll talk again later.
ElinUsagi wrote: »
The announcement says that this week we are going to have them avaliable in the cash shop.

Since it wasn't included after the patch do you guys may tell us when they will be ready? :(

Love is in the air...on Thursday.
I feel like this thread has reached the end of its usefulness. There's nothing wrong with wanting alternate ways to acquire things. Let's move on and let this discussion end.
Fleett wrote: »
If you guys have the power to change it back can you do it? I mean, if there are more event icons I'm pretty sure we all can move them manually..

We can't affect their positioning currently, to my knowledge.
I like it.
Pretty sure it's not glitched, the space in between is for extra icons (like we just had last weekend).

You're right. Differents events, while active, will fill in the gaps.
Haggard86 wrote: »
Makes it annoying

I agree, it's not the best design.
I don't know how to say it but...i get it twice a day. 1 item claim and 2 after reset immediately as it should be.
Why so?

Because they don't know who's not getting the boxes the normal way (like OP), so they're sending them to every elite player just to make sure.

This is correct, we're doing it as a make-good for those players who are experiencing the reset issue.

We deployed a change to the reset time today that is communicated in the patch notes here: http://tera.enmasse.com/news-page/patch-notes

Over the next few days, we'll collect some anecdotal information from players to verify if the fix worked or not and report our findings in the stickied thread.
Having read this thread, I just want to say that we will look for more avenues to acquire noctenium in-game. It was already set up for my next event, but we will still look for more ways.
Like I said in my message to you, it wasn't a warning - just a friendly request to keep similar threads created in a similar time frame together in a single topic. I don't want to reduce positivity! I just want to focus it like a positivity laser on a single post!
@Halrath can you explain how to get this costume?

First, they cheatz0r, then they incur the wrath of Halrath, and then they get their account banned.
We'll have one later this summer. Definitely not next weekend, but the rewards will be sweet enough to require a dentist's visit.
I'll be posting a separate thread either later today or tomorrow (working on the draft now). The truth is, we don't know the source of these issues and are actively investigating them.

I know it's frustrating, it is for us too. I'll say more in the standalone thread (which will replace the current stickied thread on the topic of lag).
ElinLove wrote: »
Halrath wrote: »
Harrowhold will return in The Avengers.

Wait, no. It will come with v57, which will release some time next month.

please tell me v57 brings back the choice for character direction or camera direction attacks on controller please please PLEASE!

As I have stated in several places about that topic, do not expect further changes any time soon. BHS likes it this way. We have argued against it. Wish we could win that fight, but for now, the controls are as they are in the current build.
SomaHeal wrote: »
Can any staff membrer update us with informations about the constant lag problems?

Denommenator is working on an update, but he's extremely busy at the moment. It's important to him (and us), however.
DpkFicxll wrote: »
just let us know if u guys are reading our topics

We're reading the topics and we're discussing them. Bear in mind that even if we want to make a change, at the very least that requires a maintenance on our part and often requires work on Bluehole, so nothing will change over night.

That said, this is something we will evaluate and choose a course of action we feel best for the game and the players. Really can't talk about upcoming content yet, but I'll see if I can get some details for you.
Spacecats is on well-earned vacation for a couple of weeks, but the rest of us are here.
Harrowhold will return in The Avengers.

Wait, no. It will come with v57, which will release some time next month.
Tenshi1 wrote: »
Well, with their past, and so many people have tried to tell what they want, and BHS has mainly done what THEY want, it doesn't give people an incentive to do it anymore.

I personally have got shot down by some of this toxic community for expressing my ideas.

But in any case, I will put this. @Halrath would you at least talk with BHS about putting the system back to when we had the "camera direction" and "Character direction" options in the controller options?

I doubt BHS would do anything though, and EME's already talked with them once or twice and they agreed to do at least this, I'm afraid of pushing my luck. As I said, I do NOT want to go back to everything be camera faced.

I can request it again, of course. We pushed back pretty hard on this, but met with...resistance. Do not hold out much hope that this will change anytime soon. I'm just trying to set your expectations, not shoot you down.
Sadly, I do need to close this Forum Thread.
We are not able to offer to check submitted Support Tickets and give higher priority to the OP because a Forum Thread was made in an attempt to check the current status of it.
Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We've fixed the issue so that players who receive the strongbox keys going forward will receive the correct, functional versions.

Those players that received the broken ones will have them replaced during maintenance on 06/20. Apologies for the inconvenience, we really should have caught this.
Volturi wrote: »
@Denommenator just a quick question... if you crash by reason beyond your control (aka, your servers being trash like they have been) does the daily timer resets back to 0?

They shouldn't. During our testing, the time retained across logins.
The Allegiance system not working right now is being discussed in another thread : https://forums.enmasse.com/tera/discussion/15875/allegiance-weekend-event#latest

I believe it may have just now been resolved for all Servers.
Yeah, we sorted it out. Thanks for your patience.
You can contact Tera Online dev tracker at contact@teradevtracker.com - Privacy policy - Tera Online dev tracker is not affiliated with Tera Online or En Masse entertainment.