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Sorry, folks. The maintenance has been extended. Ops says it will probably be less than another hour.
LancerJiva wrote: »
Halrath wrote: »
The talismans have been removed from July's BG jackpots to allow us to use a new event as a means of distributing them. This change is by no means permanent, but it is is a part of our plan for this month. We will evaluate things at the end of July and that will inform our plans for August.

So you say here that there is supposed to be a new event by means of having Talisman as a reward. This post was almost a month ago and no word on said event, which means you lied to our faces.

Where is this so called event that you guys had planned for the Talisman as a possible reward? Sounds like a crock of bs to me. Battlegrounds don't even pop now. Great job! -slow clap-

We will see if Talisman are back in the reward pool for August.

There were two events in July that awarded extra talismans, the double drop event and the dungeon mentoring event.

Halrath said the product team would evaluate at the end of July, and now it's the end of July and they will evaluate ways to get more talismans out there. I get that you want talismans... badly. And that you want them from PvP and not dungeons. But calling Halrath and liar and his statement "a crock of bs" is, let's just say, not very constructive and quite rude.

Expect Halrath to follow up with the TERA team's August plans soon, just like he originally said. He'll do that in a different thread because I'm closing this one. For those of you who left constructive feedback, we appreciate it and know that the TERA crew has read what you posted. But leaving a salt mine open will only encourage more rude posts, and it's not the kind of environment we're aiming for on these forums. Please remember to be more constructive when creating future discussions.

Partner wrote: »
Ok its almost 12 and it still says unavailable when I try to log in for me. But server shows that the pop is high...so is it me or they still down?

It's only 10am PDT. Maintenance is still scheduled for another hour.
Unfortunately, the maintenance tomorrow is not related to server transfer issues. We're still waiting to hear from BHS about that matter.
The Operations team has requested a 4-hour maintenance window to do their thing. They don't anticipate it going longer, but we wanted to let everyone know ahead of time so they can plan accordingly.
These will be updated to include T11 Feedstock starting August 1 following maintenance.
If you haven't already done so, I'd recommend sending in a Support Ticket.

In my honest opinion, it sounds like you have software on your PC that is limiting the required connection to the Game Client, and it's constantly disconnecting and trying to re-establish the connection before a crash occurs...
kubitoid wrote: »
i hope all these players have T10 tera rewards rank. or i lose faith in reality

**checks the application**

It wasn't a requirement, no :p

Every few millennia, a popo is born with the cunning of a tuwangi, the speed of a priest, and the intelligence... of a popo.

He is known as the hidden popo, or "Hidey Guy." It is said that he has many appearances. He can be anywhere. Those who try to find him will have an extremely difficult time doing so. They will have to seek high and low. They will have to travel to many seeking locations. They will need extremely sharp peeper orbs for seeking the Hidey Guy. And they shall be known as...



seekers. They're called seekers.

Teekz wrote: »
they could at least make a statement about it since the last thing they said was "no new info" 2 days ago.

Disabling server transfers is not a decision we take lightly. We understand how disruptive it can be and the decision is always well-considered. In this case, the severity of the issues surrounding pet banks and dual options, as well as the fact that we don't yet have a reliable method to correct the issue for all players that are affected, informed our decision.

The developers have been made aware of the issue and we have stressed urgency surrounding it. We have no updates to report though regarding their progress at this time.

If you'd like a refund of the EMP you purchased, please submit a ticket to our customer support team at http://support.enmasse.com/tera and they'll help you out.

AV is up and open once again!
It should be up within the hour. Ops is working on it.
W3AF9JEJ7P wrote: »
Will the Summer Festival Loot Box get removed from your inventory on august 1? I was planning to save up at least like 5 of them to sell them in trade boker once the event finishes so I can get a perm mount for my gunner.

The boxes are yours to keep FOREVER.

The tokens will disappear, however.
JXE5356AKE wrote: »
Spacecats wrote: »
Remove the stupid HP potion, 5 tier 12 fs, and 3 omin ore from victory box and replace them with better rewards pls.

its not reward, its punishment. it discourages players to play and enjoy BG.

Better rewards = motivation, its just simple as that.

I appreciate your post but this isn't about motivating people to play BGs because of better rewards. The goal here is to get ideas from players who play a lot of BGs and collect ideas on how to improve the experience.

Aren't the rewards part of the experience though. It feels pretty bad pulling off a close fwc game to get 1 ominous ore.

As other feedback...

They are, I just want to keep the discussion focused on how BGs play and how they've changed (or could be changed) over time. Rewards are honestly a bit of an afterthought unless you're talking about changing how they're distributed during the course of a match.

Just to throw out a couple crazy ideas...

What if CS gave slightly larger rewards to players who completed small objectives during a match like:
  • Got the most kills.
  • Got the most assists.
  • Did the most damage to a gate.
  • Did the most damage to the anchorstone.
  • Capped an enemy-controlled pyre.
  • Was in a ship with 3 other people.
  • Killed three people with a siege weapon.
  • Guarded a ladder for more then three minutes.

What if FWC had random elements thrown in like:
  • Boss BAMs that circle the map and create a moving hazard.
  • Randomized gate/fence openings that provide alternate access to the water.
  • Large 15-second buffs that overpower a team right after capping a pyre.
  • A single-use AOE rez ability for healer classes to turn the tide of a battle.
  • Additional raid leader abilities (like map scan).

(Some of these would drastically change the way FWC plays out, but each individual thing wouldn't really need an overhaul of the battleground. FWC would still be FWC. You cap pyres, you kill BAMs and players, you get points to win.)
Remove the stupid HP potion, 5 tier 12 fs, and 3 omin ore from victory box and replace them with better rewards pls.

its not reward, its punishment. it discourages players to play and enjoy BG.

Better rewards = motivation, its just simple as that.

I appreciate your post but this isn't about motivating people to play BGs because of better rewards. The goal here is to get ideas from players who play a lot of BGs and collect ideas on how to improve the experience.
Eclipse555 wrote: »
Implement a post-game honor system for players with great attitudes.
- Not sure what this would accomplish

It was a suggestion made to combat nasty behavior in BGs. There are a lot of toxic players that flame people every time they lose, and a lot of the time it goes unreported to customer support. Some kind of positive reinforcement could help the situation.
I'd like to get some player opinions together on ways to improve the existing Battlegrounds in TERA. Mainly looking for medium and small tweaks to the maps and mechanics. Things we can suggest to Bluehole that wouldn't require major a overhaul, but would be great quality of life changes to keep BGs interesting. Think about what your idea would look like if you saw it written as a patch note.

For example, here are some things I've seen from players in the past:
  • Allow players to queue for multiple BGs at once.
  • Bring back unequalized FWC.
  • Improve vote kicking. Require fewer votes and less time before a player can be kicked.
  • Implement a post-game honor system for players with great attitudes.
  • Increase the HP/Defense of gates in CS.
  • Greatly increase the damage done by bombs in CS.
  • Increase the HP of the Anchorstone in CS.
  • Increase the difficulty of BAMs in FWC.
  • Adjust the point ratio in FWC to make pyres more important.

Regarding loot - if you have an idea for a new loot system to make BGs more rewarding, you can tell us about it, but the focus here is more on mechanics than rewards. Please put some thought into your idea and don't just suggest "better loot." We could hand out diamond dragons to every BG winner and it wouldn't do anything to improve the BG itself.

Please keep the conversation constructive! Sarcasm and caustic remarks will be removed from this thread so that the discussion can stay on course.
Catservant wrote: »
"FC shop was just fixed" --Halrath

I wonder what that means.... I guess I'll have to check it out in game... I hope it means more stuff?

Specifically, ninja and brawler stuff was inadvertantly removed last week. We readded those items back to the shop.

More stuff is a project we're working on.
Teekz wrote: »
[removed forum violation]
What if I post it here.. It's been 24 hours and not update.

I will ask again any word on the server xfers?

There aren't any updates yet. This issue requires work from BHS and we are pushing them on it, but it does take time. We apologize for the frustration.
Babbelsim wrote: »
@Spacecats, @Halrath this needs to happen pls look into this ty

On it.
And fashion coupon please! :love:
Right now buddy up system for mentor is so discouraging that no one really cares of it a lot. Very pity. Nudget picks only gold, mount is not special. Nothing else can be found there. Solutions.. I have 800 left from dd event.

The fashion coupon shop was just fixed. The others haven't been forgotten, but they do take time. I'm sorry for the inconvenience.
We send feedback and suggestions to Bluehole fairly often. We have contacts there that we e-mail on a daily basis regarding new builds (updates), items, cosmetics, events, and anything else coming to TERA. The Product Manager team also holds a weekly call with Bluehole to discuss the state of the game. Throughout all of that, player feedback is given on our end and we request changes to the game.

After that, it's up to Bluehole whether or not to spend time and resources addressing that feedback. As the developers they ultimately decide what does and doesn't take developer priority. Keep in mind they don't just have business concerns to meet, but feedback from multiple regions to consider as well.

Aside from the content we get from Bluehole in the form of new builds, they have provided us with (and we've even invented some) tools that help En Masse create events, turn features on and off (like festival quests, double XP, bonus loot), and do things unique to our region (like Kyra's Pop-Up Potion Shack, Mongos, BAM invasions, etc...). Unfortunately those things rely on the in-game content available. We'll never be able to make a new BG, dungeon, class, or BAM. We can't change stats or tweak skills. That's all developer stuff that's coded into the game.

Ryuzhen wrote: »

I'm going to send you an update through that Ticket.

Did you know there's a Player Council discord that anyone can join? Come hang out here.

New members have been selected to join the Player Council. Here’s a list of all members as of this post. The new ones have green circles next to their name:


If you’re planning an event and you’re looking to spice things up with cool prizes (or even GM help on En Masse’s part) they can help organize that. Likewise if you have any specific TERA feedback or game suggestions that you’d like to draw attention to, a Player Council member can help champion your idea and make sure EME is aware. They're also just useful contacts for whenever you have a question about the game.

Here’s a reminder about what the Player Council is and isn’t around for. I hope this helps answer some questions and misconceptions I see spring up regarding the council. I also hope it takes some pressure off council members for things that are totally EME’s domain and not something volunteers are responsible for.
  • Player Council members are 100% volunteer. They’re chosen to be on the council because they’re highly engaged, knowledgeable players interested in improving the TERA community.
  • They’re not forum punching bags or scapegoats, and actively or passively harassing someone just because they’re on the council and don’t share your opinion won’t be tolerated.
  • Council members are here to shine a spotlight in positive player activity and cool events. That means responding to, encouraging, and raising awareness around excellent player feedback, suggestions, events, cosplay, artwork and other cool things players do around the community.
  • Council members are NOT forum moderators, EME staff, or TERA police. They’re not under NDA and they aren’t here to keep EME secrets.
  • While council members are selected to join based on their constrictive attitude, they’re not expected to change their opinion just because they’re on the council. We want them to be themselves.
  • Sometimes En Masse asks Player Council members for specific feedback or ideas on an existing aspect of TERA or an upcoming event. In those cases, council member opinions (and any opinions/feedback they’ve gathered from their personal communities) are considered but not always acted on depending on the situation. In general, EME staff will never discuss with a council member something that they would not discuss with any engaged and active player.
  • The Player Council keeps a private Slack chat and forum to help communicate with EME. Typically we discuss things that people haven’t already posted in the TERA forums (in which case we’re already aware and will try to respond in those threads.) We like getting council members from all servers, guild types, and play styles because it helps maintain a variety of voices and opinions to consider which may or may not be represented in the forums.

With all of that out of the way, let me also point out that Player Council members will no longer have little blue icons on their forum avatars. Instead, keep an eye on this post in News & Announcements to see who is on the council at any given time.

It took a while to get this batch of new members selected and invited, and because of that we'll likely be opening up applications again in the near future, so keep an eye out if you're interested in joining.
Here's a list of TERA Player Council members. This will be edited whenever the roster changes. Use this handy list whenever you'd like to reach out to a council member about something. Got a cool event idea? Want to organize a PvP tournament? Message one of them here in the forums or hang out in the public Player Council discord and tell them there.


= Newly added member

Fixed the top post ;)
There is already a thread for this topic.
It’s time to stock up on strongbox keys, because TERA’s strongbox jackpot weekend is back with new rewards!

Beginning after maintenance on Thursday, July 20 and continuing until maintenance on Tuesday, July 25, you can open locked strongbox for a chance to find one of several special jackpots:

Royal Diamond Dragon
Semi-Enigmatic Scroll (×100 or ×500)
Tier 12 Feedstock (×1,000 or ×3,000)
Premium Alkahest (×1,000 or ×3,000)
Spellbind (×1,000 or ×5,000)
Smart Dyad Niveot Structure (×1 or ×5)
Superior Etching Box (×1 or ×5)

The jackpots apply to the following items:

Locked Krysteel Strongbox/li>
Locked Linsteel Strongbox
Locked Norsteel Strongbox
Locked Shadsteel Strongbox
Locked Extensive Strongbox
Locked Spellbound Strongbox
Locked Strongbox
Locked Pocket Pet Strongbox

Don't have enough strongbox keys? Drop by the TERA Store to stock up and save on stacks of 10, 20, and 50 keys!
There are no plans to offer these items by another method at this time (during the Summer Festival or immediately afterward).
Kibeh wrote: »
Just cleared VSHM with through IMS. Solo. As well as everyone else being solo. We all asked in the beginning of the run to make sure everyone queue'd solo. And at least one person confirmed that they were a rookie.

They were all really nice people. And clearing went pretty smoothly. But at the end of the run none of the skilled players got rewards.

A disappointing end to an otherwise lovely experience.

Glad to hear it went well. We're trying to reproduce this, I'll report back with our findings. In the meantime, if anyone has success with this, let us know.
We made some adjustments to the event to include BRHM and AIHM. We also increased the rewards some. Updates are here:


We realize the requirement to solo queue is somewhat flawed, but this is the best we could do this go round.
This is the best thing eme has done in the entire year for PvE Players. If this isnt an "1 week" event, itll give ppl reasons to do HH.
Im waiting for the catch.
p/d: if this is a 1 week only deal, Just 2 or 3 raids will get the reward, bc most raids are still learning the new content (only 1 week has passed). Please dont make it 1 week only

This will be active indefinitely. It's not a one week thing.
Try to avoid creating an additional thread, when there is already one going that is discussing it : https://forums.enmasse.com/tera/discussion/16599/vs-mentor-event
I mentioned this upon initial announcement of the event, but it's worth repeating here:

This event was delivered as-is for us to use if we chose. We can apply it to a specific dungeon and configure specific rewards, but cannot affect the core design.

We're running this largely as a trial run to see how it's received. We'll monitor and collect feedback surrounding this specific iteration of the event and pass it along to the devs. It's possible your feedback might influence some adjustments to the design of this system in the future so please try to provide thoughtful and well-reasoned feedback (instead of insults).
Honestly, the current price of apot dye is an over-reaction caused by taking advantage of panicking people. The interest in dyes is very disproportionate; you have a small group of people who use them a lot and a much larger group who doesn't use them much or at all. (Some people are just sitting on hundreds and hundreds in their banks.) As soon as the announcement happened that they were being removed from the box, enterprising people bought them up for cheap just so they could turn around and relist them at way higher rates. But it's not like supply is actually constrained and suddenly the entire market dried up overnight with no way to get more. People are just milking the situation for all its worth while the going's good, since people are worried that there are no other ways to get them.

And now, with this thread (whether intentional or not), an aim seems to be to crash the market by making people believe that EME is going to intervene and inject new supply, which will cause people hoarding apot dyes to want to sell now before the prices collapse. Will it work...?


It will not.
VSNM event doesnt work.

I did it now, 4 skilled players + 1 rookie in instant-matching and i didnt receive my reward.

Fix it and give me my reward.........

Did you all instance match or did you group up ahead of time?
LYC14 wrote: »
Wait so it means that everyone must enter IMS as solo players and not in a party?

Serey wrote: »
I queued in VSN on my lancer with a priest (skilled) in party. The other 3 dps that were match were all unskilled yet i did not receive any bonus rewards. Does the player in the party Before queue have to be unskilled?

This event's mechanic relies solely upon everyone instance-matching to get the rewards. If you group-up ahead of time, you won't get the rewards. As Yoyama's group showed, only the random player got the reward.

It's not how I would have designed it, but that's how the event we got works. I'm sorry.
Did anyone else experience this / not receive the additional rewards after completing Normal Mode in a party that had at least one unskilled player ?
This is indeed a grave threat to the world of TERA as we know it. Thanks for bringing it to our attention! Even if dyes aren't re-added to Elite boxes, we'll look for some way to get more of them in the hands of players.
Good stuff. Very helpful for new players. Thank you!
We are still targeting 2017 for release of TERA on console. No announcement of a delay was made during the stream.
We're aware of an issue with dual option unlocks resetting following a server transfer. We are submitting this as a bug to the developer but until it's resolved just be aware of this when transferring between servers.
Elins don't reproduce. They're ethereal beings made corporeal.
Kreuziger wrote: »
Would be nice to see brhm added too. :+1:

Depending how this goes, we can run an event in this style for other dungeons in the future.
As mentioned in this recent Thread, there had been an issue with Server Transfers that in some cases lead to character corruption, resulting in a loss of learned Pet Skills, learned Emotes, or sometimes causing learned Crafting Designs to be removed.

Those 3 specific issues now seem to be resolved (going forward) after the July 13th Maintenance, however the characters that experienced the corruption remain unresolved.

In an attempt to resolve the issue for these characters before too much time has passed, we recommend immediately opening a Support Ticket. Provide the following information:

An approximate date of when the character completed the Server Transfer :

The Character's Name and the Name of the Server that character was originally on :

The new Server the Character was moved to, and if applicable, the new name that Character was changed to :

How was the Character effected by from the recent Server Transfer :
To provide a peek behind the scenes on this event, we're using an out-of-box system to run the event and it applies only to IMS, so we unfortunately don't have any flexibility in that regard.
We've listened to player feedback (And Cobaltdragon advocated for the players quite eloquently!). The event has been updated and you can see the changes here.

The tl;dr version is this:

VSNM will get the rewards previously mentioned.
VSHM will get increased rewards to the tune of:

Strong Bravery Potion ×5
Dragon Scale ×5
Noctenium ×1000
Enchanting Bonanza Box ×3

The instance matching is a required function of the tool. It won't work without that. Sorry. That said, even during the event, nothing will prevent players from entering VSHM in their preferred parties or groups. It simply will reward those who try instance-matching.
LesbianVi wrote: »
it seems we will get the nakid beach party this time, Grabs Popo corn B)

We got extra lighting for the stream room so we can tan while we broadcast!
EDIT - Seandynamite has hijacked this thread now that today's stream is over. See his comment made below...
So as discussed on the Twitch stream, I'd love to hear your constructive ideas about what you like to do during the events throughout the year. What is it that you want more of? Please keep the conversation positive - we want to make future events fun for everyone, so let's start gathering ideas. Brainstorm with us!


TERA Product Manager Seandynamite and Assoc. Product Manager Halrath will join me on the air today for some special prize giveaways. The Summer Festival is just beginning and they'll be taking questions about the event and telling everyone about their planning process. Hop in the chat and pose your questions during the stream. Bring your sunscreen!

We begin today at 3 p.m. PDT at https://www.twitch.tv/enmasseentertainment
66ECX7NAN7 wrote: »
If you have two unskilled party members, are the rewards doubled?

No, I'm afraid not.
The Summer Festival will start at 1 pm PDT, as stated on the promo page.

See y'all then!
We didn't make any adjustments to the Claret and Medallion token shops as they were delivered to us except for the addition of the Summer Festival Loot Box.

We just checked their contents and they contain only Slaughter gear and Gate/Vain accessories.

Were SES in the shops in previous years? It's possible these shop's contents were changed...
Thanks for the heads up. We're aware and working on a fix.
Something is stirring in the waves off Castanica, with an insatiable hunger...for a good time!

TERA’s Summer Festival event is back, with the traditional Castanica Beach Bash, the Festival of the Sun in Balder’s Refuge, and a brand-new line of swimwear for 2017.

THRILL! at the splash cannon and watermelon-bashing mini-games on the beach!

MARVEL! at the tarnished grandeur of the temple at Balder’s Refuge!

GASP! at the daring new bronze bikinis and lifeguard trunks in the TERA Store!

DARE! to complete the event quests and daily quests laid out before you!

TERA’s Summer Festival opens Thursday, July 13, and continues until Tuesday, August 1. Miss it at your own peril...
Must be a mistake, LOL EME!
Does it seem warmer where they're spawning? It could be the server temperature and atmospheric controls acting up.
This is done.
That is weird. We're looking into it. Not sure what's going on.
Only warning. Stay on topic and stop calling each other out.
Solheim wrote: »
Any word on if this is going to be addressed during maint tomorrow?
Nothing said in patch notes, but not sure if anything would be said there.

Fair question. It probably wouldn't be addressed there because that service is unrelated to the individual builds. That said, no, server transfers remain disabled for the forseeable future.
Mod edit - Removed political reference from title.
Mod edit - Removed political reference from title.
I found some errors @Spacecats :
"We changed two of Harrowhold’s achievements:
“Fire in the Hold”—Received Flame effect 50 times from Vergos in Harrowhold.
“Dust in the Wind”—Received Flame effect 50 times from Vergos in Harrowhold."

I assume the second one should be "Received Dust effect..."

"Vergos’s Bone, Vergos’s Horn, Vergos’s Scale, and Vergos’s Fang can be used to convert Deathwrack gear into a Oblit."
Shouldn't it rather be "into Oblit" or "into Oblit gear"?

The skill Growing Fury now increases the brawler’s Power by 45 (rather than 30). It also increases the Crit Factor to 50 (rather than 30), and MP consumption is now 250 (instead of 300)."

It reduces Fury consumption not MP consumption.

I wonder if we'll get correct Patch notes from EME one day. :no_mouth:

Thanks ToastandCheese, I'll pass those on to the product team to improve the notes.

Patch notes are up for the 7/11/2017 update: Dragonsire's Revenge!

This update will feature the return of Harrowhold (now a 20-person raid), Akeron's Inferno (Hard), and Bathysmal Rise (Hard). It will also feature new dual-stat armor, allowing players to customize their gear based on different combat situations!

The notes are here: http://tera.enmasse.com/news-page/patch-notes/patch-570302en3

The Dragonsire's Revenge page is here: http://tera.enmasse.com/game-guide/dragonsires-revenge
If you think someone is cheating, report them with a CS ticket. Attach any screenshots, videos, or any information you can possibly provide so that the player can be investigated. If they're using 3rd party software to exploit the game, they'll be dealt with by our support staff.

Posting about it in the forums unfortunately doesn't accomplish much aside from starting witch hunts.
Lethalwolf wrote: »
the main problem that i face is that since the event of the lower mats for awakening enchanting, i noticed that the succes on enchanting has gone lower and lower

The success rate hasn't been changed. Sorry to say it looks like you've just run into an unlucky streak.
Haggard86 wrote: »
didn't they have problems, like a group could set off a lot of them and crash people?

Yeah. Unfortunately :/
There's been some concern both here and in Discord that etching boxes and Vergos's Chests don't drop in the new HH.

Phases 1-3 have Superior Etching Boxes (etching IV). Phase 3 drops Vergos's Silver Chest. Phase 4 drops Vergos's Gold Chest. These are different boxes from the original Harrowhold. There are no more Copper Chests.

There is a video link if you view it through the web store.
ElinUsagi wrote: »
Spacecats wrote: »
TWMagimay wrote: »
Spacecats wrote: »
I think that misunderstanding has continued well into the application process (even after my description in the sign-up thread).

That's probably because other games have had similar programs with much better defined duties that went beyond "we organise bug reports and stuff". Your description was beyond vague, to the point nobody outside the council can say for certain what they do or what they should be doing.

I don't think it's vague. I think it's just not what you want Player Council members to do. They're not scapegoats for when things go wrong, and they're not responsible for providing reports on community feedback. We already have ways of getting player feedback, so tasking a council with that is pointless.

Maybe I won't be answered but, Would you mind to tell us where do you get these feedback? From forums? From Reedit? From Twitter? From tickets support? From PM? From threatening letters delivered with a suspicious package to your office? :3

Ah... all of the above, I guess? We haven't gotten a suspicious package in a while :pleased:

Player Council does collect feedback for us, it's just not considered their primary role. We chat with them privately and sometimes ask them for insight on things when we're planning an event, so naturally they give advice that they've heard from around the community. It's why we picked knowledgeable players from different walks of TERA life. Mostly, though, we look at these forums, /r/TERAOnline, the public Player Council discord, private messages, and even in-game chat.
LesbianVi wrote: »
TWMagimay wrote: »
LesbianVi wrote: »
TWMagimay wrote: »
Zoknahal wrote: »
TWMagimay wrote: »
LesbianVi wrote: »
If you are removing some stuff from my pockets, you better put something else there instead or else >:)

Let's just say, I think summer festival tokens will be in higher demand during this year's event than in previous years...

Why do I have a really very bad feeling about this? Oh, I know! Because just recently a GM was talking about VM9 mat event in July.

Another influx of materials for Deathwrack equipment would hurt more than would be beneficial. If i am not mistaken, it was @Halrath who said something about it, and it was him who changed the rewards from the TS Dungeon Highlight to avoid an oversupply of VM9 materials.

Giving feedstock and other enchanting materials would be fine, depending on the amounts, but giving more VM9 materials is a no go to my opinion and to the opinion of most.

Well, whoever it was(and, yes,I could check but I'm lazy) said it in the July BG topic. He couldn't have been talking about the TS event as that happened in June. Whether they changed their mind on the VM9 mat event or not is still up in the air. I'm also not sure how much value enchanting mats would still have after this event. I'm just having these really bad flashbacks from the anniversary event and how they hyped it for weeks just to then release pure absurdity. I shiver every time a GM says "rewards be awesome".....

we had like 5 days of double drop, maybe that was the plan. can you not jump to conclusions?

No, sorry, I like jumping to conclusions. Find it way more useful in general than putting on my cheer-leading uniform and waving my pompoms at any EmE staff member that passes by.

and you think you are being useful ?! Look at my Avatar and think carefully about what you gonna say next.

Anyway, items are being removed. Fun stuff will happen. Derailed topic is closed.
TWMagimay wrote: »
Spacecats wrote: »
I think that misunderstanding has continued well into the application process (even after my description in the sign-up thread).

That's probably because other games have had similar programs with much better defined duties that went beyond "we organise bug reports and stuff". Your description was beyond vague, to the point nobody outside the council can say for certain what they do or what they should be doing.

I don't think it's vague. I think it's just not what you want Player Council members to do. They're not scapegoats for when things go wrong, and they're not responsible for providing reports on community feedback. We already have ways of getting player feedback, so tasking a council with that is pointless.
LesbianVi wrote: »
That is 3 AM for meh, if you got some strippers and nakid Popori, I might get up and watch. :p

PS: good to have you back cats

That's a stream for another day ;D
Both Claret and Temple Medallions can be exchanged for something good.

I'm back! The time of floatey astronaut cats is over (for now), and the real space cat has returned.

We had two excellent love-themed contests over the last couple weeks. The first one was a Love Story contest, and the second was a Wedding Screenshot contest. I'll show off the winners of both contests on the air today!

Come hang out from 3 to 4 p.m. PDT: https://www.twitch.tv/enmasseentertainment
LesbianVi wrote: »
If you are removing some stuff from my pockets, you better put something else there instead or else >:)

Let's just say, I think summer festival tokens will be in higher demand during this year's event than in previous years...
Yamazuki wrote: »
Something generally not understood is the purpose of the Player Council isn't to really to just forward feedback. Either member that volunteer to do so could help with organizing community events and the like and have requests for rewards brought to Spacecats and a proper way rather than having a bunch of people spam him and get no attention. Other things that are done are other forms of organization such as bug reports (which unfortunately I fell behind on due to being very sick), reporting issues that are prevents players from playing that can't be detected, such as Dreamstorm needing to be disabled, and a few other things.

Although the focus being mostly on feedback and needing to "fix" things is due to failure on multiple fronts. It was never really explained as a focus point, and neither of us really openly showed us doing much of anything beyond event and game feedback. The other issue is we don't really have roles and are 'general purpose' with only our experiences and who we associate with being our specifics. Generally, misunderstandings all around.

Hopefully with additional members it can improve, as there's not many of us due to most of the firs group being largely inactive since the beginning.

I think that misunderstanding has continued well into the application process (even after my description in the sign-up thread). Gathering player feedback and sending it to us is fine, and we do appreciate getting a heads up on a lot of stuff from council members, but we already have these forums, chat channels, and a half dozen other places to get feedback.

A lot of responses to the "Why are you interested in joining the council?" question (which to me was one of the most important questions) boiled down to "I'm an experienced player and I have the best ideas for how to improve TERA." Which, aside from not really telling us much about yourself, is also the wrong way to approach the idea of the council. If you have great ideas for TERA and all your fellow guildies or whatever agree with you, but you haven't posted it in the forum or presented it to EME in any way, why would becoming a Player Council member suddenly change things? Just tell us your ideas already!

Everybody who plays TERA has ideas on how to improve it. Player Council members are just volunteers. They aren't pair for, responsible for, or have any way of implementing actual game client or server changes, bug fixes, new features, or anything like that. Even we at En Masse ultimately need Bluehole to make those kinds of changes. That's why Player Council is more about promoting community excellence / cool player activity, and less about addressing game issues.
StarSprite wrote: »
Counterpoint is already on the player council. He just doesn't use the icon.

He's the rebel of the group.
TERA Community,

I wanted to give you some advance warning that we will be removing the following items from player inventories during maintenance this Tuesday:

Temple Medallion
Claret Medallion
Apprentice’s Catalyst Box
Student’s Catalyst Box
Journeyman’s Catalyst Box
Adept’s Catalyst Box
Mixologist’s Catlayst Box
Potionmaster’s Catalyst Box

The catalyst boxes were intended to be removed following the latest iteration of the potion shack event but were not.

The summer festival tokens are being removed ahead of this event’s forthcoming return. The removal of the tokens was necessary given the event’s revised reward structure. I think you’ll be happy with the changes we’ve made for this year’s event.
UsagiFF wrote: »
Right now Q times for 7 man raids takes several minutes, Will 10 man raids take longer?

only you need 10 more friend, <3

(Finds 10 friends to run the raid then realizes he's the 11th person and is left behind.)
For an event of this nature, I think it's reasonable for us to provide more notice upfront (2-3 days as people have said). Thanks for the feedback! In the future, we may extend this to discount promotions in general. The truth is though, there will always be players who enchanted or purchased some time shortly prior to the announcement.

For events like strongbox jackpots, we announce the day before quite intentionally for a variety of reasons (eg. require a maintenance/testing, business reasons, etc.)
LilMsQTay wrote: »
I agree with Zoknahal.
Newton be gone! Relativity and gravity, pft it's replaced with jiggly and pretty! Every thing should sparkle and fly!! Long live fantasy \♡/

Now, when are those swimsuits n scuba gear going to be on sale, I got some merman hunting to do.

Yes. Sorry my vacation (and preparation for it) kinda got in the way. It felt wrong to announce the new members right before flying out of the country.

I'll be sending out e-mails to selected people this week to confirm that they're still interested and willing, then next week we'll all learn who the newly added Player Council members are.
xiophie wrote: »
When do we find out the winners? ^-^

Tomorrow! I'll show them off on the Twitch stream. :)

But, whats the diference between Ktera's loot https://www.essentialmana.com/harrowhold-20/ And our loot?. Bc it seems like u just wrote every posible loot that u can get that didnt appear on the patchnotes, instead of actually changing the loot table.
Minilee wrote: »
Will the oblit essence be bankable like behemot essence... or are you gonna stick to what ktera did?

( i vote for bankable plz <3 )

Our loot is the same as K-TERA, we did not make any adjustments.
The loot rewards listed on the update page were a bit...lacking upon initial release. They've been updated: http://tera.enmasse.com/game-guide/dragonsires-revenge
Timescape and Demokron Factory (Hard) are going away on July 11. BRHM and AIHM will replace them on the 4-star dungeon list.
TacioNobre wrote: »
It's been a year or more that I do not enter my account, and I forgot my e-mail. If I give the name of my character, can you tell which e-mail it is linked to?

You'll want to submit a Support Ticket for this, and yeah, if you provide a Character's Name and Server, and we can locate the Account and have you verify additional information about that Account, we can assist with the recovery of that Account.
We're going to flesh out the rewards from HH on that page a bit; they should be up shortly. I'll post back when they're up.
The full patch notes will go up next week.
If you’re looking to boost your performance, there’s no better time than this weekend to pile on the pluses!

Starting Friday, July 7 at 10 a.m. PDT, and running until maintenance on Tuesday, July 11, all Awakening and Awakened enchanting costs are reduced by 25 percent! So gather up your eligible gear and get ready to rule the battlefield!
i'm glad we got a release date , but my other questions are still unanswered and the patch is really soon :<

I think the only question the update page doesn't answer is about the lag? Unfortunately that's an ongoing problem Denommenator addressed here.
The dungeons are ilevel 423. Loot-wise they're on par with the current 4-star dungeons.
The possible loot for Harrowhold incorrectly omitted Deathwrack. This has been corrected on the page, thanks for pointing it out!

Now some more for you.

Forest jewlery hasn't been in game for...gosh...nearing years?..

This one will require a bit more digging into as it is on our list of loot for the dungeon. Perhaps the loot tables we received were not properly updated...

We'll look into it and report back.
The possible loot for Harrowhold incorrectly omitted Deathwrack. This has been corrected on the page, thanks for pointing it out!
So, yeah, apparently that was posted yesterday: http://tera.enmasse.com/news/posts/the-dragonsire-is-coming-for-revenge

Actually, I staged the post yesterday, but forgot to flip the date when I published it a few minutes ago. Really, it came out today. You didn't miss any news post.
TERA’s latest update, “Dragonsire’s Revenge,” goes live on Tuesday, July 11, bringing with it new gear set options and updates for a few dungeons.

Check out all the details on the Dragonsire’s Revenge promo page...then mark your calendar.
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