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kknaex wrote: »
Halrath wrote: »
Hahaha! Awesome (and confusing) typo. The answer is level 50. I'll fix the news post. Thanks.

Hi Halrath, today I saw news about new flying wolves, then what is the point of getting non fly wolf in Kritika and it is also delayed until August 31? I only plan to get the lv 20 mount, so is it possible to get the mount sooner bec by the end of August ppl who love the Wolfie would have already purchased the Wolfie without trying Kritika, I have alot mounts including flying mounts, dragons, so swipe isnt a problem but just feel like my efforts in doing Kritika again(I did it before in closed beta for emp event) is wasted, considering the fact that, for me it isnt that fun to play.

The way this promotion works, I believe you would not be able to obtain a free Lady mount through the Kritika requirements before Sept. 5th-8th, the dates that it mentions a redeemable code would be sent via Email.
Just to clarify a bit further on this, I believe the actual Items needed to turn in those Quests are not obtainable anymore, however the NPC will still accept the items from any older characters / players who still happen to have them.
LilMsQTay wrote: »
Has anyone gotten Lady, is it a 7 day mount or a perminate one?

"The mount you receive will be determined by your final level in Kritika Online at 11:59 p.m. PDT on Thursday, August 31"
"Codes will be emailed between September 5–8"
Yeah, it's best to just close the new additional Ticket at this point, since I can reply through the original one.
It's fine. I found the original Ticket as well as your updates. Since it was me who originally replied, I'll go ahead and take care of it for you shortly. ;)
Hahaha! Awesome (and confusing) typo. The answer is level 50. I'll fix the news post. Thanks.
As a heads up, if you hit the "Reply" button on the Email notification about your Ticket being updated, and send in your message that way, it is not the same as replying directly to a Support Ticket, or even putting in a brand new Ticket.

Our Support Agents get no notification of a response being sent in from a player when that method is used, and most likely the reason why it's now taken a few days for anyone to see the answers you provided for verification.
They'll be available tomorrow in the bundle only.
The news post got pushed to tomorrow morning to give the Kritika cross-promotion announcement some breathing room:


(You can earn a free ground version by leveling up in Kritika before August 31.)

The flying versions will go up in the TERA Store tomorrow morning. All three colors will be available in a bundle for 5995 (15% off for elite players). HP/MP regen versions are in three separate loot boxes, separated by color.
StarSprite wrote: »
So the guy who did it isn't getting banned?

I really can't ban Seandynamite because he's my boss.

Someone, who shall remain nameless (but has dynamite in his name), was testing on the wrong environment. Should have been on the mirror server, not live. It's just a goof.

They are not out yet. Later this week.
LEt's not even mention the "Simple Salt" That keeps dropping. Such troll much Wow

*points at Seandynamite*
The argons are tricking you. They are most definitely NOT level 60.
You will get SOMETHING out of the lootbox, but no one award is guaranteed.
We'll be posting the details for the sale on Wednesday!
Here are a few shots of it in an album:


The bright pink is the dyeable part of the costume.
They'll show up during the specified times. Nothing will be spawning 24/7 if that's what you're wondering, though I believe the Argons that do spawn will remain in the world until they're killed. Some zones might need cleansing even after the spawn window closes.
kubitoid wrote: »
also sometimes leveling a new character on a different server without your bank full of stuff is like playing in hard mode lol.
you described life of new player in tera precisely. thats why most of them quit long before 65 from frustration leading to boredom

This is kind of off-topic, but are you saying that most players quit before reaching 65 because TERA is too hard? allofspaceandtime said it was like playing in "hard mode" without a bank full of stuff, and you agree. I'm curious if you have any examples of people you know trying TERA and quitting on their first character before 65, claiming the road to max level is really tough?
Ghiblii wrote: »
You have to remember they have other games they're trying to work on as well, not all their attention falls on TERA right now it's mainly PUBG.

Different development teams work on each of Bluehole's games. Trust me when I say they have a lot of developers. It's not a time management issue.
Starkhoe wrote: »
Communication is key here, and I believe that if people that shared my opinion knew they had something better to expect, I think they would wait in peace.

The intention has already been communicated. When server transfers are able to be re-enabled, the TERA team will re-enable them. At the moment we're waiting for a fix and there is a lot of attention on the issue. There are no current plans for any server merges.
We were aware of that possibility. Unfortunately, the event is targeted at the largest playerbase possible, so there will be some overlap. Sorry about that.
NPCPak wrote: »
NemisBrawler, you want to check your Twitch PMs on your Twitch account. En Masse should have messaged you your code in the Twitch inbox.

This. Look in the top right corner of the page on Twitch. There should be a "Messages" link in the dropdown.

Today on Twitch, I'll jump into a canyon GG!



Fraywind Canyon.

Plus I'll show off some new mounts arriving next week!

The show starts at 3 p.m. PDT at https://www.twitch.tv/enmasseentertainment
Campaigner wrote: »
I don't understand... why is there fluid and stuff coming out of their butts?

She probably just got out of the bath tub. Don't you bathe after every dungeon run?
We removed the Banner that was stating to redeem it before midnight. ;)
Apologies. They're in there now.
LancerJiva wrote: »
And some of us want to transfer items back and forth and have no desire to transfer fully geared lv 65s.

Of course. That doesn't have anything to do with the AV conspiracy theory, though. In any case, transfers will be re-enabled when the problem I described is fixed.
That's a pretty elaborate theory. You can already play on whatever server you want. Some of us like being on AV and have no plans to move, and making a new character on another server is simple.

The truth is that we're waiting for a new build from Bluehole that prevents character corruption on transfer. More than a few players had their inventories and character stats completely messed up because of the bug and it took our support crew a long time to sort out each case. When that's fixed, server transfers will open back up.
We've got some excellent plans for Halloween. If I told you guys anything more it would spoil your dinner :skull: :cookie:
Ardire wrote: »
"Once on Saturdays during the invasion, the argons will unleash their greatest weapon: Kelsaik!"

what does kelsaik have to do with the argons? he ain't even argonized himself, he was dead long before shandra even got to him and stole his flame. like hello. lore police checking in to say reading that sentence gave me a hernia and now i demand financial compensation

Argon Planning Meeting:
"We can rebuild him. We have the technology. We can make him better than he was. Better...stronger...faster...but mostly stronger."

"Plus, he's totally just laying there dead. Let's recycle! Keep the Dream clean!"
DWDE6GFGWH wrote: »
The amount of nocts dropped from these buffed mobs kind of hurt me, being so low, I do like the creativity of the event though. Will definitely be there for the bigger ones!

Those were just the teasers. The event mobs have much better drops.
Attention, level 65 heroes! Argon invaders have been sighted in numerous zones! Federation troops are en route, but they can’t do it alone. They need your help!

From Tuesday, August 15 until Tuesday, September 5, look for argons in various zones throughout the world. Take down argon soldiers for a chance to win an Argon Loot Box, or tackle an argon boss for a guaranteed drop! And watch out for when the argons’ secret weapon—a legendary combatant from TERA’s past—appears each week, with even bigger rewards!

For more information, report to the Argon Assault promo page—and let’s win this fight!
Event page is up with a hot new video from Greggle: http://tera.enmasse.com/game-guide/argon-assault/
FaunBait wrote: »
I think they just like having minor events like these to keep the surprise element. I like the idea and encourage more. Thanks EME. :+1:

Yeah, we're having a bit of fun, seeding out some stuff in-game ahead of major events in the hopes of creating a more dynamic feeling in the game world.

Thanks for the encouraging words.
The maintenance is being conducted to deploy a hotfix that will prevent a specific issue contributing to server crashes. Given the nature of the hotfix, we felt it best to deploy it as soon as we could, which contributed to the decision to conduct a server maintenance outside our usual window.
LilMsQTay wrote: »
Ooh, when I went to


For server transfer info. I found:

Edit: From Friday, September 9 at 10 a.m. until Thursday, September 15 at 10 a.m. (PDT), server transfers will only be available FROM Fey Forest TO Ascension Valley. During this time, server transfers will be free and the transfer limit for gold will be increased from 50,000 to 200,000.

That "Edit" was in reference to the 2016 Merge that occurred, where Lake of Tears, Valley of Titans, and Highwatch became Fey Forest.
We'll get this bug looked at.
Guys, one of the big reasons the server transfer thread was closed is because it became unproductive. I actually had to delete quite a few nasty comments in that thing that were flaming other people in the forum. I hope you guys don't actually think it's against the rules to discuss server transfers. If that was confusing, I apologize.

So in the case things aren't clear, let me officially say that there have been no updates to the server transfer situation since that thread was closed. We're not trying to cover up any topics or ignore any issues. That's why the thread has remained stickied - so people can see the situation and read the EME posts in the old thread.

We'll give you all an answer as soon as there's news, but honestly the only news we're hoping to give right now (and I wish I could give) is that the transfers are back online. They're not. We haven't received any updates from Bluehole on the issue and they're still working to resolve the problem that caused transfers to be disabled in the first place.
No light to shed on this, but I've referred it to QA. See if our resident genius can help out.
@Halrath @Spacecats Quick question, but is the double XP for kills really on? I seem to level at the same pace as without it.

It is. Swearsies realsies.
Let's not post that, please.
What monster spawn event? We don't have anything scheduled.

*innocent angel*
Jordansb1 wrote: »
What patch is this? Are any of these coming soon, or is this just a test in Korea for a future patch for NA?

None of these are real. These are Pumpedd's suggestions, written down as if they were part of patch notes. It's a wish list.
Zerks unaffected. Typo corrected. Thanks for pointing it out!
The NPCs are back. Apologies for the wait.
I respawned the SCEM npcs. Have fun storming the Sky Cruiser.
Bobbuz wrote: »
Well there is now 2 LFGs from the same raid, 1 has 13 and 1 has 16. The one that has 16 had 3 people that were able to leave after rally last time.


Please submit a ticket to CS (I checked, there wasn't one) with all of the details. We need that information or we risk helping some people, but not all.
We're sorry the restart didn't fix it. We're continuing to work with BHS to try and find a resolution for you.
We will restart TR at 11:30 a.m. PDT to try and free up the raid group. Hang in there.
We (first) thought you meant you were stuck inside the instance. Not stuck inside the raid group. I summoned everyone out this morning, then was told that you couldn't break your raid group up. I told them that we have no way to break up a raid through our tools and to submit a ticket to CS. It was a misunderstanding.
I tried to use it on a Misery weapon, and it didn't work. Says it's only for gear eligible for awakening. Is that normal? @Spacecats @Halrath , anyone?

Yes, the scrolls only work for awakenable gear (visionmaker) up to tier 11, so Ambush is as high as it will enchant. Items like these are really tricky because they are all coded by Bluehole to work in a very specific way. Changing them on our end to enchant other items for an event like this isn't possible.
LesbianVi wrote: »
Another question: How long do we have to use the code? I wanna keep it for Xfer to return if possible :#

Oh, good question. You have until the end of the event. 09/05/17 10am PDT. I'll update that on the post, too.
LesbianVi wrote: »
Halrath wrote: »
microeric wrote: »
And what if you didn't notice the code, because you clicked it too fast? Am I S.O.L?

It should still be there in your inbox.

Hey @Halrath I have been reading your parcels, nice stuff you wrote :3 Tnx for event, The double XP was enough to make me happy. Those parcel and notes really encouraging.

microeric wrote: »
And what if you didn't notice the code, because you clicked it too fast? Am I S.O.L?

It should still be there in your inbox.
If you'll look at the message where you got your crystals, you'll see a shiny little code you can enter at account.enmasse.com.
See title. Global chat on TR server also has multiple people saying the same problem.

The character is a brand new character created about 10 minutes before the event went live.

Started leveling when it went live on my screen, and reached level 20 about 15 minutes after event went live. Did not receive voucher, only the Crescentia Crystal box.



If you'll look at the message where you got your crystals, you'll see a shiny little code you can enter at account.enmasse.com.
Never mind, got the name. Got them out.
Got everyone out except Okazaki.N because their name cuts off. If anyone knows it, let me know and I'll rescue them, too.
ElinLove wrote: »
Halrath wrote: »
They have to be manually spawned after server restarts. I'm on top of it. Hang tight.

Would that be because it's an event like thing instead of permanent like VS for example?

That's exactly why.
Halrath wrote: »
Official Clarification: Reapers will only get the rewards for 65.

Which I will go edit into the news post.

What do you think about adding in a mentor reward event? I posted it in the suggestions.

It's something I'd love to do in the future, but it is too late to modify the event this time.
Players will only get one 1-day Elite Status voucher per account. That's it. No need to worry.
Official Clarification: Reapers will only get the rewards for 65.

Which I will go edit into the news post.
I also +1 this. I love screenshot contests too. If you have ideas for themes I'd love to hear them!
No offense, but I'm closing this thread because discussing forum moderation is actually against the rules (it's not TERA related and always leads to drama). I'll go ahead and take the opportunity to explain the system a little bit, though.

The jail bars and the red "banned, carry on" avatars are just part of Vanilla forums and how it handles user warnings. They're a default cosmetic side effect when players receive enough warning points (the forum uses a decaying point system) to reach some kind of punishment status. The red "Banned" message is actually used for suspensions as well as perma-bans, and can also result from too many warning points (like if someone has jail bars and continues to get moderator warnings.)

The bars basically mean that person can only reply so often, and can't create new discussions until their warning points decay. Moderators can also perma-ban if a person is unrelenting in their bad behavior or does/says something so nasty that it's clear they shouldn't be in the forums at all.
TR is coming back up now.
Paladious wrote: »
TR Just went DOWN again. all other servers say up but not tempest.

True. It was up for a few minutes and our Ops crew was watching closely. Unfortunately they aren't able to prevent full-on server crashes. They're working to get TR back up and running. All other servers appear to be back up and stable.
They have to be manually spawned after server restarts. I'm on top of it. Hang tight.
LesbianVi wrote: »
DesuBean wrote: »
We beat perimos last night and were holding the dungeon to run darkan today....

Hold it where? maybe that cause the crash :p

They were holding it... in the TERA server closet. When you make Darkan wait too long, he starts setting things on fire.
Looks like all servers are now down. Again, Ops is working to bring them back up as quickly as possible.
Please see the message at the top of the forums. We became aware of the outage moments after MT went down and the Ops crew is working to get everything back online.
We are and we're looking into right now.
I assure you, we did think of this. You'll only get the Elite Status once per account. It's okay.
vkobe wrote: »
Ardire wrote: »
nice. time 2 elite farm 4ever.

OMG why you feel the need to share this idea in the forum, just keep it secret :D

Yeah, we totally never thought about that or took steps to prevent it. Nope. Never.
Volturi wrote: »
what tier its the +12 scroll? @Halrath cause if its the tier 5/6 like buddyup this [filtered] its useless... (talking about it, updating that sysem when? )

Tier 11. I'll update the list. Sorry for the confusion.

As for the second question, the TERA team is discussing it and other stores.
I'm not sure about the brooch, but this mount is different than the one distributed from the quest (it has a 280 flying speed, as opposed to 270), if I'm not mistaken.
The Valkyon Federation needs you—to keep leveling up!

Starting Thursday, August 3 at 10 a.m. PDT through Tuesday, September 5 at 10 a.m. PDT, <em>TERA</em> wants you to level up. Whether a new character or a long-forgotten alt, there will never be a better time to get to level 65!

Vanguard quests from level 13 to 64 will award two bonus Goldfinger tokens!

You’ll also receive double XP from killing monsters for the duration of the event.

In addition, leveling up will bring lots of rewards for your character.

At level 10, players will receive:

A 7-day Ember mount
At level 20, players will receive:

A 1-Day Elite Status Voucher
Various PvE crystals suitable for your class
At level 30, players will receive:

Sapphire ×4
Tier 2 Feedstock ×50
Tier 2 Alkahest ×50
Strong Bravery Potion ×2
At level 38, players will receive:

Valkyon Health Potion ×4
Fashion Coupon ×500
At level 44, players will receive:

Sapphire ×3
Fashion Coupon ×500
Various PvE crystals suitable for your class
At level 55, players will receive:

Emerald ×2
Various PvE crystals suitable for your class
At level 60, players will receive:

Emerald ×2
Fashion Coupon ×500
A 7-Day Disco Ball
Veteran Complete Crystalbind ×2
At level 65, players will receive:

Alpha Reset Scroll ×3 and Beta Reset Scroll ×3
Circlet Fragments ×30
A Sturdy Parthian Brooch
A +12 Enchantment Scroll
A Veteran's Cape
Flying Skill: Zephyr

Characters already partway to 65 will earn rewards for each tier they reach, but won’t receive any rewards they already leveled past. Players who use a Level 60 Scroll will receive only the rewards for level 60 (and 65 when they reach it).
This August, win daily jackpots in select battlegrounds!

The battleground jackpots will run from 10 a.m. PDT to 9:59 a.m. the following morning, when the highlighted battleground will switch.

Here’s the schedule for August:
Here ya go:

Costume Smart Boxes

Dyeable Duckie Swimsuit Box - This smart box contains a dyeable duckie swimsuit costume suitable for your race and gender. (Elin characters receive a White-Stockings Maillot costume.)

Dyeable Deep Jammers Box - This smart box contains a dyeable Deep V or dyeable Jammers swimsuit costume suitable for your race and gender. (Elin characters receive a dyeable White-Stockings Maillot costume. Baraka and popori characters receive a dyeable Life Vest costume.)

Rare Summer Fun Swimwear - A smart box containing Mesh Beachwear, Devil-Striped swimsuit, Fruit Suit, or Carnivale torpedo appropriate for your race and gender.

Dyeable Peachstringer Fitted Beach Wear Box - This smart box contains a dyeable Peachstringer or Fitted Beach Wear swimsuit costume suitable for your race and gender. (Elin characters receive a dyeable Sailorsuit costume.)

Dyeable Striped Bikini Leisure Shorts Box - This smart box contains a dyeable Striped Bikini or Lesiure Shorts swimsuit costume suitable for your race and gender. (Elin characters receive a dyeable Striped One-Piece costume.)

2012 Swimsuit 3-Pack - A smart box containing a 3-pack of swimsuits appropriate for your race and gender.

Yellow Duckie Swimsuit Box - This smart box contains a yellow duckie swimsuit costume suitable for your race and gender.

Deep Blue Jammers Box - This smart box contains a Deep Blue V or Blue Jammers swimsuit costume suitable for your race and gender. (Elin characters receive a Blue Frill Bikini costume. Baraka and popori characters receive an Orange Life Vest costume.)

Fast Summer Fun Swimwear - A smart box containing a Rapidos or Carnivale swimsuit appropriate for your race and gender.

Butterfly Plunge Fitted Beach Wear Box - This smart box contains a Butterfly Plunge or Fitted Beach Wear swimsuit costume suitable for your race and gender. (Elin characters receive a Beach Cadet costume.)

Striped Bikini Leisure Shorts Box - This smart box contains a Striped Bikini or Leisure Shorts swimsuit costume suitable for your race and gender. (Elin characters receive a Striped One-Piece costume.)


Mirrored Shades
White Sand Shades
Sanguine Shades
Ocean Blue Shades
Sunset Shades
Golden Dive Helmet
Diving Helmet
Baseball Cap
Deluxe Aqualung
Scuba Tank
Waverider Surfboard
Dolme & Stefanna Sunglasses
Heart Shades
Sundowner Beach Hat
Carnivale Shades
Super Shades
Summer Lei
Wooden Ukulele
Seaside Ukulele
Carnivale Captain's Cap
Woven Sun Hat
Woven Seaside Hat
White Kerchief
Aquacheck Kerchief
Berry Kerchief
Floppy Straw Hat
Butterfly Hairband
Striped Hairband
Butterfly Specs
Sunrise Shades
TLDR: Sky Cruiser Exreme Entry Tickets do not reset entry counts.

Be advised that entry tickets for Sky Cruiser Endeavor (Extreme) can be purchased in excess of your daily entry limit and do not reset your entries upon use. This means that you can use more entry tickets in a day than times you can actually enter the dungeon (eg. you can purchase and use/consume three tickets but you still only have two daily entries into the dungeon).

Please be aware of this when purchasing and consuming entry tickets.
@Denommenator did the maintenance actually do something? The summer event was supposed to be over after it, but the quests on Serpentis Island are still doable, and in Bastion the NPCs are gone while the quest markers are still on the map. What's going on?

The event should be fully disabled as of this writing.
In all honesty, I was hosting some guests from the development team all last week and completely forgot to queue up the change or communicate that, my apologies.
Ves1978 wrote: »
These will be updated to include T11 Feedstock starting August 1 following maintenance.

that's nice, would be great if you did it before i opened 1.5k boxes...

Because they were included in the Summer Festival event, we didn't feel it right to change their contents mid-stream.

Despite what I said earlier, the update to the boxes didn't make today's maintenance. They will be updated instead during next week's maintenance.
Calendar will be posted tomorrow. Talisman is included among the rewards.
Leveling event is in the works, look for an announcement tomorrow.

We have another event cooked up for later this month that you should start to hear some rumblings about SOON TM.
I think he was probably referring to the Sky Cruiser event announced Friday. The other event, we're actually going to announce tomorrow. It's a leveling event with some pretty decent rewards for both new players and alts.
TheTarget wrote: »
Do you think we could get an update today about the xfer status? Even if it's nothing, we really appreciate constant updates. <3

Sorry. No news on a fix yet. We will update you when we have any news to report.
JXE5356AKE wrote: »
Halrath wrote: »
Affirmative. Same mechanics, different loot tables.

This looks pretty cool. If it is the same as EU, they were granted free blue noctenium for the duration of being in the dungeon, could we get a confirmation if our version will have that as well?

Quick edit: will the bone dragon as chance loot be Royal as well? Currently it doesn't have the prefix, or -fury suffix.

He is not Royal, but can grant the draconis rex skill. Let's see if you guys can get to it.
Sorry, I'm a bit confused. When it says Darkan drops ALL and has 2 noct drops, is it like a jackpot event? Is it RNG where all can drop but none might? It'd be nice if we had clarification, thanks! @Halrath

Sorry about that. Copy pasta error. Darkan drops 750 noctenium, guaranteed.

The stuff that says "chance to drop" is the only stuff that ISN'T guaranteed.

Every few millennia, a popo is born with the cunning of a tuwangi, the speed of a priest, and the intelligence... of a popo.

He is known as the sneaky hidey hidey popo guy. Nobody has ever found him, but YOU will be the first! Especially if you're on Ascension Valley or Fey Forest, because that's where we're playing Popo Hide & Seek this week. Last week we gave TR, MT, and CH a shot, and now it's your turn!

The stream begins at 3 p.m. PDT at https://www.twitch.tv/enmasseentertainment

Remove your current pants and don your special seeking pants! If you don't own any, just come naked.
Maybe we have OTHER plans for August... Mwahahaha.
Affirmative. Same mechanics, different loot tables.
The Sky Cruiser Endeavor returns to TERA, this time in its most extreme mode!

Starting Tuesday, August 1 at 10 a.m. PDT through Tuesday, August 15 at 10 a.m. PDT, the Sky Cruiser Endeavor will take all comers. The mobs are tougher than ever, but the loot is particularly sweet.

Find one of the bookies at Bamarama in the Freeholds to buy a Sky Cruiser Endeavor Extreme ticket, then talk to Minkal the Cruise Director (also at Bamarama) to wing your way to the Sky Cruiser. You can enter with a party of up to 5 players once per day (twice, if Elite) to take your shot at terrific rewards. Each boss drops loot that everyone in the party will receive. Defeat Darkan for the most rewards.

Putrion drops all this:

Noctenium Infusion ×250
Ominous Ore ×10
Tier 12 Feedstock ×25

Perimos drops all this:

Noctenium Infusion ×500
Ominous Ore ×20
Tier 12 Feedstock ×50
Lakan's Scale ×2
Follower's Supply Crate ×1

Darkan drops all this:

Noctenium Infusion ×750
Ominous Ore ×30
Tier 12 Feedstock ×75
Goddess Tear ×5
Lakan's Treasure Chest ×1
Noctenium Infusion ×500
Talisman of Lakan x1
Badge of Loyalty ×2
Lakan's Banner ×2

In addition, Darkan has a chance to drop:

Design: Addleblade
Design: Bogglestick
Design: Bowsprout
Design: Cankera
Design: Deathscythes
Design: Gulfmoon
Design: Mess Call
Design: Pockmarker
Design: Pummelettes
Design: Rattlemaster 300
Design Strevortex
Design: Swirlstar
Design: Vex & Bedevil
Flying Skill: Bone Dragon
Flying Skill: Royal Diamond Dragon
Smart Dyad Niveot Structure
Empowered Pinkalicious Innerwear
Fitness Pinkalicious Innerwear
Fortified Pinkalicious Innerwear
Insulated Pinkalicious Innerwear
Performance Pinkalicious Innerwear

It’s all yours for the taking, if you’re up to the challenge!
Rieu wrote: »
more argon themed/manaya's core pics pls B)

Yeah. Argons are cool.

I wonder if we'll ever hear from them again...
And this is on what server? Because we just checked CH and it's there on all four channels. Maybe zone in again and see if the watermelon event is there.
Teekz wrote: »
Can you at least open it up for people who domt have double rolls?

Sadly, I don't think that would be something we would do right now, since it's not just issues with the 2nd set of unlocked stats on items... Example being : Server Transfer Issue
If Unstuck does not allow you to continue on with your Story Quest in this area of Stepstone Isle, I'd add two other recommendations :
1.) Submit a Support Ticket so the quest can be reset back one stage for your character.
2.) If you didn't add anything specific to the character yet, and you're not super attached to the look of this character, it might be fastest to delete and remake the character.
Okay. This has moved beyond the scope of the topic.
Halrath wrote: »
I spoke with BHS about this issue this morning. We're continuing to investigate the problem, but do not yet have a fix. BHS understands this is an important issue for players and we want to get it resolved as soon as possible.

We're sorry for the inconvenience and grief caused by this issue.

is there any ETA last time this happend we had to wait a month during the valk patch its extremely frustrating not being able to play with friends cause were not allowed to transfer

I'm afraid there's no ETA at this time. I wish we had one for you. Sorry.
I spoke with BHS about this issue this morning. We're continuing to investigate the problem, but do not yet have a fix. BHS understands this is an important issue for players and we want to get it resolved as soon as possible.

We're sorry for the inconvenience and grief caused by this issue.
YF5KJCL6E9 wrote: »
It's definitely up for everyone?

I tried to play for the first time in a while today and kept getting ffff:ffff errors. Realized I was trying to log on during maintenance. Now it's over and I'm still getting that error. Does it take a while to come back, or is it an unrelated problem?

That is unrelated to the maintenance. Try this guide to resolve your issue!
You can contact Tera Online dev tracker at contact@teradevtracker.com - Privacy policy - Tera Online dev tracker is not affiliated with Tera Online or En Masse entertainment.