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Even though the forums will be down, we'll be here on our Facebook page, Reddit page, and Twitter.

Come find us there, too!
The download servers won't be up. Get your download on while you can.
Perfectly said.
As stated, you can't transfer from the old servers to the new servers (or vice-versa).
Lots of good advice and options in here. Nice.
Pasting Catnarok's notes. We don't need TWO threads for this.

not gonna be pretty but not google translated and copy pasted so just take it as it is

balders temple normal mode mobs hp and/or damage decreased (hp of tree on monkey, green kuma buttrocket, red kuma lightning from hand bull[filtered], last boss atks dmg decreased, and also seems they are taking out the dps check at 30% from normal mode)

fane of kaprima normal mode mobs hp and/or decreased (dmg of first boss [filtered] jumping down decrease, dmg of spikes in crab room decrased, dmg of lancer boss decrease, hp of the fire room [filtered] decreased, kaprima 1shot stand behind pillar move dmg decreased)

seems they are just nerfing the 1-shot moves in normal mode

HP/dmg of certain quest mobs decreased (not gonna translate each mob here, figure this is good enough)

Nexus changes
When Nexus opens there will be a notice and 4 NPC's will be summoned. You must get the NT quest from them to receive the quests for nexus - you will not get them automatically (im guessing the auto quest we get for phase 1-3 when we enter a nexus area)
Only 120 people will be able to get the nexus quest at each nexus spawn point
If you leave the nexus area, you will abandon the quest automatically
If you close one nexus, you can enter NT
No more nexus boons in nexus (still drops inside NT, just not in open world nexus)
Because no more boons and needing only 1 nexus, rep/credit received will be increased
Nexus Credits
1st stage: 5/50
2nd stage: 12/100
3rd stage: 28/150
NT: 150/1300

Nexus Rep
1st stage: 15/100
2nd stage: 35/200
3rd stage: 80/300
NT: 1500/4600

1st stage: 80000/100000
2nd stage: 100000/250000
3rd stage: 120000/400000
NT: 300000/4000000
(not really sure wtf this means, maybe the total amt of gold thats given out to everone in nexus)

No more damage over time on HP debuff in nexus zone (no need for vigourous crux now i guess)
Nexus will not expand or get stronger after 15 minutes

Map markers changed for nexus
If 50% or less at max people in that nexus = blue
If nexus is 51~70% full = yellow
If nexus is 71~99% full = red
If nexus is full = lock icon

XP gain increased from certain zones for quests and repeatable quests (pirates grotto and some other place)

The mount u can get from allamenthia rep speed decreased from 280 to 275

miscellaneous cash shop changes

Class balance changes: http://tera-forums.enmasse.com/forums/general-discussion/topics/Jan-31st-KTera-Class-Balance-gets-Patched

Damage changed depending on level difference with mob
When you are 1 lvl above mob, previously 0% dmg bonus, now 3% dmg increase
When you are 1 lvl below mob, previously 6% less dmg, now 3% less dmg

XP penalty greatly mitigated depending on character level

Party XP bonus increased
2 people = 20% extra xp
3 people = 40%
4 people = 60%
5 people = 80%

XP Penalties when you are of higher level than the mob
4 lvls higher = -10% less xp
5 lvls higher = 20%
6 = 30%
7 = 45%
8 = 60%
9 = 75%
10 = 90% less xp

Friends list limit increased to 80
Social menu added

When joining/creating a party, quests are automatically shared when hunting quest mobs

3 new outfits added to character creation screen when trying out outfits

New raid dungeon kelsaiks sanctuary
Cannot be reset with reset scrolls
Rookie buff does not apply
Hard mode and normal mode both drop t14 weapon/armor/accessories
Kelsaiks flame necklace gives you 'best cruse: unending flame' effect
Hard mode has chance to drop already MW items, and the 'random bonus' on the effect will likely be better than the normal mode drop
Added achievements for being first to clear normal and/or hard mode
Custometitle when being first to clear hard mode "Conqueror of flames"

More chatting restrictions to help with spam

To cut back on people that abuse the system, and to give it more activity, 3v3 arena operating hours changed
previously = noon to 3am
now = 6pm to 1am

bug fixes
fixed bug when you hold down a skill while using chain skill, the skill you are holding down would trigger instead of chain skill
fixed bug when you used city teleportal in allamenthia, that all npcs and portals would disappear from screen until relog
fixed bug where archer stance displayed wrong statistics in toolbar
fixed bug where archers penetrating arrow would hit for abnormally high (lol?)
Let's keep it classy, please. Seems that both of you just want to get information out. No need for personal attacks.
Let's not get out of hand here, please. Right now, the download servers aren't scheduled to be live during the maintenance period. If we can fire them up sooner, we'll spread the word across our socials, so keep your eye on them.
[Staked before the hair-pulling begins]
Only you can prevent necro threads.
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Okay. If this thread derails into personal attacks, I'll stake it faster than Buffy in a bad mood.
I think this has gone on long enough.

Locking down now...
This FAQ should answer your questions.
Only you can prevent necro threads.

Putting a stake in this one.
There's a whole lot of nothing in this thread. Locking it down.
Only you can prevent necro threads.
Only you can prevent necro threads.

This thread has run its course. Locking down.
Okay. This thread has gone off the rails. Get back on topic, keep it constructive, and lay off the personal attacks.

This is the kind of idea that really builds up community. Nice work!
This looks like a nice place to leave things.
I'm sorry you're experiencing this audio anomaly. I suggest getting in touch with our awesome CS team. I'm sure they can help you out.
Let's keep it clean and classy, please.
Please don't make "bump" posts, especially since this thread is only a few hours old. When people like Knoxxer or Treeshark can respond, they do. Until then, please be patient.

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You already started one thread on this. Let's keep the discussion there.
Awesome. I love the fiery motes in the back.
There's already a couple of threads on this topic, such as this one.

Let's keep the discussion going there.
Sorry you're having issues downloading the client. I suggest talking with our crack Support Team at this point.
Now that we're way off topic, this seems like a nice point to bring this thread to a close.
Let's keep the discussion clean and constructive, please.
If you feel you were billed inaccurately, please contact our Support team. They can look into the matter for you.

Only you can prevent necro threads. Let the dead lie.
Okay. I'm putting a stake in this undead thread. Remember, only you can prevent necro threads.
Let's keep it clean and classy, folks. No need to make personal attacks.
The servers are up and running. If you're having a problem, our terrific Support team will be glad to help.

Actually, the support team just pointed this FAQ out to me. I'm told it has a 100% success rate!
Edited by: Halrath almost 2 years ago - Reason: New information from the support team.
This FAQ should help with this problem, but I've also sent inquiries up the chain.
This FAQ should help with this problem, but I've also sent inquiries up the chain. We're sorry for the inconvenience.
If you're still having troubles, and the FAQ didn't help, I suggest contacting support for help resolving this. They're happy to assist!

Support Team
I don't think we need this to devolve. Discussion is welcome. Micturating events are not.
Okay. This thread has run its course. Discourse is one thing, vitriol is another.

Locking thread...
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Redirecting the discussion to the new information.
Redirecting the discussion to the new information.
Redirecting the discussion to the new information.
Your very own 'Unexpected Journey.' It's fun to take the road less traveled from time to time.
This looks like this will be great fun to watch!
Redirecting the discussion to the new information.

And let's keep it constructive, please.
Locked, for so very many reasons.

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Redirecting the discussion to the new information thread.
Let's keep it civil, people. We all care about the game. There's no reason to rage.
Welcome to you both!
Our awesome CS staff assure me the servers are up and players are connecting. If you're still having problems, please get in touch with them. I'm sure they'd be happy to help you.

Support team
*looks around* We don't have any ninja editors, I promise. If we make a change, we do leave an edit note. If that happens to not occur, I promise it's an accident, not a deliberate attempt to deceive.
Ahem. Castanica has a "misunderstood" aesthetic, not an evil one.

Those are some gorgeous shots, Kymaera.
Let's avoid bump posts. We know you have questions, but Treeshark and Knoxxer have a ton on their plates. Please be patient.

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Moved to Crafting forum.
Only you can prevent necro threads.
This promotion's been put on hold for the moment, folks. Sorry about the inconvenience.
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B. Spamming and Post Content
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