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Moved to General Discussion. Locked down because this is a duplicate thread.
Moved to General Discussion.

It's the second week of TERA: Rising. We don't have a timeline for transfers to the new servers at this point.
Edited by: Halrath almost 2 years ago
Okay. Thread derailed.

One, stop necroing threads. En Masse Entertainment does not publish TERA in Europe, so I'm staking the crap out of this dead thread.
Things seem a little out of hand, so here's a reminder of a few things:

1. We welcome discussion, even disagreement, but please keep it civil and constructive. Don't call names, question parentage, mental development, or any other way you can think of to cut someone down.

2. There are MANY duplicate threads. Stop creating them. Post in existing threads, keep those discussions going (again, constructively), which will help prevent necro threads.

3. Cut the personal attacks out. Period. There will be no further warnings on this topic.

4. Show some patience. You are not entitled to a response from anyone. If people don't answer your post, they either didn't see it or didn't have anything useful to say. Bumping it is against the rules and will be dealt with.

5. If you don't have something nice to say, move on to a different thread.

6. If you don't have something constructive to say, move on to a different thread.

7. Everyone here cares about TERA and gaming. That's common ground, so follow the wise dude's rule and be excellent to each other.
The customer service team is overwhelmed at the moment. They are not ignoring any tickets, but they're buried under quadruple the volume. Please bear with us as we dig them out.
Moved to Mystics forum.
I don't think we lose anything by trying.
We do not have a policy about English-only in TERA itself. The forums are English-only, save for the Languages forum. We're aware of what transpires on the servers and are looking at ways to address it. There is an excellent attempt to help with this in the guides section, and this post is a helpful reminder as well.
Okay. I've looked into this. No one's getting ignored, they're just unhappy. I'm locking this thread down.
Massively interviewed Treeshark about TERA's F2P Transition. Check it out!
Moved to Suggestions.
The CS team doesn't have chat on Mondays and Fridays because those are the lowest volume days. That does not mean we're not taking care of customers. The CS folks are working as we speak, but your only option for today is a ticket.

And, as I've said, the CS team is swamped. No one is overlooking/ignoring anything. They're just buried under a flood of tickets. Sorry for the hassle and the wait.
If this conversation doesn't settle down and stay civil, it will be over.
Moved to Slayer forum.
I'm starting to think this conversation's going off the rails... Stay on target, leave peoples' homelands out of this, and keep the conversation constructive please.
Wow. Necro thread was already dead. Please don't necro threads.

Sad Halrath face.
Moved to the Suggestions forum.
We're talking with BHS about this bug. I don't have any more information to share, but we want this fixed fast.

Moved to PVE.
We try not to speculate on scales of time equivalent to the heat death of the universe, however, there are no plans to remove the ability to gain founder status. If you have a code from a box, you too can be a founder.
That's a good idea. Moved to the Suggestions forum.
Question asked, answered, and derailed. Excellent.

Moved to Priest forum.
Wow. This was a necro thread that didn't need a response.

Please keep the conversation civil and on-topic. The OP's guide isn't a bad idea at all. They're trying to help the community. If you have something constructive to add, please do. If you do not, move along to another thread.
There's so much necro in here. Uncool. And now against the TERA forum rules, too!

Hey, look! A duplicate thread!

There are a lot of threads that cover this question ad nauseum. Please look for answers to your questions before posting a duplicate thread.
Which is clearly not taking place here. This thread is about in-game communication.

Nuff said.
I grow weary of these duplicate threads. Add to an existing conversation or start a new one, by all means, but stop creating a new thread that talks about the same thing other threads already cover. Thank you.
Moved this to the Warrior forum.
Let's keep the comments clean and constructive kids, and if your only response is a GIF, think harder before posting.
Chat support isn't available (now) on Mondays and Fridays because they're our least busy days and we have to let the CS staff recharge their batteries. With the launch of TERA: Rising, the support team is officially slammed. Give us a chance to deal with the surge and you'll see things return to normal in no time.

Sorry for the delay, but it's not going to be permanent.
Moved to the Races section.
The forums are not a place to seek resolution to transactions. Contact Customer Service and they'll refund the inadvertant transaction.
Edited by: Halrath almost 2 years ago
I am unhappy to see a thread about another thread that's a duplicate of many threads. Grrr.

I'm looking forward to listening to these. Should be a lot of fun.
Locking this thread down. Please keep your comments constructive and free of attacks.

I really couldn't say why that happened. I'm not with the CS team, but I know they're up to their ears with tickets to handle. I'm sorry you're frustrated, but callout threads won't help and are against the TERA forum rules.
I think the production team is monitoring the store over the weekend. I don't think they're quite ready to pronounce it stable, but once they do, you'll get your EMP. In the meantime, go kill pixels.
Redirecting to this thread.
Redirecting to this thread.
Customer support and TERA Answers are the most appropriate forums for this problem. Please be patient.
Redeeming a code from a physical copy of TERA at this point will grant founder status. It will not grant elite status.

Hope this answers your question.
If you've logged out and completely closed, not minimized, the launcher (It's a sneaky little app), then logged back in and you're still not seeing your keys, contact customer service.
Please do read the forums and FAQs before posting duplicate question threads. Thank you.
Moved to crafting thread.
Bump posts are against the TERA Forum Rules. Please refrain from them.
I keep trying to level my healer, but Minea's awfully insistent about me working at work.
kitcalie on 02/08/2013, 11:28 AM - view
was stated in I think it was the 2nd page of this thread. They might want to add it to the first post though as it was a bit hidden

That's a good idea. Done.
Please don't make bump posts. They're against the TERA Forum Rules.
They're located in the Account Services section of the in-game Valkyon Outfitters store..and they're up!
Nobody's forgotten about you. The support team is beyond slammed at the moment. It's taking time to process all the tickets, but they will get to you. Solomon and his people are working as hard as they can. Sorry for the wait.
We're sorry for the delay, but the CS team is swamped with tickets. They're getting through them as quickly as they can. Please be patient.

I'm redirecting this thread here.
Please make certain you have Javascript and cookies enabled in your browser. This seems to resolve most of the problems.

And please don't discuss proxies, how-to-proxy, etc. in the forums. That activity violates the TERA Terms of Service.
Edited by: Halrath almost 2 years ago
This should be up and running as of noon-ish Pacific Standard Time. When did you hit the dungeon?
Okay. It might have been just coming up, but if you're still not seeing it, definitely let us know. They should be fine now.
This has been talked to death, but moving to Suggestions forum.
Moved to Tempest Reach forum. COOL event. Have fun!
We haven't sent out any newsletters in a bit. Been working on TERA: Rising, so expect them in the future.

Also, please don't make bump posts.
That is a typo in the item text. I'll pass that information along. Thanks.
I shook Treeshark's tree. He's on it.
Guys, we know you're frustrated but rest assured, this isn't a case of discrimination, castanic conspiracies, or pure evil. We're working on the problem, and we want to get it fixed as much (if not more) than you do. Bear with us, please.
I left my heart in Castanica.

Probably my wallet, too.
It's in the Account Services section of the Valkyon Outfitters store in-game.
It was mentioned in an earlier thread. The egg thieves took a holiday, but they'll be back at some point in the near future.
Moved to Off-Topic.
Moved to the bug report section.
Okay. Locking this thread that no longer has anything to do with the topic.

Criticism is fine. All we ask is you keep your language clean and classy.

The End.
Hey, looK! A derailed thread!

If the above suggestions don't work, you really need to contact customer service.
Please don't resurrect necro threads.
I'm going to lock this thread, but let me say this:

We're not unaware of the frustrations some of the community has felt in a mixed-language environment. We're looking at ways to fix this without slighting anyone.
Relocated to the proper forum.
I think you've all had a good talk. I think we all felt it. Now, let's go play TERA or eat some mee krab.

We're not showing any particular issues. If you're still having problems, I suggest contacting customer service to get this resolved.
Tonka's post should get you sorted.
We're monitoring many things and will undoubtedly make adjustments. TERA: Rising hasn't even been out for a week, so it's too early to offer more specific comments.
I couldn't say without seeing what you're referring to. However, the five servers we have are the ones we intended to launch TERA: Rising with.
Okay. This is a forum for discussion. I'm not seeing any of that any longer, so....

I suggest contacting customer service so they can help you troubleshoot.
Most of these posts are super constructive, and I appreciate that.

The launch of TERA: Rising means our community will grow. Advocating teaching, not griefing, will help build the kind of community and game population we all want. Kudos.
Your best bet will be to open a ticket with customer service so they can troubleshoot the issue with you.
Please keep your comments constructive and free of personal attacks. This is a discussion, not a mud-flinging contest.
Okay. This thread has more than my recommended daily allowance of snark and bile. Agree to disagree, folks.

Moved this to Celestial Hills since they're the ones who can give the most relevant answers.
Only you can prevent necro threads...which are against the Forum Rules.

Petitions are now against the TERA Forum Rules.

Locking this down.
Petitions are now against the TERA Forum Rules.

Locking this down.
Moved to the languages section. All non-English posts must be made in here, no matter the content.
Let's keep this discussion going here so we don't duplicate our efforts.
I'm locking this down for several reasons, not the least of which is listed below. We welcome discussion, and even criticism, but ask that it be done in a constructive, not histrionic, fashion. Thank you.

TERA Forum Rules
B. Spamming and Post Content
- Threads or posts whose primary purpose is dramatic effect rather than substantive discussion.
Okay. I'm going to lock this before it contributes to global warming.

If you have suggestions, please post them here.

As Minea posted, we're working to get these issues resolved. We're sorry for the inconvenience. Believe me, we want you in-game and playing.
Locking this down. Editing files is a violation of our ToS.

Official TERA Forum Rules
Locking this down. Editing files is a violation of our ToS.

Official TERA Forum Rules
Mods, and discussions about them, are against the ToS and TERA Forum Rules.

Locking this down.
There are so many threads, ours and others, documenting the login issues. I'm locking this one down.
Excellent idea.
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