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*looks at the three preceding posts* I have no idea what you mean.
Thread locked as wildly, and inappropriately, off-topic.
Treeshark and the others are working to deal with this. Hang in there. We don't like them anymore than you do.
Aeiyr, stand by to stand by. Expect a PM.
Moved to the PvP forum.
Weirdly enough, we have a Bug Report forum.
According to our support section, that error message means this.
I sent the CS team a poke to have them look into this, just to make sure we didn't accidentally declare war on Canada or something.
The CS team and I will review these accounts and take appropriate action. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.
After reviewing the accounts in question, this authentication error message appears to be correct. Your only recourse is to contact customer support.
Moved to the Tempest Reach forum.
There are numerous threads that discuss this matter, so I'm locking this duplicate down.
That's a good idea. I'll pass that along.
Locking down a duplicate thread.
Bad trolls are bad, mmkay?

Might as well lock the crap out of this thread.
Petition threads are against the TERA Forum Rules.

As people noted, there is a thread for people to GIVE away codes. You may not buy, for in-game currency or real world money, codes on the TERA forums.

Moved to Off Topic.
Moved to Mount Tyrannas.
Moved to Player Guides, where it will do the most good.
Edited by: Halrath almost 2 years ago
Keep your remarks on topic and free of inflammatory remarks, please.
I think this thread has run its course.
Wow. This is a call-out thread, a spam thread, and a few other things. Locking this thing down. Guilds can get their own website to air their dirty laundry. This isn't the place.
Bump posts are a TERA forum no-no.
Okay. There are many threads like this one. We don't need more. Let's not create duplicate threads and concentrate the conversation in ONE, please.
Please keep the comments on-topic and constructive. If there's nothing useful to add, move along to another thread.
Moved to PvP forum.
You've read through these posts, yet decided we needed another? Locking duplicate thread.
Unfortunately, waiting is all you can do at this point. Customer support are the only people who can help you. I'm sorry.
Still a problem for customer service.

Well, you ARE trying to swim across a dream...
Edited by: Halrath almost 2 years ago - Reason: Also, moved to Art & Media. Nice shots, though.
We know you've been patient with us, so we're pleased to announce that we've rolled out the EMP for Founders gifts. They're a token of our esteem for those who bought a copy of TERA "back in the day."

You should have them in your account, with amounts varying upon the type of account and subscription you might have had. Players who took advantage of inaugural pricing will get more EMP. Follow the link above to the FAQ for full details.

Happy shopping!
Stay on topic, please. You two can PM each other until you go blind, but the forums are for on-topic conversations.
If you don't have something constructive to add, don't bother posting.

TheIvoryCasque, I suggest you contact customer service so they help sort your situation out.
I'm looking into this, folks. I need my love letters, too!
Knoxxer reminded me that it resets around 4pm, so if you've already gotten your letters, you're in a holding pattern.
The Valentine's Event resets at 4pm, so if you've already received 4 cards since then, you won't get more until later this afternoon.
Okay. The trash-talk can continue in private messages to each other. Locking this down.
We multitask. Lots of things can happen at 4pm.
Necromantic AND bumpy.

I am looking into this. I'll let you know when I know something.
Okay. That's the end of this thread.
Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! May all your loots be phat and all your adventures epic!
Patience, young padawan...
Moved to PvE forum.
Keep the posts on-topic and constructive please, or expect to take some time off from the forums...
*consults Magic 8-ball* "Ask again later."
In fact, it is against the TERA Forum Rules.
Here are a couple of images to share. First is a shot of everyone who showed up. It's an overhead to give you a sense of how many people stopped by.

And here are our winners!

Edited by: Halrath almost 2 years ago
Here's a link to more images from the pick-up line contest.
A couple more images Minea asked me to share. This is (almost) everyone who showed up!

And here are our winners!

Edited by: Halrath almost 2 years ago
The judges had their own opinions. That's the beauty of art, though. It's subjective.

Note: Not a judge.
Edited by: Halrath almost 2 years ago - Reason: Added clarification.
Let me just say that call-out posts like this are NEVER a good idea.
Moved to Warrior forums.
As we said yesterday, now that the store is stabilized, we're preparing to roll out the EMP. We're just double-checking everything so we don't miss anyone. As soon as we've more substantive news, you'll see a post.
We refer to that as "immersive gameplay."
Moved to Crafting and Enchanting forum.
Find interested people here. This is the only place we're going to allow this topic. Note: You cannot sell these codes. You must be ludicrously generous, they must be needy, but there is no exchange of services, goods, or anything other than warm fuzzy thoughts.

You must give your codes away. And please do NOT offer anything in exchange.

Just making that clear.

Other threads will be locked down effective immediately. Thank you and good luck.
Edited by: Minea almost 2 years ago - Reason: added more clarification on offering something in return
Then head here to this Off-Topic Thread.

This will be the only allowed thread on the topic. All other threads will be locked down effective immediately. Good luck to all involved.
Contemplated moving this to PvP, but decided it was more Berserker-centric.
Our Support section might have the answer you need.

And please don't make bump posts.
As others have stated, no there is not. TERA works differently from other games and we have no plans to implement such a tool.

There are also numerous threads on this topic, so I'm locking this duplicate down.
The stores are in the midst of a restart. That might be the factor. Give it a few minutes.
The stores are in the midst of a restart. Give us a bit of time and then try your transactions again.
Moved to the PvP forum.
Sorry if you're still running into this. Let's try to get it resolved.

In the past, we've seen this issue pop up with using a zip code that doesn't match what's on PayPal. If that's NOT the case, you could really help us troubleshoot this by telling me:

Type of transaction: Credit card? PayPal? Magic beans?
Your location: State or Country should suffice.
Your browser
Lemme check with Treeshark, but they should be working.
There's no way this won't end in tears and fire...

Moved to the Newcomer Discussions forum.
As Fatwa mentioned, the ticket turnaround time is a bit longer at the moment, but please hang in there. I know CS will get you sorted.
I want to thank everyone who came out to participate! What a great event! We had 47 contestants and even more in the audience! Some great lines, some groaners, some "Awwww!" and some rather direct ones!

Minea will post more tomorrow, including some great images of the event. I just wanted to say how much fun we had and how glad I was to be a part of it.
We had 47 contestants, and a lot more in the audience! It was a terrific turnout. So much fun!
3rd Step: Moved to PvP forum.
Yeah, this crap is totally locked down. I've no patience for necromancers this week.

Moved this to the Archer forums.
ZOMG Necro.

Okay. I'm locking this thread down. The conversation isn't productive. The suggestion's made. That's the end of this.

Apparently only I can prevent forum fires.

Another necro thread. Grrr.

If you've filed a ticket with customer service, all you can really do is wait. CS is slammed, but you will get your purchase. We're sorry for the hassle and inconvenience.
Moved to Crafting and Enchanting forum.
Well, this was ugly.

I know CS is megabusy (which is totally a word), but you might try asking a mystic or priest in the zone to summon you.
Aww! So many helpful responses. Brings a tear to my eye.
That's a good idea. Moved to Forum Suggestions.
Love the colors.
No. Aside from the exceptions listed in the patch notes, all normal transfer rules apply.
Edited by: Halrath almost 2 years ago - Reason: Added link to patch notes.
Moved to here.
We really don't need more of these threads. They already exist. Post in those.
Actually, he can't. Call-out posts are a no-no.
We're chewing on several possible ways to accommodate players, regardless of language. We haven't made a decision yet, but constructive feedback is always appreciated.
And that brings this thread to a close. Dramarama not welcome.
Our bad.
Knoxxer stated that this would be handed out once we got the store stabilized. That's done now, so we're just finalizing everything. I imagine it won't be too long. Please be patient.
There is already an extensive thread on this topic here.
Duplicate thread is duplicate.
We do not have a timeline yet for transfers in/out of Lake of Tears and Ascension Valley.
This thread did not need creating. There are many like it. Please don't create duplicate threads. And if you're going to comment in a duplicate thread, keep it classy and constructive.
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