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Your founders perks will be available to you on any server you wish to play on.
Phaere on 01/30/2013, 04:14 PM - view
Treeshark on 01/30/2013, 04:11 PM

Is the new Launcher going to be available when Tera: Rising launches?

No. SOMEONE got ahead of himself in that department. It will be out shortly afterwards.
There are at least 3 character transfer threads on the first page alone as I write this, so let's consolidate information here.

  • MT
  • TR
  • CH

  • Lake of Tears
  • (LoT)
  • Ascension Valley
  • (AV)

    We are upping the cooldown for transfers from 7 to 30 days. This is character based (right now). We will also be upping the level requirement from 10 to 40. We will also be reducing the gold amount transferrable to 10k gold.

    Oh, and anyone can play on any server.

    The new servers will be on their own dungeon and battleground queues. When we feel the time is right, we can consolidate everyone again, including the transfers. There is no ETA on this time.

    -Treeshark out.
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    Yes. This means PVP to PVE and vice versa
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    Skilliard on 01/30/2013, 04:45 PM - view
    Will the 2 sets of servers be able to queue together eventually?
    I'm assuming this is done for 1 of 2 reasons

    1.Technical limitations
    2. New players will likely be intimidated by elitists from existing servers, so they separated the queues to avoid elitism on a game that is new to many people. if it this this, then I suppose it can be changed eventually once the influx of new players joining stops.

    Eventually. This is what the last line i wrote is about.
    The new servers will be on their own dungeon and battleground queues. When we feel the time is right, we can consolidate everyone again, including the transfers. There is no ETA on this time.

    Before I lock this thread I will say this.

    If we were 100% sure that we could meet a certain day, we would just tell you. If we were to say it was February X, and then found out on February X-10 that we couldn't make it, and then postponed it till March Y, would be much worse. Not saying "February", but just a vague quarter, would be even worse.

    Giving a solid date is better both for the community AND for us, and when we can provide such a date, we will.
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    We'll do a better job at spawning them further apart on PVE servers. Thanks for your feedback.
    No, you will still need different alkahests for different levels of enchanting, i.e. how it is right now.
    Over the last couple of weeks we’ve been working to make a decision on the common enigmatic scrolls, masterwork alkahests, and spellbinds. The reason we have been undecided is that these items have been removed from the specialty shops for our build of TERA, with the exception of common enigmatic scrolls. Bluehole has left it up to each territory’s publisher to either sell these items, provide them through events, or other in-game means.

    En Masse has decided to make these items available to you through in-game means. We feel that removing these items from our gold merchants and only moving them into our store would create an unfair obstacle for players. We want you guys to spend money on what you want to spend money on, not on what you have to spend money on. Here is a breakdown on the three items in question:

    - Common Enigmatic Scrolls will remain in the current vendors as it is today.
    - Spellbind and Masterwork Alkahest will be removed from the specialty shops and instead added to the world through other means:

    * Max level dungeons.
    * Valkyon’s Response boxes
    * Victor’s Spoils boxes
    * Locked Strongboxes, with free keys to drop via events and promotions
    * In-game events, even if this means running some old events to get these items in the arms of players.

    - We will be monitoring the supply and demand of these items, and add more in-game ways to obtain them if necessary.

    The goal of this is to make these items readily available in the game so purchase via EMP is not mandatory. These will be in our shop for convenience for players with less time than gold. The price, quantities, and type of distribution are yet to be determined. These will not be for sale at the launch of TERA: Rising.

    Your feedback on this was much appreciated. This is going to be an ongoing process where we keep listening and adjusting our offerings.

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    We've been hinting at changes to the enchanting process for TERA: Rising for a bit, but here are the details on the changes.

    There will be a new enchantment compensation system that will increase your success rate after a failed enchant attempt. The following contribute to how much your success rate goes up:

    • Alkahest type
    • Grade of enchanting materials

    The following do not contribute to your increased success rate:

    • tier of the weapon you are enchanting
    • level of enchantment at which you are at

    Your enchantment compensation rate will be displayed in the tooltip of the item you are enchanting. Also, the enchantment success rate increase stays with the item, and not the player. So if you fail an enchant attempt on Dreamblade, the enchantment success rate does not carry to your gloves. It will stay on Dreamblade. The enchantment success rate will also reset upon actual enchantment success. So let's say you have accrued a 5.1% enchantment correction at +9. Once you reach +10, that will reset.

    Another change is that gear from dungeons will receive a chance to drop with masterwork status already attached. Obviously, this doesn't apply to items that can't be masterworked. All gears will also drop already identified.

    I hope this clarifies a lot for you. Please post any questions you have.


    P.S. OH YEAH. Due to this the enchanting spam you get in the middle of your screen is gone, unless it's a T14 gear that gets +12.

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    mentosNsoda on 01/23/2013, 11:06 AM - view
    Kultra on 01/23/2013, 11:04 AM
    mentosNsoda on 01/23/2013, 11:04 AM
    when you say "grade of enchanting materials" is iLevel included in this?

    This usually refers to the Common/Uncommon/Rare/Superior rating.

    right, I think this is relatively already well known, however, to my knowledge, the debate of specifically iLevel of an item of same tier affect success rate, this is what I'm referring to.

    No, iLvl is not included in this.
    Catica on 01/23/2013, 11:15 AM - view
    My first question with this system is does our supposed current enhancements success rates stay in place as well from the increase we got like a month or 2 ago?

    Or will the success rates revert back to the old ones before the increase update and then have this system put into place over the old rates?

    This is on top of our current system and rates. We've found that in our testing for this to prove a lot better than the current system in terms of number of attempts. But honestly, I'm not expecting anyone to believe me until they try it, so thus, just hold off on complaints until you try it :).
    Also, please keep this thread inline with the topic.
    My sentences need to be read together and not apart, or else they will have different meanings.

    Thanks :)
    Please direct your emotions at us and not each other.

    Thanks :)
    What servers? I don't see any servers.
    Masterworking is not affected other than the chance to drop already masterworked.
    KonpakuYoumu on 01/23/2013, 02:12 PM - view
    Treeshark on 01/23/2013, 10:57 AM

    Your enchantment success rate will be displayed in the tooltip of the item you are enchanting.

    P.S. OH YEAH. Due to this the enchanting spam you get in the middle of your screen is gone, unless it's a T14 weapon that gets +12.

    Questions regarding these points: Is that supposed to say your bonus enchantment success boost percentage will be shown, or will it show the raw enchantment success rate?

    And all Visionmaker armor should be included for server wide announcements, not just T14 weapons. Any piece of VM is a big deal.

    Corrected original post. Yes that is correct. It is your Enchantment success boost (compensation rate) % that will be shown, not the raw rate.

    And yes, it is all t14 gear, not just visionmaker, and not just weapons.
    I think any sympathy I may have felt was wiped away by your implication at the end. I am locking this thread as we won't discuss personal information here anyway. If your "friend" needs this resolved, he can PM me directly and not through someone else.
    We'll reset the season during this Thursday's maintenance (see http://tera-forums.enmasse.com/forums/server-status/topics/12413-Maintenance-700-am-900-am-PST-67394)

    Sorry for the inconvenience.
    You can download it here: http://tera.enmasse.com/download

    Only new accounts will be able to play the Tera Rising: Head Start (aka the old discovery edition)
    We'll have more information on this soon. There is no definitive answer yet :).

    It hasn't disappeared forever but just temporarily. It is still "all over" support because people still use it and we need to support them.

    If Knoxxer said anymore, he would have a bad time.
    1. I agree, and it's something we'll look into.

    2. There are hitbox differences but they are not as drastic as you might think. To compensate for these differences, there are slight differences in each race's attack motion. These differences are slight enough to not cause enough difference to play only a particular race.

    3 and 4. We are working on this as well.

    5. Can you expand on this?

    6. Promoting decency is good. Promoting decency with indecent behavior like humiliation is not.
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    stay tuned.
    These problems should be addressed now. If you continue to experience problems like this, please submit a customer support ticket.
    I'm not really sure what purpose this thread serves. Be careful on how it digresses.
    We lock necro'd threads, right?
    I just want to make it clear that there is still a lot of information about the transition, including details on the build itself, that we have yet to say. We'll do it in an organized fashion on our main website instead of scattered throughout the forums, so stay tuned.

    But to answer specifically.

    We will let you know how many servers will be available, and the transfer status of each one.
    3v3 information will also be released.
    Server capacity is a tricky one, but we'll manage it the best we can.
    It takes some time to get to everyones account. If by mid-day tomorrow you don't have it, please contact support.
    I was a bit vague. I didn't mean to imply that this was an unknown issue to us. I was more interested in expanding in "griefing is prohibited in other games" statement, and whether this is indicative of just a better PVP system, or the mods being more draconian in their enforcement.

    That being said, we know this is a hot button issue, especially since our PVP system is a little too open in letting this happen. We are exploring solutions with BHS, even if it is a bandaid solution for players.
    MistahBlob on 01/16/2013, 10:42 AM - view
    Since my subscripion ends on the 31'st of January.. and I get 7 days on top of that...

    Does that mean I get a month of Elite bonus (since it round up extra game time by a month)? o.0

    It depends on the date we go Free. If that 7 days overflows into that date, then yes. If not then no.
    GM's don't just do this without cause. It is rare. We definitely do not remove infamy of players that have been griefing others.
    We don't need to rely on a player's word to know what they've done :)
    It's going to take some time to get everyone's account. If after Thursday you don't see it reflected, please contact support.

    This is a long and interesting thread and I don't wish to make it go away due to references to someone's real name. I've edited the references I can find, but please refrain from doing so, no matter how good the intentions.
    We may be kinda quiet on those threads but they aren't being missed or ignored.
    Slubber on 01/10/2013, 04:50 PM - view
    Cheg on 01/10/2013, 04:49 PM

    +1 for pushing daisies.
    We're going to try a different set of tweaks today. Please let us know if anything changes.
    No, these are behind the scenes network tweaks.
    Answer is in the link provided. And the answer is yes.
    Your time remaining can be refunded if you choose when we go free. It's in our FAQs.
    Hey Everyone,

    By now you’ve probably heard the news—TERA will be free in 2013 (catch up here or here if this is the first you’ve heard). This transition is an exciting time for us, and I want you to know this isn’t something we took lightly. There are pros and cons to any decision, and for this one, we felt that eliminating the subscription barrier would provide a better game that everyone could enjoy. Eliminating subscriptions comes with certain stigmas, of course—and we wanted to defy them before making such a switch. We’ve always felt, and still do, that the quality of TERA is top notch—the combat you all know and love will stay the same and the beautiful graphics will persist. In February, any player can experience all that TERA has to offer for no cost whatsoever.

    There’s no manual or law that states that just because our game is free, we have to make you pay to enter a dungeon or a battleground. So we won’t. As you probably read, if you have ever redeemed a copy of TERA , your experience doesn’t change. Nothing will be taken away from you, and in fact, we’re giving you a mount and a title just for being loyal to us. We’re also adding a new in-game store, where you can buy items with our new currency (EMP).

    What kind of items? I’m glad you asked. No, you will not be able to buy quills, visionmaker gear, or anything like that. We’ll sell a lot of things similar to what we currently offer: cosmetic items, premium service items, and mounts. We’ll also sell consumables designed to provide convenience to players (XP boost, rep boost, and so on). These items, while not essential to your success in TERA, will help accommodate players of all different types.

    TERA: Rising will be launching with new content—the Champions’ Skyring (3v3 PvP battleground) and the Crucible of Flame (ranked dungeon) being chief among them. You’ll also see changes and additions to existing content, which we'll reveal before we go free as well—tweaks to the current Fraywind Canyon as well as adjusting the enchanting system to be more…forgiving. The content won’t stop there, however. In the coming year, we’ll revamp the current political system, release more dungeons and new BAMs, and deliver a 20v20 battleground to host epic clashes.

    That’s just a taste of what’s to come for TERA: Rising.

    I hope you’re just as excited about TERA: Rising as we are. There’s a lot in store, and we can’t wait to show you in February.

    Treeshark out
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    Runespider on 01/09/2013, 08:10 AM - view
    It's because F2P is maintenance mode, that's why they die so quick.

    They don't properly update it after going free to play and the games just turn into "how to get money from them with the content we have".

    It's not a game anymore it's a cash cow.

    Then why would we let it die? Keeping it alive makes more sense, and doing so means bringing in new/more content.
    We're making some network adjustments today. Let me know if you guys experience anything for better or worse (than what you are used to).
    As has been said, the patch was to address something directly with the patcher, and not with the game.
    This hasn't fallen off of our radar, but there are further considerations to be taken other than just leveling and economy that have not been sorted out yet when you transfer, such as infamy. If and when we can ensure a clean transfer, we will open it up.

    Besides, I thought you PVP people didn't like the PVErs? IS THE DRAMA A LIE?

    (j/k, don't answer that)
    We would have loved to have written to everyone but all our hands would have fallen off and then it would be hard to type on the forums and stuff, with no hands.

    Merry Christmakwanzakuholidays to everyone!
    ok. I think all that was needed to be said in this thread has been said :).
    jeffadkins51 on 12/23/2012, 10:36 AM - view
    Hey folks, I quit playing for awhile but I'm coming back to play with my cousin who intends to start playing hopefully today. He was having really weird issues with the happycloud trial version of the game so I suggested the full download. I'm wondering if that was a mistake.

    So, my question is, can you use the normal version of the game with a trial version account login?

    Thanks for the feedback on the event everyone. I've been reading them the past few days and it is interesting to see the large dichotomy of responses we get towards it :P. At first we did it only in level 60 areas, and super surprise like. And then people said they wanted *some* kind of headsup, so we did, and also spread it out over 3 days, including weekdays and weekends to try to accomodate the most people. We may look to continue to do this in the future, and who knows, we may go back to doing it stealthily :).

    And umm... the dracoloths are most damage, not first hit, for the loot. Granted, if your group gets first hit, you will most likely do the most damage, but just saying....
    Fatwa on 12/17/2012, 04:52 PM - view
    Treeshark on 12/17/2012, 04:44 PM

    It's your feeding frenzies, they scare people. How many innocents have been slain to appease your appetite?

    It's not for me. The dracoloths get hungry.
    We ran this across all servers around 2pm Pacific as a nice surprise event for players. The response was pretty good so we may start doing this more in the future, at other times and such. We will have other events that are advertised in advance... but telling people about surprise events ahead of time seem to make it less surprisey.
    Drop rates do not differ between servers. No drop rates have decreased, not in Tuesday's patch or yesterday's restarts.
    There are about a jillion threads on this now and it's getting hard to wrangle.

    It is safe to say that the way things actually work and the way things are being speculated about are completely different. I've looked into the server data and the drop rates have not changed from what you are used to these past few months, with the exception of the addition of SE scrolls and CC scrolls.

    We are looking into if there is actually a bug causing TR to misbehave as MT seems fine. Any information as to the specific mobs you think are affected will be helpful (other than the Argonomorph Naga in Pathfinder).
    This is fixed.
    :( The traverse will not be affected.
    Stream is live!
    I already responded in another thread that we have not changed drop rates for open world anything, except to add the 2 new items.

    no enchanting has been changed since the enchant increase patch.
    Edited by: Treeshark about 2 years ago
    I did not say "ever" and I don't think I can say they have never ever ever been adjusted. That is quite a bit of digging. I was specifically asked if this happened around the enchant increase patch and that is what I looked into.
    Cheg on 12/05/2012, 11:14 AM - view
    Conspiracy theory:

    Weekly patches unknowingly include copies of old code, that when added to patch server, overwrite previous patches, removing their effects.

    If no-one notices they are using old code, not new code, won't EME of course believe that they didnt change anything?

    This is incorrect.

    Overall, it is confusing to me what exactly is being asked at times. When people, after a patch, ask if something has been ninja nerfed, the obvious response is to look at if this most current patch did so.

    I know that in the past things have slipped by the patch notes until later and we have to do a better job of conveying information. Which we will. As for the past, I'll look into if we've overlooked any drop rate changes, but realize that this is not something we will revert if we do find anything.

    As for enchanting, that answer stays. It has not changed.

    Edited by: Treeshark about 2 years ago
    wawaWho on 12/05/2012, 11:32 AM - view
    Treeshark since you payying attention to this thread, I would just like to add a suggestions.
    I know patch notes get "revised" and "editted" at times due to errors/miscommunication (i dont care for the reason and its fine) but in the patch notes, if you guys make a change, can you guys atleast state in the patch notes has been updated on 12/05/12 at 11:am pst and if it was updated again...update the date and time again?

    Reason I say suggest this is because I look at the patch notes a lot, and I see stuff changing or missing from time to time.

    Like before the current patch notes had something like select a green arrow to keep that stats on the equipment, but now in the current patch note the green arrow wording is gone!
    People make mistakes/mis translate and that is fine, but please tell us when it was revised, so that if I see that it was revised/editted I can read the patch note again and not just assume it is the same.

    Thank you

    Yes we can do a better job with that.
    After this last patch we discovered that the dungeons were resetting at 9pm instead of 4am like intended. The reset at 2:15 is to fix this and to switch it back.

    There may be after-effects to this restart which may in-turn prevent dungeons from resetting until 4am, leaving some users unable to enter an instance for effectively more than 24 hours. To alleviate this, any user logging in from now until 12/6/2012 2:30pm will receive an Instance Reset Scroll in your Item Claim. If you are in the game, you will have to log out (all the way out of the launcher) and back in to receive this.

    Sorry for this inconvenience.
    Edited by: Treeshark about 2 years ago - Reason: edit: added that you have to log out of launcher.
    There was a time when dailies reset at midnight, and also a time when they reset at 8am. Before the 18.10.07 patch, all our things that had daily resets were just somewhere between the times of 4am and 8am, and now they are just all at 4am for easy remembering.
    Everyone, this thread is out of control.

    The loss given to people dropping out was to prevent people from... dropping out of matches they think they will lose. The loser boxes were intended for players that actually want to play BG's, but lose. It's a consolation prize. Stack these two things together and it became a formula for players to cheat the system and at the same time make BG's less fun for everyone else.

    Yes, we do need to fix the overall system on how it rewards losses and differentiate a person dropping from a person competing. But until that comes, we had to put a band-aid fix in until we get a real one. The items removed from the boxes are not specific to these boxes and are not obtainable outside of BG's.
    These items have been out for less than 12 hours. Everything else is in the game has mostly been here since launch. We'll work on making them more accessible as time goes on, but I think the expectation of these things falling out of the sky may be a bit much.
    kilrnub on 12/04/2012, 07:06 PM - view
    Treeshark on 12/04/2012, 06:44 PM
    These items have been out for less than 12 hours. Everything else is in the game has mostly been here since launch. We'll work on making them more accessible as time goes on, but I think the expectation of these things falling out of the sky may be a bit much.

    While we have ur attention, any comments about the ninja drop rate decrease for t14 from bams, huh ?

    These have not been changed.
    There is an error in the tool tip and will be getting fixed soon. The patch notes have the correct information.
    We’re not above admitting our mistakes when we make them, as well as learning from them to continually provide a better game for everyone to play and enjoy. The Black Friday sales this past weekend were intended to offer items to the community at a lower price, and also items that were never made available before. We also made them tradable so that players had the option to buy items in the game instead of in the store. The fact that these gym bags have caused so much disappointment is not lost on us, and neither are the reasons. This experience has taught us a lot and we plan to adjust to this in the future.

    We love that our community has been so passionate and vocal about Tera and hope they continue to be this way in the future.

    Hi everybody.

    I just came on to say that there will be a more official response in the next few days about all of this. This is not an issue we are taking lightly, nor brushing aside.

    Needless to say, this is not the easiest thread for Minea to handle, so please be respectful of all comments and opinions being made here, whether they make sense to you or not. Also, I wanted to say thanks to KonpakuYoumu for taking the time to compile the petition and keep everything in here mostly in line. It has been a lot more helpful in reading one organized thread as opposed to 20 disorganized ones.

    The FAQ may be misleading. We restrict your ability to type in Party Search (LFG chat), but you should have the ability to talk with your party.

    If you cannot talk with your party, please let Support know.
    Hey Joeyjoejoe,

    If you have questions concerning billing, please contact our support and they will be more than happy to assist you. We won't be of much help on here as we do not discuss any personal information.

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    Maiya on 11/19/2012, 03:04 PM - view
    The gold increases - are they going to be like 50% or double the current rate? Or are they going to be the k-tera 2000 gold from the final boss rate?

    The gold rate increase will vary amongst dungeons, but they will be a lot more than just double the current rate. I don't believe they approach k-tera's rate, but it is a substantial increase.
    There are no server restrictions for Discovery Edition players.

    If you encounter any issues with this, please let support know.

    Edited by: Treeshark about 2 years ago
    We are investigating the cause of the issue and will bring servers up as soon as possible. More information when I get it.
    We have managed to bring all the hamsters back into their cages and onto the correct treadmills. The servers are back up.

    Thank you for your patience, and a very entertaining thread.
    Hey, everyone. Treeshark here. Let’s talk about TERA.

    Enchanting Improvements

    First, the issue on everyone's mind is “100 percent success” alkahest. I know what we’ve said before, but I want to make clear that this isn't coming. When automatic alkahest was discussed previously, it was only on the drawing board and not developed for any territory that has TERA. After a lot of study and discussion, we made the decision to not implement automatic alkahest. We may revisit this decision in the future, but for now, there’s no 100 percent alkahest in the works. It was our fault to discuss and promise something that we weren't able to follow through on, and we’ll see that we don’t do that in the future.

    I know many of you are making angry gestures at the screen right now, but the larger question remains: what are we going to do with enchanting? First, we’re going to hold more small events, like Spirit Rally, where players can get drops they want and need (such as alkahests and scrolls). Second, we’re going to increase the loot dropped in max level dungeons. And last, we’ll introduce a new type of alkahest via events that increases your chances at enchanting (every little bit helps, right?). These changes start rolling out in December.

    Battlegrounds Changes

    Next, let's talk about battlegrounds. We had a great turnout in the Canyon Clash tournament—a lot of good matches and intense competition, and maybe we made up some new terminologies for BG strats while we were at it! We will definitely look to do more big events like that in the future. But what about the normal, everyday battlegrounds? I'm glad you asked. Starting next Tuesday, November 20, we'll be changing some things.

    First, let’s talk scoring: leaderboard scoring will go to 1/-1/1 (kills/deaths/assists). With the ease that players were getting assists, the extra point is not necessary. The points you get for win/loss will stay the same. We will also decrease the individual points you get for capping from 500 to 150.

    Second, about Desperate Resolve (AKA the “Loser Buff”): there's intent, and there's actual application, and I think it's safe to say that the actual application of players intentionally losing until they get the buff is not the intent. We won't be turning it completely off, but we will extend the point difference that triggers Desperate Resolve from 1,000 to 2,000, and the buff will disappear when the difference is less than 1,000 points. We’ll monitor how this goes, and if Desperate Resolve continues to be a problem, we will explore further measures, including shutting it off entirely.

    Third, earning credits: we will raise the amount of credits earned in premade battlegrounds to equal credits earned in PUG battlegrounds. We are also bringing over the credit cost reduction from the Korean version of TERA to North America as well.

    Fourth, let’s address two BG exploits: players dropping from a match and players spawn-camping. Players leaving matches will now be assessed a loss. Spawn-camping is not prevented by the game—yet!—but in the meantime, if a GM observes you spawn-camping, your first offense is a warning, and each subsequent offense will cost you 200 Bellicarium credits. Don’t be that person.

    Finally, you might be asking why we don't make these changes on a week-to-week basis, especially since the tournament showed that we can make some of these changes whenever we want to. The answer is simple: our seasons are 28 days, and we don't want to introduce changes like this in the middle of a season. It's better for us to look at the impact of changes over a longer time frame, and it's better for you to know that we won't just make drastic changes week to week. This is a big reason why our current season is shorter than TERA in Korea, where it is 90 days.

    Upcoming Events

    We’ve held a lot of small community events, seasonal events, and a big PvP event. We want to keep doing these in the future, and more often. Also in the embryonic stages, we want to start streaming play of TERA as it is going on as well. There will be more information about this going forward as to how, where, and what this entails. If you have ideas we are certainly open to them, so please let us know in the Suggestions section on the forums.

    More Nexuses!

    Last but not least, let’s talk about the nexus. There’s not much to say...except that we will start opening up more times throughout the week. This will start on November 20th, so stay tuned on what times are being changed/added.

    Whether you’re interested in enchanting, battlegrounds, events, or the nexus, I hope you found some good news. Until next time, see you in TERA!


    Edited by: Treeshark about 2 years ago - Reason: We are going to save halving the effects of Desperate Resolve as something we'll do if it continues to be a big issue. This is not something we would necessarily wait for season end if necessary.
    Kaito on 11/15/2012, 04:39 PM - view

    Now, all you are going to get is people sitting and not doing nothing except crying about how everyone else is bad at PvP. There is virtually no way to win match and with the buff cut in half, most players will not gain that much in points from K/D/A.

    Seeing that it was difficult enough to recover from a mear 1000 point loss WITH the DR buff, what chances will a team have to recover those 1000 points without it? Along with a leave being a loss, whats the point of playing when on a losing team? Either people just basically AFK and sit and talk [filtered] to everyone else or the leave and the team that was already down is now short players. Wonderful for those who are trying and want to participate in BGs for the fun of it. Even ONE of these players in a BG can and will ruin it for the 14 others that are trying to just have fun.

    Along the lines of leaving equating to a loss, I sure hope you have made note about the items associated with the 3 wins/losses. Are you really about to give people free items for entering and leaving right out of the gate, screwing the rest of the players in that BG? Did that come up in testing at all??

    Treeshark, what I wrote above is the reason that I, along with others asked over and over for a little more disclosure when it came to changes. You just read the people complaining and never once happen to catch what the actual issue is with issues. The internal testing ONLY reflects players that are testing and testing while trying to just have fun against people in the next cubicle. This testing in no way represents the live servers.

    Yes, giving people stuff after 3 losses coupled with the dropout loss did come up in testing. It is a bug and reported, and hopefully we'll have a fix soon. The question was, do we stick with it or not anyway? Yes, you can just go in, drop out, get your loss. You'll also have to wait 30 minutes for the dropout cooldown to end, so if you want all 3 losses this way, you'll have to wait 90 minutes overall. And this way, you are out of the team and someone else that actually wants to play can come to join the team. Did this sly player just game us for a box of stuff that is nowhere as good as one you get for winning? Yeah. But hopefully the rest of their teammates at least got the chance of getting someone better and willing to participate. Do we punish players that lose legitimately and not give out losing boxes at all? We voted no.

    The actual issue with the issues you pointed out, is that there is no patch we can make that will make players want to stay on a losing team (and not just AFK). This is on the team and the individual to stay to try and fight through it. What we've done is say that if you quit on your team, you will *definitely* be handed a loss, and forsaken all chances of getting a win. Things may look grim, but it's not over till it's over.

    We've taken steps to make it easier for players to gear up so it becomes less of an issue, as well as make the pre-mades get equal credits so *hopefully* the big guilds will look to that queue for competition.

    I hope this helps into explaining why those changes were made. =*)
    Edited by: Treeshark about 2 years ago
    The matches we have up can be viewed here.

    There will be changes made to Desperate Resolve next week. What these changes are is TBD until it gets out of test. I will say that if you plan on thinking that this buff is a legit strat to plan for, you're gonna have a bad time.

    teemaa on 11/13/2012, 12:03 PM - view
    Minea on 11/13/2012, 09:11 AM
    Nope and we contacted and communicated with their support team but there wasn't anything we could do. :(

    Why didn't they save a local copy from the streamer's machine?

    We had an original setup that worked during testing that did a lot of things, but as anyone watching in the beginning, it didn't pan out too well. We had to resort to Plan B and that included on sacrificing some things as well as relying on twitch for recording.

    We are just as unhappy as you all that Sunday's matches weren't recorded, but Saturday's matches should be up within the next day or so. And yes we will definitely plan better in the future.
    A lot of crazy battles took place over the weekend, but ultimately Overpower emerged victorious over Man Up in the final round. Thank you to ALL the participants of this tournament for helping make the tournament go so smoothly. We here at EME had a ton of fun hosting and hope you all had fun playing and watching.

    We'll have replays of the matches up sometimes this week.

    The results are:
    1st place: Overpower
    2nd place: Man Up
    3rd place: Shatter

    Please see this page for full results.

    Prizes for the top 3 teams, and doorprizes for everyone, will be handed out on Tuesday.

    Thanks again!
    -The En Masse Team
    You all did great!
    Seance on 11/10/2012, 09:41 AM - view
    I originally bought my daughter the Tera CE edition, but she didn't play much and cancelled after the free month. She wants to try Tera again, but isn't sure she'll stay.

    Is there any way I can convert her CE to the free trial Discovery edition so she can try the game again until level 28? Or will she have to make a new account? The Discovery FAQ didn't seem too clear on that.

    You will have to make a new account to play the Discovery Edition
    Thank you to all the participants of the Canyon Clash Tournament that played today! A lot of pretty epic matches that we were able to stream on our Twitch stream. You can view that stream on our Canyon Clash page here.

    The remaining matches are:
    Sunday 11am Pacific
    Winners Bracket - Overpower vs Man Up (winner goes to 1pm match)
    Loser's Bracket - Secret vs Shatter

    Sunday 12pm Pacific
    Loser's Bracket - Winner of Secret vs Shatter against the loser of Man Up vs Overpower

    Sunday 1pm Pacific
    Championship* - Winner's Bracket Finalist vs Loser's Bracket Finalist

    If the Loser's Bracket Finalist wins the match, they will play again due to the rules of a Double Elimination Bracket.

    Thanks again!
    Well let's clarify this was on the Canyon Clash event server. :)
    It will be available at 11am Pacific on Friday morning.

    It is on the server list for final set up :).
    Welcome ZeroSoulreaver. I hope you enjoy your stay as well!
    I hope you all get a chance to log into Fyrmount tomorrow and prep. I'll be in there throughout the day and so will some other GM's if they have the time.

    Have you all gotten the information that's been sent out via e-mail? (to the team leader, or whoever submitted the team)

    And good luck in the tournament!
    Good luck everyone!
    Yes you can post it here. Most of it was posted in news and announcements, but yeah it's fine.
    The Fyrmount Server will be open for Canyon Clash participants only from Friday, 2pm Pacific, to when the tournament concludes. This is just for prep, as the tournament will start as scheduled on Saturday, 11am Pacific.

    Participants will be able to access the server just by going to the server list and entering it normally.

    Non-participants will not be able to access the server.

    If you are having problems accessing this server please contact community@enmasse.com directly with your character and team name.

    Edited by: Treeshark about 2 years ago
    Some technical difficulties. We are resolving now, will keep you all updated.
    We're ironing out some kinks, please check back at 2pm.

    Sorry for the inconvenience.
    Players are in the server, but now, new logins aren't being accepted. We are actively working on this.
    Please try again :)
    You can contact Tera Online dev tracker at contact@teradevtracker.com - Privacy policy - Tera Online dev tracker is not affiliated with Tera Online or En Masse entertainment.