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No, but think of this as a chance to add to your lexicon of cool names.
Zebulon on 02/26/2013, 12:41 PM - view

Well any news or plans on making a new server? xD
That way I can hopefully get a cool name...

[checks secret stash of secret plans and secret stuff] No news to report on that front. Sorry. As soon as that changes though, I'll post the news in big blue letters.
Unfortunately, you can't claim it twice and ride them both like giant, furry-fanged rollerskates.

I tried.

Thanks to everyone who helped out.
Some awesome shots in this thread. /salute to the creativity of the playerbase.
Okay, there are numerous threads about framerates. Let's not duplicate these things, let's keep them together so if answers are shared, they stay with the problems.
How about we keep it on topic unless the OP is on the hunt for new names?
It'm sorry you're delayed. That'd frustrate me, too. The support queue is undoubtedly the fastest method. As noted, the support tickets are backed up, so you've really done all you can do at the moment.

Don't PM Minea or Treeshark or Solomon, please. You've done the right steps, it'll just take a bit more time. Again, very sorry.
Suggestion made. Locking thread down.
Locking before the spitting and hair-pulling.
Please don't PM Treeshark or Minea. File a ticket with CS as suggested. Thanks.
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Ambitious! Looks like a fun event!
Well, this wasn't very constructive.

*waves* Welcome aboard!
Moved to Suggestions Forum.

Also, bumping is a forum no-no. Please don't do it again.
Mmm...mystic skittles.
Props, Kultra, for going the extra kilometer.
Grrr...the necro, it burns.

Your suggestion is fine, but please post it in the Suggestions forum.
Moved to the PvP Forum.
Good. Now, let's stick to English from here on out, or move the conversation to the Languages forum, please.
What's that? Stake it? Okay!

TERA: Rising is a global game. If you witness bad player behavior, report away. I lurked on servers this afternoon doing just that, but blaming the whole for the actions of a few isn't the way to go.
Please keep the remarks constructive.
If an item duration is in days (7 or 30 or whatever), that refers to calendar days, not in-game time.

Hope that helps.
I think this thread has run its course, so I'm locking it down.

I don't see any new information on this issue, but I sent inquiring pokies up the chain.
No, no...I know what bug we're talking about. I just haven't seen an update on it. If I hear anything, I'll pass it along.
I think this thread has run its course.

Anime DOES sound good...
Locking down this duplicate thread of another locked thread.
Please use English in the forums. The Languages subforum exists for any other language, but the general forums are English-only.
No bumps allowed. That's against the TERA Forum Rules.
Okay...suggestion made, topic derailed, thread locked.
Bump posts are against the TERA Forum Rules. Please don't make more.
Moved to the Bug Report forum.
Hang on, folks. I know there's a lot of frustrations and FFFFFF and such. Treeshark and the gang are on it. We'll get this resolved as fast as possible.
Sorry, folks. The radio silence wasn't intentional. Treeshark said he'll post something shortly.

[And there he was.]
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When I have answers to those questions, I'll post what I can. Right now, we obviously want things up and stable first. Then we can go all Sherlock on the logs.
nwf on 02/22/2013, 09:57 PM - view
You guys are aware of the missing characters, right?

Yep. We're definitely aware.
We're aware that some characters have gone missing tonight. We're certainly looking into it, but submitting a ticket isn't a bad idea.
We're aware of this issue, too. We're all for togetherness, but we know you need your alone time, too. We'll get to this as fast as we can.
We're aware of this, and will get to it as soon as we can.
I really couldn't say. The server peeps are looking at this, so let's give them time. I don't want to speculate wildly or make empty promises.
As in there's a few issues at play and I'm not going to give you an imaginary timeframe that may or may not pan out. Treeshark and Co. are doing their best. All we can do is let them work.
Treeshark just updated me. He's investigating this right now.
Let's not go there. There's a problem, people are working on it, that's it.
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I have hopes. They are working on it right now. I don't know more than that at this time.
Treeshark just told me they're going to try and free the stuck raids on VT and MT in 30 minutes. No word yet on LoT.
Those threads were hidden for security purposes. Treeshark and others are working on the servers.
If your character is missing, please file a ticket with CS. They're working to restore all that have been reported, but a ticket gives us a data trail to make sure no one gets overlooked.

Please include the character name and server.
Moving this to the Suggestions forum.
Bump posts are against the TERA forum rules. Please don't make them.
There's another thread on this topic. Let's keep the conversation going there.
There are, and multiple threads on this issue.
Spoke with the CS team about this issue. They said that clearing the launcher cache should resolve this hiccup.
Our teams are looking at these issues, but they have to gather data, isolate causes, and find solutions. None of us want you to have these headaches, and we're working to resolve them as expediently as possible. Please bear with us, and please keep giving us the details of your situation. Every bit and byte helps.
That latest error is discussed here.
Here's what it looks like on my castanic.

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Hah! No, I just took off my armor for modesty's sake.
Came across a similar event to this today on CH. Love to see this kind of server engagement.
Here's the word from the gurus on the CS Team (bless them and send them cupcakes):

"The issue you are experiencing indicates that some of the files in your game installation have become corrupted and the patcher is unable to update them. I do recommend running a thorough anti-virus scan on your machine make sure there are no malicious processes that could be damaging the game files.

After doing this, I recommend visiting the TERA forums thread located at here.

Page 2 contains a link to a site where files can be obtained to address the issue. We cannot specifically vouch for the content of the fix posted here, but multiple other users posted to the thread that this had resolved it for them.

If you prefer not to try this, my recommendation would be to completely uninstall your current TERA installation using the Windows Add / Remove Programs function, and then reinstall the game using our streaming downloader.

We are working on a permanent solution to this issue, but hopefully this information helps to get you back in the game quickly. Please let us know if we can be of assistance in the future.

Thank you,

EME Customer Support"

Short of redownloading the client, this might be your best bet.
Here's the primary thread on this issue. I'm locking this duplicate down.
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Keep the comments clean and constructive, please.
Let's stick to English, please, unless you're posting in the Languages forum.
Search works fine for me. Try harder next time.
Okay. I'm locking this down for numerous reasons, not the least of which is we've already covered this in the numerous threads on Portuguese.

The TERA Forums are English-only, save for the Languages forum (No R'lyehian in there, though. We don't need any angry elder gods.).

TERA, however, has no regulation about language at this time. We're still looking at various solutions to help everyone, but no decisions have been made. Further threads on this topic will be summarily locked.
This has occasionally cropped up. You need to contact Customer Service to get sorted out.
Moved to crafting and enchanting forum.
I know everyone loves the new launcher, but in the interests of forum safety, I'm redirecting this thread to the first one.
I checked with QA and this isn't a known issue. They did want to know what the "certain file" was, so if you can remember that, that'd be cool.

They recommended this to resolve your problem.
For reliable source serving corrupt data, CS recommends this because someone's uploading bad data.
I think just reinstalling the launcher should fix this. You're also welcome to contact customer support.
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Props, Ixae!

Sorry I didn't get to this quicker.
There's a big long list of things that you can try here. Hope this helps.
After that, you need to contact customer service. Sorry.
Redirecting to this thread.
If you're having an error with a DLL file, this FAQ might help.
At this point, you need to troubleshoot this with customer service. Sorry.
As much fun as it is to wade through walls of quoted text, I think this conversation has run its course.

For those unhappy, please believe me when I say this topic has not gone unnoticed and we're looking at ways to make improvements. It's also only been a couple of weeks. Every ship gets a shakedown cruise--so will this.
Let's keep the comments constructive, please.
Try this to resolve the failed to load error. That file might be corrupted.
It will not.
I know that's something we're looking into, but it's not implemented at this time.
Oh, yes. Pinning this. Excellent work.
Moved to Priest Forum where it will more likely get answers.
What Blankie said.

Also, Treeshark and Co. are working on the gold spammer issue as we speak, er, type.
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I looked into this matter with CS. They identified a file that was missing from the patch, and readded it. Solomon says this issue should be fixed now.
We identified a missing file in the patcher, and readded it. This issue should be resolved now. Sorry for the headache, folks.
We've identified the problem and the CS team updated the patcher. This should be working properly now. Sorry for the headache.
The forums are not the avenue for redressing monetary grievances. That's what our Customer Service team does. I suggest you contact them.

And now I'm locking this down. Only I can prevent forum fires. Or something.
Let me see what I can find out.
The way it's supposed to work is you buy EMP the first time, you get a blue halo in your Item Claim. Further purchases aren't supposed to do anything other than give you points.

You're not supposed to get codes at all, and that they never work is because they're not implemented. We'll track that part down and stop that.

If you haven't gotten your halo in Item Claim however, customer service can easily grant one because they'll see you did buy EMP, so I was told to direct you to them. I hope this clarifies things.
Please keep the comments constructive. If you don't have anything useful to say, move along to another thread.
I'm locking this one, since you already added your post to the extant thread.
TERA is run by different companies in different territories. Mount Tyrannas is a North American server and must be played with the EME client, not GameForge's. Sorry.
Rather than reposting in the forums, you should always try our support section, which includes this little gem.
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Moved to Mystic forum.
Moved to the Events from Community forum.
There is already another thread on this topic, but you might also try this support page. Or contact customer support, as others suggested.

Locking down duplicate thread.
Please keep comments clean and constructive. There's no reason for vulgarity or disparaging remarks.
Bump posts are not allowed under the TERA Forum Rules. *hefts stake*
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