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We actually uploaded all the ones that I had IDs for from the previous store when the store updated and got wiped. I'll make sure unity stoles are in there now, but it may require a bigger audit of items than I can do right now. But thanks for the heads up.
They are now in the Dressing Room for you to see!

You can search "Flight" for the suits and visors/helmets. The female-only wings are searchable using "wings" or "airfoil"
Jackpot is still on. I just opened about 200 boxes and got 4 jackpots myself (emblem chests, golden talents, and silver talents). We didn't extend because we forgot about it, it was because we decided to bump maintenance to Thursday instead of Tuesday due to other issues that needed addressing and didn't want 2 maintenance windows in the same week if we could stop it. Strongbox jackpot requires a maintenance to turn on and off. We updated the post and updated the launcher image as soon as we confirmed.
How about tomorrow?
This thread was last replied to in May 2016... Let it stay buried.
Naru2008 wrote: »
Kiraboshi wrote: »
So do we get a new punching bag CM or nah?

That's currently being discussed among the staff (from what Amberscale told me). I was told that concerns such as this would be handed to someone in the correct department to address. (So I assume either @seandynamite or @CobaltDragon .)

I believe we are in the phase of taking applicants.
I just wanted to provide an update, that we are aware of the situation with the Master Additives, and that the right Teams are working on a way to correct it.

For now, please hold onto the ones you have, and most likely on (or after) January 30th an initial script will be run to identify all character's that have the wrong type, a 2nd script will be used to remove them, and a final script will be used to send the correct version of the Master Additive.
As many of you saw during Friday's TERA stream, January 19 was my last day at En Masse.

I wish you all a fond farewell!

Over the last two years both EME and the playerbase have helped me grow as a Community Manager. I depart with many great memories to look back on. Shoutout to everyone who supported me, En Masse, and the TERA community during my time as CM. That includes any of you who joined me during the weekly community stream - whether the show was about previewing a new update, spawning BAMs on innocent people's heads, learning to Slayer, failing at PvP, hiding & seeking, planning Peanut von Strudel's rampage, holding Q&A with product managers, visiting Value Town, looking at amazing player artwork, painting like Bob Ross, or just hanging out and dancing in freedom square. Every community event and stream was special to me and I always had fun. I hope some of you have as many happy memories from the past two years as I do!

I have a lot of faith in the TERA crew to carry on doing awesome things for the community. The same goes for the Player Council, who help TERA more than they know and are always willing to lend an ear or helping hand to their fellow players. TERA has so many amazing (and secret) things in store for it. I've made quite a few friends at En Masse. I'll miss seeing them every day just like I'll miss many of you guys.

For the time being, I'm looking forward to streaming more at home (some of you have already joined me on my Twitch channel) playing a variety of stuff, including TERA. I'll forever be an online gamer and I love attending conventions, so I hope to see some of you around! Feel free to say hi if you see a Spacecats wander by. Until then...

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
metagame wrote: »
another thing that's essentially unusable is the i can haz backpack--it has the version from skycastle that expires once you log off:

Dang, wish I'd seen that sooner. I'll let the TERA crew know so it can be replaced in the shop.
Sorry about that! It won't drop after tonight. Please destroy any you happen to get.
Teekz wrote: »
Why not put it on the weekend so people who work and you know swipe in this game can participate in something other than a p2w event.

Wooooooah now you're making assumptions. Watch the stream!

You will not want to miss this stream. Trust me.

Tune in January 19, from 3 to 4 p.m. PST at https://www.twitch.tv/enmasseentertainment

I believe this is a Known Issue between different regional builds of TERA.

There are some Achievements that are offered in other regions that are not offered within out NA version, so the system is trying to give you the Laurel anyways, despite not technically having enough points.

When a new Content Patch is added, if you were right on the edge between Laurels, the new Achievements will cause your character to go back down to the previous Laurel.

The only way to get back to the Laurel you had just gain, is to get enough points to meet the newer requirement for that Laurel within the system, which can sometimes be another 30-70 Achievement points.
Since this Thread was Necro'ed I am going to go ahead and close it.
Please make sure you have done what is mentioned in this Thread
These will be changed during tomorrow's (1/18) maintenance. Skyring will award the following:

Box contents are 2 Golden Talents and 1 Silver Talent
• Winners get 2 boxes
• Losers get 1 box

The only thing said about race changing to Elin Gunners is that it would not be possible. Nothing has led us to believe that this will change in the foreseeable future.
Hey there @TheKoreanGamer, good question! The best place to post a site like that is probably the community creation forum:

If it's TERA-related and isn't selling something or breaking any Terms of Service, chances are it's totally cool to post a link and tell people about your website. In fact for creative projects it's a great way to spread the love and let people know about things you're working on. I look forward to seeing what you've got!
canikizu wrote: »
toufu wrote: »
I wonder if they have an event that can actually do this yet. I know they've mentioned it was something they were looking into, anyway. Hopefully BHS can add it if it doesn't exist, because it would be a good event to have on a regular schedule.

Special buff weekends with increased item XP, additional dungeon loot and more

Good - at least that suggests it exists as an event in some form.

Even JTera and KTera already had events to increase gear xp...

Those regions typically get updates before us. We're excited to do these too.
@CobaltDragon could the active event section get edited then, cause it only shows additional vanguard requests reward and battleground jackpot.

I can check to see if that can be added.
After checking things out on our end, we have been able to verify that the Event did indeed start at the original time mentioned in the News Post.

Also, it's worth mentioning that quite a few players have already started gaining some of the rarer items.

As I am typing this, there has already been quite a few of the rarer rewards looted in the Hard Mode version, and as many as 19 Miner's Hats looted from the Easy Mode so far.
Thanks for the heads up.
I'll check in with another department to see what's going on, and hopefully get the Event started as soon as possible.

Friday, January 12 from 3 to 4 p.m. PST - Join me for a great and deadly hunt, comrades on Mount Tyrannas! You may have heard of Popo Hide & Seek, a game of witless blundering and shameless sneaking around. Popori are not creatures born for battle. They slump and slink about from meal to meal. A true seeker - a lean and fierce hunter made for the prowl - is the Castanic!

There will be hiding and seeking, sure. But today the hunt ends... in death!!! Those who find me will have to /duel me. If they win the duel, they'll get an extra spectacular prize! And of course we fight on Mount Tyrannas, home of some of the greatest fighters in TERA. "Is Spacecats up to the task?" I hear you ask. Join me today and see for yourself!

Tune in at https://www.twitch.tv/enmasseentertainment

papy10k wrote: »
our patches are purely cash shop items now LOL

Check out the Developer Roadmap. It gets updated periodically and you'll see we have more coming than just cosmetic items.
Seniro wrote: »
@papy10k Because Unity and Bruiseweave stoles are majestic af items and you are not allowed to touch them if your hands are not sacred enough.

This is the word of truth.
Not in the shop, no. They're like my favorite thing to use for events, though. You haven't seen your last opportunity to snag one.
Others have said it in this thread, but a Customer Support ticket is the way to go here. Include any screenshots you took. The player will be investigated, logs checked, and appropriate action taken depending on how severe the case and whether or not they have prior warnings.

For what it's worth, I'm really sorry that you ran into such jerky attitude in-game. All online games have rude people. You can't control what people say or think, and the hope is always that the negative ones are the minority and don't reflect the entire community.

In the case of actual harassment, though, it's important to speak up! That's when these support tickets are most important.

Also, thank you for scrubbing these screenshots of other player names and focusing on the topic of community toxicity vs. being angry at a single person. Callouts aren't allowed in the forums partly because we don't want a witch hunt here.
Also... request received :p

The stoles are also among my favorite items, so I know how important they are to fashion.
Please remember peititons/callouts are against the rules. I changed your title to something more on-point.
JXE5356AKE wrote: »
How is this different that some of the stuff spewed and spammed on global and other chat channels?

Customer support gets plenty of tasks thanks to harassment and inappropriate behavior in global chat. That doesn't really do much to help the case for providing more ways to harass.
Just request a dungeon only version of the item at least.

That's an interesting idea I can forward to the rest of the team, but it would definitely require development work in order to make it possible.
I'm unpinning this thread. Feel free to give feedback here for as long as the discussion stays alive. For the most part I don't see a strong reason not to keep the changes.
One tiny question. Why didn't you ask for feedback before you made these changes? If you truly want the Tera community involved think about asking before you act.

Because none of it is set in stone, and I already knew what I wanted to try based off forum metrics and player behavior. I wanted players to experience it for a little while before giving feedback.
Shoutout to everyone that afk'd with me on TR ;D

These are currently being planned for a release in the next couple weeks, so stay tuned.
Zoknahal wrote: »
Sure, there are lots of airheads in NA that will meme their way up with the signs and troll with the fireworks, but only for the first few days. If left alone, these people will soon stop.

Sorry Zoknahal but I have to disagree there. There are signs left over in people's inventories from years back, and we still see them used in borderline ways to meme and tease others. Reintroducing them to thousands of players wouldn't just cause a one-time surge of support tickets. It would cause a huge surge followed by a continuous trickle of contacts, permanently increasing workload. I WANT TO BELIEVE, but in the world of MMOs the trolls will never get bored of trolling, harassment will always be a factor, and the analytics we use to measure our support process agree with that.
This is now fixed, thanks for the catch. =)
VG rewards and reputation are now doubled through 01/31 at 11:59 p.m. PST.
Both signs and dragon fireworks have the potential to cause Customer Support tickets. Dragon fireworks still have the potential to cause major lag if abused by players (until a GM is assigned to come in and fix it).

Signs will always contain negative things, no matter what word filters are put in place. They also have a high potential to create Customer Support tickets. Players use them to attack each other, other guilds, or the game itself. It doesn't make any difference that the creator's name is displayed above the sign. It's still work for the support crew to come in, remove the sign, and dole out any necessary punishment to the one abusing the feature.

Causing support tickets isn't exactly the end of the world, and you might be thinking "okay big deal, a few tickets happen," but the workload is surprising. It's a big deal for us when there are players out there waiting to have important tickets answered. The simplest fix is to remove the signs, and while obviously some people miss having them and have good intentions for using them, removing them doesn't negatively affect any game mechanics. btw this is the same reason we never allow players to use the megaphone.

It's totally a "this is why we can't have nice things" scenario, but unfortunately that's the reality.
Locking this thread since the issue has been resolved and there is another thread on the topic.

Today we announce the winners of the Elin Gunner Loading Screen Contest! I'll go through and show as many of the entries as I can, saving the winners for last. For information on the contest rules and the prizes we'll give to the winners, check out the original news post.

The show begins at 3 p.m. PST at www.twitch.tv/enmasseentertainment. See you there! <3
The issue with Ghillieglade should now be resolved and everyone's instances for that dungeon have been reset.
Looking into this, but can anyone please confirm their loot for me with a screenshot or something? The event works a little differently now than it used to and I'm curious to know what people are actually seeing drop.
There are items like this in TERA for a couple reasons. Duplicate versions are sometimes created for different world regions, but still localized to English. Sometimes there are versions meant for all regions to use. Some also have lower cooldowns making them a little better. Some are tradeable and others aren't. Some are named differently because they were designed as rewards for specific events, reputation quests, Alliance, etc...

After 5+ years of TERA a lot of these items are still around even if we've switched to rewarding a single version of the item. Players hoard stuff, and there's usually no reason to punish that behavior or replace everything.
Ardire wrote: »
i... but.... were you even around for alliance? how can you answer that question if you weren't even around when the content was... or am i high and not remembering [filtered] correctly

Yeah I was here :)

I was about 5 months into the job and worked with Treeshark as he created the Last Crusade event. I didn't get to witness Alliance in its prime, but I did play it and watched a lot of players that ran it regularly before it was removed.
Yordaddy wrote: »
@Spacecats do you think CU:Velika is an upgrade or downgrade compared to Alliance?
And to be more specific, does CU:Velika offer more (pvp) gameplay time than Alliance did?
Is CU:Velika occupying more people than Alliance did?
also is there any other factor that makes CU:Velika superior to Alliance?

They're similar but different beasts. Not really an upgrade/downgrade situation (even though obviously one was removed shortly before the other was introduced.) Sorry I realize that's sort of a non-answer. If you're just asking my personal opinion, there's a world where both could exist simultaneously or in rotation.

As to the TERA dev team's long term plans (outside what we post on the Dev Roadmap), and the number of participants playing one vs. the other, I'm unable to say. Please don't let that stop good feedback, though. If you think Alliance was the best and still want to see it return, say why and I'll happily pass it on.
If you have an issue with other players, please feel free to submit a support ticket and we can investigate: http://support.enmasse.com/tera/tickets/submit
canikizu wrote: »
@Spacecats What about VG rewards, which is metamorphic tokens for rkem and bp? RK has been out for over a month and we don't get any tokens from clearing it. In all other servers, you get 4500 tokens from clearing it.

Assuming you get 1 clear a day, that's almost 150k tokens that people are missing.

These rewards have now been added to the once-a-day vanguard requests for Broken Prison and RK-9 Kennel (Hard).

Broken Prison = 1,350 Metamorphic Emblems
RK-9 Kennel (Hard) = 4,500 Metamorphic Emblems

These will persist for the foreseeable future.
clfarron4 wrote: »
VG rewards are currently doubled so that should include the dragon scales. Is that not the case?

VG rewards were doubled until the New Year, when the event that was in place to double them stopped. Dragon Scales drops were doubled as part of this.

I think what is meant by the original post is that they would like to remind you to please scale all the rewards that were doubled as part of the VG Rewards event accordingly. In the case of this month, that would mean that everything should be tripled from the base build drops by the weekend event and then go back to double, as per the announcement post, including the dragon scales.

This is how it is configured and how it is intended to shake out.
VG rewards are currently doubled so that should include the dragon scales. Is that not the case?
As before, only reputation and item rewards are currently doubled and will be tripled during this coming weekend's event.
Check out the message currently at the top of the forums (don't worry, it just went up, you aren't going crazy ;D ). 1/4 maintenance will be from 8 to 11 a.m. PST.
canikizu wrote: »
@Spacecats What about VG rewards, which is metamorphic tokens for rkem and bp? RK has been out for over a month and we don't get any tokens from clearing it. In all other servers, you get 4500 tokens from clearing it.

Assuming you get 1 clear a day, that's almost 150k tokens that people are missing.

This is also being looked into.
Hodman wrote: »
Would be nice to have an event with double gear experience, or at least 1.5x

This came up before the New Year but unfortunately we weren't able to make it a reality. It's totally on our list, though!
Hey everyone,

Double vanguard reputation and rewards have been re-enabled. The event that was in place unceremoniously expired at the turn of the new year and following some investigation, we identified the specific configuration settings required to re-enable it.

This weekend, starting Friday at 12 a.m. PDT, we will be running triple the amount of vanguard rewards to make up for the days during which the event was turned off.

Beyond this weekend, we're going to leave this event on for the remainder of the month (ending on January 30). Starting in February, we’ll be putting the event on a schedule (similar to how battleground jackpots are setup). This means they won’t be on full-time any longer, but we can have a bit more fun with them (like offering triple rewards instead of double) while mixing up our overall event calendar.

On an unrelated note, we’ll also be running a double drop event this weekend in Ghillieglade and Pit of Petrax. The specifics of these events will be announced in a news post shortly.
TheDarkWan wrote: »
This is all great but you are forgetting something BHS and EME are super cheap and will not spend a dime on Tera unless they must and as it stands they don't think they must, so all of this is usless. @Jerichow

Well this doesn't really get us anywhere. You don't have to be 100% optimistic to be constructive, but even if you believe changes are unlikely, the better approach is more like: "What would make an idea MORE likely to happen? Why is it worth applying to the game? What hasn't been thought of yet?"

TERA is a living, breathing MMO with changes always in the pipeline. Sometimes just new bosses or fun cosmetics, but if you even just look at the recent history of TERA's 5+ year lifespan, we've seen from Bluehole the new gear progression system, CU:Velika, Harrowhold, and the upcoming awakening system, showing that they ARE willing to explore new mechanics while building on existing ones. Updates like those are not easy. Following a template is easy. But updates like those are born from the drive that Bluehole developers have to try new things and keep improving. I think they're very interested in hearing well thought-out feedback like what we're seeing in this thread.

FYI this discussion was closed because we've looked into the support issue but giving out details would violate user privacy. I can verify that the suspension didn't have anything to do with the Nightfury riding skill on the broker.
The inclusion of gear in this pack was solely intended to aid a new player in completing the first few quests in the Fate of Arun quest line. If you’ve ever used a Level 60 Scroll on a freshly made character you’ve probably noticed that it can be tricky getting level-appropriate gear, throwing you in the deep end against level 60+ BAMs that can one-shot you. The gear in the bundle was intended to mitigate that. The pack was designed to allow a new player instant access to TERA's high-level FoA content at what we felt was an accessible price point so we hoped that it would attract some people to try TERA for the first time.

The points raised in the OP regarding our messaging of the gear included in the pack are good ones. To a new player, the words “high end” have a totally different meaning than they do to level 65’s. We should’ve been more careful with how we presented the gear and recognized this component of the bundle as potentially controversial, though it was not intended to be.

As far as this thread goes, unfortunately a lot of the discussion has devolved into bickering, name-calling, and airing unrelated grievances that deserve their own forum threads. Because of that, this discussion will be closed.
Some comments have been removed from this thread by moderator action because they were either attacking or derailing from the topic. Please keep the forum rules & guidelines in mind when posting!
Thanks for posting this feedback, @Jerichow. You obviously spent a lot of effort on this and I'll do my best to get it in the hands of the TERA development crew.

A lot of the updates we see for TERA outside of some class balances are really geared for high-end content, but then again a lot of the feedback we get from players is also about 65+ gameplay (which makes sense - most hardcore players spend all their time on max level characters and they're the ones most likely to give feedback). Anyway, it's nice to see suggestions focused on the journey from 1-64.
Margarethe wrote: »
Chido wrote: »
Yes, I agree with spacecats. Unrelated ban. Tell your bf to stop using cheats.

You're annoying.
He doesn't cheat.
Otherwise I wouldn't bother making this in the first place.

Looks like we need a little more to look up the ticket. @Margarethe can you DM me the ticket number or his EME account e-mail address?

Also please don't just call people cheaters. There's zero info in the message Margarethe posted to indicate the cause of suspension. Be nice.
Looking into this with the CS crew. It doesn't make sense for anyone to be suspended relating to a mistaken broker charge. My guess is that the suspension is totally unrelated.
Certainly has something with the clock turning over, a regular TERA Y2K.

I'm reaching out to the devs on the issue so it may take a bit of time to resolve.
Definitely not intended, we're looking into it.
This is not intended and we're investigating.
We never issue bans blindly, there is always some investigation that is conducted. If there is some dispute surrounding a specific ban, this forum is not the place to discuss it. The issue presented by the OP is well-understood and I'll have the TERA game and EME customer support teams look into this ban and others like it more closely.

In any case, this thread has diverged off-topic and is now closed.
Until we're back in the office and update the BG calendar, here's the schedule for January's first few days:

January 1: Champions' Skyring
January 2: Corsairs' Stronghold
January 3: Gridiron
Happy New Year from EME!
The end of 2017 is upon us, and we’ve prepared some special events to help you ring in 2018!

First off, from 10 a.m. PST on Saturday, December 30 until Tuesday, Jan 2 at 10 a.m. PST, you’ll get twice the usual drops in the following dungeons, as well as a chance for bonus winter-themed loot boxes from the final boss:

RK-9 Kennel
RK-9 Kennel (Hard)
Broken Prison
Sky Cruiser Endeavor
Lilith's Keep
Lilith's Keep (Hard)
Thaumetal Refinery
Thaumetal Refinery (Hard)
Kalivan's Dreadnaught
Kalivan's Challenge
Ravenous Gorge
Shattered Fleet

Plus, on December 31, if you log in for at least a minute between 11:45 p.m. and 12:15 a.m., we’ll send you a Big-Badda-Boom Box, containing over a hundred new year's fireworks for you to set off to your heart’s content!

If you’re worried you might miss the window, don't! This gift spawns during all four time zones of the continental U.S.—EST, CST, MST, and PST—so if you spend all night with us you can get as many as four Big-Badda-Boom Boxes!

And be sure to use your fireworks before Tuesday, January 30, 2018, because that’s when they’ll vanish from your inventory.

From all of us here at En Masse Entertainment, have a safe and prosperous new year!
It’s the holiday season once again, and indulging your spirit of holiday giving could also snag you a sleigh-load of EMP and assorted TERA loot!

From Wednesday, December 20 until Thursday, January 4, 2018 at 10 a.m. PST, drop by the TERA Store to buy golden gift boxes for yourself and every last one of your friends...then head straight to our Gifting Center.

How It Works:

First, buy a gift box (or several!) from the TERA Store.

1. Open it yourself and choose from four greeting cards to reveal your prize. (You’ll also get a peek at what you could have won.)

2. Or send one or more boxes to friends using the Gifting Center to receive these great prizes:

1 gift sent—Santa Suit and Santa Cap permanent character accessory
5 gifts sent—Footsteps: Chromatic Kkultteok Plate. Leave a trail of sweet treats as you move!
10 gifts sent—Account-bound Elin Dyeable Maid Dress (a never-before-released variant of the maid costumes from the Elin Housemaid Loot Box)
15 gifts sent— Account-bound permanent Thunderbolt Flying Wolf mount, with HP/MP. (Use this manual to learn how to summon Thunderbolt, a flying wolf mount with a flight and movement speed of 290 that restores 1% of your maximum HP and MP every second.)
20 gifts sent—1 year of Elite Status

Expecting a lot of gift boxes? Golden gift boxes should be opened by Thursday, January 11 at 10 a.m. PST. After that, any golden gift boxes remaining in your TERA Gifting Center will be converted into Santa Suits and Santa Caps, delivered by January 19 at 9 p.m. PST directly to your Item Claim.
So, we good?
Hello all!

With Bluehole's help, we are glad to announce that on Thursday, December 21st after maintenance we will be returning the always-on Continuous Crystalbind to our Elite Status player benefits. Also, starting Thursday, getting Elite Status will also grant you the two achievements (if you haven't unlocked them already): Imperfect Crystals and Ideal Crystals.

We heard you and pushed for a better solution and I'm glad we're able to get it out quickly.

Thanks for the feedback!

Today for the weekly TERA Twitch stream we're wrapping things up for the new year and giving a little look ahead at 2018. I'll be joined by Product Manager Seandynamite who will key us into some Developer Roadmap updates that will be added after the show. He'll also take questions while we raffle off some of the new Pop Star outfits.

The stream will begin at 3 p.m. PST at http://www.Twitch.tv/EnMasseEntertainment

See you there!

They're on schedule for release early this afternoon (12/14). <3
It's being updated now that servers are back online. It's actually a manual process, so you'll see items added throughout the morning until everything is in there.
Naru2008 wrote: »
Spacecats wrote: »
Gunno wrote: »
No worries, EME as usual ignoring playerbase.

The implementation of Elite CCB and resulting changes to this feature are a 100% direct result of player feedback.

But how many people actually complained? They decided to get Elite KNOWING it would come with permanent complete crystalbind. As far as I am concerned, that's their fault. If they want two minuscule achievements that are only worth 20 points, they can not get Elite. Simple.

Some players want Elite and the ability to get the same in-game achievements as everyone else. This isn't a mistake on any player's part, just just an unintended consequence. There's no use in blaming players for getting (or already having) Elite status.
Why should everyone else who wanted the permanent crystalbind be punished for the ignorance of others?

This definitely isn't intended as any sort of punishment. This method has a single downside vs. the perma-buff, and that's having to click the Elite bar once every few hours of play. I won't argue that having to click a thing is more convenient vs. not having to click a thing, but it's a solution that doesn't punish anyone looking to complete game content that should be available to everybody.[/quote]
EDIT: Not to mention that those two achievements should have never existed. It's counter-productive and just encourages users to blow gold, which is already blown a lot with Arsenal, to replace their crystals.

While the achievements definitely aren't required it's a bit harsh to say they should't have ever existed. Not all game content needs to revolve around making gold and enchanting gear. If that's all there was to TERA we wouldn't need any of the awesome story moments or quests that make the game what it is.
Gunno wrote: »
No worries, EME as usual ignoring playerbase.

The implementation of Elite CCB and resulting changes to this feature are a 100% direct result of player feedback.
this is a terrible solution imo. manually using ccbs on every single one of my characters is the annoying part, the "free" ccb is negligible because they're already given out like candy.

The crystalbinds we're adding to the Elite bar will require players to use one every 3 hours. You'll need to click it less often than an Everful Nostrum and it won't take up space in your inventory.

The plan at the moment is to change the Elite status bar to add multiple Crystalbinds as daily consumables the same way you drink a potion, mount an Elite mount, or use a Gold Boost. We were concerned that we'd have to replace something (like Gold Boost) in order to do this but it looks like that's not the case.

This will solve the issue of giving Elite players all the CCB they need across multiple characters/servers, not clogging up inventories, and also allowing a state on non-CCB protection that will remind players of the harsh reality of broken crystals... oh and yes, you get an achievement for it.
JXE5356AKE wrote: »
How many types of crystalbinds do we have already though. Aren't you just blocking up our inventory space. That's also obnoxious. There's no consistency in the type of crystalbinds we get.

There's actually a lot of different ones in the game. Sure we don't want to clog up inventories but ideally you're using the ones you get, right? If we switch to 3-hour versions, or 12-hour versions, you can always destroy ones you don't need. Again we just want to make sure Elite players have as many crystalbinds as they need. There's no benefit to hoarding extras you don't think you'll use in the future.
Hey all. After reading through everything posted, it looks like you all have a pretty good idea WHY the change is being made. Here's a copy-paste from the patch notes for context:
To unblock elite status players from gaining the “Imperfect Crystals” and “Ideal Crystals” achievements, we have changed how we deliver Crystalbinding to those players:
  • We have removed Continuous Crystalbind from elite status player accounts.
  • We have added four Complete Veteran Crystalbinds (6 hours) to the daily Elite Consumable Box so players can decide if they want to run with or without Complete Crystalbinds.

The TERA team agrees this isn't the ultimate solution, but we hated the idea that a feature/effect we added was actually blocking people from game content. That's literally one of the worst things we can do, even if it's really minor game content like an achievement. When the perma-crystalbind effect was added, we failed to take those achievements into account and it actually resulted in quite a few Customer Support tickets even if the topic was only brought up in the forums by a few people.

For those of you saying "just have CS unlock those achievements for players who want them" that's also not ideal. We never want to just create a problem that forever means more work for Customer Support. I'm looking at that team right now and they would absolutely TP my desk if that happened.

SO BASICALLY... the TERA team will keep working on the crystalbind situation. Please consider this a temporary fix for the achievement problem with a better solution coming in the next couple maintenance windows.

The end goal is to give Elite players all the crystalbind they could ever want or need in a way that isn't tradeable to other players (because that would be OP). A special Elite-only toggle in the options would be pretty sweet but would need more time to have development work done on Bluehole's end. Delivering CCBs in a different way is a more realistic short-term solution though we recognize you guys aren't totally satisfied with getting 4x 6-hour CCBs because of multiple characters/servers.

Do we replace Gold Boost with CCBs on the Elite bar? If so, do we then move Gold Boost to the consumable box? Gold Boost wasn't a big deal for a while, but in the current gear progression system would that solution be a bummer for people that are thirsty for more gold? Would it put a damper on those leveling brand new accounts? We'd like to hear your thoughts!
I just renamed TERA Community to TERA Community Creations which maybe gives a better feeling for that category? That's exactly where you'll want to post artwork and anything else that's fun and community-oriented.
Margarethe wrote: »
Spacecats wrote: »
I'd like to quickly remind a few people in this thread that posting from alternate accounts in the TEA forums is not allowed. Self-replying, slamming others anonymously, and multi-posting from different accounts in order to influence the discussion is against the forum rules & guidelines and will result in moderation. Please keep the discussion friendly, guys.

I prefer Coffee over TEA.
Apologies, couldn't help myself.

Dang it Margarethe :p
tisnotme wrote: »
so threads like the BuddyUp Codes Thread! will get transferred to the new part of the forum and say seeing its relevance to new players also pinned so as not to be lost in latter pages ?
or does it need to be re created or is it to be retiered

Player Guides & Help should be a pretty good place for threads like that. A little cleanup will be needed to move existing threads but if you see one that isn't transferred people should feel free to recreate it.
Vunak wrote: »
I don't know where the line is for grind vs fun if I did I would be the Community Manager for TERA and EME.

I think you misunderstood me a little since I was asking for your personal opinion. Just based on how you play what what you enjoy, why would you say the event is a grind? Again with the discussion focused around the topic of Wintera.
Chido wrote: »
Spacecats wrote: »
Vunak wrote: »
TFW a seasonal event gets more attention from the team than the entire PvP scene.


Also, more on topic. Seasonal events are supposed to be fun and rewarding not feel like a ridiculous grind. Take a hint from FFXIV who run events all the time and are generally liked, because they balance grind and fun pretty well and give people plenty of time to actually complete them. You guys have been dropping the ball lately a whole lot with the TERA community.

I don't have any suggestions because the suggestions that have been made for the PvP community have all been ignored, so I have no hope that you will actually listen to suggestions for this.

It's hard to respond without having an example, but where do you draw the line between fun and grind here? At its core Wintera's basically about throwing snowballs at people and earning reindeer horns and other holiday accessories. If after a while you feel like you aren't enjoying Wintera, why do you feel the need to queue it over other BGs or dungeons?

As far as PvP I feel like that's a whole other topic unrelated to Wintera. I'm sorry you feel like your PvP feedback has been ignored but this also isn't the right thread to give it without derailing the conversation.

I feel the need to queue for Wintera because of the idea that I can get something worth gold in game which then I can use to buy materials for my gear. If you add things people need to the shop such as consumables or materials for gear more people might queue for it. Wintera on its own its a fun point and shoot game, and some people might queue because of that. The rest of the playerbase might find something else to do in the game that they deem more important or profitable. Even if you add rewards that seem too good remember that this event is only available for a limited time.

Adding things like consumables and enchanting mats to the Wintera token shop would totally result in more people queueing the event, sure, but only because there are some players out there who seek the maximum gold value at all times. I think something is lost the moment holiday events become more about in-game gold than celebrating the actual holiday, you know?
I'd like to quickly remind a few people in this thread that posting from alternate accounts in the TEA forums is not allowed. Self-replying, slamming others anonymously, and multi-posting from different accounts in order to influence the discussion is against the forum rules & guidelines and will result in moderation. Please keep the discussion friendly, guys.
Hi all,

You may have noticed a few changes that were just applied to the layout of the TERA forums. If you DID NOT notice, that probably speaks to why these changes were made. There are always pros and cons to changing forum categories like this, and while I want to open up the discussion for feedback I also want to urge everyone to give the new categories a try before passing judgment.

First let me give you the new layout, then I'll explain some of the thought that went into the changes.

Official TERA
  • - News & Announcements - Major announcements. This will likely include things for both PC and console versions, though as you've noticed many smaller announcements are best presented as forum alerts at the top of the page.
  • - Forum Rules & Guidelines - How to respect others in the forums. Nothing is changing here.

  • - General Discussion - All game discussion for TERA PC. Includes PvE and PvP discussion.
  • - Player Guides & Help - For welcoming and helping fellow players, new and experienced. PvE and PvP.
  • - TERA Community - Share stories, fan art, lore, YouTube/Twitch channels, and player-organized events. This combines a couple very similar forum categories.
  • - Bug Report - A closed subforum containing instructions on how to create excellent bug reporting support tickets. Support tickets are the best way to submit bugs in the foreseeable future.

The intention here is to keep things relatively focused, encouraging more conversation in a few central places. It will take some getting used to, but the hope is that these condensed category selections will make player feedback and ideas more visible to EME, and EME staff responses more visible to players.

The following categories are being retired, and here's a little explanation for each one. Before getting into each explanation there's a fairly important statistic I want to share about them without getting too deep into the weeds on forum user count, comment stats, web page analytics, or any of that. Each of these retired categories has generated less than 1% of the total discussion within the forums in the last three months. That means for every five pages of General Discussion threads created, one or fewer new threads were created in each of these categories.

  • PvE Discussion - Rolling into General Discussion. It's hard to think of many reasons a PvE question couldn't appear as a general game question.
  • PvP Discussion - PvP is important enough to discuss on a larger stage, so rolling this into General Discussion. This category had very few posts, often by the same small group of folks, and a lot of the discussion echoed feedback we we also see in General Discussion.
  • New & Returning Player Help - No big reason to separate new player help from other player guides. This is being rolled into the new Player Guides & Help forum (previously the Player Guides section).
  • Roleplay & Lore - Such a fun and creative part of the game, those of you who know me know I'm always interested in this stuff. Rather than retiring the discussion we're just rolling them into the TERA community section where all manner of creative and fun topics can be explored whether they're flagged as "official lore" or not.
  • Guild Recruitment - We want to experiment with using Discord for this. There's already a LFG channel (Looking for Group AND Looking for Guild). Rather than bumping the same old elaborate guild recruitment threads, please join that channel and tell people about your guild needs.
  • Trading Post - We're creating a new Discord channel for this. Threads in this category are notorious for going unchecked and updated. Chat makes better sense for active trades.
  • Game Suggestions - This will be rolled into General Discussion where we already see many feedback and suggestion threads. The goal, again, is getting more people in on new suggestion ideas, weighing in on the discussion, while increasing visibility for En Masse staff.
  • Off-Topic - This category has even fewer posts than the others, and many of them are (weirdly enough) completely on topic to TERA.
Noctiv wrote: »
Compare the planning that would have to go into the EU Manahan server to the planning that goes into our NA events. I really hope all your time isn't wrapped up into our events because that would be pretty sad.

It's not clear how much time and planning goes into an event like this but admittedly I'm often surprised at the amount of consideration required for TERA events, whether they end up being universally liked or not. The closest thing we can compare it to at EME is the Wonderholme server we ran earlier this year. In any case I would never belittle Gameforge's work efforts - I hope the event turns out well!


Holy jesus. You guys whined when mongos gave free mats to get easy +15. EU gives Frostmetal and you cry to EME "why don't we get this!"

You guys whined about argon giving easy mats and dragons. EU gives a dragon and you cry "why don't we get this!"





Ah... I think to be fair to those looking at EU servers, there are times when we do events that they don't... and vice versa. I can't blame anyone for taking the best and more exciting elements from another region and comparing it to the full scope of the region they're currently playing. In other words, try to be open even if you disagree. I don't think there are too many people are out there who play so much TERA in multiple regions that they can speak for both playerbases simultaneously.

For our part, when we see something cool in another region the first thing we ask ourselves is if it's possible to do in our region as well - if it works with our timelines - what we can prioritize. I think the Manahan server could be really cool (let's pay attention and see how it goes). Admittedly sometimes we get so wrapped up in planning our own NA events, we get excited about our own future projects, and it can get difficult keeping track of the full scope of world-wide TERA (I don't know how the Bluehole crew handles it as well as they do sometimes). The regions will always be different in various ways because as publishers we try to cater to a local crowd of gamers who have varying expectations.
Ardire wrote: »
whole thread about EU's events

eme swoops in: hey guys COSTUMES1!!!111 HAAh COSTUUUUMES!!!!


Honestly there are a lot of different topics going in this thread. Sorry if that wasn't one of the answers you were looking for I'm just personally excited about those costumes. :p
hellno wrote: »
can we get double gear exp event like EU? PLEASE!!!!!!

It would be nice to get an event like that over the holiday break. I've suggested it to the TERA team so let's see what we can get going.
Vunak wrote: »
TFW a seasonal event gets more attention from the team than the entire PvP scene.


Also, more on topic. Seasonal events are supposed to be fun and rewarding not feel like a ridiculous grind. Take a hint from FFXIV who run events all the time and are generally liked, because they balance grind and fun pretty well and give people plenty of time to actually complete them. You guys have been dropping the ball lately a whole lot with the TERA community.

I don't have any suggestions because the suggestions that have been made for the PvP community have all been ignored, so I have no hope that you will actually listen to suggestions for this.

It's hard to respond without having an example, but where do you draw the line between fun and grind here? At its core Wintera's basically about throwing snowballs at people and earning reindeer horns and other holiday accessories. If after a while you feel like you aren't enjoying Wintera, why do you feel the need to queue it over other BGs or dungeons?

As far as PvP I feel like that's a whole other topic unrelated to Wintera. I'm sorry you feel like your PvP feedback has been ignored but this also isn't the right thread to give it without derailing the conversation.
vkobe wrote: »
mongo christmas :3

Fat Santas are sort of like Mongos, right? They're just fatter and... uh... redder. ;D
LXM6H9H4JH wrote: »
@Spacecats (Or whoever may know the answer) The twitch stream talked about the boxes being added on Monday, with them and the current items being all in Tikat's store until the 14th, upon which they'll be moved. The OP talks about the lootboxes being added on the 14th, with the current items being moved then and the lootboxes staying until Jan 16.

Which of the two scenarios is what will actually happen? Did I simply misunderstand the stream or is the OP wrong?

The 14th is when the loot boxes will go in the store. They'll be in the Fed. Bill shop for about a month. Not sure what was said about Monday so I apologize if I misspoke or wasn't clear during the stream. The message and dates in this thread are what you should go by.
Arwen wrote: »
And then i see an elin wearing this, and I literally die to have one! <3 :'(
The golden one is so costly, 250k on broker, while the dyeable one i still yet to see one.

They are looking super cute omg! Why they got exclusive fashion? Or am I missing something here?

Those are the Pop Star items we're getting this Thursday (that I'm really excited about <3). I'll be raffling some off during the Friday stream...

... plus I'll revealing another surprising item I don't think most have seen yet.
No maintenance today :) It will be on Thursday from 8 AM to about 10 AM PST.
There is currently an issue preventing users from being able to submit support tickets through our site. We are working to correct the problem as quickly as possible. Our apologies for the inconvenience.
And we are also working on the ticket submission problem now. Sorry for the trouble!
Bellatrixie, this means your character is stuck. It can happen if you get disconnected while on the Pegasus or while teleporting to a new location. Many times this can be fixed by running a file check, which is under the Tools menu in the launcher, then having us move your character to a new location, then running the file check a second time. If you let me know when you have run the file check, and the name and server of your Elin Gunner, I will try moving her.
This thread has run its course and contains a lot of bickering and boasting, so I'm closing it. The nature of loot boxes is defined in the description of the item - they are a chance to receive multiple different items (you never receive an empty box).

Please respect the purchase decisions of others - and for those who don't like the loot box method, some items will always be exclusive to that system but we'll continue to work on alternative methods to get cool items in TERA. We never want people to feel like they got zero reward when putting in the time, effort, or money towards enjoying the game.
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