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FWIW I bought over 200 Pet Food boxes to get my candyspinner that I've been obsessed with getting. So bad luck knows no boundaries.
How is any of this different that purchasing baseball, football, Pokemon, or Magic card packs? How is it any different than purchasing blind boxes of toys? Just asking as a player and person that grew up buying all those things. I am guaranteed to get a thing, but it's all chance as to whether I get what I want or what is "rare".

Not trying to poke or prod, just wondering if you consider those different, and if so, how?
Nothing has been delayed. Our initial target release date was November 30; and we will hit it. If it slips to December, then you can call it a delay.
The team has been submitting tickets based on what crazy hopping we are seeing in these diags - so please be sure, if you are experiencing lags/disconnects and are in North America, submit your dx diag to diag@enmasse.com so we can make sure Network Operations has real actionable data to help the providers track down the issues. Don't just post them in the forums and count on someone seeing it - that email box is monitored and we get them immediately. Thanks!
Naru2008 wrote: »
This isn't TERA or Comcast's issue. This is an issue with a third party connecting the two main parties (and you).

Follow counterpoint's instructions and that'll be the best way to help them gather data to work on, even though they can't do much themselves.

Well, I believe @counterpoint forwarded this image along, but if any of you are having the issues please don't count on just posting to the forums. In order for us to have real visibility we need you to send these to the above email address.
Please don't just post the diag results here. We have opened tickets due to crazy routing issues and need them sent to diag@enmasse.com to make sure the network operations folks see these.
Please submit a DX Diag to diag@enmasse.com - we have opened tickets with providers that are routing players all over the place.
ElinUsagi wrote: »
They should just remove federation bill and fashion coupon stores and revamp vanguard credit shops.

No need to be stressed over that much shops.

I really hope also that Emporioum shop would be a NPC in the game with stuff avaliable for everyone that have enought credits to spend for the item. I am sick to see how many times I get the same page of things that I dont even consider to spend my credits for and have to wait who knows how much days to see something that picks my interest. Wasting credits to refresh store items is also tricky so is a no no.

This is not off the table, just so everyone knows. Fed Bills are a NA only shop that has no real theme or reasoning to maintain. If the items from there became available in other places, and there was a "buy back" price for those fed bills to another currency that will be maintained, it is just as valid.
Ryvenn wrote: »

So the "why does everything else take SO long to change/update." fact will be treated as a question that I just gave you an answer to. The short of it: there are about a million moving pieces that we must be aware of, along with the thousand other things we are responsible for. So updating in game shops hadn't been done in a while, and I knew it needed to be done. I committed to carving out enough time per month to tackle one shop at a time. I apologize that I don't have more time to devote to it, but I feel like devoting ANY time to it is more than you've been promised before, so I'm already winning.

None of this really applies to the fashion coupon shop, does it? There's no economy or progression impact to worry about there. I know there is an update coming soonish, but I'm curious as to why existing assets and existing fashion coupon items (eg Nightforge weps) cannot be added quickly. It seems like a low/no-effort thing.

Again - "seems like" the operative phrase. It isn't as easy as you think. So my response still stands. I'm not trying to be snippy, but when we announce "Hey everyone we're finally going to do this" and we get met with "do it faster" it's hard to smile and nod. As I said, it will be done when the time comes, I understand your anxiousness but please don't claim to know how "easy" or "hard" something is based on nothing at all except your intuition.
To clarify, catalysts will stop dropping in game on Tuesday morning, but if you have an uneven balance you can still purchase what you need to do more pulls until 11/14 (at which time all catalysts will be removed from game and balances reset prior to the next potion shack.
HAAYAAKD43 wrote: »
you guys made pretty quick changes to elite like the ccb and mount change, why does everything else take SO long to change/update. (notice how that's not phrased as a question,but rather a fact ).
the things you're able to change, should be changed.

I'll add my 2 EMP as well: changes to Elite like updating the mount are actually done via a tool that updates it immediately. Things like adding, revamping, updating a store takes a lot of things into consideration. Things like the economy of the currency, the items that are in there, the items that are being added, the pricing of said items and the impact it will have on where players obtain it currently, how it will affect broker prices, how it may affect the intended game design to drop those items, whether the items are usable by max level players, whether the items are usable by lvl <65 players, how it impacts the OTHER shops in game, whether it can be exploited, and so much more.

So the "why does everything else take SO long to change/update." fact will be treated as a question that I just gave you an answer to. The short of it: there are about a million moving pieces that we must be aware of, along with the thousand other things we are responsible for. So updating in game shops hadn't been done in a while, and I knew it needed to be done. I committed to carving out enough time per month to tackle one shop at a time. I apologize that I don't have more time to devote to it, but I feel like devoting ANY time to it is more than you've been promised before, so I'm already winning.
While not a huge update, I did want to let you all know a couple things that are deploying today:

  1. We have added 60 TERA Reward Points to the non-repeatable version of Thaumetal Refinery
  2. We have added 60 TERA Reward Points to the non-repeatable version of RK-9 Kennel
  3. We have added 90 TERA Reward Points to the non-repeatable version of Thaumetal Refinery (Hard Mode)
  4. Elite Status players will now have an always-on Continuous Crystalbind effect
  5. We have removed the Complete Crystalbinds from the Elite Gift Box since the effect is now on all the time

Also, it's a known issue that the visual effect of the Crystalbind bubble is now on all the time for players with this buff. This visual effect will be removed in v62, deploying later this month.

Sorry for the late post, folks (I was actually out of cell service range all day yesterday and last night); the issue was caused by a sync issue between the databases from the game and from the store. The folks that run the the store databases said they would be refunding all purchases made in the 3 hour-ish period that the database was out of sync. If you don't see either the items or the EMP, please file a support ticket and CS can handle those on a case by case basis.
LYC14 wrote: »
Please don't forget the other stores that are in dire need of an update:

- Ace Dungeon shop
- Vanguard Credits shop
- Friendship Circle Token shop

I promise they are not forgotten, just came in well behind these 3. So again, I'm not saying we are ONLY doing these 3 shops, that we are merely STARTING with these 3; once they are done we'll move onto a new set of 3, which will be determined well in advance.
admonitu wrote: »
Whenever EME or BHS removes RNG per player request, they make the guaranteed cost way higher than the RNG average. There is no Winning with them. You may get away from the dreaded randomness and uncertainty, but you pay much higher for guaranteed success than you would on average with RNG.

Just pick your [filtered] poison. The MMO games like TERA are made by the screw up and corrupted country where people only know how to squeeze as much out of others as possible. We just need to lower our expectation rather than hoping they will meet our expectation.

I just have to weigh in and say this: you are absolutely 100% INCORRECT about your assessment of how items are priced. I can tell you as someone privy to the ACTUAL information about the RNG rates and all the prices that you have no idea what you're talking about. Your statement is only based on opinion and conjecture.
JXE5356AKE wrote: »
Xerses wrote: »
Why not just update all three at once. @seandynamite

Because we don't have the time or resources to do them all at once. So I am prioritizing them and getting them done one at a time.

Also, you should understand that NONE of these are a small undertaking. There is a lot to take into consideration when it comes to pricing, items, and long term viability of the shop. I know it might seem like it's just "throw everything in there and put some prices on it" and I wish it were that easy. But it's not.

What's your proposed ETA for one shop?

I assume your question is when do we want to release whichever we do first? I don't know. It all depends on which one ends up being prioritized first. But again as my original post stated, I'm shooting to try to get one per month or one per build done. My hope would be to get the first out in November if we can. We will be slating them in order via the Roadmap page once I have an order nailed down for the first three. Once I have those, I'll post a poll for the next three and slot those in.
Xerses wrote: »
Why not just update all three at once. @seandynamite

Because we don't have the time or resources to do them all at once. So I am prioritizing them and getting them done one at a time.
One of the things I have been wanting to tackle for some time is updating the in-game shops in TERA. As you all know, there's MANY of them. From "token shops" to reward points shops to credit shops, it's pretty overwhelming when looking at it from a high level view. However I have asked that we tackle them, one shop at a time, and perhaps even retire some old shops if possible (and combine items into other shops). We have some preliminary polls from smaller groups of players, and honestly they all fall pretty much exactly in line, but to kick this off with a wider audience, I'd like to ask:

Which of these three in-game shops (the top three from our smaller samplings) should we start with?

Keep in mind, I am not saying we will only do one shop, I'm hoping to get an informed priority order from the community to help organize them. These three were the consistent top three, so they seem like a great place to start. The process of updating a shop will probably fall in a month to month (or build to build) update schedule, and I will add them to the roadmap as we lay this all out.

So let's hear what you think! I'll leave this up for about a week or two, just to make sure everyone gets a chance to weigh in.
Halrath wrote: »
Halrath wrote: »
After reviewing player feedback, we did add Lilith's Keep (Normal/Hard) and Kalivan's Dreadnaught to the dungeon event. I updated the news post.

Halrath can I ask, in the candy exchange why there are two Boo pets and Two Boneshaker's for very different prices?

Boneshaker 400 Boo 150 Boneshaker 150 Boo 250.


That looks like a goof. Duplicated Boo and 400 Boneshaker is wrong.

I'll look into it. In the meantime, don't buy the expensive one.

We removed it! It was 2 different places entering it into the live store and we removed the extraneous one.

Yes! Once the dust settles from getting Arsenal out the door, I am personally going to take a look at tackling a few things, including updating Elite Status and what you get for it.

Thanks for bringing it up, and I'd love to hear other ideas of things y'all think would make Elite more valuable to you.
FYI the numbers you all saw in the build on Friday were in a test QA build and were the Korean numbers, NOT the NA token shop prices. As I had said in my original post about the information being released, the prices and dismantling rates for our territory are unique to our territory due to the amount of material in the economy already.

We will not be releasing the token shop prices until during maintenance tomorrow morning. So close now, folks. Your patience is appreciated.
RKC wrote: »
Im soo confused and scared of the upcoming revamp

I really suggest you watch the livestream today if you can; I think it will help a bunch. I was scared too, tbh, but after Scott walked me through it all it actually made WAY more sense to me than the existing enchanting systems and gear chase.
Also, @Spacecats makes fun of me for writing posts like I write emails. I think I'm in the right. What do you think?

Today a few things have gone live I wanted to bring to your attention. The Arsenal page was updated with super high level information about the updated gear progression system going live on Tuesday, October 10th here: http://tera.enmasse.com/arsenal#gear

Also, Essential Mana has posted 2 far more in-depth guides (that will only get more and more updated as the build launches next week) on:

Gear Progression

Crafting Revamp

Tomorrow, on the weekly Twitch livestream, Spacecats will be joined by Scott James Magner, one of our EME gurus that will give us all a hands on walkthrough of what this all will mean!

We're getting excited to finally get this released to you next week!

Congratulations to our 3 big monthly winners!

Winner of 3rd prize (25,000 EMP):
Nemuui (CH)

Winner of 2nd prize (50,000 EMP):
Xoviar (CH)

Winner of 1st prize (100,000 EMP):
Tolerable (MT)

Excited for you all! :3
After reading the responses to our post yesterday containing the dismantling conversion rates for enchanting materials post-patch and the controversy surrounding the early leak of this information, we felt it necessary to clarify a few things:

  1. The information provided to select individuals was granted for the sole purpose of aiding content creation in the form of guides and was not intended to grant a competitive advantage.
  2. This information was not distributed with the intent of soliciting external feedback, which is why it wasn’t put in front of the TERA Player Council. The new gear progression system is complex and has far-reaching impacts on TERA’s economy. The conversion rates were provided by the game design team and were arrived at based on the volume of materials in our economy in order to align it with the intended design of the new gear progression system.
  3. Alone, these conversion rates do not paint a full picture of the changes rolling out with the patch next Tuesday. The token shop prices, the amounts of materials that tokens are exchanged for, the different materials needed for enchanting, and other details of the new system have not yet been publicly shared in an official capacity by En Masse Entertainment.

It is unfortunate that this information was exploited by some individuals for personal gain. We understand the implications of this and will be launching an investigation in order to identify those players that may have benefitted and take appropriate action. Any resulting action that we decide as a result of this investigation will not be shared with the public. This is in line with our policy of only discussing disciplinary actions solely with the account owners for privacy reasons.

Today, we met to discuss the many ways this went awry of our intentions. Our sharing of this information with community members was well-intentioned. The goal was to provide a recognized community outlet official information to kick-start a working relationship in an effort to provide the community more comprehensive and helpful guides--content for players, created by players, with official support from EME.

In doing so however, we were perhaps a bit overzealous in that we failed to put in place the necessary precautions that would prevent this information from being abused. In the future, any partner will be required to commit to a non-disclosure agreement before sensitive information is shared with them (as is our usual practice). In addition, sensitive information of this nature will no longer be distributed until immediately before release of the relevant content. These small adjustments in our approach to user-generated content could have prevented a lot of the issues that the community (rightfully) had with this specific release of information.

We will be posting the full details of the new gear progression system this coming Thursday to the Arsenal promotional page. This will be followed by a Twitch stream on Friday where the system is discussed at length and we take questions from the community.

The TERA Team at En Masse
Manjuh wrote: »
So EME doesnt wanna speak about this leak and exploit and players who got rich with it now?

Any results from any investigation into what took place wouldn't be shared publicly anyway. Again, remove the tinfoil hat. Conspiracy theories are incorrect.
Remove the tinfoil hats. As I stated in the original post, EME did not create these ratios; nor did any players. The conversion rates were created by the BHS design team BASED ON THE AMOUNT OF MATERIAL IN THE CURRENT ECONOMY. NA TERA players have A LOT MORE materials in their possession than the other territories, by incredible amounts.

Again, let me repeat that for anyone that doesn't understand:

EME did not create the conversion rates. The BHS design/dev team did and passed it along to us, and today we passed it along to you.

At the end of last week, we shared some documentation and information regarding the upcoming gear progression changes with select community members with the intent that they could help us build more comprehensive and player-friendly guides that can be linked to in an official capacity by En Masse through the TERA site. This is a new kind of collaboration that we’re excited to work on and we think it will benefit all TERA players. Unfortunately, some of the information from these documents was leaked to a wider audience than originally intended. In the interest of transparency and making sure that there’s a level playing field out there for everyone, I am sharing the dismantling rates for NA TERA today.

I’ll explain a few things in short here, but know that there are more in-depth descriptions coming to you later this week.
  • Our dismantling numbers (as I pointed out in my Twitch Q&A) are very different from all the other territories. These rates were created by the design team based on the amount of existing materials in our economy. Prices in the Emblem shops are different as well.
  • Entropic Emblems – what are they?! These open one of the new shops that you can access to buy enchanting materials. Dismantling these older materials will give you Entropic Emblems.
  • Some items in the list have the word “Depleted” in front of them. These items can no longer be used for enchanting or crafting – they can only be dismantled. In their place are new items that can be used for enchanting or crafting.

On Thursday and Friday of this week we will be sharing more information, including a complete video walkthrough of how the new enchant and upgrade system works, and what it will mean to you before and after the patch goes live next Tuesday, October 10th.

Thanks so much and see you later this week!


Congrats to the final daily and weekly winners! Tomorrow morning we will draw the monthly winners!!!! Good luck to all!!!
This is the final week! Today we announced the winners from this weekend and the weekly winner, but this week will be the last week - you have until 11:59PM PST on Saturday, September 30th to get your entries in for the daily, weekly, and grand prize monthly rewards!

We have an absolutely insane situation here: the same person, Expired.Twinkie (AV) won TWICE today! They were drawn randomly from two separate transactions (I'll add they were really far apart as well, just one hell of a lucky RNG) and made me triple check the logs and the numbers. But, as we said, each transaction counts, so here you go!

Congrats to Expired.Twinkie (AV) on winning TWO sets of daily prizes! So insanely lucky!
Congrats again to this weekend's winners and the weekly winner. Only 2 more weekly drawings left!
Weekend winners and weekly winner will be drawn on Monday!
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