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Closing this thread, a little too much raging.
Discussions and disagreements are fine, let's not make it personal though.
No call outs folks.
Please do not post images with offensive images.
Locked. Disruptive.
It is not free to play. That is a free trial called the Discovery Edition. Closing this misleading thread.

edit: I got "Mineaed"!
Edited by: Yurian about 2 years ago
Disruptive and not constructive. Thread locked.
To the OP, as stated in another thread which you started, you need to contact support to assist you with your issue. Making threads with threats and non constructive comments isn't helpful for anyone.
No call outs please. Make sure your threads are constructive.
No need to link to other threads in other sections with no other relevant text.
Locked. Necrod
Closing this thread. Please be sure that threads & posts are productive and constructive.
This thread has become very unproductive so I am closing it.

Please be sure to follow the forum rules when posting but specifically:

F. Harassment and Defamatory Statements
- Anything construed as referring to other individuals or En Masse Entertainment employees using any disallowed content or behavior.

A. Disruption
- Any language or actions intended to disturb other individuals.


B. Spamming and Post Content
- Excessive repetition of a single phrase, similar phrases, image or images, or incoherent gibberish.
- Excessive use of Caps Lock.
- "First posting".
- Posts with minimal or no content.
- Posts that do not contribute to the overall conversation.
- Threads or posts whose primary purpose is dramatic effect rather than substantive discussion.
- "Goodbye" threads. Please note, "goodbye" threads will result in immediate thread removal and the author's permanent suspension from the forums.
- Posts made only to "bump" a thread to the front page of that forum section.
It is a call out thread but I will be sure Minea sees it, it does need to be closed though.
Let's play nice folks. Disagreements are fine but keep it civil without name calling. Thanks!
Locked. Derailed.
Locked thread. The title of this thread appears to indicate there is a dicussion taking place with En Masse staff which is not the case and a misrepresentation. See forum rules. Thanks.
Let's watch the insults folks. Watch as in don't do it.....
If you feel someone is breaking the rules in game, please use the in game support system to report them. Please do not bring the accusations to the forums.

Locked Thread. Please go to support with this issue. Thanks.
Locked. Violation of forum rules. Derailed into non-constructive attack against En Masse Entertainment employees.
Lets keep it constructive please:) Thanks in advance!
Edited by: Yurian about 2 years ago
Everyone please be sure to follow the forum guidelines when posting. Disagreements are fine but let's not get personal or harass one another. Unlocking this thread for now.


Edited by: Yurian about 2 years ago
Differing opinions are welcomed but please write them without the personal attacks. Thanks!
Closing this necro'd thread.
Discussion of the Elin culture is fine but as has been made clear before, discussion of 'pedos' or anything sexual in "real life" as related to Elin is not. Thread closed.
Please stay on topic and no personal attacks
Locked. Lack of content.
Locked. non constructive
Locked. Derailed.
Locked. Primary purpose is dramatic effect rather than substantive discussion
Locked. Call out.
This was already posted in another thread, which was closed, so keep this one constructive please.
Edited by: Yurian about 2 years ago
Well, right off the bat that wasn't constructive at all. Thread closed.
Not really a constructive thread so closing this one.
Locked. Excessive and direct reference to past, present, or future moderator action on the official TERA forums.
No need to call out players on the forums.
Please keep the discussion civil.
Closing this 4 month old thread.
As you state, this is a call out and attack against the company, calling employees liars. Thread closed.
necro thread, trolling. locked.
Please do not use the forums to call out players or report players.
goodbye thread. locking.
goodbye thread. locked.
dramatic effect post. locked.
repeated bumping. locked.
Please do not necro old threads. If you have an account issue be sure to contact support.
Locked. Derailed.
Don't call out players in a thread, even if they are attacking you. Be sure to report them using the ingame support system.
Don't spam all the forums with the same thread please.
Please do not spam all the forums with the same thread.
Please do not spam all the forums with the same thread.
Please do not spam all the forums with the same thread.
Please do not spam all the forums with the same thread.
Please do not spam all the forums with the same thread.
Please do not spam all the forums with the same thread.
Please do not spam all the forums with the same thread.
Please do not spam all the forums with the same thread.
This has gone way off topic so I am moving it to that section. Please be sure the posts are aren't attacks or otherwise break the forum rules.

Please take your issues to support and not in the forum. https://tera-support.enmasse.com/
Locked thread.
Locking thread. Do not start new threads on this matter. Post here: http://tera-forums.enmasse.com/forums/general-discussion/topics/Fall-Producer-Letter
Debate and opposing views are fine but let's not get personal.
No need to resurrect this thread.
You can send a ticket to support with the error.
Closing this thread as it has gone way off topic.
Don't call out EME and there are other enchanting threads to put your thoughts into.
Please use this thread for merger discussions/requests:

Locked. Non-constructive.
Non constructive thread.
I am going to leave this topic here as long as the discussion stays on Nexus and not the server merger. Thanks in advance.
No call outs and no offensive posts or put downs.
Locking. primary purpose is dramatic effect rather than substantive discussion
Let's keep it civil folks. Disagreements are fine but let us not make it personal.
No call outs allowed on the forums.
Ok, way too much telling each other that you "suck" and lacking real discussion. Thread locked.
These aren't the Ktera forums and I can already see the trending abuse/attacks that are about to be unleashed. Thread locked.
Edited by: Yurian over 2 years ago
Again, do not discuss forum moderation or spam the forums with essentially the same thread.

If you have a question on an in-game moderation action, please submit a Support ticket so that we may investigate and track the issue. Forum and in-game moderation actions are generally separate.
Edited by: Minea over 2 years ago - Reason: added second line
Do not use the forums to call out employees, guilds or players.
No call outs on the forums.
Please be constructive and respectful when posting.
Closing topic. Derailed.
Call out thread. Locked.
Call out thread. Locked.
Edited by: Yurian over 2 years ago
There are a number of enchanting threads that already exist, there isn't a need to create more. Closing this one.
No call out threads and watch the images with offensive words.
Please keep to the topic at hand and stop insulting each other.
Locking. Spam.
Do NOT call out players on these forums. Thread locked.
Closing this thread as requested since the question was answered.
Threads like this one are not helpful or add anything to the overall discussion on these forums.
Please do not discuss forum moderation. If you have a question about the forum moderation send a PM to Batgirl or Minea.
Goodbye threads are indeed locked.
There are already many enchanting threads to post in. Also please ensure that threads have a place for useful discussion.
Feel free to repost this thread without the insults and the extremely non helpful title.
Don't use the forums to call out players. Thread closed.
No call outs. Thread closed.
Topic not really needed as it defames a whole class.
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