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NikoJimz wrote: »

Can I get the answer to this riddle now? I've been thinking about it for 3 years and am still stumped.

I guess I'll ask this now as well, did you get your name from that NPC, or did you guys just screw around with those NPC's since no one was supposed to actually meet them?

I think one of the writers put this in afterwards since no one is *supposed* to be there anyway.

It's never like a shark. I still don't know why this name exists, it just happened one day and thus it happened. I think i'll retire it here.
I hate to see you leave the game. I hope it didn't have anything to do with the past few patches. will you continue to play tera? and if so, what server and ign?

no, it is not related, but i can see why it might look like it.
Hazezoid wrote: »
Farewell posts are against the forum rules.

I will be banned shortly.
Dear TERA Community,

It is with the heaviest of hearts that I must let you all know that I will be leaving En Masse on October 28th. In my stead, Matt “Denommenator” Denomme will take over primary TERA duties, with Spacecats and his team helping out a lot more. You may even see a few more familiar faces step up their involvement in the coming weeks as well. I promise that you all will be in great hands, and I’ll be keeping a close eye on everything as well.

I got the opportunity to start at En Masse back in 2010, when we were still doing focus beta tests and the entire team fit (albeit cramped) in a very, very tiny room. We were still in launch mode at the time, and I still remember getting to showcase TERA at E3 and PAX and meeting all the players excited at the new action MMO they were getting to play. Since then I’ve seen this game through its transition to free, and the launch of multiple content updates since then.

You all know all this, because you all have walked along side me all throughout the way. While most of our interactions have purely been either on the forum, or in the game, I’ve also been fortunate to meet some of you and it has all been very special to me. Getting to produce TERA for you guys and gals for the past few years has been a unique experience and one that I will take with me forever.

Lastly, thank you for all the times we’ve shared. I have a lot of memories made here at En Masse, with you all and with TERA that will remain with me forever.

Best Wishes,
Patrick “Treeshark” Sun
we've seen this bug in QA when we experiment in blanking out the elite bar and using another tool to fill it in manually. this didnt work. whats even odder is that if this were to happen to someone, it would, in theory, happen to either everyone on the server or everyone on all the servers. the fact that is only happening to one server, and a smaller segment on top of that, is really weird.

we've always shared localization with EU. the only differences are our cosmetic stuff and few other things. what you are seeing is a string that is never localized because you're never supposed to see it. VIP is the name way back when, many many years ago, before it was made live.
Saerath wrote: »
@Treeshark sorry for the tag, but I must ask this. Since daylight saving is ending soon (in a little less than a month if I remember correctly), how will the CU:V times be affected? ^^ ~thanks

we would change it so that it's still at the same time.
Loveberri wrote: »
IMO, the Civil Unrest time was fine. Its just a lot of people outside of this version's service region complained about it being a bad time for them. While I love my international people and guildies, times shouldn't be made inconvenient to actual NA players because of them. This time isn't terribly bad but old time allowed people to actually do stuff in the day and not have to schedule playing an in-game event vs real life Saturday activities. Be wary of making it any earlier to cater any further to non-NA players.

True, I wouldn't go any earlier. We did get quite a few complaints that 7pm PT was a little late for the ET folks and inconvenient for the PT folks because they like to eat dinner at this time.
jrtseven wrote: »
What was the problem?

won't go into specifics, but we are the only region to have servers set in the UTC time zone, which caused a very unique problem for us, and made it more difficult to track down the issue because it's not a common cause of problems.
Hi Everyone,

As Spacecats previously stated, we will be cancelling this Saturday’s Civil Unrest. Instead, we will be having a double drop weekend on dungeons and power hours for battlegrounds all weekend. You already knew that. I am here to say that we did find the cause of what is going wrong with CU, and are testing a fix right now. Instead of rushing this out sometime today, we are going to spend more time testing this and push out the patch on Tuesday’s maintenance. Following that, we will hold a test Civil Unrest time on Wednesday at 6pm Pacific Time for all servers. We will not be revoking the rewards from this Civil Unrest, so it will be very much real. If Wednesday is successful, and I expect it to be, we will have Civil Unrest back on Saturdays, but at a different time of 5pm Pacific Time. The pot for Civil Unrest will be replenished and doubled for that Saturday. Following that CU, the pot will go back to normal and accumulate as intended. As far as the time goes, this was changed from 7pm to 5pm based on feedback, but we will keep listening and adjust if needed. The only housekeeping point I have, is that on Tuesday there is a chance that your towers will be gone, and you will have to place them again. Thank you for your patience on this matter, and especially to the guilds on Fey Forest for cooperating during the testing times this week.

One more note: if you are in Florida or in the path of Hurricane Matthew, please heed the mandatory evacuation order and go somewhere safe. When Disney World closes, you know s#@% is real.

Last Saturday I mentioned that we would follow through with some tests today on Tuesday. Here's what the current plan is:

First, this is purely a test. We will probably have one test time today, and I suspect more will happen throughout the week. These are NOT going to be the set "time" for Civil Unrest going forward.

That said, we will only test this on one server today, that being Fey Forest. We will plan to trigger this at 2pm Pacific Time, but my expectation is that this will not work. The purpose of this is that Bluehole needs more logs to figure out what is going on. For that, we will need to trigger a short maintenance on Fey Forest only at 4pm Pacific Time.

What happens if this does work and the tax money goes away? Well, whoever wins the test will win the gold for the tax period. However, we will be able to replenish the pot so it doesn't get reset to 0.
points taken on the time. It's not set in stone, but the top priority is making sure it runs at all
After last week's event not working, we re-QA'd the entire event using the same parameters and asked Bluehole to help us figure out what might have gone wrong. We had it working but obviously, as of a few hours ago, it did not.

I had concerns about running something mid-week, and again on Saturday, as it would lessen the rewards of such an event. Right now, theres' no other choice than to run this during the week at an hour when we're all in the office to troubleshoot. RIght now, this Tuesday at 5pm seems like a better time, but I'll come back after running this by the team at EME and BHS on this.

I know you all are angry, but please remain civil on this. Vysse's post has been helpful, and I'lll be keeping my eye on that one.
Went through all the classes. Only Reaper and Slayer seem to be affected.
I definitely see this bugged on the Reaper. Not seeing this on my archer. Can anyone report other classes with this issue?
Most reports (but not all) have been fixed by removing mods from the client. Can you provide more info?

Are you playing on Steam?
What Class/Race/Gender? Level?
Does a certain skill cause it? All Skills?
Does it happen all mobs?

Hi Everyone,

The Ghost and Diamond dragons are now on sale. The in-game drops for dragon mounts, however, are on hold for a short time. Historically we have always fought to maintain a proper balance between earned and paid ways to achieve power, and we want to honor that commitment. These dragons, and the fact that they have combat components, are such a unique item for TERA. They represent a special edition item that we want to make sure is implemented in a balanced way. As an extension of that, we want the introduction of dragon mounts to be a cool experience for as many players as possible. We thought we had things in a good place ready for release, but ultimately it’s been decided that we need a little more time to coordinate the moving pieces. We are actively working on refining our solution.

Some of you have pointed out our flaws and our misses, and are correct in doing so. We appreciate that passion and want to encourage continuing to fight for what’s best for our community. We also appreciate the amount of patience shown by TERA players today.

As a token of our appreciation, I’d like to offer 6 days of free Elite Status to anyone who redeems this code: enterthedragon.
This code will expire this time next week!

We'll get this fixed soon.
All missing TERA Rewards Points and Credits that have have now been sent back. Credits have been sent back to Item Claim. Points were automatically applied to your accounts. The scripts took a while to run, but you all should have seen this trickle in starting from 12pm to ~4pm Pacific time today.
Ketoth wrote: »
@Treeshark can you tell us the way to get hte mount in-game? At least in the patch notes? ( to avoid people stockpilling befire the patch)?

The token's arent in the game right now. They are brand new and only exclusively have dragon mounts in them. I am not sure how stockpiling before the patch would work. One token has a chance to drop when you kill a BAM, and another token is awarded upon winning a BG. Neither are in existing boxes and such.
Aulon wrote: »
OK so

-It is a passive from just owning the mount
-The buff last 5 secs
-It has a chance to proc like VM
-Has an internal cool down of 90-120 secs

This was taken from another person from the TWTERA forums on how the buff works

With it only lasting 5 secs and having to wait another 90-120 for it again at a completely random time its a small perk to me, nothing that will make or break you but yes it will help a little.

This information is correct. The tooltip for the passive skills clarifies that it's only a chance to proc but we didn't do a great job on the web page saying that. That will be fixed momentarily.

When the buff lasts 5 seconds, it doesn't mean 5 seconds of pure crit hits. It just means all crit hits within those 5 seconds will do more dmg.
Based12 wrote: »
LancerJiva wrote: »
Treeshark wrote: »
The TERA Rewards System should be working now. We'll be following up with missing credits/xp shortly.

Can you post when the credits / xp have been handed out?
Also you said that you were gonna put up an event as compensation? What event would that be? How about mongo Neon for the rest of the week since people have been saying strongbox event this weekend?

And strongbox event only is good to those with tons of gold, or credit card swipers.

idk who said anything about a strongbox event, it certainly wasn't us.
can you try creating a character and see if that fixes anything? what we just did was only part of the fix, the rest of it will be continued tomorrow.
gduber wrote: »
Yeah, my character list still isn't updated on the transfer page.

can you try creating a character and see if that fixes anything? what we just did was only part of the fix, the rest of it will be continued tomorrow.

The TERA Rewards System should be working now. We'll be following up with missing credits/xp shortly.
Yeah think it the best on what @LancerJiva say is to keep it off until it full fix as for those who don't used forums much or don't know and i know as you turn it back on without the full fix people will try and get they free credits once they know that there cant claim the free credits people will complain on the forums that they cant get the free credits also you ticket might become back up with this as well if you had turn it on now without the full fix.

Internally we went back and forth on this. We decided that having the passive benefits on for players outweighed the cons of what you pointed out, and we will keep the Emporium part of the system off as well.

I totally updated the original post, so please read that!
LancerJiva wrote: »
Is there any update on this? It's almost evening on the west coast and rewards are still not fixed and the weekend is approaching.

While we have records of everyone's tiers and credits, the problem with why it's not syncing up correctly appears to be much more complex than initially thought. It's not as easy as turning it off and on again :(.

I am thinking about it turning it on without the store, but the free credits is not working either.
Did you actually do it? We have the servers in the drop downs but only AV transfers will successfully complete.
Treeshark wrote: »
Can you guys tell me when you first noticed these issues?

For me it was after i went to my main sever and then went back to FF i had noticed my rank wast there.

Can you time timestamp that, roughly?
Can you guys tell me when you first noticed these issues?
Fleett wrote: »
Will everyone get their ranks/point back?

I believe the issue is mainly front-end right now, so yes, but we are investigating this as well.
We are currently experiencing issues with the TERA Rewards system. While we troubleshoot, we will be turning the entire system off.

When you make purchases, you will still receive TERA Rewards Credits in your Item Claim, but you will not be able to redeem it until we turn it back on.
We are seeing an issue with TERA Rewards in the game, and looking into causes.
the mounts do not attack. some mounts grant you passives that give you the chance for extra crit against monsters when you are not mounted.
should be free right now. got enabled roughly at 9:50am.
it's back now
it'll be back soon, within the hour. troubleshooting something ATM.
Bringing it up now.
Syjitra wrote: »
I don't think they would drop from the old inner boxes because their names are completely different. However the fact they are there suggests tomorrow or next week to see their loot box in the store.

I can confirm these are hitting the store tomorrow morning. They were added to the Undergarment Box in-game in preparation for their release.

Does this mean they will be adding a name and a description of what stat they give tomorrow? Because I got a pair and it displays no name and no stats other than the defense and balance (I know they are +20 crit though because it shows I gain 20 crit by equiping).

The name and descriptions are there, but you will need to have received the patch we sent out this morning. Restarting your launcher and logging in should fix this.
We are targeting 11am for Fey Forest to come online for players. Performing some last minute checks, taking backups of things just in case, etc...
Ginjitsu wrote: »
Define shortly ¬.¬

Right now.
We'll be providing updates to maintenance here.

TR/MT/CH/AV will be up shortly

Fey Forest is estimated to be another 1-2 hours. The process is taking a little longer than expected.
Baldurdash wrote: »
So what happens if I purchased 4 character slots on both VoT and LoT? I end up losing 4 of them and having to delete half of my characters.

17k gold for a character slot is pretty cheap, just find someone selling emp and get the rest of the four that you need on only one server(vot or lot). Your max slots on one server will carry over.

But I do think that it is not a smart decision to award character slots -after- merge because you won't even be able to log in until you delete characters. @Treeshark @Spacecats

The characters only have to be set in a deleted state. Right now on our servers if a character is Level 40 or higher, if you try and delete it, it will just be greyed out but not actually deleted for 24 hours. If you set enough of these characters in this state, you can log in and activate the Additional Character Slots. You can then go back and undelete the characters you put in the deleted state that you want back. The minimum level will be lowered to 15 on this servers temporarily so more characters can essentially be saved without being auto-deleted.
It comes in item claim. you don't need to be online. everyone should have theirs now. let me know if not and we can investigate.
Hi Everyone,

It's taken us a bit longer than expected to gather and check the data for the players to get the Waddlewing reward. We have all that done now, but given the time of day we are going to wait until tomorrow morning (8/17) to deliver the item so that we have full support for anything that could go wrong.

Crusades is over, but the UI remains, yes that is true. Scores are not being tallied though. It was done this early to give guilds some last time to be in their skycastles and what not before the server merge happens. We'll be getting the new GvG content soon after.
this is real (well, it will be one day). it's not as big as the current dracoloth sovereigns but it's still pretty big especially with the wings.
Jace21 wrote: »
Treeshark wrote: »
also, like we stated from the very beginning, and on the webpage (http://tera.enmasse.com/game-guide/the-last-crusade/), the waddlewing mount is not tradable.

Will this pig be on the TeraShop(in the near future) ?

also, like we stated from the very beginning, and on the webpage (http://tera.enmasse.com/game-guide/the-last-crusade/), the waddlewing mount is not tradable.
the pigs will be rewarded sometime today.
Kanane wrote: »
This event was in KTera and Taiwan version as well at least. You can except it in NA as well imo.

Each publisher controls what events they run. I have no plans to run this event.
MoeBunny wrote: »
@Treeshark will people from other servers be able to transfer free to the new server?

meomeo26 wrote: »
So for the free server transfer, only AV people can get free transfer to the new server?

So, This is the new server transfering to AV. This is a one way trip.

Fey Forest in the lead right now, where my Savage Reach peeps at?
vkobe wrote: »
Yawgi wrote: »
Fey Forest is LIFE!

zozo or zolyn or paesyn are good name for a server B)

personally i prefer zozo <3

Our server names are named after zone names. Like Fey Forest, Savage Reach, Blessing Basin, Timeless Woods, etc..
Madoif wrote: »
So I noticed that the poll was changed. If I vote again will it count?

I don't know? Spacecats informed me that given Thrallhold's literal meaning, it was not a wise choice to have up there. Not sure what google will let you do though.
Ginjitsu wrote: »
Savage Reach >.>? There's already a Tempest Reach :\

What about Colossal Ruins ;P?

But this one is more Savage.
First, thank you all for the feedback on the server merge on the forums. I also visited each of the three servers to talk with the players on them to get their feelings about the merge directly. . It was great to hear everyones opinions for and against the idea, but it was good to hear that it mostly aligned with the feedback already received from our internal feedback and the Player Council.

While we know this will not appease all the players, we are going forward with the decision to merge Highwatch, Lake of Tears, and Valley of Titans into a new server, which will be a new PVP65 server. This means that it will be a PvP server, but it will be purely PvE until you reach level 65. We will also allow free transfers from this new server to Ascension Valley after the merge takes place. Exact times and dates of the merge and the transfer window will be provided mid-August, but I can say that we are targeting an early September window for all of this. We hope by offering this free transfer window afterwards, you can see how the server feels to you, and at least give it a chance before transferring. We believe that the merger of these three servers will create one that is healthy and with a population even greater than any other server, even with this transfer window.

As far as name conflicts go, we are still following the process I outlined last week of doing a name wipe, and then any conflict will be automatically decided by which name had the longest playing time. All other details will be provided in the next week or two.

In the meantime, we will need to decide the new server’s name! Personally, I like Savage Reach, but Fey Forest has also been proposed by some players. I’ve collected available names to choose from, so please vote here! https://goo.gl/forms/XyHPaJMKDa3FAuWt1

They should bring Blue Box event "Or Caiman eggs event " with same drops as mongos ..

So yeah, the mongo event was similar to past blue box and caiman events, but wasn't the mongo event more fun?

Hey Everyone,

Thank you all for your opinions and feedback on this. I'll be back next week with a final solution. For those of you who are wondering about the details on what happens to characters, banks, etc... we will have a FAQ up on this sometime in August. I am closing this thread in the meantime because it has run its course.

Eiiji wrote: »
Let's put this PvP, PvE thing to a side and think about it again. Let's say EME merged these three servers into one. We are already considering HW as a dead server, and those other two servers are in worse condition than HW, then how this server merge will make anyone happy actually? In one month, if not longer, people will again start to complain about the emptiness and lack of LFGs, end game dungeon runs in this new server, I really can see it from now. This server merge won't create anything but only another dead server.

Not really. All separate, they need help, but if you combine them together, it's a pretty decent size server that can rival the rest. It's like Voltron.
Phoergo wrote: »
I am going to be really angry if they wipe all the names. I think the proposed solution is fair (and no, I don't really give a crap about the QQ from brawlers and ninjas for being new classes with less time. Y'all are already OP, stop your whining). I have 10 000+ hours on my main, and I switched to that class after 1.5 years of playing...so you can imagine how many hours I have on my account.

If they wipe names there's an 80% chance that I won't get time off work so I can rename my characters...and even if I could, WHY should I sacrifice a day of wages just for a name that I should already be entitled to based on how much I play this game?

I'm not gonna lie, I have a few alts with names that I love, and I won't be surprised if I don't get to keep them. But at least the classes that I actually enjoy playing will most likely be guaranteed to keep their name.

if you are actively playing you have nothing to worry about for name wipe.
Just a reminder to keep the discussion constructive and on topic.
JasonLucas wrote: »
Why don't open a free server transfer to TR, MT and CH and make these the only Tera servers? I don't understand the necessity of have 7 servers, crusades are going away and there is a new big GvG content coming soon, also makes more sense have everyone together in a MMO.

For the names, just clean up these 3 servers for anyone who hasn't logged in for a 1 year or older.

Because while many will transfer a lot won't and then it's even worse.
Since it's being requested from the other thread, i'm making this one to talk about name conflicts from a merge.

right now the process will be this:
1. Clear character names on these servers that have not logged in for over a year.
2. During the merge, the character with the most time played preserves their name.
3. The other characters under a name conflict will be renamed to <name>_1. So if your name was "Zeus", and you were beat out by another Zeus, you will now be "Zeus_1".
4. Characters from #3 will have the chance to rename their character upon login.

Tsukiyo358 wrote: »
How about merging the two PvE servers together and doing the same with the PvP Servers?

The reason for not touching the other servers, like it was stated in the original post, is because it also requires the users on those servers to go through the name conflicts, and thats unnecessary for them. We can't just add LT and VT to MT, it would basically be a new server with MT+LT+VT.

I'm crying rn

For players who chose a PVE server, open world PvP can be distressing even if only at 65.

Our suggestion:
Players at 65 can opt into pvp or neutral, which would be permanent to the character. PvP can PK others and get PKed. Neutral would be immune to this but cannot PK others. There would be some indicator like outlaw that shows who's a PvPer and who's neutral.

I understand where your coming from, but in my experience on MT, this hasn't really been the case. I've wandered the lands incognito and even idled in PK zones and come back after hours without coming back dead. But maybe i'm lucky and an outlier?
3XLLEHEF6N wrote: »
yea how would names be handled anyways
Stricera wrote: »
What about names

we'll discuss that after this is settled.
If you are playing on Highwatch (HW), Lake of Tears (LT), or Valley of Titans (VT), I’d like to discuss a potential server merge of these three servers. Please note, this is a discussion about WHAT should be merged, not HOW they get merged or how name conflicts will be handled. Those questions will be answered in time.

The purpose of a merge is to provide a better environment for players on these servers. Merging can promote a better economy, as well as end-game support for all players on these servers. I know the Instance Matching queues are across all servers, but I also realize many of you would prefer to do the matching yourselves within your server. Right now, we know we want to merge LT and VT together. The tougher aspect would be what to do about Highwatch. Population wise, Highwatch is in a pretty good place, however when listening to player feedback and looking deeper at the end-game, it looks like it could also use a boost.

One possible solution for this all would be to combine HW, LT, and VT into a new server that allows open world PvP only at max level. With HW being a PvE server, and LT/VT being PvP servers, this presents a tricky situation, and a PvP at 65 only server is a possible solution to this. Now, I also realize that this either brings the best of both worlds or the worst of both worlds, so it hasn’t been an easy choice. The Player Council favors this decision, but it also occurs to me there aren’t a large body of HW/LT/VT players on the council to offer their opinions. This is why I’m bringing this to the general forums, so I can get broader feedback. Please note that this is *not* in stone yet, and the purpose of this is to discuss it.

Let me go into some reasons why I think this could work. First, a PvP65 server takes away most of the worst aspects of a PvP server, namely the heavy low-level griefing that comes with it. Also since most actual PvP either takes place in an instance, or at level 65, we would still be providing ample PvP experience for the PvP players. Second, this would be a unique server set that would possibly allow more players to experience a PvP server without the griefing that takes place during leveling.

A last bit of info. If you’ve noticed, the other servers are not in consideration for a server merge. Their populations are healthy, and there’s no need to do anything with them. For any servers involved in a merge, it means the entire server gets disrupted, since merging creates a brand new server, not adding a server to an existing one.

Thanks for reading! Please offer your feedback and thoughts in this thread constructively.

This will be out this year. If you define "summer" by Seattle terms, it'll be out in the summer....
Toi wrote: »
Treeshark wrote: »
Any of these boxes opened after 5/26 have the correct amounts of 5k in it. These have not been changed since that time. The Last Crusade will be using different boxes so these rewards have not been changed.

@Dreick I see ABHM on the servers instead of DS. This was fixed during this morning'a maintenance to reflect Last Crusade contents.

I'm positive the box of masterwork alkahest from the month of june said "5000 alkahest" a few weeks ago. I looked at it yesterday and it now says "1500" with both the box from this month and last month now stacking together in a stack of 2. Are you telling me if I were to open these boxes they would give me 5000 alkahest still?

The mounts will be given out to the top 100 regardless, but will not be bankable and not be tradable.

The FAQ question applies to the entries.
Any of these boxes opened after 5/26 have the correct amounts of 5k in it. These have not been changed since that time. The Last Crusade will be using different boxes so these rewards have not been changed.

@Dreick I see ABHM on the servers instead of DS. This was fixed during this morning'a maintenance to reflect Last Crusade contents.
is it not resetting? or just not resetting at the right time?
Meningitis wrote: »
@Treeshark Uhm...Uhm...I don't wanna complain but there's an item missing from the "old shop." There's no fashion coupon boxes. q__q;;

or are there
Magraal wrote: »
Smart Dyads wooooooooooooooooooooohooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

oh. no, that was an oops.
rewards reverted to 2015. we're planning some other events and this just flew under the radar. my bad.
where did my post go
Rewards reverted to 2015.
we're investigating the reset times but nothing has been changed that i can see so far.
Also, checking your account, it seems it was delivered at 10:11 to you.
I'm seeing people get it. If you logged in too early there was a chance you got in before it activated. Try logging in again.
Sadly, I am not able to implement a vanguard for Uppers.

I think a drop of 200MWA is do-able.
voidy wrote: »
Hey, I appreciate the prompt response. Thanks for communicating with us on this. One question: Will the lower floors drop starfall materials in the same way that DS2 dropped lucid mats last time, or are those being axed entirely?

sorry, i misread and thought you meant dropping the whole gear and not mats. however, i checked and lowers currently only drop vm7 mats and not vm6.
voidy wrote: »
Hey, I appreciate the prompt response. Thanks for communicating with us on this. One question: Will the lower floors drop starfall materials in the same way that DS2 dropped lucid mats last time, or are those being axed entirely?

Starfall does not drop in lowers. Starfall is still very competitive, way more than lucid was at a comparable time.

About the MWA. The reason i took it out is b/c I think DS3 will be a lot easier than DS2, given the new class and new gears. We did get some buffs to the monsters but i'm hesitant on saying the balance is great. Adding MWA is an option but I'm going to wait and see how things go.

We do have non-tradable alkahest, but it's not usable in awakening.
table will be similar to the end of ds2, sans the MWA. vm7 designs will drop 100%. ace dungeon store will have etching IIs at 8k, ember at 1k. 8k is roughly 10 days of those dungeons given a decent score, but not best score.
The steadfast tokens stop distributing at 5pm on Thursday.
we'll fix this on thursday. the contents will be the same as last seasons. sorry about this.
the i-frame extensions for jaunt and backstep are there. for some reason we were told not to include in the notes, but since they are in other publisher notes, i'm confirming it here.

on the scythe - the 20% increase in base damage by 20% was the first change in KR, followed by a 17% decrease in PVP damage in a next patch in KR. The result is that from our current NA patch to this next patch, we aren't really seeing a difference in PVP damage, since the first patch nullified the decrease in the second patch. This is what we tested and found as well.
Nanahira wrote: »
Void pulse : "-- Increase crit chance by 20% against Monsters only."

Wut ? no double chance ?

first! .
Any updates on felicity in Elite Boxes? The golden pig is great and all, but it's just not dank enough.

this is already done.
I think we are in the clear yet but still monitoring. Veteran Reset Scrolls will be given out to all players who log in until midnight PT (next 6 hours).
HW is back up.
HW is down again.
StarSprite wrote: »
Treeshark wrote: »
Sorry all, we have to take MT down to troubleshoot a problem.

ETA for when MT will be taken down or are we good now?

MT sitll gonna go down at 4:55
Fepsi wrote: »



That's Bigger twin Brother.
Sorry all, we have to take MT down to troubleshoot a problem.
MT and HW are back up, but we are still seeing heavy incoming traffic floods.
Boring of wait?

that's awful.
Calla wrote: »
Treeshark wrote: »
Aw I came to internet cafe to play at better frames.

no biggie though. I'll just surf around KTERA for info as I wait for their patch note to translate.

we'll have that info out shortly, but there are some good translations out already.

How shortly is shortly? Like hours, days, weeks?

Thanks in advance <3

The basic info part is in hours. The Q&A translation needs some final approval so probably tomorrow.
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