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You're welcome, shall I edit the title and content of the thread to reflect that this will be a discussion involving all servers then @Spacecats ?

Sure, let's open it up for everyone. I'm already working with Denommenator today to discuss server status. Hopefully we'll have some sort of update to give in this thread.
We've been getting reports from multiple servers. I don't think this thread needs to be AV specific. As far as we can tell all TERA servers are experiencing connection spikes.

Edit - Also, thanks saltedcaramel for creating this discussion.
Moved thread to bug report forums.
Zoknahal wrote: »
In all honesty, an updated character creation window would bring TONS of players, new and returning. Just add body sliders and much more customization options, like ability to mix and match ears, tails, and hairstyle for elins. Same for castanic, and more horn types for amani male, more hairstyles and makeup options for femani, the list goes on.

I'm curious why you think body sliders and more customization options would bring in tons of new players. Can you elaborate? Presumably a new player would have no idea what the preexisting customization options were, so they would all be new to them anyway.
Laethys wrote: »
I don't get an optimization issues, I would say Trying out an open PvP server with many incentives on Guild Wars and PvEvP World Boss fights. I would also say a full expansion with 5 new levels and maybe a portal to another dimension to maybe the Argon dimension? I think something like 10 player Trials (something shorter than a raid could be fun.) Lastly, Housing with badass/cute decorations and furniture!

I'd love to see where the Argons really come from. I've always imagined it looked like what they turned Argonea into, but what if it was a completely abstract dimension. If all of TERA is a dream, what if Argon dimension is a nightmare?
Removed political reference from thread title.
This is an ongoing forum topic and I've requested that the product team address the issue. We will be meeting with the Operations crew. Look for something soon.

In the meantime, AV is up and this thread has turned into bickering and personal attacks (some of which have been removed by forum moderation). Closing this thread.
The truth is that our Operations team is looking into the cause of the crashes. I think if more truth was known about why it went down today, the guys on the Ops crew would really appreciate it, but it's not a simple situation when it comes to TERA servers. For the time being, it's up and running again and they'll continue to monitor.
Athenril wrote: »
It's not like my entire party from all over the world gets lag spikes at the same time, must be my ISP.

Please read my comment.
> @Spacecats said:
> saltedcaramel wrote: »
> "It's mostly people out of NA having issues, which makes sense"
> What part of this makes sense to any of you good folks at EME?
> A server crash is different from lag. Please don't quote EME staff out of context. It gives people the wrong idea and muddles communication for people that are honestly looking for help.
> I commented earlier about latency and how there are multiple ways your connection can be affected (including server performance on our end that has nothing to do with your ISP). Check it out if you're looking for clarification.

Consider the amount of issues AV has been having recently. Do you really think anyone in AV cares about about the context in quoted text?

Most people want the truth, not a random quote from a different thread concerning a different topic. It's one of the reasons that misrepresentation is listed in the forum rules & guidelines.
Ascension Valley is back up and running. People should be able to log back in now.
"It's mostly people out of NA having issues, which makes sense"

What part of this makes sense to any of you good folks at EME?

A server crash is different from lag. Please don't quote EME staff out of context. It gives people the wrong idea and muddles communication for people that are honestly looking for help.

I commented earlier about latency and how there are multiple ways your connection can be affected (including server performance on our end that has nothing to do with your ISP). Check it out if you're looking for clarification.
I'd suggest contacting Customer Support on this. They can check the status of the delivery and ensure you get founders status enabled.
We're aware of the outage on Ascension Valley. The server is in the process of being restarted. Our Operations team will investigate the cause of today's crash and continue to monitor other TERA servers.

Sorry for the inconvenience!
canikizu wrote: »
@Spacecats The noctenium problem has been here ever since Noctenium was introduced. It's not the main cause whatsoever. The way it works is, every time you consume ONE noctenium, the game will make a call to server to open your inventory, search through your inventory for noctenium, and minus ONE out of it. It was just the way the game is coded, and not a bug. Even though it shouldn't be that inefficient, we didn't have problem with noctenium since it was introduced long time ago.

Ah sure that makes sense, thanks. I can see that requiring more data to be sent/received. So it's not just a matter of more skills happening in a given length of time.

So with the move to noct potions, it seems like that issue wouldn't exist. Luckily I'm not the one that has to investigate it, just pass along the info :p
Fleett wrote: »
You're telling us that all of a sudden the whole TERA playerbase had a luck change? lol

Nobody's really saying what kind of loot they were getting before, just that they aren't happy with what they're getting now. Threads like this are always a callout for people who think they aren't getting enough loot. I'm not saying the loot shouldn't or couldn't be better, but believe me that the settings have gone completely untouched. The chances of each item appearing in the jackpot is the same as it was during all of May and the start of June. They just swapped Handkerchiefs, Envys, and Hypnos with Banners, Badges, and Talismans when the new armor set came out.

I'll suggest to the TERA product team that the rewards be increased from what they have been. If PvPers don't feel like they're being rewarded for their time in BGs, it's definitely something that should be looked at.
If it happens again, can you let us know which BAM you were hunting for the daily? Did it show the "Additional rewards" bar underneath the quest in the VG window?
The noctenium theory is interesting. I've passed it on to the team in hopes that it will help uncover some of the spiking issues people are experiencing. No doubt Gameforge has also passed it on to Bluehole since it was brought up in their forums.

As for those saying that EME doesn't acknowledge game latency, let me assure you guys that it's something we're aware of. There are definitely situations where every person in a party experience lag at the same time, and it has nothing to do with their ISP. That doesn't mean when a player is lagging that it can't be a mixture of many things. I know it's easier to look at lag as a single problem with a single fix, but it's not that easy. If you're playing from Estonia on a spotty wi-fi connection, a skywhale bumps your router, and then TERA servers hiccup all at once, you're going to have... a bad time. If you're playing from Chicago that's less likely to happen, but even local connections get lag especially during peak hours of the day.

(Playing from Australia on the other hand... flawless -_-)

What we've found is that when server-side issues occur it's typically a big spike. The whole encounter will freeze and skills will be unresponsive for everyone in the instance. There's been an increase of this lately and our Operations team is still investigating (along with Bluehole) to find out why that's the case.

When it's an ISP or server network issue, players typically see an overall increase in ping and more subtle delays in the response times of skills or inventory/menus opening. Sometimes they just disconnect completely. That can be caused by network congestion in Chicago (like if there's a DDoS attack) or any number of things closer to the player's home that will be outside of our control. That's why we ask for diag files that have routing information.

So when we say that there's no evidence of network congestion on the server side of things, please don't take that to mean that we don't believe you're lagging or that it's all in your head. It could still be game related. It could also be something outside of both your and our areas of control.
Cheyser wrote: »
guys can u help me? could u give me the link where i supposed to put in the link of my video? i know its in FanArt@enmasse.com how do i get in?

You can upload it to YouTube (or Instagram if it's short enough) and paste the link in the e-mail. Attaching a whole video to an e-mail is usually too big to send.
mm, i've been wondering if potential winners can choose not to have their stories posted at forums or read aloud during the stream?


Explain your situation when you submit your story and we can probably work something out. Like any contest we prefer to share the winning stories with the TERA community both because they're probably great entries, but also to confirm to everyone else that submitted work what the winning entry looked like. But exceptions can always be made.
The loot tables haven't been nerfed or changed in any way. They're the same as when they were set up. I'm afraid the only thing that's changed is your luck :/
Forum logins will be disabled. If you are logged in before maintenance begins, you should be able to use the forums normally.

That said, I've changed our initial post to direct people to the @TERAOnline Twitter account instead. Just in case! ;D
It has been fixed! Thanks for calling that out.

Love is in the air, and a new contest has begun!

Between now and June 18 at 11:59 p.m. PDT, write and send a tale of true TERA love to FanArt@enmasse.com. If you make it a video, you might even get a little extra flowery prize!

The top winners of this contest will get themselves a set of the new wedding outfits arriving once the contest ends. Top placement will even get a dyeable set.

We'll be holding a PART 2 to this contest and giving away even more prizes once the PART 1 winners are decided and the love stories have been told. What could part 2 entail? Hmm... are those wedding bells we hear in the distance? <3 <3 <3

For details on this contest, see the full article: http://tera.enmasse.com/news/posts/tera-true-love-story-contest
Closed at the request of the OP.
Catservant wrote: »
I really enjoyed the meeting Seandynamite. I like many of his ideas, especially about polling/connecting with the community when decisions are still in the formative stages.

That said, I just want to say, Spacecats--you in particular have done an amazing job of not letting your ego and/or hopes get in the way of a better decision when the community doesn't like something.

When the anniversary event didn't go...shall we say smoothly?...you listened, thought, then applied what you heard. Changing how tokens could be earned, prices, and possible PRIZES based on feedback you got.

You made a lot of people very happy in the end, and I think if SeanDynamite does as he seems to be saying, you two are going to make some sweet events together.

I'm really hopeful we can all start pulling together more to support the game.

I think we learned a couple things from Anniversary events in general that I think will help event planning as Seandynamite starts mapping things out for the coming months.

1) With all that we had planned, our slow roll-out method made it seem like we had less going on. If we'd put up a bigger news post at the start of May that listed every single thing we were planning to run for the next four weeks, I think it would have looked more spectacular from the start (even if we modified things after the fact). Part of the reason it was rolled out this way is because Velik's Fate was part of that content, but at the same time was contained in itself as an update.

2) The timing of Noesis' departure kind of borked and confused a couple things. I don't hold that against him because no time would ever have been an ideal time. He still did a TON of work surrounding the celebration. Hand-offs are just rough.

3) Quiz bowl hates me. It's so good though that once it's fixed by Bluehole I can't wait for you guys to see it.
SocateKun wrote: »
Salvatori wrote: »
Seandynamite since u're millionaire, can u buy new servers for TERA? It would be much appreciated.

And welcome. o/

+1 to what he said and can you convince community managers (that really don't play and get free carry for gear) to not be so cheap on drop tables,this is from a guy that owns over 1,4K games and sees how this game goes down slowly,milk runs are bad idea as an event and if u want a milk run cut those prices for real EMP to ingame practicality=0

Community managers don't make dungeon drop tables. Bluehole does. Sometimes Product Managers (like Seandynamite) can adjust them though.

(also I play like every day :p )
There is no men in Pora Elinu..

That's why he's the richest and most powerful, he's the only one :p

B) B) B) B) B) B) B) B)

Come meet TERA's new Product Manager, Seandynamite!

Of course, we've all heard the legend. But who is the man? Inside you will learn how Seandynamite became one of the richest and most powerful men in Pora Elinu. Learn the amazing history of the Dynamite family, starting with his great grandfather Bufford "Big Bang" Dynamite, fastest gunner in the west. See Seandynamite's humble beginnings, and how a trip to Bamarama on his 21st birthday made him a millionaire overnight. Share in the excitement of a fabulous winning streak that earned him the nickname "the luckiest Popo on Earth!" Learn how Seandynamite parlayed that lucky winning streak into the vast empire called Sean Co. Discover how, in 1979 Seandynamite successfully lobbied to legalize chupathingey farming, and turned Hill Valley's dilapidated court house into a beautiful Tuwangi partyswamp.

Seandynamite: "I just wanna say one thing... Velik bless the Federation."

Meet the women that shared in his passion as he searched for true love. And relive Biff's Seandynamite's happiest moment as in 1973 he realized his lifelong romantic dream by marrying his high school sweetheart, Elleon Kubel-McFly.

The stream begins at 3 p.m. PDT at https://www.twitch.tv/enmasseentertainment
Right now there are no additional details about TERA console to give other than the fact that it's on the way in 2017, bringing the world of TERA to console with a new UI and controller-based setup built from the ground up. The closed beta is still accepting sign-ups for both PS4 and Xbox: http://tera.enmasse.com/consolebeta

Edited title to remove callouts. If you have a question for a specific person please use direct messages.
Hey guys. We've checked with our Operations team to make sure there wasn't any network instability or server resource issues, and there are no indications of excessive load or memory usage. There's also no indication of mass player disconnects following the server outage yesterday (which was caused by an error unrelated to player traffic).

Lag is notoriously difficult to measure and pin down (especially when so much can cause internet latency). The recent reports that we've been getting from the player side indicate that people outside the US are having the most trouble, which makes sense.

Keep in mind that TERA is hosted in Chicago, so if you're connecting to the game from areas a great distance from there, your experience may be less than ideal or subject to interference that is often outside our control.
The TERA team is looking into this. Thanks for bringing it to our attention!
LesbianVi wrote: »
Spacecats wrote: »
My haul was less significant than some of your guys' but I was pretty happy to get these for my Valkyrie:
  • Unity stole :D :D :D
  • Devil Head-wings
  • Angel Head-wings
  • Eagle helm
  • 5x Bonanaza Boxes
  • A potion

What you farmed them? You are a nice CM, I would just put 20K Tokens in my pocket if I were you.

PS: whoops, here goes my chance to be CM anywhere.

Hah, if it's on my GM character then sure I can go crazy and it doesn't matter. We don't really add stuff to our personal accounts, though. So anytime I'm using a character on the Twitch stream and I say "I just made it" then it's definitely on my work account and not my real character.
Spacecats wrote: »
To make it more clear, I think the missing statement people were looking for would be something like "While the old models will continue to work indefinitely, the new models will feature a brand new look and slightly improved stats." ...or something like that.

I think it's given that the old inners would work indefinitely. I like the suggestion of adding "improved stats", but it makes me wonder if we've ever released innerwear in the past that simply had a new appearance with identical stats?

Yes, though it was a bit messy, and perhaps due to a patch lag issue in the old days.

In 2015, the original 2014 models were first updated with new stats:

...and then the new 2015 models were released with the same stats as the updated ones:

The 2016 model was released with the new stats, and the older models were not updated (but kept in the store). And now in 2017, the new models have new stats, and all the previous models were removed.

(But again, part of what made this time different as well was that there was no forward visibility to K-TERA, which is where people usually get their info about the stats incoming gear would have. If it had been released on K-TERA first as in the past, the community would have already known about the stats and spread the word. Obviously that's not anyone's fault, but just a different dynamic this time around.)

Gotcha. That makes sense!
My haul was less significant than some of your guys' but I was pretty happy to get these for my Valkyrie:
  • Unity stole :D :D :D
  • Devil Head-wings
  • Angel Head-wings
  • Eagle helm
  • 5x Bonanaza Boxes
  • A potion
kamizuma wrote: »
100 shadowlaced weapon skins & 100 Nuthatch weapon skins & 50 remembrances. No I didn't buy them with anniversary tokens, I just bought them off other players lol

Did you pile them into your giant vault so you could swim around in them?
To make it more clear, I think the missing statement people were looking for would be something like "While the old models will continue to work indefinitely, the new models will feature a brand new look and slightly improved stats." ...or something like that.

I think it's given that the old inners would work indefinitely. I like the suggestion of adding "improved stats", but it makes me wonder if we've ever released innerwear in the past that simply had a new appearance with identical stats?
The wording in the news post was like so...
It’s time to close out our inventory of inner armor loot boxes to make room for the 2017 models coming in Lakan's Fury update.

...along with the June 6 date given for both the sale end date and release of Lakan's Fury. Old inner armors are being removed from the store right now, so this discount was your last chance to buy them.

Inner armors have pretty much become a yearly installment, with each year not only having new looks but also slightly improved stats. That doesn't make existing inner armor any worse. The old inner armor stats don't decrease or anything. So with a date and the confirmation that 2017 inner armors were coming today, I don't think there was any secrecy to this sale. I'm not sure how it could have been explained better in the news post, but if you have suggestions please feel free to give them, as it might help for next time TERA has a sale like this.
Haggard86 wrote: »
Could be worse. Fihm was literally "endless mobstopper" until everyone complained lol.

Everlasting Mobstopper!

I liked it personally, but I'm also glad we changed it to something more badass sounding :p
Haggard86 wrote: »
Don't lie, they are going for booth babes

Are those even still a thing? :expressionless:
Business or pleasure?

Business. I'm not going, but those that are going are often attending various events like E3 to meet with developers, and possibly even discover new titles that are looking for a publisher.
Sorry but we won't have an official booth or presence there. Just a few members of the staff are going on business.
cloud3431 wrote: »
i have submitted 2, one for not getting the emp, and one for the refund. i purchased through debit card.

Mind PMing me your ticket number?
Here's a GM event I held in June 2016. Eldermeow was a confused old man roaming TERA, asking players for assistance. Those who stopped were told broken memories from Eldermeow's past. The memories were hints at where and how to jog his memory. It turns out that clues were scattered across TERA from the old man's journeys, and that he'd slowly forgotten who he was.

As players located the clues, Eldermeow slowly regained his past and remembered that he was actually an ancient king. His crown had been stashed away within his pack the entire time!

Once Eldermeow's past was revealed, he once again donned his crown and rewarded his subjects with a special Kingly ceremony.

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3
thanks for the codes. for some reason I cant get twitch videos to play anymore. I miss being able to watch the tera stream

That's weird. Have you tried different browsers? Sometimes HTML5 acts up for me in Chrome and I have to switch to something else.
TPCJ7E947M wrote: »
Is enmasse going to release a LINUX version?

No plans to do that at the moment, no.
Fleett wrote: »
Why FWC and not CS which has the bonuses?...

Typically I can get more FWC matches in one stream though. Let's mix it up, though! I'll get a CS match in today as well.
Naizilla wrote: »
Please make the fidget spinner ninja weapon skin that is what the NA community wants and needs.

I cracked up when I got to that one.
9LWPWJK9D9 wrote: »
the backend people must have done some things?

No. I wish I could say our Ops crew put on their tactical harnesses, repelled down the side of the data center, and cracked open the Gibson to reroute server data (that's how it works right?)...

... but no changes were made on our end. It could be that your ISP or some link in the chain between your ISP and our server had some extra heavy traffic which went away, or was rerouted. Glad to know the extra latency was temporary.
Yes for some reason being in a party can occasionally mess with the drops. We've even heard people say that their drop will appear in front of their party member instead of them. It's something that's difficult to reproduce because it doesn't happen every time.

Join me in Fraywind Canyon! Starting today at 3 p.m. PDT, I'll be playing on my Valkyrie and hopping in the queue. If you aren't able to join in-game, make sure you stick around the chat channel for raffle prizes and the weekly viewer reward code.

See you there! https://www.twitch.tv/enmasseentertainment
If you're not experiencing spikes, but just an overall increase in latency, could you create a diag report and e-mail it to diag@enmasse.com please? It will give our Operations crew some information about where your ping is increasing en route to our servers.

To create the diag report, click the "Tools" option at the bottom of your TERA launcher and then "Click Here to Test Compuer". The text file will be created on your desktop afterward.
Bluehole is building a new UI for TERA on consoles. They're designing it from the ground up with PS4 and XBox controller layouts in mind, so it'll be different from the controller setup you may have experienced in the PC version.
Granarkus was a really weird zone to do this in. It was fun seeing piled of BAMs spawned in saves and such, but I realize it made the fights really difficult.

There's a temporary hold on BAM invasions due to the server trouble, but in the future we'll try different zones and BAMs to spawn.
T7CL39YRTR wrote: »
Am i the only one that started getting disconnected literally every 5 - 10 minutes? It started happening today

Is this just happening in TERA or have you noticed other games DCing? There has been an issue of ping spikes in-game lately, but disconnects every 5-10 minutes is unusual.
The only advise I can give here: Grow iron bark my friends. It will help if in this life :pleased:

Sorry to see you caught so much flak from party members. Especially when things get competitive, you'll always have irate or bossy players telling you to play better or do things the way they want. Growing thicker skin is one way to separate yourself from the random drama, and ignoring the random person that's flaming you often just ends up with them stopping and bothering someone else instead. Still... it's unfortunate that people take attitudes like this in online games (not just TERA, I don't think I've played any online game with chat where this isn't a thing).

The best thing you can do to make TERA a positive community is to try and stay positive yourself, focus on the parts of TERA you enjoy most, and ignore the haters.

Saying all of that... there's a line between jerkiness and harassment. If you ever feel like you are being truly harassed by another player, report them to customer support and include as much detail about the harassment as possible.
Christin wrote: »
Glad it is extended, but what is up with waiting less than 2 hours before the end to let us know? Some of us have been rearranging schedules and such, because we were thinking the end was today.

There were other end of anniversary events we were considering, and we wanted to be 100% sure before announcing things. Sorry the extension announcement happened so last minute.
All the threads that were merged were about the same topic. Creating duplicate threads is against the forum rules, as are threads and comments discussing forum moderation since it has nothing to do with TERA and spiral quickly into drama (which is why I'm closing this thread).

If you're worried that a comment or discussion you've posted is at risk of being moderated, the best thing to do is go re-read the forum rules & guidelines you agree to when posting here. The goal is to have constructive and healthy discussion about the world of TERA and give feedback about the gameplay.
Like the announcement said before the BAM spawn event (rip), Blue Boxes HAVE BEEN EXTENDED!

They will now end on June 5 at 10 a.m. PDT along with the current dungeon highlight. There's a bit more to it, but a news post will go up shortly giving more details.
I found the cause!


I scrolled past too quickly and thought it was a hairy fried egg :p
Selenya wrote: »
Extend the event please @Spacecats :(

It had less than 8 minutes left. I know that's not the ideal way to end an event like this, but I don't think it's worth running again until we do a little investigating internally. Hopefully you guys still had some fun and landed yourselves some extra loot this morning.
Merged multiple threads about this topic. Please see the forum announcement regarding the server outages. We're aware and working to get servers back online. Sorry for the inconvenience and please try not to create duplicate threads.

Today's BAM spawn was kind of a trial run and we were monitoring server activity closely in case something like this happened. Looks like the trial wasn't a pass. Thankfully when servers started going down, the hour-long event had almost reached completion. We're going to be investigating the outages to try and determine why they crashed during this invasion event and how we can avoid it in the future (while still running events like this).
The jackpot has been changed to the following:
  • Talisman of Lakan ×1
  • Lakan's Banner ×2
  • Badge of Loyalty ×2
  • Dragon Scale ×3
  • Tier 12 Feedstock ×50

The news post has been changed to reflect this. Sorry for the confusion!
Xaera wrote: »
Sweet, looking forward to adding those in. Nice job! I'll also include the noctenium weapon information.

Since we can be pretty sure those are unique, I doubt we need pictures.

@Spacecats , I've been meaning to ask. Should we only bother finding names for the skins that are in EUTera and KTera? Or would we be able to get more should we want them and get their info?

Some of the item names are the weapons themselves rather than the cosmetic weapon skins. While that's still a bit useful, what will really help are the names of the skins as they appear in other regions (non-English names from jTERA/kTERA are better than translations).
LesbianVi wrote: »
you hyped too much I got one for my cute Elin :p

PS: I loved this anniversary event, half price race change and I turned to that Cute Elin, Cute hat checked, Cute Mount checked, Cute 75% of costume on sale checked, Cute Uinty Stole checked, also add Cute wings too, she has it. So yeah, the most rewarding anniversary event by far.

Nice screenshot!
Sorry but the token cost of Unity Stoles is not going to change for this event. Aside from being an (arguably) rare item, it would be unfair to those who spent their final week tokens to get one. The Unity Stole is one of those coveted items in TERA that appears occasionally during events, and holds a level of prestige in the game because it typically requires some level of dedication to the game in order to land one.

If you're not able to get enough tokens for a stole before the anniversary celebration ends, there are sure to be more chances to get one in the future.
Seriously is this what this game has come to we are omg excited over a cosmetic , not clearing a hm or getting a rare achievment but looks smh

Everyone enjoys different things about the game. That's part of what makes TERA amazing.
Closing this thread due to bickering and because it's a duplicate.

We're keeping this forum thread updated with the latest Anniversary Token changes. The last week shop contents have been added. Please discuss there:
Cecilla wrote: »
Spacecats wrote: »
It's fully updated now. I'll edit this thread later today to display the new contents.

I appreciate the change to the shop but now there's no time to really go and farm the tokens. Any chance that you guys will increase the spawn rate or do a special timeframe where it spawns really fast? It's really lame running around for 40mins and not finding a single chest.

We'll see what we can do. Considering there are also new items on the list, I think it's fair to give more tokens or extend a few things.
hidiho wrote: »
prices raised for cool cat cap and grand witches hat, may be other items just know those because I bought them yesterday, is this on purpose ?

Yes, that's on purpose. Those who spent their tokens during the first week the items were in the store saved a little.
It's fully updated now. I'll edit this thread later today to display the new contents.

Catorii wrote: »
Aaaand they removed bonanza boxes.

To update it, they basically wipe everything and repopulate, so give it some time to see if it's added back in. That's the same as what happened last week too.

That is what happened. Bonanza Boxes are still in the shop.
The shop is now completely updated. I'll edit the anniversary token post shortly to show off the new selection. As I said during the weekly TERA stream on Friday, new items have been introduced and all the items that were in the shop during the course of the event have been re-added (though some of them cost a little more than they used to - early bird got the worm on those items).
@Spacecats are you sure towns are excluded? I mean, we have proof on page one that they can spawn in town.

Also, I agree that if there's only a finite number of them, it's bad design. No wonder people aren't finding them.

Highwatch is the exception, actually. It's the only city where blue boxes have a chance to spawn, but it's pretty freakin rare so it's funny to see that someone got a screenshot of it right away :p

A finite number would mean that once they're destroyed, no more would spawn. There's an infinite amount of blue boxes since the moment one's destroyed another is created.
LesbianVi wrote: »
OK, Now I figured something out which might be the case why some players are not seeing Boxes as often. I looked around and understood some places have like little to zero spawn rate there. So players are getting there and find nothing, then goes to another area which got more spawn but got more players there farming.

@Spacecats can you investigate this? This might be the case, not sure. I am around 1K tokens but I see why some players still have difficulties. I might be wrong but I can give examples like Bastion (Balder, nothing much there), Scythera fey (seeliewood, almost nothing there). You could look into it and make players even happier, thanks.

When a box is destroyed by a player, another will randomly spawn somewhere in an open world area. In any channel. Towns are excluded.

So it makes sense that channels and areas where less people are hunting will naturally end up containing more blue boxes after a while. If most people just stick to channel 1, they'll probably have a lower chance of finding one.
The 3-day star of wonder was just a fun addition. It's there for people who like those kinds of things.
I've significantly increased the spawn rate on blue boxes. An hour is way too long to search for one, so I feel your guys' pain. The new spawn rate is over double what it was before.
Found a box and it dropped nothing.......

If you're in a party it's possible for it to drop in front of a party member that is close to you instead. It's really odd behavior but it happens occasionally.
they are very very rare.
@Spacecats please increase the spawn rate.

Ok. Done.
I'm a bit sad that the quiz event couldn't happen in time for the anniversary, but after much planning around it I am determined to see it through. The problem is that there is a major bug discovered relating to the event so now we're talking with Bluehole to see when it might be fixed. :cry:
We'll make an announcement giving a date, but Anniversary Tokens will likely stick around until early June. Long past when they'll be earnable in-game.

As for today's code, as a sort of fix we decided to make this one redeemable twice. I removed the 200 Reward Credits and 1,000 Points that were causing issues, and in their place added a 3-day Star of Wonder, a Strong Bravery, a Strong Canephora, and 5 Circlet Fragments to the code (along with 25 Anniv. tokens).

It will switch back to a single redemption count in just a few hours, so anyone that was watching live and redeemed a borked code will get a little bonus seeing as the original still managed to deliver tokens and nothing else. Sorry for the confusion.


New post is up, and Big Blue Boxes make a return for the final week of our Anniversary celebration! Boxes are scattered across TERA, and could contain 10, 20, or even 100 Anniversary Tokens!

Also detailed in today's news post, the final anniversary Dungeon Highlight: Velik’s Sanctuary
WitchyGirl wrote: »
its fun when there are guests on the stream. cant wait to see the stream. yay

please dont forget to add the anniversary wings for 5/26 item claim. <3
(lol thats my favorite item from the anniversary :pleased: )

This weekend's wings should be good to go! They were all set up in advance, but last weekend's had a bug that caused the delay. I'm having Denommenator triple check on the last pair.
Zoknahal wrote: »
Only One Question:

Quiz Bowl

W H E N ?

See this comment by Halrath:
Ketoth wrote: »
Player council results when? Or gingerdnappd will interview the canditates?

That could actually be fun, but I won't put that burden on Gingersnappd ;D

We're looking at next week to get new Player Council members invited.

Today I have a very special and unusual guest for the stream. In an effort to show you guys more of En Masse behind the scenes, and introduce you all to the larger crew that helps En Masse function as a publisher, I've invited Gingersnappd, our office and HR manager on the air. Please give her a warm TERA welcome!

We've got a couple activities planned for the show that will include giving out some Anniversary Tokens. I also have an announcement on how you can pick up additional tokens over this (for many folks, extended) weekend.

We begin at 3 p.m. today. See you there! https://www.twitch.tv/enmasseentertainment
I'm a little short on time at the moment but I just want to say this is absolutely amazing. Thank you guys for digging this up.
Babbelsim wrote: »
@Spacecats can we have a update on the first post please ty

Updated :sunglasses:
DpkFicxll wrote: »
no more bonanzas in the anniversary token? ripu farm =/
TWMagimay wrote: »
Didn't they say the consumables will stay till the end of the event? I'm hoping this is some sort of mistake....

You guys have eagle eyes. It takes 10 minutes or so to update the shop, so you must have just looked right when it was being switched to the new contents.
Crybabies wrote: »
Making Hello Kitty costumes a limited sale was a horrible idea, now only a few of them available on TB for millions of gold, and you got people like [removed] on MT who is selling that costume for 300+USD through paypal only.

Please report people like via support ticket that if you see them. Selling in-game items for cash is against the rules, just like gold selling.

Sorry NobleNoble, those won't come back. The Hello Kitty promotion was limited time only.
It's true it's been a while since we've had a letter event. The last one we did was during the ninja update, Secrets & Shadows.
fine copy paste what minea and tonka did or copy paste all the annive event from 2012 to 2016, even a letter event would be better than what you give us now

The TERA crew has done great work in the past, but I'm wondering what specifically you enjoyed the most and wish En Masse would do again.
vkobe wrote: »
roxxapoxx wrote: »
I thought the anniversary was suppose to reward us for loyalty... yet we're the only community in Tera grinding day in and day out for valuable items. Lol.

before yes, but since we have a new cm he is unable to made good event, just remember how he fail with christmas 2016 and now he fail with 5th anniv :3

just accept than our tera is the worst tera under our current cm rule :3

Please try to give more constructive feedback, Vkobe. It's hard to do anything with a comment like that. If you have suggestions on how to improve things, let me know. A lot of people enjoyed Christmas 2016, and there were a lot of things we did that month (community-based and otherwise) so it's hard to know what you're talking about when you call the entire Christmas holiday a fail.

As for the changing items in the Anniversary Store, roxx, we've gotten mixed feedback from people on it. Some like the variety and the idea behind a rotating selection that there's some mystery to. Other people are just sad that some items leave the store after a week. We'll consider adding some return items to the shop for the final week of the celebration.
5/30 after maintenance.
Just confirmed that the EMP will be sent this week. Our Platform team is on the job. If you got the founder's pack to access the Kritika beta, that part successfully delivered so you can get in tomorrow (and can begin downloading now).
We've fixed the problem that was delaying EMP delivery and will be sending EMP to everyone that hasn't already received it from their purchase. Sorry for the delay.
It's something that players request periodically. We have forwarded this to Bluehole and will keep it on their radar for future updates.
Sakokii wrote: »
@Spacecats Is the album meant only for the stream featured entries?
I know of quite a few entries that are missing from the gallery, including mine. :(

No, the gallery is meant for all entries. Could you please e-mail FanArt@enmasse.com with the e-mail you used to submit your entry? We can find out why it wasn't included.
Nepgeah wrote: »
So any idea when the store is going to be updated?

Its a new week

It's updated every Tuesday, shortly after the weekly server maintenance (which for tomorrow is from about 8 a.m. to 10 a.m. PDT).
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