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I think November 30 is a confirmed date tho.
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It says Nov 30 th in the graphic for the news post.

Maybe I'm too much of a cynic, or maybe this is just another example of less than stellar communications from EME, but the lack of any announcement beyond the date in a picture is why I went with tentative.

I'll happy to be wrong though, and that being a firm date. It would certainly fit with a weekend long leveling event, along with their now seemingly usual Thursday patch for any such events.

Here's the Miniguns official page, with the November 30 date at the top and dates below for when different parts of the update will be revealed/explained on that page.

Larger updates have been presented this way for quite some time now (since Secrets & Shadows I believe), the only difference is that the November 30 date currently also appears on the game launch graphic. Next time there's a big update and you're wondering the date, keep an eye out for an official page like this one.
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So is this event active now?

Yes, sorry for the delay. 3-star bosses share one bonus loot table, and 4-star bosses share another. The full list is a mystery but for a peek at the potential drops check out the in-game calendar announcement.
Ahh I see there was a problem with the settings. Sorry about this guys I'll make an in-game announcement and extend this feature of the rewards event until 11 a.m. Tuesday (Nov 21).
RK9 like all 3 and 4-stars should have the chance for extra items to drop. This is in addition to the triple drop chance increase.
The majority of items have been delivered but please allow a little more time for outliers. For instance some of the donations we received had no messages attached to them telling us what they were for, which means we have to go through the manual process of reaching out to those donors and getting their info.
They're a result of Extra Life 2017, thank all the wonderful people who donated their time, money, and support to the event!

Most of the rewards will begin Nov. 17 at 11 a.m. PST. They'll all go away Nov. 20 at 11 a.m. PST, so get those head-wings while you can!

P.S. if you missed our 25-hour marathon charity stream, check out our recorded broadcasts. We did some questionable things for the sake of helping sick and injured kids (and had a lot of fun with you guys in the process)
Please see Denommanator's post on this:
Code - poopdog & spicy boy

In honor of @seandynamite and his son (PoopDog, check him on YouTube <3) who went through a Hot Ones challenge during the 25 hour stream!

Today's Twitch stream will announce the results of our Extra Life charity drive! The higher the amount raised, the more milestones reached. The more milestones reached, the cooler the rewards for the weekend of November 17-20!

See our Extra Life page - The EME Dream Stream Team for the details on which milestones are unlocked at which amounts.

We'll see you today (Nov 10) from 3 to 4 p.m. PST at https://go.twitch.tv/enmasseentertainment
Hyper-Fire-Turbo-Time is definitely unlocked, along with overworld BAMs to test your heightened skills against. Nov 17-20 looks like it's going to be an awesome weekend for TERA players.
Moving to off-topic since this isn't exactly TERA related. Still we are excited to see Project W from Bluehole and it's really cool to see the game emerge for the public.
Beyond posting images in chat, it's unclear how much this affects players. A lot of the fear over this issue has come from various Reddit posts and other places, claiming the potential for hacks, viruses, and other things made possible. We want to take that seriously, of course, because if it proves possible it could affect players in a really bad way. So far, we haven't seen anything to that affect.

Rather than posting details about the hack in the forums, please DM @Denommenator, @seandynamite, or myself if you have information or you feel you were legitimately compromised due to some kind of game exploit. Screenshots always help!

Outside of those DMs I'd like to ask you guys to please refrain from giving details about proxies, exploits, hacks, etc... Please keep the forum rules in mind when posting. Thanks :)
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Any info on when people that got items from the auction will receive said items? \o/


Actually it might take us a little longer than Friday since there are quite a few rewards to send out. We're aiming to get all donation rewards granted before the big Nov 17-20 weekend.
I'm feeling a bit better, thanks for the well-wishes you guys. The bundles and donations stopped yesterday (Nov 8) at Noon PST, but we're still waiting on the final number. All signs point to an awesome amount of money collected for sick kids, and we're pretty sure we beat last year's amount <3 <3 <3

We're planning to talk more about it during the Friday TERA stream, along with the possible reappearance of some of the EME folks that helped out with the weekend event. If not sooner, you can expect to get the final results and milestone rewards stated at that time.
Max character slots will increase to 18, and we'll be giving out a free character slot voucher as a login reward (one per account) in order to unlock it. If you're capped out on a server, make sure you log into one of your characters before making your Gunner so you can use that voucher and get your free slot.
It's confirmed that race changes will NOT be allowed. I want to say this was addressed during the Twitch stream on Oct 20 (we also addressed being able to only make Elin Gunners for a limited time - that's not the case. You'll have all the time you need to create one) but I could be wrong about the date.

In any case - to have an Elin Gunner you have to create a new character.
Hoping to get the runner-ups sent their mini rewards on Wednesday Nov. 8 :)

Today we'll show off the winners of the Halloween Screenshot Contest! There were a ton of excellent entries submitted in the official contest thread, and the decision was pretty tough, but the winners in each category are as follows:
  • Scariest: Flayre (MT)
  • Funniest: Sutcho (TR)
  • Most Dramatic: Butts (TR)
  • Cutest: Neko (CH)
  • Most Halloweeny: Jesyka (MT)

The winners of each category will receive 3,000 EMP... BUT WAIT!

No runners-up? No honorable mentions?! We HAVE to have those! I'll be showing off some of the community favorites and handing out some extra prizes. If you haven't taken a look at the entries yet, give the thread a visit and click the "Like" button on the screenshots you think deserve a little somethin' somethin'.

In addition to showing off the spooky stuff, I'll reveal the Extra Life milestone rewards we have planned this year. THAT'S RIGHT... EXTRA LIFE 2017 IS GO! The more money we raise for children in need, the more all TERA players will benefit. The weekend of November 17-20 has been designated Extra Life rewards weekend. If we reach our $15,000 goal, expect to see a ton of in-game stuff happening those days (again, details will be shown during the stream).

The show is November 3 from 3:00 to 4:00 p.m. PDT. See you there! https://go.twitch.tv/enmasseentertainment

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Discodolly said its being restarted though.

She's right! It's currently being rebooted. Sorry for the unexpected downtime.

Join the TERA Twitch stream on October 27 and get ready to hop in the Fraywind queue! I'll be playing on my Valkyrie, giving out special rewards based on the outcome of the matches we play. We'll also start a festive FWC jackpot during the stream to reward those who participate in the PvP.

The show will run from 3 to 4 p.m. PDT at https://go.twitch.tv/enmasseentertainment
I wish we could channel the energy of players out there and use it to make the development cycle of the game faster. Unfortunately that's not how it works. A lot of people have been super ready for TERA console to come out, and the developers at Bluehole have been full throttle when it comes to porting the game over, refining the UI, and addressing bugs/glitches. It turns out they need more time to make TERA console 100%, and we're not willing to put out a sub-par game, an untested build, or any kind of 1/2 TERA experience that people won't enjoy just for the sake of saying the game is out.

While I'm saying this as an EME staff member, even for me it's hard to imagine how the developers feel in Korea. This project has been their life for months and months now and yet they still remain committed. They more than anyone - TERA fans, me, ANYBODY - are driven to see TERA console released in the best state possible.
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Cmon, start already! The queue reached the Allemantheia outskirts and risks to burst out :# =)

That was an impressive line! Thanks for being so organized, Celestial Hills. You guys helped make an awesome stream. I hope you had fun hanging out <3

Popo Leesa the Fashion Policia here! IT'S TIME FOR A SPOOKY FRIDAY THE 13th FASHION MAKEOVER!

I'll be visiting Celestial Hills, capitol server for all things good-looking. We will meet in Alamantheia, home of TERA's most fashionable people. There, I will ask that you line up at the place you see me standing above. Wear your spookiest and most fashionable garb. I shall INSPECT, I shall JUDGE your spooky fashion... and then, folks, we'll give you a spectacular make-over that will curl your toes and raise spirits from the grave!

Tune in from 3 to 4 p.m. PDT, Friday the 13th, and get ready for a special raffle for everybody participating in the Twitch chat! https://go.twitch.tv/enmasseentertainment
We're talking with Bluehole on the reasoning behind these tokens in Korea, whether this is intended as a temporary event or not, because the fact is that they could have included these bonus rewards as a part of our update, but them not being there tells us we want to get more information first.

Only three days into the new gear progression system, the TERA team feels like in many ways this is a fresh start to set rewards in a way that makes sense for enchanting going forward. It's no secret that NA has always been, by far, the region that dishes out the most enchanting materials to players. Whether or not that attitude has always improved the game (we think it has in a lot of ways), it no doubt has come with some consequences when it comes to the stability of the economy.

TL;DR - We're going to chill out before acting with bonus rewards until the new gear progression has been around for a bit, and talk with the devs in the meantime. There's obviously stuff to learn from both KR's implementation of the revamp and the feedback from our own players.
The jackpots were stopped because the rewards were balanced out for the old gear system. Now that the new materials are out there and people are dismantling and enchanting their new stuff, the TERA crew is going to wait before just blindly continuing the old system with updated rewards.
I'll look into this with the TERA crew and see if we can get an answer tomorrow.
Sorry but the ticket system is already equipped to handle your case as quickly as possible. Please don't create forum threads about support tickets you're waiting to hear back on.
Hey guys, as far as we're aware there's a discrepancy between the conversion rates in the original chart (which we got from Bluehole and passed on to EM to use in their guide) and the actual dismantling results for Talismans, Badges, and Banners. Nothing has changed about these rates between this morning's brief uptime and now.

Check out this comment by Denommenator.

Those three items turn into Metamorphic Emblems instead of Etropic. The numbers are higher, but stuff also costs more in the Metamorphic shop. If you have info about possible abuse of the shops please post it here. As far as we know these are working as Bluehole intended.
Quick update - three items appear to have been changed by the developers. We're getting the correct info to the EM crew now so the guide can be updated. Basically Talismans of Lakan, Badges of Loyalty, and Lakan's Banners actually dismantle into Metamorphic Emblems, NOT Entropic. The rates are significantly higher as well (but mind you things also tend to have higher prices in the metamorphic shop vs the entropic shop).
Yes it's a pre-patch for tomorrow's update. It's a big one so starting now will save some time once the update goes live.
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FYI the numbers you all saw in the build on Friday were in a test QA build and were the Korean numbers, NOT the NA token shop prices. As I had said in my original post about the information being released, the prices and dismantling rates for our territory are unique to our territory due to the amount of material in the economy already.

We will not be releasing the token shop prices until during maintenance tomorrow morning. So close now, folks. Your patience is appreciated.


1) You showed WRONG token shop info while streaming
2) You DID NOT SAY anything that the shop is just a TEST
3) People were confused and complaining for 3 days.
4) Now you said it was just a test, not the real version.... ONE DAY before the patch

Please think about how you were causing a super confusion by your stream + NO COMMENT + today's comment.

tbh, it sounds like.."Oh we didn't know that, we just got patch from BHS. But we can fix it before patch so let's try to hide our incapability."

It was stated a few times that the server we were showing the update on was a test environment. In fact Scott-James talked in length about how the character was recreated on the test environment to mirror his live character, but there were still some differences.

We showed token shop contents at the request of the Twitch chat so everyone would know what the names of materials were, and though it turns out the pricing wasn't the same as the live build will be (and these prices were not called out, merely shown as we reviewed the process), these tokens aren't even in the game until tomorrow so the information didn't affect anyone's process.

Again, the focus of the stream was to educate people on the mechanics of the new enchanting system and give folks a first look at the revamp.
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@seandynamite Now that you're here, can you restore my post?

Restored. The spam filter did catch it but it should appear now.

Today's the moment you guys have been waiting for!

(Especially @LesbianVi, leave us alone now damn you!)

The new gear progression update is about to hit (Tuesday, October 10), and there's some important information to share about how the new enchanting and upgrade system will work, what materials you'll get from where, and what to expect on day 1. You have all hopefully checked out EssentialMana's Gear Revamp Guide that went out yesterday. This was a collaboration project between EME and EM (with more in the future, we hope) and should be a huge help in getting caught up. Our stream today should be a good verbal explanation to accompany that guide.

I'll be joined on the air by Scott-James today. I'll serve as your usual host, and he will be our information expert. Scott-James is on the En Masse writing team and was the primary for localizing the update.

Because today's stream is a bit different, we won't have an item code or any raffles today. The sole focus will be preview and education.

The show begins at 3 p.m. PDT right here: https://go.twitch.tv/enmasseentertainment

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Yeah, this just killed the game to me. I'll watch Friday's stream to see if they say how much everything costs. But I'm seriously thinking of uninstalling because most of the stuff saved has become borderline worthless.

Think about the conversion this way - it's going to be the same for every player, so your progress in the game related to everyone around you will stay the same related to the time/effort put in. If player A has saved up 10k T12 Feedstock, but player B has been doing dungeons every day, playing like crazy, and saved up 30k T12 Feedstock, player B will STILL have 3x as much enchanting material as player A once they're converted into emblems.

The gear stats will be slightly different (and in some cases better than the old gear), and the amount of material needed to attempt a single enchant will change, but the playing field is still the same from player to player.
Hey all. Please see Seandynamite's post about this.

The project to make a complete guide for the gear revamp is ongoing despite today's hiccup. Collaborations like this always come with risks, but we're still looking forward to the final result and we don't want to let things like this interfere too much when it comes to working with members of the community to do awesome things.

Now that the conversion info is up for anyone to see, help spread the word and link to Seandynamite's post to those who might be interested in seeing it. I'd also like to ask you guys to respect those in the community that contributed to this project. Please don't seek out or hound those who may/may not have leaked or had info leaked to them. Thanks.
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Explaining next gear progression I hope

No that's next week.
Today we meet.

1-3 p.m. PDT. All servers. https://go.twitch.tv/enmasseentertainment

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when does Phoenix mount comes out though (if it's on stream, im only seeing closers gameplay)

We haven't shown those off yet but they're on the way. IMO it should be on the roadmap as well.

Pictured above, me (left) and TERA Product Manager Seandynamite (right) who will be on the air Friday, September 22 for some Q&A!


That might not seem like a big deal, but I'm happy to say that the developer roadmap is a significant change in the way we want to move forward communicating to players. As time rolls on, this roadmap will be updated with the latest stuff coming down the pipeline. When dates change on our end, you'll see them change on the roadmap. If we aren't sure exactly when an update will happen, but we know it's on the way, it'll land in the "Future Updates" portion until we can assign it to a month.

No longer will people constantly have to wonder - "when is X coming?!"

Ideally, at least. There will be questions. Let's get some of them out of the way during our next community Twitch stream. Join us from 3 to 4 p.m. PDT on September 22 at http://www.Twitch.tv/EnMasseEntertainment
Yes! We can work it out so a GM is there to monitor.

I'd also like to contribute to the prize pool. Please check your direct messages @Pumpedd :)
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LesbianVi wrote: »
Give us something cool as reward by twitch code :D

Like WHAT?!

Shoot went to sleep and didn't see this :( But thanks the rewards were good.

But for next week, I might think of something cool as the twitch, specially if next twitch is about next gear patch :D

Not this Friday, but we will be doing a Twitch stream about the new gear before it comes out in our version.
Good to see a new TERA streamer! We're making some changes to our Ambassador Program requirements. It looks like you're planning to stream pretty consistently so it would be great to get your application!
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Spacecats wrote: »
LesbianVi wrote: »
Give us something cool as reward by twitch code :D

Like WHAT?!

Quite a few people keep asking for your phone number...

If you want them digits you gotta treat me right.
LesbianVi wrote: »
Give us something cool as reward by twitch code :D

Like WHAT?!

Today starting at 3 p.m. PDT, get ready to don your Murder Pants™. Those being, of course, the flashy (and possibly blood-soaked) Murder Pants™ you use while you want to solve a murder. Sometimes to solve a crime, you must dress like a smooth criminal. You have to get into the murdering spirit. You have to get into the murderer's mind. You have to get into your Murder Pants™. Have you seen the show Hannibal? It's just like that, only with Murder Pants™.

In addition to mysterious deaths, we're going to show off the recently released Blue Sky and Starglow costumes. We'll also PREVIEW the Starglow and Crystal Blue weapon skins releasing next week (and give some away to raffle winners :heart:). See you there! https://www.twitch.tv/enmasseentertainment
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Will the usual mats still be usable?

Still wrapping my head around the new system, but Loriri's guide is pretty spot on. Basically, a lot of mats are going to be obsolete. Some will convert into tokens which will open a shop to purchase new mats.

I'm planning an informational TERA stream on this once we're closer to the update. I'll have one of our localization team members on the air and we'll explain the new system in its entirety.
Weird. Got a screenshot?
I mean, it takes like 2 seconds to change a line of text, so it's not really comparable to fixing exploits. Also probably not the same person handling both (if I recall right, a translator at Gameforge does the localization for both EU and NA regions, but I might be wrong.)

Our team does the initial localization for English speaking regions. And you're right that work like this is done by different people from those that tackle exploits (Bluehole devs). It's a pretty quick process to change the name of something.
Consistency changes like this are made less frequently than when TERA was first launched, but they still happen. Most of the time players don't pick up on them and things just look normal. Whether "Spinning" and "Sweeping" better than some alternative is totally up for debate, but the real intention was to remove the word stagger from skills that don't actually stagger.
This is as much a surprise to us as you guys. We're looking into the reports we're getting from players and will speak with Bluehole to try and determine why these changes happened.

Hopefully this is just a matter of re-purchasing some skills and having things go back to normal again. Since this hasn't happened in the past, though, we'll be on the lookout for any potential side-effects.
i'll watch , and since its a Q&A i hope u guys dont avoid ppl that are asking for console questions =D cus lets be honest , EME and BHS already avoided enough ^^

Today isn't a TERA Q&A. The product managers are busy getting ready for the next update. I hope to get them on to answer in-depth questions once it's live.

A vile crime is about to be committed: a murder most foul. But who is the killer... and who is the victim for that matter?!

Today (9/8) on the weekly TERA stream from 3 to 4 p.m. PDT, our viewers will help design a list of suspicious suspects. Their names, their hobbies, their occupation. Even their favorite food. One twist - each of these suspects will play an important role in a coming murder mystery, and each suspect has a criminal past. Klyde the Groundskeeper may have a bad habit of stealing, but is his heart dark enough to commit cold blooded murder?

See you on the En Masse Twitch channel, and stick around after today's show for our first Closers stream! It all happens right here: https://www.twitch.tv/enmasseentertainment
The notice was just taken down, but for anyone else reading there was no stream this week due to PAX activities. See you next Friday!
We'd want to start with something that includes every class. Maybe later try class-specific tourneys.

The Skyring Slam / Canyon Clash topic comes up fairly often. I like the idea of doing these but in the past when the community team was larger there was more bandwidth to manage a bracket and organize a long weekend stream so people could spectate. It also takes quite a bit of production effort, server management (since an event server must be created for cross-server finals), character replication (which is a manual process), and a surprising number of operational duties outside the community team's involvement. I think it can still be done in come capacity, though.
Hi all,

First of all, I appreciate a lot of the comments from people in this thread, speaking your mind, and getting things off your chest. Unfortunately, yes, this thread is going to be closed because, for one thing, I believe the discussion has run its course. At this point many opinions have been expressed, there have been multiple EME responses, and while the conversation around hacks is far from over I think there are some good things to take away from this thread that I don't want to get buried by additional comments:
  • A lot of players blame En Masse and Bluehole for hackers ruining the game. Others blame the hackers. Some hackers blame other hackers and say they're "innocent hackers." There's a lot of blame to go around. At the end of the day, En Masse and Bluehole are doing what we can to rid TERA of the current hacking problems but we can't do it alone.
  • It's up to honest players out there to do TWO THINGS. 1) Think about what you choose to believe in the community. Everyone knows TERA players love rumors. Conspiracies are sexy as hell. DRAMA IS SEXY! But be smart about spreading information to people you know because there are a lot of factors especially when it comes to the issue of hacking. 2) Report exploiters and hackers when you see them. Create a ticket. You help En Masse and Bluehole (and the rest of the TERA community) WAY WAY more than you know. If you're reading this and you've recently submitted a support ticket with a screenshot or video reporting someone hacking the game - hi, thank you, I love you.
  • Each hotfix that Bluehole delivers to us, we implement. There will be more hacks to circumvent some of these fixes, and some fixes don't fix all the issues. There will be more fixes to block the hacks. It's an ongoing process that we care about very much. Until hackers decide they're tired of getting attention (and sometimes money) from TERA players, they'll keep doing what they're doing. Again, honest players out there are key to turning things around just as much as Bluehole's development efforts.

Finally, you'll notice that the person who started this thread originally titled "the situation is dire", Vindicting, has been banned.

That's because we've discovered that Vindicting is actually Bernkastel, a hacker known for developing and making a monetary profit from malicious software. Our team has confirmed this not too long ago the same way they confirm in-game hackers and associated accounts.

This thread was an attempt by him to influence the conversation around hacking and stir up drama within the TERA community. His game is pretty simple at this point - he's banned from TERA, we don't want him around, but so long as he can get attention and money from people he will continue to insert himself into conversations, anonymously or not, in either direct support of hackers or in less obvious ways, raising suspicion around En Masse's intentions, confusing our statements or forum replies by twisting words or poking holes in our meaning. It's amusing to him, and some players out there are more than happy to help him out because they either think it's amusing too, or they're bored and think hacking is cool.

I urge you guys to read back through Vindicting's comments in this thread and spot the ways he subtly has influenced the discussion, people's attitudes towards exploits, and how you can watch out for behavior like this in Discord chat, here in the forums (he and his friends can always make new accounts), and even in-game. This isn't the first or last account he has made. DO NOT start a Bernkastel witch hunt in these forums please, just take this as a rare opportunity to study subversive behavior and we can all move on a little wiser.

Last thing - there's an exciting new addition to the TERA community that should help you all stay in touch with not just EME staff, but each other. A new En Masse Discord server designed to let people hang out and chat no matter what game you play. A news post is going up today about it, but don't wait to hop in be some of the first TERA players to chat there!

Let this be your primary spot for chatting with other TERA players outside your guild Discord. We've got channels for each EME game, open voice channels to chat with in-game party members, and custom emojis. There are more cool things on the way that I've been discussing with the Discord staff - they're working on some really awesome developer/publisher focused chat features: https://discord.gg/MthDMfX

On the other way, one of the mistakes i feel you are making is asuming ppl are helping bc "they are evil hackers". They are doing they contribution, because they legit believe they are helping the comunity and Tera in general. And the funny thing is that, when ppl believe (either true or not) that they are doing the right thing, they wont back off.

Please don't misquote me. I don't think hackers are evil.

I agree it's ironic that people who believe they're helping the game continue to harm it and allow others to harm it. It's also a bit sad to think about. You'd think getting every one of your accounts banned would send a pretty clear message that they should stop and go play another game, but until they do I'm afraid they'll continue to do malicious things and claim they're benevolent. For our part, we'll keep working with honest players and Bluehole, sharing what information we can, applying game updates as we get them, and banning hackers whenever possible.
Vindicting wrote: »
Spacecats wrote: »
Vindicting wrote: »
The difference is I saw a lot of screenshot evidence from their side but you don't have any evidence for accusing them. If I recalled one of the devs even used megaphone to communicate with you in game and offered to solve the hack but you banned him.

I get that it's hard to know who to believe. I guess I'm asking you to believe the ones that aren't causing all these problems for TERA players. They have more to prove as far as their good intentions go. For our part, we just want to make an awesome game that people enjoy. The more people enjoy the game, the more we all benefit. When people exploit and allow others to exploit... it only benefits the people making the exploits.

Also, it is hard to prove a conversation didn't happen. The onus for us is to ban and stop hackers whenever possible, not ask them if they can help us stop them.
It's hard to prove conversation didn't happen but it's easy to prove it did. Sorry if I'm being too sceptical but I'm basically asking you for some evidence since I saw a lot of screenshots posted by Meishu and others where they contacted you guys and you just ignored or dismissed them.

I know some people are interested in the who's right who's wrong thing but personally I think most of us players just want a peaceful resolution. I know the proxy devs were at least initially very open to discussion but now they all sound jaded. For us players if you can help implement some of their works that aren't hacks then it would really improve our gameplay a lot.

I think you're being skeptical in the wrong direction. I don't have any screenshots to show you. If you want I can go make a fake Discord account with Meishu's name and then... um... not have any conversations whatsoever with it. ;D

I've seen screenshots of entire discussions between people in random chat channels calling themselves Spacecats, Tonka, Noesis, Denommenator, and a dozen other people. If you want to PM me the screenshots you're talking about, that's fine and I can tell you what I think in private. Other than that I don't see how this conversation can continue in any way and it's kind of derailing the thread.
clfarron4 wrote: »

This was in 2015, when Bathysmal Rise and Sky Cruiser Endeavor were the top dungeons.

It's not memeslash, but it's a piercing projectile skill doing the exact same thing as memeslash.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but this Arcane Pulse exploit no longer works thanks to a game update, right?
Vindicting wrote: »
The difference is I saw a lot of screenshot evidence from their side but you don't have any evidence for accusing them. If I recalled one of the devs even used megaphone to communicate with you in game and offered to solve the hack but you banned him.

I get that it's hard to know who to believe. I guess I'm asking you to believe the ones that aren't causing all these problems for TERA players. They have more to prove as far as their good intentions go. For our part, we just want to make an awesome game that people enjoy. The more people enjoy the game, the more we all benefit. When people exploit and allow others to exploit... it only benefits the people making the exploits.

Also, it is hard to prove a conversation didn't happen. The onus for us is to ban and stop hackers whenever possible, not ask them if they can help us stop them.
Vindicting wrote: »
Spacecats wrote: »
Vindicting wrote: »
xoBarb wrote: »
Spacecats wrote: »
The only difference is that there are more programmers out there with a lot of time on their hands.

Anyone else volunteer to be a referral for these proxy devs resume so they can get out and focus on a real job instead of a game they're banned from?
From what I read on Discord they're all doing this part time. These mods are anything from PhD students to medical doctors, and Meishu even works at Discord.

Ah... I'd rather not comment except... nah. A medical doctor is not taking time out of their day to hack a free to play video game. Hackers can say they're Nobel prize winners. It doesn't make their hobby any more legit.
I think you have a very prejudice view on what a hacker can and can't be. A lot of people just have interest in hacking as a challenge in their spare time, and in my field of IT I think most of my coworkers would have "hacked" at some point in their lives. Even Bill Gates was caught hacking in his youth.

I think it's actually widely known in the TERA community that he's a medical doctor and he often helps out players interested in the field explaining the process to go through medical training and also shares a lot of stories and health stuff to discuss. Meishu doesn't post much but she's definitely a Discord staff based on Discord flair.

You might be right. Sorry if I came across as narrow minded. I guess the point I wanted to make was that real life circumstances don't change the fact that hackers hurt the health of a game like TERA. Being a doctor doesn't give you a free morality pass to do other harmful things.
Now that you are openly answering, is there any official statement about why a bug from 2015 now know as Memeslash wasnt fix in your "security update"? This is game breaking, but wasnt even touched on the patch, which was mainly aimed at dpsmeters and proxy in general, even tho Memeslash can be done WITHOUT PROXY (omg, crazy ik). So even if u made proxy/dpsmeters obsolete, bug will still be there. Any info on that particular subject? @Spacecats

If memeslash was made in 2015 it's news to me. The Valkyrie didn't even come out until this year. Granted it might be based off an existing hack, but then I'd question why people don't just use the original. You only see it with Valkyrie. Unless of course the original hack was made unusable by some kind of security fix.

As for a fix, Bluehole is working to address it further. There was a hotfix, but definitely not the last hotfix to ever combat hacks. In fact Denommenator was on last Friday's Twitch stream. You should check out that conversation if you want to see an open answer to the situation:
clfarron4 wrote: »
Spacecats wrote: »
\We have gotten no such offers. The e-mail is Community(at)enmasse(dot)com. It's public knowledge.

@Spacecats Wait, so you're telling me that making the suggestions in the Forums, Filing Support Tickets and Posting in Game Suggestions is not the correct way to contact En Masse Entertainment to share highly technical fixes to improve the TERA experience, but an e-mail address which is listed on a page that I would not associate with submitting such type of suggestions?

I can say that I certainly did not associate that page with suggesting highly technical fixes.


No, that's not what I'm telling you. Sorry if my comment was confusing, but I'm talking about a conversation between hack developers and EME staff about collaboration with programmers that develop hacks. No such conversation was initiated by anyone creating hacks.

The forums, support tickets, and game suggestions are all places people can go to post bug reports and ideas for fixing/adding game features. There's no information there about circumventing TERA server security, and if there was it would have to be deleted.
Vindicting wrote: »
xoBarb wrote: »
Spacecats wrote: »
The only difference is that there are more programmers out there with a lot of time on their hands.

Anyone else volunteer to be a referral for these proxy devs resume so they can get out and focus on a real job instead of a game they're banned from?
From what I read on Discord they're all doing this part time. These mods are anything from PhD students to medical doctors, and Meishu even works at Discord.

Ah... I'd rather not comment except... nah. A medical doctor is not taking time out of their day to hack a free to play video game. Hackers can say they're Nobel prize winners. It doesn't make their hobby any more legit.
Oh hang on... I just saw the store image and that's just how these dressed are dyed:

It appears to be intentional. The lower part of the dress is meant to be tulle/netting that stays white.
I wonder if it's intended? It really seems like the frill should dye as well. I'll pass it along as a bug and we'll see what BHS says.
EDIT - Changed thread title from "the situation is dire" to something... slightly less click-baitey.
First off,
Vindicting wrote: »
2. Communicate with proxy devs and community.

You are out of your flippin mind if you think a game company has to communicate with anyone who has created a tool/utility/program/api/whatever that breaks their own terms of service, especially when their official policy is NO add-ons and they have no formal add on/mod support. Just because blizzard chose to do it doesn't mean any other company has to, nor does it mean it is financially feasible for a game that has such a different population from the largest mmo ever created.

I'm not even going do address "fix the packets." You have a clear misunderstanding of how a computer works if you think it is not a simple task to identify and view packets from anything sent to your machines. There's freaking FAQs on Microsoft's website for crying out loud.

It's not unheard of, especially when it comes to a game developer. We're the publisher, so mostly we pass on information to the devs in Korea. I know the narrative a lot of hackers out there try to spread around is "I tried really hard to help them, but now I HAVE TO HACK!"

We have gotten no such offers. The e-mail is Community(at)enmasse(dot)com. It's public knowledge. Anyone who is smart enough to hack the client is smart enough to e-mail that address. They'd rather tell players that they took the high road than actually attempt to help. And no, responding to a customer support ban notice for hacking with "if you unban me, I'll solve all your problems" doesn't count as an offer to help.
clfarron4 wrote: »
Bunch of meaningless drivel.

You keep bringing up how EME can fix the code, change the skill, do a revamp for multi-hit or charging skills to address ping, etc.... How many times do we have to say... EME can't do that. Only BHS can. Until you get that in your head, you're going to keep saying all of these pipe dreams. The player council discord?? Do you think BHS even gives a flip about that?

EME is the publisher and distributor for NA. Not the developer. 5 years after TERA's release and you still can't figure that out.

Well you're right BHS is the one that develops hotfixes to stop hacks... but... I mean... you could be a little more polite about saying it :p
Vindicting wrote: »
...also vindicting people know how to proxy and such it's not hard and you need to stop perpetuating this I'm sure they know the games going to die soon if they don't fix it multiple threads will not solve this.

No too long has the forum been completely detached from what's actually happening. The forum is an echo chamber and only get info months after it appears on Discord and days after it appears on reddit. We need to let EME understand the gravity of this situation and not just live in the forum echo chamber where news is slow and whiteknights are the norm.

Trust me, we're not just reading forums all day. We talk to folks in-game, in multiple Discord servers, in Player Council, and in our Twitch chat. In fact we just started a new EME Discord where players can talk about TERA without the fear of constant proxy chatter, hate speech, or harassment for disagreeing with people. Come hang out with us: https://discord.gg/MthDMfX
Well, great first memeslash and now this how much longer will they keep making stupid mistakes and destroying this game piece by piece I don't get it. Back in 2012-2016 there were not as many people exploiting the game as they are now. If they did exploit they were hidden under ground where the light did not shine out of fear of retribution of getting banned or facing the wrath of the mighty Tonka or the Treeshark.

Tonka and Treeshark weren't responsible for banning anyone. The team that handles this has remained relatively the same, and they continue to ban people. The only difference is that there are more programmers out there with a lot of time on their hands.
But these days now in 2017 hackers and proxy players will openly admit "yeah I'm hacking/using proxy deal with it. " then expect no consquence to be given or any at all. They will find new ways to exploit while you're trying to fix the old ways and always find a way around it. Not just a select few though with skill but anyone who knows how to do this.

Every online game gets hacked, then the devs fix it, then the hackers find a way to hack again, and then the developers fix it. That's not an excuse, just a reality of online games. If players want to help, they can report players they see hacking and send any information about the hack with their ticket. We pass that on to Bluehole so that the next wave of hacks can be stopped.
Idk what happened or how you guys let Tera fall to such a state of decay enmasse/BHS. but you need to get your [filtered] in gear and start shorting this out lest we be over run by hackers exploiters 24/7. and your game becomes nothing but a dead waste land of toxic players. now mixed in with the crowd of exploiters to terrible or too lazy to progress in any other way but cheating.

I know it seems like that when everyone is talking about hackers. The problem is that many players out there actively give these hackers attention. The very people writing scripts that you're angry about, who have been repeatedly banned, get regular player support. Some even pay money, supporting these hackers. We acknowledge it's a bad situation, and we're hoping the honest players out there can help. We acknowledge that it's an issue and that these hacks need to stop. I know creating a support ticket is way more boring than posting despair in the forums, but threads like these do nothing to combat hacks. (Also a reminder here, don't call people out in the forums. Make the ticket, give us their name there, and our customer support team will investigate/ban where appropriate).
Zoknahal wrote: »
I found him first unknown.png

So sneaky :astonished:

The Argons carry forward tirelessly. AND SO MUST WE!

Like last week, today's stream will feature Argon spawns across all servers. I want to do a little hangman this week and give out raffle prizes so stay tuned (literally) for the exact timing of the spawns. To avoid a couple of the weird issues from last time, this event will be totally based in towns. Yes, Argons are climbing in your windows, snatchin your Tria up, tryin ta argonify them.

See you today starting at 3 p.m. PDT! https://www.twitch.tv/enmasseentertainment

En Masse is holding a community hangout during PAX West! Join us between 3 and 5 p.m. PDT for a first look at:
  • TERA console
  • Kritika's new Scion class
  • Closers

All three will be available to demo. We'll also have streaming/recording PCs set up and ready for those with Twitch and YouTube channels. After the demos, we'll head out as a group and have some fun in Seattle. <3

Interested? Fill out this form. Don't fill it out if you can't commit to either the demo or the hangout!
Looks like you're already getting good advice here. I just wanted to pop in and say welcome back! ;D
ElinUsagi wrote: »
Spacecats wrote: »
Ketoth wrote: »
what are the computer spec that run the stream?

it keep a good fps at high preset with alot of players and skill

Intel i7-4790K

It's just regular TERA. No changes to the client.

Does EME have a way to know or EME already knows how much of the player base plays with systems with reccomended hardware and those who plays with minimal requirements?

I mean, I think most players have recomended or lower hardware for most things that I read.

I know is off-topic but I am quite curious.

I also get the impression that a bunch of people play with the min specs, but no I don't think we can tell how many.
Ketoth wrote: »
what are the computer spec that run the stream?

it keep a good fps at high preset with alot of players and skill

Intel i7-4790K

It's just regular TERA. No changes to the client.
TR is in the process of being restarted and tested. Players should be able to log back in shortly.
We're aware of the situation. Stay tuned!

The Argon Assault has cost many lives. The brave struggle of Valkyon Federation heroes against these monstrous foes is taking its toll. Brave souls have been sundered. Crystals have been broken. Popos are crying in the streets, starving, missing their third breakfast portion of lamb bulgogi. And all the while the Queen has seemed unstoppable. Every time she is defeated, she arises once more with another invasion force at her command. Above all, it's rumored that she has yet to unleash her greatest weapon. The innocent bystanders of TERA are on the brink of despair.

LET'S KEEP THAT GOING! <3 <3 <3 Today's stream will feature a mini-Argon Assault on all servers! I've picked out a few interesting spots for our Argon friends to invade. Watch the show to find out where the fighting will take place.

The stream begins at 3 p.m. PDT right HERE: https://www.twitch.tv/enmasseentertainment
Here are a few shots of it in an album:


The bright pink is the dyeable part of the costume.
They'll show up during the specified times. Nothing will be spawning 24/7 if that's what you're wondering, though I believe the Argons that do spawn will remain in the world until they're killed. Some zones might need cleansing even after the spawn window closes.
kubitoid wrote: »
also sometimes leveling a new character on a different server without your bank full of stuff is like playing in hard mode lol.
you described life of new player in tera precisely. thats why most of them quit long before 65 from frustration leading to boredom

This is kind of off-topic, but are you saying that most players quit before reaching 65 because TERA is too hard? allofspaceandtime said it was like playing in "hard mode" without a bank full of stuff, and you agree. I'm curious if you have any examples of people you know trying TERA and quitting on their first character before 65, claiming the road to max level is really tough?
Ghiblii wrote: »
You have to remember they have other games they're trying to work on as well, not all their attention falls on TERA right now it's mainly PUBG.

Different development teams work on each of Bluehole's games. Trust me when I say they have a lot of developers. It's not a time management issue.
Starkhoe wrote: »
Communication is key here, and I believe that if people that shared my opinion knew they had something better to expect, I think they would wait in peace.

The intention has already been communicated. When server transfers are able to be re-enabled, the TERA team will re-enable them. At the moment we're waiting for a fix and there is a lot of attention on the issue. There are no current plans for any server merges.
NPCPak wrote: »
NemisBrawler, you want to check your Twitch PMs on your Twitch account. En Masse should have messaged you your code in the Twitch inbox.

This. Look in the top right corner of the page on Twitch. There should be a "Messages" link in the dropdown.

Today on Twitch, I'll jump into a canyon GG!



Fraywind Canyon.

Plus I'll show off some new mounts arriving next week!

The show starts at 3 p.m. PDT at https://www.twitch.tv/enmasseentertainment
Campaigner wrote: »
I don't understand... why is there fluid and stuff coming out of their butts?

She probably just got out of the bath tub. Don't you bathe after every dungeon run?
LancerJiva wrote: »
And some of us want to transfer items back and forth and have no desire to transfer fully geared lv 65s.

Of course. That doesn't have anything to do with the AV conspiracy theory, though. In any case, transfers will be re-enabled when the problem I described is fixed.
That's a pretty elaborate theory. You can already play on whatever server you want. Some of us like being on AV and have no plans to move, and making a new character on another server is simple.

The truth is that we're waiting for a new build from Bluehole that prevents character corruption on transfer. More than a few players had their inventories and character stats completely messed up because of the bug and it took our support crew a long time to sort out each case. When that's fixed, server transfers will open back up.
We've got some excellent plans for Halloween. If I told you guys anything more it would spoil your dinner :skull: :cookie:
Guys, one of the big reasons the server transfer thread was closed is because it became unproductive. I actually had to delete quite a few nasty comments in that thing that were flaming other people in the forum. I hope you guys don't actually think it's against the rules to discuss server transfers. If that was confusing, I apologize.

So in the case things aren't clear, let me officially say that there have been no updates to the server transfer situation since that thread was closed. We're not trying to cover up any topics or ignore any issues. That's why the thread has remained stickied - so people can see the situation and read the EME posts in the old thread.

We'll give you all an answer as soon as there's news, but honestly the only news we're hoping to give right now (and I wish I could give) is that the transfers are back online. They're not. We haven't received any updates from Bluehole on the issue and they're still working to resolve the problem that caused transfers to be disabled in the first place.
I tried to use it on a Misery weapon, and it didn't work. Says it's only for gear eligible for awakening. Is that normal? @Spacecats @Halrath , anyone?

Yes, the scrolls only work for awakenable gear (visionmaker) up to tier 11, so Ambush is as high as it will enchant. Items like these are really tricky because they are all coded by Bluehole to work in a very specific way. Changing them on our end to enchant other items for an event like this isn't possible.
I also +1 this. I love screenshot contests too. If you have ideas for themes I'd love to hear them!
No offense, but I'm closing this thread because discussing forum moderation is actually against the rules (it's not TERA related and always leads to drama). I'll go ahead and take the opportunity to explain the system a little bit, though.

The jail bars and the red "banned, carry on" avatars are just part of Vanilla forums and how it handles user warnings. They're a default cosmetic side effect when players receive enough warning points (the forum uses a decaying point system) to reach some kind of punishment status. The red "Banned" message is actually used for suspensions as well as perma-bans, and can also result from too many warning points (like if someone has jail bars and continues to get moderator warnings.)

The bars basically mean that person can only reply so often, and can't create new discussions until their warning points decay. Moderators can also perma-ban if a person is unrelenting in their bad behavior or does/says something so nasty that it's clear they shouldn't be in the forums at all.
TR is coming back up now.
Paladious wrote: »
TR Just went DOWN again. all other servers say up but not tempest.

True. It was up for a few minutes and our Ops crew was watching closely. Unfortunately they aren't able to prevent full-on server crashes. They're working to get TR back up and running. All other servers appear to be back up and stable.
LesbianVi wrote: »
DesuBean wrote: »
We beat perimos last night and were holding the dungeon to run darkan today....

Hold it where? maybe that cause the crash :p

They were holding it... in the TERA server closet. When you make Darkan wait too long, he starts setting things on fire.
Looks like all servers are now down. Again, Ops is working to bring them back up as quickly as possible.
Please see the message at the top of the forums. We became aware of the outage moments after MT went down and the Ops crew is working to get everything back online.

Every few millennia, a popo is born with the cunning of a tuwangi, the speed of a priest, and the intelligence... of a popo.

He is known as the sneaky hidey hidey popo guy. Nobody has ever found him, but YOU will be the first! Especially if you're on Ascension Valley or Fey Forest, because that's where we're playing Popo Hide & Seek this week. Last week we gave TR, MT, and CH a shot, and now it's your turn!

The stream begins at 3 p.m. PDT at https://www.twitch.tv/enmasseentertainment

Remove your current pants and don your special seeking pants! If you don't own any, just come naked.
LancerJiva wrote: »
Halrath wrote: »
The talismans have been removed from July's BG jackpots to allow us to use a new event as a means of distributing them. This change is by no means permanent, but it is is a part of our plan for this month. We will evaluate things at the end of July and that will inform our plans for August.

So you say here that there is supposed to be a new event by means of having Talisman as a reward. This post was almost a month ago and no word on said event, which means you lied to our faces.

Where is this so called event that you guys had planned for the Talisman as a possible reward? Sounds like a crock of bs to me. Battlegrounds don't even pop now. Great job! -slow clap-

We will see if Talisman are back in the reward pool for August.

There were two events in July that awarded extra talismans, the double drop event and the dungeon mentoring event.

Halrath said the product team would evaluate at the end of July, and now it's the end of July and they will evaluate ways to get more talismans out there. I get that you want talismans... badly. And that you want them from PvP and not dungeons. But calling Halrath and liar and his statement "a crock of bs" is, let's just say, not very constructive and quite rude.

Expect Halrath to follow up with the TERA team's August plans soon, just like he originally said. He'll do that in a different thread because I'm closing this one. For those of you who left constructive feedback, we appreciate it and know that the TERA crew has read what you posted. But leaving a salt mine open will only encourage more rude posts, and it's not the kind of environment we're aiming for on these forums. Please remember to be more constructive when creating future discussions.

You can contact Tera Online dev tracker at contact@teradevtracker.com - Privacy policy - Tera Online dev tracker is not affiliated with Tera Online or En Masse entertainment.