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MOD EDIT: Hi everyone! I've removed some off-topic posts from this thread. Please remember, this is a post for tips on playing with a controller, not a debate about control schemes. Thanks!
Deleted some nasty posts from this thread. Please stay on topic and be good to your fellow TERA players, everyone. Thanks!
The fix has been applied and prizes should now be awarding correctly. I've also made an announcement about this. Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for you patience, everyone!
Servers were brought down briefly earlier today in order to fix an issue causing incorrect items to appear in Kyra's Catalyst boxes. The fix worked and those prizes should now be awarding correctly. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Remember, as announced previously, Kyra's Pop-Up Potion Shack will be up for an additional week, so you have some extra time to claim those prizes.
Servers are back online and players are logging in now. Thanks for your patience, everyone!
zyx856 wrote: »
zyx856 wrote: »
So.. how fast & furious is the "appropriate team" doing so far? Did the server manifold blow or was it the gearbox between mongos and servers.

The effected servers are still being restarted, along with the Battleground / Dungeon Servers for those who had been connected to them.
No ETA as of yet, but things are moving fairly quickly.

That was actually rather furious speed. All servers are already up and running. Thumbs up to the fast & furious team ^

Yup, we're back online! Thanks for your patience, everyone!
@DocWinter Issues at our data center from my understanding.
Login issues appear to have been resolved. Thank you for your patience, everyone!
I'm going to go ahead and close this thread. The discussion seems to have run it's course and is just filling up with a lot of small arguments and call outs.
I've removed some content from this thread that was getting a little mean-spirited. Just wanted to remind folks to please keep it constructive if you're going to post in the forums.

Congrats on clearing the Raid, Amaterasu!
LancerJiva wrote: »
When do we get the rewards we were promised? (Auctioned off items and white wings?) Been almost 2 weeks now.

I'm going through spreadsheets and granting prizes all day today (well, right now I'm responding here, but I'll be going through spreadsheets in a moment). Thanks so much for your patience. So many people were so generous that it's making prize grants quite the task!
Please don't create duplicate discussions regarding topics that already have a thread - it makes communication much more difficult. For updates on server stability issues, you can check out this thread: https://forums.enmasse.com/tera/discussion/9028/recent-server-stability-issues/p1

Thank you!
I've deleted some posts in this thread that link to third party applications, which is against the TERA terms of service. Please don't discuss that sort of stuff in the forums. Thanks everyone!
Hi everyone! I'm finally back in the office after about 16 hours of sleep. There's not a lot that I can add that other Dream Stream Team folks haven't already said. You guys are amazing and I had such a great time hanging out with you all. Thank you for doing some truly incredible work for charity.

On a more personal note, I also wanted to thank you for being so welcoming to myself and Donkey Prophet. Going into this, I was a little nervous about going in front of a new community, but you were all incredibly kind and I had so much fun chatting with you. I'm already jotting down ideas for next time - I can't wait!

PS: @BearShoes I appreciate the offer but I'm taking a break from jelly beans for the foreseeable future.

New gm? :open_mouth:

Hi there! Yup, I'm a new community manager at EME. I'll be focusing most of my attention on AVA but you might see me around the TERA forums as well. I actually posted an intro over in the AVA forums if you want to see pictures of my cats:

Kalinda wrote: »

I see your name and all I can think of is S'mores

I'm a S'more Sorceror!
Fleett wrote: »

Welcome to the forums stranger!

@Spacecats Should present him/her tomorrow on the stream ^^

Thanks for the warm welcome! A stream appearance will be happening soon!

Anyways, don't want to distract from raid discussion. Back to the topic at hand!
I've removed some content from this thread. Please remember, no callouts in the forums. It leads to witch hunting, which we want to avoid! Thanks everyone!
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