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KAJINOFE wrote: »
Any plans on increasing the maximum character slot from 16 to 24?

I have not heard anything on that, but I will forward your suggestion. :)
Pascalle wrote: »
Rayner wrote: »
frostious wrote: »
Is that Beta Ray Bill I see? NICE
Wow showin all my cool stuff and you're going to put me on blast like that?

Sorry didn't mean to do that :(

I just thought it was cool you have pretty much the same tabs open as I do, except for the last one of course.

Haha, I was just joking around. My first inclination was to make a fake post showing that I suspended you, but now I'm glad I didn't.
frostious wrote: »
Is that Beta Ray Bill I see? NICE

Still hoping the next Thor after credit scene is Bill!
Pascalle wrote: »
Tabs: Facebook, Reddit, TERA Forums and the support ticket interface haha

Wow showin all my cool stuff and you're going to put me on blast like that?
Here's a picture of my desk. :D

Anivay wrote: »
What toppings do you like on your pizza? Are you a person who hates pineapple or one who loves pineapple on pizza?

I personally like pineapple. I don't understand why people like meat lover pizzas, it's just adding salt on salt on salt.
Bonbonnie wrote: »
How would you feel if TERA had an official Vanilla server?
I ask this because you mentioned you enjoyed TERA when there was more of a challenge to BAM hunting.

I would actually really like that (maybe not from a support standpoint. :pleased:)

Please keep in mind that this is only my view, and I have absolutely no insight into anything related to future plans or development, but I did want to use this as an example of what it is like to work at En Masse, because when it comes to suggestions everyone at En Masse will have a very real discussion about a suggestion. A couple months ago I did send a pretty detailed email about the trend of vanilla servers on pirate servers for older MMOs and the possibility of mainstream MMOs starting to do the same, and it was met with a lot of information that I personally was not aware of, and the difficulties surrounding it. I think it would be really cool, and I probably would play on a vanilla server if it was an option.

Overall I would love to see more MMOs implement vanilla servers, I think it would be an interesting experiment.
Meowdita wrote: »
How do you feel about this patch, as a player, if you still play? Fun? I personally love that we have 5-, 7-, and 10-man dungeons, unlike the "brawler" patch where the dungeons are only 5-man.

And just for curiosity, does CS have anything to do with relaying feedback to the producers or is it limited to answering ticket / moderation?

(btw thank you for answering my tickets in the past :3)

I have not had a huge amount of time to play this patch (I lied earlier, I don't have a cap Ninja yet.) Normally CS gets really busy during these times, and I've been trying to balance moving and my personal volunteer work. Overall and everything I'm hearing is that a lot of people are enjoying it, and I do look forward to it when I have a minute.

We really have a lot to do with relaying and managing feedback. While we tend to be more focused on feedback that helps us better support the players, we do take the feedback we get and compile it to represent the overall opinions of our players. The best place for feedback is on the forums and through open discussion though.

rayner when are we doing the 1v1 dodgebomb match

Rayner Fun Fact of the Day: I really pushed for that kind of event waaaay back in the day when you were first asking for bombs. Maybe I'll bring it up to Sean because it looked like it was a lot of fun.
MyuuMew wrote: »
Since yuu said yuu are a cat person which breed is your favourite?
I personally like mutts, Siamese and Sphynx breeds.

I don't really know. I never really had pets before my cats that I've had for 2 years now. My cats are pretty small and slender, so I think I would prefer that type of breed if I ever need to get some more cats. One of the other GMs has two Maine Coons and that's definitely not the breed I want.
Ardire wrote: »
favourite costume set in-game?

I'm pretty boring, but I really like the pirate costumes. I really like them with the headgear that came with the Devilicious stuff.
@Rayner If you could be any Game of Thrones character ( or actor / actress ) , who would you be, and why ? =)

I would definitely choose Ser Davos Seaworth. His commitment to his King (and only his King,) is consistent with his ability to pivot based on the morality of the situation he's in, and this never creates a chasm of having to choose right or wrong. He easily has the most organized outlook, and with that he has created the most well defined static morality that you could possibly have in Westoros.
Aulon wrote: »
Are you for or against implementing a new En Masse term of employment that all those that work in CS must drink one shot of espresso once every 10 minutes so that they can take care of tickets faster? Why or why not?

We're actually dabbling in the spice melange to ensure we can answer your tickets before you even open them.
Idrian wrote: »
@Rayner From a personal interest as history student, what area/time/people, which subject would you find most interesting?

I really love the cultural impact of film and art during the Weimar Republic. It was such an amazing cultural era that pushed the boundaries of film. Pretty much anything you see in film will have its roots in that era. For instance, the movie M (1931) by Fritz Lang was an early talkie, but instead of utilizing sound the real importance was its use of silence. Fritz Lang used silence in order to create atmosphere, which was almost... unheard of. (I'm sorry.) There's also so many political flavors of an such an amazing open culture utilizing radical forms of expression in tandem with a fascist monstrosity that was utilizing the same tools to succeed in pushing a genocidal agenda. It's a real testament that fascism only benefits when politics merges with entertainment.
Mojomanx wrote: »
I guess at 65 i'm one of the "old people" players LOL

At least you're not at cap level IRL
frostious wrote: »
Can you post pictures of your cats?

I'll post a new picture tomorrow. :+1:
Pascalle wrote: »
You guys have to read global? How do you not go insane? Do they have you go through psychological testing as part of your application process, to see whether you're likely to crack?

One of my first call center jobs was doing technical support for computers that were generally advertised as cheap and easy to use for old people, so after that I could pretty much handle 8 hours of anything. TERA players are so much better than old people! Yay! (Some players are old people too, I think you guys would be surprised. Our old people players are better than average old people though.)
Favorite thing about working at En Masse?

The people. I know it's a bit of a cop out but from top to bottom everyone has always been super cool. The other GMs are some of the best people I've worked with, and after working together for years we've almost had 0 issues with personalities or other problems that arise when you work with the same people for so long.

What is your favorite sports team?

I would probably say the Seahawks, but more as a secondhand favorite because I live in Seattle.

How do you take your coffee?

I prefer black with no sugar. I like to pair my coffee with what I'm eating, but I drink coffee because I like the bitter flavor.

Most asked question to support?

This really goes up and down based on things like releases, events, and things of that nature. The most consistent is probably people asking for us to move soulbound items from one character to another (which is not something we generally do.) A close 2nd would be issues with quests like Building a Mystery.

Favorite Race and Class?

My first class to 60 was a Human Male Slayer, but most of my characters after that were Castanic Females. I don't really have a favorite race/gender because it's always more of a RP thing, but I think my favorite combination was my Slayer because he had a GOT name, and he had a sweet wolf helmet. If I'm going to enjoy something to the max, I guess I just need to be able to think the character is cool. It's not about DPS output or anything like that, it just has to have a real aesthetic appeal.

Cat or dog person?

I am most definitely a cat person. I have two cats, one named Pounce after the character in GOT, and another named Tramp because I'm a fan of Charlie Chaplin, and my cat has a Charlie Chaplin mustache (I even have a Bowler hat that I make my cat wear when people compare my cat to other historical figures.)
Thanks for the interest guys!

Weirdest/Most Insane Ticket?:

That's a hard one, and honestly check back later because I might post a story or two once I remember (or if another GM has a good one I'll relay or they'll post it.) In tickets we've gotten threats (one that comes to mind was someone who was local to us,) and insults hurled by some pretty upset customers. I'm trying to think of one in particular, but honestly I have a bit of a soft spot for mental illness, so I don't want to feel like I'm poking fun at some of the people who clearly have schizophrenia or other mental health issues.

I'm not sure if anyone remembers, but there was a player on MT who had a certain hardcore Christian gaming style. Some people liked him as a troll, but I will tell you that he was incredibly consistent even in tickets to us. He was definitely a divisive player, and spent a lot of his time in general chat, and he got incredibly good at skating the line of what he could and could not say. It eventually got to the point where we would get probably 2-3 tickets a day reporting him for his behavior, and whenever he had a ticket open it was consistently about the nuance of what we could or could not do because of Freedom of Speech. I think it definitely goes to him just from the amazing amount of time and effort he put into trolling.

How do GMs decide what server to be on?:

We generally try to have 1 GM per server to monitor chat on our shift. However, if there aren't enough GMs to cover all the servers, we tend to gravitate towards the busiest servers because those are the servers where the most can go wrong. Keep in mind also that while you guys may not see us, it's because talking with people in general chat tends to make things explode, and we are still working on individual tickets. I am personally probably the worst at watching chat in-game, I tend to get tunnel vision on tickets or the project I'm working on.
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