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Beyak on 09/20/2013, 04:20 PM - view
Error. try again later. Error:code:exception.internal.pricetype.not.available

@Beyak, any chance you could let us know which browser version you're using? We saw this once on a development version of Google Chrome and we're curious if it's isolated to that or if it's happening in other versions of Chrome (or other browsers).
Interesting. We'll take a look. In the meantime, do you have the same issue if you try to buy it in-game?
I see. Sorry about that. Looks like the item itself has something misconfigured. We'll poke at it and get it fixed.

Thanks for the extra info!
BigNasty on 2012-02-01 23:39:34 UTC
Not sure if you guys know about this issue, but it looks like the icon for "Hot_Topic_New_Replies" isn't loading up.

Thanks for the report! This is a known issues and will be hot-fixed soon.
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ttred on 2012-02-01 23:39:27 UTC
Will this be a function later on? Or will more Avatars become available with time?

The plan right now is to only allow pre-set avatars as defined by us. We may look into integrating avatars based on your in-game characters at a later date, but completely-custom avatars are not a feature we plan on implementing.
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Soulness on 2012-02-01 23:41:39 UTC
Kinda weird that the nickname is assumed by the forum software in caps.

Can you explain what you mean by the all caps for your name? The forum renders them as Capital Case. For example, yours shows as Soulness.

Soulness on 2012-02-01 23:41:39 UTC
Also we miss the smilie action there used to be on the older forums.

Emoticons are planned to be added at later date. We wanted to make sure we got the forums up sooner rather than waiting for everything to be done before we went live. :)

Soulness on 2012-02-01 23:41:39 UTC
And on top of that, we can't post pictures... >.<

Sure you can! Use the following syntax, but replace the parentheses with square brackets (like [ and ]):

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Fatwa on 2012-02-01 23:58:01 UTC
Hmm, if this quote doesn't work, it appears that it's not parsing double quotes properly

Known issue!

Fatwa on 2012-02-01 23:58:01 UTC
The Popori Community frowns on your shenanigans. Any ETA for the Popori Avatar?

Rest assured, all races will be properly reflected in future avatar updates!
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I've added this to the list of items. Thanks for the report!
A mobile version of the forums is definitely something we've discussed. The forum accounts for a large chunk of our mobile traffic. There are no specific plans yet, but this is on our radar. :)
Valadhiel on 2012-02-02 00:14:21 UTC
I like how general your title to this thread is, so I'm going to borrow it to add something else that doesn't fit into the thread that I created.

We will be doing a style pass. There are issues where the style that was implemented is a bit out of alignment with what was designed.

Also, please feel free to create new threads for new issues. It's a lot easier for us to notice your issue if you give it a new thread rather than adding it to someone else's thread. As long as it's not a duplicate, you won't get any complaints from us!
A dev tracker in on the list of one of our future forum phases. :)
It does appear that the timeout is a bit aggressive. We've noted it in our "Known Issues" list. Thanks for the report!
Fatwa on 2012-02-02 00:50:05 UTC
Until then, we shall bite your ankles.

I'm used to it. Scapes does it at least once a day. :)

Seriously, though, thanks for the report. It's definitely on our radar. :)
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