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@Margarethe Your information is secure. Super fast non-technical rundown:

All HTTPS:// websites use a certificate as part of a way to encrypt the data. The certificates have an expiration date attached to them, to make sure credentials eventually expire (think of it like a driver's license. You're still you, but you have to renew the license every so often). Our forum certificate expired, and as a result your (and everyone's ...) browser declared the site to be potentially unsafe because our certificate was no longer valid.

But there was nothing about this that impacts your passwords or your account information. I would suggest that if you have set any exceptions in your browser to accept expired certificates, you turn that back off once our certificates are up to date, because that can leave you open to potential issues down the road.
Hey everyone,

I want to talk a little bit about the most recent patch notes. I've noted on the forums that there's been a fair bit of roasting going on about the EME Harrowhold patch notes vs the Gameforge patch notes. If you aren't aware of the difference, the TL;DR is that our notes were "Harrowhold was made more difficult", and the Gameforge notes were very specific about what was changing in each phase, and by how much.

I want to talk a little about my thought process around that, because I had all of that information to hand, and I consciously chose to not include that level of specificity in the notes. Different game companies (and different games) handle patch notes differently. Some games come out indicating that a particular world boss or raid dungeon has been changed, but without saying exactly how. From my perspective, that's a key part of playing a game and putting raids on farm. So in my view of patch notes, giving away all the specific info on what was tuned is removing the exploration and understanding aspect of raiding. I know in the past the patch notes might have been extremely detailed, but my preference is to allow some mystery and discovery to happen for our players.

So that's the thought process that went into that particular note. I know that at least some guilds and premades have continued downing Harrowhold, and even that some have gone from a 6 hour clear to a 1.5 hour clear of the raid since the patch. I like to believe that re-learning curve is part of the challenge and fun of playing games like TERA. Hopefully this gives a little insight into what's going on behind the scenes, and why our patch notes have the tone and style they do.
Update: We've got the new certificate and are working to get it installed as quickly as we can. I don't have a specific ETA, but I believe it will be within the next couple of hours.
We're working on this right now. More info and update when I've got them. (sorry it took so long to post this, my usual browser won't even let me post in the forums atm)
it's great to see this kind of excitement around our 5th Anniversary, and I'd like to hear more ideas from all of you about past events in TERA that you've really enjoyed. I know everyone likes sales and deals, but I'd also like to hear about the in-game events that have made TERA a memorable place for you over the years, and what you remember fondly.

Let's all agree to avoid sharing any specific plans for the anniversary though, we wouldn't want to spoil it. Whatever you do, don't tell TERA!
@Kals - That's correct, for this second half of the compensation event, you must already have Elite status to get the extra 15 days.
Happy Friday, everyone!

Noesis here. While I’m low on new cat pictures, I’ve got some news…

We’re releasing a new build Tuesday, January 10 following maintenance featuring a new dungeon (Broken Prison) as well as balance changes to Harrowhold. It also has another change that I want to address with everyone.

I want to inform you about a change that will impact our MT PvP players. Mount Tyrannas has traditionally made the Outlaw Skill available to all players starting from level 11. This allowed players to engage in PvP in open world zones from the moment they leave the tutorial area, once they purchase the skill.

With next week’s update (this coming Tuesday, January 10), Mount Tyrannas will be shifting to a PVP-65 ruleset, where only level 65 characters will be able to use and acquire the Outlaw Skill. If you are below level 65 and currently possess the skill, it will be removed from your skills until you reach level 65. The skill will be automatically granted upon reaching level 65, like other skills you gain when levelling up.

We’re making this change in preparation for major game updates coming later this year—namely a complete retuning of leveling and progression, as well as the introduction of the new glaive-wielding class. We anticipate these updates will drive a large number of new players to the game. Eliminating the ability to be ganked by uber-geared high-level players will help to ensure a more positive experience with TERA for these new players, regardless of the server they choose to join, and make them more likely to stick around and become a lasting member of our community. Ultimately, this change should contribute to a larger and healthier player population in the long term.

For our existing players on Mount Tyrannas, this change may be unwelcome to some. We want you to understand the current PvP configuration on MT is unique to Western-published versions and not actively supported worldwide. This was problematic in the past for a number of reasons. New PvP-focused features aren’t developed with our configuration in mind. The team here at EME must also maintain what is an entirely unique server type, which introduces roadblocks that sometimes impact our ability to quickly deploy new builds. By making this change and bringing our server configuration more closely in line with that of the majority of TERA globally, we’re better positioned to integrate future PvP-focused features.

I’m sure you will have questions, and I’ll be monitoring this thread for a while to respond to those questions as I can. The Patch Notes for this version will be going up Monday.
Jumping in here very quick to say this was definitely an error (almost certainly mine), and I'm making the fix as we speak. Should be back up and double droppin' in the next few minutes.

My apologies to everyone who had a big plan for Double Dropping the past few hours, but it is getting fixed, because it should be going until Tuesday morning PST.
I know there's been a little confusion around this, and I apologize for not being more clear. While the biggest point in the forums was the tradability of the Marrow Brooch, the other item flags have been updated so that they match the in-game description. That does mean that the Marrow Brooch will not be bankable in the future, either.
Normally for something like this I'd let it get uncovered in the patch notes, but I know there have been some discussions on the forum about this, and there may be some people who have already set up transactions for after the next maintenance window.

As players have noted, the item description for the Marrow Brooch from Harrowhold says that it is not tradable, but in fact it is possible currently to do so. We've investigated this to make sure we follow the intended behavior for the item, and the correct behavior is that the Brooch should not be tradable. I expect this to be fixed during the next maintenance update on Tuesday morning (PST).
For anyone still following this thread, be aware that while it is possible to trade this item in game, that will not be the case in the very near future.

The Marrow Brooch description says it is not tradable, and we'll be fixing the bug so that it cannot be traded.
The scrolls should now be dropping for the event. Additionally, we are resetting these dungeons:
  • Shadow Sanguinary (Normal)
  • Demokron Factory (Hard)
  • Lilith's Keep (Normal)
  • Vault of Kaprima (Normal)
  • Lilith's Keep (Hard)
  • Sky Cruiser Endeavor (Hard)
  • Ruinous Manor (Normal)
  • Shadow Sanguinary (Hard)
  • Ruinous Manor (Hard)

Turns out all the scrolls had gone to the ...

*puts on sunglasses*

... scroll bar.
Hi everyone,

The compensation for the network outage events will be beginning this morning at 10 a.m. PST, but there was a small hitch we discovered this morning that will change the way we distribute the Elite Time.

We will be granting 15 days of Elite Status to ALL players who log in between Friday December 16 at 10 a.m. PST and Friday December 23 at 10 a.m. PST.

The additional 15 days of Elite Status for our Elite Players will be granted to Elite Players who log in between January 7 at 10 a.m. PST and January 14 at 10 a.m. PST.

This change is a result of the way our login rewards system works. If we were to stack the two deliveries (for non-Elite and Elite Players) to run at the same time, a non-Elite player could log in, get 15 days of elite, re-login as an Elite Player, and then get an additional 15 days of status.

I apologize for the last minute change in plans, but I believe this shouldn't directly impact the spirit of the compensation delivery.

The news post has also been updated to reflect these changes.

Happy Friday!
Names matter! so much!

As for my PC build, it's a pretty old system at this point. Once upon a time I got a chance to splurge a bit, so I went for a watercooled maingear with SLI'd Nvidia GTX somethingorothers. I replaced those two cards with a ... I'm going to say 980? a year and a half ago or somesuch. I'm hankering to replace the GPU again, but we'll see. The big win for my PC setup is that after I sold my old monitor when I thought I was moving (don't ask), I was using a 1080p tv for about 6 months. Now I'm using a nice curved monitor that lets my elder eyes see things more readily. I love my mechanical keyboard though, even if it's super noisy.

I'll see if I can get a shot of my desk at home and put it in the thread, but honestly,it's really dull to look at. a black slab of a tower, a monitor, a keyboard, and some books & notepads. With 3 cats, I can't leave a lot of things out lying around, or they wind up lying around ... on the floor.

And yes, Roukanken has it right: Azathoth and Nyarlathotep are originally the creations of HP Lovecraft, and are where I got the names from.

And to not leave Azathoth out of the introductions:

I suddenly feel like Alderaan.
Noesis wrote: »
I'm working on publishing a full news post on this right now, everyone. It should be up in the very near term (within 30 minutes) unless I do something horribly wrong that utterly borks the news post system.

I don't THINK i wrecked anything, news post is now up.
I'm working on publishing a full news post on this right now, everyone. It should be up in the very near term (within 30 minutes) unless I do something horribly wrong that utterly borks the news post system.
Welcome to TERA Neosis.
Just giving you a heads up you'll be hearing a lot of complaints and rarely any thank yous.
What's annoyed you the most during your time leveling in TERA?

I expect I'll get thank yous sometimes, and there will be lots of forum posts about all sorts of things. It comes with the job. But on to your question: The thing that annoyed me the most while leveling in TERA was outlevelling the story quests. I was in my groove, trucking through story quests, and then hitting the anchor quest at the end of a long chain that ended in a dungeon, so I'd hit up dungeon finder, get a group, finish my quests in the dungeon, and start the next story quest chain. But I hit one where I outleveled the dungeon just before I got the dungeon quest, and then I couldn't use dungeon finder to get into the dungeon, and my gunner wasn't stronk enough to solo the dungeon herself, so I had to walk away.

Then I found out that the 'optimal' way to level is just to queue for dungeons. I'm bound and determined to just work through story quests, because I enjoy the ride and getting to see the world. Plus since my life tends to lend itself to short windows of gaming, or long windows with possible breaks where I have to get up at a moment's notice, doing 5-mans is tough for me to do, because I hate to afk and ruin other people's fun.
I’m Michael, aka Noesis, the new Product Manager for TERA. I’ll be taking over early in the new year when Denommenator hands over the reins. Before you ask, the title we used to use at En Masse was ‘Producer’, but we’ve changed it to ‘Product Manager’ for a bunch of reasons I can talk about if you’re really interested. But the TL;DR is I’m the one who is responsible for making TERA awesome and keeping things rolling and unsticking things when they get stuck. On to the gaming cred, because I’m sure you’re all wondering about the new guy with the title “Product Manager” and how much of a gamer I could possibly be.

  • I used to play on MUDs via telnet back in the late 80s and early 90s, including one called Tsunami.
  • My first real MMO was Everquest, which I played in Vanilla, then did small group content in Kunark, followed by endgame raiding in the Scars of Velious expansion. My claim to shame is having camped the Ancient Cyclops in the Ocean of Tears for 18 hours straight to get the Ancient Cyclops Ring for the JBoots Quest. I still have that warrior …
  • The games I play the most right now in my free time that aren’t MMOs are the Soulsborne games. Dark Souls, Bloodborne, etc. I’ll talk about organic vs. mechanical difficulty and game design until you get bored.
  • My first ever computer RPG I played was Wizardry: Proving Grounds of the Mad Overlord for the Apple //e. I still have the box, the disks, and the Apple //e. Last time I plugged it in, it still worked.

When it comes to TERA I will admit to being a bit of a noobasaurus rex. With the various holidays coming and going, and getting up to speed on all things TERA behind the scenes, I haven’t had a ton of time, but I do play, and I currently have one mid 60s Gunner on Tempest Reach, and I try to carve out time to play every weekend. I have been working through the questline in Spring Valley, but I’m most excited to go back once I hit the cap and try to solo some of the pre-60 storyline dungeons. My goal is to level up a few different characters and see if I prefer DPS, Tanking, or Healing. I’ve been all 3 in previous MMOs, but usually gravitated towards the healer role. Something to do with staring at health bars and making sure nobody tipped over…

That said, I’m having more fun leveling up and running through dungeons in TERA than I’ve had in an MMO in years. I am very excited to be a part of working on an MMO after literal decades of time spent playing different games.

Now on to some various facts about me that will make me appear to be a genuine human, and not a wolf in a human costume. First, let me sit upright in this chair with my vertical human spine and use my 10 fingers to type …

  • Every year I travel to Portland OR for the HP Lovecraft Film Festival.
  • My favorite band is The Residents
  • I’ve spent the night on an abandoned artificially-made island in the Pacific Ocean
  • I have 3 cats: Nyarlathotep, Azathoth, and Hatchetface. All of them are feral rescues.
  • I paint miniatures in my spare time, mostly Warmachine/Hordes. I don’t play any tabletop games anymore, but I really like buying the books and using them as reference for the painting.
  • I like to play board games, but only cooperative ones. Personal favorites are Arkham Horror (or Eldritch Horror), Defenders of the Realm, and other “Ameritrash” style games with lots of fiddly bits. I’m excitedly waiting for the Dark Souls Board Game kickstarter to deliver.

And since you asked, my forum name is the Greek term for the capability to understand what is true or real, or the facility for reason and rational thought in the human mind.


This is an example of my painting "skills":


This is Nyarlathotep:

This is Hatchetface:

Spacecats has made some rumblings about getting me on the Twitch stream tomorrow, so I hope to see everybody there!

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